"He wanted to buy all the materials to make a leg cast." (A Coffin For Starsky)

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If you are looking for any of Hutch's or Huggy Bears' relatives,
Inner Circle Relatives

Haberman, Mrs. (Coffin for Starsky) Burr, Fritzi
• Haberman works for Crawley Pharmaceuticals. She comes to the station late because she had a bad cold. She remembers Bellamy because he didn’t buy chemicals but instead bought all the supplies for a leg cast.

Hagen, Officer Sally (Specialist) Scurggs-Bogart, Linda
• Hagen works in the File office. She tells Starsky and Hutch she got a promotion to work the street. Her first assignment is to go undercover as a waitress to help in the Drew case. Drew kidnaps her and ties her up at an oil field. He uses her as bait for Starsky and Hutch. After her rescue, Hagen is transferred to Vice. She invites Starsky and Hutch over to her place and practices her self-defense moves on her, telling them it is payback for all their demeaning comments.

Hall, Melvin (Moonshine) Lewis, Zachary
• Melvin is Willy’s younger brother. Melvin and Willy are from Kentucky and work for the Ivers. Melvin and Willy are cutting the moonshine with wood alcohol. After Frank and Virgil are killed, the Ivers tell the Halls to dump the rest of the moonshine in the woods. The Halls don’t, wanting to make a big score with it later. The Halls kill Agent Kendall and kidnap Starsky.

Hall, Nurse (Plague) mentioned
• His or her name is said over the hospital PA. He or she is asked to call his or her station.

Hall, Willy (Moonshine) Bush, Billy
• Willy is Melvin’s older brother. Melvin and Willy are from Kentucky and work for the Ivers. Melvin and Willy are cutting the moonshine with wood alcohol. After Frank and Virgil are killed, the Ivers tell the Halls to dump the rest of the moonshine in the woods. The Halls don’t, wanting to make a big score with it later. The Halls kill Agent Kendall and kidnap Starsky. Willy has a thing for Dolly Ivers, but she doesn’t like him. Willy has a plan to take over the business and take Dolly with him.

Hanson (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) Epper, Gary
• Hanson is the real name of the fake Hutch.

Hanson (Murder Ward) Soul, David
• Hanson is the name Hutch uses while undercover at the mental hospital.

Hanson, Steve (Murder on Stage 17) Calhoun, Rory
• Hanson is a famous movie star. He comes to Starsky and Hutch for help. He is a member of an old club called the Wolf Pack. All the other members of the Wolf Pack are dead, and Hanson suspects they were all murdered. Hanson raised Julie, the daughter of one of the dead men. The movie he is shooting may be his last, as Hanson has spent all his money on it. He says that’s why he can’t go into hiding. Starsky and Hutch go undercover on Hanson’s movie set. Hanson’s unfortunate dog’s name was Friendly.

Harcourt, Gail (Bloodbath) Pearcy, Patricia
• Gail is one of Simon Marcus’ cultists. She is ordered to get Starsky ready for sacrifice by bathing him. She is angry that the water Starsky drinks is poisoned. Gail is ordered to kill Starsky while he is tied up. His murder is to be Gail’s initiation. The cultists goad her telling her she is weak. Gail uses the knife to cut Starsky’s bonds instead.

Harcourt, Mr. (Bloodbath) Thomas, Michael
• He doesn't appear. The character is credited only.

Harcourt, Mrs. (Bloodbath) Hughes, Tresa
• She doesn't appear. The character is credited only.

Harding, Officer (Discomania) Tarpey, Tom
• Harding works in Missing Persons. He and Hutch don’t have a good working relationship.

Hardy, Officer (Starsky vs. Hutch) Gamble, Duncan
• Hardy works in the Police Lab. Starsky gets after him about analyzing the piece of black rubber found at the crime scene.

Harkness, Billy (Bait) DeLano, Michael
• Harkness is Danner’s thug. Harkness gets girls to run drugs and be prostitutes. He beats up Cheryl. Starsky and Hutch go to Harkness’ house in the night and warn him to keep away from Cheryl. Hutch backhands him. Harkness has Starsky and Hutch come to a warehouse for a drug buy. He plans to kill them both, but instead is shot by one of his own men in the firefight.

Harkness, Billy (Kill Huggy Bear) DeLano, Michael
• The actor appears in the credits but not in the show. It appears to be a glitch from the previous episode aired (Bait) where he does appear under the name Billy Harkness.

Harmon, Diana (Fatal Charm) Valentine, Karen
• Harmon is the nurse who helps Hutch when he comes to the hospital for stitches in his hand. She hears of Starsky and Hutch’s plan to meet at a bar and follows them. She and Hutch go to her place, and they sleep together. She says she just moved to Bay City, likes her job and confesses to following him. She proceeds to make the relationship more intense than he intended. She buys a watch for him, telling the clerk she and Hutch are engaged. Harmon confronts Hutch at work and bawls him out. Harmon destroys Hutch’s apartment, and she attacks Linda Baylor. She also stabs Hutch while he is in the shower, intending to kill him.

Harold (Omaha Tiger) Grey, Christian
Harold works as a security guard and is Carl Boyce's main thug. Harold and another thug follow Starsky and Hutch to the meat plant and lock them in the airtight room. Harold and the other thug are in the shootout at the end. Harold is Hutch's opponent in the wrestling ring.

Harold (Groupie) McCullough, Darryl
• Harold is a security guard for “Switzer Protection Agency,” He spends the night with Melinda Rogers, a cop groupie. Rogers steals one of his bullets for her collection, a bullet he needs later to stop a robbery. Starsky and Hutch bring him in for questioning. Harold says both his uncle and his father were in law enforcement. Harold says he has an application in at the police academy.

Harold’s father (Groupie) mentioned
• Harold’s father was a detective for Union Pacific for thirty years.

Harold’s uncle (Groupie) mentioned
• Harold says he was in law enforcement, too. He was a prison guard.

Harold, Officer (Texas Longhorn) mentioned
• He works in the Crime Lab.

Harriman, Dr. (Cover Girl) Marin, Russ
• Harriman is Kate Larabee’s doctor. He comes to her house to tell her the disease is in remission.

Harris, John Brown (Texas Longhorn) Napier, Charles
• Harris and his partner Huey Chaco rape and murder Emma Lou Tyler. They fence her stuff with Fat Rolly. Starsky and Hutch track him down via Harris’ tattoos and through his time at the blood bank. Zack Tyler is shot as he tries to kill Harris. Harris is a sailor and a heroin addict.

Harrison, Emily (Blindfold) Cattrall, Kim
• Harrison is the woman Starsky accidentally shoots during a robbery. Harrison is blinded, and Starsky feels extreme guilt. He befriends her, not telling her who he is. It turns out Harrison is Donald Widdicombe’s girlfriend and was the lookout for the robbery. Widdicombe tells her he is taking her to Hawaii to marry her. She suspects this is to keep her from testifying against her. Harrison’s sight comes back, and she helps save Starsky and Hutch in the underground parking lot. Harrison’s apparent only friend is Sharon, her neighbor. Harrison has no other family.

Harry (Iron Mike) mentioned
• Harry is the cook at the "Gung Ho" Chinese restaurant. Dimitri Goldberg tells Starsky to only go when Harry cooks, and that the Moo Shu Pork with the soft brown noodles is Harry's specialty. Harry doesn’t appear to speak English.

Harry (Dandruff) Parker, F. William
• Harry is Vivian's husband. He sees his wife on the ground with Hutch and doesn't appear to care. Harry is going to go golfing.

Harry (Long Walk) Ben Gerard
• Sue Ann calls the sound engineer "Harry." However, in the show's credits, he is called Pat Binns.

Harry (Las Vegas Strangler) mentioned
• Harry owns the gas station where Vicky's car is being repaired.

Harvey (Photo Finish) not credited
• Harvey is Basil Monk’s butler. He brings Monk food to feed the fish at the pond. When Monk is afraid someone is breaking into his house, he calls out for Harvey, Myrtle and Mrs. Hilton.

Hauser, Rick (Terror on the Docks) 0lek, Henry
• Hauser is a thief. He also runs a ship’s chandler. Hauser’s partners are Billy, Jerry, Wally and Ted Banks. Hauser is planning a big jewelry heist and will run the jewels through Ezra Beam.

Haymes, Joanna (Psychic) Kay, Diane
• Joanna is a high school student. She is kidnapped on her way to school. She is left in a truck in a scrap yard. Her kidnappers don’t intend to come back. She is rescued with the help of Joe Collandra.

Haymes, Joe (Psychic) Voland, Herb
• Haymes owns the football team, the “Turbos.” His wife has a heart condition. His daughter, Joanna, is kidnapped and Starsky and Hutch help get Joanna back.

Haymes, Mrs. (Psychic) mentioned
• Joanna looks in on her before school. She tells her father her mom was sleeping. Later, Mrs. Haymes is in bed and sedated. The news of her daughter’s kidnapping is too much for her. She has a heart condition.

Hayes, Big Billy (Starsky's Brother) mentioned
• Hayes is a street hustler on the east coast. Nick says he is someone he looks up to.

Healey, Walter (Playboy Island) Stevens, Craig
• Healey is Dobey’s friend. He works for the Justice Department. He has been investigating Thorne Enterprises and is concerned for William’s Thorne’s health. He sends Starsky and Hutch to Playboy Island to help solve the mystery. Healey is killed after he meets with Janice. His cab driver abandons him and Healey is killed in a fall. It is assumed Healey was killed by Papa Theodore’s curse.

Henderson (Partners) Lewis, Zachary
• Henderson and his partner, Billy Joe, are whom Starsky and Hutch chase just before the car accident.

Henderson (Las Vegas Strangler) Glaser, Paul Michael
• Ace accidentally calls Starsky "Henderson." Starsky tells Ace Hutch is "Henderson."

Henderson, D.A. Mark (Pilot) Morgenstern, Albert
• Henderson is a district attorney with eyes on higher office. He is a guest lecturer at the university, and that is where he meets Patty Talbert. They have an affair, she becomes pregnant and he kills her to keep his future certain, one that involves his engagement to a wealthy woman. Henderson’s thugs are Zane and Cannell, and he creates a convoluted plan to have Talbert’s murder covered up. Henderson is killed in a gun battle with Starsky, Zane and Cannell. Henderson has an ugly suit, thick glasses and a secretary named Miss Forsythe.

Henderson, Detective (Quadromania) mentioned
• Dobey says he is taking Henderson off the cabbie murders and giving the case to Starsky and Hutch.

Henderson, Detective (Birds of a Feather) Stoiber, Edmund
• Henderson gives Starsky and Hutch the details of how Palmer died.

Henry, Marsha (Partners) King, Kathleen
• Henry and fellow nurse, Bonnie Ackerman, are two of the people who help take car of Starsky and Hutch after their car accident

Herman (Bounty Hunter) Kessler, Zale
• Herman is a fence. His nickname is “The Red Baron.” He has a thick accent, and runs “Hollywood Used Clothes.” Starsky and Hutch go to him to get information about Jerry Konig. After Starsky discovers his room of stolen goods, Herman tells them what he knows.

Hernandez, Rafael (Murder Ward) mentioned
• He or she is one of the reporters that wrote the article about Dr. Matwick. The name is seen on the clipping.

Hideaway, Fernando (Pilot) mentioned
• He is a bad guy in Starsky's book, the page before Coley. According to it Hideaway is the hatchet killer of 7 people in San Francisco, wears fake mustache and eyebrows, is 5’1”, 160 pounds, "has young look but is no less than 58 years old" and "has had many facelifts."

Higgins (Strange Justice) Wood, John L.
• He is a thief.

Hill, Phil (Playboy Island) Madden, Dave
• Hill is a S.L.O.B conventioneer and attending a convention at Playboy Island. He is there with his friend, Jerry Perry. Hill and Perry play golf with Starsky and Hutch. Hill tricks Perry into jumping into the pool with no clothes on. Phil Hill gives Starsky the wooden club when they meet on the golf course.

Hilliard, Glace (Action) Venture, Richard
• His other names are Josie the N and Joseph Noland. Hilliard was kicked Las Vegas for hustling the casinos. There was also a murder charge against him, but it didn’t stick. Hilliard now owns the Marlborough Health Club. It doubles as an illegal gambling establishment. Hilliard runs a rolling crap game that takes place in the back of a semi. When Ted McDermott gets behind on his gambling payments, Hilliard orders him beat up.

Hilton, Mrs. (Photo Finish) mentioned
• Basil calls out for her when he thinks someone is breaking into his house. She is one of his employees, along with Harvey and Myrtle.

Hobart, Officer (Action) White, Ken
• Hobart is an officer out of Vice. He has been trying to bust the gambling at the “Marlborough Club” but has had no success. When Starsky and Hutch are put on the case, he refuses to work with them. Starsky and Hutch consider him ineffectual, and Starsky calls him “Hobie.”

Hobson (Quadromania) mentioned
• Hobson was one of the cabbies Fitzgerald killed.

Hogarth, Sergeant (Playboy Island) not credited
• Inspector Godfrey tells Hogarth to call the Coroner's office about Johnny Doors.

Hollander, Gretchen (Las Vegas Strangler) Kenneday, Jayne
• Hollander was the fifth girl strangled. She was twenty-six years old and worked as a dancer at “The Dunes.”

Holmby, Dr. (Black and Blue) Petlock, John
• Holmby is Mrs. Greene's doctor. He tells Starsky about her cancer. His name is seen on the door.

Hong, Mrs. (Manchild on the Streets) Hoshi, Shizuko
• Hong runs the grocery store Maurice robs. She chases him out and calls the cops.

Horace (Photo Finish) as himself
• Horace is the name of the plant in the lobby at News World.

Horvath, Larry (Silence) McCann, Chuck
• Horvath is deaf and can’t talk. He is an ex-con who shared a cell with Herman Bessinger, a safe cracker. Starsky and Hutch try to arrest Horvath for stealing forty-two dollars worth of candy. Horvath has been arrested for shoplifting before. A priest shows up at the station and demands his release. Horvath is associated with an organization to help ex-cons, call the Dismas Center. Horvath is good friends and business partner in a print shop with a man named R.C. Turner. The priest, an imposter, tries to frame Horvath with murder. Horvath runs, but is cornered at a movie theater. Horvath tends to a box of kittens in the basement and names two after the detectives.

Howard (Murder Ward) Ball, Robert E.
• Howard is a patient at Cabrillo State Mental Hospital. He carries a briefcase and is concerned about being late. He keeps the time for the cockroach races.

Hoyle, Eddie (Bounty Hunter, Gillian) Weaver, Doodles
• In “Bounty Hunter,” Hoyle is a homeless guy who does odd jobs for Lola Turkel. He calls Starsky and Hutch “Starpy and Hup.” Hoyle is easily confused. Rile and Turkel give him Konig’s old clothes. Rile takes Hoyle to a warehouse where he intends to kill him. Rile is going to burn the warehouse down and make the cops think Konig’s body was there. In “Gillian,” Hoyle is at the scene of his friend’s beating death. Starsky is kind to Hoyle and asks a cop on the scene to be kind to him

Huey (Savage Sunday) Kilpatrick, Eric
• Huey and his pal, Tony, play basketball at Jackson High School. Starsky and Hutch play against them to get information.

Huggarino the Magnificent (Psychic) Fargas, Anthony
• Huggy plans to apprentice himself to Joe Collandra. He wants to become "the seer of things that are, the seer of things that aren't and the seer of things to come."

Huggy Bear
• For Huggy Bear's relatives, see, Before They Were Cops

Hughes, Dewey (Kill Huggy Bear) Robinson, Roger
• Hughes robs a store. He is surprised by the amount of money he gets away with and realizes it is mob money. He goes to the Pits, as he is Huggy’s old friend. Hughes reminds Huggy he saved his life in a rumble on the East Side. Hughes goes to Huggy for help in returning the money to Lou Malinda. When Hughes tells his girlfriend, Sarah, about the money, she and her other boyfriend decide to get their hands on it. Sarah’s boyfriend, Harry, kills Hughes and dumps his body.

Humphries, Vic (Survival) Quads, John
• Humphries sells stolen cars. Hutch goes undercover to bust him. After Humphries is arrested, he tells his lawyer to have Hutch, the best witness in his trial, killed. Starsky threatens Humphries in the station’s elevator. Starsky keeps Humphries from finishing off the job of killing Hutch. Humphries wears a toupee.

Hungry Momma (Set-Up) not credited
• Hungry Momma is a prostitute in Nevada. Starsky hears her on the C.B. radio. She tries to entice him to her business, but he turns her down, telling her he has to get gas.

Hunter, Nick (Death in a Different Place) Rozakis, Gregory
• Nick Hunter is a hustler. He sleeps with both men and women. He is a friend of Sugar Plum. It appears he drugs John Blaine’s drink. He takes Blaine back to the St. Francis Hotel and robs him. Hunter is framed for Blaine’s death. Hunter tries to get money from Orrin Lawford. Hunter sees Corday kill Orrin Lawford and runs away. Hunter runs to his friend Sugar to help, and calls in an anonymous tip about Corday. Starsky and Hutch convince Hunter to help them trap Corday.

Huntley, Detective Luke (Birds of a Feather) Ryan, John
• Luke is an old friend and one of Hutch’s old bosses. Luke says he taught Hutch everything he knows and that Hutch is a cop because of him. Luke’s wife’s name is Doris. They have no children. When Luke finds out Doris is in over her head in gambling debts, he goes after Anthony Reuben, the loan shark. Reuben blackmails Luke into giving up Palmer, a witness Luke is supposed to protect. Luke tapes the conversation to turn the table on Reuben. They agree to meet, and Luke calls Hutch to help, citing Hutch’s duty as a friend. In the end, Dobey says Luke will serve time in prison.

Huntley, Doris (Birds of a Feather) Stuart, Barbara
• Doris is Luke’s wife. She and Luke have no children. In an apparent act of loneliness, Doris starts gambling. Over a period of ten years, she has lost fifty thousand dollars, the Huntley’s life savings. Luke finds out she is in over her head in her attempt to pay the money back.

Huntley, Doris' sister (Birds of a Feather) mentioned
• Doris tells Hutch Luke told her to go stay with her sister.

• For Hutch's relatives, see Before They Were Cops

Hutton, Jane (Murder Ward) Somers, Suzanne
• Hutton is a reporter undercover at the mental hospital. Starsky and Hutch recognize her. They decide to work together to solve the case. Hutton is injured when Switek catches her with stolen files. Hutton, Starsky and Hutch return to Cabrillo in the end and bring the supplies for a birthday party. Hutch tells her she wouldn’t make a half-bad cop.

Hyatt, Dr. (Partners) mentioned
• His or her name is heard on the hospital P.A. Hyatt is asked to report to Admitting