"I’m not drawing. I’m making dials. And when I’m finished with the dials,
I’m gonna tape them on the wall, and we’ll all get out of here. You see, you can’t get
out of this joint. So I’m blasting the whole building off the planet earth."
(Lady Blue)

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Packrat (Running) Azarow, Martin
• Packrat is a fence familiar to Starsky and Hutch. Vern Dubois meets him to fence some stuff, including Sharman Crane’s diamond bracelet. Packrat offers Dubois less than Dubois thinks he jewelry is worth. The two fight and Dubois and Packrat struggle over a gun. Packrat is killed. Starsky and Hutch are called to Packrat’s place with a call of reported gunshots. Hutch calls a property van to take care of Packrat’s loot. Starsky discovers Crane’s bracelet at Packrat’s place.

Pablo (Psychic) mentioned
• He works at the car wash where Julio worked. His boss, De Meo, tells him to "Pronto it up."

Palmer (Birds of a Feather) Kramer, Sy
• Palmer is a snitch. He is a protected witness who is going to testify against Anthony Reuban. Luke Huntley is one of the officers assigned to protect Palmer. Huntley lets Lucas, Rueben’s thug, kill Palmer in a deal to protect his wife. Palmer smokes and sends Huntley down to the lobby for cigarettes. Lucas kills Palmer when Huntley leaves. Huntley tells Palmer he “two-bit hustler who'd sell a radio to a deaf man

Pamela Sue (Game) mentioned
• Pamela Sue is the hospital emergency line operator that Anita reaches when she calls in Starsky’s gunshot wound. Anita thinks Pamela Sue is too slow in her reaction and threatens her.

Papa Theodore (Playboy Island) Colley, Don Pedro
• Papa Theodore is a voodoo priest on Playboy Island. He, Charlotte Connery, Little Philippe and an undetermined number of the women working at the hotel kidnap Bert Regan. They tell his daughter Regan has drowned. Papa Theodore puts a spell on Regan and pretends he is William Thorne. It is all part of a plan to take control of Thorne’s empire. Theodore kills as many of Thorne’s friends as he can in an effort to keep anyone from realizing Thorne is dead. Papa Theodore sends little voodoo dolls to his intended victims. He kills Walter Healey, Thorne’s lawyer and Johnny Doors. He tried to make Starsky kill Hutch. Papa Theodore is caught and put in jail, but escapes. Inspector Godfrey points out Papa Theodore is a failed leader, and that he no longer has any power.

Pardee, Ray (Game) Ging, Jack
• Pardee is an escaped convict. He has a girlfriend named Gina. A snitch tells Starsky and Hutch where Pardee is, and they go to arrest him. Pardee gets away when Hutch’s car stalls. Gina hides Pardee, gives him money and buys him a plane ticket under the name Ray Samuels. Hutch convinces Gina to take him to Pardee, but collapses, allowing Pardee to capture him. Pardee means to use Hutch as a hostage, but is stopped by Starsky.

Parker, Jack (Groupie) Loggia, Robert
• see Zucker, Tony

Parkins, Gloria (Discomania) mentioned
• Tony Mariposa kidnaps Parkins from the disco club, “Fever.” He puts an ankle bracelet on her and dumps her body. The autopsy reveals she was drugged with heroin.

Parouche, Emile (Deadly Impostor) Singer, Raymond
• Parouche is a known character in the numbers business. Starsky and Hutch question him about Warren Karpel. They make him talk by tossing his receipts in a burning bucket. Parouche asks Starsky and Hutch to come back later and arrest him so he doesn’t get in trouble for losing information.

Pat (Photo Finish) mentioned
• John Reinhardt tells his secretary to call Pat and have him cancel the Farrah cover.

Patches, Jack (Murder at Sea) mentioned
• Patches is a mob member. He is on the Amapola for the big meeting.

Paul (Velvet Jungle) not credited
• He is at the fashion show. Lou asks him, "What's with the shedding?"

Paul (Bust Amboy) not credited
• Paul is a waiter at Andre's. Amboy asks him to bring the table a bottle of Mersault.

Paula (Photo Finish) Hamilton (Areno), Lois
• Paula is Marcie Fletcher’s boss. They both work for a public relations firm. The firm is hired to take photographs at the party for Troy Braddock. Paula tells Marcie she thinks Hutch is good looking, and Marcie brings Hutch along to the party. She and Marcie have champagne with Starsky and Hutch at the Pits to celebrate solving the case.

Paycheck, Benny (Ballad for a Blue Lady) mentioned
• Paycheck was going to court to be a witness against Joseph Fitch. He is killed when he is shot in the back.

Pearl, Crazy Sammy (Targets 3) mentioned
• Pearl is someone Starsky and Allison May both remember from their New York days. Starsky reminds Allison of Pearl when they are making their dangerous walk at the amusement park. Starsky asks Allison to remember how Pearl threw himself threw a window without injury. Starsky and Allison do the same thing and escape Soldier and his thugs.

Peggy (Little Girl Lost) mentioned
• Peggy is Nick Edwards’ girlfriend. She calls Molly/Pete on the phone, telling her Nick has been shot. Peggy gives Molly/Pete the location of the crime.

Pepper (Gillian) Joi, Marilyn
• She is a shoeshine girl who is shining Huggy's shoes. Huggy asks her, "How's it shakin'?"

Pepper (Losing Streak) not credited
• She is shining Huggy's shoes when Starsky and Hutch come to him for information. Huggy tells her to "take a powder, Pepper" and to bring him back some coffee.

Perkowitz, Officer (Little Girl Lost) Balding, Rebecca
• Perkowitz is called to take Molly/Pete to Juvenile Hall. Hutch talks her into letting Molly/Pete come home with him instead. She spends Christmas morning with Starsk, Hutch, Kiko, Molly/Pete and Mrs. Ramos at the Ramos house.

Perry, Jerry (Playboy Island) Nye, Louis
• Perry is a S.L.O.B member from Harper’s Ferry. He is going to Playboy Island with his buddy, Phil Hill. Perry reminds Starsky and Hutch that there is “a sexual revolution going on.” Hill tricks Perry into being the only one to jump naked into the pool with Pussycat. Both men meet Starsky and Hutch on the golf course.

Pete (Murder on Stage 17) Griffith, James
• Pete is a stagehand on the Steve Hanson movie.

Peter (Bloodbath) Horn, John
• Peter is one of Simon Marcus’ thugs. He's the blond one who sits by Starsky in the van.

Peterson, Detective (Deckwatch) Somac, Jack
• Peterson is the detective on the scene where Madeleine is killed. He tells Starsky and Hutch about Madeleine’s gun, the blood found on the scene and the contents of her stomach. Her last meal was chow mien.

Peterson, Sergeant Sheila (Crying Child) Cash, Rosalind
• Peterson heads up the Child Abuse Unit. Starsky and Hutch go to her to investigate the Mayer case. Peterson tells them how understaffed she is. She sends Starsky and Hutch to investigate the case personally.

Petrov, Mr. (Bounty Hunter) not credited
• Mr. Petrov comes to Lola and Bo's bail bond business. Lola bullies him into signing papers to get his son out of jail.

Petrov, Mr. Son's (Bounty Hunter) mentioned
• He has committed some unknown crime. His father goes to Fair Bail Bonds to get him out of jail.

Phelps (Death Ride) Marino, Ben
• Phelps is Andrew Mello's driver. He tells Hutch, after his boss is shot, "He'll live."

Phelps, Christine D. (Heroes) Carlson, Karen
• Phelps is a columnist with ‘The Dispatch.” She has specifically requested to ride along with Starsky and Hutch to do an article about “Counter Culture Cops, the New Breed.” Starsky and Hutch first refuse to have a reporter with them, but then change their minds when they see she is a gorgeous chick. Dobey tells Starsky and Hutch to concentrate on the heroin/strychnine case. Phelps sees Starsky and Hutch ignore calls and bully people. Starsky and Hutch don’t help matters any as they fall all over each other, trying to impress her. The first part of Phelps’ article reads: “Does Bravado and Belligerence hide behind a badge?" The article goes downhill from there. Angry after reading the article, Phelps is shown the “real” Starsky and Hutch.” She changes her mind about justice and police work after she is faced with some criminal hard realities. The second part of her article is nothing but flattering.

Phil (Avenger) Thomerson, Tim
• Phil is Monique Travers’ second victim. He brags about his car.

Phil (Huggy Can't Go Home) mentioned
• Phil is a character on "The Disenchanted," the show Big Red McGee watches. Other characters are Roy, Marcy, Sean, Rebecca and Mary.

Philippe (Playboy Island) Madden, Tommy
• Philippe is a very little person. His nickname is Little Philippe. He is one of Papa Theodore and Charlotte Connery’s thug.

Phillips, Nurse (Partners) mentioned
• He or she is paged on the hospital P.A. and asked to report to the Maternity Ward.

Phillips, Dr. (Plague) mentioned
• Dr. Meredith calls him or her no the phone and asks for him or her to come to his office right away.

Philos, Allen Monk (Fix) Lewis, Geoffrey
• See: Monk

Pilfrey, Donna (Birds of a Feather) mentioned
• Her name is heard on the radio. She dies in a house fire, along with her grandfather, Edmund. He was baby-sitting her. Smoking caused the fire. She was three years old. She lived in Lone Pine.

Pilfrey, Edmund (Birds of a Feather) mentioned
• He was the eighty-six year old grandfather who was smoking and started a house fire. He was baby-sitting his three-year old grand daughter, Donna. Both are killed. His name is heard on the radio. He lived in Lone Pine.

Pinky (Blindfold) George, Howard
• Pinky owns a pawnshop. He has been arrested twice before for taking in stolen camera and furs. He has spent five years in jail. Don Widdicombe fences jewelry with Pinky. After Hutch questions Pinky, threatening him with more jail time, he calls Huggy to set up a bust. Hutch busts Pinky instead and gets information about the Widdicombe’s.

Pirelli, Carmen "the Nose" (Murder Ward) mentioned
• Starsky tells his fellow poker player about a card game he was in with Pirelli. Pirelli cheated, just like Weeze just did. Pirelli was found "doing the cast iron crawl off the Lido Pier."

Pitkin, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo (Murder at Sea) not credited
• Starsky mentions Pitkin and his wife during the talent show. They are celebrating their twelfth wedding anniversary.

Platt, Officer (Iron Mike) mentioned
• He is one of the officers at the Darcy Department Store bust. He is there with Iron Mike, Starsky, Hutch, Bowerman, Sawyer and Nelson.

Poindexter (Pilot) mentioned
• Starsky and Hutch tell Henderson and Steele that Poindexter would be willing to take a shot at them.

Pola, Earl (Psychic) Loros, George
• Pola is from Philadelphia. His partner is Marshall Caifalno (Fat Moo Moo). The two of them have a kidnap scam that they have used before. They get the ransom money and abandon their victim to die. Pola and Fat Moo Moo kidnap Joanna Haymes. They enlist the help of Julio Gutierrez. They kill Julio, tie up Haymes and leave her in a truck in a scrap yard. Fat Moo Moo calls and demands a two hundred thousand dollar ransom. Hutch is the runner, and is given very specific directions for the drop. Fat Moo Moo shoots Hutch. Starsky chases down Fat Moo Moo and Pola’s car. He shoots the car, and it explodes, killing both kidnappers.

Polanski, Mary (Hostages) Peretz, Susan
• see Yram, Madame

Polanski, Mr. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) mentioned
• Joey Carston comes to the police department to report a hit and run. She says Polanski ran over a six-week old puppy.

Polly (Lady Blue) Cook, Jr., Elisha
• Polly is a mentally ill snitch. Starsky and Hutch question him in the hospital. Polly tells them about Wrightwood. Polly gets after Hutch for picking up his slide ruler. Polly is planning to blast off and go to another planet.

Pommier, Marty (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) Grayson, Kurt
• Pommier is one of Woodfield’s thugs. He was a demolition's expert in the Navy and a pilot. He has worked for Woodfield for twelve years. Pommier flies Moon’s getaway plane from prison and is lined up to fly him out of the country. He is also supposed to kill Dobey. Pommier, pretending to be a telephone repairman, puts twelve sticks of dynamite under the Dobey house. Pommier is shot in the leg at the airfield, a victim of his own employer.

Pops (Gillian) not credited
• Pops is a street person who gives a card to Starsky and Hutch. The card says to meet Huggy at the shoeshine station. Starsky gives some money to Pops.

Popeye (Heroes) not credited
• He is a patron at O'Riley's Bar. Starsky rousts him out of what is probably the bathroom.

Posey, Lou (Death Notice) Martorano, Vince
• Posey is one of David Delano’s thugs. Starsky and Hutch interview him in a meat locker at the company where he works. Posey kills Ginger, Sonia and Jerry Neilan. He is arrested at the mini golf course.

Powell, Thomas (Foxy Lady) Ziman, Jerrold (photo only)
• He is shown on the arrest report in the stack, right before Johnny Carelli. Powell is listed as being born in Denver, Colorado, was convicted of willful manslaughter, is married, was arrested July, 15, 1974, has a thin build, is 5'9. is 185 pounds, and lives at 7468 Washington Blvd.

Prescott, Lori (Strange Justice) Andelman, Juli
• Prescott, Cassie and Leslie Slate are students at Weldon College. They belong to the same sorority. Cassie teases Prescott about going on a diet. It is Prescott who goes with Leslie to the police station to make the rape report. Cassie says Prescott is "of the suburban Tupperware mold."

Prideman, Harvey (Strange Justice) mentioned
• Starsky and Hutch cite him as a man who raped an old woman and didn't serve time.

Priven, Harvey (Strange Justice) mentioned
• He raped an old lady, but got off in court. Starsky and Hutch bring him up as a reason to be even more upset by the Biggs case.

Professor, the (Bust Amboy) not credited
• The Professor is one of Amboy’s drug connections.

Professor, the (Action) Carradine, John
• Starsky and Hutch question him at a massage parlor. He is someone they have met before. He is an expert on gambling. He teaches Starsky how to throw trick dice, and he tells them about Joseph Noland. His girlfriend is Ginger, someone he calls “powerful pile of pummeling pulchritude.”

Prudholm, Gary Vincent (Pariah, Starsky's Lady) mentioned
• Gary’s father is George. Starsky and Hutch arrested Gary in the first case they had out of uniform. They arrested Gary for pushing drugs at McKinley High School. Thirty-six hours after he was in the city jail, Gary was killed in a knife fight. He was nineteen years old. George Prudholm blames Starsky and Hutch for his death. When Starsky kills Lonnie, Prudholm is furious and sees parallels between the two young men. He uses Gary’s death in “Pariah” as an excuse to kill some cops. Later, when George Prudholm gets out of the hospital on a clerical error, he shoots Starsky’s girlfriend in a further need for revenge.

Prudholm, George (Pariah, Starsky's Lady) McNally, Stephen
• In the “Pariah”, Prudholm starts to shoot police officers in retaliation for Lonnie’s killing, connecting it to the death of his son. His son, Gary Vincent Prudholm, was arrested for dealing drugs at a high school. Starsky and Hutch apprehended Gary in their first plainclothes assignment. Prudholm says he will keep killing cops until Starsky resigns. Prudholm kills Officers Tinker and Forest. Starsky agrees to meet him at the zoo to keep him from killing more cops. Prudholm is captured and taunts Starsky to shoot him. Starsky hands him over to Hutch. In “Starsky’s Lady”, Prudholm has escaped from the mental hospital due to a clerical error. He and his gang pull off a number of robberies in Starsky and Hutch’s area. Prudholm has Starsky’s girlfriend, Terry, shot. Prudholm has Freddy, a snitch, set up Hutch to be shot, but the plan fails. Prudholm is finally caught in a warehouse. Once again, Starsky declines to kill him. A profiler says Prudholm is in his fifties and from the Atlantic seaboard.

Pruitt, Dora (Photo Finish) Kirkland, Sally
• see Wren, Greta

Pruitt, Eugene (Las Vegas Strangler) Fetty, Darrel
• Eugene lives with his mom in Las Vegas. He makes deliveries for “Roberts’ Drugs” and uses his connections there to find his victims. Eugene sneaks into their bedrooms, steals their pantyhose and watches them sleep. He kills seven women, one of whom is his mother. Eugene attacks Vicky and Jack Mitchell. Eugene tries to kill Iris Thayer but Starsky and Hutch stop him in a spectacular trapeze scene at Circus Circus.

Pruitt, Mrs. (Las Vegas Strangler) Blondell, Joan
• She lives in Las Vegas with her son Eugene. She manages “Roberts Drugs,” and Eugene makes the store’s deliveries. She is a shrew who often berates Eugene. “Roberts Drugs” is the one thing all the strangler’s victims have in common; they all had shopped there. Eugene is the Las Vegas strangler. Eugene kills his mom as she sits in the car in the garage waiting for him to take her to Mass.

Pucker (Pilot) mentioned
• Starsky tells Henderson and Steele that Pucker is someone who would be willing to “take a shot” at them. He has a limp and bad breath.

Pussycat (Playboy Island) Mcguire, Patricia L.
• Pussycat is the doorman at the Playboy Island Hotel. She is the woman in the pool when Phil Hill tricks Jerry Perry into jumping in naked. She is also the doorman at the hotel.