"Well, I thought I'd get some flowers for you." (Psychic)

Smoking is bad for you, at least for your skimpy shorts
• The guard’s tossed cigarette almost sets Hutch’s shorts on fire. Luckily Starsky is there to pat out the flame. (Playboy Island)

Smoking is good for you, at least for finding lost time on film
• The accelerated cigarette burn proves security tape was tampered with. (Set-Up)

Waving away visual cigarette smoke
• Hutch clears smoke from his face with his hand. (Pilot)
• Marsha coughs and clears Hutch’s smoke from her face. (Tap Dancing)
• Starsky clears smoke from his face at Huggy Bears. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Starsky clears smoke from his face with his hand. (Hostages)

Starsky and Hutch smoke
• Hutch smokes a cigar with Starsky. (Dandruff)
• Hutch smokes while undercover. (Tap Dancing, Action)
• Hutch tries to get a cigarette from Huggy. Huggy says, “Hey, you don’t smoke!” (Hutchinson for Murder One)

Huggy smokes
• Committee
• Kill Huggy Bear
• Losing Streak
• Pariah
• Huggy Can’t Go Home
• Pilot
• Psychic
• Running
• Blindfold
• Ninety Pounds of Trouble

• Abby wakes Hutch by rubbing a flower on his face. (Vendetta)
• Anna is given red roses after her performance. (Body Worth Guarding)
• Before the ransom run, Starsky tells Hutch he was thinking of buying him flowers. (Psychic)
• Charlie brings Marsha flowers three times, a pink corsage and two red roses. (Tap Dancing)
• Hutch admits to Marsha, “I just have this thing about flowers. I can’t help myself.” (Tap Dancing)
• Dobey brings flowers to Hutch. (Plague)
• Molly thinks they should have brought flowers to her father's funeral. (Little Girl Lost)
• Huggy and Dobey bring flowers to Starsky and Hutch. (Partners)
• Hutch is going to use the poster tube in the backseat “for his rosebushes.” (Jojo)
• Hutch tells Marsha there, “Won’t be any roses this time,” when he arrests her. (Tap Dancing)
• Jack wears a red carnation. (Collector)
• Fellow S.L.O.B has a fake squirting flower. (Playboy Island)
• Hutch is sniffing roses on a casket when Starsky comes in with Avery Wheeler, Boyle and Cardwell. (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• Mickie Marra the Mime has a big red one. (Class in Crime)
• Laura hits Harry with a vase of red roses. (Deckwatch)
• Hutch has a red carnation behind his ear. (Partners)
• Randolph the Great hope music will "evoke some joy from the pouting rosebuds." (Cover Girl)
• Renaldo, in his photographic chatter to model, tells her “lilacs and roses, coming out of your nose.” (Groupie)
• Sears tells Melinda he doesn’t like “mixing with people that smell like they have been sleeping on lilacs. (Groupie)
• Starsky gives Hutch flowers on the way into funeral home. (Bust Amboy)
• Starsky and Hutch bring Ted flowers at the hospital. (Action)
• Starsky brings Terry Roberts flowers. (Starsky’s Lady)
• The reference to wilting one’s carnation, means that someone is nervous. (Iron Mike, Set-Up)
• There are red carnations on Danner’s desk. (Bait)
• There are red flowers at Chez Moi. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• There is a fresh bouquet at Marianne’s apartment. (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• There is a fresh red carnation bouquet in Artie Solkin’s place. (Vendetta)
• There is a red boutonnière on Mr. Thistleman. (Set-Up)
• There is a red carnation on lobster lunch table. (Bait)
• Starsky twirls a flower and says he “lacks couth.” (Bust Amboy)
• Starsky tells Artie Solkin, "We're sorry we stepped on your rosebush." Artie tells him to "can the birdseed." (Vendetta)
• There is a single red rose on Starsky’s desk. (Silence)
• There is chaos at the flower shop. (Trap)
• Vic Humphries wears a white carnation. (Survival)