"Hey, how many more cops gotta die before I’m supposed to become expendable?" (Pariah)

It is sometimes difficult, when the bullets are flying, to know who shot whom. For instance, in the firefight with the motorcyclists and Andrew Mello, there are three good guys shooting. Both cyclists are wounded. I decided to "give" one to Hutch and one to Starsky, though Starsky probably gets the edge for the bullet in the back. The Federal Agent involved gets no one because he's probably a lousy shot. (Death Ride)

It can also be hard to determine if said shot person was injured or dead. I chose to make the distinction of handcuffs versus disinterest. For example, if Hutch shoots someone and doesn't kick the weapon away or doesn't seem concerned, then I deemed that person deceased. It Hutch shoots someone and cuffs him, or further restrains him in some way, then that person counts as injured. The injured person could very well expire in the next five minutes, but doesn't count as dead yet.

Also, general injuries inflicted are not counted. There are lots of boo boos in Bay City. Not taken into account are the various fist fights and tussles that further the case. These body counts are the ones that ultimately bring the perp down.

Starsky badly injures someone in line of duty
• He shoots Zane. (Pilot)
• He shoots Kester in the hospital hallway. (Death Ride)
• He shoots man in leg in cornfeild. (Death Ride)
• He picks up dumpster with Harris in it and drops it from a crane. (Texas Longhorn)
• He shoots one man on motorcycle in the back. (Death Ride)
• He shoots Emily. (Blindfold)
• He shoots Posey. (Death Notice)
• He shoots Burke. (Snowstorm)
• He shoots Prudholm. (Pariah)
• He shoots Freddie. (Snowstorm)
• He shoots Rodgers. (Snowstorm)
• He shoots Michelle Marra. (Class in Crime)

Starsky kills someone in line of duty
• He shoots Lonnie Craig. (Pariah)
• He shoots Monk's accomplice. (Fix)
• He shoots Harry Salidas. (Deckwatch)
• He shoots Monk. (Fix)
• He shoots man at Olympic Sports Arena. (Omaha Tiger)
• He shoots and blows up car with Moo Moo. (Psychic)
• He shoots and blows up car with Earl. (Psychic)
• He shoots Bellamy. (A Coffin For Starsky)
• He shoots Sulko. (Jojo)

Hutch badly injures someone in line of duty
• He shoots Wilbur Sloan. (Savage Sunday)
• He shoots Touhy. (Lady Blue)
• He perhaps shoots one man on motorcycle. (Death Ride)
• He shoots Harry Martin. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• He shoots Lockley. (Shootout)
• He shoots second man in hospital hallway. (Death Ride)

Hutch kills someone in line of duty
• He shoots Gregg Morton. (Savage Sunday)
• He shoots Canelli. (Pilot)
• He shoots Corman. (Snowstorm)
• He shoots Moon. (Captain Dobey, You're Dead)
• He shoots Joey. (Shootout)
• He shoots Vern. (Running)
• He shoots Dombarris. (Jojo)