"It’s like my daddy used to say, 'Son, you gotta get the cotton picked before you go to town'.” (Bait)

"It seemed like a good idea at the time”
• Hutch says it to Molly/Pete when she asks him why he let her stay with him. (Little Girl Lost)
• Starsky says it to Hutch when he asks him why he shot Bellamy. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Marianne tells Hutch, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” (Ballad For a Blue Lady)

"Runs better" that way, says Hutch
• He tells Starsky after Starsky gets back into car after visiting Lonnie's mom (Pariah)
• He makes remark as they haggle with old guy about gas for the panel van. (Death Ride)

"You're a lucky man."

• Starsky says it to Hutch. (Body Worth Guarding)
• Molly says it to her dad. (Collector)

“The body’s not even cold”
• Dobey tells Starsky to come meet his new partner, Starsky responds, “The body’s not even cold.” (Black and Blue)
• The landlady asks Hutch if he is interested in renting Allen Richard’s apartment. He tells her, “The body’s not even cold.” (Class in Crime)

"I got a feeling," Starsky says.
• to Hutch about feeling lucky with gambling (Las Vegas Strangler)
• to Dobey about Hutch's disappearance (Fix)

“Be nice,” says Starsky
• to Hutch as they get out of the car at the cabbie murder. (Quadromania)
• to the desk clerk at Harry Ashford’s hotel. (Avenger)

"Know where to go"
• Lisa Kendricks says, "I wouldn't know where to go." (Foxy Lady)
• Sarah says, "Where would we go?" (Savage Sunday)

"I'm right here," says Starsky in that sweet way
• to Hutch (Fix)
• to Jackson Walters (Manchild on the Streets)

“As much finesse as…”
• The make-up man from the Savoy Theater has “got as much finesse as a bloody stump,” says Lionel. (Quadromania)
• Hutch tells Starsky, “We went into this with all the finesse of a wrecking ball,” regarding the Rigger case. (Targets 3)

“It’s a little gamey”
• Hutch says to Starsky on the ship regarding Starsky’s bad breath. (Murder at Sea)
• Hutch says to Starsky about Starsky’s breath when they are on the way into see Phelps. (Heroes)

“Mad about last night?”

• Starsky asks Sharon if she is mad about last night, after being left in the middle of sex. She says no. (Heavyweight)
• Kira asks Starsky, “You’re still mad about last night?” He says no. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• Starsky asks Hutch if he is mad about last night, reason unknown. Hutch says no. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

“You look whipped”
• Dobey says it to Starsky after Starsky has been out all night “chasing grouse” with Sharon. (Heavyweight)
• Dobey says it to Hutch after Hutch has spent the night making love with Marsha. (Tap Dancing)

“Answer to,” somewhere
• “America’s answer to Fagin” is Artie Solkin, says Hutch. (Vendetta)
• “Erie County’s answer to Loretta Lynn,” K.C. McBride says she is. (Quadromania)
• “Ghetto’s answer to Gadabout Gaddis” is Huggy. (Targets 1)

“That’s a two-way street”

• Cheryl says to Starsky after he tells her she has to be straight with them. (Bait)
• Starsky says to Lionel, reminding him to be straight with them. (Targets 1)

“These things have a way of working themselves out”
• Hutch says it to Dobey, hiding Starsky’s involvement with Sharman. (Running)
• Dobey says it to Starsky and Hutch to reassure them about the imposters. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

“Wipe that smile off your face"
• Dobey tells Starsky and Hutch as they spar with Hobart. (Action)
• Dobey tells Starsky and Hutch just before he tells them about Jameson. (Terror on the Docks)

“I’ve had better days”

• Judith says it to Starsky at Fever. (Discomania)
• Judith says it to Hutch at Fever. (Discomania)
• Starsky says it to Hutch, while brooding on his couch. (Rosey Malone)
• Hutch says Rosey Malone said it to him at her shop. (Rosey Malone)

“Someone get me a shovel”, regarding bullshit
• K.C. McBride says it to Starsky. (Quadromania)
• Laura says it to Hutch. (Deckwatch)

“Monk, Monk”
• Hutch says to Starsky telling him his captor’s name. (Fix)
• Basil Monk says to Starsky, correcting him on his name. (Photo Finish)

“Fewer people that know, the better”
• Hutch says the “fewer people that know about this, the better,” rationalizing keeping Hammerlock in the dark about the duplicate Angel trick. (Golden Angel)
• “Fewer people know you’re cops, of course, the fewer people can tell,” Hutch tells Dobey. (Bait)

“He’ll be all right”
• Mrs. Greene tells Starsky about Hutch. (Black and Blue)
• Huggy tells Hutch about Starsky. (Sweet Revenge)

“Hello, hello, hello,” in a vaudevillian manner
• Starsky says as he and Kathy Marshall come into Venice Place. (Fatal Charm)
• Starsky says as part of he and Hutch’s comedy routine. (Shootout)
• Don Widdicombe says as he comes into Emily’s apartment to tell her they are going to Hawaii. (Blindfold)

“Sir,” accidentally calling a forceful woman
• Hutch calls Judge Belin, “Sir.” (Targets 1)
• Starsky calls Officer O’Reilly, “Sir.” (Targets 3)

"Get all fogged up”, eyeglasses
• Charlie McCabe’s get all fogged up due to sexual excitement. (Tap Dancing)
• Ernie Silvers’ glasses get all fogged up due to nervousness. (Game)

“Funny. I don’t feel…”
• Starsky says, “Funny, I don’t feel short. Do I look short?” (Bait)
• Starsky says, “Funny, I don’t feel wet. Do you?” (Targets 2)

“Are you/will you be my friend?”
• Ginger says it to Hutch. (Death Notice)
• The woman dancing with Starsky asks him. (Starsky vs. Hutch)

“Go buy yourself something pretty”
• Starsky tells Kira, taking Hutch’s money and telling her to keep the change. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• Hutch tells Roxie, in front of Chris and Starsky. (Heroes)
• Nick Dombarris tells “Miss Cotton Candy,” slipping her some money. (Jojo)

“Put you out of your/his misery”
• Joey offers to do it to Starsky. (Shootout)
• Pardee suggests he should do it to Hutch. (Gam

“I didn’t call you down here to…”

• “Discuss my personal philosophy,” Huggy tells Starsky and Hutch. (Iron Mike)
• “Not tell you,” Huggy tells Starsky and Hutch. (Snowstorm)

“Two out of three ain’t bad”
• Hutch says it to Starsky about being “tall, dark and handsome.” (Hostages)
• Hutch says it to Starsky about left-handedness and discovery of the same in Rosie Dobey. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Starsky says it to Supergnat. (Vampire)

“Welcome to the human race”
• Hutch says it to Starsky about Starsky’s guilt regarding Rosey Malone. (Rosey Malone)
• Hutch says it to Booker about Booker’s decision to help Spenser. (Heavyweight)

“He’ll live,” with cursory examination of injured person
• Coleman says it of Andrew Mello. (Death Ride)
• Starsky says it regarding knocked-out cop by beach house. (Deadly Imposter)
• Hutch comments about Carlyle in oxygen tent, “He’ll live.” (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Starsky says it of Huggy to Colby after Huggy is admitted to the hospital. (Deadly Imposter)

“How about a cup of coffee?” asks Starsky
• to Harry Sample. (Shootout)
• to Hutch. (Fix, Running)
• to Sharman. (Running)

“You’re a gentleman and a scholar”
• Starsky says to the Professor. (Action)
• Morton says to Sloan when Sloan holds the door for Henny and Sarah Wilson. (Savage Sunday)

“How do I look?”
• Starsky asks Hutch twice. Hutch’s replies once, “Terrible.” (Shootout)
• Starsky asks Hutch. Hutch replies, “Terrible.” (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Starsky tells Hutch is looks bad, Hutch replies that he feels worse than he looks. (Deadly Imposter)
• Sharman asks Starsky, “How do I look?” He replies, “For the 97
th time, you look fine.” (Running)
• Helen asks Starsky. He replies, “Very nice.” (Murder at Sea)

“Zebra Three, Zebra Three” used to call Hutch back to reality
• Starsky uses it to call Hutch out of amnesia. (Partners)
• Starsky uses it to call Hutch back from his gambling mania. (Las Vegas Strangler)

“You ought to be a detective”

• Hutch comments on Starsky’s sore tooth and discerns it is why he can’t eat. Starsky comments, “You oughtta be a detective.” (Losing Streak)
• Hutch asks Starsky, “You ever think about going into police work as a career?” (Little Girl Lost)
• Hutch tells Jane Hutton she wouldn’t make a half-bad cop. (Murder Ward)
• Hutch comments they are picking up speed in runaway Torino, Starsky says, “You ought to be detective.” (Kill Huggy Bear)

“This one’s mine”
• Starsky says it to Dobey in regards to Forest. (Fix)
• Starsky says, “This is mine” in regards to Prudholm. Hutch corrects him, “Ours.” (Starsky’s Lady)
• Hutch says it in regards to Goodson and Chambers. Starsky reminds him it is both theirs. (Rosey Malone)

“Don't tell Starsky,” someone asks Hutch
• Lou Scobie tells Hutch not to tell Starsky about the meet at Barnaby’s Tavern. (Survival)
• Jennie Walden tells Hutch not to tell Starsky about her whereabouts. (Fix)
• Huggy tells Hutch not to tell Starsky about Nick, at least right away. (Starsky’s Brother)

“Don’t tell Hutch,” someone asks Starsky
• Starsky asks Huggy not to tell Hutch about his investigation into Gillian. (Gillian)

“Why didn’t I think of that?”
• Hutch asks himself when Dobey suggests a visit to Sweet Alice. (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Hutch asks himself Starsky suggests pinching guy’s thumb to get him to drop the gun. (Playboy Island)
• Kate Larabee says when Hutch suggests they go home, after she already suggested it. (Cover Girl)
• Starsky says it when it is suggested they visit the Professor for dice hints. (Acti

Starsky asks Hutch not to let him be talked out of something next time
• He says it regarding eggs back at Hutch’s place. (Shootout)
• He says it about going to the dentist. (Losing Streak)

“Behave yourself,” says Starsky
• to Eddie Bell (Omaha Tiger)
• to Linda Baylor (Fatal Charm)

"Pushy," someone calls Starsky

• Huggy (Death Ride)
• Corman (Snowstorm)

“Piece of cake!”
• Starsky says it to Hutch regarding climb up cliff. ( Playboy Island)
• Starsky tells Hutch Molly's undercover work will be a "piece of cake." (Collector)
• Hutch says to it to Starsky, “Piece of cake, huh?” when they discover who the collector is. (Collector)
• Starsky says it after the Professor shows him the dice trick. (Action)
• Hutch says it when Starsky has his doubts about the tractor starting. (Trap)
• Black Baron says it. (Set-Up)

“It’s okay folks, there’s nothing to see here”
• Hutch says it when chasing folks away from scene at Sharman’s hotel room. (Running)
• Hutch says it to crowd over Jim Nedloe’s body. (Bounty Hunter)

“You sound so formal,” to Hutch on the phone
• Vanessa says it to Hutch when she calls him from the airport. (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• Huggy says it to Hutch when he calls Hutch at the station. (Texas Longhorn)

“You have to give a little”
• Hutch gives Robin advice. (Shootout)
• It is Iron Mike’s motto. (Iron Mike)

“In a kind of way of way”
• One show girl says to the other one about Starsky and Hutch, “They are kinda cute…in a funky kind of way.” (Targets 1)
• Cheryl says to Starsky and Hutch, “Hey, you two really are straight” and Starsky answers, “In a kinky kind of way.” (Bait)

What are you doing down there?”
• Hutch asks Starsky after Starsky is knocked to the ground in the bar room fight scene. (Murder on Stage 17)
• Hutch asks Starsky, "What are you doing down there?"when Starsky falls on ground after he sees the “folk art” on door. (Satan’s Witches)
• Hutch asks Starsky when he sees Starsky in the water after Starsky jumps in to “save” Hutch. (Terror on the Docks)
• A variation: Starsky asks Hutch "What's going on back there?" (Moonshine)

“What took you so long?”
• Starsky asks Hutch. (Bloodbath)
• Starsky asks Hutch. (Quadromania)
• Hutch asks Starsky. (Hostages)

“What do you think I think?”
• Starsky asks Dobey, after Hutch storms out of the office. (Birds of a Feather)
• Hutch asks Starsky, about the risk of going into the Kanen house. (Deckwatch)

“Soar like an eagle”
• Hutch teases Starsky about his love life and sleep. (Heavyweight)
• Angel pontificates to Jimmy Brady about science. (Cover Girl)

“Let’s go back to my place and…”
• “…cook up some eggs,” Hutch suggests to Starsky. (Shootout)
• “…get some sleep, some food,” Hutch suggests to Terry Roberts and Starsky. (Set-Up)
• “…get a little sleep,” Hutch suggests to Starsky. (Starsky’s Lady

“Ain’t going nowhere,” after being wounded
• Starsky says it to Hutch. (Trap)
• Starsky says it to Hutch. (Shootout)

“If you got it, flaunt it”
• Hutch says it to Starsky over the pier map. (Tap Dancing)
• Hutch says to Starsky over the hot dogs. (Tap Dancing)
• Starsky says to Hutch over the dip. (Tap Dancing)
• Roy Sears says to Melinda. (Groupie)

“Worth It?”
• Starsky says Kiko isn’t “worth it.” (Running)
• Starsky asks, "If a sixteen-year old kid ain't worth it, who is?" (Pariah)

"Shut up," Hutch tells Starsky
• He tells him at Ziggy’s Jazz Club. (Losing Streak)
• He tells him in the hospital as Starsky natters on. (Death Ride)
• He tells him just before he has to go on stage. (Long Walk)

“All look alike,” as a racial comment

• Huggy says to Starsky and Hutch, “Trouble with you white folks is you all look alike.” (Pariah)
• Dobey comments to Starsky, Hutch and Terry Nash that no, he’s not Huggy, but he supposes they think all “black folks look alike.” (Set-Up)
• The owner of the car wash says that all the Mexicans working for him all “look alike.” (Psychic)

“Lack couth”
• Starsky says Paco and Hutch lack couth. (Velvet Jungle)
• Starsky suggests he and Hutch lack couth, with the added bonus of a fruity French accent and twirled flower. (Bust Amboy)
• Dobey says Starsky is uncouth. (Sweet Revenge)

“Tempus Fugit”
• Starsky, frustrated, tells Hutch this after Joseph Tremaine evades them. (Pariah)
• Hutch says it in response to Van Dam’s “Tot siens,” Afrikaans for “goodbye.” (Dandruff)

“Doesn’t go down easy”
• Starsky says it in Dobey’s office about the televised inquest. (Pariah)
• Starsky tells Gail as she holds the knife. (Bloodbath)
• Callendar won’t go down easy because “he is a pro.” (Plague)

“Sounds like”
• “Hey, you sound like Dobey” Starsky tells Hutch(Shootout)
• “You’re starting to sound like us, Captain” (Bounty Hunter)

You gotta to be “more specific”
• Starsky deflects Hutch’s suggestion for Hutch to stay while he and Joey run away. (Trap)
• Starsky says it to Hutch about which bad guy to which he is referring. (A Coffin for Starsky)

“Our girl,” referring to a victim
• Starsky to Hutch call Elena, “our girl.” (Velvet Jungle)
• Hutch refers to Emily to Starsky as, “our girl.” (Blindfold)

“Really,” Starsky says in his distinctive way
• He says “Really,” after interviewing suspects after Taft’s death (Omaha Tiger)
• Hutch tells Starsky his badge has polluted him long enough. Starsky answers, “Really.” (Targets 1)
• He says “Really,” after Hutch refers to Bettin as a “bloody computer.” (Jojo)
• Hutch jokes about Dobey bronzing their shoes and Starsky says, “Really.” (Iron Mike)
• Hutch jokes why Dobey calls Starsky, “Dave.” Starsky responds with “Really.” (A Coffin for Starsky)

• Hutch says he is losing his enthusiasm for the assignment. Starsky says, “Really.” (Action)
• Hutch says of the mayor, “Wonder who wrote his speech?” Starsky replies, “Really.” (Targets 3)
• Dobey says the “power of greed is awesome.” Starsky replies, “Really.” (Targets 3)

Starsky’s funny little “Thank you”
• He says it to Wally when Wally holds the car door for him. (Lady Blue)
• He says it after Hutch compliments him on noticing the car parked out front of Andrea and Elena’s apartment. (Velvet Jungle)
• He tells Hutch after Hutch lets him go through Linda's door first. (Jojo)
• He tells Hutch after Hutch compliments him on a good idea. (Murder at Sea)
• He tells Hutch after Hutch tells him he looks lousy.(Blindfold)

“Terrific,” says Starsky, as a single sentence
• after he sees the carved words in the car seat (Discomania)
• after Mrs. Bellamy confirms Vic has a gun (A Coffin for Starsky)
• after he hears Meghan’s girlfriend likes the woods too (Playboy Island)
• after Huggy tells Starsky and Hutch to pretend they don’t know him on the street. (Playboy Island)
• after Hutch tells Starsky Joey’s chance of getting a break “is slim to none (Trap)
• after Weeze wins with Electroshock (Murder Ward)
• after Huggy tells him about Gillian (Gillian)
• after reading about the cruise ship in the London Daily Dispatch. (Bust Amboy)
• after Hutch tells him he couldn't get the phone number with the binoculars (Hostages)
• after Hutch tells him Starsky is counting on him to cover his back with Gage (Class in Crime)
• Linda Mascelli asks how he is after she tosses him. (Jojo)
• after Rudy tells him the moonshine is all he has left (Moonshine)
• after talking to Hubert Stuffy about his urn. (Murder at Sea)
• after Hutch tells him they don't have much information about the warehouse (Hostages)
• after Dobey tells him Sonny's been taken down to the V.A. hospital (Survival)

“Look in the mirror”
• Starsky tells Harry Blower to look in the mirror after his comment about Lonely. (Gillian)
• Hutch tells Starsky some day he is going to look in the mirror and “see a sixty year old prune.” (Heavyweight)