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"George Prudholm was supposed to be at Caballo Point.
That's a maximum security hospital for the criminally insane.
How the hell did he get out?"
(Starsky's Lady)

Diane Sills
• Savage Sunday
• Bait
• Deadly Imposter
• Texas Longhorn
• Death Ride
• Fix

Fat Rolly
• Pilot
• Texas Longhorn

Officer Mike Todesco
• Class in Crime
• Collector

Abigail Crabtree
• She is the woman in the photograph that is supposed to be Helen Davisson. (Lady Blue)
• Deadly Imposter
• She listed in credits but doesn’t appear. (Silence)
• She is mentioned by Hutch. (Running)
• Bounty Hunter
• Vendetta

Sweet Alice
• Hostages
• A Coffin for Starsky

• Game
• Huggy Can’t Go Home

Pepper the Shoeshine Girl
• Gillian
• Losing Streak

Orange and Sandy
• Running
• Losing Streak

Merle the Earl
• Jojo
• Bloodbath
• Game

• Little Girl Lost
• Running

Mrs. Carston
• Trap
• Ninety Pounds of Trouble

Minnie Kaplan
• Collector
• Avenger
• Cover Girl
• Birds of a Feather
• Starsky vs. Hutch
• Ninety Pounds of Trouble of Trouble

Eddie Hoyle
• Bounty Hunter
• Gillian

Jamie/Angie the Cook
• Kill Huggy Bear
• Deadly Imposter

Ginny Simpson
• Heroes
• Death in a Different Place
• Velvet Jungle (but a different actress)

Joey Carston
• Trap
• Ninety Pounds of Trouble (but a different actress)

• Deadly Imposter
• Starsky and Hutch are Guilty (but a different actress)

Uncredited young, longhaired Asian woman

• She is seen at the party at Hutch’s place. (Deadly Imposter)
• She is a waitress at Huggy’s. (Kill Huggy Bear, Deadly Imposter)
• She is seen walking between Starsky, Hutch and Dobey at Huggy’s. (Pariah)

Uncredited black guy with white shirt, blue jacket and James Brown hair
• He is seen at Hutch’s party at the cottage. (Deadly Imposter)
• He is seen hanging out in Huggy’s bar. (Deadly Imposter)

Uncredited nurse
• She attends Carlyle. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• She attends Starsky. (Sweet Revenge)

Officer Sarah
* She is working in the office. Hutch asks her to get him a cup of coffee, calling her by name. (Vampire)
* Starsky slaps her butt with a file. She is not mentioned by name. (Specialist)
* She is seen in the squadroom. (Bloodbath)

Dobey doesn’t appear
• Gillian
• Murder Ward
• Omaha Tiger
• Satan’s Witches
• Shootout
• Little Girl Lost
• Huggy Bear and the Turkey

Huggy Bear doesn’t appear
• Captain Dobey, You’re Dead
• Class in Crime
• Crying Child
• Deckwatch

• Foxy Lady
• Manchild on the Streets
• Murder Ward
• Rosey Malone
• Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty
• Satan’s Witches
• Silence
• Specialist
• Murder on Stage 17
• Velvet Jungle

Neither Huggy Bear nor Dobey appear
• Satan’s Witches
• Murder Ward