"It's not everyday you get to buy your best buddy a meal." (Sweet Revenge)

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Spilled food or drink on Starsky and Hutch
• Huggy spills coffee on Starsky’s sleeve. (Lady Blue)
• Huggy spills water off of bar tray onto Hutch in retaliation for a bad tip. (Groupie)
• Hutch sprays beer in Slate’s and his own face. (Strange Justice)
• Hutch sprays champagne on Starsky and their dates. (Photo Finish)
• Hutch dumps a cup of water in Starsky’s face. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Hutch gets some food on himself from the blender without a top. (Little Girl Lost)
• Hutch spills champagne on himself while drinking out of glass during fashion show. (Groupie)
• Hutch spills coffee on Starsky’s arm. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Hutch spills wine on himself while drinking out of bottle. (Groupie)
• Hutch squirts mustard in Starsky’s face. (Collector)
• Officer Grover spills water on Hutch in the squad room. (Foxy Lady)
• Starsky drops a chili dog into his own lap. (Photo Finish)
• Starsky gets a pie in his face. (Deckwatch)
• Starsky gets a tray of pasta and sauce in his face. (Psychic, Omaha Tiger)
• Starsky gets stuff on him from Hutch’s blender. (Pariah)
• Starsky knocks a beer into Hutch’s lap. (Heavyweight)
• Starsky spills popcorn on Hutch, Jane and Bobette. (Vampire)
• Starsky and Hutch get wedding cake in their face. (Terror on the Docks)
• Starsky gets his Chinese food in his face due to the door. (Silence)
• Starsky has a hotdog and french fry basket thrown at him by Huey Chaco. (Texas Longhorn)
• Starsky spills beer on Hutch. (Long Walk)
• Starsky gets Chinese food on himself when he has his mishap in the hallway at Gung Ho’s. (Iron Mike)

Bad guys face down in food
• Tramaine gets put into tomatoes. (Pariah)
• The store robber is face down in raw fish. (Tap Dancing)
• The bad guys get into melons. (Bust Amboy)

Hutch cooks for Starsky
• Paul Muni Special (Lady Blue)
• Bear Meat, Acorns and Dried Root Surprise (Satan’s Witches)
• salad and goat’s milk dessert, via Abby (Bounty Hunter)

Starsky “cooks”
• He makes eggs for Sharman. (Running)
• Starsky squeezes orange juice for Rosey Malone. (Rosey Malone)
• Starsky says he will cook either fettuccini or goulash for Sharon Freemont. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• Starsky never cooks for Hutch, though he does offer him a cookie. (Targets 3)

Starsky loses his appetite or purposely doesn’t eat
• Hutch asks Starsky if he wants something to eat. Starsky says no, but he wouldn’t mind something to drink. (Death in a Different Place)
• Hutch eats, but Starsky doesn’t, at the restaurant with Terry Nash. (Set-Up)
• Hutch has a meal at Huggy’s, and Starsky has coffee. (Lady Blue)
• Hutch has a somewhat manic meal at the Pits, and Starsky watches him eat it, having nothing himself. (Game)
• Starsky complains his breakfast is “too greasy.” (Psychic)
• Starsky turns down food at the diner with Hutch and Abby. (Vendetta)
• Starsky doesn’t eat anything off the hospital food tray. (Plague)
• Starsky doesn’t want “to mix it up on an empty stomach.” (Trap)
• Starsky loses his appetite after hearing the graphic description of the murder victim. He gives his sandwich to Dobey. (Vampire)
• Starsky loses his appetite after Hutch explains his fears about Iron Mike’s setting them up. (Iron Mike)
• Starsky loses his appetite after Hutch’s hotel cook story. (Set-Up)
• Starsky says he has lost his appetite when he sees Vic Humphries’s lawyer, Balford. (Survival)
• Starsky says he is counting his calories. Hutch apparently eats his potato. (Specialist)
• Starsky turns down Hutch’s offer of a sip of cold soup. (Game)
• plus one Hutch, who says he is "counting his calories" at the restaurant (Specialist)

How long does Hutch fast?
• 40 hours (Silence)
• 48 hours (Bounty Hunter)

• Chris Phelps says, “How about I’m dieting?” (Heroes)
• Freddie denies the cheese plate and says he is on a diet. (Snowstorm)
• Hutch says he is “counting his calories.” (Specialist)
• Leslie teases Lori about her sandwich and dieting. (Strange Justice)

The Inner Circle messes with each other’s food
• Dobey eats out of Starsky’s fruit bowl at his apartment. (Committee)
• Dobey eats Starsky’s chips. (Murder on Stage 17)
• Dobey eats Starsky’s lunch. (Silence)
• Dobey eats Starsky’s sandwich. (Vampire)
• Dobey eats the fruit out of the basket he brings to the hospital. (Partners)
• Dobey takes Hutch’s candy bar just before he puts it in his mouth. (Rosey Malone)
• Huggy eats candy out of the box he brings to the hospital. (Partners)
• Huggy eats Starsky’s popcorn in theater. (Pilot)
• Hutch drinks Starsky’s beer, then Starsky drinks it. (Blindfold)
• Hutch drinks Starsky’s carrot juice. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Hutch drinks Starsky’s dessert shake. (Bounty Hunter)
• Hutch eats a bite of Starsky’s meatloaf in diner. (Death Ride)
• Hutch eats half of Starsky’s powdered sugar donut out of the bag. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Hutch eats pie off of Starsky's face. (Deckwatch)
• Hutch eats Starsky’s peanuts from the vending machine, then passes them back. (Shootout)
• Hutch fills coffee cup, gives it to Starsky, who gives it to Dobey. (Jojo)
• Hutch finishes Starsky’s hamburger. (Losing Streak)
• Hutch gets his “fingers all over” Starsky’s food. (Bust Amboy)
• Hutch orders Starsky’s pastrami sandwich with mayonnaise. (Collector)
• Hutch pours a glass of milk for himself, but Starsky drinks it. (Targets 3)
• Hutch pours water on Starsky after Starsky asks for a drink. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Hutch takes and eats Starsky’s popcorn at fight. (Heavyweight)
• Hutch takes apple from Starsky. (Bounty Hunter)
• Hutch takes Starsky’s cup of coffee, refills it and drinks it. (Death Notice)
• Hutch takes Starsky’s french fries at the stand, eats them and licks his own palm. (Tap Dancing)
• Hutch throws Starsky’s hotdog with mustard, onions, sauerkraut and chili in the trash. (Savage Sunday)
• Hutch tries to drink out of Starsky’s water bottle. Starsky won't let him, sayomg he takes sips that are too big. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Hutch tries to take food off Starsky’s plate twice in Dobey’s office. He succeeds in the hallway. (Iron Mike)
• Hutch unwraps candy bar which he “gets” from Dobey and gives it to Starsky. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Starsky and Hutch share a bottle of beer. (Fatal Charm)
• Starsky and Hutch share a breath freshener. (Heroes)
• Starsky and Hutch share a can of beer at Venice Place. (Targets 3)
• Starsky and Hutch share a cup of coffee while interviewing Anton Rusz. (Death Notice)
• Starsky and Hutch share a cup of coffee. (Snowstorm)
• Starsky and Hutch share water. (Collector)
• Starsky drinks Dobey’s coffee. Dobey finishes off the cup after Starsky leaves. (Bait)
• Starsky drinks Hutch’s coffee at station. (Body Worth Guarding)
• Starsky drinks Hutch’s drink at casino. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Starsky drinks Hutch’s morning health shake. (Pariah)
• Starsky eats chip off Abby’s plate. (Vendetta)
• Starsky eats something off of Hutch's plate as they discuss Solkin's record. (Vendetta)
• Starsky eats Dobey’s chip off of lunch tray. (Velvet Jungle)
• Starsky eats Hutch’s toast. (Foxy Lady)
• Starsky eats off of Hutch’s plate in squad room. He takes a chip and finishes his apple. (Vendetta)
• Starsky gets Hutch a cup of water to take his pill but then drinks it himself. He refills it for Hutch who drinks it, and then Starsky finishes it off. (Vendetta)
• Starsky offers to share his burrito. (Survival)
• Starsky reaches for Hutch’s milk, but Hutch drains the glass. (Jojo)
• Starsky spills Hutch’s popcorn. (Vampire)
• Starsky steals Dobey’s hamburger. (Savage Sunday)
• Starsky takes Huggy’s beer, drinks and hands the glass back to him. (Snowstorm)
• Starsky takes something off of Dobey's food tray and eats it. (Velvet Jungle)

Starsky’s interrupted meals
• Hutch dumps Starsky’s chili dog. (Savage Sunday)
• Starsky and Hutch are called away from the Blake dinner. (Terror on the Docks)
• Starsky’s sore tooth keeps him from eating his burger. (Losing Streak)
• Starsky has multiple missed meals. (Silence)
• Starsky’s hot dog meal is interrupted, though perhaps he gets to finish it in the car. (Tap Dancing
• He hands his food over to Dobey. (Vampire)

Officers need to do a better job watching their food and drink in public places
• Hutch and his poisoned apple (Murder Ward)
• John Blaine and his doctored drink (Death in a Different Place)
• Lizzie and her doped coke (Discomania)
• Officer Carl and his poisoned drink at Gigi’s Place (Specialist)

Huggy suggests his food isn’t that good
• Huggy offers Starsky and Hutch “one of my rare fresh rolls.” (Pariah)
• Huggy says, “What, and eat my own food?” when Starsky and Hutch want him to join them. (Snowstorm)
• Huggy asks Starsky if he stopped in for a “greasy hamburger or what.” (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Hutch and chewing gum
• He chews bubble gum and blows bubbles while undercover as Jack Ives. (Groupie)
• He doesn’t take any from Billy. (Terror on the Docks)
• He takes it out of his mouth and puts it on edge of breakfast plate. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• He takes it out of his mouth and puts it somewhere on the table. (Bust Amboy)
• He takes it out of his mouth and tosses it in Dobey’s office. (Bait)
• He throws it out the Torino window. (Deadly Imposter)

Hutch inspects or blows in his coffee cup before he uses it
• He blows in it, then drops it when Jane surprises him. (Murder Ward)
• He blows in it in the squad room after Molly tells them she won’t testify. (Jojo)
• He looks in it and rubs it out with his finger at Starsky’s place. (Starsky vs. Hutch)

Starsky dislikes oatmeal
• Starsky complains about it and calls it gruel. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Starsky complains about it being stiff, like cement. (Partners)