"The only thing I know that goes down easy is bad booze." (Targets 1)

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There are five categories of characters.
This is the most common listing. It is a character that is seen and credited in some way.
• MENTIONED = The character is not seen, not heard, and not listed in credits, but has been mentioned in some way.
• CREDITED ONLY = The character is a name seen in the credits but is not seen, heard or mentioned, most likely a role or scene that was cut.
• NOT CREDITED = The character is seen, heard, and may or may not have a name.
• IN ORIGINAL SCRIPT = The character has a name in the original script, but it never transferred over. There are only a few of these characters. See note below.

Notes on the original scripts:
Canon is canon is canon, right? So where does the original script fit in? The most obvious answer is it wasn't filmed, it isn't canon. At the same time, there are quite a few examples of characters in the show that aren't mentioned in the credits, as well as a number the other way around. One example of how the original script may be helpful is in the case of Woody the Magic Man, Prudholm and the unnamed thug in the car with them. (Starsky's Lady) In the original script, there are two thugs along with Woody and Prudholm. They are named Marty and Bobby. Bobby, however, is killed in a previous robbery (shot by Starsky), which would seemingly make Marty the thug who was left. The reader/viewer is going to have to make up her or his mind about the validity of this information. Your compendium-er will ALWAYS note which character's names come from an original script as she feels a little squicky about the source of the information.

Notes on alphabetical organization:
• If the character has a first and last name, he or she will be listed by last name.
• If the character has only one name, he or she will be listed by that name.
• If the character is known only by a nickname, he or she will be listed by the first word of that nickname. For example, Sammy the Greek (Nightmare) is under "S" not "G."

If you have difficulty in finding a character, take a look at Characters by Episode. An example of a tricky name is Cheryl (Bait). She is listed under her last name, Waite.
Characters by Episode

If the character has a name or a mention, he or she will be on this main Character Description page. Some examples of people here:

• Mardean Rigger (Targets 1) named and credited.
• Mardean Rigger's sister (Targets 1) mentioned.
• Officer Smitty (Discomania) is seen, named but not credited.
• And Mr. and Mrs. Harcourt (Bloodbath) credited but never seen.

If the character is related to a Hutchinson, a Dobey, a Starsky or Huggy Bear, see
Inner Circle Relatives

The sources I used for character descriptions. See
Sources for links.
• credits on the DVDs themselves
• show dialogue
• visuals, such as doors and name tags
• IMDb
• "Starsky and Hutch Basics"
• the invaluable, now-defunct, "Blue's Resources."

There are spelling inconsistencies in all sources. I chose to go with the credits on the shows themselves for all CHARACTER NAMES.

For spelling inconsistencies with ACTORS (and there are plenty), I went with IMDb as a baseline, then the show's credits.

ome characters are at the mercy of my spelling abilities. Some examples:
• Bowerman? Bauerman? (Iron Mike)
• Kazelkovsky? Kazelkovski? (Bloodbath)

And finally, sometimes there is more to a name than the credits and the information that comes from triangularization. For example:
• Kathi (Death Notice) is listed by her first name only on the show's credits. Her last name is mentioned in the show as Carmer.
• Mrs. Dodsman's first name is never used by any character, but it is listed as Claire in the credits.
• Henderson (Pilot) is never referred to by his first name during the show. The name Mark appears on Patricia Talbert's class schedule, as well as in the credits.
• Danny (Velvet Jungle) is the name of the bigoted pancake maker. He is never called Danny in the show, but by cross-referencing the actor's name in the credits with the actor's photograph, one can pinpoint the name.

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