“You mean, when I was on the phone you actually went down to the commissary, and you bought yourself a clove of garlic? To protect yourself against vampires?” (Vampire)

• Frank Malone is going to take the Fifth Amendment. (Rosey Malone)
• Pepper says her counselor advised her to take the Fifth Amendment. (Gillian)
• Sharon Freemont says she got tired of waiting for the Equal Rights Amendment to pass. (Starsky and Hutch are Guilty)


• sequoia (Shootout)
• pine (Satan’s Witches)
• knotty pine (Bloodbath)
• pinion pine (Bloodbath)
• ponderosa pine (Bloodbath)
• pear tree (Lady Blue)
• eucalyptus trees (Deadly Imposter)
• burned out hollow of a tree stump (Vampire)

Starsky and Hutch teach each other a skill
• Starsky teaches Hutch to dip. (Tap Dancing)
• Hutch teaches Starsky to fish. (Satan's Witches)
• Hutch teaches Starsky chess. (Iron Mike)
• Starsky teaches Hutch about his new watch, "Let me give you a class." (Trap)

Famous battles

• Alamo (Trap, Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• Battle of the Bulge (Trap)
• Custer’s Last Stand (Trap)
• Eastside Rumble (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Khe Sanh (Set-Up)
• Vanessa and Hutch at the Pits. (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• "Brooks vs Jiminez" on Thursday. "20 man Battle Royal plus Andre the Giant" on Friday at the Olympic Sports Arena. (Omaha Tiger)

Reporters: a plus, a minus or a neutral factor?
• Hutch notes the media doesn’t have the radio information, which is a clue to the case. (Lady Blue)
• There is a snarky reporter at the courthouse. He talks of knitting bees and of doing hair. (Bloodbath)
• Stu Basset takes the photo, which complicates the case. (Foxy Lady)
• Miss Sutton’s involvement in case probably helps the case. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Jane Hutton helps, but at a great price. (Murder Ward)
• Chris Phelps is an irritant and almost got herself killed but turned in a good article in the end. (Heroes)
• Helen Carnahan poses as a reporter and complicates Starsky and Hutch’s case. (Murder at Sea)
• Starsky and Hutch use the press and leak a false story about Starsky killing Willits. (Committee)
• Starsky and Hutch use the press and leak a leak false story about Hutch having the jewel. (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• Starsky and Hutch use the press and leak a false story about the stamp being stolen. (Bait)
• Jimmy’s story possibly brings more spectators to the wrestling match. (Golden Angel)

Groups of chicks that are promising sexually
• conventions of dental hygienists (Quadromania)
• New York secretaries (A Coffin for Starsky)
• airline stewardesses (Pariah, Fatal Charm, Heavyweight)

Birthdays and holidays
• Knight tells Starsky, when Garner is brought out gagged, “Happy Birthday.” (Committee)
• Starsky and Hutch help celebrate Lisa Graham’s birthday. (Nightmare)
• Starsky and Hutch host a birthday party at Cabrillo. (Murder Ward)
• Starsky tells Dobey, “Happy Birthday,” as he hands him the desk lamp. (Survival)
• Joey says the stolen lighter is for her mother’s birthday present. (Trap)
• Hutch plugs Starsky date into his biorhythm calculator. (Avenger)
• Reuben tells his secretary it is his Uncle Louie’s birthday, asking her to buy him a briefcase. (Birds of a Feather)
• Hutch suggests he get Starsky dancing lessons for his birthday. (Avenger)
• It is Glenda’s birthday party in Las Vegas, the one Starsky, Hutch, Jack and Vicky go to. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Starsky and Hutch go to Rosey’s birthday party. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Howard has managed to celebrate three birthdays this year. (Murder Ward)
• Janice Regan gets a birthday charm in the mail, two months after her father supposedly died. (Playboy Island)
• Starsky recalls hiding in the closet from his father on his eighth birthday. (Game)

• The episode starts a few days before Christmas. (Little Girl Lost)
• Starsky tells Dobey he didn't know Hutch was going to do, "A Halloween number with disguises." (Game)
• "Here comes Santa Claus, and I think he's carrying our present" Starsky tells Hutch about the thug who goes up the elevator. (Pilot)
• Joe Garras says, "Try Santa Claus." (Collector)
• Starsky tells Hutch, "And a partridge in a pear tree, it sounds like Christmas." (Lady Blue)
• April Fool's (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• Starsky asks Coley if it's somebody's birthday after Coley asks him if it's the 17th, which coincidentally is March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. (Pilot)

Racial observations
• Corman tells Burke “You look real natural toting them bales.” (Snowstorm)
• Dobey comments, that to white people, all black men look alike, when he goes to the boiler room to meet Starsky, Hutch and Nash. (Set-Up)

• Huggy comments if Starsky and Hutch looked any sharper, “You’d be black.” (Cover Girl)
• Huggy comments that the, “English language is not the exclusive property of the white man.” (Set-Up)
• Huggy says to Starsky and Hutch, “Trouble with you white folks is you all look alike.” (Pariah)
• Hutch crabs about Starsky going the wrong way on a one street, “Didn’t you see the arrow?” Starsky replies, “I didn’t even see the Indians.” (Hostages)
• Hutch sends Huggy into the Swayder neighborhood because he’ll fit in better being a black person. (Targets 3)
• Maurice reminds Jackson that only “brothers and Chicanos” work in the hospital laundry. (Manchild on the Streets)
• Meredith comments to Starsky about all the racial quotas she fills as a black woman. (Black and Blue)
• Meredith won’t let Starsky take the Torino to track Train down because it will stick out in a black neighborhood. (Black and Blue)
• Paco assures Starsky, Hutch and Dobey that Sterling will underestimate him because he is Chicano. (Velvet Jungle)
• Starsky and Hutch confidently leap out of the semi to what they think are the good guys. Seeing it isn’t, Starsky says, “Indians.” (Action)
• Starsky and Hutch tell Fat Rolly they are looking for a Chicano. He offers the clue of Puerto Rico. (Texas Longhorn)
• Sergeant tells Starsky and Hutch that Zach says the assailants were "a Latino and an Anglo." (Texas Longhorn)
• Starsky comments that Corman and Burke are about as “friendly as the NAACP and the Ku Klux Klan having a togetherness rally.” (Snowstorm)
• Starsky jokes to Hutch, “I didn’t think Indians were allowed in a hillbilly joint like this,” referring to the Saddle-bar Club. (Long Walk)
• Starsky says he would get in trouble with the NAACP if he doesn’t take the black man’s wound seriously. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Starsky tells Lionel Rigger the Western on television is a good one, “The Indians win this time.” (Targets 1)
• The Baron says he not “exactly your tap dancing stereotype.” (Set-Up)
• The owner of the car wash says that all the Mexicans working for him all “look alike.” (Psychic)
• Train and Vivian tell Starsky he doesn’t know what their lives are like because Starsky is white. (Black and Blue)

Prostitutes want to give Starsky and Hutch a freebie/exceptions

• The blond prostitute at Venus would like to service Starsky and Hutch. (Gillian)
• Ethel wants Starsky and Hutch to come back, but not on business, “I sure hope so, Baby.” (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Marsha says it is a shame to charge Hutch for the sex they had. (Tap Dancing)
• Nikki offers to send Hutch her new address. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• One prostitute slaps Starsky’s butt in appreciation, blatantly ignoring the law of assaulting a police officer. (Specialist)
• The prostitute, at 4:00 p.m., says they don’t usually open this early, but in Starsky and Hutch’s case, she will make an exception. (Hostages)
• Roxy, tells Hutch to come back after he’s off-duty and she will give him sex “on the house.” (Heroes)

Women ask to be arrested or dealt with “professionally” by Starsky and Hutch, presumably to get strip-searched
• October Moss says she wouldn’t mind being arrested by “you two gentlemen.”(Murder at Sea)
• Francine says, “If I ever get nabbed, I want it to be in your precinct.” (Death Notice)
• The stripper at the Jungle Club, Nina, wants to start a crime wave with Hutch. (Bounty Hunter)

Starsky and Hutch and new partners
• Starsky tells Rosie Dobey, "You are my partner." (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Starsky says about Linda Baylor, “I’d trade her in for you any time,” referring to Hutch. (Fatal Charm)
• Starsky tells Meredith, the “next time my partner gets shot, I am requesting you.” (Black and Blue)
• Hutch threatens Starsky about his overheated car, telling him if it happens again, Starsky is going to have to choose between the Torino and him. “Don’t make me choose,” Starsky warns. (Death in a Different Place)
• Hutch warns Starsky if the Torino conks out again like that, “You’re going to blow a partner.” (Death in a Different Place)
• Dobey tells Starsky to come meet his new partner, Starsky responds, “The body’s not even cold.” (Black and Blue)
• “Calm down and wait until I can find you a new partner,” he tells a stunned Hutch, who replies he already has a partner and doesn’t need another one. (Sweet Revenge)
• Starsky tells Hutch to shape up or he will request a new assignment, which would assume a new partner. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• Freddie Lyle asks Starsky, “As long as we are in the same biz, maybe we could form a partnership.” (Murder Ward)
• Starsky says of Linda Baylor, “I’d trade her in for you any time.” (Fatal Charm)

Crime rate/crime solvability and Starsky and Hutch’s continued employment
• Starsky remarks that if the state and the feds got along, and the crime rate didn’t go up every year, Starsky and Hutch would be “looking for work.” (Deadly Imposter)
• “If the guilty parties came in here and gave themselves up, you’d be out of a job,” Dobey crabs. (Golden Angel)
• Hutch tells woman who called the police "If more citizens did that there would be less crime, wouldn't there?" (Kill Huggy Bear)

Starsky sends Hutch home to get some sleep, which leads to danger from mentally ill women with knives
• Diana comes after Hutch. (Fatal Charm)
• Monique goes after Starsky. (Avenger)

Starsky teases someone with a gag in his or her mouth
• He teases Marianne Tustin while she is gagged and in the trunk. (Tap Dancing)
• He teases Nick while he is gagged and tied to a chair. (Starsky’s Brother)

Mentions of women’s lib
• Huggy believes in it. He says it gives women the right to steal as much as men. (Savage Sunday)
• Starsky tells Bruce women’s lib has “let loose some dangerous people.” (Black and Blue)
• Hutch asks Melinda, “You’re not with women’s lib are you?” (Groupie)

Classes and courses
• European History (Class in Crime)
• Art of Mime (Class in Crime)
• Philosophy of Crime (Class in Crime)
• Basic Logic (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• Criminology (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• Physical Education (Pilot)
• Starsky offers to teach Hutch about his watch. "Let me give you a class." (Trap)
• Starsky and Sharman were in Wood Shop together in the ninth grade. (Running)

Women having a harder time than a man getting ahead
• Sharon Freemont got tired of waiting for the Equal Rights Amendment to pass. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• Marcie Fletcher complains about how hard it is to be a woman in her field. (Photo Finish)
• Detective Meredith is outspoken about how hard it is to be a token woman and a black person.
• Officer Hagen automatically gets assigned to Vice as a decoy. (Specialist)
• Officer O’Reilly has been trying for a year to get out of Traffic. (Strange Justice)

“Traffic control”
• Starsky and Hutch wave car by. Hutch says, “Move it, you turkey.” (Texas Longhorn)
• Starsky, with Hutch, waves a car by in the street by the cafe. (Hostages)
• Starsky, with Hutch, waves a car by as they go up to Linda’s place. (Jojo)
• Starsky waves a construction vehicle to move on. (Fix)
• Starsky waves a construction vehicle to move on. (Pariah)
• Hutch waves the speeding car over. (Committee)
• Kalowitz, Corman and Burke wave Starsky and Hutch over. (Snowstorm)
• Starsky and Hutch have a road rage moment when they are trapped by cars and can’t track Huggy. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Starsky and Hutch as “gentlemen”
• Starsky says, “It’s tough to be a gentleman when you’re trussed up like this.” (Bloodbath)
• Starsky says, “A gentleman always walks his lady to the door.” (Rosey Malone)
• Dobey says Chris Phelps calling Starsky and Hutch gentlemen is the first time he has heard them referred to as such. (Heroes)
• Starsky and Hutch are addresses as “gentlemen.” (Iron Mike, Murder at Sea, Heroes, Bloodbath, Body Worth Guarding, Velvet Jungle, various)
• Rosey Malone tells Starsky he might “find it difficult to be a gentleman” if he walks her to the door. (Rosey Malone)
• Starsky gets a “Starsky Special.” Huggy tells Hutch, “Beer for the gentleman.” (Texas Longhorn)
• Dobey says, “That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone call them gentlemen,” after Dr. Kaufman asks for Starsky and Hutch as such. Watch Hutch’s expression. (Plague)

Starsky is tired at work due to lots of sex
• Hutch suggest to Starsky, “Why don’t you try sleeping at night?” He is alluding to Starsky choice of sex over sleep. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Starsky complains about his eagle’s wings are being worn down to nubs by Sharon and sex. (Heavyweight)
• Starsky says, “I didn’t sleep much last night.” Hutch asks why, then says, “Sorry I asked, “ understanding why. (Death in a Different Place)

• Guys bust up Huggy’s bar and Huggy says, “Now I have to buy insurance!” (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Sally the sandwich man complains the broken window will make his insurance rates go “sky high!” (Velvet Jungle)
• Hutch complains to Starsky about his insurance costs for his car, “I got insurance up to here!” (Strange Justice)
• The bad guy asks Huggy, "Why's a dead man need insurance?" (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Officer O’Reilly asks Starsky if he has reported the theft of the Torino innards to his insurance company as “a loss.” (Targets 2)
• Starsky tells Zachary, "A little insurance. No Hutch. No money." (Foxy Lady)

“I’m Just a Gigolo,” on Huggy’s button (Groupie), or when Starsky and Hutch compromise their virtue for the job
• Hutch does Marianne. (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• Hutch does Marsha. (Tap Dancing)
• Hutch does Melinda. (Groupie)
• Starsky does Rosey Malone. (Rosey Malone)

Places or things Hutch thinks are just plain weird
• Crandell’s apartment he says is “just plain weird.” (Snowstorm)
• The creepy toad bellies in jar at Magic Minnie’s make him do a funny wiggly fingers action. (Playboy Island)
• Ezra Beam’s establishment gives him an all-body shiver. (Terror on the Docks)

Starsky and Hutch and knowledge of the color wheel
• Starsky says the car was flamingo, not orange or red. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Hutch says his tracksuit is gold, not yellow. (Long Walk)
• Starsky says the Torino is candy-apple red, not just red. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Hutch, as Jack Ives, says “shimmery has always been one of my favorite colors.” (Groupie)
• Starsky calls himself the “puce” goose on the CB radio. (Set-Up)
• Starsky knows “robin’s egg blue.” It is the color of T-Bird Freddie asks him about. (Murder Ward)
• Starsky describes his car in his report as the “fiery red Torino.” (Texas Longhorn)
• Starsky comments on Harry Ashford’s “raven locks.” (Avenger)
• Hutch tells Starsky the sunset is “every color of the spectrum, constantly changing.” (Lady Blue)
• Hutch tells Allison, “What a beautiful red suit you have on.” (Targets 2)
• Hutch tells Fifth Avenue his information is “gold.” (Lady Blue)
• Hutch confirms the Ford is "light green." (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Starsky and Hutch clue in on the rose, “orange…with little pearly dewdrops.” (Psychic)
• Starsky and Hutch find Sulko’s red Nomad wagon, despite Merle calling it “chartreuse.” (Jojo)
• Marsha Stearns calls Charlie, “Colorful.” (Tap Dancing)
* Starsky comments to Tessie, "
A nice blue dress. You had your hair done." (Omaha Tiger)
• Hutch uses the word “ebony.” (Bloodbath)
• Starsky describes a car he wants Hutch to buy as “metallic burgundy.” (Snowstorm)
• Starsky makes the distinction between silver and platinum. (Trap)
• Hutch tells Kenny Widdicombe it would be a shame to have to wear “prison gray.” (Blindfold)
• Hutch doesn’t just describe his view under the blindfold as dark, but “plunged into darkness.” (Blindfold)
• Starsky says he thought he "looked pretty good in green." Hutch disagrees, telling him his blue tennis shoes clash. (Hostages)

Gray, truthful worlds
• Stella’s café is “an island of color in a gray world.” (Jojo)
• Matt Coyle’s lies “had far more color than your gray truth.” (Iron Mike)

References to the colors black and blue (Black and Blue)
• Meredith is black.
• Starsky’s eyes are blue, something Meredith brings up often.
• Starsky’s robe is blue.
• Meredith’s outfit in last scene is blue.
• Vivian says to Meredith,” You may be black, Lady, but your uniform’s blue.”
• “black and blue” as a term for bruising
• Hutch picks blue for Starsky to choose.
• Starsky refers to himself on the radio as Blue Seven.

Hutch displays nature knowledge

• He knows how to fish, and Starsky doesn’t. (Class in Crime)
• Hutch teaches Starsky to fish. (Satan’s Witches)
• He knows what the woods are supposed to sound like. (Satan’s Witches)
• He knows when it is moose mating season. (Satan’s Witches)
• He knows the sound of a grizzly bear. (Satan’s Witches)
• He knows when it is trout season. (Snowstorm)
• Hutch displays his knowledge or orienteering and direction. (Playboy Island)
• Hutch knows you don’t boil a fresh trout. (Playboy Island)
• Easy suspects Hutch is “wondering about the vegetation,” and Hutch replies, “Nice specimens.” (Playboy Island)
• Hutch recognizes sugar cane growing in a field from the speeding taxi. (Playboy Island)
• Hutch tells Starsky to turn by the eucalyptus trees. (Deadly Imposter)

Starsky’s beginner’s luck
• He catches way more trout than Hutch. (Satan’s Witches)
• He wins at chess despite being taught the game that night. (Iron Mike)
• Hutch warns him about beginners luck “in thinking.” (Specialist)

Hutch gets frisky with women and then backs down
• “Me. I’m definitely interested,” he tells Catlin. She asks him, “Are you experienced,” which flusters Hutch and he backs down. (Class in Crime)
• The tall blond woman asks him what “his size” is. Hutch gets embarrassed and backs down from his frisky stance. (Kill Huggy Bear)

Starsky directly or indirectly causes the death of someone he needs
• Roy Slater falls out window, and Starsky needs his information. (Survival)
• Starsky shoots Bellamy to save Hutch, but loses his chance at Bellamy’s antidote. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Starsky shoots Fat Moo-Moo and Earl Pola’s car and makes it explode, killing his chance for Joanne’s location. (Psychic)

Celestial bodies
• Hutch tells Dobey Simon’s followers “want the moon.” (Bloodbath)
• Lucky Lester “drives a blue Mercury.” (Bloodbath)
* "But if you do exactly as you’re supposed to you and your pretty little wife in there will both live to see the sunset," so says bay guy. (Hostages)
• Hutch tells Marianne the “Man on the Moon” beat him up. (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• Jim is concerned about Alpha Centuri. (Lady Blue)
• Starsky admits to Hutch after Terry’s death, he didn’t “know if I had enough strength to remain on this earth.” (Partners)
• Hutch tells Merle his car had not better look like a “parade float from Mars” when he comes back. (Bloodbath)
• Hutch says of Lola Brenner, "It sounds like she dropped off the planet." (Captain Dobey, You're Dead)
• "They all acted like we were from another planet," Starsky tells Hutch about people looking at them. (Pilot)
• Bettin tells Starsky and Hutch, "You two are the last people on earth I have to justify anything to." (Jojo)
• Huggy claims his religious trinkets can be bought "right here on the face of this earth." (Jojo)
• Dr. Meredith tells Dr. Kaufman Hutch has “…only a few days life on this planet earth.” (Plague)
• Merle says, “I’ve seen cars, I’ve seen cars from Mars.” (Bloodbath)
• Polly is from Canal, possibly an imaginary planet. (Lady Blue)
• Trayman asks Bagely, "Did the sun rise this morning?" (Trap)
• Starsky complains that Coley, Creepy Charlie and the hooker on 3rd "acted like we were from another planet." (Pilot)
• Polly tells Starsky and Hutch, "I'm blasting the whole building off the planet earth." (Lady Blue)
Sarah calls Dewey’s money score, “a stairway to the stars." (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Starsky says of Lola Bryner, it is if she has “dropped off the planet.” (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Starsky wants to be transferred to the moon to avoid Miss Abigail Crabtree. (Deadly Imposter)
• Starsky tells Knight, “Where do you think we’ve been living? The moon?” (Committee)
• There is mention of the full moon. (Vampire)
• “You’re as interested in what I want as the man on the moon” Marianne tells Hutch. (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• Harry tells Hannah killing is natural to him as “the moon and the tide.” (Deckwatch)
• North Star comes up in Dobey and Hutch’s brainstorm. (Bloodbath)
• Marianne sings “Blue Moon.” (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• Starsky tricks Dobey with the waning moon diet. (Hostage)
• Moon’s Café is the scene of the tuna burger with lots of mushrooms. (Committee)
• Supergnat’s story involves a full moon. (Vampire)
• Hutch wears a moon necklace. (various)
• Three Sisters comes up in Dobey and Hutch’s brainstorm. (Bloodbath)
• Lucky Lester drives blue Mercury. (Iron Mike)
• Mercury is one of the words Starsky suspects Lizzie Thorpe tried to write. (Discomania)
• Big Dipper comes up in Dobey and Hutch’s brainstorm. (Bloodbath)
• Little Dipper comes up in Dobey and Hutch’s brainstorm. (Bloodbath)
• Polaris comes up in Dobey and Hutch’s brainstorm. (Bloodbath)
• Masha tells Anna “stars are made in the sky by nature.” (Body Worth Guarding)
• Hutch eats at the North Star Mission Center. (Game)

Hutch tells Starsky, "looks like the moon just flew past the cusp of your Venus." (Hostages)

Plumbing mentions
• Starsky goes to “check out the plumbing.” (Partners)
• Lionel Rigger comments, "If I were in Vegas right now, I bet I'd be losing money on a pay toilet." (Targets 1)
• Al Martin says, “I’ve got this plumber that says I need a whole new sewer line to the toilet.” (Nightmare)
• Hutch says, “Do you know how much a plumber makes in a year?” Starsky replies, “More than a cop, that’s for sure.” (Class in Crime)
• Starsky and Hutch hide in plumbing truck, and Dobey drives it. (Specialist)
• Huggy tells Diane not to put money in the bar sink as it messed up the plumbing. (Savage Sunday)
• Starsky and Hutch make fake business cards for Dobey’s Plumbing as a prank. (Running)
• Hutch tells Starsky his bathroom is broken and he “has a plumber coming in the morning.” (Foxy Lady)
• Starsky tells Hutch if he were a plumber, he could afford the expensive car. (Class in Crime)
• Hutch reminds Starsky they are a “couple of bugs who know how to swim,” in a toilet bowl. (Pilot)
• Starsky tells Hutch as he runs up the stairs, “Somebody just flushed.” (Pilot)
• Hutch tells Starsky that he doesn’t look like an encyclopedia salesman, but more like a plumber. (Hostages)
• •Hutch tells Starsky "I love you, I understand what you're going through. But man, I love your caring, but I just think it's a... a bum rap to wash your life down the drain on a guilt trip." (Blindfold)
• Hutch tells Starsky, "They really gotta be coming out of the sewer. Robbery, rape and murder, all in one bundle." (Texas Longhorn)