"And I'm just a scared little girl when it comes to the..." (Hutchinson for Murder One)

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Uncle Elmo (Nightmare, Crying Child) mentioned
Starsky tells Hutch about Uncle Elmo, a man who ran a neighborhood toy store when Starsky was a kid. Starsky said all the kids looked up to Uncle Elmo. Starsky and Hutch go there to buy a birthday present but find out the toy store has been gone twenty years. Starsky and Hutch respond to a call about a robbery at a laundromat several blocks away. Hutch points out the store across the street. It is “Uncle Elmo's Adult Toy Store”. The same pre-tag is used in both episodes.

an Dam (Dandruff) Rodine, Alex
Van Dam is the diamond bidder from Holland. He bids five million dollars and is the auction winner. His symbol to hotel security is a pair of glasses. He tells Starsky and Hutch, “tot ziens,” Dutch for “goodbye."

Van Kleef (Murder Ward) mentioned
• Hutch, as Hansen, tells Dr. Matwick he studied the Van Kleef syndrome in med school.

Matwick replies Van Kleef "was very gifted for his time."
Vanessa (Hutchinson for Murder One) Hamel, Veronica
Vanessa is Hutch’s ex-wife. She and Hutch have been divorced, by her recollection, four years, six months and twelve days. She calls him from the airport and wants to meet him. They meet at the Pits and have a fight. Hutch leaves, but she follows, asking him if she can stay at his place that night. She tells him she is going to the hospital in the morning for a biopsy. He reluctantly says yes. Vanessa hides a stolen diamond in his car. She tries to seduce him, but it doesn’t work. She tells him she is in the international jewelry market and tries to get him to be her partner. While Hutch goes for his morning run, her boss’ thugs kill her. They use Hutch’s gun, and Hutch is arrested for her murder. Vanessa’s favorite drink is a Brandy Alexander. She says she never darned Hutch’s socks. Vanessa may be Hutch’s first or second ex-wife, depending on how one interprets Nancy, the woman he mentions in the “Pilot”.

Vicky (Las Vegas Strangler) Carter, Lynda
Vicky works as a showgirl in Las Vegas at the Thunderbird Hotel. She has a young daughter named Cary. Cary has a leg brace. Cary lives with Vicky’s mother in Boulder City while Vicky works two jobs to pay for Cary’s operations. Vicky is divorced. Her ex-husband’s name is Lloyd. Lloyd becomes physically abusive when he drinks. Vicky meets Starsky and Hutch in her dressing room. She invites them to a party at her apartment. Lloyd attacks her as she is walking by the pool, and Starsky saves her, with help from Hutch. Vicky is a friend with Jack Mitchell. Vicky knew one of the victims. She tells Starsky the victim felt like there was someone in her room shortly before she was killed. Starsky goes to buy nylons with her and figures out the drug store is a big clue. Meanwhile, Jack Mitchell gets into her car and begs her to help him. He is confused and convinced Hutch is trying to kill him. She takes him to her apartment, but Pruitt attacks both. Pruitt slams her against a wall, giving her a severe concussion. Starsky and Hutch send all their Las Vegas winnings to her so she can pay for her debts and her daughter’s operations.

Vicky's Mom (Las Vegas Strangler) mentioned
• She lives in Boulder City and cares for Cary, Vicky's daughter

Vicky's Daughter, Cary (Las Vegas Strangler) Ryan, Natasha
• Cary lives with her grandma in Boulder City. She has a crippled leg.

Vicky's Ex-Husband, Lloyd (Las Vegas Strangler) not credited
• He comes after Vicky when he has too much to drink. Starsky and Hutch take him down in the pool, thinking they have caught the strangler.

Victor (Murder Ward) DeFazio, Sam
Victor is a patient at Cabrillo State Mental Hospital. He plays cards with Starsky and some other patients. He quotes morbid poetry.

Victor, Gerold (Starsky's Brother) O'Leary, John Gerry
Gerold is Frank Stryker’s lawyer. He and Styker are printing up counterfeit money to pass off in Europe. Starsky locates Nick by figuring out Gerold owns the print shop.

Vince (Running) mentioned
• He went to junior high with Starsky. He wrote,
"From North to South, East to West, you’re a nice guy, but you’re sure a mess” in Starsky's yearbook.

Vince (Murder on Stage 17) mentioned
• After the movie's screening, Hanson thanks Vince "for the sound."

Vince (Terror on the Docks) mentioned
• He is a name, along with Steve, in the newspaper article Hutch reads to Starsky.

Vinnie (Deadly Imposter) Jump, Gordon
Vinnie runs “Frankie’s Gym”. Vinnie phones Hutch up at work and tells him John Colby is there. Hutch tells Vinnie that he and Starsky will be down to see Colby as soon as their shift ends. In the “Pilot”, Vinnie is called Frankie.

Virgil (Moonshine) Fimple, Dennis
Virgil is originally from Kentucky. His brother’s name is Frank. He and Frank are stealing sugar from a warehouse. They have both been drinking bad moonshine. It has been cut with wood alcohol. Starsky and Hutch chase after them while they are driving away. Both Frank and Virgil die the next day in the hospital. Dobey refers to them as plowboys. The Ivers, their bosses, ship their bodies back to Kentucky to be buried.

Vivian (Black and Blue) Bowen, Candace
Vivian is about seventeen-years old. She works for Lionel Train’s gang. Train employs minors to rob houses. Vivian and her partner, Bruce, are robbing a house when Starsky and Hutch arrive. Vivian pulls a gun on Hutch. He pulls his gun, too, but freezes when he realizes how young she is. Vivian shoots Hutch and escapes in a car, leaving Bruce to be captured by Starsky. Vivian thinks she has killed Hutch. She brings the loot back to Train but doesn’t tell him she shot a cop. After Bruce is released on bail, he tells Train about Hutch. Hutch yells at Vivian, and he tells her to leave. She sees Starsky and figures out he, and Meredith, are cops. Vivian gets Starsky’s gun and brings him to Train, exposing Meredith. Train orders her to shoot both cops as they are tied to chairs. Before she decides whether or not to do it, Hutch and Dobey bust in and save the day. It is mentioned that she is sent to a foster home.

Vivian (Dandruff) Hamilton, Leigh
Vivian calls the beauty parlor downstairs and requests someone to come up. Mrs. Zuckerman sends Hutch, as Mr. Marlene. Vivian is aggressive sexually with Hutch, rolling him underneath the coffee table. She wants to have sex with him while she plays a “vivacious saleslady” . Her husband, Harry, comes out of the bedroom, sees his wife with Hutch and doesn’t have much of a reaction.

Vorhees, Monty (Bounty Hunter) Ross, Stan
Vorhees is good friends with Jerry Konig. They were in prison together. Konig is staying at the Palm Crest Hotel where Vorhees works. Vorhees used to a circus geek, something Starsky is please to share with Hutch. Starsky and Hutch offer protection to Vorhees, but Bo Rile tricks him with a phone call. Rile kills Vorhees. Vorhees likes peanuts.