"Ortega. Metro." (Velvet Jungle)

It's hard to know, sometimes, who is a police officer or not. Perkowitz (Little Girl Lost)? People Starsky and Hutch call on the phone for information in another department? Unless it was clear the character wasn’t an Officer, those folks will be on this list.

Most names are characters seen or addressed. There are a few names that come from other sources. For example: Lieutenant Pershing is the officer listed on Jerry Konig’s arrest record. (Bounty Hunter) Other names may be names seen on doors or other paperwork.

There are sometimes multiple notations for the same name. Sometimes it is clear they are different characters. For example: there are several Officer Smittys. One is black (Discomania) and one is white (Terror on the Docks). Officer Wofford (Survival, Bloodbath) is most likely the same person.

If an officer is addressed only by his or her first name, then that is how he or she is listed below.

One goof-ball casting: why have a Officer Phil Grovner and an Officer Phil Grogen in the same episode? (Foxy Lady)

• Al, Officer, R&I (Photo Finish)
• Anderson, Lieutenant, Airport Security (Plague)
• Andrews, Officer Raymond T. (Manchild on the Streets)
• Angie, Officer (Lady Blue)
• Babcock, Officer (Game)
• Baker, Officer (Quadromania)
• Batson, Officer (Rosey Malone)
• Batson, Officer (Cover Girl)
• Batson, Officer (Body Worth Guarding)
• Batson, Officer (Black and Blue)
• Bauerman, (Bowerman?) Officer (Iron Mike)
• Baylor, Detective Linda (Fatal Charm)
• Bering, Officer (Crying Child)
• Berkowitz, Lieutenant (Lady Blue)
• Bigelow, Officer (Survival)
• Bill, Officer (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Bill, Officer (Pilot)
• Bill, Officer (Pariah)
• Blaine, John Lieutenant (Death in a Different Place)
• Bob, Officer (Lady Blue
• Buckland, Federal Agent (Deadly Imposter)
• Burke, Officer (Photo Finish)
• Burke, Detective (Snowstorm)
• Burke, Officer (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• Butler, Officer (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

• Carter, Federal Agent (Bait)
• Cameron Lieutenant Ted(Las Vegas Strangler)
• Clayborn, Officer (Manchild on the Streets)
• Cole, Federal Agent Arthur (Specialist)
• Coleman, Federal Agent (Death Ride)
• Collins, Officer Charlie (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Commissioner, The (various)
• Connelly, Officer (Strange Justice)
• Corday, Lieutenant Alec (Death in a Different Place)
• Corman, Detective Phil (Snowstorm)
• Dan, Officer (Texas Longhorn)
• Davvison, Officer Helen (Lady Blue)
• Day, Officer (Bounty Hunter)
• Dirkson, Officer (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• Dixon, Officer (Texas Longhorn)
• Dobey, Captain (various)
• Dobson, Officer Chuck (Strange Justice)
• Dodds, Federal Agent (Targets 3)
• Donner, Lieutenant Jake (Plague)
• Doris, Officer Texas Longhorn)
• Drew, Federal Agent Alexander (Specialist)
• Duval, Officer (Plague)
• Dryden, Officer (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• Edwards, Officer (Birds of a Feather)
• Edwards, Officer (Pariah)
• Fargo, Lieutenant (Committee)
• Ferguson, Captain Mike (Iron Mike)
• Forrest, Officer Jack (Pariah)
• Fred, Officer (Jojo)
• Franklin, Officer Barney (Set-Up)
• Gary, Officer (Hostages)
• Glassman, Officer Bernie (Fix)
• Godfrey, Inspector Sterling Amadeus(Playboy Island)
• Grover, Detective Phil (Foxy Lady)
• Grogen, Detective Phil (Foxy Lady)
• Hagen, Officer Sally (Specialist)
• Harding, Officer (Discomania)
• Hardy, Officer (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• Harold, Officer (Texas Longhorn)
• Harris, Officer John (Fatal Charm)
• Healey Federal Agent Walter (Playboy Island)
• Henderson, Detective (Birds of a Feather)
• Henderson, Detective (Quadromania)
• Henderson, Officer (Black and Blue)
• Hobart, Detective (Action)
• Hogarth, Sergeant (Playboy Island)
• Huntley, Detective Luke (Birds of a Feather)
• Hutchinson, Detective Sergeant First Class Kenneth (all)
• Jackson, Officer Elmo (Snowstorm)
• Jamieson, Officer Ed (Terror on the Docks)
• Jennings, Dr. Cheryl (A Coffin For Starsky)
• Joe, Captain (Hostages)
• Johnson, Detective Bill
(Lady Blue)
• Jones, Desk Sergeant (Avenger)
• Kalowitz, Detective (Snowstorm)
• Kaplan Officer Minnie (Collector, Avenger, Starsky vs. Hutch, Birds of a
Feather, Ninety Pounds of Trouble, Cover Girl)
• Kazelkovsky, Officer (Bloodbath)
• Kendall, Treasury Department Agent Robert (Moonshine)
• Kira, Detective (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• Knight, Officer (Committee)
• Kromack, Officerg (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Lee, Officer (Pariah)
• Mack, Officer (Foxy Lady)
• Marchetti, Detective Frank (Heavyweight)
• Marty, Officer (Lady Blue)
• Mary, Officer (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• Maxine, Officer (Committee)
• McDermont, Officer Mack (Specialist)
• Meredith, Detective Second Class Joan (Black and Blue)
• Mike, Officer (Pilot)
• Mike, Officer (Vendetta)
• Mildred, Officer (Survival)
• Milton, Officer (Strange Justice)
• Moon, Detective Leo (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Munson, Detective First Class Frank (Moonshine)
• Myerson, Captain Ed (Strange Justice)
• Naar, Vice Captain Joe (Hostages)
• Nedloe, Officer Jim (Bounty Hunter)
• Nelson, Officer (Iron Mike)
• Norton, Officer (Survival)
• O’Brien, Officer (Murder on Stage 17)
• O’Keefe, Officer (Las Vegas Strangler)
• O’Reilly, Officer (Targets 2, Targets 3)
• O’Reilly, Officer Dee (Strange Justice)
• Oates, Deputy Sheriff Fred (Targets 3)
• Ohlin, Federal Agent Ed (Groupie)
• Oliver, Federal Agent (Set-Up)
• Ortega, Officer Paco (Velvet Jungle)
• Perkowitz, Officer (Little Girl Lost)
• Pershing, Lieutenant (Bounty Hunter)
• Peterson, Sergeant Sheila (Crying Child)
• Peterson, Detective (Deckwatch)
• Phelps, Federal Agent (Death Ride)
• Platt, Officer (Iron Mike)
• Reasoner, Deputy Chief (Targets 1)
• Reilly, Officer (Sweet Revenge)
• Riley, Officer (Trap)
• Raymond, Officer (Psychic)
• Richards, Officer (Cover Girl)
• Roger, Officer (Vampire)
• Rondell, Lieutenant (Pilot)
• Rose, Officer (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Roarke, Deputy Chief (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Ryan, Captain (Starsky and Hutch are Guilty)
• Sarah, Officer (Vampire)
• Sawyer, Officer (Iron Mike)
• Shelley, Officer (Specialist)
• Sid, Officer (Little Girl Lost)
• Sid, Officer (Snowstorm)
• Simmons, Detective (Game)
• Simon, Officer (Iron Mike)
• Simonetti, Officer (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• Slate, Lieutenant Daniel E. (Strange Justice)
• Federal Agent Smithers (Targets 2, Targets 3)
• Smitty, Officer (Terror on the Docks)
• Smitty, Officer (Discomania)
• Spears, Sergeant (Game)
• Stanton, Federal Agent (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• Starsky, Detective Sergeant First Class David Michael (all)
• Steele, Lieutenant (Pilot)
• Sterling, Officer (Velvet Jungle)
• Stoltz, Officer Carl (Specialist)
• Stone, Officer (Texas Longhorn)
• Sweeney, Officer (Starsky’s Brother)
• Taft, Officer (Pariah)
• Taggert, Detective (Avenger)
• Ted, Officer (Coffin for Starsky)
• Thorpe, Detective Third Class Lizzie (Discomania)
• Tinker, Officer Dan (Pariah)
• Todesco, Detective Mike (Collector, Class in Crime)
• Tom, Officer (Texas Longhorn)
• Tyce, Sheriff (Satan’s Witches)
• Walheim, Federal Agent (Targets 2, Targets 3)
• Wallenby, Officer (Sweet Revenge)
• Walters, Federal Agent Bill (Groupie)
• Warwick, Captain (Bait)
• Webster, Detective (Birds of a Feather)
• Weldon, Federal Agent Frank (Starsky’s Brother)
• Williams, Officer (Committee)
• Williams, Federal Agent (Set-Up)
• Williams, Detective Linda (Death Ride)
• Wilson, Federal Agent (Set-Up)
• Withers, Detective (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• Wofford, Officer (Bloodbath, Survival)
• Yost, Detective (Heroes)
• Yvonne, Officer (Quadromania