Inner Circle Relatives


“My partner Hutch is closer to me than my brother. Do you know what I mean?” (Black and Blue)

also see, Before They Were Cops

• Members of the "Inner Circle" are David Michael Starsky, Kenneth Hutchinson, Harold Dobey and Huggy Bear Brown.
• I collected all mentions to the relatives of Starsky, Hutch, Dobey and Huggy. Sometimes the statement is very clear, such as Starsky introducing Nick as his brother. (Starsky's Brother) Sometimes the mention appears inconsequential. For example, while likely, it isn’t possible to determine if Starsky was joking when he tells Dr. Matwick, “My mother always told me I wouldn’t make it in the theater.” (Murder Ward) The reader will have to determine its relevance.
• I also gave equal weight to each fact on its own, no matter the slight difference. For example, I did not distinguish the semantics of Hutch saying his grandfather owned a farm (Tap Dancing) or his grandad was a farmer (Murder at Sea); both comments convey slightly different information and are therefore included.
• Again, if Starsky's Aunt Rosie sent him chicken soup (A Coffin For Starsky) rather than brought or served it to him, then the reader needs to know that it was Starsky who made this distinction, and not this compiler.
• Always be aware of the context of each statement.

Starsky’s mother
• At the time of the Sharman Crane case, Starsky’s mother is alive. (Running)
• Dobey remarks after Nick’s smarmy greeting, “Your mother did a fine job, son.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• Huggy tells Starsky Elaine’s movies “were not the kind you’d take your mother to.” (Jojo)
• Hutch asks Starsky, “What would your mother say if she saw you now, huh? Her little Sonny Boy, caught in the throes of a gambler’s mania.” (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Hutch comments to Dobey about Starsky and Nick, “Look at those two mugs; you know for sure they are out of the same mold.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• Hutch knows Starsky's mother well enough to call her and ask her for a recipe. (Lady Blue)
• Hutch says, “I don’t care what your mother says, you’re not Rudolph Valentino.” (Lady Blue)
• Hutch tells Starsky it was perhaps Starsky’s mother who told Jessie to tell Starsky he looked like Paul Muni. (Silence)
• Starsky calls his mom, in order of how much he needs to get her attention, “Ma… Mom… Mother... Mommy.” (Running)
• Starsky calls his mother every Friday at the “usual time,” which appears to be in the evening. (Running)
• Starsky says after Frankie’s coffee comment, “Mama, I just met a doctor. I think he loves me.” (Pilot)
• Starsky says if he were Hutch, he'd tell his mother his bit part was so well done, it had to be taken out as to not show up the star. (Murder on Stage 17)

• Starsky says the guy who sold his mother her Studebaker told her they “are going to be the coming thing.” (Deadly Imposter)
• Starsky says, "My mother always told me I wouldn't make it in the theater." (Murder Ward)
• Starsky says, “My mother never said I was Rudolph Valentino, said I was more the Paul Muni type.” (Lady Blue)
• Starsky talks about his mother’s flamingo 1947 Studebaker. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Starsky tells his mother he loves her during his weekly phone call. (Running)
• Starsky tells Hutch about the cut movie scene, "I'd tell my mother that I did the line with so much feeling that the star of the picture insisted to the studio that they take it out of the picture." (Murder on Stage 17)
• Starsky tells Hutch, “Why don’t you ask me to stab my own mother in the back?” (Nightmare, Crying Child)
• Starsky tells Hutch, “Yeah, mine (mother) was chicken soup. Yours was clam chowder.” (Game)
• Starsky, while undercover, toasts his Mama from 'Bama. (Moonshine)
• Starsky’s mother gave Starsky a recipe for “goulash straight from the old country that will knock your teeth right out.” (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• Starsky’s mother has a good recipe for pot roast and vegetables. (Lady Blue)
• Starsky’s mother sends Starsky magazines with Sharman Crane on the cover. (Running)
• Starsky’s mother told him soup had to be “hot enough to burn your tongue.” (Game)
• Starsky’s mother wanted Starsky to get her Sharman Crane’s autograph. (Running)

Starsky’s father
• “Wise guys shot him down…” Joe Durniak says to Hutch about Starsky’s dad. (Set-Up)
• Joe Durniak knows “nasty little facts and details” regarding Starsky's dad, details Joe thinks might make Starsky feel bad. (Set-Up)
• Joe Durniak paid for Starsky's father’s funeral. (Set-Up)
• Joe Durniak says he “represented everything” Starsky’s father fought against. (Set-Up)
• Joe Durniak says Starsky’s dad was killed “at night.” (Set-Up)
• Joe Durniak thought Starsky’s dad was “a hell of a guy” and didn’t deserve what he got. (Set-Up)
• Starsky hid in the closet from him on his 8
th birthday, felt “trapped" and heard “heavy footsteps.” (Game)
• Starsky says to Hutch, “In my daddy’s day, the man picked up the woman (for a date).” (Groupie)

Starsky’s brother
Starsky tells Meredith, “My partner, Hutch, is closer to me than my brother. Do you know what I mean?” (Black and Blue)
• Dobey jokes about Starsky having a brother, “One’s not enough? There’s two of them.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• Hutch comments Nick is sharp. Nick responds, “Apple’s off the same tree.” Hutch’s rejoinder is: “Half-eaten.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• Hutch thinks Starsky and Nick look similar. Hutch comments to Dobey, “Look at those two mugs; you know for sure they are out of the same mold.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick compares himself to Robin Hood, feels he gives a good deal to people with his stolen goods. (Starsky’s Brother)

• Nick complains to Starsky, “You were never there for me.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick deals marijuana, but says he doesn’t deal in the hard stuff; aspirin “scares me.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick denies to Marlene he is Starsky’s brother. Nick says they are clones instead. (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick has good taste in clothes; both Frank Stryker and Starsky compliment his outfits. (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick has several girlfriends back in New York City. (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick has shady dealings in New York with guys like Tony Markeno, Big Billy Hayes and Spider McGinnis. (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick is a few years younger than Starsky. (Starsky's Brother)
• Nick is twenty-eight years old. (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick reminds Starsky he and Starsky “grew up in the same room.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick says Tony Markeno “was like an uncle to me.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• Nick used to have a legitimate job at a printing company but got fired when he spilled a large amount of ink. (Starsky’s Brother)
• Starsky has a brother named Nicholas Marvin. (Starsky’s Brother)
• Starsky hasn't seen his brother, Nick, in four years. (Starsky's Brother)
• Starsky introduces Nick to Dobey as the “the only brother I have in this small world.” (Starsky’s Brother)

Starsky’s uncles
• It is doubtful Nick's feeling about Nick's "Uncle Tony" is one Starsky shares. (Starsky's Brother)
• Starsky called, and calls, Frank Anderson “Uncle Frank.” (Targets 2)
• Starsky had an unnamed uncle, prolific with heirs, who dies and leaves ten million dollars. (Golden Angel)
• Starsky tells Willy it was to either be a cop or “work in my uncle’s deli. (Moonshine)
• Starsky was quite fond of his “Uncle Elmo,” who acted like "second father to all the kids in neighborhood." (Crying Child, Nightmare)
• Uncle Al knows Merle the Earl. They are buddies through Al’s used car lot. Al is living at the time of this episode. (Jojo)
• Uncle Al owns a used car lot. Al is still living at time of this episode. (Snowstorm)
• Uncle Alphonse was killed by the crank of a backfiring Model T. It knocked him on the head. (Trap)
• Uncle Myron was killed in Battle of the Bulge. That was thirty-four years ago. Starsky says he never met this uncle. (Trap)

Starsky’s aunts
• Aunt Rosie makes soup and sends it to Starsky. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Aunt Rosie makes chicken soup that gave Starsky a stomachache. (A Coffin For Starsky)
• Aunt Rosie's wonton soup didn't give Starsky a stomach ache. (A Coffin For Starsky)
• Starsky has a still living, unnamed aunt, who takes her clothes off every night. She doesn't get paid to do it. (Death Notice)
• Starsky called Marion Anderson, who died six years ago, “Aunt Marion.” (Targets 2)

Starsky's possible sister
• Starsky tells Hutch, after interviewing Slade and Offenbecker, "At time's like this, you're glad your sister didn't go into show business." (Vampire)

Starsky’s pet rock
• Huggy is confident Starsky’s pet rock will be a “life-long member of your family.” (Committee)

Hutch’s mother
• Huggy explains to Hutch Elaine’s movies “were not the kind you’d take your mother to.” (Jojo)
• Hutch has told his mother about his role in the movie. (Murder on Stage 17)
• Hutch says about the song lyrics on the napkin, it is “something I’ve had since I was fifteen. It belonged to my mother.” (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• Hutch says his mother probably told folks “back home” about his movie bit. (Murder on Stage 17)
• Hutch says stripping naked to talk to a crook in steam room “never entered the conversation” with his mother. (Pilot)
• Hutch says to Starsky, “We obviously had different mothers.” (Game)
• Hutch’s mother is living at the time Hutch is in the movie. (Murder on Stage 17)
• Hutch’s mother keeps in touch with folks in Duluth or still lives there. (Murder on Stage 17)
• Hutch’s mother wouldn’t let Hutch read about Maxie Malone in the newspaper. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Hutch's mother told Hutch to wear clean underwear in case of an accident. (Pilot)
• Starsky says, "Hutch wouldn’t visit his mother without his gun." (Fix)
• Starsky tells Hutch regarding Hutch’s spoken bit part, “If you send this to your mother, she’s going to know you’re a liar.” (Murder on Stage 17)

Hutch’s grandfather
• Hutch's grandfather owned a farm. (Trap)
• Hutch's grandad was a farmer. (Tap Dancing)

Hutch’s aunt
• Hutch's aunt was left-handed, and Hutch says his family sometimes locked her in the attic. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Hutch’s brother-in-law or the friend of his brother-in-law or friend-in-law...
• Harry Marisipio, from Vancouver, works in the front office of the Canadian Football Team, the Lions. (Starsky’s Lady)

Hutch’s possible sister
• Hutch mentions a possible brother-in-law, Harry Marisipio. This brother-in-law most likely means he has a married sister. He could also be referring to the sibling of Nancy and/or Vanessa, though Hutch’s use of the past tense makes this less likely. (Starsky’s Lady)

Dobey’s family
• Cal is his son. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead, Long Walk)
• Dobey has a living mother-in-law. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Dobey mentions he has a son. (Pilot)
• Huggy talks to Dobey's son on the phone. Cal takes a message. (Fix)
• Huggy calls the Dobey's. He tells Starsky, "His son says Dobey and his wife went out for the evening." (Fix)
• Edith Dobey likes to go out dancing with Harold. (Discomania)
• Edith has been on Harold’s back for a couple of months for him to take her dancing. (Discomania)
• Edith is his wife. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead, Discomania)
• Edith’s cousin Archie raised guinea pigs and sold them by the bushel. He charged ten dollars for each bushel. (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• Edith’s mom appears to live within close driving distance, as getting there doesn’t appear too onerous. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Either Edith’s second cousin was in junior high when he used to live across the street from Charlie Pride, or Edith's second cousin lived across the street from a junior high school-aged Charlie Pride. (Long Walk)
• Rosie Dobey calls Starsky and Hutch, “Uncle Dave” and “Uncle Ken.” (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

• Rosie is his daughter. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• The whole family attends the First Congregational Church at what appears be the 10:30 am service. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Huggy’s family
• Aunt Magic Minnie lives on Playboy Island. (Playboy Island)
• Aunt Magic Minnie provides island information, as well as Starsky’s neck amulet bag. (Playboy Island)
• Cousin Elijah said “be true to your teeth and they will never be false to you.” (Losing Streak)
• Cousin Leotis is good with numbers, but not in common sense (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• Cousin Louie is in trouble with the IRS. (Vampire)
• Cousin Louie owns a frog ranch in Venezuela. (Vampire)
• Cousin Louie owns the Playpen. (Vampire)
• Cousin Marco is in trouble for chopping a man’s finger off in a magic trick. (Murder at Sea)
• Cousin Marco the Magnificent owns the magic shop. (Murder at Sea)
• Cousin Mervin provides the jackhammer. (Fatal Charm)
• Huggy notes, “I don’t have one relative in an executive capacity in this [Capricorn Mortgage] organization.” (Targets 3)
• Huggy refers to Hutch as “my blond brother.” (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• Huggy says Elaine’s movies “were not the kind you’d take your mother to.” This assumes he meant his own as well. (Jojo)
• Huggy says he is leaving his Dingle Dolly business to Cousin Elijah. (Hostages)
• Huggy says, “When I get cahoots with my roots, anything is possible.” (Playboy Island)
• Huggy speculates Meredith could be his “next wife.” (Black and Blue)
• Huggy tells Starsky and Hutch, “I got family all over this island.” (Playboy Island)
• Jamie Rigger calls him “Uncle Huggy.” (Targets 1)
• Starsky says Huggy’s mother would have “refused delivery” if Huggy had been born with the nose he has. (Heavyweight)