"Let me tell you something. My partner's out there, and he's gonna be looking for me." (Moonshine)



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Search Function
The search function above will find a word or exact phrase anywhere on this site. Experiment with quotation marks around your phrases, different spellings and the like. This is an excellent, and sometimes elegant, weapon of choice. And yes, the safety is off and it's loaded.
For example: Do you want all mentions of "hot dogs?" Do you wonder whose nickname is the "Hatchet Man?" Do you want to see how many times Pepper misspelled a word? Do you need all mentions of "Rosie Dobey?" Are you curious who is described as a "two-bit hustler who'd sell a radio to a deaf man?"

Look in Separate Chapters
Many questions can be found by simply going to the section where it most likely seems the answer will be.
For example: Do you want to know when Hutch calls Starsky, "Chowder Head?" Look under: "Hutch Calls Starsky."

Site Map
The Site map is set up to be a common-sense, cross-referencing tool.

The Index is the entire project laid out in the order of chapters. It includes the sub-categories of each chapter as well.

Find Function
To search a single page/chapter by word, words or phrase, push "Apple F" on a Mac or "Control F" on a PC. This will bring up the "Find" function. Going to "Edit" and then "Find" in the toolbar makes the same function possible.