"All you think they have to be is big up here, and long down there, and just move
in and out like that. Is that the idea?"
(Death Notice)

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B. (Deadly Imposter) Taylor, Wally
• Huggy calls his cook, Angie, "B."

Babcock, Detective (Game) Braha, Herbert S.
• He is a plain clothes detective. His partner is Simmons. He helps Starsky set up the sting to lure Hutch in so Hutch can be taken to the hospital. Babcock is pretends to be a masked robber who shoots Starsky during a robbery at the Pits. Later, he and Simmons hang out in the hospital waiting for Hutch to appear.

Badham, Dr. (Plague) mentioned
• His or her name is heard over the hospital PA. Nurse Webster is asked to report to Dr. Badham in surgery.

Bagley, Ernie (Trap) mentioned
• He was Johnny Bagley's brother. Seven years ago, he and Johnny were trapped in a warehouse. Ernie was perhaps shot and was unable to escape when the building caught on fire. Johnny blames Hutch for Ernie's death, as he was one of the officers at the scene.

Bagley, Johnny (Trap) McKinney, William
• Hutch calls him a borderline psychotic. Hutch arrested him seven years ago. He and his brother, Ernie, were in a warehouse. Johnny was shot in the leg. When the warehouse started fire, Johnny escaped, but Ernie didn't. Johnny blames Hutch for Ernie's death. Johnny hires Delano and Trayman to lure them (and their stowaway, Joey Carston) on a chase and then to an abandoned barn. Johnny's plan is to torment Starsky and Hutch and then set the barn on fire. He is captured when Hutch uses Starsky's watch to distract him.

Baker, Foxy (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Yancy, Emily
• Foxy is Walter T. Baker's wife. She and her boyfriend, Sonny Watson run a scam to have Walter, Milo and Sugar to break in and steal three hundred thousand dollars from his father 'Dad' Watson. They plan taking all the money themselves. Walter takes all the money and disappears. Foxy hires Huggy and Turquet to find her husband, pretending to be worried about him.

Baker, Officer (Quadromania) Carrott, Ric
• Baker is an energetic and eager young officer who is at the scene of Victor O'Connor and the Joseph Benson murders. He gives Starsky and Hutch a good clue about the fare flag.

Baker, Walter T. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Bagley, Fuddle
• Walter is the husband of Foxy Baker. He lets her talk him into letting Milo and Sugar into the offices of 'Dad' Watson. Watson is a loan shark and area bad buy. Milo and Sugar steal three hundred thousand dollars. Walter is afraid of his wife Foxy. Walter takes the money and disappears. He orders a fake passport from Doc Rafferty but doesn't pick it up. He drinks too much booze and depends on Huggy and Turkey to save him. He is referred to as a "black Bugs Bunny" and has a goofy face.

Balenger, Professor Andrew (Pilot) mentioned
• He is one of Patricia Talbert's instructors. His name is seen on Talbert's class schedule.

Balford, James (Survival) Bisoglio, Val
• Balford is Vic Humphries lawyer. While unhappy with the plan, he goes along with Vic's plan to have Lou Scobie to lure Hutch to a certain road so that Roy Slater can run him off the road. Hutch is the main witness in Humphries' trial. Humphries thinks that by killing Hutch, the case against him won't stand. Starsky refers to Balford as a “smiling barracuda.”

Banks, Earl (Terror on the Docks) Walberg, Garry
• Earl is Ted's father. He works as a dishwasher in a cafeteria. Starsky and Hutch go to tell him about Ted's death. He tells him Ted was involved with no-good people and that he told him it would come to no good. Earl is very upset about his son's death and focuses on the new shoes he lent his son.

Banks, Ted (Terror on the Docks) Redding, Robert
• Banks is in a theft-ring with Billy Desmond, Rick Hauser, Wally and Jerry. He tries to run Starsky and Hutch down with his truck on the docks. Billy turns him in. Banks calls Starsky and Hutch while they are at the Blake's for supper and wants to meet with them. Billy shoots him before they get there. Banks dies but not before telling Hutch about a "silver box." Banks will be missed by his dad who knew his son was into trouble. Banks was wearing his dad's new shoes when he was killed.

Barnes (Omaha Tiger) Worth, Nicholas
Barnes is Tommy Carniary’s pal. Huggy contacts Barnes. Barnes meets with Starsky and Hutch and tells them about his suspicions.

Baron (Playboy Island) Brown, Jophrey
• He is the guard Starsky and Hutch fool with the Voodoo Green Bird of Death.

Baron, Charlie (Ballad for a Blue Lady) Barto, Dominic
• Baron is a witness for an upcoming Grand Jury trial against Joseph Fitch. He is lured to a room by Marianne Owens who thinks she is only setting him up for a meeting. The room is busted into and Fitch has his men beat Baron to death.

Baron, the Black (Set-Up) Mosley, Roger E.
• The Black Baron is a friend of Huggy's, and he owes him a big favor. He is a pilot and his small plane is so old that it barely flies. He takes Starsky, Hutch and Terry Nash out to the castle stronghold in the desert. He has a backpack with guns, food and water and freeze-dried tuna casserole with peas and mushrooms. He teams up with Starsky and gives him hand grenades.

Barovnika, Masha (Body Worth Guarding) Hasso, Signe
• She is a retired Ballerina and Anna Akhanatova's coach. Barovnika accompanies Anna on her U.S. tour. Starsky takes her to breakfast to distract her.

Barracuda, (Targets 1 + 2 + 3) Tessier, Robert
• see Soldier

Bartlett, Nurse (Plague) mentioned
• His or her name is heard on the hospital PA. He or she is asked to call Physical Therapy on 214.

Basil (Velvet Jungle) mentioned
• Basil is at the fashion show. Lou asks, "Where's Basil with the dress?"

Basset, Stu (Foxy Lady) Zwerling, Darrell
• Basset is a reporter for the "Daily Chronicle." While taking his son to school, he is able to shoot photos at the murder at the bus terminal. He is the first reporter on the scene and even beats the police, something with which he goads Starsky and Hutch. The photo he takes appears in the paper and puts the case in jeopardy. Starsky and Hutch call Basset "Brenda Starr" and accuse him of having bad breath. Starsky tells Hutch he'd like to shove Basset's in to his "sports section."

Basset, Stu's son (Foxy Lady) mentioned
• Basset said he was taking his son to school when he saw the shooting at the bus terminal.
Bates (Targets 2 +3, Sweet Revenge) Courtney, Alexander
• Bates is the personal Assistant to James Gunther. He is who arranges the garage attack on Starsky and then the one on Hutch. Despite his earnestness, he fails at what Gunther wants. Gunther poisons him with something in his hot drink.

Bates, Johnny (Targets 1) mentioned
• Bates was one of Starsky and Hutch’s snitches. He is dead. Starsky and Hutch mention him as proof snitches are vulnerable.

Batson, Officer (Rosey Malone) not credited
• Batson is one of the officers at the Ray Shelby clearing house raid. Hutch tells him to take Shelby to the precinct. He could be the same one in "Cover Girl."

Batson, Officer (Cover Girl) not credited
• Batson is the officer who takes Kate Larrabee to doctor’s appointment. He could be the same on in "Rosey Malone”.

Batson, Officer (Black and Blue) not credited
• Dobey tells Batson to take Bruce from Interrogation up to Property.

Batson, Officer (Body Worth Guarding)
• He is one of the officers at the demonstration. Starsky hands Miller over to him. He tells Batson, "Get this nut out of here."

Baylor, Officer Linda (Fatal Charm) Kelly, Roz
• She is an undercover officer, working with Benny to set up Max Frost, a drug pusher for a bust. She appears to work Vice. She, Starsky and Hutch have spent a month trying to get the Frost drug sting set up. After the successful Frost bust, she goes home. Diana Harmon thinks Baylor is Hutch's girlfriend. She goes to Baylor's pad and hits her on the head. Baylor is seriously injured and has surgery. She recovers and wants Hutch to bring her some Mexican food to the hospital.

Beam, Ezra (Terror on the Docks) Zagon, Marty
• Beam is a fence Starsky and Hutch know. He tells them he has gone legit and has a business of Demonology and Devil worship in his home called 'Netherworld Science'. He claims his new business makes him so much money, he doesn't have to fence stuff anymore. This is a lie. He is the middle-man on the goods being stolen from the docks. He sets up the big jewelry heist with Hans Skyler and Rick Hauser.

Belin, Judge (Targets 1) Davison, Michelle
• Belin is the judge at the preliminary hearing of McClellan. Hutch accidentally calls her "Sir."

Bell, Eddie (Omaha Tiger) Burkley, Dennis
• Eddie Bell is a professional wrestler. His wrestling name is "The Omaha Tiger." His manager is Al Taft. He knows Mack Johnson and liked him. Johnson was always warning him about Taft and how Taft would use him. He has a crush on Helen Forbes, and he stays with her outfit out of gratitude. He nearly strangles Hutch in an impromptu fight. He helps take out the bad guys in the end.

Bellamy, Sue (A Coffin for Starsky) Mallory, Carole
• She is Victor Bellamy's wife. She lies to the cops about her husband's broken leg. She is a real screamer.

Bellamy, Victor K. (A Coffin for Starsky) Dynarski, Gene
• Bellamy just got out of prison. He was in prison for selling a Red Devils on campus. He was as supplier to Jerry Jennings, who was killed in a scuffle with Hutch. Bellamy has a tenth grade education, is a pimp, a drug pusher, is guilty of armed robbery and a suspect in two homicides. Jerry Jenning's father hires Bellamy to shoot Starsky with a poison as revenge. Bellamy was then supposed to do the same thing to Hutch. Bellamy is at first cleared as one of Starsky and Hutch's three suspects, due to a leg cast. After the cast is proven to be false, Hutch chases him to the roof of his apartment. Just as Bellamy is getting ready to shoot Hutch, Starsky shoots Bellamy and kills him. Bellamy's wife is named Sue. Bellamy's file is # 93-189-05. His mug shot #68015 1967.

Bennett (Strange Justice) mentioned
• Bennett is mentioned as a rapist who got off on rape charges in court.

Bennie (Hutchinson for Murder One) mentioned
• He is a snitch Starsky and Hutch recall taking out for a hot dog and orange juice. Accounting is hassling them for not getting a receipt for the transaction.

Benny (Fatal Charm) Stipanich, Michael
• Benny is a junkie and police snitch. He is the go-between for drug pusher Max Frost. It takes Officer Linda Baylor several days to agree to help her set up a meet with Frost. Benny's reward is to get his drug charges dropped.

Benny (Bust Amboy) mentioned
• Benny runs the farm stand/number's bank where Amboy does business. Amboy tells Denny to ask Benny to pack him up some corn.

Benson, Joseph Riley (Quadromania) Basso, Bob
• Benson is the fourth victim of Lionel Fitzgerald. He is a cab driver for Metro Cab Company. He is a known drunk who has had multiple accidents. Two years ago, he hit something. He thought/said it was a dog and fled the scene of the crime. It turns out it was the actor Lionel Fitzgerald III. Fitzgerald ends up crippled and seeking revenge. It is discovered that Benson had a clipping of the accident in his locker room, as well as the accident report.

Benton (Tap Dancing) McLarty, Gary
• It is unclear this character is. The actor is a well-known stuntman, so he was probably doing stunts in the episode. It is likely he is the man in the car with Starger when they see Starsky, Hutch and Dobey at the park together.

Bering, Officer (Crying Child)
• He works in the office with Sergeant Sheila Peterson.

Berkowitz, Lieutenant (Lady Blue) mentioned
• Lieutenant Berkowitz is Officer Helen Davisson's boss. He works in Burglary. He tells Dobey about her undercover work.

Berl (Heavyweight) Smith, Darryl B.
• Berl is one of the Haley Gavin's thugs. He is one of the men that kills Detective Frank Marchetti.

Bernice (Dandruff) Shear, Pearl
• Bernice is first customer we see for Mr. Marlene. She drinks a lot of champagne, supplied by Marlene, perhaps in hopes to make her overlook her terrible haircut.

Bertold, Professor (Class in Crime) mentioned
• He taught the "Art of Mime" class that Allen Richards and Jack Morgan took together at Jameson College.

Bessie (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Page, La Wanda
• She is an older, blind woman. She tells fortunes and gets racing tips from the spirit world. Walter T. Baker is one of her biggest customers. She doesn't like white people, so when Huggy and Turkey go to her for information, Turkey tries to pretend he's black. She serves them lunch and insists on grace. While she knows she is being lied to, she still helps them out.

Bessinger, Herman (Silence) LeLeon, Jack
• He is an ex-con who used to be at the Dismas Center. He shared a cell with Larry Horvath. Bessinger is a safe cracker and helps Kim and the fake Father Ignatius to open safes and steal jewelry. He works as a bartender in "The Glitter Club." Marty has him killed and leaves a candy bar wrapper by his body to make the police think Larry did it.

Betsy (Playboy Island) mentioned
• Hutch tells Silky that Betsy is a four ton super torque double action pooper scooper garbage truck.

Bettin, Federal Agent (Jojo) Fudge, Alan
• Bettin works for the Feds. He is in charge of the sting operation on Nick Dombarris, one that with Starsky and Hutch are assisting. After the bust is disrupted, he allows Jojo Forentic back on the street, thinking Jojo will be a way to get Dombarris. He is shaken when Elaine Stroud is killed by Jojo, but when Jojo is killed, arrests Linda Mascelli. Hutch calls him a "skin graft off a computer."

Betty Lou (Targets 3) mentioned
• Betty Lou, Rhonda and Rhoda are the three names Starsky and Hutch tell Officer O'Reilly the Torino goes by.

Big Benny (Plague) Little Angie
• Big Benny is a very small person. He works at the Shira Shoe Shine Station where he is a bookie. Dr. Judith Kaufman tests some of his blood, looking for the plague.

Big Ed (Cover Girl) Olfson, Ken
• credited only

Big, Mr. (Targets 3) mentioned
• It's the man in charge, presumably Gunther. Starsky refers to Mr. Big when he speculates on who Clayburn called when he said he was talking to Sheriff Fred Oates.

Bigelow, Officer (Survival) Pepper, Paul
• Bigelow is in charge of running the stockroom. He is very anal about numbers and forms and hassles people when they request supplies. He considers himself a funny person.

Biggs, Lenny (Strange Justice) Reale, Joseph
• Biggs is a rapist. He watches the girls in a sorority house at Weldon College. Later he breaks in and rapes Leslie Slate. Leslie's father, Lieutenant Dan Slate, shoots and wounds him while Biggs is in the hallway at headquarters. Slate arranges to have Biggs' bail posted by his snitch, Marcellus Cobb. After Biggs gets out, Slate kidnaps him and pretends Biggs is holding him hostage. He tries to get Biggs killed while Slate looks like the hero. Biggs is shot and killed by Officer Chuck Dobson. Dobson believes the set-up to be real and is devastated.

Bill (Kill Huggy Bear) Haynes, Cal
• He is one of Lou Malinda's four main thugs.

Bill, Officer (Kill Huggy Bear) Haynes, Cal
• He tells Starsky and Hutch about Huggy’s trashed bar. Then he tells one of them to talk to Dobey on the radio.

Bill, Officer (Pilot) mentioned
• He calls Hutch when Fat Rolly is released.

Bill, Officer (Pariah) not credited
• He sticks up for Starsky after Officer Lee hassles him. His last name may be Edwards or Taft.

Billings, Ward (Committee) MacRae, Michael
• Billings is a known rapist. He teams up with Paul H. Willits and attempts to rape a girl, Millie, in a warehouse. Starsky and Hutch rescue the girl and catch Willits. Billings escapes. Billings decides to turn himself in. Two policemen arrive at his hotel room and kill him. The officers are Knight and Williams. They belong to "The Committee", a vigilante group made up of cops. Billings is their third victim. According to his rap sheet, Billings is thirty years old, is 6’1", one hundred ninety-five pounds, was born on April, 3, 1946, his crimes are acquitted robbery and rape and grand theft with a firearm, he was arrested June, 3, 1975, his address is 173 West 71st St. and his accomplice is Paul Willits.

Billy (Savage Sunday) Lowell, Skip
• Billy is the liquor store owner's son. Morton hits him in the head during the robbery just as Billy answers the phone. Billy describes Morton as "big and black." Starsky holds a bandage to Billy's head and assures him his father, shot during the robbery, will be okay.

Billy (Psychic) mentioned
• Joanna Haymes asks her father if he is going to replace Billy with Ara Parsegian.

Billy Joe (Partners) Baker, Ronni B.
• Billy Joe is a robbery suspect driving the 1964 maroon Ford that Starsky and Hutch chase just before they crash in the Torino. He is Southern and prides himself on his driving. His partner in crime is Henderson, a man who wants him to slow down, not unlike what Hutch is asking Starsky to do.

Billy's father (Savage Sunday) not credited
• He is shot during the robbery. It appears he will be okay.

Binns, Pat (Long Walk) Gerard, Ben
• Binns is in the credits as the sound engineer at the recording studio. Sue Ann, however, calls him Harry.

Black, Stony (Bloodbath) mentioned
• He and his partner, Rex Woods, used to cook up junk for Simon Marcus. They had a traveling lab that they parked at the old City Zoo. Simon Marcus killed both a few months ago. Marcus uses both their names in the clue he gives to Hutch.

Blackie (Murder on Stage 17) Morgan, Read
• Blackie is one of the stuntmen in the Steve Hanson movie. He is Chet's partner. Blackie is the man Hutch hits in the belt.

Blaine, Lieutenant John (Death in a Different Place) Fleming, Art
• Lieutenant Blaine works with Starsky and Hutch. Starsky grew up next to John and Maggie and seems to consider John a father figure. John gave Starsky a bloody nose when he was teaching him to fight. John used to play football and is a good marksman. John and Maggie were married for twenty-two years. It is unclear if he was aware of his wife's knowledge of his sexuality. He had a room, #305, at the St. Francis Hotel for over a year, spending all but he last six months in the company of Peter Whitelaw. He had been seen with several other men since. One night, after a bust with Starsky and Hutch, Blaine gets drunk at the "Green Parrot", a gay bar. It appears that Nick Hunter drugs his drink. Hunter allows Nick Hunter to take him back to his hotel. John recognizes Lieutenant Alec Corday making a drug deal with Orrin Lawford. Lawford recognizes Blaine as well. Nick takes Blaine upstairs, robs him and leaves. Corday comes in and suffocates Blaine.

Blaine, Margaret (Death in a Different Place) Leith, Virginia
• Maggie Blaine was the wife of John Blaine. They were married for twenty-two years. She knew of her husband's sexual inclinations but tolerated them. She knew of John's relationship with Peter Whitelaw. She considered John a good man. Starsky grew up next to John and Maggie and seems to view John as a father figure.

Blake (Committee) mentioned
• Blake, along with Billings and Adams, is a bad buy killed by The Committee.

Blake, Maureen (Terror on the Docks) Cunningham, Sarah
• She is Nancy Blake's mother. She is a widow. She and her family used to live next door to Hutch back east. When her husband died, Hutch became a big brother to Nancy. Her husband wasn't Catholic until she met him. She is very interested in Starsky's religion and appears to want him to convert. She hints that Starsky could be a prospective son-in-law. She complains about paying one hundred and forty dollars for Nancy's wedding cake. She flings cake in Starsky's face.

Blake, Mr. (Terror on the Docks) mentioned
• Mr. Blake was Maureen's wife and Nancy's father. He died when Nancy was a little girl. He wasn't Catholic until he converted when he married.

Blake, Nancy (Terror on the Docks) Larken, Sheila
• Blake is an old friend of Hutch. She and her family used to live next door to Hutch "back east." After her dad died, Hutch became much like a big brother to her. The Blakes are Catholic. Hutch hadn't heard from her for a long time when she called to ask him to be at her wedding to Billy Desmond. Blake works as secretary to Andy Wilkins, head of security for the Port Authority, which is where coincidentally Starsky and Hutch are investigating a series of thefts. It turns out Blake is being used by Billy Desmond for the information she has on the arrivals and shipments coming in. In the end, the wedding is called off.

Blaze (Targets 2) Conforti, Gino
• Blaze is an X-rated film producer. He offers Starsky and Hutch a hundred dollars a day as actors in one of his film. He likes the look of Starsky and Hutch, a "couple of clear-eyed stockers." Blaze is constantly worried about his actor's health. He is into blue ions.

Bloggs, Lonely (Gillian) not credited
• Bloggs is Eddie Hoyle's friend. Bloggs does occasional work at the Stardust Adult Bookstore, sweeping and cleaning up. Blogg is killed behind the store by two of Al Grossman's thugs. Harry Blower, owner of the store and Blogg's boss, thinks Blogg's death is no big deal. Blogg's friend Eddie is very upset at his death. Lonely and Eddie were going to go down to the mission for creamed tuna.

Blossom, Mr. (Black and Blue) mentioned
• Mary talks to Mr. Blossom on the phone. He is calling Allied to say he will be in Mexico for a week. It is likely he is married, as the sign in front of his house says, "The Blossoms,"

Blower, Harry (Gillian) Foronjy, Richard
• Blower owns the Stardust Adult Bookstore. He hires the homeless man Lonely Bloggs to clean out the bathrooms and sweep up. Grossman’s men beat Bloggs to death behind the Stardust. Blower is cold and unhelpful about providing any information to catch Bloggs' killer, asking Starsky why anyone should care about the death of an old derelict. Starsky tells him to look in the mirror some time and ask himself the same thing. Bloggs and his good friend, Eddie Hoyle, were going to head down to the Mission for supper, a tuna special.

Blue, Dr. (Las Vegas Strangler) mentioned
• Dr. Blue's name is used on the hotel PA as a code word for security.

Blue Boy (Targets 2) mentioned
• Blue Boy is from Atlanta. Bates gets a call from him saying his "monthly affiliate wants a higher monthly payment."

Bo (Murder Ward) Haggerty, H.B.
• Bo is a patient at Cabrillo State Mental Hospital. He likes practical jokes and pulls one on Starsky, making him fall on the floor. Bo laughs and laughs.

Bob (Vendetta) not credited
• Bob is the man in the line-up with the raincoat. The officer there goads him. Bob appears to have been in before as a flasher. Eckworth, who is looking for his attacker, doesn't pick Bob.

Bob, Officer (Lady Blue)
• Starsky asks Officer Bob for information on radio call numbers.

Bob (Las Vegas Strangler) Soul, David
• Jack Mitchell calls Hutch "Bob" when he first sees him in jail.

Bobby (Manchild on the Streets) not credited
• Maurice greets Bobby in the bar. Bobby is playing pool, and Maurice wants to play him for money.

Bobby (Starsky's Lady) not credited
• His name appears in the original script. In the original script, Bobby is a thug in the car with Woody, Prudholm and another thug named Marty..

Bobette (Vampire) Camp, Colleen
• Bobette and Jane meet Starsky and Hutch at "The Playpen." Both Jane and Bobette are intrigued by Starsky and Hutch's job. Starsky gets their phone number but forgets to write it down. Starsky spills popcorn on them. Bobette and Jane have a hard time keeping Starsky and Hutch straight, but that confusion is reciprocated. They look enough alike that Starsky and Hutch call them "twins.” They are both privy to Starsky's vampire imitation.

Boone, Buzzy (Golden Angel) Oliver, Steve
• Boone is the January 1979 Pro Wrestling Heavy weight champion. His fiancée of Candy Reese, his promoter and daughter of Tommy Reese. Boone's wrestling persona is the "Golden Angel." Buzzy's life is threatened and Starsky and Hutch are assigned to find the perpetrator. He used to be married to Camille for eight years, but has been divorced for two. He feels the upcoming match is his last big chance. He eats a lot of hamburgers. He bets on the ponies and owes Stella, a pawnshop owner, eighteen hundred dollars. He is up to date in his payments.

Boone, Camille (Golden Angel) Beane, Hilary
• Camille is the ex-wife of Buzzy Boone, a professional wrestler known as 'The Golden Angel'. They were married for eight years and divorced two years ago. Despite the fact she is a "pacifist," she wants to kill Buzzy. She shoots him in the arm during a practice. Camille puts a threatening dummy in Buzzy's locker and tries to shoot at him through a window when he's on the phone. Hutch interviews her and thinks she's a "space chicken." Camille has the odd habit of saying certain words twice, twice. She is flushed out of hiding during a match when Starsky dresses up as the Golden Angel.

Boseman (Huggy Can't Go Home) Weaver, Lee
• Boseman is one of the players at J.T. Washington's hours-long poker game. After Big Red McGee and Dolphin rob the game, he runs out to the street to get his money back. McGee shoots him in the scuffle.

Bouvet, Mrs. Marlene (Starsky vs. Hutch) Calvet, Corrine
• Bouvet is the owner and operator of the "Golden Lady Ballroom," a dance hall. She asks the police for help after two of her blonde dancers are killed. A third is later killed. Starsky, Hutch, Officer Kira and Susan go undercover there to find the killer. Bouvet speaks French and is not happy with the police's progress.

Bower, Marcy (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) mentioned
• Perhaps Bauer. Her puppy was in a hit and run accident reported by Joey Carston.

Bower, Max (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) mentioned
• Perhaps Bauer. Max is not a person even though Joey Carston makes it appear so to Starsky. Max is the six-week old puppy run over in a hit and run. The puppy belonged to Marcy Bower.

Bowerman, Officer (Iron Mike) mentioned
• Perhaps Bauerman. He is one of officers in the Darcy's Department Store stakeout. Besides Ferguson, Starsky and Hutch, the other three officers are Sawyer, Platt and Nelson.

Boyce, Carl (Omaha Tiger) Luisi, Jimmy
• Boyce is Helen Forbes' business manager at the Olympic Wrestling Arena. He says he brought the arena back from the red, but Forbes is unaware it is because he secured a large loan from George Felton. Boyce and Felton arrange to have Tommy Carinari, Mack Johnson and Al Taft killed. This allows the arena's concessions to go to Felton.

Boyle (Hutchinson for Murder One) Levine, Floyd
• Boyle is one of Mr. Wheeler's thugs. Wheeler is a high-up jewelry fence. Boyle and his partner Cardwell follow Vanessa home from Huggy's and see that she is staying with Hutch. Cardwell and Boyle go up to Hutch's apartment while he is running. Cardwell shoots Vanessa. Cardwell tells Boyle, his junior, to have more patience.

Braddock, Troy (Photo Finish) Kane, Jayson
• Braddock is a famous painter. His garish paintings bring him a lot of attention and money in high social circles. Braddock makes it a practice to sleep with the wives of his potential clients, thinking it will help his career. Nicole Monk gives a party in his honor. Just as someone is opening champagne and Braddock is giving a speech, someone shoots him. His killer is someone hired by Nicole's husband, a dweeby toy inventor named Basil.

Bradley, Ross (Savage Sunday) mentioned
• His name is heard on the radio. He has been injured and is in the hospital.

Brady, James (Cover Girl) Miller, Allan
• He is the owner of 'Brady's Tavern' and the contact man for the hit man, Walter Allen (Angel). Kate Larrabee contacts him to have someone kill her. Brady meets Allen and sets up the hit. After leaving Allen, Brady is unable to get a hold of him to tell him Larrabee changed her mind. Starsky visits him and dumps his peanuts on the ground. When Allen tells him a person can "soar like an eagle or self-destruct like some hophead" and asks him which he will do, Brady supposes he be a hophead.

Brady, Michelle (Discomania) Sills, Paula
• Brady went with a friend to Fever. Starsky refers to her friend as a "Pair of Hot Pants." Brady told her friend she wasn't feeling well and was going to go home. She thought Brady left by herself. It turns out she was drugged, kidnapped and killed by Tony Mariposa. Mariposa puts an ankle bracelet on her with the name of Sharon.

Brams (Jojo) mentioned only
• It is unclear who this character is. It could be one of Dombarris' thugs.

Brenner, Lola (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) O'Connell, Taaffe
• She is Leo Moon's girlfriend. She has waited for him for four years and thinks that is too long. She works at a massage parlor at 15th and Hudson. She knows of Moon's plans and hopes to go away with him to South America. Starsky and Hutch capture her, and she agrees to testify against the bad guys.

Brennan (Las Vegas Strangler) not credited
• He is the postman in Boulder City, Nevada. Cary runs out to meet him and brings in the letter that has the money Starsky and Hutch sent her mom.

Brennon, Karen (Deadly Imposter) Gailey, Suzan
• See Karpel, Karen

Brett (Murder on Stage 17) "Hanson, Steve"
• Brett is the character Hanson plays in the movie.

Bristol, Lee (Collector) Shelley, Dave
• Bristol is Molly Bristol's father. Hutch calls him "Pop." He owns and lives behind the "L&A Market and Deli" in Hutches neighborhood. Hutch says he makes the best hot pastrami sandwiches in the world. Starsky and Hutch bring their dates there to dance to records. Bristol used to play in a band with Scoot Jackson until he "blew his lungs out." Bristol smokes and says he never imagined living in a place that always smells deli meat. A year before, he borrowed one thousand dollars from Annie Oates and has already paid two thousand dollars interest on it. He bought a gun to protect himself. When Cunningham, the new collector, show up for money and threatens Molly, he goes out with his gun. Apparently, he gets drunk, accidentally drops his gun down a sewer and asks a cop to get it out for him. There is a tussle, and Bristol is taken to the police station. After all is resolved, he makes Starsky and Hutch sandwiches.

Bristol, Molly (Collector) Kalem, Toni
• She is one of Hutch's girlfriends. Her father is Lee Bristol who runs the "L&A Market and Deli." She lives in the back of the store. She rides a bike. Molly puts on a blond wig and helps Starsky and Hutch by going undercover as Heather O'Brian, a young, pregnant girl who wants an abortion. John John the Apple directs her to Oates' new collector. Cunningham meets her in a cafe and offers to lend, and then give her money so she can go to San Francisco to have her baby boy. Cunningham claims he can see and hear her baby.

Bronson, FBI. (Starsky's Brother) Moses, David
• He is one of the agents keeping the surveillance on Frank Striker's place, The Velvet Slide. He apologizes for being late for his shift. Bronson is killed in explosion set off by Stryker. It is mentioned he has no family.

Brown, Huggy Bear (various) Fargas, Antonio
• for Huggy Bear's relatives, see, Before They Were Cops

Brown, Chester(Running) mentioned
• He went to junior high school with Starsky. Chester wrote,
"Remember Grant, remember Lee? To hell with them, remember me" in Starsky's yearbook.

Brown, Councilman (Savage Sunday) not credited
• Brown is enlisted to help the residents of the Eastside Home for the aged. He has lunch at the home and agrees the food is terrible. He promises to fix things.

Brown, Jenny (Sweet Revenge) Hart, Beverly
• Brown is a super model. Her name is recognized by Huggy Bear. It turns out her condo is owned by Gunther Enterprises. She arranges the hit on Starsky was the money go-between. Hutch visits her condo and gets the information out her. The law firm of Welles, Kelly and Hodson bails her out.

Brownley, Lou (Velvet Jungle) Bay, Susan
• Brownley is a high-energy, no-nonsense manager in the fashion industry. She is overseeing the fashion show that Laura Stevens is in. Brownley suggests the police never come for good news, and tells Hutch that Starsky is cute. She is able to identify Helena from a photo and gives Hutch Helena's address from her files.

Brown, Nellie (Murder at Sea) Marta, Lynne
• see Carnoffsky, Helen

Bruce (Black and Blue) Williamson, Michael
• Bruce is a minor. He and his partner Vivian work for Lionel Train. While robbing a house, Vivian shoots Hutch in the chest. Starsky fights him and takes him in. Train bails him out.

Bryant, Kenny (Las Vegas Strangler) mentioned
• His name is heard over the casino P.A. He is told he has a phone call.

Buckland, Agent (Deadly Imposter) Wertimer, Ned
• Buckland is the agent in charge of hiding the Karpels.

Bubbles (Playboy Island) mentioned
• Bubbles is a woman working at the Playboy Hotel. She is helping Charlotte Connery hide the death of William Thorne. Bubbles helps carry Starsky and Hutch's luggage.

Bumper (Set-Up) Balin, Richard
• Bumper and Fields are two of Stegner's thugs.

Burger, Claude (Jojo) mentioned
• Perhaps "Berger." He runs an auto insurance scan on the east side. Dombarris suggests Jojo hook up with him. Jojo declines so Dombarris sends him to kill Elaine Stroud.

Burke, Detective (Snowstorm) Benjamin, Paul
• He is a veteran officer. Burke is black and partnered with Detective Corman, a white man who makes racist comments. He, Corman and Detective Kalowitz work with Starsky and Hutch to break up the drug ring snitched on by Marty Crandell. Crandell hides a quarter of the drugs for himself. In the shootout, it is Corman who shoots Edward Crown, one of the drug guys. Corman or Burke steals Crown's gun to use for later. Detective Corman later kills Crandell when he and Burke show up to collect the drugs. Corman and Burke hide the drugs at Corman's cabin at Bear Lake. The two surprise Dobey by asking for a day off together. They go to Bear Lake to hide the drugs. Starsky and Hutch figure out the missing gun, and Hutch determines it isn't trout fishing season. Starsky and Hutch go to Bear Lake and confront their fellow officers. There is a gun battle. Starsky shoots Burke in the arm, and Hutch kills Corman.

Burke, Officer (Photo Finish) Burke, Eldon
• He is the uniformed officer who guards Marcie Fletcher. He ends up letting the disguised hit man (woman) into the apartment.

Burke, Officer (Ballad for a Blue Lady) mentioned
• Starsky asks him, while at Metro, if he has seen Hutch. You don't see him. It is most likely an in-joke regarding Eldon Burke, the production assistant that had recurring roles in the series.

Burnbalm, Manny (Death Notice) Kogan, Milton
• Perhaps Birnbalm. Manny is the owner of the Panama Club. He is afraid for his girls and calls Starsky and Hutch end when Arnold finds a threatening note left on a table. He tells Starsky that being a stripper is not as easy as it looks and to please not scare the girls.

Butler, Officer (Huggy Can't Go Home) Weatherill, James
• He is the officer on the scene of Boseman's death. He found the body.

Bycroft, Nurse (Murder Ward) Ryan, Fran
• She is the gruff but kindly nurse at Cabrillo Nurse at Cabrillo State Mental Institution. She stomps on the cockroach races, killing the Cabrillo Kid. In the end, she lets Starsky loose so Dr. Matwick can't operate on him.