“Now you wait, you’ll be surprised. Most of the people in this place are quite normal.”
(Murder Ward)

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Swimming pools
• Starsky and Hutch fall in one. (Pilot)
• Jeannie Walden floats in one. (Fix)
• Starsky and Hutch deal with Danner by one. (Bait)
• Starsky and Hutch see naked girls swim in one. (Playboy Island)
• Starsky and Hutch dive into one after Vicky's ex-husband. (Murder in Las Vegas)
• Ginger is killed in one. (Death Notice)
• There is one on the ship. (Murder at Sea)
• Jack Parker is caught in one.. (Groupie)

Boiler rooms

• Harry Salidas worked in one on the ship. (Quadromania)
• Larry visits the kittens in one. (Silence)
• Starsky and Hutch get trapped in an airtight one. (Omaha Tiger)
• Starsky, Hutch, Dobey and Terry Nash have a meeting in one. (Set-Up)
• The bad guys think Starsky and Hutch might be hiding in one. They go to check, just as Starsky and Hutch duck into Helen’s room. (Murder at Sea)

Dobey in Huggy’s bar
• He meets Starsky and Hutch there and has wonton soup. (Bait)
• He has dinner with Starsky and Hutch. (Snowstorm)
• He goes there to have sandwiches with Starsky and Hutch and gets stuck with the bill. (Targets 3)

Meat plants
• Depew’s Meat Plant is also seen in the alley behind Ted’s Body and Fender. (Savage Sunday)
• Superior Meats (Death Notice)
• Depew’s Meat Plant is the scene of the airtight room. (Omaha Tiger)
• Elmo Jackson is killed in one. (Snowstorm)
• Starsky gives Hutch a plant that “eats bugs.” (Little Girl Lost)

Starsky and Hutch behind bars (they are, however, in front of a lot of bars)

• Sheriff Tyce arrests them in Pine Lake. (Satan’s Witches)
• Starsky and Hutch go to jail to unknowingly connect with Jack Mitchell. (Las Vegas Strangler)

Black cops and cabins
• Dobey has one at Pine Lake (Satan’s Witches)
• Burke has one at Bear Lake. (Snowstorm)

Huggy at Metro
• He visits Dobey and Hutch in Dobey’s office when they are trying to find Starsky. (Bloodbath)
• He visits Metro when he brings the Texas Kid in to talk to Hutch. (Running)

Dobey seen someplace else than inside Metro
• as a driver in a car with someone else (Bait, Captain Dobey, You’re Dead, Set-Up, Black and Blue, Strange Justice)
• as a driver, alone, using a Mars light (Strange Justice)
• as a passenger in a car (Foxy Lady, Action, Velvet Jungle)
• at beauty parlor (Dandruff)
• at Benny Paycheck’s crime scene (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• at boiler room (Set-Up)
• at bomb site across from Velvet Slide (Starsky’s Brother)
• at Charles Baron crime scene (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• at Civic Zoo (Bloodbath)
• at courthouse (Pariah, Nightmare, Bloodbath)
• at Crandell’s murder site (Snowstorm)
• at darkroom (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• at the Mission Ice House, in a really sharp coat (Bounty Hunter)
• at fancy hotel room (Playboy Island)
• at grocery warehouse (Starsky’s Lady)
• at hillside by abandoned van (Bloodbath)
• at his church (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• at his house and front yard (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• at a hospital (Partners, Plague, A Coffin for Starsky, Death Ride, Game, Sweet Revenge, Black and Blue, Ballad for a Blue Lady, Dandruff)
• at hotel, monitoring security (Dandruff)
• at Huggy Bear’s dip and sip (Bait, Snowstorm, Targets 3)
• at Hutch’s place (Vendetta)
• at mayor’s office (Targets 3)
• at morgue (Tap Dancing)
• at Pardee’s place (Game)
• at park (Tap Dancing)
• at Pier 17 (Tap Dancing)
• at police van, Hutch is putting on bullet proof vest, Starsky is massaging money (Psychic)
• at Starsky’s place (Committee)
• at the May house after Thomas is killed (Targets 2)
• at stronghold in desert (Set-Up)
• at television studio (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• at the docks (Terror on the Docks, Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• at the jail outside of Marcus’ interrogation (Bloodbath)
• at the wrestling area Saturday night (Golden Angel)
• at Train’s place, with gun (Black and Blue)
• at tunnel (Committee)
• at warehouse (Hostages)
• at warehouse to get sugar (Moonshine)
• in the street outside the hotel, bonus: he runs! (Dandruff)

Candlelight at home and Starsky and Hutch alone
• There are candles during Terry’s Monopoly Memorial. (Starsky’s Lady)
• Hutch lights some for dinner. (Lady Blue)

Café counter climbing
• Starsky climbs over one to escape. (Death Ride)
• Starsky climbs over one to get Fireball. (Psychic, Omaha Tiger)

Saunas and steam rooms
• with Janice (Playboy Island)
• with Freddie (Action)
• with Tallman (Pilot)
• with Marty and Alex (Targets 3)

• with Lisa (Nightmare)
• for Marcus (Bloodbath)
• for Lonnie (Pariah)
• for McClellan (Targets 1)

Underground parking garages
• Hutch is attacked at the hospital’s garage. (Sweet Revenge)
• Lizzie is kidnapped out of one. (Discomania)
• Starsky and Hutch catch Morton and Sloan in one. (Savage Sunday)
• Starsky and Hutch catch Sterling in one. (Velvet Jungle)
• Starsky and Hutch cornered by Stryker in one. (Snowstorm)
• Starsky, Hutch and Allison are shot at in one. (Targets 2)
• Suzette Clark is killed in one. (Vampire)
• The final stand-off with Starsky, Hutch, Emily and the Widdicomes takes place in one. (Blindfold)
• Tommy breaks Eckworth’s legs in one. (Vendetta)
• Two different ones are seen. (Pilot)

Ocean seen
• just before Jimmy Shannon is killed (Vendetta)
• at the docks (Terror on the Docks)
• badges are thrown in it (Targets 1)
• at the docks (Las Vegas Strangler)
• around the island (Murder on Playboy Island)
• the ship sails in one (Murder at Sea)