"No, we're not playing football for anybody right now...ahhh...we're policemen but...
ahhh...we're tough."
(Starsky''s Lady)

Visual and verbal mentions of sports
• baseball (Golden Angel)
• baseball, invisible (Long Walk)
• baseball, cards (Little Girl Lost, Vendetta)
• baseball, Molly/Pete wears a Mets hat and shirt. (Little Girl Lost)
• basketball, Blond Blintz’s Buffalos/Hornets (Starsky’s Lady)
• basketball, Celtics/Warriors (Jojo)
• boxing (Heavyweight, Golden Angel)
• basketball, Lakers/Knicks (Pilot)
• check writing, Jack’s family excelled at (Las Vegas Strangler)
• croquet, (Jojo)
• football, Huggy is reading a football magazine at the Pits (Groupie)
• football, New Orleans Saints (Death Notice)
• football, Rams (Action)
• football, Starsky wants to know why the two boys aren’t out playing football (Psychic)
• football, Turbos (Psychic)
• football, Vancouver Lions (Starsky’s Lady)
• golf (Golden Angel, Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• wrestling (Omaha Tiger, Golden Angel)
• mini-golf (Death Notice, Starsky’s Lady)
• ice boating in Minnesota (Jojo)
• tennis (Golden Angel, Long Walk)

Little League
• Starsky mentions, after knocking Hutch down in the hallway, taking better hits in Little League. (Murder Ward)
• Hutch says he will take Starsky camping when Starsky’s Little League team wins the championship. (Running)

Playing invisible baseball
• Fireball (Long Walk)
• Molly (Little Girl Lost)
• Guy Mayer (Crying Child)

Mentions of past athletic exploits

• Ginger’s boyfriend, Jim Lee, used to play football for the Saints. (Death Notice)
• Hutch was an intercollegiate dart champion, so says Starsky. (Bust Amboy)
• Hutch wrestled for three years while in college. (Omaha Tiger)
• John Blaine played some football and felt he was pretty good. (Death in a Different Place)
• Merle the Earl mentions his football cleats (Jojo)
• Starsky has a letter sweater for some sport, probably football (Action)
• Starsky played football in high school. He was a “defensive back.” (Pilot)
• Zach says he has taken worse hits in football. (Texas Longhorn)
• Starsky mentions Hutch trying to get him a job as a “defensive end on a Canadian football team.” (Partners)

Starsky and Hutch play basketball
• They play with Huey and Tony for information. (Savage Sunday)
• They play with Jackson and Junior. (Manchild on the Streets)
• They play with Terry Roberts’ kids. (Starsky’s Lady)
• Starsky plays with other patients. He is seen holding a basketball. (Murder Ward)

• Starsky and Hutch bowl. (Gillian)
• Starsky says he met “a gourmet” at the bowling league. It sounds as though Hutch was there too. (Iron Mike)
• Starsky, Hutch and Terry Nash hang out at the Mar-Lin-Do Bowling Alley . (Set-Up)
• Starsky and Hutch say they are members of the Wildcat Bowling League. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• Sammy Grovner played at the Galaxy Bowl-A-Rama for three weeks. (Shootout)

Baseball references
• Starsky says of their failure with Bellamy, "Strike one." (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Starsky mutters to himself about Deveen's offer, "Here's the pitch." (Quadromania)
• Cheryl will "touch base" with her folks when she visits the Stockwoods. (Bait)
• Hutch says when they get more information, they'll "have home base." (Black and Blue)
• Starsky asks Hutch, "Okay, hey, when do you want me to throw the first pitch?" (Shootout)
• The phrase "playing in the big league" is used. (Plague)
• Dombarris says Jojo's next job will put him in the Major Leagues. (Jojo)