"We're only a phone call away, remember that." (Trap)

White phone, black phone, red phone
• Dobey dials the red phone as a decoy move on Terry Evers. (Death Ride)
• Dobey uses the red phone to call Hutch at his place. (Kill Huggy Bear, Terror on the Docks)
• Dobey uses the red phone to call the Torino. (Terror on the Docks, Savage Sunday)
• Hutch primarily uses the black phone at Metro. (Deadly Imposter, Rosey Malone, Iron Mike, Heroes, Foxy Lady, Death in a Different Place, various)
• Hutch uses the white phone at Metro. (Trap, Plague, Gillian)
• Starsky primarily uses the white phone at Metro. (Foxy Lady, Heroes, Rosey Malone, Iron Mike, Huggy Bear and the Turkey, Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty, Death in a Different Place)
• Starsky uses the black at Metro. (Trap, Plague, Gillian)
• Starsky uses the red phone to call Bob in R & I to ask for the radio call numbers. (Blue Lady)
• The red phone goes on a field trip; it appears on the restaurant table. (Specialist)
• The red phone is seen but not used. (Texas Longhorn, Velvet Jungle, Committee, Murder on Stage 17, Snowstorm, Running, Fix, Lady Blue, Deadly Imposter, Death Ride, Death Notice)
• The red phone takes an outdoor excursion to the police van. (Psychic

Starsky bothers Hutch when Hutch is on the phone
• “Don’t yell at me when I’m on the phone!” Hutch tells Starsky. (Committee)
• “The snow tires! Don’t forget the snow tires,” Starsky bugs Hutch. (Texas Longhorn)
• Starsky bugs him about rolling his dice for Monopoly while he talks to the Vancouver Lions. (Starsky’s Lady)

Operators and switchboards
• Amy calls Harry, and the operator tells her the phone is off the hook. (Hostages)
• Cole tried taking Drew’s call at the switchboard, but Drew insisted on talking to Starsky and Hutch. (Specialist)
• Dobey calls Metro’s switchboard and asks for an APB on Crandell. (Snowstorm)
• Dobey calls Metro’s switchboard and asks for Internal Affairs. (Committee)
• Edith Dobey calls the operator when she is looking for Harold. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

• Hutch calls the switchboard and asks for the local wire service (Savage Sunday)
• Hutch calls Metro's switchboard and asks for Dobey. (Bait)
• Hutch tells Theresa to call the “emergency operator.” (Shootout)
• Hutch pretends to call the operator for the pretend distress call from the neighbors. (Blindfold)
• Monty Voorhees runs a switchboard. (Bounty Hunter)
• Starsky calls Metro’s switchboard and asks for Dobey .(Snowstorm, Fix, Death Notice, Bait, various)
• Starsky calls Metro’s switchboard and asks for the Las Vegas Police Department. (Death Notice)
• Starsky pinches his nose and pretends to be the operator. (Heavyweight)
• The hotel landlord mentions the switchboard. (Pilot)
• The hotel’s switchboard gets called with a bomb threat. (Set-Up)
• Vanessa uses an operator to call Amsterdam. (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• Dan Slate calls the operator to get the Police Department when he is pretending to be Biggs. (Strange Justice)

Answering Dobey’s phone
• Starsky answers it at his office, “Captain Dobey’s office.” (Lady Blue)
• Hutch answers it at Dobey’s house, “Dobey’s.” (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Has a phone trace ever worked?
• no, but not for lack of time (Golden Angel)
• no, not enough time (Bloodbath)
• no, not enough time (Foxy Lady)
• no, not enough time (Hostages)
• no, not enough time (Long Walk)
• no, not enough time (Pariah)

Phone wires are cut/off the hook
• Cultists cut the cabin’s phone line. (Satan’s Witches)
• The Dobey home phone wires are cut by Moon. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Starsky turns off the police radio. (Quadromania)
• Karpel’s beach house’s phone lines are cut. (Deadly Imposter)
• The operator says Harry’s phone is off the hook. (Hostages)
• Harry cuts the phone line to the Kanen house. (Deckwatch)
• Hutch asks Starsky, when Starsky won’t pick up his calls, “phone not workin’?” (Blindfold)

When does the car “phone” handset get replaced with a radio?
• radio (Pilot, Kill Huggy Bear)
• back to phone (Lady Blue)
• back to radio and stays a radio from then on (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

That “phony radio interference jazz”
• Starsky does it to Dispatch. (Pilot)
• Hutch does it to Dobey. (Savage Su

Other objects as phones
• Hutch pretends his banana is a phone. (Black and Blue)
• Hutch pretends the sea shell is a phone. (Cover Girl)

Call us
• Starsky and Hutch write their number on a piece of paper. (Kill Huggy Bear, Blue Lady, Captain Dobey, You’re Dead, Velvet Jungle, Bust Amboy, Vendetta, Gillian)
• Starsky and Hutch have an actual business card, “number’s on the caaard.” (Savage Sunday, Moonshine)

Phone numbers
• 23658 = the number Vanessa calls in Amsterdam, she needs operator assistance (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• 254.4327 = Gus and Al’s Tropical Fish, seen on truck (Bait)
• 259.4411 = Williams’ Upholstery and Drapes in Newhall, California (Moonshine)
• 271.1274 = The second number Hutch calls with Huggy to reach Bates. It is a phone number in San Francisco and the private line of James Gunther. (Sweet Revenge)
• 277.8811 = Larry and RC’s print shop (Silence)
• 295.6463 = number on a dumpster (Losing Streak)
• 321.1321 = Mrs. Foxy Baker’s phone (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• 390.3554 = Briles Helicopter, seen on the helicopter (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• 392.3878 = Lee’s Precision Tune, around the corner from Hutch’s place (Little Girl Lost)
• 445.6632 = Hutch’s canal cottage, it is the number that Starsky fingers out on the phone (A Coffin for Starsky)
• 454.9201 = on the door of Fair Bail Bonds on the sign that instructs after hours calls. There is also a red phone to call the bondsman. (Bounty Hunter)
• 459.3530 = Trans World Airlines (Deadly Imposter)
• 462.9923 = Linda Mascellis’s home number (Jojo)
• 474.3998 = Steve’s number of house on the lot (Murder on Stage 17)
• 475.6731 = Dan Gabriel Realty Company (Crying Child)
• 477.8557 = City Wide Towing, seen on truck (Targets 3, Plague)
• 478.3879 = number on the dumpster by the coffee house (Targets 2)
• 483.9345 = liquor store across the street from Hotel Californian (Game)
• 553.4977 = one phone number for Brody’s Heating and Air Conditioning (Pariah)
• 555.1329 = pay phone by White Airport (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• 555.1701 = The sign inside Fair Bail Bonds has this phone number. Differs from the one outside. (Bounty Hunter)
• 555.2368 = car phone in Starsky and Hutch’s black car, area code (311), Soldier calls them on it (Targets 3)
• 555.2368 = appears to be Hutch's phone number at Venice Place. (Gillian)
• 555.2379 = Roscoe Towing (Tap Dancing)
• 555.2387 = Metro Cab (Quadromania)
• 555.2552 = G.W. Jazz Club (Losing Streak)
• 555.3977 = the Pits, though number Starsky punches in seems to include a “445” or a “112” (Action)
• 555.4598 = hospital (Plague)
• 555.4989 = Allison’s phone number (Targets 2)
• 555.5341 = number of pay phone Hutch gives Rigger for McClellan to call him back on in twenty minutes. (Targets 1)
• 555.6278 = Huggy reads this first number to Hutch as Hutch calls Bates at Gunther Enterprises (Sweet Revenge)
• 555.6473 = John Brown Harris, the pay phone at the dock (Texas Longhorn)
• 555.6673 = police department emergency switchboard (Savage Sunday)
• 555.6772 = Dobey’s home phone (Fix)
• 555.7019 = 4th Street Gym phone in the hallway, Hutch calls to have it traced (Golden Angel)
• 555.7246 = Carniary’s Laundry (Omaha Tiger)
• 555.7263 = Matt Coyle’s work, the red phone (Iron Mike)
• 555.7615 = number of the pay phone Bagely calls his thugs to remind them of the pick-up time. (Trap)
• 555.8747 = City Cab (Set-Up)
• 555.9063 = Prudholm’s home phone number on Patricia Avenue from old arrest record (Pariah)
• 555.9292 = Sal’s deli (Collector)
• 555.9771= Larry Warwick Real Estate (Deadly Imposter)
• 595.9557 = on the “for lease” sign on door Hutch falls through (Psychic)
• 622.3614 = Kar Keys Locksmith (Moonshine)
• 623.1973 = Alfredo’s Tailor Shop (Kill Huggy Bear)
• 626.1362 = number to call for warehouse rental, on sign next to B and D Trading (Plague)
• 680.1530 = B and D Trading Company (Plague)
• 721.4737 = the Pits’ trash service, Wilshire (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• 736.8383 = Ace Taxi (Las Vegas Strangler)
• 767.7153 = Universal Dumpster (Gillian)
• 781.6270 = United States Silver Corp., Van Nuys, CA (Terror on the Docks)
• 836.0606 = one phone number for Brody Heating and Air Conditioning (Pariah)

• 836.5646 = Police Towing (Pilot)
• 852.4567 = Green Hills Cab (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• CR3 6611 = Beverly Hill’s Cab (Plague)
• EX9 7243 = Main Liquor and Deli, free delivery number (Snowstorm)
• HN1 4270 = Wizard Fence Co. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• HO4 9201 = Fair Bail Bonds phone number on the big sign. The number 454.9201 on the smaller sign on the door. It is the same number, just an updated format. (Bounty Hunter)
• OL4 4232 = Duke’s Used Clothing (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Q96415 = Sue Ann’s hotel room, the “Q” is “Quincy” (Long Walk)
• RI 95171 = Olympic Sports Arena (Omaha Tiger)
• X2268 = Dobey’s extension at work before he changes it due to pranks, people were calling it looking for the “snack bar,” his full number would be 555.2268. (Running)
• X2423 = This is the number on the phone cultists use to call Hutch at the courthouse; Dobey asks for a tracer on it. (Bloodbath)
• X3056 = Dobey’s extension at work after the business card pranks, people call it looking for a plumber, his full number would be 555.3056. (Running)
• X338 = Hutch’s extension at work (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• X650 = “Doc,” the coroner at the Pathology Office (Omaha Tiger)