"No. B."
"It's E."
"It's B."

(Losing Streak)

also see Transportation, also see Sets: Cars

Hutch's Fords
• 058 AZT Hutch’s LTD (Pilot)
• 552 LQD Hutch’s car up until end of Survival (Snowstorm, Jojo, various)
• 018 MEL Hutch's car (Survival, Death in a Different Place, Quadromania, Game, Avenger, various)

Hutch’s Belle
• 681 NLI (Targets 2)

Starsky's Torino
• 849 ASB Torino’s plate (Pilot)
• 849 ASB stolen Torino’s plate! (Pilot)
• 537 ONN Torino’s license plate (various)
• 537 ONN fake Torino’s license plate (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

Cars, trucks and motorcycles

• 003 ADG on the red sports car parked outside Huggy’s Ark (Nightmare)
• 011 PRZ white four door, Squire Fox’s car (Bust Amboy)
• 013 VGC Reuben’s four door brown car (Birds of a Feather)
• 016 PRZ dark brown 4 door Ford used in robbery at Wilson and 8
th (Tap Dancing)
• 016 PRZ dark brown Ford, Sterling’s car (Velvet Jungle)
• 017 PRZ Walter’s pale four door car (Iron Mike)
• 017 PRZ Squire Fox's pale four door car (Bust Amboy)
• 022 PRZ brown car Hutch gets hit over onto hood (Survival)
• 022 PRZ Thistleman’s car (Set-Up)
• 030 PRZ Al Grossman’s blue car (Gillian)
• 070 NCY ambulance for Rudy Skyler (Murder Ward)
• 073 NCY ambulance for Kevin Mackey (Foxy Lady)
• 073 NCY ambulance for Mickey Stinger (Gillian)
• 073 NCY ambulance for Terry Roberts (Starsky’s Lady)
• 1132128 Angel’s television repair truck (Cover Girl)
• 1132128 fur coat burglar’s van (Groupie)

• 12 745X Amboy’s four door dark car (Bust Amboy)
• 131 GPE light green four door ’73 Ford, Dewey Hughes’s (Kill Huggy Bear)
• 131 GPE light green four door ’73 Ford , Rodell and Cabot’s car (Satan’s Witches)
• 131 GPE light green four door ’73 Ford, Dobey drives Hutch to Train’s house (Black and Blue)
• 131 GPE light green four door ’73 Ford, Flent and Duran’s (Little Girl Lost)
• 131 GPE light green four door ’73 Ford, Mike Ferguson’s (Iron Mike)
• 131 GPE light green four door ’73 Ford, Tom Cole’s (Hostages)
• 131 GPE light green four door ’73 Ford, gets in the way of Hutch and Billy’s car chase (Terror on the Docks)
• 131 GPE light green four door ’73 Ford, parked in front of Funky Chicken, Dolphin and Red’s car hits it (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 132 UBO brown four door Ford in parking lot at final meet place, Hutch touches it as he walks around it (Birds of a Feather)
• 132 UBO brown four door Ken Widdicombe is rousted over in underground garage (Blindfold)
• 132 UBO Reuben’s brown four door with sunroof (Birds of a Feather)
• 132 UBO Slate’s black car (Strange Justice)
• 132 UBO the black four door car that tries to run Starsky and Hutch down at the coffee place. (Targets 1)
• 155 GHS light green or olive car by Mike’s grocery (Little Girl Lost)
• 182 TMB Pardee’s green four door Ford sedan (Game)
• 1882588 license plate of Milo and Sugar’s van (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• 18964K Frank and Virgil’s blue and white Ford Econoline (Moonshine)
• 218 RLB Camille’s yellow four door car (Golden Angel)
• 219 GPV car by tailor shop (Pilot)
• 227 PFV Amboy Catering Truck (Bust Amboy)
• 239 5RS dune buggy Starsky and Hutch drive in Mexico (Murder at Sea)
• 245 KYW car by card playing guys (Pilot)
• 247 BFS dark VW bug (Targets 2)
• 247 BFS light VW bug Hutch slams Sterling on (Velvet Jungle)
• 248 AVO yellow sports car (Satan’s Witches)
• 256 PCE Moore’s brown four door Ford (Bait)
• 256 PCE Stryker’s green four-door car (Snowstorm)
• 258 GPP Frost’s green Mustang (Fatal Charm)
• 258 GPP Matt Coyle’s yellow car with the “C” emblem on door (Iron Mike)
• 258 GPP Suzette’s Pinto in the garage (Vampire)
• 259 PCE bad guys’ car, light green Ford (Death Ride)
• 259 PCE Bo Rile’s brown car (Bounty Hunter)
• 259 PCE Connie’s white Continental (Bait)
• 259 PCE Foote’s light green two door car (Losing Streak)
• 259 PCE the brown four door car seen in the tag as it pulls away from the front door of Ziiggy's (Losing Streak)
• 259 PCE Forest’s grey or white 2 door Continental (Fix)
• 259 PCE Shockley’s car, light brown four door Ford (Bait)
• 277 HZW Karen Karpel’s station wagon (Deadly Imposter)
• 291 VCE Smither’s and Waldheim’s car (Targets 2)
• 2S 3258 Walter Healey’s black taxi (Playboy Island)
• 306960 Soldier’s white Chevy pickup (Targets 1)
• 308 SBP Lenny the Fall Guy runs out in front of this car (Heroes)
• 397 MFZ Burke, Corman and Kalowitz’s four door brown Torino (Snowstorm)
• 397 MFZ Rick Hauser’s brown four door Torino (Terror on the Docks)
• 397 MFZ Zack Tyler’s brown Ford Ranchero (Texas Longhorn)
• 40 251 license plate on ancient blue Ford parked behind J.C.’s Café (Psychic)
• 400 MFZ Danner’s limo (Bait)
• 400 MFZ David Delano’s car (Death Notice)
• 400 MFZ Stryker’s car (Snowstorm)
• 400 MFZ Sue Ann Grainger’s car (Long Walk)
• 424 JDY white car in car wash (Psychic)
• 426 IOK Deek and Thorn’s light blue four-door Ford (Death Ride)
• 438 JCL Callendar’s cab to hospital (Plague)
• 440 PFZ Danner’s black Lincoln (Bait)
• 448 AVO light colored car in garage that Starsky crouches behind (Velvet Jungle)
• 465 RYN black Ford, Harry Wheeling’s car (Velvet Jungle)
• 465 RYN K.C. McBride’s cab (Quadromania)
• 465 RYN yellow car parked by Marcie’s car (Photo Finish)
• 524 RRJ Hutch’s flash car, Mercedes (Survival)
• 531 CKA Zane and Canelli’s car (Pilot)
• 533 PFF yellow car in parking lot (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 561 HPU brown two door in traffic jam (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 594 VUB green sports car Starsky nearly takes the door off with the dirt bike (Psychic)
• 614 UQB Tony’s yellow Mercedes, changes to 849 ASB later, same plate as Torino in Pilot (Discomania)
• 621 CIE white Chevy before paint job (Savage Sunday)
• 622 MEO city bus to Fairfax (Black and Blue)
• 629 35R, Professor and Michelle’s blue Ford (Class in Crime)
• 643 MIC Dobey’s white four door car (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• 654 LHB Ford station wagon in underground garage (Pilot)
• 659 FLF Karen’s blue VW Bug (Lady Blue)
• 660 SWQ city bus Starsky and Hutch take back to Torino (Targets 2)
• 684 VCG black Volvo parked in front of Swayder residence (Targets 3)
• 71752H Flower Power Incorporated yellow Ford van (Targets 2)
• 740 SGR dark green four door sedan that Zachary makes Starsky drive (Foxy Lady)
• 728 543 bad guys’ motorcycle (Death Ride)
• 741 383 Ford tan panel truck, though Trayman calls it 74 Baker 83. (Trap)
• 753 03R kidnappers black van (Bloodbath)
• 761 GIP yellow car (Strange Justice)
• 766 FUB blue Mazda parked by airport (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• 7R 2293 Huggy’s taxi (Playboy Island)
• 806 3HN Mexican plates on jeep (Murder at Sea)
• 832 96 Knight and Williams’s squad car (Committee)
• 849 ASB Tony’s yellow Mercedes, same plate as the Torino in the Pilot --note, it changes from 614 UQB (Discomania)
• 852 UBJ Marcie’s yellow Mustang (Photo Finish)
• 859 UBJ Zachary and John Carelli’s black Lincoln (Foxy Lady)

• 893 HES Dobey’s light green, white vinyl top car (Sweet Revenge)
• 893 HES light brown four door car parked on Wren/Pruitt’s street, by bookstore (Photo Finish)
• 895 VOX blue car that gets wet when Huggy gets sprayed by street cleaner (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 906 AFV Willitz’s yellow car with black soft top (Committee)
• 930 96N on truck where undercover cop Jamieson gets shot (Terror on the Docks)
• 938 LYN Greta’s car, dark green sedan (Photo Finish)
• 938 LYN red, two door ’74 Cad with black top Bruce and Vivian use for robbery (Black and Blue)
• 941 130 white panel van at All Rite Auto Park (Psychic)
• 949 NRO car Dobey swerves around on the way to the Slate Biggs stand-off (Strange Justice)
• 963 CUI Jimmy Lucas’ Mercedes sports car (Birds of a Feather)
• 969 MTS blue two door by Jojo’s second bust (Jojo)
• 978 IJZ Chris’ Datsun (Heroes)
• 978 IJZ Roper’s limo (Plague)
• 987 CFE old Caddy, blue two door, Artie Solkin’s car (Vendetta)
• 995 83N big rig (Set-Up)
• 999 33U armored car plate (Hostages)
• 999 33U yellow Ford van used by thugs (Lady Blue)
• 999 42U green Maverick driven by pigeons (Kill Huggy Bear)
• 999 47U George’s cab (Death Ride)
• 999 54U Meredith’s car with “no connect” (Black and Blue)
• 999 68U Henderson’s light green Ford (Pilot)
• 999 74U Munson’s red pickup (Moonshine)
• 9C 8742 black convertible driven into the bay (Playboy Island)
• 9C 8742 Thorne’s convertible in the market (Playboy Island)
• 9C9 742 black convertible, Thorne’s car, car driven into bay (Playboy Island)
• 9E 4278 white taxi at the airport (Playboy Island)
• ABC 207 green car on docks where Starsky and Hutch are jumped (Terror on the Docks)
• ABC 207 mechanic fixes car at gas station (Pariah)
• ACR 305 Vicky’s blue car (Las Vegas Strangler)
• CFR 250 ambulance (Las Vegas Strangler)
• DIL 806 Sulko’s 1955 red Nomad wagon (Jojo)
• GW 1—Gil White’s Rolls (Losing Streak)
• HJF 562 Dewey’s car 1960 (says Andrews) 1963 (says Dispatch) black Chevy with stickers in the back window (Manchild on the Streets)
• HJF 562 Ella’s 1960 or 1963 black Chevy with stickers in the back window, Vern has a different car, a beater station wagon. Hutch repeats the plate over and over to himself. (Running)
• HJF 562 Jerry Konig’s car, the police record notes it is a "’67 black two door, dirty white interior, very poor condition, scrapped." (Bounty Hunter)
• IFC 247 Crandell’s blue Ford with eagle hood ornament (Snowstorm)
• J61 GJP car parked by where Starsky and Hutch see Cobb (Strange Justice)
• JNJ 322 black Rolls Hutch drives (Bait)
• JNJ 322 Monk’s red 4-door Ford, Huggy describes it as a “dark colored LTD sedan” (Fix)
• JOC 501 Hutch’s undercover car (Game)
• K76 356 the hearse Moon is hiding in (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• KHM 888 silver car in traffic (Iron Mike)
• LB3 269 Ohio plates, disguised green car (Savage Sunday)
• LBJ 405 Huggy’s white Caddy (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• LP 649 appears to be Huggy’s old red classic car (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• NCK 912 out of state plates on car parked by the Playhouse (Vampire)
• ODA 513 Turquet’s silver car (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• PEM 336 Karl Regan’s two door brownish-orange car (Heroes)
• PRM 336 Henderson and Billy Joe's maroon 1964 Ford (Partners)
• PRZ 951 Fat Moo-Moo and Earl’s car (Psychic)
• RNP 489 Pruitt's car (Las Vegas Strangler)
• QC41535 the truck Callendar leans on while pretending to be a bum (Plague)
• SHD 715 red, older model sedan parked outside of Brooks Pharmaceuticals (Jojo)
• TPT 584 white car on street (Little Girl Lost)
• TYN 645 Hutch tosses bad guy on this car (Little Girl Lost)
• VAN 722 car Dewey Hughes hits (Kill Huggy Bear)
• VLN 726 appears to be the blue import parked next to Dobey’s car in the hospital garage. (Sweet Revenge)
• VRK 997 Dodge Duster or Barracuda outside Hutch’s place (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• VWN 760 Vern’s battered station wagon (Running)
• WMB 400 odd orange construction vehicle that gets in Starsky’s way (Pariah)
• X31923 tow truck used to crash Starsky and Hutch’s cab (Tap Dancing)
• X88 132 Jerry Tabor’s old pickup truck (Long Walk)
• X89 120 the truck Ted Banks uses to run down Starsky and Hutch (Terror on the Docks)
• X89 269 plumbing truck (Specialist)
• X89 269 van kidnappers use (Psychic)
• X91536 Slater’s truck (Survival)
• X91859 van cops use, Dobey is in it (Psychic)
• Y2U 24? car parked by the deli (Collector)
• Y87 260 Starsky’s cab (Quadromania)
• YDF 588 white mustang outside of Craig house (Pariah)
• YDM 484 Jack’s white, two door Pontiac Bonneville (Collector)
• YLW 321 car in garage of Don Widdicombe’s apartment building (Blindfold)
• Z99 960 Tallman’s thugs’ car that “tailed” Starsky and Hutch (Pilot)
• ZCM 932 black four door car, Sonny Watson’s (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Police squads and one ugly duckling, all squad cars' plate numbers are preceded by a circled "E".
26087 squad car, Hutch drives (Pariah)
26087 squad car, Officer Bill’s, outside Huggy’s (Kill Huggy Bear)
26087 squad car, pulls up at Hutch’s rescue (Game)
33288 squad car at Humphries bust (Survival)
33598 bomb squad truck (Specialist)
33598 squad car parked behind Helen’s car at police parking lot, Bay 4 (Lady Blue)
47688 ambulance being repaired in police garage (Specialist)
47688 squad car in front of the May house (Targets 3)
47688 squad car that pulls up after Andrews shoots Jackson (Manchild on the Streets)
47688 squad hit men bump into at garage (Sweet Revenge)
50905 squad car at Paradise Massage (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
612105 on RFD bus where Lisa is raped (Nightmare)
74829 ambulance (Little Girl Lost)
74829 squad car at fire (Bounty Hunter)
74829 squad car at garage when Phelps meets Starsky and Hutch (Heroes)
74829 squad car, waits outside of Dobey’s place (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
74829 squad that follows Dobey’s to church (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
74893 squad car of uniforms that pull Starsky and Hutch over for busting light (Pilot)
80975 squad car that picks up Shockley (Bait)
80975 squad in front of Joey’s hotel (Set-Up)
80975 squad that drives over bridge Harry is hiding under (Deckwatch)
83296 squad (Survival)
83296 squad on street, drives over bridge where Harry is hiding (Deckwatch)
83296 squad that Starsky drives in with Knight, Garner and Williams. (Committee)
83296 squad, interrupts the ransom run, same squad pulls up after Hutch is shot (Psychic)
84346 squad Hutch stands in front of as he shoots at hit men (Sweet Revenge)
87528 squad says drives (Tap Dancing)
92046 squad car at the Garras crime scene (Collector)
92046 squad car at the O’Connor murder site (Quadromania)
96814 old orange truck in construction yard (Bounty Hunter)
97529 squad at Madelaine’s murder site (Deckwatch)
97529 squad Starsky and Hutch drive to rescue Marianne. They get it off the pier. (Tap Dancing)
97529 squad, Officer Burke’s, outside of Marcie’s (Photo Finish)

Boats, planes and helicopters
• 3JDB helicopter (Set-Up)
• HA 8628 C inflatable motorboat number (Playboy Island)
• N1347R small aircraft at Mandalay Heights Airfield (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• N18023 small plane next to Torino, over Starsky’s shoulder (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• N3449T small plane (Foxy Lady)
• N5205J small aircraft Woodfield’s mechanic is working on (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• N63230 small plane (Set-Up)
• NIMG on Moon’s small plane (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

call signs/squad car names
• Apple Three (304) (Manchild on the Streets)
• Baker Six (Kill Huggy Bear)
• “Blue Seven,” Starsky jokes (Black and Blue)
• Central One, radio chatter (Discomania)
• Central Three, radio chatter (Specialist)
• Eleven Harry (Pilot, Texas Longhorn)
• Faribault Two, radio chatter (Death in a Different Place)
• George One (Terror on the Docks)
• Metro Five (Death Ride)
• Metro Three, radio chatter (Death in a Different Place, Jojo)
• Mission One, radio chatter (Dandruff, Deckwatch)
• Mission Five, radio chatter (Discomania, Fix)
• Northern Three, radio chatter (Deckwatch)
• Northern Eight, police chatter (Collector)
• Northern Thirty, radio chatter (Discomania)
• Northern Two, radio chatter (Death in a Different Place, Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty, Gillian, Rosey Malone, Quadromania)
• Ocean Eleven (Survival)
• Ocean Nine (Survival)
• Paravell (sp?) Two, heard on police chatter (Death in a Different Place)
• Starsky calls himself “9W21” (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Ten Sierra (Pilot, Texas Longhorn)
• Thompson Five (Targets 1)
• "Weimaraner Four", Starsky jokes (Lady Blue)
• Zebra Nine (Survival)
• Zebra Six (Survival)
• Zebra Twelve (Survival)
• Zero Four (Manchild on the Streets)

License plates on the wall at Huggy Bear’s (Savage Sunday, Snowstorm, Fix, Texas Longhorn, Kill Huggy Bear, various)
• ?D2701 (by bar mirror)
• 15934 (kitchen)
• 164329 (door)
• 28563 (door)
• 28695 (archway)
• 329 608 (door)
• 41265 (kitchen)
• 504 EBS (door)
• 647724 (archway)
• 759 788 (door)
• 7A9030 (door)
• 8C 0169 (door)
• 9154 (door)
• 9W8590 (door)
• A42915 (by bar mirror)
60975, squad car plate! (door)
• IE2714 (door)
• J71622 (door)
• JQS374 (by kitchen)
• SN4126 (door)
• TAC 137 (door)

License plates on inside of the barn (Moonshine)
• JAI 916
• TH 59F6
• 7E 3201
• 3WY 982
• QUE 851
• 501 CAN
• 2E 4062

Starsky is wrong about the car license plate (Losing Streak)
• 259 PCE (or PCB) Starsky and Hutch argue about the last letter. Hutch makes the correct call.