"You ever try to get ten horses in a basement?" (Omaha Tiger)

• “Slim to none,” are the chances Hutch figures in Bagley giving Starsky and Joey “a break.” (Trap)
• 0 = “Nada, zip, zero, nothing,” Huggy has regarding information about Starsky. (Bloodbath)
• 0 = A “big fat zero” is what the thug tells Monk he has come up with on the street regarding Starsky and Hutch. (Fix)
• 0 = Hutch says, in looking for Callendar, they have checked out the morgue, hospitals, clinics and jails, but have come up with “zero.” (Plague)
• 0 = A “big fat zero” is what Starsky suspects he and Hutch will come up with at Customs. (Terror on the Docks)
• 0 = Amboy says the kids and teenagers he has hooked on drugs are big “zeroes.” (Bust Amboy)
• 0 = The number of Santa’s reindeer Hutch can name correctly is zero. (Little Girl Lost)
• 0 = Huggy says what he has found out on the street “makes zero look like a big number.” (Plague)
• 0 = Hutch says Starsky is in “a triple zero phase.” (Avenger)
• 0 = Zero percent of crimes are committed on Sunday mornings, so says Starsky. (Blindfold)
• 0 = Starsky tells Dobey they have come up with zero. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• 0 = Starsky’s “mental, physical and emotional state is on a downward plunge to zero,” says Hutch. (Avenger)

• 1/10 = The Commodore says, ”he used to know every man jack” on his ships, now he doesn’t know one-tenth of them. (Murder at Sea)
• 1/10 = One-tenth of the rape cases that make it to the court are convictions is what Hutch starts to say. This number would be twenty-six. (Strange Justice)
• 1/4 = Starsky jokes the small wrestlers are doing “quarter Nelsons.” (Omaha Tiger)
• 1/5 = One-fifth of the rape cases that made it to the DA’s office make it to court. This number is 260. (Strange Justice)
• 1/2 = Tessie subjects Starsky to a half-Nelson. (Omaha Tiger)
• 1/2 = Starsky tells Emily of the bust, “You can’t quit now, you’re half-way through it.” (Blindfold)
• 1/2 = Lisa has half of the cash, one million dollars. (Foxy Lady)
• 1/2 = Half the population is under twenty-five years old, says Parker. (Groupie)
• 1/2 = Janos Martini “once beat his girlfriend half-to-death in front of the camera.” (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 1/2 = Half the city is looking for Molly / Pete. (Little Girl Lost)
• 1/2 = Starsky complains Marty Decker’s description for the suspect’s sketch “fits half the guys on the West Side. (Discomania)
• 1/2 = Starsky and Hutch’s Marlborough Health Club plan is to go in “half-baked, half-staked.” (Action)
• 1/2 = Starger is worried if he kills Marianne Tustin, “half the force” will come after them. (Tap Dancing)
• 1/2 = The truck driver who was run off the road by Callendar complains he is a “half a day late and a load short.” (Plague)
• 1/2 = Half of Metro’s cabbies have quit out of fear. (Quadromania)
• 1/2 = Half of the illegal immigrants’ salary goes to Sterling. (Velvet Jungle)
• 1/2 = Sharon has been on half the golf courses in the city looking for assistant DAs. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• 1/2 = Half the customers bothered Helen at the Mellow Yellow. (Lady Blue)
• 1/2 = Hutch turns down “offer” of help in unloading, “We’ve already got this thing half unloaded as it is.” (Heavyweight)
• 1/2 = Harvey Russo will let person on phone have the item worth 2.7 million dollars “for half that.” (Deadly Imposter)
• 1/2 = Hutch asks Slate why he took half a squadron with an empty pistol. (Strange Justice)
• 1/2 = Half the population, people over twenty-six, doesn’t look good in swimwear. (Groupie)
• 1/2 = Hutch complains about going “through enough microfilm and yellowed sheets of class records to make me half-blind.” (Class in Crime)
• 1/2 = Hutch says Nick is a half-eaten apple that fell off the same tree as Starsky. (Starsky’s Brother)
• 1/2 = Melinda Rogers tells Roy Sears she is half-Sicilian as she holds a gun on him. (Groupie)
• 1/2 = Half of the customers at the Mellow Yellow are weirdoes. (Lady Blue)
• 1/2 = Eddie seems to be half-man, half-boy and half-horse. (Omaha Tiger)
• 1/2 = “Old Man” Hutch will sell Starsky a Golden eagle pencil for half the value. (Game)
• 1/2 = Reese accuses Starsky of being only half-wrong. (Golden Angel)
• 1/2 = Hutch tells Jane she “wouldn’t make a half-bad cop.” (Murder Ward)
• 1/2 = Half the population wants to look like they are under twenty-five years old, says Parker. (Groupie)
• 1/2 = Hutch is concerned Starsky’s plan will use up half his rounds. (Trap)
• 1/2 = Half the population under fifty years old is on barbiturates, says Marty Decker. (Discomania)
• 1/2 = Starsky and Hutch’s vague description of Monique to bartender cuts out half the population. (Avenger)
• 1/2 = Starsky introduces himself at Hutch and Anna's hotel door as "your better half." (Body Worth Guarding)
• 1/2 = Hutch tells Starsky the plan will make him "blow half the rounds" he has. (Trap)
• 1/2 = Emile Parouch wants to know how he can explain “dumping half a day’s receipts without being busted.” (Deadly Imposter)
• 1/2 = Half the art collectors on the West Coast would be in jail if their wives were sleeping with Braddock. (Photo Finish)
• 1/2 = Half the artists would have to be in protective custody for sleeping with other peoples’ wives. (Photo Finish)
• 1/2 = Huggy complains, “Finding a guy that looks like he’s been in a fight ain’t easy, fits half the clientele in that part of town.” (Heavyweight)
• 1/2 = Half the force “has been after Coyle for years,” Dobey tells Starsky and Hutch. (Iron Mike)

• 1/2 = Half the city knows where Anna will be between 8:00 and 11:00. That’s a lot of ballet fans…(Body Worth Guarding)
• 1/2 = Susan tells Starsky half the men at the Golden Lady are “strange.” (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 3/4 = Susan tells Starsky three quarters of the men at the Golden Lady Ballroom are “really strange.” (Starsky vs. Hutch)

• 1 = “One fall, no time limit match” is Saturday’s set-up between Hammerlock and Angel. (Golden Angel)
• 1 = Helen told Cindy, "Maybe once she made a mistake." (Lady Blue)
• 1 = "Robbery, rape and murder, all in one bundle." (Texas Longhorn)
• 1 = Starsky tells his watch, "Be fast, you lousy watch, be fast just this one time." (Savage Sunday)
• 1 = Artie has one less boy, Hutch comments, than he did two days ago (Vendetta)
• 1 = Charlie threatens Chambers, “I am only going to pay you one time, and if you come back for more, you’re a dead man.” (Tap Dancing)
• 1 = Dobey lost one pound last week. (Hostages)
• 1 = Dobey complains to Starsky and Hutch, “I haven’t understood one word since you’ve been in here.” (Iron Mike)
• 1 = Gillian says to Starsky that Hutch is “lucky to have two people who love him so much” in one lifetime. (Gillian)
• 1 = Hutch tells Kira, “I’m a one-man, one-woman kind of guy.” (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 1 = Coyle tells Ferguson, “You’re the one cop whose mug I don’t mind looking at.” (Iron Mike)
• 1 = Seeing Bellamy in a leg cast is “strike one.” (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 1 = Starsky grumps to Hutch, “I’m beginning to think this is a one-sided relationship.” (Fatal Charm)
• 1 = Hutch reminds Jenny Brown she will get one phone call at the County Jail. (Sweet Revenge)
• 1 = Cindy says Helen told her “maybe once she made a mistake” about Starsky. (Lady Blue)
• 1 = Hutch says Huggy can read one page a week. (Deadly Imposter)
• 1 = Hutch sends. Starsky receives on radio hook-up. It is a one-way communication device. (Psychic)
• 1 = Hutch tells Dobey, “I already got a partner; I don’t need another one.” (Sweet Revenge)
• 1 = Hutch tells Joey, “So, you want to be Number One again, huh?” (Murder at Sea)
• 1 = Hutch tells Starsky, “It’s no secret; I’ve been carrying you since Day One.” (Game)
• 1 = Kira is the “number one pigeon,” says Starsky to Hutch. She should be allowed more general access at the Golden Lady. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 1 = Night and Day’s Fleet is made up of one truck. (Playboy Island)
• 1 = Colby’s thug says there “is one guard out front. There are two more on the beach. (Deadly Imposter)”
• 1 = Linda didn’t see anybody on the beach, not a solitary soul. (Jojo)
• 1 = “One by one, in places all over the world, his closest friends and business associates are dying,” Healey explains of Thorne. (Playboy Island)
• 1 = At the ninth hole, Hutch’s golf score is one and Starsky’s is nine. Starsky ups it to ten with his shag into the rough. (Playboy Island)
• 1 = Marcie sold one print to News World Magazine before John Reinhart is killed. (Photo Finish)
• 1 = One of Starsky and Allison’s childhood memories “is a biggie.” (Targets 3)
• 1 = Roger bitches to himself about the aggravation he endures for “one night with one woman.” (Avenger)
• 1 = Harry declines Hutch’s shot, saying it is probably “one part tetanus, nine parts morphine, bye-bye Harry.” (Deckwatch)
• 1 = Skinny Momo was Coyle’s Number One Man. (Iron Mike)
• 1 = Soldier’s directions to Starsky and Allison includes “one step at a time.” (Targets 3)
• 1 = Starsky’s “mental” state, according to Hutch’s astrological biorhythm calendar, is a one. (Avenger)
• 1 = The doctors and nurses hear the call, “code blue, station one” for Starsky’s emergency. (Sweet Revenge)
• 1 = “One out of two isn’t bad,” Hutch tells Starsky when they discover Rosey is left-handed. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• 1 = Billy is going to “kill two birds with one stone.” (Terror on the Docks)
• 1 = The plane crash in Canada, says Durniak, was to mask the death of one person. (Set-Up)
• 1 = The shop owner, thinking Starsky and Hutch are going to rob him, claims he has one roll of nickels and six candy bars. (Cover Girl)
• 1 = Vanessa is killed by one shot from Hutch’s Magnum. (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• 1 = Starsky pleads his case with Rosey, “With you my feelings…there were no lies, not one.” (Rosey Malone)
• 1 = Vanessa tells Cardwell and Boyle Hutch is “just a one night stand.” (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• 1
st = Huggy is going to perform his “famous Thousand Swords” trick for the first time. (Murder at Sea)
• 1
st = Hutch asks Sweeny to book Mrs. Krupp on First Degree Husband Beating. (Starsky’s Brother)
• 1
st = Frank Malone tells Starsky he wouldn’t “be the first cop who died trying to save someone.” (Rosey Malone)
• 1
st = Phelps can only do her story “with first-hand experience.” (Heroes)
• 1
st = Starsky pleads his case to Rosey, “The first time I saw you, I wasn’t on duty.” (Rosey Malone)
• 1
st = Hutch comments Huggy has lied to them for the first time. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• 1
st = Starsky and Hutch think Huggy has lied to them for the first time. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 1
st = Hutch got to thinking for the first time, “I could have gotten you killed,” referring to Starsky (Gillian)
• 1
st = Hutch is the first guy to hit on Lizzie so far. (Discomania)
• 1
st = Freddie tells Starsky and Hutch the Marlborough Health Club is a “first-class joint.” (Action)
• 1
st = Hutch tells Starsky the “early bird catches the first worm.” (Game)
• 1
st = Marcie hopes she has first of many once-in-a-lifetime photos. (Photo Finish)
• 1
st = Starsky says his rented, ruined tux is the “first one I have ever owned.” (Photo Finish)
• 1
st = Pardee is gleeful, says getting Hutch is a “real first for me.” (Game)
• 1
st = The first man to pin his opponent’s shoulders to the mat for the count of three is the winner. (Golden Angel)
• 1
st = Starsky tells Rosey he can’t tell her everything on the first date. (Rosey Malone)
• 1
st = Hutch comments, “Things some people will do to get on a first name basis,” after Dobey calls Starsky, “Dave.” (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 1
st = The first place prize in the dance contest is fifty dollars. (Discomania)
• 1 or 2 = Starsky and Hutch talk about the “one or two living things out there they we would like to see stay that way. (Jojo)

• 2 = “I only got two hands,” Starsky says to Hutch. Hutch later echoes this to Starsky. (Psychic)
• 2 = “Two is company, three is a crowd,” Starsky tells Joey about Hutch going to Springsteen concert. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• 2 = After two drinks, Joey says, “She tries to grab you in bed, pumping you for information.” (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 2 = Nancy Blake introduces Hutch and Billy to Father Delacourt as "two of my favorite men." (Terror on the Docks)
• 2 = Amy makes Harry two breakfasts. (Hostages)
• 2 = Annie gives Jack two names: Lee Bristol and Frankie Carroll. (Collector)
• 2 = Captain LaRue wants Starsky and Hutch to meet him at two bells in his cabin. (Murder at Sea)
• 2 = Cheryl is caught with two kilos of smack. (Bait)
• 2 = Pinky has been busted twice previously for fencing hot cameras and furs. (Blindfold)
• 2 = Dobey cites two murders in three nights. (Avenger)
• 2 = Hutch asks Marsha for two fingers of bourbon, straight up. (Tap Dancing)
• 2 = Starsky and Hutch “do their homework” and discover two unsolved murders tied to the Health Club. This is what convinces Dobey to put the case to Homicide. (Action)
• 2 = Hutch holds two fingers up and asks for two napkins. (Bust Amboy)
• 2 = Hutch holds two fingers up to signal two glasses of water. (Specialist)
• 2 = Hutch reminds Harding he has lost two cases to Homicide. He hopes Michelle isn’t the third one. (Discomania)
• 2 = Joey is “G-2 intelligence.” (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 2 = Joey wants to talk things over with Sid like two adults. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• 2 = Marcie says, regarding her portfolio, “Well, if I don’t worry about it, who will? You two?” (Photo Finish)
• 2 = Nick says he pushed two kilos of weed in Bay City. (Starsky’s Brother)
• 2 = Nick spilled a couple of gallons of printer’s ink at his terrific job in New York and was fired. (Starsky’s Brother)
• 2 = Pardee chortles about Starsky and Hutch making two mistakes in one week. (Game)
• 2 = Randy purrs the photos he is getting should be enough for two covers. (Cover Girl)
• 2 = Sarah prepared supper for Dewey Hughes two nights ago. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• 2 = Solkin tells Tommy they have two jobs now; Part one is Eckworth. “Part two is a blond cop.” (Vendetta)
• 2 = Billy is going to “kill two birds with one stone.” (Terror on the Docks)
• 2 = Starsky and Hutch order two baked potatoes and two baked potatoes. (Specialist)
• 2 = Starsky and Hutch order two Hamburger Deluxes from the JC Café. (Psychic)
• 2 = Starsky and Hutch’s orange truck was parked in a two-hour parking zone. It was towed. (Targets 2)
• 2 = Starsky holds up two fingers to a concussed Hutch and asks, “How many fingers am I holding up?” Starsky calls for the paramedic. (Survival)
• 2 = Terry has two reasons for Starsky and Hutch to catch the whippos. One is public service and one is due to personal weight gain. (Starsky’s Lady)
• 2 = Starsky points out to “old woman” that the cab meter is in the double digits. (Quadromania)
• 2 = Starsky says Brady will save two lives by cooperating. One of them will be Brady’s own. (Cover Girl)
• 2 = Starsky asks Huggy, “How are you going to get two foxes like that on a little puddle jumper like this?” (Iron Mike)
• 2 = Starsky tells Allison he had two choices regarding her car; He could push it away or roll over it. (Targets 2)
• 2 = Sugar Plum “feels like a million, but will take them two at a time.” (Death in a Different Place)
• 2 = Packrat calls Vern a "two-bit thief." (Running)
• 2 = The Baron sends two cigars as a gift to Starsky and Hutch. (Dandruff)
• 2 = The boy cons two Fudgecicles out of Starsky. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 2 = The good old boy tells Rudy to pour Starsky “a double.” (Moonshine)
• 2 = The score of Huggy and Fireball’s baseball score when Starsky and Hutch arrive is three balls and three strikes. (Long Walk)
• 2 = There are “two men on the door and a car in the street,” Hutch tells Marcie about her protection. (Photo Finish)
• 2 = There are two known surviving Hawaiian Missionary stamps. (Bait)
• 2 = There were two new customers last night at Palm Crest, Starsky and Hutch note from the register. (Bounty Hunter)
• 2 = Two “lovely accomplices” has Huggy. (Iron Mike)
• 2 = Two arms and two legs and crazy about Starsky is how Kira describes herself. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 2 = Two bombs were in Mac’s trunk. (Specialist)
• 2 = Two healthy bodies, not corpses is what Starsky insists from Zachary. (Foxy Lady)
• 2 = Two of Madame Marlene Bouvet's girls have been killed in the last six months. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 2 = Vicky has been working two jobs for three years. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 2 = Hutch suggests Starsky and Joey “want to be alone,” just the two of them. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• 2 = Kate’s remission has been confirmed by two other doctors. (Cover Girl)
• 2 = Starsky and Hutch want two ounces of cocaine up front from McClellan. (Targets 1)
• 2 = Tommy Reese yells to the audience, “There are now two Golden Angels in the ring.” (Golden Angel)
• 2 = Starsky tells Sid he has in his “lost” wallet two pari-mutual winners. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• 2 = Officer Dee O’Reilly gives to Hutch two parking tickets. (Strange Justice)
• 2 = Chris Phelps is going to write a two part article for the Dispatch. (Heroes)
• 2 = “Two people wiped away,” says Starsky to Marcie, “And you’re worried about your portfolio.” (Photo Finish)
• 2 = Two percent of crimes are committed on Sundays, asserts Starsky. (Blindfold)
• 2 = The Jackson Park High School basketball game will be for two points a basket. (Savage Sunday)
• 2 = Hutch calls Huggy and Starsky “two poverty cases.” (Avenger)
• 2 = Meredith is aware she fills two quotas: black and female. (Black and Blue)
• 2 = Starsky asks Hutch to name two of Santa’s reindeer. (Little Girl Lost)
• 2 = Mr. Arnold has two rotten kids. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 2 = Starsky, Hutch and Linda fantasize about lemonade with two scoops of raspberry ripple ice cream. (Death Ride)
• 2 = Huggy tells Pinky he has two ten dollar bills and an IOU, hoping to get Pinky to come closer to the register. (Blindfold)
• 2 = Matwick was indicted on two counts of negligent homicide in New York twelve years ago. (Murder Ward)
• 2 = Hutch tells Starsky he was really thinking of the number two, not the number seven. (Black and Blue)
• 2 = Luke says he is concerned about two things: Doris and revenge. (Birds of a Feather)
• 2 = Starsky says he sees “two thirsty souls trudging through the desert” regarding their upcoming Las Vegas assignment. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 2 = Starsky has two tickets to Friday’s Springsteen concert. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• 2 = Huggy says if he and Turquet shoot Milo and Sugar, they can claim a two time collection, the $300,000 and Watson’s award. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• 2 = Starsky says McClellan is two times as tough as a ram’s horn, as well as crooked. (Targets 3)
• 2 = Starsky brags he is two times better than Hutch at pool, six out of seven days. (Avenger)
• 2 = Brady says Kate came to see him twice last week. (Cover Girl)
• 2 = Both hypes and snow tires come in pairs, Starsky notes. (Texas Longhorn)
• 2 = Jack Mitchell has been brought in for questioning for the Strangler Murders two times. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 2 = Pinky has been busted for fencing hot cameras and furs twice before. (Blindfold)
• 2 = Ives thinks Renaldo will charge him twice his fee if he knows Ives has thirty-five stores rather than seventeen stores. (Groupie)
• 2 = Dobey comments regarding Starsky and Nick, “Nature made the same mistake twice.” (Starsky’s Brother)
• 2 = With the acquisition of Graykirk and Sons, Gunther’s shipping capacity will double by June. (Sweet Revenge)
• 2 = Hutch points out Starsky has seven hours left. Starsky says he can catch “ a double bill at the Rivoli.” (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 2 = Ginger reminds Starsky and Hutch it takes two to tango. (Tap Dancing)
• 2 = Even a two-ton sandblaster, Starsky notes, won’t get the guy’s clothing clean. (Moonshine)
• 2 = Eckworth notices Solkin’s two-toned shoes as a clue. (Vendetta)
• 2 = Starsky notes to Hutch, “Two will get you one.” (Murder at Sea)
• 2 = Colby’s thug says there “is one guard out front. There’s two more on the beach.” (Deadly Imposter)
• 2 = The Ivers’ moonshine business is experiencing pressure because they have to double their production due to a new distributor. (Moonshine)
• 2 = Fitch kills two witnesses. (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• 2 = Switek wants to double the amount of drugs he gets from Matwick. (Murder Ward)
• 2 = Starsky tells Hutch he finds out something about himself; He is a two-faced, loving, lying hypocrite. (Rosey Malone)
• 2
nd = Jack was expecting Allen during the second commercial break of the “Rookies.” (Class in Crime)
• 2
nd = Eckworth makes his homerun hit in the second half of a double-header. Starsky remembers it from when he was nine. (Vendetta)
• 2
nd = Gunther Trading Company is the second largest import-export business in Hong Kong. (Sweet Revenge)
• 2
nd = Rosey comes back with a zinger to Starsky, arguing the second time he saw her he was on duty. (Rosey Malone)
• 2
nd = Hutch tells Starsky that Starsky is the “second best cop in this room.” (Game)
• 2
nd = Hutch guesses Uncle Elmo was like a second father to all the kids in the neighborhood. (Crying Child, Nightmare)
• 2
nd = It is the second pregnancy for Tom and Ellie Cole. (Hostages)
• 2nd = Starsky tells Hutch, "When you're second, you try harder." (Hostages)
• 2
nd = Lizzie and Marty Decker win second place in the dance contest. (Discomania)
• 2
nd = Mr. Marks points out his group is the second “largest manufacturer and producer of fashion apparel in the United States.” (Groupie)
• 2
nd = Of the three houses staked out in Bel Plain, it is the second house that is robbed. (Lady Blue)
• 2
nd = Starsky asks Hutch if he has any second thoughts about leaving the hospital. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 2
nd = The strychnine poisoning death is the second one in a week. (Heroes)
• 2 or 3 = Vic leaves messages for Spaceman Sam Carter at two or three places, asking for help. (Losing Streak)
• 2 out of 3 = Tessie challenges Starsky to two out of three falls. (Omaha Tiger)
• 2 out of 3 = Hutch comments Starsky matches two out of three regarding “tall, dark and handsome.” (Hostages)
• 2 out of 3 = Two out of three isn’t bad, Hutch tells Starsky. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

• 3 = A three-course dinner is the prize in Starsky and Hutch’s ping-pong game. (Sweet Revenge)
• 3 = A three-time loser is how Sharon describes the fake Starsky. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• 3 = According to Hutch, Starsky is in a triple-zero phrase. (Avenger)
• 3 = Starsky and Hutch are impressed that Spenser “laid three guys out on a loading dock.” (Heavyweight)
• 3 = A Scouts’ Honor is three fingers. (Blindfold, Dandruff)
• 3 = Buddy Owens is the only one who knows all three symbols. (Dandruff)
• 3 = Manning coaxes Lisa over to the “third bus over,” the flyer bus. He even counts it out with her. (Nightmare)
• 3 = When Starsky and Hutch arrest Don Widdicombe in the parking garage, it is his third arrest. The first two were on 6.2.76 and 5.28.78, according to his police record. (Blindfold)
• 3 = Starsky asks Hutch, hoping to get away to get his tuxedo problem straightened out, how many people they have on the list left to question. Hutch answers, “Three.” One of them is “Greta Wren”/Dora Pruitt. (Photo Finish)
• 3 = Cary has had three operations on her leg. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 3 = Dobey brings up the Three Sisters constellation when he is brainstorming with Hutch and Huggy. (Bloodbath)
• 3 = Magic Minnie tells Starsky to “kiss the bag three times and you will be protected.” (Playboy Island)
• 3 = Hutch doesn’t want to hear Starsky’s third idea about dealing with Duvcha. (Collector)
• 3 = Dobey reminds Madame Marlene Bouvet he already has three people undercover at the Golden Lady. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 3 = Dobey reminds Starsky and Hutch there have been two murders in three nights. (Avenger)
• 3 = Dobey tells Starsky and Hutch there have been three cabbie murders in the past ten days. (Quadromania)
• 3 = Dodds says of he, Smithers and Waldheim, “The three of us are going to have a little talk.” (Targets 3)
• 3 = Doris thinks she will win with three ladies. She is beat by a full house. (Birds of a Feather)
• 3 = Eckworth complains he has given his statement three times already. (Vendetta)
• 3 = Eric Snow has been busted for three times for possession of drugs, though Starsky comments he was never convicted. (Murder at Sea)
• 3 = Gavin’s warehouse is buried under three layers of corporate ownership. (Heavyweight)
• 3 = Howard has claimed three birthdays in a year. (Murder Ward)
• 3 = Hutch brings Fat Rolly three glasses of scotch on a tray. They are doubles, as Hutch calls it six scotches. (Pilot)
• 3 = Hutch has been the hit of three police barbeques. (Long Walk)
• 3 = Hutch has to slam the Torino’s door three times outside the gym to get it to shut. (Golden Angel)
• 3 = Hutch hopes Starsky and Nash and himself get out of the bank after their discovery "in three whole pieces." (Set-Up)
• 3 = Hutch notes that three-piece suits often hide the highest-priced prostitutes. (Sweet Revenge)
• 3 = Hutch takes three doses of vitamin E. (Bounty Hunter)
• 3 = Starsky calls Berl, Cruiser and the other thug, “three angels of mercy.” (Heavyweight)
• 3 = Iron Mike explains the Darcy guys are a “three man operation, all hard cases. (Iron Mike)
• 3 = Iron Mike said there would be three men at Darcy’s. It turns out to be five men. (Iron Mike)
• 3 = It is a modern miracle to have three people on the same phone line. (Death Notice)
• 3 = It takes three kicks to kick down Solkin’s door. That’s how you know he’s extra bad. (Vendetta)
• 3 = Jack and Allen took three courses together at Jamieson College. (Class in Crime)
• 3 = Jack Parker points out about Jack Ives’ three halves and his incorrect demographics. (Groupie)
• 3 = Joey Carston has come into station three times reporting a “supposed crime,” Starsky complains. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• 3 = Konig has made bail and skipped three times in the past. (Bounty Hunter)
• 3 = Manny Birnbaum sends three waiters out to the alley to hunt down the man Francine heard. (Death Notice)
• 3 = McClellan has served on the Board of Directors of three Gunther companies. (Sweet Revenge)
• 3 = Mike says the crooks have three escape choices: front door, side door and window. (Iron Mike)
• 3 = Out of all the possibles, Starsky and Hutch have three primes to personally check out. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 3 = Ronstan Jr. has been arrested three times for indecent exposure. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• 3 = Slate has three rapes, five robberies and six assaults on his beat that fateful night. (Strange Justice)
• 3 = Starsky hoped to eat a three hot dog lunch. Dobey eats it instead. (Silence)
• 3 = Starsky‘s uncle leaves part of his estate to three grandchildren. (Golden Angel)
• 3 = Starsky and Hutch accomplish three important arrests in forty-eight hours with the help of Iron Mike’s black book. (Iron Mike)
• 3 = Starsky and Hutch have arrested Konig three times. (Bounty Hunter)
• 3 = Starsky and Hutch have arrested Willits three times previously. (Committee)
• 3 = Starsky argues it was three people at four locations at the jewelry heist. (Losing Streak)
• 3 = Starsky has said, “This could be him,” three times while they wait for Angel in front of the hotel. (Cover Girl)
• 3 = Starsky notes there have been three murders in the last forty-eight hours, Snow, Moss and LaRue. (Murder at Sea)
• 3 = Starsky points out Tony’s three-car garage. (Discomania)
• 3 = Starsky says Garras chased "a bunch of three-legged horses around the track.” (Collector)
• 3 = Starsky, Hutch and Jane Hutton bring a three-layer devil’s food chocolate cake to the birthday party at Cabrillo State. (Murder Ward)
• 3 = Starsky, Hutch and Molly/Pete visit three dress shops. “Pink dresses stink.” (Little Girl Lost)
• 3 = Starsky, Hutch and Monique have been at the Cellar for three nights, posing as bait. (Avenger)
• 3 = Switek has had three priors for Trafficking and Dealing in the past. (Murder Ward)
• 3 = The capacity of the construction machine outside of Pardee’s last hideout is three tons. (Game)
• 3 = The croupier changes the dice three times in ten minutes to circumvent cheating. (Action)
• 3 = The defibrillator paddles are used three times on Starsky. (Sweet Revenge)
• 3 = The Ivers family has been making moonshine in three states. (Moonshine)
• 3 = The opponent’s shoulders have to be pinned to the mat for a count of three for a victory. (Golden Angel)
• 3 = The score of Huggy and Fireball’s game when Starsky and Hutch arrive is three balls and two strikes. (Long Walk)
• 3 = The stolen diamonds were supposed to be split three ways. (Little Girl Lost)
• 3 = The trucker complains about having to repeat his story to the cops three times. (Plague)
• 3 = The West Side Psycho has committed three homicides and seventeen burglaries in a month. (Running)
• 3 = There are three serious buyers for the Belvedere Collection. (Dandruff)
• 3 = Starsky says to Dobey and Hutch, “We’re the only three that know I’m under.” (Committee)
• 3 = There have been three baseball bat attacks in thirty days. (Vendetta)
• 3 = Three darts are used in the wager with Huggy. (Bust Amboy)
• 3 = Three days in a row the Torino has stalled ten blocks from Starsky’s place. (Death in a Different Place)
• 3 = Three diamonds are left after Nick Edwards sells one. (Little Girl Lost)
• 3 = Three different tenants have lived in Karen’s apartment since she has been gone, says the landlord. (Deadly Imposter)
• 3 = Three fur heists have been pulled off in a month, says Mr. Marks. (Groupie)
• 3 = Spenser was ranked number three. “They said he was another Tony Zale.” (Heavyweight)
• 3 = Three of the seven ships coming into port on Saturday have cargo Billy might want. (Terror on the Docks)
• 3 = Hutch gives Harry one last deal. It has “three easy steps,” and is also Starsky’s clue to move in. (Deckwatch)
• 3 = There have been three outbreaks, according to the late Dr. Jonas Tishaun, of a plague-like illness since 1942. (Plague)
• 3 = Eddie Mayer’s girlfriend wants to talk and work on pottery at the same time; “I only got three more to do.” (Crying Child)
• 3 = Switek dials three numbers on the phone to make his drug connection. (Murder Ward)
• 3 = Three out of four, “that’s not too bad,” Corman says regarding guys caught alive at bust. The three turns out to be two though. (Snowstorm)
• 3 = Three units stake out the houses in Bel Plaine. (Lady Blue)
• 3 = Tommy and Solkin have committed three hits in thirty days. (Vendetta)
• 3 = Well’s secretary is instructed to make lunch reservations for three people. (Sweet Revenge)
• 3 = Of the fifty kinds of soup in town, three flavors are contaminated with botulism. (Game)
• 3 = With three busts in thirty-six hours, Starsky and Hutch have taken Shelby to the cleaners. (Rosey Malone)
• 3 =Three men are protecting Karpel, two on the beach and one “out front.” (Deadly Imposter)
• 3
rd = A TV fell out of the third story window onto Rupert Jones’ head two days before the trial. (Targets 1)
• 3rd = Starsky is impressed the wrestler threw a man into the third row. (Omaha Tiger)
• 3
rd = Burke tells Corman he would look good with “a third eye right in the middle of your forehead.” (Snowstorm)
• 3
rd = Dinty and the Baron get “the third degree routine.” (Dandruff)
• 3
rd = Hutch comments, “the third time is supposed to be lucky,” as they go to interview Linda. (Jojo)
• 3
rd = Nurse F. Bycroft answer the phone from the third floor nurses’ station. (Murder Ward)
• 3
rd = Eckworth “damn near ran that third baseman down,” says Starsky appreciatively. (Vendetta)
• 3
rd = Gavin tells Spenser to go down in the third round with Booker. (Heavyweight)
• 3
rd = Huggy complains about Starsky and Hutch “giving me the third degree.” (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 3
rd = Hutch assures Pardee they will get him the third time. (Game)
• 3
rd = Hutch tells Officer Harding he hopes Michelle isn’t the third person Missing Persons “loses.” (Discomania)
• 3
rd = Jack Cunningham is third on the “Most Wanted Hit Parade.” (Collector)
• 3
rd = Lionel reminds Gramps he is the third generation “of the famed theatrical family.” (Quadromania)
• 3
rd = Monique complains about having “to go through this three times.” (Avenger)
• 3
rd = Palmer was blown out of a third floor window. (Birds of a Feather)
• 3
rd = Pinky’s arrest for fencing the Widdicombe diamonds is his third offense. (Blindfold)
• 3
rd = Starsky and Hutch check the third big poker game and “still no Rankin.” (Losing Streak)
• 3
rd = Switek keeps his drugs and papers on the third floor. (Murder Ward)
• 3
rd = The “old lady” wants Starsky to drive her a third time around the park. (Quadromania)
• 3
rd = The airport thief claims to have a third degree black belt. Hutch is skeptical. (Plague)
• 3
rd = The knife attack on Hutch occurs on the third level of the County Hospital garage. (Sweet Revenge)
• 3
rd = The man at White Airport tells Hutch, “The third guy was big, you know muscular. And he had a wicked looking scar running right across his face.” (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• 3
rd = The stamp article appears on the third page of the newspaper. (Bait)
• 3
rd = The third door on the right is the steam room. (Pilot)
• 3
rd = The third time “is supposed to be lucky,” says Starsky. (Jojo)
• 3.2 = Hutch says the tractor will run on 3.2 beer if the engine is primed right. (Trap)
• 3-4 = Hutch tells Starsky he heard three or four different voices from his kidnapping. (Fix)
• 3-4 = Jerry the security guard tells Starsky, Hutch and Wilkins he heard “two or three voices.” (Terror on the Docks)
• 3-4 = Marcie suspects her negative will be worth three to four times the offered amount, due to foreign rights and reprints. (Photo Finish)

• 4 = Vicky uses her tea bags four times. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 4 = At the hospital, Starsky makes a toast to “four very, very heavy dudes.” (Sweet Revenge)
• 4 = At the jewelry heist, there were four people at three locations, says Hutch. Starsky disagrees. (Losing Streak)
• 4 = Charlie Deek has been convicted of four counts of murder. (Murder Ward)
• 4 = Cunningham is suspected in four cases of armed robbery. (Collector)
• 4 = "Flight #116 is now boarding at Gate Four.” (Targets 3)
• 4 = Dobey reports to Coleman about Starsky, Hutch and Joanne Mello, "They were hit by four hoods." (Death Ride)
• 4 = Four homicides and twelve robberies makes Precinct Nine so busy that Dobey calls in Huntley for help. (Birds of a Feather)
• 4 = Four laboratories have confirmed Kate’s remission. (Cover Girl)
• 4 = Four steps to right, then four steps to left, then kick, Starsky and Hutch instruct Dobey with the Salsa Samba. (Discomania)
• 4 = Cheryl locates four supply houses that handle chlorohydrins. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 4 = Four unmarked police cars are following the armored car and keeping it in sight. (Hostages)
• 4 = Franklin’s woolen coat is a four-ply, according to Starsky. (Crying Child)
• 4 = Freddie has had four wives. (Action)
• 4 = Freddie has had four comebacks when he meets Starsky and Hutch. (Action)
• 4 = Hutch suggest four for dinner, and Starsky cringes. (Omaha Tiger)
• 4 = It takes four kicks for Hutch to get Jenny Brown’s door down. (Sweet Revenge)
• 4 = Joseph Tramaine has four priors. (Pariah)
• 4 = Marianne asks Chicky to play those four bars of music again. (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• 4 = One has to dial four numbers when calling someone inside the building. (Pilot)
• 4 = Phil’s car has “four barrel carbs.” (Avenger)
• 4 = Solkin has been nabbed on four counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor with four different boys. (Vendetta)
• 4 = Starsky has had four painkillers and is feeling “no pain.” (Sweet Revenge)
• 4 = Starsky has read his magazine four times in the car, and he is bored. (Targets 1)
• 4 = Sterling answers Paco’s phone call on line four. (Velvet Jungle)
• 4 = The Ivers’ moonshine business has had a duration of four wars. (Moonshine)
• 4 = The Salsa Samba is a “simple four beat.” (Discomania)
• 4 = Jojo raped four women: Linda, Elaine and two others. Elaine is the only one he killed. (Jojo)
• 4 = The car Hutch imagines Starsky’s Uncle Al wants to sell him gets four miles to the gallon. (Jojo)
• 4 = The band aboard the Amapola is called "Artie Frennell and his Frantic Five Minus Four." (Murder at Sea)
• 4 = Starsky taps the phone four times before going to tell Hutch the number. (Golden Angel)
• 4 = There are “four fives” in the rear end of the Torino, says Starsky. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• 4 = There are four suspicious patient deaths at Cabrillo. The victims are never named. (Murder Ward)
• 4 = There are four tower suites, each is a possibility as a diamond sale place. (Dandruff)
• 4 = There are supposedly four unmarked squad cars watching Jojo. (Jojo)
• 4 = There have been four “deaths in four identical cabs.” (Quadromania)
• 4 = Starsky and Hutch have four tear gas grenades in the glove compartment. (Pilot)
• 4
th = Hutch comments about Dobey’s “fourth house” as he pokes fun at horoscopes. (Hostages)
• 4
th = Starsky tells John-John he wants to bet $50 on Muhla Bull in the fourth race. (Collector)
• 4
th = Gunther Enterprises is the fourth largest holding company in the United States. (Sweet Revenge)
• 4
th = It is the fourth scene, seven act that Lionel quotes King Lear to Benson. (Quadromania)
• 4
th = Joey’s report on the puppy is her fourth crime report. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• 4
th = The threatening letter and article about Anna appears on the fourth page of the newspaper. (Body Worth Guarding)
• 4-5 = Four to five pounds is how much Starsky tells Dobey he could lose on the “waning moon diet.” (Hostages)
• 4-5 = Starsky and Hutch comment if they don’t find a place to hide, they are going to be murder victims number four and five. (Murder at Sea)
• 4-5 = Joey comments no one would be crazy enough to blow up a whole ship just to kill four or five people. (Murder at Sea)

• 5 = Earl Pola gives Hutch five rings on the phone after Don’s Arcade. (Psychic)
• 5 = Clayburn tells secretary he’ll be down in five minutes to meet the car for his meeting. (Targets 3)
• 5 = Crandell is shot five times, once in the head and four times in body. (Snowstorm)
• 5 = Starsky shoots Bellamy with five bullets. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 5 = Five card stud is the poker game Starsky plays with inmates. (Murder Ward)
• 5 = Five robberies, three rapes and six assaults is what Dan Slate has on his watch that fateful night. (Strange Justice)
• 5 = Five shots to the back for Benny Paycheck. (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• 5 = Flashy Floyd was in Vegas with five friends who will vouch for him. (Specialist)
• 5 = Flight #432 is boarding at Gate Five. (Plague)
• 5 = Freddie has five comebacks after he meets Starsky and Hutch. (Action)
• 5 = Freddie has had five ulcers. (Action)
• 5 = Hutch gets five primes after running fifty possibles through the computer. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 5 = Hutch gets five stitches in his hand. (Fatal Charm)
• 5 = Hutch has five Gold Eagle pencils in his coat jacket pocket. (Game)
• 5 = Kenny Adachi’s five children (quintuplets) have the Asian Flu. (Dandruff)
• 5 = Lionel quotes Hamlet, scene five, act one, to Starsky. (Quadromania)
• 5 = Magic Minnie says, “five are dead from powerful voodoo. There will be more.” (Playboy Island)
• 5 = Lisa collects a five percent “finder’s fee” from Pacifica Insurance. (Foxy Lady)
• 5 = O’Brien and Rafferty tell Harkness they want to sell five kilos of smack a week. (Bait)
• 5 = Starsky and Hutch expected five back-up squad cars to follow the truck. (Trap)
• 5 = Starsky and Hutch speculate the five mannequins represent five strippers. (Death Notice)
• 5 = The band aboard the Amapola is called "Artie Frennell and his Frantic Five Minus Four." (Murder at Sea)
• 5 = Starsky and Hutch threaten Matt Coyle with five minor crimes, ranging from illegal loading to stacking trash in public alley without permit. Coyle (Iron Mike)
• 5 = Starsky shoots five bullets at Bellamy. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 5 = The five of hearts is the card Hutch draws, not the Jack of Hearts. (Targets 1)
• 5 = There are five bombs on the Amapola. (Murder at Sea)
• 5 = Soldier plants five sticks of dynamite under Hutch’s car. (Targets 1)
• 5 = There are five men at the Darcy bust. Iron Mike said it would be three men. (Iron Mike)
• 5 = There have been five daylight robberies in four weeks. It is Train’s activity. (Black and Blue)
• 5 = To most people, Starsky notes, “blind” is just a five-letter word. (Blindfold)
• 5 = baskets, at 2 points each, wins the game at Jackson Park High School (Savage Sunday)
• 5 = Weeze wants to raise his bid to five in the poker game in which he is cheating. (Murder Ward)
• 5
th = Coley got “out of the junk” the fifth day of January, which is a Sunday. (Pilot)
• 5
th = Frank Malone pleads the Fifth. (Rosey Malone)
• 5
th = Huggy asks Starsky and Hutch if he should take the Fifth. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 5
th = Hutch hears on the car radio it is going to be another day of blockbuster heat. (Death in a Different Place)
• 5
th = Mo Ruskin was slain on the fifth of May. It is heard on the radio. (Game)
• 5
th = Pepper says her counselor advised her to take the Fifth. (Gillian)
• 5
th = Sonny tells Starsky Hutch’s location is at the fifth longitude. (Survival)
• 5
th = Steve Hanson says Phil Lubbock was the fifth victim. (Murder on Stage 17)
• 5
th = The fifth floor is at street level at Memorial Hospital, as seen on elevator sign. (Sweet Revenge)
• 5-6 = Art Jenson tells Hutch many folks take five or six cruises a year, whatever their pocket books can afford. (Murder at Sea)

• 6 = Before seeing Sister Magda, Starsky, Hutch and Dr. Kaufman have sent six folks to the hospital. (Plague)
• 6 = Cole can authorize six squads of men to protect Starsky and Hutch. (Specialist)
• 6 = Don Widdicombe says he can get six witnesses to tell the judge he wasn’t at heist. (Blindfold)
• 6 = Fat Rolly is arrested for drinking six scotches in five minutes, thanks to Hutch. (Pilot)
• 6 = Gary Vincent Prudholm was busted six times for selling drugs. (Pariah)
• 6 = “Greta Wren”/Dora Pruitt shoots off six bullets at six toys and uses up all her bullets. (Photo Finish)
• 6 = John Brown Harris has a tattoo of six fish on his arm. (Texas Longhorn)
• 6 = Hutch knows at least six ways to turn Jojo “into a disaster-area” (Jojo)
• 6 = Hutch notes that there were six public phones in the Medical Arts lobby. (Set-Up)
• 6 = Hutch points out there are eight bells in a day, and they go around six times. (Murder at Sea)
• 6 = Iron Mike says, “Half a dozen murder raps between (sic) them and no convictions.” (Iron Mike)
• 6 = Lonnie’s cousin gives Starsky a list of six places where Tramaine hangs out. (Pariah)
• 6 = The car Hutch imagines Starsky’s Uncle Al wants to sell him has “six way power mud flaps.” (Jojo)
• 6 = Mrs. Janice Drew has six suitcases of clothes. (Specialist)
• 6 = Patty and George moved six times after their dad was killed. (Set-Up)
• 6 = Rae comments a Macau tattoo artist will put six or eight fish on one’s arm. (Texas Longhorn)
• 6 = Six additional officers are waiting for Starsky and Hutch to get going on the Humphries bust. (Survival)
• 6 = Matwick, as far as Starsky and Hutch know, has killed six inmates with his testing. (Murder Ward)
• 6 = Six assaults, three rapes and five robberies is what Slate had on his slate on the night his daughter is raped. (Strange Justice)
• 6 = Six strippers work at the Panama Club. This is justified by their pictures outside and by counting them at meetings. Starsky and Hutch, though, count five mannequins, which doesn’t correlate. (Death Notice)
• 6 = Slade’s bank account reflects six figures. (Vampire)
• 6 = Sneaky Regan “falls” on a kitchen knife six times. (Targets 1)
• 6 = Solenko’s gang only deal with “six figure jewel robberies.” (Lady Blue)
• 6 = Starsky will add some other “little goodies” to the six serious criminal charges Rodgers is going to face. (Snowstorm)
• 6 = Starsky and Hutch have six flares in the glove compartment, as per code. (Pilot)
• 6 = Starsky counts six bullets from Alec Corday. Actually it is ten bullets, which makes Starsky wrong, as well as being a continuity error. Sugar had a right to look alarmed. (Death in a Different Place)
• 6 = Starsky makes Owens shoot six bullets out of his gun "and you are done.” (Dandruff)
• 6 = Starsky makes the daiquiris with six jiggers of rum. (Pariah)
• 6 = The shop owner has six candy bars and a roll of nickels in his drawer. He says this when he thinks Starsky and Hutch have come to rob him. (Cover Girl)
• 6 = There are six bundles of cocaine on Dobey’s desk. (Snowstorm)
• 6 = There are six girls too many in one of Connie’s cribs. (Bait)
• 6 = There are six spokes on the wooden wheels Starsky and Hutch have. Hutch’s wheel is in the back seat of his car. (Jojo). Starsky’s wheel is on the wall of his apartment. (Running)
• 6 = There are supposedly six incendiary bombs in hotel. (Set-Up)
• 6 = Vicky buys six pairs of pantyhose. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 6 = Wally wants to sell Hutch a car with six-way power seats. (Lady Blue)
• 6 = Wedell was arrested with six kilos of Mexican Brown Hutch. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 6 = Cab number six calls Kingston for more money. (Quadromania)
• 6 = Will brags he is a “wiz with those old slant-sixes,” referring to engine. (Moonshine)
• 6
th = In sixth grade, Starsky sat next to Alice Adams in grammar school. (Specialist)

• 7 = Chapter Seven Bankruptcy is what Jack Parker forces his companies into. (Groupie)
• 7 = Huggy comments that Salty Babe never won anything in seven furloughs. (Action)
• 7 = If Thorne’s corporations were rolled into one, it would be the seventh most important nation in the world. (Playboy Island)
• 7 = Sugar Plum “appears nightly,” seven days a week. (Death in a Different Place)
• 7 = Jack Mitchell has been arrested seven times in Las Vegas. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 7 = Part of Starsky’s uncle’s money goes to seven daughters. (Golden Angel)
• 7 = Part of Starsky’s uncle’s money goes to seven charities. (Golden Angel)
• 7= There are seven names on the main mailbox of the Garvey Avenue apartment house. (Iron Mike)
• 7 = Seven is the number Starsky picks when Hutch asks him to pick a number between one and ten. (Targets 1)
• 7 = Seven ships are coming into port on Saturday but only three have cargo Billy might want. (Terror on the Docks)
• 7 = Starsky rolls a seven on the dice for Hutch when Hutch is on the phone. (Starsky’s Lady)
• 7 = Starsky sees seven billboards for funeral homes on the way home from the hospital. (Starsky’s Lady)
• 7 = There appears to be seven separate injection sites on Hutch’s arm. (Fix)
• 7 = is the number Hutch picks when Starsky is trying out his ESP skills (Black and Blue)
• 7 = Starsky's lucky number (Targets 1, Starsky's Lady, Pilot, Black and Blue)
• 7
th = Hutch says his win in pool must be a seventh day miracle. (Avenger)
• 7
th = Hutch says Smooth Tony Zucker’s shtick is the “Seventh Avenue Routine.” Starsky just hopes Tony doesn’t sing. (Groupie)
• 7
th = “We were at the 7th tee. I pulled out a three wood and shagged one hell of a shot,” says their golfing buddy. (Playboy Island)
• 7
th = It is the seventh scene, fourth act that Lionel quotes in King Lear to Benson. (Quadromania)
• 7
th = The seven chapter is the one in Starsky’s book on intimidation that says he should “expect that kind of hostility.” (Discomania)
• 7
th = The seventh floor is where Henderson gets off the elevator at the hotel. (Pilot)

• 8 = After the steam room fight, Starsky comments he and Hutch are behind the eight ball. (Targets 3)
• 8 = Laura tells the cops she is nervous because she has “dinner for eight” that night and no time to fix her hair or her dress. (Deckwatch)
• 8 = Allan Richard has eight books of mime on his bookshelf. (Class in Crime)
• 8 = Dolly’s yellow GMC pick-up has a V8 engine. (Moonshine)
• 8 = Hutch explains there are eight bells in a day and they go around six times. (Murder at Sea)
• 8 = Hutch sees a record of eight calls from the Wells, Kelly and Hodson Law Firm to Bates in San Francisco. (Sweet Revenge)
• 8 = Of the people that were Jake’s contacts and put in the hospital, eight were put in isolation. (Plague)
• 8 = One has to dial an eight to get an outside line at Metro. (Pilot)
• 8 = Rae comments a Macau tattoo artist will put eight or six fish on one’s arm. (Texas Longhorn)
• 8 = Starsky bets Hutch two bucks on a game of Eight Ball. (Groupie)
• 8 = Starsky’s uncle leaves part of his estate to eight sons. (Golden Angel)
• 8 = The ditzy woman’s number at salon is an eight. She points out, “Fives and eights are about as far apart as you can get.” (Dandruff)
• 8 = The hotel where Zane and Canelli stay has a total of eight floors. (Pilot)
• 8 = The speed limit near the Marshal Center for Exceptional Children is eight mph. (Starsky’s Lady)
• 8 = There appears to be eight needle puncture marks on Mickey’s arm. (Bust Amboy)
• 8 = There are eight overhead cams in Phil’s car. (Avenger)
• 8 = There are only eight of the autographed Buddy Holly albums in the country, Hutch tells Starsky. (Game)
• 8 = Marty shoots eight bullets at Starsky, Hutch and Allison in the underground garage. (Targets 2)
• 8 =Tallman is charged with eight counts of Bribery. (Pilot)
• 8
th = Candy complains about their “two inch story on page eight.” (Golden Angel)
• 8
th = Sharman Crane’s birth father died when she was in the eighth grade. (Running)
• 8
th = Spenser took out Billy Coyle at the Garden with a knockout in the eight round. (Heavyweight)

• 9 = Simon Marcus is charged with nine counts of murder in the first degree. (Bloodbath)
• 9 = It takes Nancy Rogers nine frames to get thirty points in bowling. (Gillian)
• 9 = Nine times out of ten, cops have to “leave in the middle of a date,” Starsky tells Marlene. (Starsky’s Brother)
• 9 = Harry declines Hutch’s shot, saying it is probably “one part tetanus, nine parts morphine, bye-bye Harry.” (Deckwatch)
• 9 = Sister Theresa-Margaret “banged” Jack around at the convent nine times a day. (Collector)
• 9 = Starsky and Hutch are Checkpoint Nine in the desert waiting for the “mule train.” (Targets 1)
• 9 = Harry seems sure at first, but then less so, about how many women he has killed. The number is probably nine, what he told Hannah. (Deckwatch)
• 9 = At the ninth hole, Hutch’s golf score is one and Starsky’s is nine. Starsky ups it to ten with his shag into the rough. (Playboy Island)
• 9 = Hutch recommends a nine iron at the ninth hole to Starsky during golf. (Playboy Island)
• 9 = The referee has counted to nine when Spenser almost throws the fight. (Heavyweight)
• 9
th = Starsky and Sharman were in the ninth grade together. (Running)
• 9
th = Terry Nash lives on the ninth floor. (Set-Up)
• 9
th = The ninth hole at the golf course is what backs up to the Thorne estate. (Playboy Island)
• 9
th = The ninth precinct is where Starsky and Hutch hail out of. (Discomania, Game, Photo Finish)

• 10 = Agent Wilson estimates there are less than ten people who knew Joe’s whereabout's yesterday. (Set-Up)
• 10 = Alec Corday actually shoots ten bullets. Starsky best his life and the life of others on counting six bullets. (Death in a Different Place)
• 10 = At the ninth hole, Hutch’s golf score is one and Starsky’s is nine. Starsky ups it to ten with his shag into the rough. (Playboy Island)
• 10 = Harvey Russo demands a ten percent finder’s fee from his part of the 2.7 million dollars. (Deadly Imposter)
• 10 = Foxy Baker suggests Dad Watson will pay ten percent on the missing $300,000. This reengages Huggy and Turquet’s interest. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• 10 = Huggy declines to fit ten horses in a basement. (Omaha Tiger)
• 10 = Huggy tells Pinky he has ten books of Green Stamps but not enough cash for the diamonds. (Blindfold)
• 10 = Hutch says Doris has enough love for ten kids. (Birds of a Feather)
• 10 = Jack Cunningham’s cut of his collection's take is ten percent. (Collector)
• 10 = Darcy’s Department Store has ten checkout lanes. (Iron Mike)
• 10 = Phil has more wounds than Russ Delaney has fingers. Assuming he hasn’t cut one off with the Stryker saw, this is more than ten wounds. (Avenger)
• 10 = Starsky encourages Nancy Rogers to get a Big Ten, a strike in bowling. (Gillian)
• 10 = Starsky has caught ten fat trout at Pine Lake. (Satan’s Witches)
• 10 = Starsky threatens to put Frankie in a 6 x 8 foot cell in with ten dudes. (Heroes)
• 10 = Ten men work in Child Protection, says Sergeant Peterson. (Crying Child)
• 10 = Ten percent is Russo’s “finder’s fee.” (Deadly Imposter)
• 10 = Ten points will win the game at Jackson Park High School. (Savage Sunday)
• 10 = Ten, twenty, one hundred people Hutch thinks could be in on the scam. (Set-Up)
• 10 = The Torino’s temperature gauge has gone up ten degrees. (Death in a Different Place)
• 10 = There are ten floors at Southern Memorial Hospital. (Death Ride)
• 10 = Hutch comments to Starsky that being on camera makes you appear ten pounds heavier. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• 10
th = A tenth-grade education is the extent of Victor K. Bellamy’s schooling. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 10
th = Hutch’s threat is the tenth time Officer O’Reilly has heard someone say to her today that she’s “not going to get away with it.” (Strange Justice)

• 11 = The cat burglar caught instead of Terry had eleven prior convictions. (Set-Up)
• 11 = There appear to be eleven bullets shot into the passenger window of the hearse. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• 11 = Dobey's phone has eleven extension buttons. (Murder on Stage 17)
• 11 = It appears Joey Carston has eleven attempts at love notes to Starsky. They are tossed into the back of her car. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• 12 = “Twelve years is long enough to ride any losing streak,” says Evelyn Rankin. (Losing Streak)
• 12 = Bettin suggests a dozen unnamed stiffs for Starsky and Hutch “to go play with.” (Jojo)
• 12 = Dobey notes there are at least twelve things that can go wrong with the Carlyle plan. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• 12 = Dobey puts twelve more men on the case. (Plague)
• 12 = Dobey says he, “knows a dozen con men with the alias “Professor.” (Class in Crime)
• 12 = Flight #7 is boarding at Gate Twelve. (Plague)
• 12 = Hutch mentions the first twelve rape cases he and Starsky had dealt with to prove to Cassie they aren’t naïve. (Strange Justice)
• 12 = Hutch notes the twelve kinds of Smell-Well at Crandell’s place. (Snowstorm)
• 12 = Sonny has covered the city doing “reconnaissance work” on his bike twelve times. (Survival)
• 12 = Starsky wants Hutch to name twelve of Santa’s reindeer. (Little Girl Lost)
• 12 = There are twelve robberies and four homicides in Precinct Nine, and this makes Dobey call Huntley in as backup. (Birds of a Feather)
• 12 = Twelve sticks of dynamite are planted under Dobey’s house. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• 12 = Twelve volts is the voltage of the fake Starsky and fake Hutch’s police scanner. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• 13 = Gunther Enterprises owns twelve subsidiaries. (Sweet Revenge)
• 15 = Dobey rants, it’s usually “some turkey with fifteen priors” that shoots cops. (Bounty Hunter)
• 15 = Fifteen is the value of Starsky’s physical state, according to Hutch’s astrological biorhythm calendar. (Avenger)
• 15 = There are fifteen square miles “in this city,” Starsky notes. (Game)
• 15 = There are twelve “runs” on Huggy’s pinball machine when Starsky and Hutch come to question him about the car in his alley. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• 15 = There have been fifteen new cases reported. Dr. Meredith says the plague has become an epidemic. (Plague)
• 15
th = The fifteenth-century was when the real life Dracula lived. (Vampire)
• 15
th = The Millers are celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary. (Savage Sunday)
• 16 = Hammerlock Grange has lost fifteen fights in his career. (Golden Angel)
• 16 = There are sixteen diamonds in the Belvedere Diamond Collection. (Dandruff)
• 16 = Sonny tells Starsky Hutch’s crash is sixteen telephone poles from the bridge. (Survival)
• 16 = The maximum load for elevator at County Hospital is sixteen people. (Sweet Revenge)
• 16
th = Huggy knows that Lincoln is the sixteenth president of United States. (Death Ride)
• 16
th = The sixteenth floor is where elevator stops, and the Baron gets off. (Dandruff)
• 17 = Coley has seventeen prior arrests. (Pilot)
• 17 = Hutch sees seventeen kinds of pomade at Crandell’s place. (Snowstorm)
• 17 = Jack Ives tells Renaldo he buys for seventeen stores but the real number is thirty-five. (Groupie)
• 17 = Jack Parker appears to fire seventeen bullets at the cruise ship showdown. (Groupie)
• 17 = Seventeen is the value of Starsky’s emotional state, according to Hutch’s astrological biorhythm calendar. (Avenger)
• 17 = Starsky refers to Jimmy Shannon as “seventeen going on one hundred. “ (Vendetta)
• 17 = Steel production profits have increased seventeen percent for Gunther. (Sweet Revenge)
• 17 = The West Side Psycho has committed seventeen burglaries and three homicides in a month. (Running)
• 18 = Jack Parker shoots 18 bullets, without reloading, at Starsky on the ship. (Cover Girl)
• 18 = There are eighteen candles on Lisa Graham’s birthday cake. (Nightmare)
• 19 = Debra has been brainwashed into thinking Starsky and Hutch have killed nineteen men plus her brother. (Set-Up)
• 19 = Hutch’s final score in ping-pong is nineteen. (Sweet Revenge)

• 20 = Hutch asks Starsky if he is supposed to play Twenty Questions about Rosey. (Rosey Malone)
• 20 = Hutch says his temperature has gone up twenty degrees having to deal with the overheating Torino. (Death in a Different Place)
• 20 = If lost, it will take Starsky, Hutch and Dobey twenty years to pay off the Hawaiian Missionary Stamp. (Bait)
• 20 = Iron Mike threatened Skinny Momo with twenty years to life. (Iron Mike)
• 20 = R & I comes up with twenty possibles for Starsky and Hutch. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 20 = Starsky buys twenty raffle tickets at Metro. (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• 20 = At the time of Eric Snow's death, October Moss was booking twenty passengers from the Bayside Singles Club. (Murder at Sea)
• 20 = Starsky’s score final score in ping-pong is twenty. (Sweet Revenge)
• 20 = Ten, twenty, one hundred people Hutch thinks could be in on the scam. (Set-Up)
• 20 = There is a "20 man Battle Royal plus Andre the Giant" on Friday at the Olympic Sports Arena. (Omaha Tiger)
• 22 = Before seeing Sister Magda, Starsky, Hutch and Dr. Kaufman have seen twenty people. (Plague)
• 22 = The bracelets with the name Sharon engraved are twenty-two karats. (Discomania)
• 20 = The Ivers’ family moonshine business has had a duration of twenty presidential terms. (Moonshine)
• 20 = There is a Twenty Man Battle Royale on Friday at the Olympic Sports Arena. (Omaha Tiger)
• 20, 10, 100 people Hutch estimates could be in on the scam. (Set-Up)
• 22
nd = Homicide’s Barney Franklin, Hutch’s pal, works out of the Twenty-second Precinct. (Set-Up)
• 23 = The television that fell on Sneaky Regan two days before the trial was a twenty-three inch set. (Targets 1)
• 23 = The ditzy woman at the salon adds up one, nine, four, nine and gets twenty-three. (Dandruff)
• 23 = The man that killed a seventy-eight year old man had twenty-three priors, so says Knight as he confronts Starsky and Hutch. (Committee)
• 23
rd = The twenty-third person Starsky, Hutch and Dr. Kaufman check out is Sister Magda. (Plague)
• 23.6 = Twenty-three point six out of hundred cars crossing the desert have engine trouble, says Starsky. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 24 = Father/Rabbi/Reverend Bear’s glow-in-the-dark religious protection trinkets offer twenty-four hour protection. (Jojo)
• 24 = Clayburn says he will put on McClellan a twenty-four watch. Starsky asks if this will be a tip-off. (Targets 3)
• 24 = The Feds have Stryker under twenty-four surveillance, according to Dobey. (Starsky’s Brother)
• 24 = Starsky asks if they should put a twenty-four hour watch on Lisa. (Nightmare)
• 24 = Starsky’s compromise speed is twenty-four miles per hour. (Starsky’s Lady)
• 25 = Merle remembers Sulko’s short had twenty-five coats of metallic chartreuse paint. With sparkles. (Jojo)
• 25 = Nash first requests from bank twenty five one hundred dollar bills. (Set-Up)
• 25 = Out of the forty-three contacts in Jake’s DR, he had definite contact with twenty-five of them. (Plague)
• 25 = Dobey buys twenty-five sacks of sugar. (Moonshine)
• 25 = Starsky instructs his bar “class” to write the answers to his test in twenty-five words or less. (Pilot)
• 25
th = Carol Carson was killed on the twenty-fifth day of the last month. (Vampire)

• 26 = Out of the two thousand six hundred rape cases in Bay City last year, only twenty-six have convictions cites Hutch. (Strange Justice)
• 28 = There appear to be twenty-eight Superba Corona Superba cigars in a box. (Dandruff)
• 30 = Nancy Rogers has a score of thirty in bowling when she goes into the ninth frame. (Gillian)
• 30 = The Randall-Boyd Security System shoots a frame every thirty seconds. (Set-Up)
• 30 = There were thirty other kids in Starsky and Sharman’s junior high wood class. (Running)
• 30 = Huggy estimates there are thirty guards on the Thorne estate. (Playboy Island)
• 32 = Starsky’s uncle leaves part of his estate to thirty-two great-grandchildren. (Golden Angel)
• 32 = There were thirty-two kids altogether in Sharman and Starsky’s wood class. (Running)
• 34 = Kate has had thirty-four different medical tests in twenty-four weeks. (Cover Girl)
• 35 = Mrs. Stuffy has been on thirty-five cruises, though the last one is in an urn. (Murder at Sea)
• 35 = Jack Ives really has thirty-five stores, not the seventeen he lied to Renaldo about. (Groupie)
• 36 = The Angel says Hammerlock gets three-dozen threats a week. (Golden Angel)
• 36 = Starsky and Hutch bring three-dozen woofers and tweeters to the birthday party. (Murder Ward)
• 40 = There are forty buffalo in Hutch’s number’s tirade to Dispatch. (Lady Blue)
• 40 = “What is this?” Chicky asks Starsky. “Forty Questions?” (Deckwatch)
• 40 = J.T. has been busted for gambling related offenses forty times. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 43 = Flight four hundred nineteen boards at Gate forty-three. (Targets 3)
• 43 = Cunningham is sought for forty-three burglaries. (Collector)
• 43 = There have been forty-three missing persons reported in the past three months. (Discomania)
• 43 = Jake Donner had forty-three possible contacts in his DR. (Plague)
• 45 = Starsky’s score in War in the isolation room is forty-five. (Plague)
• 45 = Forty-five cops are on their way for a house-to-house search. (Deckwatch)
• 46 = Forty-six hotel guests ate the cook’s wife for breakfast, says Hutch. (Set-Up)
• 47 = Gate Twelve is boarding Flight #47. (Plague)

• 50 = There are fifty “kinds of soup in this town,” Starsky notes to Huggy. (Game)
• 50 = Metro cab has fifty cabs. (Quadromania)
• 50 = Sally Ann says she turns on maybe fifty dudes with every performance. (Savage Sunday)
• 50 = Cole can have fifty men out rescuing Officer Hagen. (Specialist)
• 50 = Emily’s doctor says of Emily’s blindness has a fifty percent chance of not being permanent. (Blindfold)
• 50 = Rolly’s Bargain Circus is having a fifty percent reduction “Bankruptcy Sale.” (Texas Longhorn)
• 50 = Joey feels fifty percent of the passengers might survive the bomb on the ship. (Murder at Sea)
• 50 = Fifty percent of the “guys in this joint” are strange, Kira tells Hutch. She ups it to seventy-five percent for “really strange.” (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 50 = Joseph Webster’s Army disability payment is fifty percent. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 50 = Hutch is going to run fifty possibles through the computer. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 50 = Dobey buys fifty sacks of sugar. Each weighs twenty pounds. (Moonshine)
• 50 = Hutch notes there are fifty ranches between Metro and Pinion Pine Ranch. (Bloodbath)
• 50 = There are fifty sticks of dynamite in the trunk of the Chevy. (Savage Sunday)
• 50 = Dr. Franklin points out the poison could be any one of fifty varieties in the organic chloride grouping. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 51 = Fifty-one weeks out of the year “they’d rather take your head off or run you down with their car,” says Hutch, dissing the cultural Christmas. (Little Girl Lost)

• 51 = Hutch’s score in War in the isolation room is fifty-one. (Plague)
• 53 = Starsky’s uncle leaves part of his estate to fifty-three nieces and nephews. (Golden Angel)
• 54 = There are fifty-four varieties of hot dogs offered at Arlene’s. (Omaha Tiger)
• 60 = Joey’s testimony has the ability to put away sixty gangland figures. (Set-Up)
• 60 = A sixty percent correct score on Starsky’s ESP test qualifies him for the advanced class. (Black and Blue)
• 63 = Huggy has sixty-three points in the dart game and doubts Starsky and Hutch can match it. (Bust Amboy)
• 70 = The diamond Vanessa steals is seventy carats. (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• 71 = Huggy complains Annie’s interest rate is “seventy-one percent, compounded daily.” (Collector)
• 72 = Seventy-two percent is a passing score on the Wisconsin Multi-Facet Index Test. (Lady Blue)
• 75 = Seventy-five percent is what Hutch estimates he and Starsky’s time spent together on the job is. Starsky agrees. (Death in a Different Place)
• 75 = Seventy-five percent of guys in joint are “really strange” says Kira, as opposed to fifty percent of them as just plain strange. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• 76 = Commander Jim scores seventy-six percent on the Wisconsin Multi-Facet Index Test. (Lady Blue)
• 78 = Hutch will sell to Starsky some 78 LPs, real cheap. (Committee)
• 80 = The Southwestern profit picture is going to have an eighty percent loss for Gunther. (Sweet Revenge)
• 83 = The eighty-third chapter in Starsky’s trivia book is the one about Big Foot as a creature from outer space sent here to spy. (Bounty Hunter)
• 86 = Hutch estimates the security guard’s “cough medicine” potency is eighty-six proof. (Set-Up)
• 86 = Hutch tells Starsky when he misses the trashcan with his paper that eighty-six is the charm. (Rosey Malone)
• 95 = Ninety-five percent of crimes are committed between Monday and Saturday, asserts Starsky. (Blindfold)
• 97 = Starsky says he has told Sharman she looks fine ninety-seven times already. (Running)
• 97 = The radio announces it is ninety-seven degrees, making it the fifth hot day in a row. (Death in a Different Place)

• 100 = For every one hundred cars that cross the desert, twenty-three point six of them have engine trouble, says Starsky. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 100 = Lonnie, as a runner, may know “any one of a hundred guys.” (Pariah)
• 100 = The Casino de Paris has a “cast of 100.” (Targets 1)
• 100 = Amboy brags he is a “one hundred percent red, white and blue success story.” (Bust Amboy)
• 100 = Emily’s chance at her eyesight returning after incident in parking garage is one hundred percent. (Blindfold)
• 100 = One hundred percent of advanced ESP students go on to use their ancient wisdom for personal gain. (Black and Blue)
• 100 = The cocaine is one hundred percent pure. (Snowstorm)
• 100 = Ten, twenty or one hundred people Hutch thinks could be in on the scam. (Set-Up)
• 100 = Dobey is backing his men up one hundred percent, he tells Bettin. (Jojo)
• 100 = It is one hundred percent on Annie’s loan if $2000 is needed to pay back a $1000 loan. (Collector)
• 100 = Huggy assures Lou Malinda “the merchandise is one hundred percent intact.” (Kill Huggy Bear)
• 100 = Iron Mike assures Starsky and Hutch his informant is one hundred percent. (Iron Mike)
• 100 = Markeno has assured Stryker that Nick is one hundred percent. (Starsky’s Brother)
• 100 = Kate has made Hutch’s speech to herself “a hundred times, a thousand times.” (Cover Girl)
• 100 = Flashy Floyd can provide one hundred witness as an alibi. (Specialist)
• 100 = Starsky describes Jimmy Shannon as “seventeen going on one hundred.” (Vendetta)
• 100’s = Dobey figures McClellan was blackmailing hundreds of people on the Witness Protection list to which he had access. (Targets 3)
• 100, 20, 10 = Hutch estimates one hundred, twenty or ten people could be in on the scam. (Set-Up)

• 109 = Mac Johnson has told Starsky and Hutch his Dobey story a hypothetical one hundred nine times. (Omaha Tiger)
• 109 = Mac Johnson says he was a beat cop 109 years ago. (Omaha Tiger)
• 111 = There are one hundred eleven heirs, including Starsky, to his uncle’s will. (Golden Angel)
• 112 = Starsky “is down” one hundred twelve points in his card game with Hannah. (Deckwatch)
• 120 = Coyle has Johnny and Artie go check one hundred twenty cases of the best Bing cherries in the world. (Iron Mike)
• 120-130 = Randall-Boyd System shoots one hundred twenty to one hundred thirty frames an hour. (Set-Up)
• 146 = It is Babe Ruth’s one hundred forty-sixth birthday, according to Hutch. (Murder Ward)
• 156 = One hundred fifty-six passengers out of three hundred twelve might survive the bombs on ship, Joey surmises. He has calculated a 50% survival rate. (Murder at Sea)
• 156 = If the elevator can hold up to 2500 pounds and the maximum number of people allowed on, then each person can weigh up to 156 pounds. This doesn’t take into account any medical equipment. (Sweet Revenge)
• 188 = One hundred eighty-eight years is roughly the amount of time the Ivers family has been making moonshine. “Our family has been brewing corn since Washington D.C. was nothing more than a swamp.” (Moonshine)
• 200 = Alex and Carl have a toast to two hundred glorious years of our country. (Specialist)
• 200 = Nadasy has over two hundred students. (Vampire)
• 200 = R & I gets two hundred names. (Coffin For Starsky)
• 200 = There are two hundred antelopes in Hutch’s numbers rant. (Lady Blue)
• 200 = Starsky exaggerates the outside air temperature to be two hundred degrees. (Crying Child)
• 200 = The butcher tells David Delano he can get two hundred ribs. (Death Notice)
• 200 = The butcher tells David Delano he can get two hundred strips. (Death Notice)
• 240 = As seen on a sign by Starsky and Hutch’s stakeout position, two hundred forty degrees is how hot porcelain needs to be able to stand for hotel / restaurant use. (Fatal Charm)
• 247 = The lifetime batting average of Eckworth is two hundred forty-seven. (Vendetta)
• 260 = If you follow the math in the article Hutch read, two hundred sixty rape cases made it into court last year in Bay City. (Strange Justice)

• 300 = Helen says there are over three hundred people aboard Amapola. (Murder at Sea)
• 312 = official count of passengers on the Amapola. (Murder at Sea)
• 346 = Tommy Reese announces Hammerlock has won three hundred forty-six out of three hundred sixty-two fights. (Golden Angel)
• 360 degrees = Hutch does a mysterious 360 degree turn in Torino in front of ranch after bomb goes off. (Bloodbath)
• 362 = Of the three hundred sixty-two fights in his lifetime, Hammerlock has won three hundred forty-six of them. (Golden Angel)
• 398 = Three hundred and ninety-eight graduates, out of 400, are still alive, Dobey rhetorically points out to Hutch. (Class in Crime)
• 400 = Four hundred watt seconds is the doctor’s instructions with the defibrillator. (Sweet Revenge)
• 400 = Jamieson College puts out four hundred graduates a year, Dobey notes. (Class in Crime)
• 432 = Flight #32 “to Alabama” is boarding at Gate Five. This is Dr. Kaufman’s flight. (Plague)
• 441 = Dolly’s yellow GMC pick-up truck has a brand-new 441 V8 for an engine. (Moonshine)
• 500 = There are five hundred men out looking for a white Chevy. (Savage Sunday)
• 893 = The car Hutch is envisioning Starsky’s Uncle Al has for him has eight hundred ninety three horsepower. (Jojo)

• 1000 = Blaze has told Licentia a thousand times not to sit in a way that will aggravate her sinuses. (Targets 2)
• 1000 = Prudholm want to blow Starsky into one thousand pieces. (Pariah)
• 1000 = Dr. Stegner says Terry Nash must have seen Durniak’s name on television and in newspapers a thousand times. (Set-Up)
• 1000 = Hutch orders Thousand Island dressing on his hamburger. (Committee)
• 1000 = Kate has made Hutch’s speech to herself “a thousand times, a hundred times.” (Cover Girl)
• 1000 = One Thousand Swords is the name of Huggy’s famous trick. (Murder at Sea)
• 1000 = Regarding to innocuousness of the white Chevy, there are “a thousand of other old tubs out there.” (Savage Sunday)
• 1000 = Starsky and Hutch tell Stafford they have seen Huggy’s trick a thousand times before. (Murder at Sea)
• 1000 = Starsky tells Hutch, “At least I am batting a thousand,” when Hutch points out the last three visitors at hotel were not the Angel. (Cover Girl)
• 1000 = Starsky tells Hutch, as Hutch is laying on gurney, that he is “batting a thousand.” (Black and Blue)
• 1000 = The name of the book Terry gives Starsky is “One Thousand Ways to Win at Monopoly.” (Starsky’s Lady)
• 1000 = There have been “many thousands of inquiries” Huggy says about Starsky while recovering. (Shootout)
• 1000 = Willy has an order from his new distributor and has to have a thousand gallons of moonshine by Saturday. (Moonshine)
• 1000’s = Dr. Kaufman warns if the Plague is not isolated, it would kill “thousands.” (Plague)
• 1000’s = Dobey tells Starsky it may very well be that Hutch has to die as there are “thousands of other lives to be protected. (Plague)

• 1100 = The Rosslyn Hotel has eleven hundred rooms. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• 1300 = Thirteen hundred rape cases, out of two thousand six hundred reported, made it to DA’s office last year in Bay City, Hutch notes. (Strange Justice)
• 1800 = Nash requests eighteen hundred dollar bills and the rest in fifties. The total amount is $2500. (Set-Up)
• 2000 = Huggy tries to sell two thousand Dingle Dollies to Starsky and Hutch. (Hostages)
• 2000 = Hutch notes Garras has two thousand Playboys, along with a closet full of Penthouses. (Collector)
• 2500 = Two thousand five hundred pounds is the maximum load of the elevator at County Hospital. (Sweet Revenge)
• 2600 = Hutch knows there were two thousand six hundred reported rape cases in Bay City last year. (Strange Justice)
• 3000 = There are three thousand people on the Witness Protection list to which Judge McClellan was privy. (Targets 3)
• 3000 = Nine thousand Japanese cameras makes Hutch think of three thousand Japanese tourists. (Terror on the Docks)
• 4000-5000 = Bay City has four to five thousand “men” in the department. This is Starsky’s rough estimate. (Crying Child)
• 9000 = Nine thousand Japanese cameras were stolen when Jerry was knocked out. (Terror on the Docks)

• 10,000 = Starsky describes the sound of the ball is in the air as “ten thousand people getting hit in the gut at the same time.” (Pilot)
• 10,000 = Hutch doesn’t care if Starsky has caught ten thousand trout. He is cranky about Starsky’s beginner’s luck, is freaked out about Pine Lake and wants to go home. (Satan’s Witches)
• 15,000 = Sonny describes the Bonus March as “fifteen thousand men marching down Pennsylvania Avenue.” (Survival)
• 20,000 = Twenty-thousand men may also match Billy’s description and they aren’t dating Nancy, says Hutch (Terror on the Docks)
• 100,000 = One hundred thousand people are employed by Mr. Mark’s fashion trade association. (Groupie)
• 100,000 = The “little suckers” are magnified one hundred thousand times in the photo Dr. Meredith shows Hutch. (Plague)
• 100,000 = The prize in Starsky and Hutch’s game is one hundred thousand units of penicillin for Sweetheart to share with her friends. (Pilot)
• 500,000 = Starsky estimates there are five hundred thousand people in Bay City. (Game)
• 900,000 = Hutch reminds Starsky of the nine hundred thousand “other guys that might be trying to kill us.” (Pilot)
• 100s of 1000s = Hundreds of thousands of people are “in a mass migration” during hurricane season, per report on radio. (Survival)
• 100s of 1000s = Tommy Reese tells the audience that hundreds of thousands of people are watching the match at home on television. (Golden Angel)
• 1,000,000 = Hutch tells Huggy he is a million laughs. (Fatal Charm)
• 1,000,000 = Spenser tells Jeeter, “Thanks a million.” (Heavyweight)
• 1,000,000 = Hutch is worried Starsky will be blown into a million pieces in a car bomb. (Targets 2)
• 1,000,000 = Sugar Plum “feels like a million, but will take them two at time.” (Death in a Different Place)
• 1,000,000 = Hutch rants, “I’ve told you a million times, Starsky, we gotta have vouchers.” (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• 1,000,000 = Taft tells Starsky and Hutch Eddie can’t talk as they have a million things to do. (Omaha Tiger)
• 10,000,000 = Tommy Reese says ten million people also aren't watching wrestling anymore. (Golden Angel)
• 5,000,000 = Starsky tells Huggy, “There are five million people in this town,” in relation to the odds of the botulism happening to Hutch. (Game)
• 3,570,784 = Three million five hundred seventy thousand seven hundred eighty-four is the answer to 721 x 9261. Yes, Leotis gets it right. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• 6,677,181 = Six million six hundred seventy-seven thousand one hundred eighty-one is the answer to 266 x 13424. Yes, Leotis gets it right. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• 9,000,000 = Starsky and Hutch wonder which "one of nine million other guys who might be trying to kill us," besides Dobey, Henderson or Steele. (Pilot)
• 26,000,000 = Roger was dealing twenty-six million shares in the stock market. (Avenger)
• all = all of the villagers in Rosey Malone’s Mexican Empire sell their art through her, which could make one suspect Mr. Malone as the strong-arm influence. (Rosey Malone)

• Collandra is referred to as a “two-bit cheat.” (Psychic)
• Hungry Mama calls Starsky a “two-bit cheapskate gear jockey.” (Set-Up)

• Huntley calls Palmer a “two-bit hustler.” (Birds of a Feather)
• Hutch tells Simon Marcus he is a “two-bit perverted punk.” (Bloodbath)
• Jerry Neilan hates running a “two-bit golf course.” (Death Notice)
• Nick is described as a “two-bit” hustler.” (Death in a Different Place)
• Starsky and Hutch call Mousy Loomis a “two-bit thief.” (Nightmare)
• Starsky calls Prudholm a “two-bit pervert.” (Pariah)
• Starsky knocks, “Shave and a Haircut,” on Stella’s door. (Starsky’s Brother)

• “A long shot,” Vic says, Those are my favorite odds." (Losing Streak)
• "I'd' have laid odds" they would have found the counterfeit money if they had done a thorough search the night before, Hutch tells White. (Losing Streak)
• “I’m pushing the odds,” Hutch says to comatose Starsky. (Sweet Revenge)
• “Long shots,” Starsky comments Tommy Carniary’s widow said Tommy was into long shots. (Omaha Tiger)
• Hutch will “lay you odds” telling Starsky he thinks Solenko’s ring is still active. (Lady Blue)
• “The odds are with him (Harry) in the dark,” Starsky argues with Hutch. (Deckwatch)
• "slim to none", the chances Starsky and Hutch figure with the bad guys "giving a kid a break." (Trap)
• “10 to 1 he’ll kill them both before he splits in the dark,” says Starsky. (Deckwatch)
• “pretty good odds” Hutch tells Starsky regarding 50% chance for Emily’s eyesight. (Blindfold)
• 10 to 1, Fast Mama, on blackboard in background. (Omaha Tiger)
• 10 to 1, Starsky says their suspect is Stryker. (Snowstorm)
• 12 to 1, Huggy can’t cover the odds McCabe proposes. (Tap Dancing)
• "12 out of 35" isn't bad. (Murder at Sea)
• 2 to 1 Cheese Biscuit. (Tap Dancing)
• 2 to 1, Hutch says that Slade knows who the killer is. (Vampire)
• 3 to 1 Nick wants to set-up pool game with Hutch and Huggy, odds are raised later to 4 to 1. (Starsky’s Brother)
• 3 to 1, Little Minnie. (Tap Dancing)
• 30 to 1 Cheese Biscuit, on blackboard in background. (Omaha Tiger)
• 35 to 1, mathematical probability of Starsky winning with 17 black, so says Hutch .(Las Vegas Strangler)
• 36 to 1, possibly the odds with Salty Babe. It “paid $36 to win.” (Action)
• 4 to 1 Huggy ups the odds on Soon Henry after someone asks if he can cover a $50 bet on Cat's Meow. (Omaha Tiger)
• 4 to 1, Huggy lowers the odds when Starsky bets on Green. (Omaha Tiger)
• 4 to 1 pool game is set between Starsky and Nick plus Hutch and Huggy, left-handedness a secret. (Starsky’s Brother)
• 50-50 odds of surviving the ship disaster, Joey and Nicky have a bet that at least half the passengers live. (Murder at Sea)
• 7 to 1, Salty Babe’s odds in the fifth race. (Action)
• 9 to 1, Starsky wins $50 on Soon Henry, when he bets $5. (Omaha Tiger)
• Knicks plus 4, given to Fat Rolly regarding the Lakers/Knicks game. (Pilot)

Starsky and Hutch’s modern math
• “two will get you one” (Murder at Sea)
• “ten will get you twenty” (Pilot)
• “five will get you ten” (Manchild on the Streets, Murder Ward, Heavyweight, Heroes, Blindfold)
• “fifteen will get you twenty” (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Some excellent math: Starsky and Hutch as each other’s better/ other half
• Huggy asks Starsky to come to his dip and sip, and says, “If your other half is there, I’d like to meet with the whole package.” (Trap)
• Huggy says Starsky looks funny without Hutch. He says he looks “lopsided” and like a “pig without the pork.” (Body Worth Guarding)
• Starsky answers Hutch, “Your better half,” when he knocks on the hotel door. (Body Worth Guarding)

Bad math
• 1/2 the population is under 25, 1/2 the population doesn’t look good in swimwear, 1/2 the population wants to look under 25. (Groupie)
• Eddie Bell is 1/2 man, 1/2 boy, 1/2 horse. (Omaha Tiger)

Really bad math (Strange Justice)
• Hutch reports that there were 2600 rape cases reported in Bay City last year
• 1300 of those rape cases made it to the DA’s office
• 1/5 of those cases made it to court, which is 260 cases
• 1/10 of those cases have convictions is what Hutch starts to say and interrupts himself