"Next time a guy three inches bigger than me and thirty pounds heavier
comes at me, you can forget my pride."
(Kill Huggy Bear)

Women shoot guns, except the one police woman
• Camille Boone shoots at Buzzy during the match. (Golden Angel)
• Camille Boone shoots Buzzy in the arm. (Golden Angel)
• Edith Dobey shoots Leo. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Ella shoots at Sharman. (Running)
• Lola shoots Jerry. (Bounty Hunter)
• Madeleine shoots Harry. (Deckwatch)
• Michelle shoots at Hutch. (Class in Crime)
• Michelle shoots Jack. (Class in Crime)
• Officer Angie picks up a dropped one, but doesn’t do anything with it. (Lady Blue)
• Vivian shoots Hutch. (Black and Blue)

Huggy handles a gun, never shoots

• He hits Avery Wheeler on the head with it. (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• He threatens with Sugar and Milo with one. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Dobey handles a gun, shoots once
• He shoots it. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• He gets it out but doesn’t shoot in hospital corridor. (Death Ride)
• He gets it out but doesn’t shoot at pool scene. (Bait)
• He gets it out but doesn’t shoot at warehouse (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• He gets it out at Trains, but doesn’t shoot. (Black and Blue)
• He is loading bullets, one by one, into his gun in the van. (Psychic)

Starsky handles a rifle, shoots once
• He uses his “elephant gun” to shoot the car. (Psychic)
• He handles a rifle at Solenko bust. (Lady Blue)
• He handles a rifle in Carlyle’s room. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• He uses a rifle at the compound. (Set-Up)
• He handles one in front of Todesco. (Class in Crime)

Hutch handles a rifle, shoots once
• He uses one to shoot at the liquor store hold-up. (Pariah)
• He handles on in the ranch house. (Trap)
• He handles one in front of Todesco. (Class in Crime)

Guns tossed through windows
• Starsky tosses his gun to Hutch through the crane window. (Texas Longhorn)
• Starsky’s gun is tossed through the window by Monique. (Avenger)
• Hutch tosses Starsky’s gun through the window after Starsky and Allison go through the window. (Targets 3)
• Hutch tosses his gun in the Torino window. (Terror on the Docks)

Starsky and Hutch almost accidentally shoot or hurt each other
• They draw on each other as Starsky comes over the top of the stronghold. (Set-Up)
• They draw on each other at the construction yard. (Bounty Hunter)
• They draw on each other in the farmhouse after Hutch cuffs Bagley. (Trap)
• They draw on each other when Hutch busts into Emily’s apartment (Blindfold)
• They almost hit each other in the locker room fight. (Heavyweight)
• They almost hit each other in the pool. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Hutch points his loaded gun at Starsky’s head as a joke. (Body Worth Guarding)
• Starsky reacts as though Hutch is an enemy when Hutch taps his back as a joke. (Satan’s Witches

Miscellaneous gun tidbits
• Hutch mentions that there are no guns at the Dobey cabin “because Dobey doesn’t hunt.” (Satan’s Witches)
• Starsky and Hutch apparently don’t take their guns to Pine Lake. (Satan’s Witches)
• Huggy “don’t keep no gun.” (Fix)
• Dobey keeps a spare gun at home; Cal and Edith know where it is. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Unusual weapons
• Hutch senses Colby’s use of sand. (Deadly Imposter)
• Hutch turns up the steam room heat on unconscious people, “Boil, baby.” (Targets 3)
• Starsky uses a crane to drop a dumpster with a man inside. (Texas Longhorn)
• Hutch uses a forklift to dandle a truck over water as a threat. (Tap Dancing)
• Hutch throws a glass of water in Marty’s face in the steam room. (Targets 3)
• Hutch uses a long wooden pole. (Terror on the Docks)
• Hutch uses a watch alarm in metal pan. (Trap)
• Hutch uses a wheelchair tossed from a moving car. (Playboy Island)
• Leotis uses a hot water heater. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• Starsky and Hutch use a driverless dune buggy. (Murder at Sea)
• Starsky and Hutch use a lemon slice and ragout. (Bust Amboy)
• Starsky and Hutch use a tennis racquet, phone, fishing net, maracas, frying pan, chair, glass of water and the lights to subdue cultists. (Satan’s Witches)
• Hutch goes outside, ready to do battle with a metal spatula. (Satan's Witches)
• Starsky and Hutch use shovels. (Action)
• Starsky and Hutch uses an unmanned forklift. (Bait)
• Starsky swings at Hutch with his crutch. (Moonshine)
• Starsky uses a shopping cart. (Bait)
• Starsky uses a bucket of water at the ring. (Omaha Tiger)
• Starsky uses a ladder. (Iron Mike)
• Starsky uses a pet rock. (Committee)
• Starsky uses paper sack blown up and popped. (Tap Dancing)
• Starsky uses popcorn to help defeat the fake priest at the movies. (Silence)
• Starsky uses rocks. (Bloodbath, Death Notice)

• Starsky uses sand and gravel. (Bloodbath)

Starsky or Hutch make a move to take a possible weapon
• Hutch doesn’t allow Bobbie to get up for a possible weapon. (Avenger)
• Hutch startles at Floyd’s movement to his pocket to take the hotel receipt out. Starsky confiscates Floyd’s gun. (Specialist)
• Hutch takes the baseball bat from Mrs. Krupp. (Starsky’s Brother)
• Hutch takes Frankie Carroll’s gun. (Collector)
• Starsky takes a long tool out of mechanic’s hand. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Starsky takes Commander Jim’s blowtorch. (Lady Blue)

Starsky or Hutch don't make moves to take a possible weapon
• Rudy grabs something from under the bar. Starsky and Hutch don’t react with normal cop instincts. (Moonshine)
• Despite the fact he has just fired off six shots, neither Starsky nor Hutch seems alarmed when Buddy Owens, still an unknown, reaches into his jacket pocket for his ID. (Dandruff)

Good guys fake a fight between each other as a distractive trick
• Starsky and Hutch fight at Dirty Nellie’s to fool cops. (Committee)
• Starsky and Hutch fight at construction yard to fool bad guys. (Action)
• Huggy and Turquet fight at amusement park to distract bad guys. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Starsky relinquishes his gun, tries to talk an unstable man down
• Starsky is successful with Rizzo. (Heroes)
• Starsky is unsuccessful with Commander Jim. (Lady Blue)
• Starsky is successful with Wally Stone. (Murder on Stage 17)

Hand grenades
• Joey uses one at the ballroom. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• Starsky and the Black Baron use them at the castle. (Set-Up)

• .45 (Birds of a Feather)
• ‘Nam toy gun (Strange Justice)
• .32 caliber (Committee)
• .38 caliber (Snowstorm)
• .38 special (Deckwatch, Committee, Pilot)
• 9 mm (Committee)
• armor (Blindfold)
• arms (Action)
• automatic (Trap, Committee)
• Beretta (Pilot)
• cannon (Trap, Photo Finish)
• elephant gun (Psychic)
• extra reach (Psychic)
• gat (Murder Ward)
• hardware (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• heater (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• high-powered rifle (Class in Crime)
• howitzer (Set-Up)
• lead (Photo Finish)
• machine gun (Set-Up)
• magnum (Birds of a Feather)
• office equipment (Groupie)
• peashooter (Trap)
• piece (Committee, Lady Blue, Body Worth Guarding, A Coffin for Starsky, Snowstorm, Groupie, Class in Crime)
• pistol (Collector)
• protection (Birds of a Feather)
• rifle (Set-Up)
• rod (Murder Ward)
• Saturday night special (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• semi-automatic/fully automatic (Golden Angel)
• silenced automatic (Photo Finish)

Martial Arts
• Airport thief says he has a 3rd Degree Black belt. (Plague)
• Linda Mascelli knows karate. (Jojo)
• Minnie Kaplan has a kung fu disco plan. (Avenger)
• Itchy knows karate, though it is no match for ragout. (Bust Amboy)
• Huggy displays impressive moves in knocking gun from Sonny Watson. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• Starsky accuses Meredith of seeing “too many kung fu movies.” (Black and Blue)

• David Delano uses a rock to beat Thorn to death. (Death Notice)
• Starsky picks up a rock to throw at the bear. (Bloodbath)
• Starsky tosses a rock as a diversion. (Satan’s Witches)
• Starsky uses one to pound under truck to fool bad guys. (Death Ride)
• Starsky uses one to throw at cultist. (Bloodbath)
• Starsky uses pet rock to distract Fargo. (Committee)

Squirt guns
• Franklin robs a convenience store with one. Starsky shoots Hutch in the face with it. (Crying Child)
• The Baron in the bathtub shoots Starsky in the face with a squirt gun. (Dandruff)

A woman is shot

• Michelle is shot by Starsky. (Class in Crime)
• Janice Drew is shot by one of four officers. It is never proven who fired the shot. (Specialist)
• Emily is shot by Starsky. (Blindfold)

Starsky and Hutch count bullets

• Starsky claims to have counted six, or five, Pepper counts ten. (Death in a Different Place)
• Hutch counts bullets. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Starsky counts six bullets shot from Buddy Owens’s gun. (Dandruff)
• Starsky and Hutch count six bullets from “Greta Wren” / Dora Pruitt’s gun. (Photo Finish)
• Starsky must be counting the bullets from Jack Parker’s gun, as he rope-a-dopes him. Parker shoots at least eighteen bullets. (Groupie)

Bad guys head for the roof
• Lantz (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Rizzo (Heroes)
• Callendar and his contact (Plague)
• Nadasy (Vampire)
• Bellamy (A Coffin for Starsky)
• Harry (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Slater (Survival)
• Mousy (Nightmare)

People dramatically exit or enter a building’s window

• Huggy goes out. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Nick Turner goes out. (DIDAP)
• Joseph Tramaine goes out. (Pariah)
• Vern goes out. (Running)
• Vic Rankin goes in and out. (Losing Streak)
• Billy Desmond goes out. (Terror on the Docks)
• Zachary and John Carelli go out. (Foxy Lady)
• Jane Elexy goes out. (Murder on Stage 17)
• Flent, Duran and Starsky go out. (Little Girl Lost)
• Jack Cunningham goes out. (Collector)
• Harry Martin goes out. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• Roy Slater goes out. (Survival)
• Starsky goes in. (Black and Blue)
• Hutch goes in. (Avenger)
• Starsky and Allison go in. (Targets 3)
• Carlyle goes out. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Palmer is shot out the window. (Birds of a Feather)
• Lionel Rigger is shot out the window. (Targets 1)
• Big Red rolls out the window, after being shot. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• Gesslin tells Starsky and Hutch, “Either we identify Rigger or the case goes out the window.” (Targets 1)

Starsky watches calmly while Hutch finishes a fight

• He watches at the top of the stairwell, “That was foolish.” (Losing Streak)
• He watches in the ring, and then tells Hutch “it wasn’t art.” (Omaha Tiger)
• He watches him fight the muscle-bound guy. (Kill Huggy Bear)

Hutch watches calmly while Starsky finishes a fight
• He watches him pin Lola. (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Women “toss” Starsky and Hutch
• Meredith tosses Starsky. (Black and Blue)
• Sally tosses Starsky and Hutch. (Specialist)
• Linda tosses Starsky. (Jojo)