"How do you think I feel every night, you up there on that runway in front of all those leering, sweating, old men getting their cheap thrills? You think I like running that two-bit golf course?" (Death Notice)

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Naar, Vice Captain Joe (Hostages) name seen on a door
• Most certainly an inside joke: the office across the hall from Dobey's office is #514 and it belongs to
Vice Captain Joe Naar. Naar is the show's producer.

Nadasy, Maria (Vampire) mentioned
• Maria was Rene Nadasy’s wife. He has a painting of her and lights candles under it. She died recently and, Rene is very distraught. He and Renee were in Slade’s satanic cult.

Nadasy, Rene (Vampire) Saxon, John
• Rene used to dance for the National City Ballet. He injured his leg fifteen years ago and walks with a crutch. Now he runs “Rene's School of Classical Ballet”. His wife was Maria. She recently passed away. They both were members of Slade’s satanic cult. Rene is killing young girls and drinking their blood. He thinks this will help bring his wife back to life. His three victims are Carol Carson, Honey Williams and Suzette Clark. Hutch watches Rene make a leap to a rooftop twenty-five feet away. It makes Hutch have some doubts about Starsky’s vampire theory. Rene lures Linda Offenbecker to an old theater in order to kill her. Starsky and Hutch interrupt him. He tries to escape by climbing into the ceiling, but falls and dies.

Nairobi, Prince (Dandruff) Fargas, Antonio
* Prince Nairobi is Huggy's undercover character. Nairobi comes to the hotel beauty parlor and requests Hutch cut his hair. Starsky uses scissors on his whisk. Nairobi is one of the four bidders for the diamond collection. His symbol to hotel security is a bone.

Nancy (Pilot) mentioned
• When Hutch mentions being married to her, Starsky makes a face. Hutch says Nancy used to run back into the house when she and Hutch left, thinking she had left the water or something on. Nancy may or may not be the same person as Vanessa.

Nancy (Jojo) mentioned
• While Starsky is on the Dombarris stakeout, he misses a date with a woman named Nancy.

Nancy (Bounty Hunter) Durham, Muffi
• Nancy is Lola Turkel’s secretary at “Failsafe Bail Bonds”.

Nancy (Targets 3) Roberts, Joan
• Nancy is Clayburn's secretary. Hutch bullies her into calling the station to have Clayburn apprehended. It is Nancy who comes in to tell Clayburn about his two o'clock meeting, a clue that helps Starsky and Hutch finger Clayburn.

Nash, Oscar (Murder at Sea) mentioned
• Nash is one of the syndicate leaders aboard the Amapola for a big meeting with Joey Fortune.

Nash, Patty (Set-Up) Ligon, K.C., also Katherine Dunfee Clark
• Patty Nash is another brainwashed victim of George Stegner. Patty Nash is not her real name. She is the fictional wife of Terry Nash. She tells Terry she is pregnant. Shortly afterwards, both she and Terry are shot at in their car. She “dies”. Terry goes after and kills Joe Durniak in revenge. Patty’s photo is seen at the desert stronghold in the bedroom of another victim.

Nash, Terrance Patrick (Set-Up) Korkes, Jon
• Terry Nash’s real name appears to be Buddy Griggs. A fellow Vietnam veteran recognizes him and mentions a battle they were both at. Terry has been brainwashed. He thinks he has a pregnant wife who was murdered by Joe Durniak. Nash goes to his old apartment and watches old movies of his wife, then shoots and kills Durniak. He talks to Starsky and Hutch, who don't believe that he killed Durniak, or Terry's story. After Terry takes them back to his apartment, then the hospital and then the bank, all places that have no record of him, they start to see some anomalies. Starsky and Hutch take Terry to see Dr. Hank Wachman who tells them Terry's fingerprints have been surgically removed. Terry goes with Starsky, Hutch and the Black Baron to the castle desert stronghold where they find other victims of the brainwashing scheme.

Nedloe, Dorothy (Bounty Hunter) Miles, Rosalind
• Dorothy is Officer Jim Nedloe’s wife. She is eating with him at the police cafeteria when Starsky and Hutch see them. Starsky and Hutch tease them about their happy marriage. Later, Dorothy comes to the hospital when she hears her husband has been shot.

Nedloe, Officer Jim (Bounty Hunter) Johnson, John C.
• He is a uniformed officer who is eating in the police station cafeteria. Starsky and Hutch tease him about his happy marriage. Jim’s wife is named Dorothy. She eats at the cafeteria with him. Bo Rile shoots him as Rile robs a store. The shooting is blamed on Jerry Konig. Nedloe’s condition is serious. It is unclear if he survives.

Neilan, Jerry (Death Notice) Baggetta, Vince
• Neilan is Kathi’s boyfriend. He runs a mini-golf course, “Golf Land” and hates his job. When Kathi tells him of the murder she witnesses at the party, he cooks up a deal to blackmail David Delano. The plan backfires when attention is called to two other strippers who Delano has killed. Neilan sets up a money drop at the golf course. Lou Posey kills him.

Nelson, Officer (Iron Mike) mentioned
• One of the officers at the Darcy Department Store bust. He is there with Iron Mike, Starsky, Hutch, Bowerman, Platt and Sawyer.

Newton, Oscar (Starsky & Hutch are Guilty) mentioned
• Newton is a junkie and one of Starsky and Hutch’s snitches. Captain Ryan accuses Starsky and Hutch of beating him up. The assault if overheard by his neighbor, Lennie Atkins. Newton remains in a coma. When Starsky and Hutch try to visit him, they learn he has died just a short time ago. Starsky jokes his nickname was "Skinny," but that the ladies didn't think so.

Night, Fred (Playboy Island) Glaser, Paul Michael
• Night is Starsky's undercover character. Night is a garbage truck owner.

Nikki (Starsky & Hutch are Guilty) Carey, Michele
• Nikki runs a whorehouse. Starsky and Hutch go there to tell her to shut it down as the neighbors are complaining. She tells Starsky and Hutch she has heard that they are taking bribes. Nikki is relieved they aren’t. She agrees to leave. She tries to give Hutch her forwarding address, but he declines. The fake Starsky and Hutch beat her up, and she files charges downtown the next day.

Nina (Bounty Hunter) Berry, Victoria Ann
• Nina is the go-go dancer that comes on to Hutch at the Jungle Club.

Noland, Joseph (Action) Venture, Richard
• His other names are Glade Hilliard and Josie the N. Noland was kicked Las Vegas for hustling the casinos. There was also a murder charge against him, but it didn’t stick. Noland now owns the Marlborough Health Club. It doubles as an illegal gambling establishment. Noland runs a rolling crap game that takes place in the back of a semi. When Ted McDermott gets behind on his gambling payments, Noland orders him beat up

Norris (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) Traylor, Bill
• Norris is C.J. Woodsfield’s thug. Norris helps bust Moon out of jail. He has breakfast with Woodfield, Starsky and Hutch.

Norton, Officer (Survival) not credited
• Starsky asks him to take Sonny to the Veteran’s Hospital.