“I don’t like mixing with all those people that smell like they been sleeping on lilacs.” (Groupie)

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If you are looking for Starsky's relatives, see Inner Circle Relatives

Salidas, Hector (Deckwatch) Baseleon, Michael
• Salidas has been a Merchant Marine for ten years. He works in the boiler room. Nine months of the year, he is out on a ship. When he gets into a port, he picks up a woman and kills her. Salidas finds Madeleine up in a bar. He lights her cigarette, offers to buy her dinner, rapes and kills her. She shoots him in the leg before he dies. Salidas, wounded, goes into hiding. At first he hides under a bridge. When Chicky finds him, he tells the kid he had been hit by a car. When Chicky says he’s going to go call an ambulance, Salidas forces his way in to the Kanen house. He takes both women hostage. He sends Laura out for supplies, and she goes to the police first. Hutch goes undercover as Laura’s brother, and tells Salidas he is a paramedic. Hutch stalls for time while Starsky gets in place. Together they take Salidas down, with Starkey firing the killing shot. Salidas tells Hannah Kanen that he prefer the name Harry to Hector. It may have something to do with his father.

Sally (Starsky's Lady) McClelland, Angela
• Sally is a student at the Marshal Center for Exceptional Children. She is shy. She and Terry shake pom-poms at the school basketball game. Terry tells Starsky that she is glad Sally is becoming less shy and asks for Starsky’s help in keeping Sally “out of her shell.”

Sam (Kill Huggy Bear) Peters, Don
• Sam is one of the thugs that trashes the Pits and threatens Huggy. He's one of Malinda's main thugs, along with Jerry, Tom and Bill.

Sam the Greek (Nightmare) mentioned
• Sam the Greek is a used car salesman. He is also a fence. Sam agrees to tell Starsky and Hutch when Manning and Lewis come to him to sell stolen goods. Sam is disgusted by what they did to Lisa. Sam asks that he get "arrested" as well in order to protect his reputation. Sam communicates with Starsky and Hutch through Huggy.

Sample, Harry (Shootout) Welles, Danny
• Starsky and Hutch are playing good cop/bad cop as they question Sample. They are trying to make Sample admit to beating up a woman while stoned and leaving her in a coma. Sample believes he was Maharaja Jeru in an effort to distance him from the crime. Sample is afraid of Starsky and admits to the crime.

Samuels, Ray (Game) Ging, Jack
• Samuels is the fake name on the plane ticket Gina buys for Ray Pardee.

Sanders, Carol (Discomania) mentioned
• Sanders lived with her little sister and mother. Sanders often went to the disco, “Fever.” She disappeared one night, and her body is found three weeks later. It had an ankle bracelet with the name Sharon on it. Her killer is Tony Mariposa.

Sandy the Dog (Losing Streak) as himself
• He belongs to Orange. Hutch slips some money under his collar.

Sarah, Officer (Vampire, Specialist, Bloodbath) not credited
• In "Vampire", she is working in the office. Hutch asks her to get him a cup of coffee, calling her by name. In "Specialist", Starsky slaps her butt with a file. She is not mentioned by name, but it is the same woman as in "Vampire." In "Bloodbath," she is seen in the squad room.

Saunders (Bait) Scott, Ken
• He is the Detective who interrogates O'Brien, Rafferty and Eddie Moore.

Sawyer, Officer (Iron Mike) mentioned
• He is one of the officers at the Darcy Department Store bust. He is there with Iron Mike, Starsky, Hutch, Bowerman, Platt and Nelson.

Schiller, Avery (Ninety Pounds) Richman, Peter
• Schiller runs “Schiller Imports” down on the docks. He is a mob figure and into number running. One of his thugs is Lenny Torkel. Torkel snitches to the cops about Schiller in return for a reduced sentence. Schiller is arranging to have Harry McArthur, an important union official, killed. Schiller has hired the hit man Eddie Carlyle. Hutch poses as Carlyle after he and Starsky put the hit man in the hospital. Hutch manages to fool Schiller up until Sid Archer is brought to the warehouse.

Schneider (Sweet Revenge) Felder, Lou
• Schneider is one of Gunther’s employees. He reports on South Africa and their successful business there.

Schneider (Playboy Island) mentioned
• Charlotte Connery tells Starsky and Hutch to meet Schneider, a pilot, at the airport at the tip of the island.

Schultz (Iron Mike) not credited
• Schultz owns one of the bars Johnny Lonigan collects money from. When Starsky and Hutch go to the bar to get Lonigan to snitch on Coyle, they tell Schultz to leave.

Schwab, Harv (Murder at Sea) Begley Jr., Ed
• Schwab is Kitty’s boyfriend. They are both members of the Bayside Singles club. Schwab knows his girlfriend sleeps around and is jealous. Starsky hits Schwab on the butt with a tennis racket. Schwab beats up Derek Stafford when he thinks Stafford slept with Kitty.

Scobie, Lou (Survival) Silver, Johnny
• Scobie is a snitch. Hutch knows him. Vic Humphries hires Scobie to call Hutch and lure him to “Barnaby’s Tavern.” Roy Slater is supposed to kill Hutch as he drives to the bar. Hutch crabs at Scobie, telling him his last tip took two weeks to thaw out. Scobie tells Hutch he doesn’t trust Starsky.

Scorchy (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Cook, Carole
• Scorchy is the older woman at the Pits. She tells Huggy and Turk about the Foxy Brown case. She puts money in her bra.

Sean (Huggy Can't Go Home) mentioned
• Sean is a character on "The Disenchanted," the show Big Red McGee watches. Other characters are Roy, Marcy, Phil, Rebecca and Mary.

Sears, Roy (Groupie) Ashton, John
• Sears is Jack Parker’s thug. Sears and Parker are stealing high-end furs. Melinda Rogers tries to get information out of him. When Sears overhears Rogers call Dobey, he kidnaps her. Sears and Parker threaten Rogers, find out about Hutch, and kidnap Hutch, too. After Rogers and Hutch escape, Rogers holds a gun on Sears. At one point Sears tells Rogers, he doesn’t “like “mixing with people that smell like they have been sleeping on lilacs.”

Seeds (Vampire) Bailey, G.W.
• Seeds’ real name is Slade, and he owns “Slade’s Cave.” He also is the leader of a demonic ritual group, one that uses what he pretends is human blood. Two members of his group were Rene and Maria Nadasy. He tells Starsk and Hutch his bank account is six figures. Linda Offenbecker appears to be his girlfriend.

Seims, Dr. (Las Vegas Strangler) Browning, Rod
• Seims is the doctor who treats Jack Mitchell while Mitchell is in Las Vegas. He tells Hutch about Mitchell’s brain tumor.

Shane (Velvet Jungle) not credited
• Lou tells him, ""on the platform."

Shannon, Jimmy (Vendetta) Elliot, Gregory
• Shannon was one of Solkin’s boys. He was an Irish kid from Cleveland. Tommy Marlowe is directed by Solkin to attack him and injure him, but accidentally kills him instead. Shannon was seventeen years old.

Shannon, Jimmy's mother (Vendetta) mentioned
• Solkin tells Starsky she lives in Cleveland.

Sharon (Blindfold) Pringle, Joan
• Sharon is apparently Emily Harrison’s only friend. The two women live next door to each other. Sharon sits in the hospital, along with Starsky, waiting for news on Harrison’s condition. Sharon is hostile towards Starsky, but she doesn’t tell Harrison who he really is. In the end, it is Sharon who tells Starsky and Hutch about Don Widdicombe and his plans.

Sharon (Discomania) not credited
• Sharon is apparently someone who rejected Tony Mariposa in the past. He uses it as a reason to kill the other women, putting an ankle bracelet with her name on his victims. She is seen in a photo.

Shasha (Dandruff) Britton, Layne
• Shasha is a hairdresser Hilda Zuckerman employs. Mrs. Zuckerman tells him "Number three please."

Shaughnessy, Mrs. (Fatal Charm) mentioned
• She is Officer Baylor's landlord. Harmon tells her she's Baylor's kid sister from Boston.

Shecky, Zack (Murder at Sea) Glaser, Paul Michael
• Shecky is Starsky's undercover name. Shecky is the entertainment director.

Shehan, D. (Murder Ward) mentioned
• It is one of the reporters who wrote the article about Charlie Deek. The name is seen on the newspaper clipping.

Shelby, Ray (Rosey Malone) Dullaghan, John
• Shelby runs a numbers clearing house. He is one of Malone’s competitors. Goodson and Chambers get involved in the plan to make Shelby believe Malone is cooperating with the police. They also tell him about Starsky’s real job, and in turn, Shelby tells Malone. Starsky and Hutch bust Shelby’s business. When Shelby confronts Malone, they realize both of them are being set up by the Justice Department. Malone figures Shelby will inherit his business when Malone disappears.

Shelley, Officer (Specialist) not credited
• Hutch asks him to keep on eye on Mr. McDermott, Sr. after the explosion.

Sherwood, Miss (Death in a Different Place) not credited
• She is the young woman Huggy is registering to vote. Huggy asks her to tell all her friends to register, too.

Shockley (Bait) Cass, Dave
• Shockley is Danner’s thug. Hutch remembers arrested him years ago when he was in uniform. Knowing that Shockley can identify him, Starsky and Hutch arrange for him to be picked up for unpaid parking tickets. When Danner’s lawyer sees him in the hall, Shockley is bailed out sooner than expected. He goes to the bust and identifies Hutch.

Sid, Officer (Snowstorm) mentioned
• He finds the bullet in the crate and traces it to Crown’s gun.

Sid, Officer (Little Girl Lost) not credited
• Starsky pats him on the butt after the bust. Sid takes Duran away. Starsky wishes him a 'Merry Christmas.'

Sills, Diane (Savage Sunday, Fix, Texas Longhorn, Bait, Deadly Imposter, Death Ride) Mitchell, Bobbie
• Huggy introduces Diane to Starsky and Hutch in "Savage Sunday." Huggy tells her he is all for women’s lib, and he allows Diane a “little thievery’ as long as she doesn’t put money in the sink. In "Texas Longhorn," "Deadly Imposter" and "Death Ride,” she is a seen in the background as a bartender. In the “Fix,” Huggy asks her to watch the bar, and her answer is heard. In the “Bait,” Huggy sends her to the Chinese restaurant to get wonton soup for Dobey.

Silky (Playboy Island) Ford, Anitra
• Silky works at the Playboy Hotel. She escorts Starsky and Hutch to the steam room, impressed with their clearance. Silky listens in on the bugged spa. She hears Janice Regan tell Stansky and Hutch about her mission to find her father. Silky calls Philippe and tells him what she has heard, blowing Starsky and Hutch’s cover as Night and Day.

Silvers, Ernie (Game) Sicari, Joseph R.
• Silvers runs the “Hotel California,” the place where Hutch goes when he is hiding from Starsky. Silvers brags to Hutch about how he lies to Starsky and Hutch, saying Hutch is the ‘stupid one.” He offers drugs to Hutch for his cold. Hutch pays Silvers to go to talk to Anita to try to find out if Starsky’s shooting was real. Silvers tells Starsky about the phone call Hutch made to the cab company. Starsky refers to Silvers as a “pet rattlesnake.”

Simmons (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) Whitman, Kipp
• Simmons is the man hired to impersonate Starsky. Fremont hired him, threatening him with prison due to past arrests.

Simmons (Targets 1) mentioned
• Rupert Jones, one of Starsky and Hutch's snitches, is injured two days before he was to testify in the Simmons case.

Simmons, Detective (Game) O'Neill, C.J.
• Simmons is Babcock’s partner. Simmons and Babcock help Starsky plan the fake shooting. Both detectives stake out the hospital hall, watching for Hutch.

Simon, Marty (Murder at Sea) not credited
• Simon is a syndicate leader. He is part of a group of mob bosses on the Amapola taking part in the meeting with Joey Fortune. He is able to identify Starsky and Hutch as they arrested him a few years ago.

Simon, Officer (Iron Mike) mentioned
• Simon is one of the officers in the Darcy Department store bust. He is there with Platt, Ferguson, Starsky, Hutch, Nelson, Bowerman and Sawyer.

Simonetti, Officer (Hutchinson for Murder One) Courtney, Alex
• Simonetti works in Internal Affairs. His partner is Dryden. The two of them are the investigating officers in Vanessa’s death. Simonetti is determined to prove Hutch killed her, while his partner is more willing to look at other possibilities. While Simonetti and Dryden don’t do anything illegal, they are sloppy and combative. After Simonetti insults Hutch by saying he's either 'lying, delinquent of just plain stupid,' and Starsky punches him. Simonetti and Dryden find Vanessa’s diamond in Hutch’s car. Theorize that Hutch and Vanessa were in the heist two years ago while Starsky was in the hospital. Simonetti and Dryden make Dobey suspend Hutch. They get a warrant for Hutch’s arrest.

Simpson, Medical Examiner Ginny (Velvet Jungle, Death in a Different Place, Heroes) Balaski, Belinda, Royce, Adrien
• Simpson appears three times and portrayed by two different actresses. In “Velvet Jungle,” she talks to Starsky and Hutch about Helena’s body. The have their meeting in the morgue. She gives them a photo of the body and speculates on Helena’s murder. In “Heroes,” she is on the scene with Roxy’s body. She explains the details of Roxy’s death. In “Death in a Different Place,” she is examining John Blaine’s body in his hotel room. She knew Blaine and commiserates with Starsky.

Sims, D.A. Jason (Nightmare) Knapp, David
• Sims is the lawyer in charge of Nick Manning and Robert Loomis, the two thugs who attacked Lisa Graham. Sims is more concerned with his political career and doesn’t want to take on what he thinks is a weak case. In court, he calls Lisa “'mentally deficient,” and suggests the sex was consensual. Starsky has to be held back from slugging him. Starsky and Hutch go to his boss and tell them what they think. Sims’ boss appears to have his own suspicions and has a meeting with Sims.

Sireen, Charlie (Psychic) Anderson, Sylvia
• She is a Julio Gutierrez’s former girlfriend. Starsky and Hutch interview her. Charlie works as a mechanic. She is tall and black and teases Starsky and Hutch about how she is also a mathematician and a basketball player in drag. She knows Julio was a good guy that ran with a bad crowd. She says Julio owed money to Su Long.

Sister Magda (Plague) Peters, Tiffany
• Sister Magda is a prostitute. Starsky and Hutch track her down through Donner’s book. Her blood tests positive for the plague. Starsky makes a joke about her doing business at the hospital. Knowing how fast the plague kills, she most likely dies.

Skyler, Hans (Terror on the Docks) Hourigan, James
• Skyler is vice president of the jewelry company, "Van der Meer and Bruin" out of Antwerp. He and Ezra Beam have cooked up a deal involving the diamonds he is delivering for his company. Billy Desmond and his thugs are supposed to rob him, absolving him of the crime. Instead, Desmond shoots him. Skyler tells Hutch a clue, the word devil, and it makes Hutch think of Beam.

Skyler, Rudy (Murder Ward) Glaser, Paul Michael
• Skyler is the undercover name Starsky uses. Freddie Lyle also calls him Mac Ferrino.

Slade (Vampire) Bailey, G.W.
• see Seeds

Slate, Leslie (Strange Justice) Crosby, Mary
• Leslie is a college student at Weldon College. Her father, Dan, is a cop. Her mother appears to be deceased. A man named Lenny Biggs rapes Leslie in her sorority house. Leslie’s friend, Lori, brings her to the police station to make her report. Leslie is in shock and doesn’t talk. Her father’s reaction upon seeing her doesn’t help things. Later, Dan visits Leslie at the hospital. Cassie, one of Leslie’s sorority sisters, tells Starsky and Hutch that Leslie isn’t doing well. She’ll probably take a turn for the worse when she realizes her father is going to prison.

Slate, Lieutenant Daniel E. (Strange Justice) McMillan, Kenneth
• Dan has been on a cop for twenty years. His wife appears to be deceased. His daughter, Leslie, is a college student at Weldon College. Leslie is raped. Dan sees her in the squad room when Leslie is brought in to make her statement. In the hallway, Dan sees Lenny Biggs, her attacker. Dan shoots him. Dan, out on the bail put up by the union, contacts his snitch, Marcellus Cobb. Dan gets Cobb to get him a gun. He also has Cobb bail Biggs out of jail. Slate kidnaps Biggs and calls the police, pretending Biggs has kidnapped him. He tricks Officer Dobson into shooting Biggs. Hutch, disillusioned, bawls Dan out as he is arrested.

Slate, Mrs. (Strange Justice) mentioned
• She appears to be deceased. Dan Slate tells Leslie he’s glad her mother isn’t there to face the pain, probably the last thing Leslie needed to hear.

Slater, Roy (Survival) Sutton, Robert Raymond
• Slater is a hit man. He is from Tucson, Arizona. Slater likes jobs where he gets to hurt women. James Balford hires him to kill Hutch, keeping Hutch from testifying against Vic Humphries. Slater waits on a canyon road for Hutch to drive by, lured by a call from a snitch. Slater runs Hutch's car off the road. Starsky locates Slater through his girlfriend, a prostitute named Carla Iverson. Starsky promises Iverson, who is afraid of Slater, that Slater will never bother her again. This is a promise Starsky can keep; in a gun battle and chase with Starsky, Slater falls off the roof of a building and dies

Sloan, Sally Ann (Savage Sunday) Somers, Suzanne
• Sally dances at the "Princess Discothèque," a place where the patrons aren't into quality. Starsky and Hutch go to the disco to question her. She says she used to be married to Wilbur Sloan for a short time, but left him because all he could think about was sports. Sally's cousin is Ted, and they came to Bay City via Denver about six months ago. Sally has a therapist, and tells Starsky and Hutch more than they wanted to know about the Sloan's sex life.

Sloan, Wilbur (Savage Sunday) Walsh, Edward
• Sloan and his partner, Morton, steal a car and rob businesses. Sloan is a complete sports nut. He was married to Sally Ann, but she divorced him because sports took the place of sex. Sloan owes bookies money, and they say he pays up. Sloan and Morton don't know the car they've stolen is rigged with dynamite. Starsky and Hutch track them down and apprehend them.

Sloan, Sally Ann's therapist (Savage Sunday) mentioned
• He uses the Socratic method.

Slow, John (Lady Blue) Karron, Richard
• Slow is one of Ruby Solenko's thugs. He tries to keep Starsky and Hutch out of the "Mellow Yellow." Starsky hits him with a door.

Smith (Birds of a Feather) mentioned
• Luke Huntley checks into the hotel under the name of Smith.

Smith, Dr. (Plague) mentioned
• His or her name is heard over the hospital PA. Smith is asked to call his or her office.

Smithers, Agent (Targets 2) Herd, Richard
• Smithers is a FBI agent. Waldheim is his partner. Both men used to work with, and are friends with, Judge McClellan. They help him harass Starsky and Hutch. Their boss, Dodds, has no idea they are doing illegal things. Starsky and Hutch confront Waldheim and Smithers, allowing Dodds to hear of their activities.

Smitty (Running) Kray, Charles M.
• Smitty is a janitor at the police department. He steals Starsky's logbook from his office. He plans to sell it to Vern DuBois and Ella. He goes to the Western Hotel where they are staying. Instead of paying him money, they kill Smitty. Ella is contemptuous of the meager belongings in Smitty's pocket. Starsky and Hutch discover Smitty's body, find the logbook and realize Sharman Crane is in danger.

Smitty (Survival) not credited
• Smitty comes to Captain Dobey's office once a week to shine his shoes. Smitty is hard of hearing.

Smitty (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) mentioned
• Smitty is one of the members of the Wildcat Bowling League.

Smitty, Officer (Terror on the Docks) not credited
• Smitty is working surveillance on the docks. He watches from the rooftop.

Smitty, Officer (Discomania) not credited
• Officer Smitty dusts Lizzie Thorpe's car for fingerprints.

Sneaky Pete (Lady Blue) mentioned
• When Hutch can't get his car club to come and fix his car, he asks Huggy if Sneaky Pete can do the repairs. Huggy says yes.

Sneaky Regan (Targets 1) mentioned
• Starsky says, he's that "coke freak that used to snitch for us." He's dead. It is also possible his name is "Sleepy Regan."

Snow, Eric (Murder at Sea) Himes, Timothy
• Snow is the Amapola's purser. He is a drug dealer and uses the ship for his dealing. Commander Atwater doesn’t like Snow. He says Snow is popular with women, has been arrested three times for drug possession and has no home address, the last being an abnormality. Snow is murdered on the docks as he waits for a connection. Helen Carnoffsky witnesses the killing.

Soldier (Targets 2) Tessier, Robert
• Soldier is a hired thug. Soldier kills Lionel rigger, blows up Hutch's car, kills Frank May, kills Raymond McClellan and kidnaps Allison. He is killed in a shootout at the amusement park

Solenko, Ruby (Lady Blue) Argo, Victor
• Solenko owns the "Mellow Yellow." He orders Cindy, a dancer there, attacked. Helen Davisson, an undercover cop who was a dancer there, was investigating him. She was dating Solenko. Solenko is a jewelry thief. After Starsky and Hutch bust him, it becomes apparent he doesn't know anything about Davisson's job.

Solkin, Arthur Finegal (Artie) (Vendetta) Gierasch, Stefan
• According to his police record, Artie is fifty-three years old, is 5’9”, one hundred seventy-two pounds, has contributed to the delinquency of minors (four of whom he’s been arrested for) and lives at the Hotel Bremen. Artie takes in young runaways and has them commit crimes for him. Tommy Marlowe is a boy who Artie is having beat up people. Artie, who is especially hostile towards Hutch, has Marlowe throw a brick through Hutch’s window and put a dead rat in his refrigerator. Artie also has Marlowe rig up an explosion in Hutch’s trunk and attack his girlfriend. Starsky refers to Artie as “Captain of the Belles.” Hutch refers to Artie as “America’s answer to “Fagin” and to his “artful dodgers

Sonia (Death Notice) Keaton, Roseanne
• Sonia is a stripper at the "Panama Club." She is from Detroit. She was hoping Jack Thorn was going to call her. Lou Posey kills her. His boss Delano thinks Sonia is the woman blackmailing him.

Sour Joe (Huggy Can't Go Home) Tari, Le
• Sour Joe and his buddy, Fingers, know Huggy from when he lived in the neighborhood. They hassle Huggy when he returns. Sour Joe uses a cane.

Spaceman Sam Carter (Losing Streak) mentioned
• see Carter, Spaceman Sam

Spears, Sergeant (Game) not credited
• He answers the phone when Gina calls the switchboard. She hangs up on him.

Spenser, James (Heavyweight) Lockwood, Gary
• James is a heavyweight boxer. His ex-wife is named Lillian, and their son is named Stevie. Stevie lives with Lillian. Spencer works the docks where Starsky and Hutch go undercover to solve the Marchetti murder. When they find out Spencer is a boxer, Starsky and Hutch go to one of his fights. James refuses to throw a fight for his mob angel, Gavin. Starsky and Hutch suspect trouble after the fight and help Spencer fight off his locker-room attackers. Spencer tells them he witnessed Marchetti's murder. He refuses to testify, worrying Gavin will come after his family. Jeeter, Spencer's best friend, turns him into Gavin out of fear. In the end, Spencer helps capture the bad guys. He and Lillian get back together again. They plan to move to Oregon.

Spenser, Lillian (Heavyweight) Adams, Laurel
• Lillian is James Spencer's wife. They've been separated for two years. She left him because she couldn’t stand his violent life as a boxer. Their son is named Stevie. When Starsky and Hutch go to her house to ask about James, she worries Stevie is in trouble. She won't help find James. In the end, she and James decide to get back together again. James quits boxing and the docks, and they plan to move to Oregon.

Spenser, Stevie (Heavyweight) Miller, J.R.
• Stevie lives with his mom, Lillian. His dad, James, and his mom are separated. He sneaks off and goes to watch his father at a boxing match. It is Stevie's plea that make James decide to get up and not throw the fight. Hutch asks Sharon, Starsky's date, to drive Stevie home. At the end, Stevie's parents decide to get together again. Starsky regales Stevie with tales of his father's bravery.

Springer, Mr. (Foxy Lady) mentioned
• Lisa Kendrick calls Springer from Starsky's apartment. She makes a deal with him, telling him she will turn over the million dollars she has for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That was the same deal Mackey had with him. Springer is Clay Zachary's rival.

Squire Fox (Bust Amboy) not credited
• Starsky and Hutch recognize Squire Fox at Amboy's. He smuggles liquor and cigarettes and is a small time thug. Amboy uses Fox to distract Starsky and Hutch from Amboy's activities. Starsky and Hutch capture Goose and Fox as they chase down the Amboy Catering van.

Stafford, Derek (Murder at Sea) Moody, Ron
• Stafford is the Amapola's First Officer. He warns Starsky and Hutch that they'd better behave. Stafford tells them the captain wants to see them. Stafford gets beat up when Harvey Schwab thinks he has slept with Kitty. Stafford finds Captain La Rue's body. He also helps hold off the crooks with a gun. Later, Stafford is made the Amapola's captain.

St. Jacques, Kingston (Quadromania) Thomas, Philip Michael
• St. Jacques has a thick Jamaican accent. He is the dispatcher at "Metro Cab Company" and has worked there for at least four years. St. Jacques is also a radio disc jockey, broadcasting out of the office. Hutch questions him about the cabbie murders. St. Jacques tells Hutch about Benson's accident with the "dog." He also helps Hutch use the map and the amount of the cab fare to pinpoint where the victims were picked up

Stan (Pilot) Manetti, Larry
• Stan is the young man in the car with Patricia. Henderson blackmails him with his criminal past, making Stan steal the car and take Patricia to an agreed upon place. Stan doesn't know Henderson sets them both up to be killed by Zane and Cannell.

Stanley (Class in Crime) Girard, Robert
• Stanley is a student in Professor Joshua Gage's "Philosophy of Crime" class at Jameson College. When the class is questioned about the blackmail note, he says it "implies threat."

Stanton, Deputy D.A. (Ballad for a Blue Lady) Karlen, John
• Stanton is the lawyer in charge of the Grand Jury trial Joseph Fitch is to appear before. Both of Stanton's witnesses, Charles Baron and Benny Paycheck, are murdered. Stanton and Hutch have angry words about Hutch's progress in his undercover role with Marianne Owens.

Starger, Carl (Tap Dancing) Bookwalter, Devren
• Starger is a dance teacher at "Ginger Evans Dance Studio." He, Marsha Stearns and A.C. Chambers run a blackmail scheme. Starger sleeps with wealthy patrons, records the action and gives the tape to Chambers. One woman Starger sleeps with is Mrs. Dodsman. Starger tries to kill Starsky and Hutch on the docks after their cover is blown.

• For Starsky's relatives, see, Before They Were Cops

Stern, Mr. (Hostages) mentioned

Stearns, Marsha (Tap Dancing) Currie, Sondra
• Stearns is a dance instructor at Ginger's Dance Studio. Stearns is in on the dance studio-blackmailing scheme. She works with A.C. Chambers and Carl Starger. Stearns has sex with rich patrons, tape records the proceedings and turns the tape over to her partners. Stearns sleeps with Hutch while he is undercover. She tapes the encounter, and Hutch is threatened. Stearns recognizes Marianne Tustin as Teddy's sister. This blows Starsky's cover as well, as it was he who introduced Tustin. Stearns and Chambers kidnap Tustin and put her in the trunk of Chamber's car.

Steele, Lieutenant (Pilot) Billet, Don
• Steele works in Internal Affairs. He and Henderson tell Starsky, Hutch and Dobey they think Tallman is trying to kill the two detectives. Steele isn't in on the crime, simply Henderson's dupe. Huggy tells Starsky and Hutch that Steele's a "pretty bad cat, man, I mean, he’s very fond of a few working girls in the district. And let me tell you, he don’t care for you two guys at all.”

Steele, Mr. (Plague) Rocco, Alex
• Steele is the name Callendar uses to rent the room. Mrs. Yeager calls him Mr. Steele.

Steen, Mr. (Hutchinson for Murder One) mentioned
• Vanessa calls Amsterdam and talks to Mr. Steen. They bargain over re-cutting the diamond and the price. It is implied Vanessa is flying to Amsterdam in a few hours to deliver the diamond.

Stegner, George (Set-Up) Roche, Eugene
• Stegner is a member of a secret organization that brainwashes people and makes them commit crimes. Stegner poses as Terry Nash's brother-in-law. He is Nash's doctor when Nash is in the "hospital." Stegner (certainly not his real name) tells Nash about him and his sister's father's murder. He tells Nash about Joe Durniak.

Steinmetz (Body Worth Guarding) O'Leary, John
• Steinmetz is a member of the Fascist Party of America. He writes threatening letters about Anna Akhanatova and sends them to the newspaper. Steinmetz hires Miller to kill Akhanatova. Steinmetz doesn’t think too much of Miller, and at one point, slaps his face.

Stella (Jojo) Ryan, Fran
• Stella runs a restaurant that Starsky frequents. Stella is a waitress at a restaurant Starsky likes. He takes Hutch there when they harass Jojo. Stella is gruff and to the point. She won't bring Hutch the kind of pie and coffee he wants. Starsky orders the meatloaf, which Hutch deems inedible. Hutch says the lemon meringue pie is the worst he's ever eaten.

Stella (Golden Angel) Victor, Paula
• Stella runs a thrift shop. She is a loan shark, too. Starsky questions her about Buzzy Boone, who owes Stella eighteen hundred dollars. She says he is no trouble and pays on his loan regularly. Starsky hassles her about a number of zoning rules she is breaking. She calls Starsky, "Curly" and "Clown."

Sterling, Officer (Velvet Jungle) McGuire, Biff
• Sterling is the officer in charge of Bay City's Federal Immigration Department. Harry Wheeling smuggles illegal workers in from Mexico, and Sterling lets him do it. Sterling has an affair with Helena, a worker in Wheeling's factory. Wheeling kills Helena when she blackmails the two men. Sterling tries to get Starsky, Hutch and Paco Ortega off the case. When Wheeling is cornered at Andrea and Helena's apartment hallway, Sterling kills him. Ortega calls Sterling and pretends to have the information Helena had. Sterling agrees to meet Ortega to pay him off. He plans on killing Ortega instead. Sterling shoots Ortega in the leg before Starsky and Hutch can catch him.

Sterns (Plague) mentioned
• Stern is a mob boss. He hires Thomas Callander to kill Roper, another mob boss that Stern feels is moving into his territory. Stern is visiting Naples, Italy at the time Callander is supposed to kill Roper.

Sternwood (Murder Ward) mentioned
• Freddie Lyle asks Starsky about what he knows about the Sternwood case.

Steve (Ninety Pounds) Vaughn, James
• Steve is a high school football player. He is captain of the team. Joey Carston bails out of a date with Starsky to watch Steve practice. She tells Steve Starsky and Hutch are her uncles, signaling the end of her crush on Starsky.

Steve (Ballad for a Blue Lady) A., Bobby
• He is the bartender at Fitch's bar.

Steve (Terror on the Docks) mentioned
• He is a name, along with Vince, in the newspaper article Hutch reads to Starsky.

Stevens, Laura (Velvet Jungle) Lauritsen, Shelia
• Stevens is a model. Stevens comes out of a warehouse's door and knocks Starsky into a dumpster. She laughs at him and kids him about his ratty clothes. Starsky sees her again at the fashion show rehearsal. She asks him to hold her clothes and tells him they are going to go on a date. Starsky takes Stevens to a nice restaurant, but she complains about his tennis shoes, noting Starsky embarrassed her in front of a fashion editor.

Stiles, Diana R.N. (Murder Ward) mentioned
• This is the name on the tag Jane Hutton wears at the birthday party.

Stinger, Mickey (Gillian) not credited
• Stinger owns the "Le Sex Shoppe." Grossman wants to take over Stinger's business. Stinger is seen being taken away in an ambulance and is suffering from a concussion. He is one of the men beaten by Grossman's thugs.

Stockwood, Frances Bacon (Bust Amboy) Deer, Richard
• Stockwood is Amboy's lawyer. He comes to Dobey's office to tell Starsky and Hutch to leave his client alone. Stockwood collects the money in the paper sack. He tells Starsky and Hutch their case against Amboy won't rest, as the warrant doesn’t take into account they crossed county lines.

Stockwood, Joanne (Bait) seen in photo
• Stockwood is Cheryl's friend. Both she and Cheryl fell in love with Billy Harknes. He had both women run drugs for them. Harknes hooked Stockwood on heroin. She was one of Harknes' prostitutes. Cheryl tells Starsky and Hutch that Stockwood was quitting the business and weaning herself off the drugs. She also says Stockwood has been missing for four weeks. She is afraid Harknes has had her killed. Cheryl gives a photo to Stockwood to Starsky and Hutch, and they agree to ask around. They find out later Stockwood washed up on the beach, an apparent victim of a drug overdose. Cheryl identifies her body at the morgue. In the end, Cheryl leaves Bay City to get stay with Stockwood's parents.

Stockwood, Joanne's parents (Bait) mentioned
• Cheryl goes to stay with them in Philadelphia at the end of the episode.

Stoltz, Officer Carl (Specialist) Twain, Michael
• He is Officer Mack McDermott’s partner. Carl, McDermott, Starsky and Hutch were all involved in the accidental shooting of Janice Drew. After Alex Drew kills McDermott, he pretends to buddy up to Carl in the bar, “Gigi’s.” Carl is there, bemoaning the rookie he has just been teamed up with. Drew poisons Carl’s drink, and Carl dies after their Bicentennial toast.

Stone, Wally (Murder on Stage 17) McCann, Chuck
• Stone is an actor in old movies. He was one of the members of the "Wolf Pack." He and other Wolf Pack members were at a party. Everyone was drunk. Stone went into a bedroom with Pete Elexy's wife. She fell out a window and died. After that, Stone's career was over. He supposedly died in a car accident in Mexico. In reality, he is alive and killing off the other members of the club. Stone uses a variety of disguises while murdering. He kills Steve's dog friendly because Friendly recognized him as the waterman. Stone, dressed as a cop, lures Hanson to Charlotte Roger's trailer and tries to kill him by setting it on fire. Stone kidnaps Julie West and uses her as bait. Stone shoots and wounds Hanson. Starsky talks Stone down in the end, reminding him of his great movies. There is one line in the episode that suggests Stone didn't have anything to do with Elexy's death, that he took the fall for them all.

Stovall, Johnny (Moonshine) Soul, David
• Stovall is the undercover character Hutch uses. Stovall is musician.

Stroud, Elaine (Jojo) Bain, Sherry
• Stroud is not her real name. She used to be an actress in porn films. Huggy reconciles her from "Teddy's Paris Bar." Stroud has spent two years in jail on drug charges. She gets out and comes after her old boyfriend, Nick Dombarris. Dombarris has Jojo rape and kill Stroud.

Strokes (Manchild on the Streets) not credited
• Strokes is playing pool at the bar Maurice goes into. Maurice asks him, "I didn't know they let niggers out of jail nowadays." Both men laugh.

Stryker (Snowstorm) Green, Gilbert
• Stryker is a big drub dealer and probable mob boss. He is the man responsible for Dobey's partner's murder. Stryker had Elmo Jackson killed and hung on a meat hook. Stryker sets up a drug deal with his thugs, Edward Crown, Rodgers, Freddie and Marty Crandell. The cops bust up the bust, snitched on by Crandell. In the confusion, a quarter of the cocaine disappears. Stryker thinks Starsky and Hutch have it and threaten them. After Corman and Burke kill Crandell, Stryker thinks Starsky and Hutch did the hit. Stryker tries to have Rodgers shoot Starsky and Hutch. He misses, and Freddie and Rodgers kidnap Huggy instead, using him to lure Starsky and Hutch to the Pits. After Rodgers and Freddie are caught, Rodgers tells Starsky and Hutch everything he knows, including proof about Jackson's killer.

Stryker, Frank (Starsky's Brother) Ponzini, Antony
• Stryker is a mob boss in Bay City. He has some east coast connections as well. He knows Tony Markeno, who recommends he hire Nick Starsky. Stryker and his thugs are setting up a counterfeit scheme. He has the special paper and is waiting for the plates. He is aware the F.B.I. is watching him. Stryker orders the building blown up, killing one agent. Stryker hires Nick to pick up the engraving plates. He also gives him marijuana to sell. Stryker kidnaps the younger Starsky and plans on killing the older one.

Stryker, Frank's nephew (Starsky's Brother) mentioned
• Stryker instructs his thugs to kill Nick Starsky but save Nick's jacket. Stryker wants to give it to his own nephew.

Stuffy, Herbert (Murder at Sea) Hack, Richard
• Stuffy tells Starsky and Hutch he is taking his mother, now ashes in an urn, on her thirty-fifth cruise. Later, Stuffy does bird calls at the talent show.

Stuffy, Mrs. (Murder at Sea) mentioned
• She is Herbert’s mother. She is dead, and Herbert has her ashes in the urn he carries. The Amapola will be her thirty-fifth cruise. She asked her son to bring her on this last one. When she passes Ensenada, she will “become Admiral of the Fleet.”

Sugar (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Dammett, Blackie
• Sugar’s partner is Milo. Sugar, Milo, Walter T. Baker and Foxy Baker steal money from Dad Watson. Huggy and Turkey apprehend Sugar and Milo at an amusement park, hoisting them up in a caged ride.

Sugar (Death in a Different Place) Pierce, Charles
• Sugar’s full name is “Sugar Plum.” He works at the “Green Parrot” bar as a female impersonator. Starsky and Hutch question Sugar about Nick Hunter. Later, they question Nick Hunter at Sugar’s apartment. All four of them, along with Huggy, set up a trap to get Alec Corday. Corday takes Sugar hostage at the “Green Parrot.”

Sulko (Jojo) Stewart, Brad
• Sulko is one of Dombarris’ henchmen. He and Dixie take Jojo over to kill Elaine Stroud. Then Sulko kills Jojo, making it appear that Linda Mascelli did it. Starsky pretends to be a pizza guy to lure Sulko and Dixie out of the trailer where he lives. The trailer park is behind Merle the Earl’s place and is called the Tennessee Trailer Park. Starsky remembers Sulko’s car, a “chopped, channeled 1955 Nomad wagon.” Merle describes Sulko as 6’5”, about forty years old and is “a cat with medium brown hair.”

Supergnat (Vampire) Corsentino, Frank
• Supergnat shows up at the station. He is a little guy, dressed in a cape. He tells Starsky he is the killer. Supergnat offers up an overwrought story about how he attacks women. Starkey asks him to jump over a chair. Running into the door Dobey opens precedes his probable failure

Susan (Starsky vs. Hutch) Miller, Susan
• Susan is blonde and a dancer at the “Golden Lady Ballroom.” Starsky and Hutch guard her.

Sutton, Miss (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) not credited
• Sutton is a talk show host for Channel Six. She visits Dobey in the Darkroom, and they talk about Isaac Douglas. Later, she interviews Dobey on her show about the Douglas case.

Swayder, Mrs. (Targets 2) Page, Lawanda
• Swayder is the woman Huggy visits in his undercover role as a mortgage salesman. She tells him she’s been having money trouble and has already refinanced through another company, Capricorn.

Swayder, Mr. (Targets 2) mentioned
• Mrs. Swayder mentions her husband when Huggy goes to her house to ask about mortgage companies. She asks Huggy if her "husband's name is at the top of the list."

Sweeny, Officer (Starsky's Brother) Jares, Jill
• Hutch asks her to book Mrs. Krupp.

Sweet Alice (Hostages, A Coffin for Starsky) Bellflower, Nellie
• In “Hostages,” Starsky and Hutch meet Sweet Alice, a prostitute, at the bar, “The Brig.” She is ordering a scotch at three in the afternoon. Sweet Alice is happy to see the detectives, especially Hutch. She calls him “Handsome Hutch.” Starkey and Hutch ask her about Belle Kates. Sweet Alice says that while she used to work for Kates, she doesn’t anymore. She tells Starsky and Hutch what she knows about Kates. Hutch chides her about going straight, and Sweet Alice says she just might one day, suggesting she’d do it for him. In a “Coffin for Starsky,” Starsky and Hutch question Sweet Alice at her apartment. They chase off her john. She tells them Janos Martini’s address. She says she only mildly hates his guts.

Switek (Murder Ward) York, Ned
• Switek is a nurse at Cabrillo State Mental Hospital. He knows about Dr. Matwick’s past and is blackmailing him. He makes Matwick give him lithium carbonate, a drug he sells on the street. Switek drugs Jane Hutton after he discovers she was snooping. Charlie Deek kills Switek and puts the body in Starsky’s bathroom. Matwick uses this as the reason to arrange for Starsky’s surgery.