"The important thing is, are you a good dancer?" (Black and Blue)

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Gage, Prof. Joshua (Class in Crime) MacLean, Peter
• Gage is a Professor at Jameson College. He is also a hit man. His girlfriend’s name is Mickie Marra. He and Marra set up a hit with her as a mime in order to kill Allen Richards. Richards and fellow student Jack Morgan found out about one of Gage’s prior hits and were blackmailing him. Starsky and Hutch suspect Gage is involved when they find Morgan’s body. Discovering both men were Gage’s former students, Hutch goes undercover as a student in Gage’s “Philosophy of Crime” class. Hutch leaves a blackmail note on the classroom blackboard and figures out it was Hutch. He has Hutch meet him at his beach home, planning on having Marra kill him. Starsky shoots Marra before she can kill Hutch.

Gallagher, John (Collector) Viharo, Robert
• see Cunningham, Jack

Mr. Gallagher, John's father (Collector) mentioned
• see Cunningham, Jack's father

Garcia (Targets 1) mentioned
• Gesslin brings up three preceding cases that make Hutch's informant stance moot. The cases are the People vs. Castille, the People vs. Garcia and the People vs. Williams.

Garner, Samuel (Committee) Bogert, William
• Garner is the Paul H. Willits’ defense lawyer. Willits is accused of attempted rape, along with his partner Ward Billings. The rape charge is not their first one. Starsky and Hutch feel Garner is the perfect example of a lawyer who is more interested in protecting criminals than is protecting victims. After Willits gets out on bail, Garner goads Starsky and Hutch in the courtroom hallway. When Willits is killed, Garner says he believes Starsky may have done it and may be a member of the vigilante group that has been doing similar crimes. Garner sics Fargo on Starsky. The Committee kidnaps Garner. They want Starsky to kill Garner, calling it Starsky’s initiation into their club. Later, Garner admits Starsky and Hutch did a good job, but that he would continue doing his job, too. Starsky and Hutch complain to Dobey that Garner never thanked them.

Garras, Joe (Collector) O'Leary, Jack
• Garras is Annie Oates collector. When he looses four thousand dollars of her money in for months betting on horses, she puts out a contract to have him killed. Jack Cunningham shoots him in his apartment, a place near Hutch’s home. Cunning ham steals Garras’ book. Garras has a lot of pornographic magazines in his closet.

Gary, Dr. (Game, Blindfold) mentioned
• His or her name is heard over the hospital PA. He or she is told he has an emergency call on line six.

Gary, Officer (Hostages) not credited
• Hutch asks him to sit with Meg and the mug books while he and Hutch talk to Dobey.

Garvin, Nate (Deadly Impostor) Darcy, Gene
• Garvin is a big drug boss and the target of Grand Jury hearing that starts in a few days. He hires John Colby to kill two of the witnesses who are going to testify against him, Harvey Russo and Warren G. Karpel.

Gavin, Haley (Heavyweight) Behrens, Benard
• Gavin is a mob boss. He was kicked out of the union. He thinks of himself as a sportsman. He has his men steal cargo from the docks, store it in his warehouse and use his trucks to get it out-of-state. His thugs catch undercover officer Frank Marchetti checking a crate against the inventory. They kill Marchetti. James Spenser, a boxer who is working the docks, is a witness. Garvin is Spencer’s “angel”, getting him boxing jobs and backing his career. Garvin orders Spencer to throw a fight, and Spencer refuses. After Starsky and Hutch help Spencer, he realizes he was a witness to Gavin’s crime. Spencer tries to run away, afraid to testify. His best friend, Jeeter, betrays him. Spencer arranges a showdown at the docks, hoping to get Gavin off his back.

George (Death Ride) Bova, Joe
• George is the driver for the taxi that comes to drive Starsky, Hutch and Williams to the airport. He says Starsky and Hutch don’t look like cops, but that they sound like cops. Starsky and Hutch drop George off at the side of the road after their run through the cornfield. Hutch gives Starsky’s watch to George as collateral for the taxi. Later George turns the watch back in, and the watch shows up on a stolen properties list.

George (Heavyweight) mentioned
• George is an airline pilot. Starsky is sleeping with George’s on-again, off-again girlfriend. George is supposedly sexy and mature. George and Sharon get back together and become re-engaged while Starsky is out on a call.

Gerard, Denise (Bounty Hunter) Jackson, Sherry
• Gerard is Jerry Konig’s girlfriend. She is a dancer at the “Jungle Club.” She wishes Konig would go straight. Bo Rile and Lola Turkel are afraid Konig told Gerard about their activities and are going to kill her. Rile calls her, pretends to be Konig, lures her to a warehouse and tries to kill her.

Gertrude (Birds of a Feather) Ramsey, Anne
• Gertrude’s other name is Yvonne. She has been caught spying on a naked Mr. Kramer. She tells Starsky about Kramer’s scar. Minnie books and charges her with for Voyeurism, Public Nuisance and Peeping Tom.

Gesslin (Targets 1) Pentecost, George
• Gesslin is Judge Raymond McClellan's lawyer.

Gibson (Hostages) Fornjy, Richard
• Gibson is one of Conrad’s thugs. He and Belle Kates took Ellie from her house and guard her in the car barn.

Gina (Game) Charney, Suzanne
• Gina is Ray Pardee’s girlfriend. She buys him a plane ticket in another name, gives him money and hides him. Hutch finds her and tries to warn her about Pardee. She takes Hutch to Pardee. She almost turns Pardee in, but is too afraid.

Ginger (Playboy Island) not credited
• Ginger is the house detective at Playboy Hotel.

Ginger (Coffin For Starsky) not credited
• She is one of the women in Janos' movie. Janos tells her to get rid of her chewing gum.

Ginger (Death Notice) Charney, Suzanne
• Ginger is a stripper at the “Panama Club.” She is Delano and Posey’s first victim. She has an unlisted phone number, a heavy Southern accent and a boyfriend who used to play for the New Orleans Saints. Her boyfriend tries to protect her but fails. Ginger dies of a broken neck, and Starsky pulls her body out of a pool.

Ginger (Committee) May, Angela
• Her real name is Alice K. Conrad. She works for “The Committee” and lures possible recruits from Nellie’s bar. She hears the exchange between Starsky and Hutch and invites Starsky to her place. She tells him she has maternal instincts for him and compliments his taste in wine. Ginger tries to warn Starsky off after she changes her mind, but it is too late. Hutch recognizes Ginger from an old bunko charge. He and Dobey figure out that Fargo reduced her charges and is involved.

Ginger (Action) Steelsmith, Mary
• Ginger is a large masseuse and the Professor’s girlfriend. He calls her a “powerful pile of pummeling pulchritude.”

Glassman, Officer Bernie (Fix) McCalman, Macon
• Glassman stays with Hutch in the alley. Starsky grabs his shirt and tells him not to tell anyone about Hutch’s condition. Glassman agrees.

Glassman, Officer Bernie's Partner (Fix) not credited
• He and his partner call in when they see Hutch. Glassman goes after Hutch. Glassman's partner stays in the car and directs Starsky to the alley.

Glenda (Las Vegas Strangler) Bertrand, Collette
• She lives across the hall from Vicky at the Palm Crest Apartments. Vicky invites Jack, Starsky and Hutch to Glenda's birthday party.

Gloria (Birds of a Feather) Peters, Victoria
• Gloria is Reuben’s secretary. He gives her some money and asks her to buy a briefcase for his uncle.

Godfrey, Inspector Amadeus (Playboy Island) Brown, Roscoe Lee
• He is the police inspector on Playboy Island. Godfrey finds the body of Walter Healey and traces the names “Night” and “Day” to Starsky and Hutch. Godfrey is suspicious of Starsky and Hutch and warns them. They don’t know if Godfrey is trustworthy, but after Johnny Door’s death, they cooperate with him. Godfrey drives a boat to rescue Starsky, Hutch and the Regans in the end. Godfrey tells Starsky and Hutch that Papa Theodore escaped. Hogarth is one of Godfrey’s employees

Goldberg, Dimitri (Iron Mike) mentioned
• Goldberg is fat, wears a silver shirt, is a gourmet and bowls in a league. Starsky reminds Hutch about Goldberg, so Hutch knows about him, too. Goldberg recommends the “Gung Ho” to Starsky and says the Moo Shoo (which Starsky calls Mushi) Pork is the best dish but only when it is cooked by Harry.

Goodson, Bill (Rosey Malone) Jenkins, Paul
• Goodson is an attorney with the Justice Department. His partner is Ed Chambers. They are working with a senate investigating committee to prosecute Frank Malone. Goodson and Chambers goad Starsky into getting close to Malone’s daughter, Rosey. Then they leak anonymous tips to Malone’s enemies, making them think he is cooperating with police. Goodson and Chambers also have Malone’s enemy know Rosey is dating a cop. Both Goodson and Chambers play both sides of the game in order to get their case.

Goose (Bust Amboy) Bergansky, Chuck
• Goose is one of Amboy’s thugs. He plays the body in the casket. Starsky and Hutch trick Goose into leading them to Amboy’s bank.

Gore (Targets 2) Zwerling, Darrell
• Gore works in an employment agency. He and his partner try to find Starsky and Hutch a job. Hutch is clumsy in front of him, knocking over a table.

Goring (Bait) Kramer, Sy
• Goring is a Danner’s lawyer. He sees Shockley in the hallway. Shockley is there on a trumped up ticket charge to keep him out of the Danner bust. Goring gets Shockley out of jail and the bust is disrupted.

Graham, Frank (Nightmare) mentioned
• Frank was Mitzi’s husband and Lisa’s father. He died a while ago. He might have been a cop, as Starsky, Hutch and Dobey are all remain in contact with his widow and daughter.

Graham, Lisa (Nightmare) Scarwid, Diana
• Lisa is Frank and Mitzi’s daughter. It is her birthday and she is turning nineteen. She has the mental age of ten years old. Starsky, Hutch and Dobey are invited to her birthday party. Lisa is raped as she heads downtown to the library. While her Manning is caught, the district attorney recommends that the charges against him be dropped. Manning breaks in and tries to kill Lisa. In the end, Starsky and Hutch stop by and bring her a puppy.

Graham, Mitzi (Nightmare) Morrow, Karen
• Mitzi is Lisa’s mom. Her husband was Frank, but she has been a widow for some time. She and Frank decide to raise Lisa at home rather than in an institution. She is a friend with Starsky, Hutch and Dobey.

Grainger, Sue Ann (Long Walk) Anderson, Lynn
• Granger is a country singer. A man is harassing her and demanding money. Her manager, Cal, calls Starsky and Hutch and convinces her to file a report. Her harasser is Jerry Tabor, a man from her past with a grudge. Granger agrees to meet Tabor and pay him off after he kills two people and blames her. She signs an autograph for Dobey. Granger sings at the bar with Hutch in the end.

Graniger, J.C. (Long Walk) Bryant, Josh
• It is the name Tabor uses when he calls Sue Ann at the bar, pretending to be her relative. See Jerry Tabor.

Grange, Hammerlock (Golden Angel) Karron, Richard
• Grange is a professional wrestler. He and Boone are fighting for the championship title. The two pretend to be enemies for the game but are friendly with each other in real life.

Greek, Sam the (Nightmare) mentioned
• Sam the Greek is a used car salesman. He is also a fence. He agrees to tell Starsky and Hutch when Manning and Mousy come in with stuff to sell because he is disgusted by their crime. Sam asks that Starsky and Hutch say that he was arrested so that he can keep his reputation. Sam communicates with Starsky and Hutch through Huggy.

Green, Jerry (Terror on the Docks) not credited
• Green is the security guard who was on duty on the docks when Jameson was killed. He was knocked out. Wilkins gives him some time off.

Greene, Dr. (Partners) Nelson, Ralph
• Greene is Starsky and Hutch’s doctor. He sees them after their car accident.

Greene, Mrs. (Black and Blue) Valenty, Lili
• Greene is an old lady in the hospital waiting room. She has terminal cancer and is waiting to see her doctor. She gets Starsky soup and tells him not to worry about Hutch, that he will be all right. Starsky says he will marry her if she is a good dancer. She says she is. Starsky sees her later and tells her Hutch is okay.

Greene, Mr. (Las Vegas Strangler) Fetty, Darrell
• Greene is the name Pruitt uses to lure Iris Thayer to Circus Circus. He tells her on the phone that he needs her to be the lead dancer in a new review.

Griggs, Buddy (Set Up) Korkes, Jon
• Griggs is probably Terry Nash’s real name. A man, a veteran, named Steve Reynolds recognizes him outside the gun shop. He tries to talk to him, citing a battle there. Terry says he doesn’t know who Reynolds is and denies that he is Buddy Griggs.

Grossman, Al (Gillian) Kellin, Mike
• Al is a pimp, along with his mother, Olga. They come to Bay City from Cleveland, along with Gillian, one of their call girls. Al and his mom are ambitious and want to take over a big part of the adult businesses in Bay City. The Grossmans have men hassle Harry Blower, and Lonely Bloggs is killed. Al and Olga don’t want Gillian dating a cop and try to make her drop him. Al kills Gillian. Al goads Hutch into meeting him at a theater so he can kill him. Starsky and Hutch stop Al. Al suggests that he has slept with Gillian.

Grossman, Olga (Gillian) Sidney, Sylvia
• Olga is a pimp, along with her son. They come to Bay City from Cleveland, along with Gillian, one of their call girls. Olga and her son, Al, are ambitious and want to take over a big part of the adult businesses in Bay City. She has men hassle Harry Blower, and Lonely Bloggs is killed. Olga doesn’t want Gillian dating a cop and try to make her drop him. When Gillian says she is quitting, and slaps Olga, Olga has Al kill her. Olga does the books for the business. She insults Gillian’s tea.

Grogan, Detective Phil (Foxy Lady) mentioned
• He is a homicide detective in San Francisco. Starsky calls him to find out about Clay Zachary and his associates. Yes, the name's stupidly close to the one below.

Grover, Detective Phil (Foxy Lady) Fox, John J.
• Grover is the plain-clothes officer that Starsky and Hutch ask to watch Lisa Kendrick while they talk to Dobey. Grover lets Lisa slip by him after she goes to the bathroom and exchanges clothes with the janitor. Later, he and Dobey tail Starsky in a car as he makes the ransom drop. Yes, the name is stupidly close to the one above.

Grovner, Sammy (Shootout) Fell, Norman
• Grovener is a second-rate comedian. His last job was at a bowling alley. His assistant is Robin. He is in love with her. Grovener and Robin get caught up in the attempted mob hit on Vic Monte. Grovener says his mother used to make him chicken soup when he was feeling poorly.

Gutierrez, Andrea (Velvet Jungle) Gallardo, Silvana
• Gutierrez is an illegal immigrant, most likely from Costa Rica. She is Helena's cousin, and they live together. Helena and Gutierrez both work in Harry Wheeling's garment industry. Gutierrez sees Wheeling kill Helena and runs away to hide. She knows Helena had information about Wheeling's illegal dealings. Gutierrez’s landlord tells Starsky and Hutch where she is. They, along with Paco Ortega, question her. She is too afraid to tell them much of anything.

Gutierrez, Julio (Psychic) Olmos, James Edward
• Gutierrez works at a car wash. He hangs out with low-lifes who give him a rough time. He owes Su Long money from gambling. Charlie Sireen is his girlfriend. Gutierrez gets mixed up with Fat Moo Moo and Earl Pola. Joanne Haymes knows him and is lured into the kidnapper’s van. Fat Moo Moo and Pola kill Gutierrez and leave his body in a van at the amusement park. Joe Collandra’s vision leads Starsky and Hutch to Gutierrez’ body.

Gunther, James Marshall (Targets 2 + 3, Sweet Revenge) Prince, William
• Gunther is referred to in Targets 2 and 3, but not seen until Sweet Revenge. Gunther is a mob boss and the head of the fourth largest holding company in the United States. Hutch says Gunther turned down a chance at the presidency because it would have been a step down in power. Gunther, upset about the bite Starsky and Hutch have taken out of his crime profits, orders the hit on Starsky. Gunther kills his assistant, Bates. Hutch arrests Gunther. Gunther's father repaired sewing machines and could fix anything.

Gunther's father (Sweet Revenge) mentioned
• Gunther says Bates and his dad would have gotten along. Gunther says his dad repaired sewing machines, was optimistic that anything could be fixed and that his nickname was "Mr. Fix-It." Gunther alludes to his father not having gone to college.

Guybo (Vampire) Leeds, Phil
• Guybo is an expert in the occult and a palm reader. Starsky and Hutch go see him to ask about occult activity in the area. Starsky gives him money for information Guybo says he got off the six o'clock news.

Guybo's ancestors (Vampire) mentioned
• Guybo says his ancestors, many years ago, have spoken about blood-drinkers.