"I guess I just wanted somebody big and strong around so I could sleep." (Foxy Lady)

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Kalowitz, Detective (Snowstorm) Sorrells, Bill
• Kalowitz was in on the drug bust with Corman, Burke, Starsky and Hutch. While he is hostile towards Starsky and Hutch, it isn't clear if he had a part in stealing the drugs or killing Crandell.

Kanen, Eliza (Deckwatch) mentioned
• Eliza is Hannah’s sister.

Kanen, Fred (Deckwatch) mentioned
• Fred was Hannah’s husband. Hannah describes an accident Fred had with a lawn mower. She talks about how long it took for his foot to stop bleeding.

Kanen, Hannah (Deckwatch) French, Susan
• Hannah is Laura’s grandmother. She is in a wheelchair. It appears her son was a policeman and died three years ago in the line of duty. Hannah and Laura are taken hostage by Hector Salidas. Hannah keeps the situation calm. She plays cards with Starsky in the kitchen. She and Laura live together.

Kanen, Hannah’s son (Deckwatch) mentioned
• It is suggested he may have been a cop who was killed in the line of duty three years ago. His photo is in the living room. He may or may not be Laura's father.

Kanen, Laura (Deckwatch) Harrold, Kathryn
• Laura is Hannah’s granddaughter. They live together. Laura is Hutch’s former girlfriend. She broke off their relationship, telling him he was too vague. After finding Salidas in her house with Hannah, Laura is sent for supplies. She finds Starsky and Hutch instead. Laura works with Hutch to capture Salidas. She, Hutch and Hannah pretend Hutch is a paramedic. Laura rides a bike and tequila makes her sick. She accidentally hits Starsky in the face with a lemon meringue pie.

Kaplan, Officer Minnie (Collector, Avenger, Cover Girl, Birds of a Feather, Ninety Pounds, Starsky vs. Hutch) Bey, Marki
• In the "Collector", Minnie is a Traffic Coordinator. She doesn't like Starsky and Hutch calling the job, Meter Maid. They try to talk her into going undercover and asking for a loan from Cunningham. They try to bribe her with doughnuts, but she won't do it without Dobey's permission. In the "Avenger", she is working in the police lab after midnight. Hutch calls the lab to get the results from the blood in the hotel. Minnie tells him the blood was from a woman. Minnie is shown dancing to disco music in a karate outfit. She tells Hutch she is learning self-defense. In "Cover Girl", Minnie brings Starsky and Hutch a computer printout of known hit men. Minnie later gives Starsky the change-of-address clue. In "Birds of a Feather", Minnie takes Gertrude/Yvonne to booking. In "Ninety Pounds", Minnie tries to take Joey Carston's statement. Later, she runs after Joey down the hall in an attempt to detain her. In "Starsky vs. Hutch", Minnie is working the night shift. She asks Starsky if it's the real thing with Kira, or if he's just playing. He doesn't answer. Minnie calls herself, "Mother Minnie."

Karen (Lady Blue) Liston, Denyce
• Karen is the last dancer that James Wrightwood attacks. She declines going out with her girlfriend after work, telling her she needs to get home to pick up her baby at her mom's house. She is rescued on the roof by the radio tower.

Karen (Groupie) not credited
• Karen is one of the swimsuit models in the show for Jack Ives. She wears a red bikini.

Karpel, Cory (Deadly Impostor) not credited
• Cory is Karen's son. Warren G. Karpel adopted him when Karen remarried. Cory's dad's name was John, and he was killed in Vietnam. The guard says Corey has "quite an arm on him" as Corey throws rocks into the ocean.

Karpel, Karen (Deadly Impostor) Gailey, Suzan
• Her maiden name was Brennan. John Colby claims her last name used to be Colby. Karen has a son named Cory. Her first husband was named John. He was killed in Vietnam. Karen has remarried to a man named Warren. Warren is an accountant. He is going to testify to a Grand Jury about his old boss, Nate Garvin. Karen, Cory and Warren go into hiding. John Colby uses Starsky and Hutch to track the Karpels down, pretending she is his ex-wife.

Karpel, Karen first husband (Deadly Imposter) mentioned
• He is Corey's father. He died in Vietnam.

Karpel, Warren G. (Deadly Impostor) Brandon, Peter
• Warren was Nate Garvin's accountant. Warren served twenty-six months for tax evasion. He is married to Karen and adopted her little boy, Cory. All three Karpels are in hiding, waiting for Warren to testify against Nate Garvin, his old boss.

Kate (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) Bell, Jean
• Kate is one of the prostitutes working for Nikki. Nikki asks her to go do her nails.

Kates, Belle (Hostages) Hagen, Jean
• Kates is a Madam. She used to be Sweet Alice's boss. Kates is fifty-two years old. She wants to make one last big deal so she can get out of the business. Kates helps Conrad set up the armored car heist. She is in charge of watching Ellie Cole. Kates begins to have doubts about the plan when she learns Ellie is pregnant. She cooperates with the police in the end.

Kathy (Targets 3) Lawrence, Linda
• Kathy is a Las Vegas showgirl. She and her partner, Linda, are also drug runners for Judge McClellan. Both women are caught after a car accident. Kathy hides the drugs in a fake belly, pretending to be pregnant.

Katie (Starsky's Brother) Godshall, Liberty
• Katie is friends with Marlene and Carol. The three women meet Starsky, Hutch and Nick at "Tramps", a disco. Katie ends up as Starsky's date.

Kauffman, Morty (Body Worth Guarding) Miller, Allan
• Kauffman is the leader of the Jewish Organization for Action, the JOA. The JOA is picketing the performances of Anna Akhanatova, protesting the treatment of Jews in Russia. A letter appears in the paper threatening the ballerina's life, but the Fascist Party of America, who hopes to kill the ballerina and have the Jewish organization blamed, sent it. Starsky interrogates Kauffman. Kauffman is hostile, but agrees to help Starsky when Starsky says he would be catching a fascist.

Kaufman, Dr. Judith (Plague) Margolin, Janet
• Kaufman is one of two doctors who fly in from Alabama to work on a cure for the plague. Her partner is Dr. Meredith. They both work for the Disease Control Center. She rides along with Starsky and Hutch as they track down Donner's contacts. She and Hutch flirt a little. Hutch tries to convince her to stay in Bay City. She declines.

Kazelkovsky (Bloodbath) mentioned
• Kazelkovsky works on the site of the found van. Dobey yells at him about prints.

Kellim, John (Long Walk) not credited
• Jerry Tabor kills Kellim as he is out walking his dog. Tabor kills Kellim to threaten Sue Ann Grainger.

Kendell, Treasury Agent (Moonshine) Noble, James
• Kendell is a federal treasury agent. He is investigating the illegal moonshine trade in the area. He comes to Starsky, Hutch and Dobey for help. The Hall brothers murder Kendell, and his body is found on Old Ranch Road.

Kendrick, Lisa (Foxy Lady) Barnes, Priscilla
• Lisa is from San Francisco. Her boyfriend is Kevin Mackey. She and Mackey steal two million dollars from Mackey’s boss. After Mackey is shot, Lisa has half the money and tricks Starsky and Hutch into thinking she is an innocent witness. Both detectives vie for her attentions. Lisa tells Starsky and Hutch a series of lies, gets kidnapped with Hutch and manages to elude everyone. In the end, she gets a reward check from the insurance company and despite her criminal ways.

Kester (Death Ride) mentioned
• Kester is a mob boss. He has a contract out on Andrew Mello. Mello is due to testify against him in court. Kester's men shoot and wound Mello. Mello is afraid they will go after his daughter next. Terry Evans is Kester's snitch in the police department. He uses her to get information to chase Starsky and Hutch when they go get Mello's daughter. Mello describes Kester as a former "two-bit bag man."

Kim (Silence) Kanaly, Steve
• Kim is Marty's accomplice. Both pose as workers at the Dismas Center. Starsky threatens him with the death penalty to get him to talk.

Kingston, Sarah (Kill Huggy Bear) Edwards, Gloria
• Kingston is a Dewey Hughes' girlfriend. She lends him his car. Kingston is a cashier at a car dealership. She is also seeing Harry Martin, a man who works in the garage. When she hears about the money Hughes got away with, she wants to keep it. Martin kills Hughes and hides the body at High Ridge, near Crestline. Kingston and Martin knock Huggy out and steal the money Dewey gave him to return to Malinda. Kingston wants to head out of town, but Martin convinces her to go to work. He says it will throw off suspicion. Starsky and Hutch go to tell her about her car, and she lies to them. When Starsky and Hutch return to arrest her, Martin splits on her, taking much of the money.

Kira (Starsky vs. Hutch) Ingalls, Joyce
• Kira is the detective assigned to go undercover at the “Golden Lady Ballroom.” She dates Starsky, and makes the move on Hutch, too. After Hutch sleeps with her, Starsky hits him. She tells Hutch she loves both men and doesn’t want to choose. Starsky and Hutch meet her at the Pits and tell her neither of then wants her.

Kitty (Murder at Sea) Ericson, Devon
• Kitty is a member of the single's group on the Amapola. Harvey Schwab is apparently her boyfriend. He is very jealous of the attention Kitty pays to other men. Kitty sleeps with at least two passengers.

Klemp, Mr. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) Sutton, Henry
• Kemp owns the typewriter shop next door to the Paradise Massage Parlor. The fake Starsky tussles with him when he and the fake Hutch come out of the massage parlor after hassling Judith Coppet. He positively identifies Starsky and Hutch to Captain Ryan.

Knebel, Gretchen (Pilot) White, Carole Ita
• Knebel is Patricia Talbert's college roommate. Knebel is a phys ed major and wasn't that close to Patty. Knebel tells Hutch she likes men who are physically fit. She has come to the coroner's officer to collect Patty's belongings. At first she is suspicious, but Starsky talks her into letting he and Hutch see Patty's things.

Knight, Officer (Committee) Cort, Bill
• Knight is part of the vigilante group, “The Committee.” His partner is Officer Williams. Knight is the officer who hassles Starsky and Hutch at Nellie’s bar, telling them how he thinks Starsky and Hutch waste their time and aren’t serious.

Konig, Jerry (Bounty Hunter) Cedar, Jon
• Konig is a thief and arsonist, is Denise Gerards’s boyfriend and stutters. He ha been arrested twice and released on bail twice. He arranges his bail money with Lola Turkel and Bo Rile. He blackmails them, after discovering their criminal ways. When he tells them he is going to the police, Turkel shoots and kills him. Rile hides his body in an abandoned factory. Gerard tells Starsky and Hutch Konig told her he was going to go straight.

Kramer, Mr. (Birds of a Feather) mentioned
• He is the old man Yvonne spies on. She likes to look at him naked and knows he has a strawberry birthmark.

Kromack, Officer (Ninety Pounds) Bonny, Joe
• Kromack is the cop assigned to guard Eddie Carlyle while he is in the hospital. Carlyle sneaks out anyway.

Krupp, Mrs. (Starsky's Brother) Shawlee, Joan
• Krupp is accused of beating up her husband with a baseball bat. She says he was cheating on her. Krupp flirts with Hutch. Hutch orders her booked on First Degree Husband Beating.

Krupp, Mr. (Starsky’s Brother) mentioned
• He is he one hundred and sixty pound husband of Mrs. Krupp. He is in the hospital because he wife beat him with a baseball bat. She claims he was cheating on her.