“Who’s our angel?” (Game)

Primary Source:

• The primary source of information in this compendium is the four-year run of the television show "Starsky and Hutch" which aired between 1975-1979.

Online sources, all of which will take you off-site:

• A good "Starsky and Hutch" resource, with episode descriptions and other information:
Starsky and Hutch Basics

• This is a helpful site of episode transcripts. It is a work-in-progress, so check back often:
Episode Transcripts

• Here are some episode screen captures:
Screen Captures

• Basic information about the actors and characters:
T.V. Com

Basic information about the actors and characters:

• A good jumping off source for all sorts of stuff. Have no idea what a scopitone is? The symptoms of botulism? Wonder just what the heck a compendium is? How to tell time with a ship's bells? What is Zulu time? Want to know more about Hutch's comment regarding the "Apalachin Meeting"? (Yes, it is spelled that way.) This is one starting place:

• The ads at the top of this site are highly annoying, but scroll down to find a short summary of the 70's, including some super timeline:.
'70s Information

• A nice basic source for 1960's and 1970's slang, music and popular culture:

• Historical calendars for date stamping:
Historical Calendars

• Yes, they are out of a completely different state. No, they are not from the 1970s, but they are a good starting point in understanding the ones in Bay City:
Police Scanner Codes

• Want to know if 5th and Wall is a real intersection? When Shockley is captured near Detroit Avenue, is he close to the railroad tracks? Do you dare drive from the car park at 317 Almont to the Huntley residence at 1435 Allerton? A fine site for the truly obsessed:
Yahoo Maps

Hard copy sources:
70s, All-American Ads, edited by Jim Heimann, Taschen, 2004.
• A popular culture cornucopia

The Great Funk, Falling Apart and Coming Together (On a Shag Rug) in the Seventies, by Thomas Hine, Farrar, Straus and Giiroux, 2007.
• Great, readable book. The only thing missing is a food overview.

The Writer's Complete Crime Reference Book, by Martin Roth, Writers Digest Books, 1990.
• A brief overview of basic crime information, it's somewhat dated. But then so is Bay City so it works out well. The book's best feature is its Los Angeles street slang circa 1970’s.

America in the Seventies, edited by Beth Bailey & David Farber, University Press of Kansas, 2004.
• some good historical stuff

Film posters of the 70s, the Essential Movies of the Decade, from the Reel Poster Gallery Collection, edited by Tony Nourmand and Graham Marsh, Overlook Press, 1998.
• What might Starsky go check out at the Rivoli?

Rock Albums of the '70s: A Critical Guide, by Robert Christgau, De Capo Press, 1990.
• What could be on Starsky, Hutch or Huggy's turntable?

The Seventies In America, edited by John C. Super, Salem Press, Inc., 2006.
• Sometimes thorough, sometimes not, a good resource for the careful.

The Virgin Encyclopedia of 70’s Music, edited by Colin Larkin, Virgin Publishing, 3rd Edition, 2002.