""Starsky, if you're gonna jerk around like that, why don't you go do it in a dark corner?" (Discomania)

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Starsky’s cute little boxing dance
• He does it after fighting Malinda’s overly buff guys and reassuring Hutch. (Kill Huggy Bear)
• He does it after Olivia calls him as “cute as a Teddy Bear.” (Losing Streak)
• He boxes his way up to Hutch in the hallway after setting up meet with the former “contender.” (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• He does it after their second departure from Manny Birnbaum’s office, when Hutch teases him about Francine. (Death Notice)
• He does it as he warms up for stunt fight on balcony. (Murder on Stage 17)

Starsky’s little solitary tango as Ramon (Tap Dancing)
• He tangos outside robbery before they get the wheelman.
• He tangos on the hill while listening to Dobey and Hutch.
• He tangos three separate times in Dobey’s office while with Dobey and Hutch.
• He tangos in Dobey’s office with just Hutch.

Hutch stares at strippers
• He watches the one at the Jungle Club. (Bounty Hunter)

Starsky stares at strippers
• He stares at the girl at Slade’s Cave. (Vampire)
• He stares a the girl in the Jungle Club “cage.” (Bounty Hunter)
• Hutch says as Starsky watches Sally Ann, “I know what you’re thinking. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.” (Savage Sunday)
• Hutch tells him, “I saw you checking out Francine.” (Death Notice)

Names of dances
• Cha-Cha (Satan’s Witches)
• Philly Dog (Discomania)
• Tango (Tap Dancing)
• Samba (Discomania)
• Salsa Samba (Discomania)
• Latin Disco (Moonshine)
• Foxtrot (Moonshine)
• Limbo (Playboy Island)
• Tap (Tap Dancing)

Starsky and Hutch whistling
• Hutch whistles "Black Bean Soup." (Set-Up)
• Hutch whistles to Starsky to wake him up in the cab. (Quadromania)
• Hutch whistles to get Starsky's attention. (Silence)
• Hutch whistles at pretty woman on street. (Deadly Imposter)
• Hutch whistles when he looks at Starsky's girlie magazine. (Deadly Imposter)
• Hutch tells Starsky to whistle when he sees the cultists. (Satan's Witches)
• Hutch whistles as he opens the Chianti for Lisa. (Foxy Lady)
• Hutch whistles as he suspects Starsky is going to get beat up by the large man outside the bar. (Moonshine)
• Hutch whistles part of Johnny Cash tune, "Sunday Morning Going Down" in car. (Blindfold)
• Hutch whistles to the spotted dog. (Snowstorm)
• Hutch whistles as he goes into his house before getting attacked. (Fix)
• Starsky whistles part of the Air Force theme, "Off You
Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder." (Little Girl Lost)
• Starsky whistles as he search's Anna's bedroom. (Body Worth Guarding)
• Starsky whistles "Popeye the Sailor Man." (Murder at Sea)
• Starsky whistles "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." (Murder Ward)
• Starsky appears to whistle the theme to the Dick Van Dyke show.(Jojo)
• Starsky whistles a lot of Christmas carols. (Little Girl Lost)
• Starsky and Hutch both whistle tunelessly at Darcy's. (Iron Mike)

Whistle use
• Dobey tells Starsky and Hutch to “bring your whistles” to Traffic Control Duty. (Partners)
• Hutch uses one in a restaurant to be obnoxious. (Bust Amboy)
• Starsky blows on the one Olga Grossman gives him. (Gillian)
• Starsky blows woman’s one in bar. (Heroes)
• Starsky uses one in his scavenger hunt. (Murder at Sea)
• Starsky uses one to signify a raid. (Bust Amboy)
• Anna’s teakettle whistles. (Body Worth Guarding)
• Harry Johnson's teakettle whistles. (Hostages)
• There is a factory whistle heard outside the Smokey Mountain Inn. (Moonshine)

• A piano tuner is working at the Pits. (Survival)
• One sees piano playing. (Losing Streak, Ballad for a Blue Lady, Starsky’s Brother, Savage Sunday, Death in a Different Place)
• Margaret plays the organ in church. (Terror on the Docks)
• A woman plays a piano in the rec room. (Murder Ward)
• A piano is seen in the room. (Set-Up)
• Hutch plays the piano. (Little Girl Lost)
• The talent show has one. (Murder at Sea)
• Hutch says to man on stage, "Oh, you have a piano. (Moonshine)
• Starsky tells Ezra, "You don't give us the information we want, we're gonna break your spooky organ." (Terror on the Docks)

• Hutch’s guitar is destroyed. (Fatal Charm)
• Hutch plays a guitar. (Death Notice, Long Walk, Moonshine, Running, Velvet Jungle, Body Worth Guarding)
• KC plays a guitar. (Quadromania)
• One is seen leaning against the wall at Hutch’s cottage. (Deadly Imposter)
• Band member plays a guitar. (Moonshine)
• One is seen on the wall at Rolly’s Bargain Circus. (Texas Longhorn)
• One is seen on the wall at Pinky’s. (Blindfold)
• Starsky has one in his apartment. (Running)
• Starsky plays and sings. (Avenger)
• One is seen in a street scene. (Little Girl Lost)
• The onboard band has one. (Murder at Sea)

Other instruments seen or mentioned
• Starsky asks Hutch if he has ever thought of taking up the violin. (Lady Blue)
• Dr. Melford speculates on the meaning of the trombone for Jim. (Lady Blue)
• Hutch mentions harps being played at Elysian Fields. (Psychic)
• Roper asks his thugs, “Anybody here play the violin?” (Plague)
• Papa Theodore plays a bamboo flute. (Playboy Island)
• Starsky mentions a sitar and religion. (Game)
• A French horn is seen on the wall. (Golden Angel, Blindfold)
• Pinky has a clarinet on his wall. (Blindfold)
• Spaceman Sam was Vic Rankin's drummer. (Losing Streak)
• The band at the Backwoods Bar has an accordion, a drum set, a violin, a harmonica and a bass. (Moonshine)
• A violin is played at the mime show. (Velvet Jungle)
• There is a harp in the background of the poker game. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• Hutch plays a trumpet at the pawnshop. (Blindfold)
• Starsky plays a fake harp in the wrestling ring. (Golden Angel)
• Huggy has a tambourine on his wall. (Deadly Imposter)
• Huggy has a bass fiddle on his wall. (Deadly Imposter)
• The onboard band has an accordion, a guitar, a trumpet, a drum set and a bass. (Murder at Sea)
• Lionel Rigger plays the drums. (Targets 1)
• Starsky and Hutch refer to Cherie "on the drums" as a diversion with Buddy Owens. (Dandruff)
• Lee Bristol says he used to be in a band, until he blew his lungs out. (Collector)

Starsky uses the steering wheel as percussion
• He taps out a tune. (Little Girl Lost, Running)
• He hits it really hard in frustration and anger. (Starsky’s Lady)

Starsky plays air guitar
• He does during Sue Ann’s concert. (Long Walk)
• He does after he and Hutch come home from tying one on. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

Dancing Hutch
• with anonymous women (Las Vegas Strangler)
• with anonymous women (Playboy Island)
• with Ginger (Tap Dancing)
• with Huggy (Death in a Different Place)
• with Kathy (Fatal Charm)
• with Kira (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• with Carol (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• with Lizzie Thorpe (Discomania)
• with Marlene (Starsky’s Brother)
• with Marsha (Tap Dancing)
• is dipped by Starsky (Tap Dancing)
• with Starsky and Huggy (Playboy Island)
• He tells Gina, “I’m in no mood to dance.” (Game)

Dancing Starsky
• with anonymous women (Playboy Island)
• he does a little ballerina move (Body Worth Guarding)
• with Hutch and Huggy (Playboy Island)
• with Kathy (Fatal Charm)
• dips Hutch (Tap Dancing)
• with Susan (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• with unnamed woman (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• with Katie at Tramps (Starsky’s Brother)
• with Monique at the Cellar (Avenger)
• with Nick Starsky (Starsky’s Brother)
• with Sid (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• with the Torino (Moonshine)
• with Marianne Tustin (Tap Dancing)
• with various older women, including Claire Dodsman (Tap Dancing)
• with Red Hot Pants (Discomania)
• with K.C. McBride in tag (Quadromania)