"When I'm nervous, I cook, okay?" (Death in a Different Place)

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Lancaster (Sweet Revenge) Bonar, Ivan
• Lancaster is one of Gunther’s employees. He reports on steel protection. Lancaster is going to fly to Hong Kong on Saturday. Gunther reminds him to let Lord Jenson use the yacht.

Lance (Survival) not credited
• Lance and Jerry are the two thugs who find Hutch in his wrecked car. Instead of helping him, they steal his wallet and pawn it at Harry Trask’s pawnshop.

Lantz (Las Vegas Strangler) Allen, Seth
• Lantz has just been released from a mental institute. He attacks a girl at Circus Circus and escapes to the roof. He shoots Jack Mitchell and is detained by Starsky and Hutch. He admits to being the strangler, but also says he blew up Boulder Dam, the Empire State Building, the Washington Monument as well as many flying saucers.

Larrabee, Kate (Cover Girl) Adams, Maud
• Larrabee is famous fashion model. She and Hutch used to know each other seven years ago. Larrabee is told she has a terminal illness that will also make her ugly. She hires a hit man to kill her to save her from this fate. After she discovers the illness is in remission, she tries to stop the hit. Larrabee asks for help from Starsky and Hutch when she is unable to stop her future killer. Angel, the hit man blows up her car. He also attempts to kill her with exploding light bulbs. She likes red wine. Larrabee agrees to testify against Angel

Larry the Fall Guy (Heroes) Picerni, Charles
• Larry the Fall Guy is a man who jumps in front of cars, pretends to be injured and swindles insurance companies. Starsky and Hutch watch him do his trick in front of them as they eat lunch with Chris Phelps. They chase him off and ruin his plan.

La Rue, Captain (Murder at Sea) Aumont, Jean-Pierre
• La Rue is the captain of the Amapola. He is a crabby, arrogant drunk. He doesn’t want Starsky and Hutch on his ship. He won’t let them call for help. Jensen kills him after La Rue finds him searching his office. Starsky and Hutch find his body in his closet.

Larsen (Murder Ward) Soul, David
• Larsen is the name Hutch uses when he is undercover as an orderly at the mental hospital.

Larson, Gwen (Crying Child) Tyson, Tara
• Larson is Eddie Mayer’s girlfriend. They have been together for two years. She is a widow and has a young daughter whom she says Mayer treats well. Mayer makes clay pots, and she paints them. She tells Starsky and Hutch that Mayer has never hurt her, nor would he hurt a child.

Larson, Gwen's daughter (Crying Child) mentioned
• Gwen says Mayer is good to her. She is seen in a photograph. She is blond and looks like she is about ten years old.

LaVerne (Death in a Different Place) St. Clair, Shelly
• LaVerne is a prostitute at the St. Francis Hotel. She is coming in with a customer when she sees Tramaine and Blaine.

Lawford, Orrin (Death in a Different Place) Davalos, Dick
• Lawford is the manager at the St. Francis Hotel. He and Alec Corday are dealing drugs. Blaine sees them dealing, and Corday kills him. Lawford tells Corday he wants out of the deal; Corday kills Lawford with a letter opener and then tells Starsky and Hutch that Tramaine did it. Lawford cooks when he is nervous.

Lee, Jim (Death Notice) not credited
• Jim Lee is Ginger's boyfriend. He used to be a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints. He is 6'4" and was two hundred and thirty-five pounds. Ginger says he weighs more now. Lee has a messed-up knee that hurts when it rains. Starsky wonders if he has slowed down any; Hutch tells him he doubts it. Lee is with Ginger when she is attacked. He tries to protect her, but is unsuccessful. Lee attacks Starsky and Hutch, thinking they are the bad guys .He cries over Ginger's body.

Lee, Officer (Lady Blue) not credited
• He was a friend of Officer Jack Forrest. They went to the academy together. When Starsky offers to give him money for the officer's family, he bawls Starsky out. Hutch roughs Lee up against the wall.

Lemke, Earnest (Losing Streak) La Belle, Gene
• Lemke is one of Garth White’s thugs. He is a partner with Gordon Foote. Both men are told to find Vic Rankin and kill him.

Lenny (Action) mentioned
• Lenny is one of Hilliard's thugs. Eddie the truck driver calls him after faking the brake problem.

Lenny the Glass Eye (Texas Longhorn) mentioned

• He is a fence. Starsky and Hutch decide Emma Lou Tyler’s squash blossom necklace is too high class a deal for him.

Lenny the Torch (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) mentioned
• Lenny the Torch’s real name is Lenny Torkel. He is a safe cracker for Avery Schiller. Torkel gives the cops information for a reduced sentence.

Leo (Texas Longhorn) not credited
• Leo is one of Fat Rolly’s thugs. When he hears the commotion, he comes downstairs. Hutch tells him to leave.

Leo (Dandruff) Walter, Tracey
• Leo works in the tobacco store in the hotel lobby. He is blind and can tell a lot about a person by their hands. He tells Hutch he will call him when someone comes in to buy Superba Corona Superba cigars. He has also told Buddy Owens the same thing. Leo, not knowing Hutch is a cop, tells him a whole box came in. Buddy Owens planned this trick, not knowing Starsky and Hutch were undercover cops.

Leotis, Cousin (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Shaw, Stan
• Leotis is one of Huggy’s cousins. He is a genius with numbers, but takes things literally. He brings Huggy and Turkey a hot water heater when they ask him for a gun.

Lester, Lucky (Iron Mike) Lester, Buddy
• He is a thief who pulled a jewelry heist the week before. Matt Coyle turns him over to Starsky and Hutch as s sign that Coyle’s information is good. Starsky and Hutch search Lester’s car and find jewels in his trunk. He starts to run away, and Starsky tells him he won’t get far.

Licentia (Targets 2) not credited
• She is an actress in Blaze's sex movies. Blaze scolds her, telling her he's told her a thousand times, "You sit like that you're gonna aggravate your sinuses."

Lijah (Pilot) Fowley, Douglas
• Lijah is a homeless man. Starsky and Hutch see him collecting bottles. He tells Hutch he thinks the world may have ended, and that perhaps they are all in hell. Hutch gives him some money. Lijah thanks him and calls out to someone named Charlie. He offers to buy Charlie a cup of coffee.

Lillian (Texas Longhorn) not credited
• Lillian is married to a wrestler. She is sleeping with Fat Rolly. When her husband finds out about the affair, he beats Fat Rolly up. She and her husband come to the Pits later to apologize.

Lillian's Husband (Texas Longhorn) Brannigan, Butcher
• He beats Fat Rolly up for sleeping with his wife. Starsky and Hutch subdue and arrest him. Hutch complains the man's wrists are too big for cuffs. He shows up at the Pits later with Lillian. He offers to buy Starsky and Hutch some French wine as an apology.

Lily (Murder at Sea) Hardy, Gari
• Lily is a prostitute. She travels with Patsy Cairo, pretending to be his wife. They use the name Clark. Starsky says she can play “Greensleeves” on the zither.

Linda (Targets 3) Kiger, Susan
• Linda is a Las Vegas showgirl. Her partner is Kathy. Kathy is the one who hides the cocaine in her fake pregnancy belly. They are both mules for Judge McClellan. Starsky and Hutch catch them after a car accident.

Lindsay (Cover Girl) Guardino, Jerome
• While being escorted to court to testify by Officer Richards, he looked into a baby carriage to check on a crying infant. It was really a tape recorder and bomb, and he was killed when it exploded.

Lloyd (Las Vegas) not credited
• Lloyd is Vicky’s ex-husband and Cary’s father. He is in the military. When he has too much to drink, he tries to find Vicky to hurt her. Starsky and Hutch subdue him in Vicky’s apartment pool.

Lobo, Eddie (Heroes) mentioned
• He is doing time. Lobo used to deal with Jimmy Wells.

Lockett, Mrs. (Class in Crime) mentioned
• On "The Rookies" episode in the background, she is the woman interviewed by the police. She says there was a man on her fire escape. She was baking gingerbread men for her Christmas tree. The actress who played her is Ruth McDevitt.

Lockley, Tom (Shootout) Paulsen, Albert
• Lockley is a hit man from another state. He is teamed up with Joey Martin to kill Vic Monte. He considers himself a learned man and hassles Martin about his lowbrow interests. He and Martin take over the Italian restaurant and wait there to kill Monte. Hutch shoots and wounds him in the end.

Long, Su (Psychic) Hong, James
• Long is a Korean man who runs a crap game. Julio Gutierrez owes him money. Long says he doesn’t get involved with any capital offenses. He tape-records his conversation with Starsky and Hutch.

Longello, Mrs. (Vampire) mentioned
• Guybo thinks Starsky and Hutch are there on behalf of Mrs. Longello. He thinks she wants her money back for a bad "reading."

Lonigan, Johnny (Iron Mike) Mancini, Ric
• Lonigan is Matt Coyle’s right hand man. He replaces Skinny Momo Mantel, a man Ferguson asked to be turned over. Johnny’s wife, unknown to him, is sleeping with Coyle. Starsky and Hutch ask Coyle to turn Lonigan over as a sign of good faith. When they tell him that, and that Coyle is sleeping with his wife, Lonigan tells Starsky and Hutch what they need to know to bust Coyle.

Lonigan, Laura (Iron Mike) Wilcox, Shannon
• Laura is Johnny’s wife. She is sleeping with Johnny's boss, Matt Coyle. Laura is in the bedroom when Starsky and Hutch come to make a deal with Coyle. It is unclear whether she hears them or not

Lonnette (Huggy Can't Go Home) Mobley, Candy
• Lonnie is an old friend of Huggy’s. He goes to bail her out after she is arrested. She points out her john was just as guilty, but because he was white, didn’t get nabbed. She invites Huggy up for coffee, and he takes her up on it.

Loomis, Robert Emmett (Nightmare) Lewis, Zachary
• Loomis’ nickname is Mousy. He is a partner with Nick Manning. He and Manning met in prison. Mousy and Loomis have borrowed money from Al Martin and are stealing things to sell to pay him. Mousy acts as a lookout for Manning while Manning rapes Lisa. Mousy is identified in the mug book. Hutch says he though, from what he heard from the prison, was that Mousy was gay.

Lord Harry (Murder at Sea) Mokae, Zakes
• Lord Harry is the tattoo artist who saw Cheryl drive away from Snow’s murder. He has a cat named Sir Winston. He offers Starsky and Hutch a tattoo special with a spider and the words, “Born to make whoopee.”

Lorraine (Dandruff) Blake, Sydney
• It is unclear who this character is.

Louie, Cousin (Vampire) mentioned
• see Before They Were Cops

Lubbock, Phil (Murder on Stage 17) not credited
• He is an actor on the stage of Steve Hanson’s movie. Lubbock is killed by an exploding valise and is the second to the last member of the Wolf Pack supposedly still alive. The other members of the Wolf Pack are Steve Hanson, Wally Stone, Pete Elexy, Julie West’s father and Phil Moxley. Hanson mentions that Phil was married and that Phil was his best friend.

Lucas, Jimmy (Birds of a Feather) Kove, Martin
• Lucas is Anthony Reuben’s thug. Lucas kills Palmer and the tries to kill Huntley. Huntley shoots him instead.

Luke (Bloodbath) James, Anthony
• Luke is one of Marcus’ thugs. He's the one with dark, long, greasy hair.

Lundo, Gino (Ballad for a Blue Lady) Kubik, Alex
• He is one of Charlie Baron's bodyguards. He tells Fitch and Owens that his fellow bodyguard, O, left at 10:00.

Lyle, Freddie (Murder Ward) Forman, Joey
• Lyle is a patient of Cabrillo State Mental Hospital. Lyle tells Starsky he is undercover there as a gumshoe. Lyle is fascinated by 1940’s cop talk. Lyle decides to work with Starsky. He gives the papers Jane Hutton gets to Starsky. Lyle also tells Starsky’s his suspicions about Switek.