"This is Zebra Three, we are responding." (Gillian)

Season One
Pilot, Savage Sunday, Texas Longhorn, Death Ride, Snowstorm, Fix, Death Notice, Pariah, Kill Huggy Bear, Bait, Lady Blue, Captain Dobey, You're Dead, Terror on the Docks, Deadly Imposter, Shootout, Hostages, Losing Streak, Silence, Omaha Tiger, Jojo, Running,
Coffin for Starsky, Bounty Hunter

Season Two
Las Vegas Strangler, Murder at Sea, Gillian, Bust Amboy, Vampire, Specialist, Tap Dancing, Vendetta, Nightmare, Iron Mike, Little Girl Lost, Bloodbath, Psychic, Set-Up, Survival, Starsky's Lady, Huggy Bear and the Turkey, Committee, Velvet Jungle, Long Walk, Murder on Stage 17, Starsky and Hutch are Guilty

Season Three
Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island, Fatal Charm, Rosey Malone, Murder Ward, Death in a Different Place, Crying Child, Heroes, Plague, Collector, Manchild on the Streets, Action, Heavyweight, Body Worth Guarding, Trap, Satan's Witch's, Class in Crime, Hutchinson for Murder One, Foxy Lady, Partners, Quadromania, Deckwatch

Season Four
Discomania, Game, Blindfold, Photo Finish, Moonshine, Strange Justice, Avenger, Dandruff, Black and Blue, Groupie, Cover Girl, Starsky's Brother, Golden Angel, Ballad for a Blue Lady, Birds of a Feather, Ninety Pounds of Trouble, Huggy Can't Go Home,
Targets Trilogy, Starsky vs. Hutch, Sweet Revenge

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Frank Tallman = Gilbert Green
District Attorney Mark Henderson = Albert Morgenstern
Zane = Richard Lynch
Cannell = Michael Conrad
Coley = Buddy Lester
Captain Dobey = Richard Ward
Stan = Larry Manetti
Gretchen Knebel = Carole Ita White
Steele = Don Billett
Patricia Talbert = Karen Lamm
Lijah = Douglas Fowley
Tourist = James Brodhead
Frankie = Gordon Jump
Miss Forsythe = Simone Griffeth
Apartment Manager = Bill Smillie
Dobey's Secretary = not credited
Charlie in Hallway = not credited
Woman with Tiger = not credited
Coronor = not credited
Tallman's Butler = not credited
Coronor’s Assistant = not credited
Green Eyes in Bar = not credited
Blonde Woman Offering Towels = not credited
Patricia Talbert’s Date = not credited
Blonde Woman on Stryker’s Stairs = not credited
Joseph at Tallman's = not credited
Charles in Bar = not credited
Third Man in the Room with Henderson and Steele = not credited
Charles in Alley = mentioned
Officer Bill - mentioned
Officer Mike = mentioned
Cindy = mentioned
Clancy Brothers = mentioned
Fernando Hideaway = mentioned
Poindexter = mentioned
What's-Her-Name = mentioned
Coleman Brothers = mentioned
Creepy Charlie = mentioned
That Hooker on Third = mentioned
Nancy Hutchinson = mentioned
Charles Orme = mentioned
Andrew Balenger = mentioned
Lijah's Friend Charles = mentioned
Linda Codes = mentioned

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Marty = Tom Castronova
Gregg Morton = Bob Delegall
Huey = Erik Kilpatrick
Diane Sills = Bobbie Mitchell
Henny Wilson = Arthur Peterson
Geoffrey Mills = Dave Shelley
Sally Ann Sloan = Suzanne Somers
Sarah Wilson = Hope Summers
Tony = Ray Vitte
Ted = Louis James Oliver
Wilbur Sloan = Edward Walsh
Ed = Dick Wesson
Billy = Skip Lowell
Black Thug at Monty's = not credited
White Thug at Monty's = not credited
James Arnold = not credited
Female Teller = not credited
Liquor Store Owner = not credited
Parking Lot Attendant = not credited
Officer on Motorcycle = not credited
Councilman Brown = not credited
Sarah and Henny's Lawyer = mentioned
Sally Ann's Shrink = mentioned

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Ray the Tattoo Woman = Nora Denney (Dodo Denney)
Zack Tyler = Med Flory
Marty = Bobby Hall
Fat Rolly = Michael Lerner
Little Huey Chaco = George Loros
Diane Sills = Bobbie Mitchell
Assistant Coroner Tom = Stafford Morgan
Man Huey Chaco Talks to at Big Chuck's = Sanford Smith
John Brown Harris = Charles Napier
Angel = Ann Weldon
Emma Lou Tyler = Alta Christopher
Wrestler = Butcher Brannigan
Nurse at Bloodbank = Stefanie Auerbach
Sergeant at Tyler Murder Scene = Al Hansen
Stuntman = Charles Picerni
Staring Man at Bloodbank = Eldon Burke (though not credited)
Lillian = not credited
Officer Dan = not credited
Lenny the Glass Eye = mentioned
Medical Examiner Jake = mentioned

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Detective Linda Williams = Kathleen Miller
Andrew Mello = Jeff Corey
District Attorney Coleman = Paul Hecht
Joanne Wells = Trish Mahoney
George = Joe Bova
Jensen = E. J. Andre
Cook = Robert Nadder
Terry Evers = Mary Margaret Lewis
Phelps = Ben Marino
Thug = Bobby Bass
Thug = Charles Picerni
Miss Treasure Chest = not credited
Knocked Out Intern = not credited
Kester = mentioned
Claim's Officer = mentioned

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Marty Crandell = George Dzundza
Detective Phil Corman = Richard Venture
Detective Burke = Paul Benjamin
Detective Kalowitz = Bill Sorrells
Stryker = Gilbert Green
Rodgers = Eric Mason
Freddie = Jim Bohan
Edward Crown = not credited
Elmo Jackson = mentioned
Starsky's Uncle Al = mentioned
Seventeen-Year Old Girl in Pennsylvania = mentioned

back to top
Ben Forest = Robert Loggia
Allen "Monk" Philos = Geoffrey Lewis
Jeannie Walton = Leigh Christian
Mickey = Gene Conforti
Officer Bernie Glassman = Macon McCalman
Coney = Anthony Charnota
Diane Sills = Bobbie Mitchell (mentioned, voice heard)
Glassman's Partner = not credited
Tom the Second Thug = not credited
Fancy Pants/Tiger = not credited
Hutch's Mother = mentioned
Cal Dobey = mentioned
Edith Dobey mentioned
Mickey's Mother = mentioned

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Anton Rusz = Ivor Francis
Manny = Milt Krogan
Kathi Carmer = Lenore Kasdorf
Ginger = Suzanne Charney
Jerry Neilan = Vincent Baggetta
Francine = Roz Kelly
Lou Posey = Vince Martorano
Arnold = Chuck Bergansky
David Delano = Walter Brooke
Sonia = Rosanne Katon
Cronin = Chuck Hicks
Bodyguard = Todd Martin
Jim Lee = not credited
Frank = not credited
Lieutentant Crimmons = mentioned
Starsky's Aunt = mentioned
Cherry = mentioned
Anton Rusz's Wife = mentioned

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George Prudholm = Stephen McNally
Joseph Tramaine = Gregory Rozakis
Eunice Craig = Hilda Haynes
Officer Edwards = David S. Milton
Officer Lee = James R. Parkes
City Attorney Collins = Graham Jarvis
Cecil = John Alderman
Stewart Tidings = Jay Fletcher
Molly = Anitra Ford
Gas Station Attendant = Tim Duncan
Coroner = Peter Hobbs
Officer Jack Forrest = Arthur Monde
Witness = Ella Mae Brown
First Officer = Hank Stohl
Second Officer = Chuck Boyd
Officer Taft = Frank Leo
Officer Bill = not credited
Officer Dan Tinker = not credited
Starsky's Date = not credited
Starsky's Lawyer = not credited
Lonnie Malcolm Craig = not credited
Lonnie's Cousin = mentioned
The Police Chief = mentioned
Fake Baby in Restroom = mentioned

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Roy Jones = Ed Cambridge
Lou Malinda = Hamilton Camp
Bill Harkness = Michael Delano
Sarah Kingston = Gloria Edwards
Dewey Hughes = Roger Robinson
Jamie/Angie = Wally Taylor (credited only)
Harry Martin = Dick Anthony Williams
Receptionist = Adina Ross
Jerry = Dan Howard
Sam = Don Peters
Tom = Craig Shreeve
Officer Bill = Cal Haynes
Jennie = Marilyn B. Coleman
Medical Examiner at Dewey's Scene = not credited
Uniform at the Candy Store = not credited
Jennie's Son = mentioned

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Cheryl Waite = Lynne Marta
Danner = Charles McCaulay
Billy Harkness = Michael Delano
Connie = Aliki Jones
Shockley = Dave Cass
Agent Carter = James Karen
Goring = Sy Kramer
Saunders = Ken Scott
Eddie Moore = Marc Alaimo
Diane Sills = Bobbie Mitchell
Officer = Jack Schultz
Deaf Shoeshine Man = not credited
Jaime the Cook = not credited
Two Hookers in Connie's Hallway = not credited
Two Alley Thugs = not credited
Two Warehouse/Pool Thugs = not credited
Uniform Who Arrests Shockely = not credited
Mr. Goring's Associate = not credited
Two Plainclothes Officers in Alley/Station = not credited
Good Old Boys Back in Texas = mentioned
O'Brien's Daddy = mentioned
Brand New 1961 Triumph = mentioned
Brown Jag = mentioned
Big Black Beautiful Cadillac With All the Trimmings = mentioned
Three White Chevys, Almost Like New = mentioned
Starsky's Italian Friend = mentioned
A Chinese Lady = mentioned
Starsky's Other Friend = mentioned
Joanne Stockwood's Parents = mentioned
Joanne Stockwood = mentioned

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Ruby Solenko = Victor Argo
Officer Marty = Brian Baker
Fifth Avenue = Ed Bakey
Wally = Tony Ballen
Cindy = Timothy Blake
Harvey Ritlin = Gene Borkan
Polly the Snitch = Elisha Cook Jr.
Touhy = Jim Gosa
John Slow = Richard Karron
Dr. Cabe = Arthur Adams
Karen = Denyce Liston
James March Wrightwood = James Keach
Officer Angie = Lee Pulford
Dr. Melford = Quinn K. Redeker
Lieutenant Berkowitz = mentioned
Officer Helen Davisson = mentioned, seen in photograph as Ann Foster
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Officer Bill Johnson = mentioned
Officer Bob = mentioned

back to top
Leo Moon = William Watson
Edith Dobey = Lynn Hamilton
C.J. Woodfield = Lester Rawlins
Rosie Dobey = Claire Touchstone
Cal Dobey = Eric Sutter
Lola Brenner = Taaffee O’Connell
Marty Pommier = Kurt Grayson
Norris = Bill Traylor
Frisco Fats = Lee McLaughlin
Sheila = Marla Adams
Mechanic = Michael MacRae
Fry = Michael Durrell
Ethel = Robin Raymond
Doyle = Marty Davis
Crenshaw = Duncan McLeod
Isaac Douglas = mentioned, seen in a photograph as actor Jason Bernard
Edith Dobey's sister = mentioned
Captain Roarke = mentioned
Hutch's Left-Handed Aunt = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Hutch's Mother = mentioned

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William Michael Desmond = Stephen McHattie
Nancy Blake = Sheila Larken
Maureen Blake = Sarah Cunningham
Rick Hauser = Henry Olek
Earl Banks = Garry Walberg
Andy Wilkins = Kenneth Tobey
Ted Banks = Robert Redding
Father Delacourt = John J. Fox
Ezra Beam = Marty Zagon
Hans Skyler = James Hourigan
Officer Ed Jamieson = Joe Warfield
Jerry = William Martel
Wally = W.T. Zacha
Jerry Green = not credited
Officer Smitty = not credited
Two Lab Boys and Two Uniforms at Banks' Apartment = not credited
Two Men and Two Women at the Wedding Rehearsal = not credited
Ed Jamieson's Wife = mentioned
Ed Jamieson's Kid = mentioned
Margaret the Organist = mentioned
Mr. Blake = mentioned
Apartment Manager = mentioned
Vince = mentioned
Steve = mentioned

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Harvey Russo = Luke Andreas
Jackie = Jana Bellan
Warren G. Karpel = Peter Brandon
Nate Garvin = Gene Darcy
Karen Karpel = Susan Gailey
John Colby = Art Hindle
Superintendent = Bern Hoffman
Fifi = Louise Hoven
Vinnie = Gordon Jump
Tito = Gene LeBell
Mike Robbins = Art Hindle
Maggie McMillian = Georgia Schmidt
Emile Parouche = Raymond Singer
Jamie/Angie the Cook = Wally Taylor
Agent Buckland = Ned Wertimer
Abigail Crabtree =Anne Foster
Corey Karpel = not credited
Two Thugs on Beach = not credtied
Two Guards on Beach = not credited
Three Thugs that Beat Up Huggy = not credited
Couple in Front of Post Office = not credited
Diane Sills = not credited
Blond in Hutch's Bed with Cards = not credited
Uniform at Jackie's House = not credited
Nurse = not credited
Man with Can at Hospital = not credited
Photographer at Jackie's House = not credited
Dead Boss and His Whole Dead Family = mentioned
The Commissioner = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Karen Karpel's Real Dead Husband = mentioned
Saleman that Sold a car to Mrs. Starsky = mentioned

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Mr. Durant = Jan Arvan
Sammy Grovner = Norman Fell
Mrs. Durant = Tresa Hughes
Joey Martin = Steven Keats
Tom Lockly = Albert Paulsen
Robin Morton = Barbara Rhoades
Jimmy Lee Carson = Steve Sandor
Theresa DeFusto = Jess Walton
Harry Sample = Danny Wells
Vic Monte = mentioned
Mr. and Mrs. Durant's Freinds = mentioned
Theresa DeFusto's Brother = mentioned
Theresa DeFusto's Mother = mentioned
Nineteen-Year Old Girl in a Coma = mentioned
The Old Man = mentioned
Starsky's Grandmother = mentioned
The Durant's Friends = mentioned

back to top
Tom Cole = John Ritter
Ellie Cole = Linda Kelsey
Sweet Alice = Nellie Bellflower
Belle Kates = Jean Hagen
Madame Yram = Susan Peretz
Meg = Kristy McNichol
Ames = Will Hare
Conrad = Clay Tanner
Amy = Melissa Newman
Tobin = Madison Arnold
Gibson = Richard Foronjy
Ed Miller = Art Burns
Prostitute at House = Chris Forbes
Mr. Walker/Manager = Chuck Hollom
Officer Gary = not credited
Harry Johnson = not credited
Man with Grocery Carts = not credited
Bartender at Brig = not credited
Three Uniforms at Warehouse = not credited
Radio Announcer = not credited
Thug at Warehouse = not credited
Mr. Stern = mentioned
Tom and Ellie Cole's First Baby = mentioned
Meg's Parents = mentioned
Vice Captain Joe Naar = seen on door

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Vic Rankin = Dane Clark
Evelyn Rankin = Jacqueline Scott
Garth White = Arthur David Roberts
Belinda Williams = Madlyn Rhue
Foote = Zitto Kazann
Oscar, Perhaps the Guy Rankin Shoots = Henry Slate
Toby = Rozelle Gayle
Dealer = Don Sherman
Banker = Frank Geraci
Orange = Connie Lisa Marie
Olivia = Adina Ross
Ernie Lemke = Gene Labell
Huggy's Cousin = Elijah
Man With Hose = could be Henry Slate, otherwise not credited
Pepper = not credited
Vacuuming Janitor = not credited
Two Uniformed Cops = not credited
Guy Rankin Shoots = could be Henry Slate or he is not credited
Ambulance Attendant = not credited
Detective = Fred Rolaf (credited only)
Murray = mentioned
The Judge = mentioned
Spaceman Sam Carter = mentioned
Sandy the Dog = as himself

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Herman Bessinger = Jack DeLeon
Larry Horvath = Chuck McCann
Jessie = Helena Carroll
Kim = Steve Kanaly
Marty/Father Jonathan Ignatius = Carl Betz
Turner, R.C. = Jason Bernard
Watchman = Russ Grieve
Torino Rubbing Man = Eldon Burke, not credited
Abigail Crabtree = Ann Foster (credited only)
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Kitten = Starsky
Kitten = Hutch

back to top
Barnes = Nicholas Worth
Eddie Bell = Dennis Burkley
Carl Boyce = James Luisi
Fireball Cannon = Sonny Klein
Ellen Forbes = Barbara Babcock
Harold = Christian Grey
Iggy the Mummy = Richard Kiel
Mac Johnson = Bob Wilde
Al Taft = Wynn Irwin
Terrible Tessie = Mary Jo Catlett
George Felton = David Thayer
Charlie = Marilyn Joi
Two Wrestling Midgets = not credited
Terrible Tessie's Tailor = not credtied
Two Uniformed Cops = not credited
Two Ambulance Driver's = not credited
Thug with Glasses = not credited
Female Wrestler = not credited
Referee = not credited
Tommy Carnieri = mentioned
Doc = mentioned
Commissioner = mentioned
Mac Johnson's Lawyer = mentioned
George Felton's Lawyer = mentioned
Tommy Carniari = mentioned
The Commissioner = mentioned

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Federal Agent Bettin = Alan Fudge
Dixie = Jude Farese
Nick Dombarris = Robert Riesel
Jojo Forentic = Stephen Davies
Linda Mascelli = Linda Scruggs-Bogart
Merle the Earl = Raymond Allen
Molly = Terry Lumley
Stella = Fran Ryan
Elaine Stroud = Sherry Bain
Sulko = Brad Stuart
Brams = not credited
Nancy = not credited
The Commissioner = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Hutch's Mother = mentioned

back to top
Sharman Crane = Jan Smithers
Vernon DuBois = Robert Viharo
Ella = Lana Wood
Iris = Kathlyn Fradella
Orange = Connie Lisa Marie
Packrat = Martin Azarow
Kiko Ramos = Guillermo San Juan
Smitty = Charles M. Kray
Texas Kid = Don Plumley
Sharman's Mother = Miriam Byrd Netherly
Orange's Date, Popeye = not credited
Kiko's Pals = not credited
Murdered Waitress = not credited
Abigail Crabtree = Ann Foster (mentioned, credited only)
Sharman's Stepfather = not credited
"Where's Your Shield" Cop = not credited
Chester Brown = mentioned
Vince = mentioned
Mrs. Ramos = mentioned
Tony = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Sharman's First Husband = mentioned
Sharman's Stillborn Baby = mentioned
Sharman's Father = mentioned
Sandy the Dog = as himself

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Sue Bellamy = Carole Mallory
Victor K. Bellamy = Gene Dynarski
Officer Charlie Collins = Jack Griffin
Dr. Franklin = David Byrd
Mrs. Haberman = Fritzi Burr
Cheryl Jennings = Jenny Sullivan
Professor Jennings = John McLiam
Janos P. Martini = Seth Allen
Sweet Alice = Nellie Bellflower
Nurse = not credited
Sweet Alice's John = not credited
Ginger the Gum Chewer = not credited
Other Movie Actress = not credited
Various Movie Workers = not credited
Stupid = not credited
Stupid's Pal = not credited
Starsky's Aunt Rosie = mentioned
Janos' Brother-in-Law = mentioned
Jerry Jennings = mentioned
Al Wedell = mentioned

back to top
Dancer = Muffi Durham
Officer Day = Jack Kirby
Denise Gerard = Sherry Jackson
Herman = Zale Kessler
Eddie Hoyle = Doodles Weaver
Jerry Konig = Jon Cedar
Nancy = Muffi Durham
Mrs. Dorothy Nedloe = Rosalind Miles
Officer Jim Nedloe = John C. Johnson
Nina = Victoria Ann Berry
Bo Rile = Ramon Bieri
Mrs. Lola Turkel = Lola Albright
Monty Vorhees = Stan Ross
Dancer Number Two = not credited
Man Looking to Bail Son = not credited
Abigail Crabtree = Ann Foster (credited only)
Goldfish Staring Man = Eldon Burke, not credited
Mr. Petrov = not credited
Taxi Driver = not credited
Catwoman Dancer With Tail = Muffi Durham, same woman who plays Nancy, though not credited
Uniform at Fire = not credited
Lab Boys at the Mission Ice House = not credited
Nedloe's Partner = not credited
Gerard's Neighbor That Hutch Talks To = not credited
Dorothy Nedloe's Friend at the Hospital = not credited
Turkel and Rile's Lawyer = mentioned
Cops That Hutch Mentions Are Watching Gerard's Place = mentioned
Mr. Petrov's Son = mentioned
Mandy = mentioned
The Judge = mentioned
Jerry Konig's Mother = mentioned
African Politician = mentioned
Cannibalistic Constituents = mentioned

back to top
Lantz = Seth Allen
Backstage Guard = Bob Bailey
Duke = Stymie Beard
Glenda = Collette Bertrand
Mrs. Pruitt = Joan Blondell
Drunk Gambler at Casino = Foster Brooks
Dr. Seims = Rod Browning
Lieutenant Ted Cameron = Paul Burke
Vicky = Lynda Carter
Taffy = Katie Hopkins Zerby
Jack Mitchell = Frank Converse
Officer O'Keefe = George Dunn
Eugene Pruitt = Darrell Fetty
Iris Thayer = Roz Kelly
Gretchen Hollander = Jayne Kennedy
Security Guard = Darwin Lamb
Damien = Robert Lussier
Dr. Cleveland = James Ray
Cary = Natasha Ryan
Sharon Flynn = Victoria Wells, same as Victoria Ann Berry
Ace = George Tobias
Bob = David Soul
Henderson = Paul Michael Glaser
Day Manager at Robert's Drugs = not credited
Security Guard in Dressing Room = not credited
Redneck at Roulette Wheel = not credited
Bouncy Waitress = not credited
Security Guard Starsky Hits = not credited
Cabbie = not credited
Croupier = not credited
Girl at Casino with Rose = not credited
Religious Jail Guard = not credited
Hotel Security Guard by Elevator = not credited
Jack Mitchell's Security Guard at Hospital = not credited
Postman Brennan = not credited
Lloyd = not credited
Janie = mentioned
Tracy = mentioned
Dr. Blue = mentioned
Beaten Parking Lot Attendant = mentioned
Vicky's Mom = mentioned
Jack Mitchell's Gum Chewing Buddy = mentioned
Jack Mitchell's Family = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Kenny Bryant = mentioned

back to top
Helen Carnoffsky = Lynne Marta
Oxey = Pepper Martin
Commodore Atwater = Will Geer
October Moss = Jennifer Shaw
Eric Snow = Timothy Himes
Edna Zelinka = Kay Medford
Bertha Zelinka = Carole Ita White
Kitty = Devon Ericson
Long Oscar Nash = mentioned
Harvey Schwab = Ed Begley, Jr.
First Officer Derek Stafford = Ron Moody
Captain La Rue = Jean-Pierre Aumont
Patsy Cairo = Paul Picerni
Nicky Cairo = Charlie Picerni
Joey Fortune = Jose Ferrer
Marty Simon = Robert Walden
Mr. Jensen = Burr DeBenning
Clint Takahashi = Richard Lee Sung
Lord Harry = Zakes Mokae
Tina = Marianne Bunch
Hubert Stuffy = Richard Hack
Lily = Gari Hardy
Talent Show Patron = Elizabeth Glaser (as Meyer)
Mr. and Mrs.Waldo Pitkin = not credited
Huggy's Cousin Marco = mentioned
Mr. Carnoffsky = mentioned
Sir Winston = as himself, mentioned

back to top
Nancy Rogers = Diana Canova
Gillian Ingram = Karen Carlson
Harry Blower = Richard Foronjy
Girl at Bowling Alley = Dana House
Pepper = Marilyn Joi
Al Grossman = Mike Kellin
Evans, the Curly Haired Thug = Ted Grossman
Joy = Joanna Kerns
Ambulance Attendant = Rex Knowles
Olga Grossman = Sylvia Sidney
Eddie Hoyle = Doodles Weaver
Mickey Stinger = not credited
Evan's Partner = not credited
Pops = not credited
The Councilman = not credited
Blond Woman at the Stardust = not credited
Male Customer at the Stardust = not credited
Lonely Bloggs = not credited
Television Repair Man in Movie = not credited
Uniformed Cop that Drives Eddie = not credited, possibly Eldon Burke
Two Medics = not credited

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Amboy = Art Metrano
Mickey = Lisa Mordente
Goose = Chuck Bergansky
Denny = Nicholas Worth
Francis Bacon Stockwood = Richard Derr
Itchy = Nathan Jung
Chuckles = Howard Honig
Rogier = Roger Etienne
Officer = Ned York
Mrs. DeHaven = Trudy Marshall
Undercover Officer = Fred Rolaf
Squire Fox = not credited
Henry DeHaven = not credited
Tailor = not credited
Second Undercover Cop = not credited
Two Dancers with Mickey = not credited
Six Uniformed Cops = not credited
Funeral Parlor Doorman = not credited
Paul = not credited
Professor = not credited
Professor's Thug = not credited
Amboy's Third Thug = not credited
Various johns = not credited
Benny = mentioned
Grief Therapist = mentioned

back to top
Slade/Seeds = G.W. Bailey
Jane = Lindsay Bloom
Bobette = Colleen Camp
Supergnat = Frank Corsentino
Guybo = Phil Leeds
Rene Nadasy = John Saxon
Suzette Clark = Paula Sills
Linda Offenbecker = Suzanne Somers
Honey Williams = not credited
Janitor at the Play Pen = not credited
Count = not credited
Strung-Out Dancer on Slade's Bed = not credited
Uniformed Cop at Slade's Interrogation = not credited
Two Uniformed Cops in Underground Garage = not credited
Bartender at Slade's Cave = not credited
Officer Sarah = not credited
Miscellaneous Dancers = not credited
Carol Carson = mentioned
Suzette Clark's Roommate = mentioned
Supergnat's Imaginary Prey = mentioned
Maria Nadasy = mentioned, seen in painting
Officer Roger = mentioned
Huggy's Cousin Louie = mentioned
Mrs. Longello = mentioned
Guybo's Ancestors = mentioned

back to top
Alex Drew = Joel Fabiani
Janice Drew = Melendy Britt
Arthur Cole = Charles Cyphers
Police Officer = Charles Picerni
Officer Sally Hagen = Linda Scruggs-Bogart
Mr. McDermont, Sr. = Jack Zoller
Officer Carl Stolz = Michael Twain
Henry Malcom Floyd = Anthony Ziggarelli
Hooker at the Chapel of Bodily Invigoration = Denise Gordy
Officer McDermont = not credited
Officer Shelley = not credited
Uniformed Officer Starsky and Hutch Joke With = not credited
Various johns at the Chapel of Bodily Invigoration = not credited
Doc = not credited
Hotel Groundskeeper = not credited but is Charles Picerni
Mechanic = not credited
Bomb Squad Man = not credited
Pool Man = not credited
Bartender = not credited
Officer Sarah = not credited
Two Armed Robbers = not credited
Stoltz's New Rookie Partner = mentioned
Floyd's Five Friends = mentioned
Hutch's Parents = mentioned
Gary Anderson = mentioned
Jane Zanuck = mentioned
Alice Adams = mentioned
Classmate Anderson = mentioned
Officer McDermont's Ex-Wife = mentioned
Officer McDermont's Daughter = mentioned
Officer Carl Stoltz's Wife = mentioned
Drew's "Not So Glorious Old Lady Who Only Looks Like She's Two Hundred Years Old" = mentioned

back to top
Carl Starger = DeVeren Bookwalter
Ginger Evans = Audrey Christie
Marsha Stearns = Sondra Currie
Marianne Tustin = Veronica Hamel
Robber at Grocery = Harold Jones
Dierdre = Nora Marlowe
Benton = Gary McLarty
Claire Dodsman = Dorothy Shay
Officer at Grocery = Nick Stamos
A.C. Chambers = Liam Sullivan
Grocery Robber Number Two = not credited
Grocer = not credited
Freddy = not credited
Mr. Dodsman = not credited
The Wheelman = not credited
Hutch's Grandfather = mentioned
Teddy Tustin = mentioned
Mrs. Teddy Tustin = mentioned
Teddy Tustin's Children = mentioned
Mr. Forbes = mentioned
Mrs. Millicent Forbes = mentioned
Freddy's Wife = mentioned
Mrs. Charlie McCabe = mentioned

back to top
Jimmy Shannon = Gregory Elliot
Medic Number One = John Morgan Evans
Abigail Crabtree = Ann Foster
Arthur Fingal Solkin (Artie) = Stefan Gierasch
Andrea = Ginny Golden
Billy Ryan = Paul Jabara
Police Clerk = Frank Leo
Desk Clerk = Angelo Nazzo
Tommy Marlowe = Gary Sandy
Sergeant Mike = J. Jay Saunders
Lloyd Herman Eckworth = M. Emmet Walsh
Bob = not credited
Janet = not credited
The Couple in the Garage = not credited
Coroner = not credited
Uniform at Morgue = not credited
Janitor Washing Windows = not credited
Three Lab Guys at Hutch's Place = not credited
Two Uniformed Cops at Hutch's Place = not credited
Medic Number Two = not credited
Medic Number Three = not credited
Jimmy Shannon's Mother = mentioned
Abby Crabtree's Brother = mentioned
Tommy Marlowe's Family = mentioned
Billy Chartreuse = mentioned
Guy in the Laundry Business = mentioned
Donna = mentioned

back to top
Lisa Graham = Diana Scarwid
Nickolas John Manning = Gerrit Graham
Mitzi Graham = Karen Morrow
Robert Emmet Loomis = Zachary Lewis
Assistant District Attorney Sims = David Knapp
District Attoroney = Jim Gruzalski
Al Martin = Carl Weathers
Mr. McDevlin = Jerome Guardino
Screaming Woman at Laundry = Lilyan McBride
Tommy = Sparky Marcus
Hood = Neil O'Neill
Secretary = Julienne Wells
Policeman at Laundry = Daniel Trent
Intern = Ray Underwood (credited only)
Frank Graham = mentioned
Sam the Greek = mentioned
Uncle Elmo = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned

back to top
Mike Ferguson = Michael Conrad
Matt Coyle = Peter MacLean
Johnny Lonigan = Ric Mancini
Skinny Momo Mantell = Marc Alaimo
Laura Lonigan = Shannon Wilcox
Lucky Lester = Buddy Lester
Wang = Harold Fong
Waiter Number Two = Gerald Jann
Mr. Schultz = not credited
Harry the Chef = not credited
Huggy's Two Foxes = not credited
Prison Guard = not credited
Coyle's Secretary = not credited
"Lady" Robber = not credited
Three Department Store Thugs = not credited
Department Store Security Guard = not credited
Walters = not credited
Ladder Thug = not credited
Falling Thug = not credtied
Coyle's Driver = not credited
Schultz = not credited
Officer Bowerman = mentioned
Officer Platt = mentioned
Officer Sawyer = mentioned
Arnie = mentioned
Officer Nelson = mentioned
Dimitri Goldberg = mentioned
Laura Lonigan's Former Boyfriend = mentioned
Skinny Momo Mantell's Old Lady = mentioned
Officer SImon = mentioned
Health Inspector = mentioned

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Molly/Pete Edwards = Kristy McNichol
Flent = Matt Bennett
Duran = Richard Dimitri
Kiko Ramos = Guillermo San Juan
Nicholas Allen Edwards = King Moody
Mrs. Ramos = Milcha Sanchez-Scott
Officer Perkowitz = Rebecca Balding
Mike = Lou Cutell
J.J. = Paul Pepper
Mrs. Wilson = Patricia Williams
Roy = Ken Sidwell
Father Jones = Richard Dimitri
Uniformed Cop = not credited
Officer Sid = not credited
Three Cops Putting Bow on Toilet = not credited
Peggy = mentioned

back to top
Merle the Earl = Raymond Allen
Simon Marcus = Aesop Aquarian
Junkie = Robert Brian Berger
Judge Arlen B. Yager = William Bowers
Bailiff = Barry Brooks
R.J. Crow = James Brown
T.V. Reporter = Thomas Scott Brown
Matthew = Frank Doubleday
Officer = Rick Goldman
Peter = John Horn
Luke = Anthony James
Gail Harcourt = Patricia Pearcy
Officer Kazelkovsky = not credited
Officer Wofford = not credited
Guard at Prison = not credited
Merle's Mechanic = not credited
Two Gurus Doing Their Hair = not credited
Officer at Courthouse Desk = not credited
Prosecuting Lawyer = not credited
Defense Lawyer = not credited
Female Blond Recurring Character = not credited
Ten Hooded Cultists at Storefront = not credited
Mrs. Harcourt = Tresa Hughes (credited only)
Mr. Harcourt = Michael Thomas (credited only)
Stony's Chemists = mentioned
Stony Black = mentioned
Rex Woods = mentioned
Simon Marcus's Former Bullies = mentioned
The Bear = as him or herself
Ollie the Bear, in a Special Guest Appearance = as himself

back to top
Charlie Sireen = Sylvia Anderson
Marshall Caifalno = Cliff Emmich
Su Long = James Hong
Joanna Haymes = Dianne Kay
De Meo = Michael Keenan
Fireball Cannon = Sonny Klein
Earl Pola = George Loros
Joe Collandra = Allan Miller
Officer Who Asks for I.D. = Larry Mitchell
Julio Gutierez = Edward James Olmos
Ringo = Chris Peterson
Cha Cha = Charles Everett
"Lady" Crook = Steve Vandeman
Joe Haymes = Herb Voland
Two Uniformed Officers = not credited
Three Thugs in Alley = not credited
Two Men Folding a Sheet = not credited
Female Launderer = not credited
Su Long's Assistant = not credited
Cook = not credited
Mrs. Haymes = mentioned
Pablo = mentioned
Mario = mentioned
Billy = mentioned
Dead Boy in Atlantic City = mentioned

back to top
Terry Nash = Jon Korkes
Joseph Durniack = Michael V. Gasso
George Stegner = Eugene Roche
Black Baron = Roger E. Mosley
Thistleman = Darryl Zwerling
Debra = Heather MacRae
Dr. Hank Wachman = Jerry Hardin
Nun = Dawna Shove
Patty Nash = Katherine Dunfee Clarke/K.C. Ligon
Agent Wilson = Angus Duncan
Bumper = Richard Balin
Trucker = Bruce M. Fischer
Newsman = Mike Laurence
Nurse = Connie Sawyer
Bank Teller = Sandra George
Man, Steve Reynolds = Gary Wood
Weigh Station Inspector = Bob Hackman
Fields = Clay Tanner
Security Guard Number One = Cedric Scott
Security Guard Number Two = Verne Rowe
Brainwashed Man at Castle = Tom Ligon
Waitress at Jeb's = Pam Myers
Agent Oliver = Dennis McMullen
Uniformed Cop at Hospital = not credited
Angie = not credited
Hotel Burglar = not credited
Hungry Momma = not credited
Steve Reynolds = not credited
Cabbie = not credited
Two Cops at Bowling Alley = not credited
Photographer = not credited
Waitress at Bar = not credited
Barney Franklin = mentioned
Buddy Griggs = mentioned
Carrie = mentioned
Willy = mentioned
Starsky's Father = mentioned
Murderous Hotel Chef = mentioned
Debra's Father = mentioned
Debra's Brother = mentioned
Patty and George's Father = mentioned
The Secretary = mentioned

back to top
Vic Humphires = John Quade
Sonny McPhearson = Tom Clancy
James Balford = Val Bisoglio
Roy Slater = Robert Raymond Sutton
Carla Iverson = Katherine Charles
Officer Bigelow = Paul Pepper
Harry Trask = Robert Emhardt
Bobby Marsh = George Janek
Mrs. Marsh = Paula Shaw
Lance = Meegan King
Lou Scobie = Johnny Silver
Ray Scanlon = Hutch's Alias
Attendant at V.A. Hospital = Duncan Gamble
Jerry = Barry Miller
One of Humphries's Thugs = Charles Picerni
Mildred = not credited
Officer Norton = not credited
Smitty = not credited
Officer Wofford = not credited
Michael Jackson = not credited
Hutch's Date = mentioned

back to top
Terry Roberts = Season Hubley
George Prudholm = Stephen McNally
Woody the Magic Man = Sandy Smith
Christine = Rita George
Dr. Quo = Beulah Quo
Freddy = Joey Viera
Sally = Angela McClelland
Clerk at Grocery = Wayde Preston
Attendant = Rob Curtain
Prudholm's Thug, Bobby or Marty = not credited
Desk Officer = not credited
Officer at the Bellamar Market = not credited
Hostage Number One = not credited
Hostage Number Two = not credited
Harry Marsipio = mentioned
Gary Vincent Prudholm = mentioned
Neurosurgeon in New York = mentioned
Freddy's Wife = mentioned

back to top
J.D. Turquet = Dale Robinette
Foxy Baker = Emily Yancy
Scorchy = Carole Cook
Sonny = Richard Romanus
Blind Bessie = LaWanda Page
Walter T. Baker = Fuddle Bagley
Dad Watson = R.G. Armstrong
Yank = Joe La Due
Sugar = Blackie Dammett
Moon = Mickey Morton
Man With Stolen Coin = Darryl Zwerling
Doc Rafferty = Eddie Lo Russo
Milo = Titus Napoleon
Leotis = Stan Shaw
Tyrone's Customer = not credited
Mrs. Caplan = mentioned
Mr. Caplan = mentioned
Nurse O'Toole = Robyn Hilton
Detective Withers = mentioned
Turquet's Grandpappy = mentioned

back to top
Lieutenant Fargo = Alex Rocco
Dirty Nellie = Helen Martin
Ginger, alias Alice K. Conrad = Angela May
Sam Garner = William Bogert
Paul H. Willits = John Ashton
Ward Billings = Michael MacRae
Officer Knight = William Cort
Officer Williams = Tony Young
Newscaster = Dan O'Brien
Millie = Muffi Durham
Officer Maxine = Shannon Willcox
Uniformed Cop at Hutch's Place = not credited
Seventy-Eight Year Old Mugging Victim = mentioned
Starsky's Pet Rock, Ignatius = as himself

back to top
Officer Stirling = Biff McGuire
Officer Paco Ortega = Jorge Cervera, Jr.
Harry Wheeling = Cliff Osmond
Laura Stevens = Sheila Lauritsen
Andrea Guiterrez = Silvana Gallardo
Danny the Pancake Guy = Timothy Carey
Dr. Ginny Simpson = Belinda Balaski
Lou Brownley = Susan Bay
Mr. Moreno = Frank Lugo
Miguelito = Robert Rodriguez
Basil = not credited
Dorothy = not credited
Shane = not credited
Johnny = not credited
Paul = not credited
Dee = not credited
Elena = not credited
Officer Maxine = not credited
Wheeler's Thug = not credited
Stirling's Thug = not credited
Two Violinist Mimes = not credited
Third Mime = not credited
Fashion Critic for the Times = mentioned
Ramon = mentioned
Judge Carter = mentioned
Lady Cab Driver = mentioned
The Commissioner = mentioned

back to top
Sue Ann Grainger = Lynn Anderson
Jerry Tabor = Joshua Bryant
Cal Claybourne = Dick Haynes
Fireball = Scatman Crothers
Bartender = Skip Young
Hotel Clerk = Jack Grinnage
R.C. the Redneck in Bar = Walter Scott
Pat Binns/Harry the Sound Engineer = Ben Gerard
Bell Boy = Bo White
Technician in Van = Marc Plastrik
Wino in Alley = not credited
John Kellim (could be Callum) = not credited
Disc Jockey on Radio = not credited
Sue Ann's Band Members = not credtied
Three Rednecks in Bar, may or may not include R.C. = not credited
Man Starsky Taps on Shoulder = not credited
Cal Dobey = mentioned
Edith Dobey's Second Cousin = mentioned
Tabor's Opponent at Tommy's Tavern = mentioned
Pittsville Sheriff = mentioned
J.C. Grainger = mentioned
Killam's Dog = as himself

back to top
Steve Hanson = Rory Calhoun
Wally Stone = Chuck McCann
Julie West = Susan Cotton
Harry Markham = Jeff Goldblum
Shotgun Casey = Layne Britton
Blackie = Read Morgan
Ruth Willoughby = Toni Lamond
Charlotte Rogers = Sandy Herdt
Pete = James D. Griffin
Chet = not credited
Phil Lubbock = not credited
Patrolman O'Brian = not credited
Jane Elexy = mentioned
Pete Elexy = mentioned
Phil Moxley = mentioned
Phil Moxley's Wife = mentioned
Vince = mentioned
Sierra Springs Water Guy = mentioned
Sierra Springs Manager = mentioned
Studio Guard = mentioned
McCoy = mentioned
Julie West's Father = mentioned
Coroner = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Hutch's Mother = mentioned
Ruth Willoughby's Husband = mentioned
All the Folks Back Home = mentioned
Woman Who Spit in Wally Stone's Face = mentioned
Friendly the Dog = as himself

back to top
District Attorney Sharon Freemont = Lauren Tewes
Chief Ryan = Val Avery
Nikki = Michele Carey
Judith Coppet = Shera Danese
Mr. Klemp = Harry Sutton
Mrs. Marlowe = Dorothy Meyer
Lennie Atkins = Sy Kramer
Hanson = Gary Epper
Simmons = Kipp Whitman
Officer = Scott Jarvis
Fifi = Mary Jo Catlett
Kate = Jean Bell
Nurse = Suzanne Gormley
Eric Ronstan, Sr. = Don Keefer
Eric Rostan, Jr. = mentioned
Nikki's Four Blond Hookers = not credited
Smitty = mentioned
Sweeny = mentioned
Oscar Newton = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Starsky's Cleaning Lady = mentioned

back to top
Charlotte Connery = Samantha Eggar
Agent Walter Healey = Craig Stevens
Janice Regan = Joan Collins
Meghan = Linda Thompson
Inspector Sterling Amadeus Godfrey = Roscoe Lee Browne
Papa Theodore = Don Pedro Colley
Philippe = Tommy Madden
Johnny Doors = Paul Picerni
Phil Hill = Dave Madden
Jerry Perry = Louis Nye
Bert Regan = Lane Allan
Magic Minnie = Jinaki
Pussycat = Patricia L. McGuire
Silky - Anitra Ford
Easy = Dana House
Meghan = Linda Thompson
Taxi Driver = David Moody
Debbie = Debra Feuer
Baron = Jophrey Brown
Charles = not credited
Smoking Guard = not credited
Flower = not credited
Bubbles = not credited
Ginger = not credited
Drugged Guard = not credited
Sergeant Hogarth = not credited
Priest = not credited
Naked Woman in Pool = not credited
Priest = mentioned
Ambassador Number One = mentioned
Ambassador Number Two = mentioned
A Prince = mentioned
Walter Healey's Best Operative = mentioned
William Thorne's Lawyer = mentioned
Meghan's Girlfriend = mentioned
Betsy = mentioned
Schnieder = mentioned
Cookie = mentioned
Coroner = mentioned

back to top
Benny = Michael Stipanich
Officer Linda Baylor = Roz Kelly
Max Frost = Paul Lukather
Diana Harmon = Karen Valentine
Kathy Marshall = Janice Heiden
Purse Snatcher = Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Jewelry Salesman = Woody Skaggs
Deejay = not credited
Huggy's Cousin Mervin = mentioned
Mrs. Shaughnessy = mentioned
Hutch's Landlord = mentioned
The Commissioner = mentioned
Baylor's Next Door Neighbor = mentioned
Commissioner = mentioned
Diana Harmon's Girlfriend = mentioned

back to top
Ed Chambers = James Keach
Bill Goodson = Paul Jenkins
Frank Malone = John P. Ryan
Rosey Malone = Tracy Brooks Swope
Ray Shelby = John Dullaghan
Woman Jogging = Theresa Aldrich Fagundes
Manicurist = Stefanie Kramer
Alley Youth = Max Birman, credited only
Chamber's Secretary = Mary Mercier
Officer Batson = not credited
Two People in Meeting with Goodson and Chambers = not credited
Shelby's Barber = not credited
Man Trying to Burn Reciepts = not credited
Radio Announcer = not credited
Janitor = not credited
Frank Malone's Driver = not credited
Female Shopper = not credited
Fingers = mentioned
Mrs. Malone = mentioned
Goodson's Father = mentioned
Artistic Huichols = mentioned
Huichol Children With Distended Bellies = mentioned

back to top
Bo = H.B Haggerty
Weeze = Vincent Schiavelli
Howard = Robert E. Ball
Victor = Sam DeFazio
Nurse Bycroft = Fran Ryan
Charles Deek = Blackie Dammett
Jane Hutton = Suzanne Somers
Nurse Jackson = Jessie DeWayne
Freddie Lyle = Joey Forman
Dr. Matwick = Charles Leon
Nurse Hanson = David Soul
Nurse Switek = Ned York
Maid = Jodi Gilbert
Ambulance Driver Number One = Santos Morales
Albert Cutler = J. Christopher Sullivan, credited only
Ambulance Driver Number Two = not credited
Orderly = not credited
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Diana Stiles = mentioned
Rafael Hernandez = mentioned
Ron Anderson = mentioned
Nacy Courey = mentioned
D. Shehan = mentioned
Two Suicides by Hanging at Cabrillo = mentioned
Two Deaths by Respitory Failure at Cabrillo = mentioned
Two Suspicious Deaths in New York = mentioned
Guy on the Late Show That Went Bananas = mentioned

back to top
Laverne = Shelley St. Clair
Maxine = Joella Deffenbaugh
Murph = Allen Joseph
Sugar Plum = Charles Pierce
Lieutenant John Blaine = Art Fleming
Margaret Blaine = Virginia Leith
Lieutenant Alex Corday = Don Gordon
Nick Hunter = Gregory Rozakis
Orrin Lawford = Dick Davalos
Medical Examiner Ginny Simpson = Adrien Royce
Peter Whitelaw = Colby Chester
Miss Sherwood = not credited
White Haired Older Dancing Guy Who Hits on Hutch = not credited
Sugar Plum's Piano Player = not credited
Maxine's john, "Casanova" = not credited
Commissioner = mentioned
Mayor = mentioned
Chief of Police = mentioned

back to top
Eddie Mayer = Mike Lane
Guy Mayer = Meeno Peluce
Janet Mayer = Linda Dano
Vikki Mayer = Nancy McKeon
Sergeant Sheila Peterson = Rosalind Cash
Carol Wade = Dee Wallace
Officer Bering = Tony Goodstone
Screaming Woman at Laundry = Lillian McBride
Officer at Laundry = Daniel Trent
Market Owner = Val Gould
Gwen Larson = Tara Tyson
Coop = Jason Ronard
Franklin Jones = Al White
Eileen = Penelope Sundrow (credited only)
The Commissioner = mentioned
Uncle Elmo = mentioned
Franklin Jones' Children = mentioned
Gwen's Daughter = mentioned, seen in photo
Starsky's Mother = mentioned

back to top
Frankie = Nick Holt
Larry the Fall Guy = Charles Picerni
Roxy = Lynn Bordon
Tony = Patrick Wright
Al O'Riley = Lee McLaughlin
Christine D. Phelps = Karen Carlson
Freddy = Gary Graham
Karl Regan = Madison Arnold
Medical Examiner Ginny Simpson = Adrien Royce
Elderly Female Driver = Hope Newell
Paul Rizzo = Jerrold Ziman
Attempted Rape Victim = Karen Mary Shea
Roxy's John = not credited
Eddie Lobo = mentioned
Freddy = not credited
Popeye = not credited
Laurie Rizzo = mentioned
Detective Yost = mentioned
The Commissioner = mentioned

back to top
Thomas Callendar/Mr. Steele/Mullins = Alex Rocco
Dr. Judith Ann Kaufman, D. C. = Janet Margolin
Lieutenant Anderson = Paul Kent
Lieutenant Jake Donner = Walter Mathews
Virginia Donner = Natalie Norwick
Dr. Meredith, D. C. = Frank Marth
Roper = Al Ruscio
Helen Yeager = Jean Allison
Richie Yeager = Patrick Laborteaux
Jake's Doctor = David S. Milton
Big Benny = Little Angie
Airport Thief = James Oliver
Gate Keeper = John Tuell
Sister Magda = Tiffany Peters
Grocer = John Alvin
Airport Guard = Kenneth Menard
Airport Attendant = Jordan Michals
Truck Driver = Clint Young
Sergeant at Accident Scene = Gerry Black
Waiting Man = Eric Mason
Secretary = Michael Payne
Tow Truck Driver = Ronald Manning
Cabbie Number One = Dy Llowell
Marty = not credited
Jim = not credited
Taxi Driver Number Two = not credited
Stern = mentioned
Dr. Jonas Tishaun = mentioned
Nurse Hall = mentioned
Dr. Smith =mentioned
Dr. Redfield = mentioned
Dr. Phillips = mentioned
Dr. Martin = mentioned
Nurse Bartlett = mentioned
Dr. Cooper = mentioned
Nurse Webster = mentioned
Dr. Donahue = mentioned
Firing Pin Man = not credited
Officer Duvall = mentioned
Mr. Yeager = mentioned

back to top
Lee Bristol = Dave Shelley
Molly Bristol = Toni Kalem
Frankie Carroll = Richard LePore
Jack Cunningham = Robert Viharo
John DeApoliso = Danny Devito
Joe Garras = Jack O'Leary
Officer Minnie Kaplan = Marki Bey
Annie Oates = Susan Tyrrell
Detective Mike Todesco = Robert Rodriguez
Officer at Garras's Murder Scene = not credited, possibly Eldon Burke
Old Lady with Cane = not credited
Coughing Man in Hallway = not credited
Gratuitously Sexy Rollerskater = not credited
Scoot Jackson = mentioned
Sister Theresa-Margaret = mentioned
Heather O'Brien's Boyfriend = mentioned
Heather O'Brien's Boyfriend's Father = mentioned
Jack Cunningham's Father = mentioned
Officer Who Arrested Bristol = mentioned
Heather O'Brien's Male Fake Unborn Baby = mentioned
Duvcha = as himself

back to top
Dewey = Fuddle Bagely
Maurice = Maurice Sneed
Officer Raymond T. Andrews = W.K. Stratton
Officer Clayborne = Chuck Hicks
Vivian Fellers = Helen Martin
Mrs. Hong = Shizuko Hoshi
Dr. Sammie Mason = Sheila Frazer
Jackson Walters = J. Jay Saunders
Jackson Walters, Junior = Brian Whitley
Mrs. Walters = Dorothy Meyer
Suspicious Intern = Wendell Powell
Train = Stan Haze
Bobby = not credited
Strokes = not credited
Various Bar Patrons = not credited
Two Officers at the Shooting = not credited
Nurse = not credited
Two Ambulance Attendents = not credited
Various Onlookers at the Shooting = not credtied
Jackson Walter Sr.'s Wife = mentioned
Officer Mrs. Hong Talks to on Phone = mentioned

back to top
Engine = Gene LeBell
Freddie = M. Emmet Walsh
Ginger = Mary Steelsmith
Professor = John Carradine
Daimier = Marc Alaimo
Sam Eberly = Carimne Caridi
Gambler in Light Blue Suit = Eldon Burke
Officer at Hospital = Gerry Black
Glace Hilliard = Richard Venture
Officer Hobart = Ken White
Ellen McDermott = Julienne Wells
Ted McDermott = James Sikking
Toni McDermott = Quinn Cummings
Julie McDermott = Melanie Griffith
Tory the Barmaid = Victoria Ann Berry
Eddie the Truck Driver = Leonard P. Geer
Croupier = not credited
Gas Station Attendant = not credited
Radio Announcer = not credited
Marge = mentioned
Lenny = mentioned
Freddie's Two Ex-Wives = mentioned
Freddie's Current Wife = mentioned

back to top
Berl = Darryl B. Smith
Cruiser = Bob Minor
Jake = Layne Britton
Jeeter = Whitman Mayo
Sharon Carstairs = Susan Buckner
Haley Gavin = Benard Behrens
James Spenser = Gary Lockwood
Stevie Spenser = J.R. Miller
Lillian Spenser = Laurel Adams
Booker Wayne = Shaka Cumbuka
Referee = Al Silvani
Thug Number Three, Junior = Jim Burk
Detective Frank Marchetti = not credited
George = mentioned
The Commissioner = mentioned
Huggy's Mother = mentioned
District Attorney = mentioned
Frank Marchetti's Wife = mentioned
Frank Marchetti's Two Children = mentioned
Billy Coyle = mentioned

back to top
Anna Akhanatova = Monique van de Ven
Masha Natasha Barovnika = Signe Hasso
Morty Kauffman = Allan Miller
Miller = Michael Margotta
Steinmetz = John O'Leary
Thug at J.O.A. = Glenn R. Wilder
Bellhop with Newspapers = Dana Lee
Officer Batson = not credited
Man Kauffman Wants to Talk To = not credited
Uniform in Interrogation Room = not credited
Uniform Starsky Grabs by Elbow = not credited
Miller's Fellow Thug Whom Hutch Slugs = not credited
Most Beautiful Think Since = mentioned
Russian Premier = mentioned

back to top
Johnny Bagely = William McKinney
Joey Carston = Kristy McNichol
Mrs. Carston = Ann Prentiss
Delano = Anthony Geary
Trayman = Antony Ponzini
Jewelry Shop Owner = Pat Morita
Flower Shop Owner = not credited
Officer on Street = not credited
Officer Riley = not credited
Ernie Bagely = mentioned
Starsky's Uncle Alphonse = mentioned
Starsky's Uncle Myron = mentioned
Hutch's Grandfather = mentioned
Mr. Carston = mentioned
Jacuzzi Repairman = mentioned
The Man = mentioned
Starsky's Watch = as itself

back to top
Cabot = Robert Raymond Sutton
Julie Martin = Deborah Zon
Tricia Martin = Jeri Lea Ray
Rodell = Joseph Ruskin
Lizzie Tyce = Lark Geib
Rachel Tyce = Patricia Wilson
Sheriff Joe Tyce = Charles Napier
Ellie Ward = Bess Gatewood
Hank Ward = Taylor Lacher
Miscellaneous Hostile Townspeople = not credited
Miscellaneous State Troopers = not credited
Miscellaneous Cultists = not credited
Murdered Girl in Ohio= mentioned
Sam Taylor = mentioned

back to top
Catlin = Michelle Carey
Mary = Sheryl Lynn Katzman
Melanie = Susan Helfond
Rachel = Gloria Torres
Ralph = Carl Anderson
Stanley = Robert Girard
Professor Joshua Gage = Peter MacLean
Mickie Marra = Rebecca Balding
Detective Mike Todesco = Robert Rodriguez
Apartment Manager = Connie Sawyer
Mrs. Margaret Lockett = Ruth McDevitt
Jack Morgan = not credited
Allen Richards = not credited
Miscellaneous Students = not credited
Detective Mike Todesco's Wife = mentioned
Judge = mentioned
Marra's Lawyer = mentioned
Gage's Lawyer = mentioned
Mrs. Andrews = mentioned
Professor Bertold = mentioned

back to top
Vanessa = Veronica Hamel
Boyle = Floyd Levine
Cardwell = Dan Vadis
Officer Simonetti = Alex Courtney
Officer Dryden = Bill Duke
Dr. Morgan = Joanne Strauss
Wheeler = Severn Darden
The Commissioner = mentioned
Edith Dobey's Cousin Archie = mentioned
Bennie = mentioned
Officer Mary = mentioned
Dryden's Mother = mentioned
Mr. Steen = mentioned
Guy Who Needed the Money Real Bad = mentioned
Louise the Guinea Pig = as herself

back to top
Maggie = Maida Severn
Detective Phil Grover = John J. Fox
Stu Basset = Darrell Zwerling
John Carelli = Mark Gordon
Mr. Cavanaugh = Ed Vasgersian
Lisa Kendrick = Priscilla Barnes
Kevin Mackey = Chris Lofton
Security Guard = Paul Bryar
Amy = Connie Mason
Clay Zachary = Morgan Woodward
Thomas B. Powell = Jerrold Ziman
Cab Driver = Jamie Tirelli
Officer Mac = not credited
Second Gawking Woman at Airport = not credited
Johnny Carelli's Driver = not credited
Mr. Springer = mentioned
Palm Reader = mentioned
District Attorney = mentioned
Stu Bassett's Kid = mentioned
Hutch's Plumber = mentioned
Detective Phil Grogan = mentioned

back to top
Billy Joe = Ronni B. Baker
Henderson = Zachary Lewis
Nurse Marsha Henry = Kathleen King
Nurse Bonni Ackerman = Melissa Steinberg
Dr. Greene = Ralph Nelson
Includes clips from Fix, Committee, Starsky's Lady, Gillian, Lady Blue, Murder at Sea and Psychic

back to top
Monique = Susan Kellerman
Officer Baker = Ric Carrott
Joseph Riley Benson = Bob Basso
Medical Examiner Carboni = Jerome Guardino
Kingston St. Jacques = Philip Michael Thomas
Danny Deveen = Freeman King
K.C. McBride = Lynne Marta
Lionel Fitzgerald II = John McLiam
Lionel Fitzgerald III = Richard Lynch
Detective Henderson = mentioned
Hobson = mentioned
Lionel Fitzgerald I = mentioned
Clark = mentioned
Officer Yvonne = not credited
Victor O'Conner = not credited

back to top
Chicky = Will Walker
Eliza = mentioned
Madelaine = Carole Mallory
Hannah Kanen = Susan French
Laura Kanen = Kathryn Harrold
Detective Peterson = Jack Somac
Hector Salidas = Michael Baseleon
Officer = Trent Dolan
First Patrolman = Harv Selsby
Second Patrolman = Wendell Powell
Fred Kanen = mentioned
Chicky's Brother = mentioned

back to top
Judith = Susan Duvall
Rita = Deb-E Chaffin
Walt the Disc Jockey = Bruce Scott
Pat K. Anderson = Bunny Summers
Michelle Brady = Paula Sills
Marty Decker = Adrian Zmed
Officer Harding = Tom Tarpey
Tony Mariposa = Pierrino Mascarino
Detective Lizzie Thorpe = Amanda McBroom
Watiress = Michele Turner
Sharon = not credited
Pair of Hot Pants = not credited
Edith Dobey = mentioned
Tony Mariposa's Mother = mentioned
Officer Lizzie Thorpe's Husband = mentioned
Officer Lizzie Thorpe's Daughter = mentioned
Carol Sanders = mentioned
Carol Sanders' Little Sister = mentioned
Carol Sanders' Mother = mentioned

back to top
Anita = Liz Torres
Gina = Suzanne Charny
Merle the Earl = Raymond Allen
Detective Babcock = Herbert S. Braha
Detective Simmons = D.J. O'Neill
Ernie Silvers = Joseph R. Sicari
Doctor = David Pendleton
Nurse = Connie Lee Claywell
Ray Pardee = Jack Ging
Sergeant Spears = not credited
Mission Manager = not credited
Starsky's Father = mentioned
Manny = mentioned
Pamela Sue = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Hutch's Mother = mentioned
Blond Man at the Webster Clinic = mentioned

back to top
Emily Harrison = Kim Cattrall
Donald Widdicombe = Gary Wood
Kenny Widdicombe = Robin Strand
Pinky = George Howard
Sharon = Joan Pringle
Emily's Doctor = Sheldon Allman
Homer Carvel = not credited

back to top
Dora Pruitt/Greta Wren = Sally Kirkland
Troy Braddock = Jayson Kane
Officer Burke = Eldon Burke
Marcie Fletcher= Brit Lind
Basil Monk = Graham Jarvis
Nicole Monk = Shera Denese
John Reinhart = Hank Brandt
Reinhart's Secretary = Anne O'Donnell
Paula = Lois Hamilton
Landlady = Fran Ryan
Tuxedo Salesman = not credited
Harvey = not credited
Pat = mentioned
The Commissioner = mentioned
Mrs. Hilton = mentioned
Myrtle = mentioned
Horace = as himself

back to top
Earl = Lee McLaughlin
Frank = Johnnie Collins, III
Rudy = Bruce M. Fischer
Virgil = Dennis Fimple
Melvin Hall = Zachary Lewis
Willy Hall = Billy Green Bush
Dolly Ivers = Mary Louise Weller
Sam Ivers = Shug Fisher
Treasury Agent Kendall = James Noble
Ben Meadows = Pat Corley
Detective Frank Munson = William Cort
Kid on Skateboard = Lanny Horn
Manager = Don Maxwell
Security Guard = not credited
Sugar Salesman = not credited
Starsky's Uncle = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned
Detective Frank Munson's Wife = mentioned
Roxy = mentioned

back to top
Cassie = Susan Heldfond
Lenny Biggs = Joseph Reale
Marsellus Cobb = Carl Anderson
Officer Chuck Dobson = Tom Baker
Officer Milton = Wendell Wright
District Attorney Arnold Rich = Woody Eney
Captain Ed Myerson = John Zenda
Officer Dee O'Reilly = Lindsay Bloom
Lori Prescott = Juli Andelman
Hotel Clerk = Fred Franklyn
Thief, Higgins = John Lisbon Wood
Lieutenant Daniel Slate = Kenneth McMillian
Leslie Slate = Mary Francis Crosby
Harvey Priven = not credited
Huggy's Business Manager = not credited
Bennett = not credited
Mac the Dummy = not credited
Dr. Ruskin = not credited
Officer Connelly = not credited
Bennett = mentioned
Harvey Prideman = mentioned
Chief of Police = mentioned
Taggert = mentioned
Waitress at the Pits = mentioned
Detective Taggert = mentioned
Mrs. Slate = mentioned

back to top
Bobbie Travers = Hildy Brooks
Monique Travers = Joanna Cassidy
Phil = Tim Thomerson
Hotel Clerk = G.W. Bailey
Bartender = Steve Mayne
Girl in Disco = Suzanne Kent
Roger = Michael Delano
Officer Minnie Kaplan = Marki Bey
Medical Examiner Russ Delaney = Charles Cyphers
Desk Sergeant Jones = not credited
Two Arm Wrestling Men = not credited
Detective Taggert = not credited
Guy Who Cuts in on Monique = not credited
Large Woman at Bar = not credited
Monique's Ex-Finance = mentioned
Harry Ashford''s First Victim in San Francisco = mentioned

back to top
Bernice = Pearl Shear
Harry = F. William Parker
Leo = Tracey Walters
Lorraine = Sydney Blake
Sasha = Layne Britton
The Baron = Rene Auberjonois
Vivian = Leigh Hamilton
Adachi = John Fujioka
Davidowsky = Jacques Aubuchon
Hotel Guest = Eldon Burke
Nurse = Susan McIver
Voluptuous Girl = Lillian Muller
Dinty = Madison Arnold
Mrs. Doyle = Stefanie Auerbach
Ellis = Blackie Dammett
Old Man, Baron in the Bathtub, Glug, Glug, Glug = Ed Wright
Buddy Owens = Norm Alden
Van Dam = Alex Rodine
Hilda Zuckerman = Audrey Meadows
Identical Twins = not credited
Pedicure Woman = not credited
Wild Hair Woman = not credited
Doorman = not credited
Cashier = not credited
Robber = not credited
Woman Kissing Starsky = not credited
Lamp Throwing Woman = not credited
Man Without Shirt = not credited
Dr. Ridgeway = mentioned
Cherie on Drums = mentioned
Marty = mentioned
Adachi's Quintuplets = mentioned
Starsky's Ladder = as itself

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Bruce = Michael Williamson
Elaine = Regina Baff
James = Maurice Sneed
Mary = Susan Kellerman
Vivian = Candace Bowen
Mrs. Freemont = Judy Jean Berns
Mrs. Greene = Lili Valenty
E.R. Nurse = Mary Mercier
Dr. Holmby = John Petlock
Shaving Nurse = Pamela Toll
Woman = Joan Crosby
Detective Joan Meredith = Vonetta McGee
Lionel Train = Rene Levant
Starsky's brother = mentioned
Mr. Blossom = mentioned
Elaine's Daughter = mentioned
Elaine's Ex-Husband = mentioned

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Harold = Darryl McCullough
Mr. Marks = Gerald Hiken
Federal Agent Ed Ohlin = Arthur Roberts
Jack Parker = Robert Loggia
Melinda Rogers = Caren Kaye
Roy Sears = John Ashton
Federal Agent Bill Walters = David Knapp
Barbara Wilson = Marianne Bunch
Girl = Feather Austen
Thief = Richard Millholland
Man in Bar = Will Walker
Karen = not credited
Mary = not credited
Three More Thieves = not credited
36-24-34 Woman = not credited
Harold's Uncle = mentioned
Harold's Father, Harold = mentioned
Stasky's Father = menioned
Melinda's Old Boyfriend = mentioned
The Commissioner = mentioned
Fosdick = as himself

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Walter Allen = Calvin Lockhart
Big Ed = Ken Olfson (credited only)
Bartender = Frank Geraci
Randolph = Jeffrey Tambor
Officer Batson = Eldon Burke, not credited
James Brady = Allan Miller
Dr. Harriman = Russ Marin
Officer Minnie Kaplan = Marki Bey
Kate Larrabee = Maud Adams
Lindsay = Jerome Guardino
Officer Richards = Bo Beyers
Michael = not credited
Edith Ross = mentioned
Stewart Ross = mentioned

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Al = Nicholas Worth
Carol = Linda Lawrence
Cubby = mentioned
Jake = Eddie Fontaine
Singer = Diane Copeland
Katie = Liberty Godshall
Marlene = Elizabeth Brooks
Trish = not credited
Agent Bronson = David Moses
Mrs. Krupp = Joan Shawlee
Nicholas Marvin Starsky = John Herzfeld
Frank Stryker = Antony Ponzini
Officer Sweeny = Jill Jaress
Gerold Victor = John O'Leary
Agent Frank Weldon = Stanley Grover
Tony Markeno = mentioned
Big Billy Hayes = mentioned
Spider McGinnis = mentioned
Mr. Krupp = mentioned
Starsky's Mother = mentioned

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Stella = Paula Victor
Buzzy Boone = Steve Oliver
Camille Boone = Hilary Beane
Candy Reese = Lynn Benisch
Tommy Reese = Ray Walston
Hammerlock Grange = Richard Karron
Officer at Gym = Mike Foster
Caterer = George Reynolds
Starsky's Uncle = mentioned
Jimmy = mentioned
Sport's Hack = mentioned

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Chicky = Stack Pierce
Charlie Baron = Dominic Barto
Steve the Bartender = Bobby A.
Joseph Fitch = Malachi Throne
Casey O'Brien/O'Connor = Arell Blanton
Gino Lundo = Alex Kubik
Harry Owens = Sandy Baron
Marianne Owens = Jenny O'Hara
District Attorney Stanton = John Karlen
Benny Paycheck = not credited
Raffle Ticket Female Officer = not credited
Crime Lab Guy = not credited
Jane = not credited
Officer Burke = mentioned
O = mentioned
Officer Dirkson = mentioned
Watchman = mentioned
Mary = mentioned
Hutch's Mother = mentioned
Marcoola Provincial Mother and Child = mentioned
Mantherlus = as itself

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Gertrude = Anne Ramsey
Gloria = Victoria Peters
Detective Henderson = Edmund Stoiber
Officer Minnie Kaplan = Marki Bey
Detective Webster = Charles Cyphers
Detective Luke Huntley = John Ryan
Doris Huntley = Barbara Stuart
Palmer = Sy Kramer
Jimmy Lucas = Martin Kove
Anthony Reuban = Allan Arbus
Hotel Clerk = Ruth Forman
Dealer = Ben Marino
Last Player = Beach Dickerson
Anthony Reuban's Uncle = mentioned
Doris Huntley's Sister = mentioned
Smith = mentioned
Edmund Pilfrey = mentioned
Donna Pilfrey = mentioned

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Steve = James Vaughn
Sidney Archer = Lana Wood
Eddie Carlyle = Kaz Garas
Joey Carston = Mare Winningham
Mrs. Carston = Ann Prentiss
Damon = Lenny Baker
Officer Minnie Kaplan = Marki Bey
Officer Kromack = Joe Bonny
Avery Schiller = Peter Mark Richman
Bartender = not credited
Carlyle's Doctor = not credited
Carlyle's Nurse = not credited
Marcy Bower = mentioned
Max Bower = mentioned
Mrs. Carston's Spiritual Advisor = mentioned
Harry Marcartur = mentioned
Harry Marcartur's Family = mentioned
Harry McArthur = mentioned
Lenny Torkel = mentioned
Mr. Polanski = mentioned

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Boseman = Lee Weaver
Cora Lee = Francesca Roberts
Fingers = Jessie Lawrence Ferguson
Junior = Bryan O'Dell
Lonnette = Candy Mobley
Sour Joe = Le Tari
Officer Butler = James Weatherill
Big Red McGee = Roger Mosely
Monahan = Charles Knapp
Rodriguez = Danny Andes
Julius T. Washington = Richard Ward
Newspaper Boy = Al Fann
Dolphin = Royce D. Applegate
Anita = Liz Torres (credited only)
Cora Lee's Mother = mentioned

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Linda = Susan Kiger (2)
Kathy = Linda Lawrence (1)
Nancy = Joan Roberts (3)
Soldier = Robert Tessier (2 + 3)
Judge Belin = Michelle Davison (1)
District Attorney Clayburn = Ken Kercheval (1 + 2 + 3)
Gesslin = George Pentecost (1)
Judge Raymond McClellan = Peter MacLean (1 + 2 + 3)
Deputy Chief Raymond = Redeker Quinn (1)
Jamie Rigger = Heather Hobbs (1)
Lionel Rigger = Ted Neely (1)
Mardean Rigger = Troas Hayes (1 + 3)
Alex = Charles Picerni (1 + 2 + 3)
Thomas May = Bert Remsen (2 + 3)
Allison May = Hilary Thompson (2 + 3)
Bates = Alexander Courtney (1 + 2 + 3)
Blaze = Gino Conforti (2)
Miss Evers = Catherine Campbell (2)
Gore = Darrell Zwerling (2)
James Marshall Gunther = William Prince (1 + 2 + 3)
Officer O'Reilly = Barbara Ann Walters (3)
Agent Smithers = Richard Herd (2 + 3)
Mrs. Swayder = La Wanda Page (3)
Agent Waldheim = Angus Duncan (2 + 3)
Eleanor = not credited (1)
Karen = Lee Bryant (2 + 3)
Marty = Chuck Hicks (1 + 2 + 3)
Mayor = Dave Shelley (1)
Cramer = not credited (1)
Agent Dodds = Ben Young (3)
Security Guard = William Vaughan
Reporter = Lonny Stevens (3)
Sheriff Fred Oates = Peter Jackson (3)
Flower Girl = Sandie Newton (2)
Lawrence Taylor = Antonio Fargas (3)
Licentia = not credited (2)
Felicia = not credited (2)
Man on Phone = not credited (1)
McClellan's Two Black Thugs = not credited (1)
Crook on Motorcycle = not credited (2)
Civilian with Car = not credited (2)
Two Uniformed Cops = not credited (2)
Bailiff = not credited (1)
Sternographer = not credited (1)
Rupert Jones = mentioned (1)
Garcia = mentioned (1)
Williams = mentioned (1)
Castille = mentioned (1)
Sneaky Regan = mentioned (1)
Simmons = mentioned (1)
Claxton = mentioned (1)
Johnny Bates = mentioned (1)
Crazy Sammy Pearl = mentioned (3)
Mr. Swayder = mentioned (3)
Carol May = mentioned (2)
Mardean Rigger's Sister = mentioned (1)
Rupert Jones = mentioned (1)
Johnny Bates = mentioned (1)
Mario = mentioned (1)
Jimmy = mentioned (1)
Bald Man with the Gold Tooth = mentioned (1)
Allison May's Girlfriend = mentioned (3)
Mr. John Doe = mentioned (3)
Rhoda = mentioned (3)
Rhonda = mentioned (3)
Betty Lou = mentioned (3)
White on White Shark = mentioned (3)
Blue Boy = mentioned (1)
Judge Miller = mentioned (3)
Mr. Big = mentioned (3)
Police Commissioner = mentioned (3)
Theodore Bear = as itself (1)

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Arlene = Topo Swope
Carol = Yvonne Craig
Detective Kira = Joyce Ingalls
Richie = Garrett Craig
Susan = Susan Miller
Mr. Arnold = Frederic Cook
Madame Marlene Bouvet = Corrine Calvet
Officer Hardy = Duncan Gamble
Officer Minnie Kaplan = Marki Bey
Joseph Webster = Richard Lynch
Weirdo = William J. Sanderson
Girl in Blue Dress = not credited
Mr. Arnold's Two Rotten Kids = mentioned

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Thomas = Herb Davis
Bates = Alexander Courtney
Jenny Brown = Beverly Hart
James Marshall Gunther = William Prince
Lancaster = Ivan Bonar
Officer = Richard De Lizzi
Orderly = Herman Poppe
Schneider = Lou Felder
Jonathan Welles = Sean Griffin
Starsky's Doctor = Conrad Bachman
Nurse One = Stefanie Auerbach
Nurse Two = not credited
Man in Underground Garage = not credited
Second Man in Underground Garage = not credited
Janitor = not credited
Thug in Garage One = not credited
Thug in Garage Two = not credited
Wells' Secretary = not credited
Very Large Nurse = mentioned
Short Drunk Orderly = mentioned
Gunther's Father = mentioned
Clayburn = mentioned
Mr. Judson = mentioned
Lord Jenson = mentioned
Officer Reilly = mentioned