"Just the thought of my going to the slammer gives me the screaming meemies."
(Savage Sunday)

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Tabor, Jerry (Long Walk) Bryant, Josh
• Tabor is harassing Sue Ann Grainger. He used to run a one-man radio station in Pittsville, North Carolina. He played Grainger’s records a lot and felt he added to her popularity. Tabor was stabbed in the throat in a bar fight, while defending her record. The injury caused him to lose his voice and his job. Now he stalks her and has started to try to blackmail her. When he finds out the police are involved, he kills a wino in an alley. He calls Grainger and tells her it was her fault. Then he kills John Kellim as he is out walking his dog, blaming her for that murder as well. He sneaks into her recording studio after her crew has gone out for supper and frightens her. Starsky and Hutch set up a trap to catch him, but the plan fails. Grainger makes a secret plan to meet him and pay him the ten thousand dollars he wants. Even after she brings him the money, he still isn’t happy and threatens to kill her.

Taffy (Las Vegas Strangler) Zerby, Katie Hopkins
• Taffy is a dancer in Las Vegas. She tells Starsky and Hutch when Iris Thayer left and where she was going.

Taft, Al (Omaha Tiger) Irwin, Wynn
• Taft is Eddie Bell’s business manager. Mack Johnson accuses him of using Bell, and guys like him. Taft is killed in the shower, a hit planned by Felton.

Taft, Officer (Pariah) Frank, Leo
• He is never mentioned by name.

Taggert, Detective (Avenger) not credited
• Taggert is in the squad room late at night. Hutch hassles him about the bad coffee.

Taggert (Strange Justice) mentioned
• Dobey takes Starsky and Hutch off of the Taggert case so they can work on the Dan Slate case.

Takahashi, Clint (Murder at Sea) Sung, Richard Lee
• Takahashi and his wife are passengers on the Amapola. Starsky consistently pronounces his name wrong. He tells Starsky and Hutch he is a red-blooded American from Texas. He sleeps with Kitty. He sings “My Wild Irish Rose” at the talent show.

Talbert, Patricia (Pilot) Lamm, Karen
• Talbert is a college student. She is nineteen years old and majoring in pre-law. She wants to marry a lawyer because she will be rich. Her roommate is Gretchen Knebel. Talbert is pregnant from an affair with Henderson, a district attorney who is a guest lecturer. She refuses to terminate the pregnancy. Henderson sets up her murder by having her shot while sitting in a car with a guy.

Tallman, Frank (Pilot) Green, Gilbert
• Frank Tallman is a mob boss. Starsky and Hutch meet with him in his steam room. They are there to question Tallman about the hit against Starsky. Starsky and Hutch are scheduled to testify against Tallman in court in a few days. Tallman is accused of eight counts of bribery. He admits he is guilty, but that it is all a moot point as he expects to die young like his father did. He tells Starsky and Hutch he isn’t the one who ordered the hit. Tallman alludes to Zane and Cannell, saying if they were sent to kill him, they wouldn’t have missed. Later, he confirms their names over the phone.

Tallman, Frank’s father. (Pilot) mentioned
• Frank Tallman mentions his father. He says his dad died at age fifty-eight. Frank Tallman, citing his high blood pressure, cites this as a reason he isn’t going to live long and will be found guilty two years after his death.

Taylor, Lawrence (Targets 2) Fargas, Antonio
• Lawrence Taylor is the name Huggy uses when he canvasses a neighborhood looking for information. He is disguised as an employee of the Companion Mortgage Company and talks to Mrs. Swayder.

Taylor, Sam (Satan's Witches) mentioned
• It was Taylor’s goat that was killed as a sacrifice by Rodell’s cult. The goat’s blood was used on the front door of Dobey’s cabin.

Ted (Savage Sunday) Oliver, Louis James
• He works at Ted's Body Shop. Sally Ann Sloan is his cousin. They came up from Denver together. Wilbur and Gregg bring the stolen car to Ted to have it repainted and for new license plates. Starsky and Hutch threaten Ted later, and he tells them what he knows.

Ted, Officer (Coffin for Starsky) not credited
• Ted is in the uniformed officer in the squad room when Mrs. Haberman comes in. Hutch, in the middle of a sensitive moment with Starsky, tells Ted to show Haberman the mug shots.

Terrible Tessie (Omaha Tiger) Catlett, Mary Jo
• Tessie is a wrestler. Her boyfriend is Iggy the Mummy. She flirts with other men to keep him guessing. When she flirts with Starsky, Starsky gets nervous. Tessie tells Starsky and Hutch about Mack Johnson's death. Tessie takes Iggy up on his marriage proposal, telling Starsky if she didn’t, Iggy would kill him.

Texas Kid (Running) Plumley, Don
• Huggy sends Hutch to question the Texas Kid in Lock-up. The Kid tells Hutch his is in jail on a misunderstanding; he wasn't trying to rob the bar, he tried to stop the crime. He hopes Hutch will get him a reduced sentence. The Kid tells Hutch what he knows about Vern DuBois.

Thayer, Iris (Las Vegas Strangler) Kelly, Roz
• Thayer is a dancer in Las Vegas. She works at the "Thunderbird" with Vicky. Pruitt lures Thayer to Circus Circus with the offer of a fake job. He tries to kill her.

Theodore Bear (Targets 1) as itself
• Theodore Bear is the name of Jamie Rigger's teddy bear.

Theresa-Margaret, Sister (Collector) mentioned
• She is a nun at the Sisters of Hope convent in San Francisco. Jack Cunningham says he grew up there. He tells Heather O'Brien the nun was abusive to him.

Thistleman (Set-Up) Zwerling, Darryl
• Thistleman manages the bank where Terry Nash says he has an account. Thistleman and the teller say they don't recognize Nash. Starsky, Hutch and Nash go back to the bank. They make Thistleman show them the security camera tapes. The cigarette burn time shows the film has been tampered with. Starsky and Hutch force Thistleman to a ratty hotel and make him call the bank to say he is sick. Then they make Thistleman tell them the truth.

Thomas (Sweet Revenge) Davis, Herb
• Thomas is James Gunther's butler. He brings Gunther a tray of tea.

Thorn, Jack (Death Notice) mentioned
• Thorn was at a party with David Delano and some of the women who dance at the Panama Club. He asks for Sonia's telephone number, but he never calls her. This is because he is dead. DeLano kills him with a rock. DeLano and Posey make it look like Thorn was killed in a car accident on the way to Las Vegas. Kathi Carmer saw the crime and tells her boyfriend. The two of them use their knowledge of Thorn's death to blackmail Delano.

Thorne, William McKenzie (Playboy Island) Allan, Lane
• Thorne was a multi-millionaire. Walter Healey tells Starsk, Hutch and Dobey that if all of Thorne's corporations were put together, it would have more money than all but six countries. Thorne owned Playboy Island. Healey sends Starsky and Hutch there to find out why those closest to Thorne are dying and if Thorne himself is in any danger. What Healey doesn't know is that Throne, paralyzed three years ago, is dead. Charlotte Connery, Papa Theodore, Little Philippe and an unknown number of women who work at the hotel are hiding his death. A man named Bert Regan has been put under a spell and has taken Thorne's place. Connery plans to marry "Thorne" and kill him, taking over his businesses.

Thorne’s lawyer (Playboy Island) mentioned
• Thorne was not only a lawyer, but also a crack pilot and the inventor of a foolproof navigational device. He was killed when his small plane ran into a mountain in broad daylight. It is assumed later that his death was a murder.

Thorpe, Detective Lizzie (Discomania) McBroom, Amanda
• Detective 3rd class for Vice. She went undercover at the dance club 'Fever' but found nothing. She is re-assigned after two dead and one missing girl is found to have the club in common. According to Hutch she has 'an eight year old daughter and a eight foot tall husband'. She dances with Marty Decker and wins the dance contest, while being courted by Tony Mariposa. Marty is arrested and charged with the murders. Tony Mariposa drugs Lizzie's drink and hides out in her car. She is able to tear 'MER' into her upholstery to let others know a Mercedes was involved. She tries to keep Tony talking to buy time, and later is saved by Starsky and Hutch.

Thorpe, Detective Lizzie's Husband (Discomania) mentioned
• Hutch speculates he's eight feet tall. Hutch talks to him on the phone and finds out Lizzie didn't come home on time.

Thorpe, Detective Lizzie's Daughter (Discomania) mentioned
• She is eight years old.

Tidings, Stewart (Pariah) Fletcher, Jay
• Tidings was a witness in Lonnie's shooting. He accuses Starsky of an unjustifiable shooting. Later at the trial, Tidings says he was mistaken, that Lonnie wasn't trying to surrender; he was going to shoot Starsky. Tidings apologizes to Lonnie's mom. Later, he attends the gathering at the Craig house.

Tiger (Pilot) as himself
• Tiger is a large dog wearing a raincoat. His owner takes him out to pee. Tiger pees on Hutch as he's hiding in the bushes.

Tiger (Fix) not credited
• He is the man in the suit Starsky has arrested. Tiger watches Starsky hit the vending machine. Starsky also calls him Fancy Pants.

Tina (Murder at Sea) Bunch, Marianne
• Tina is the woman who comes onto Starsky after the game Simon Says. Hutch messes up Starsky's action.

Tinker, Officer Dan (Pariah) not credited
• Tinker is the first cop George Prudholm kills. Tinker and his partner respond to a false 459 call at a warehouse. Prudholm shoots him from the roof of the building across the street.

Tishaun, Dr. Jonas (Plague mentioned
• Dr. Meredith and Dr. Kaufman tells Starsky and Hutch that Tishaun was a doctor in Morocco who had studied outbreaks of the plague. Tishaun died in a plane crash. Hutch looks at the book that is about, or was written by, Tishaun.

Tito (Deadly Imposter) LeBell, Gene
• Tito is the guy John Colby whales the tar out of at "Frankie's Gym."

Toby (Losing Streak) Gayle, Rozelle
• Toby is a jazz pianist at G.W.'s Jazz Club. Toby knows Vic and invites him to play a tune. Toby "lays down a few yards of autumn leaves." He also finishes off Vic's drink.

Tobin (Hostages) Madison, Arnold
• Tobin is one of Conrad's thugs, along with Gibson.

Todesco, Detective Mike (Collector, Class in Crime) Rodriguez, Roberto
• In the "Collector," he is the homicide detective who calls Starsky and Hutch to the Joe Garras murder scene. He tells Hutch he interrupted their three-day weekend because the murder took place in Hutch's neighborhood. Tedesco tells Starsky and Hutch about the girlie magazines in Garris' room and about the maid who found the body. In "Class in Crime," it is Tedesco who talks to Starsky and Hutch about Allen Richards' murder. The three men meet in the apartment where the murder weapon is found. Tedesco tells Starsky and Hutch about the gun, about Richards' body. Later, he gives Dobey a tape recording he finds in Richards' apartment. On it is evidence of Richards and Morgan's blackmail plan. Tedesco tells Hutch his wife sends him her regards. When Starsky expresses his fondness for leather, Hutch says he and Tedesco ought to write a book together.

Todesco, Mrs. (Class in Crime) mentioned
• Todesco tells Starsky and Hutch (though the emphasis seems to be on Hutch) that his wife sends her regards.

Tom (Kill Huggy Bear) Shreeve, Craig
• Tom is one of Malinda's main thugs. His partners are Sam, Jerry and Bill.

Tom, Assistant Coroner (Texas Longhorn) Morgan, Stafford
• Hutch asks him to get a photograph of Tyler’s body and of the tire tracks at the crime scene.

Tom (Fix) not credited
• Tom and Coney are Monk's two thugs. Monk is the only person who calls him by name, though it is somewhat unclear if he says, "Do it to him" or "Do it, Tom." Closed captioning says it's Tom. Tom is the thug who hits Hutch, who has a meal with Monk at the restaurant and who deals with Mickey.

Tommy (Nightmare) Marcus, Sparky
• Tommy is a little boy who harasses Starsky about playing with trains at the toyshop. He complains to his mommy about Starsky.

Tommy's Mom (Nightmare) not credited
• Tommy calls out to her and tells her Starsky won't let him take a turn with the toy train. She gives Starsky an evil look.

Tony (Heroes) Wright, Patrick
• Tony is a butcher. Starsky, Hutch and Phelps go to see him in the their case regarding the tampered heroin. Starsky and Hutch ask him about his former employee, Jimmy Wells. Starsky and Hutch threaten to call the health inspector about flies if Tony doesn't talk to them. Tony says he fired Wells because Wells messing with drugs. Tony listens to horseraces on the radio. He smokes; the ashes from his cigarette hang over the raw meat

Tony (Savage Sunday) Vitte, Tony
• Tony and his pal Huey play basketball at Jackson High School. Starsky and Hutch play against them to get information. When Hutch comments on his height, Tony says, when told he is short, “We eats our full rations of chitlins every day."

Tony (Running) mentioned
• Tony was Sharman Crane's second husband. He committed suicide after he was caught stealing money from his employer.

Torkel, Lenny (Ninety Pounds) mentioned
• AKA 'Lenny the Torch'. He is a safe cracker who also runs numbers for Avery Schiller. He has been arrested and is giving information to the police about a future hit in order to get a reduced sentence.

Tory (Action)
Victoria Ann Berry
• She is the bartender aboard the semi.

Touhy (Lady Blue) Gosa, Jim
• He is a jewelry thief who works with Ruby Solenko and Harvey Ritlin. They rob houses by knocking on the door, breaking in and roughing up the occupants. Their legit job is running the 'Mellow Yellow' Go-go club. He takes care of Cindy by giving her a drug 'highball' that puts her in the hospital.

Tracy (Las Vegas Strangler) not credited
• Tracy was Vicky's best friend. Tracy told Vicky that she had the oddest feeling that someone had been watching her while she slept. She found a window screen tampered with but never told the police.

Train (Manchild on the Streets) Haze, Stan
• Maurice tries to steal a beer from the bar cooler. Train, the bartender, stops him.

Train, Lionel (Black and Blue) Levant, Rene
• Train heads up a bunch of teenagers. He makes them commit robberies for him. Vivian doesn't tell him she shot a cop in the latest robbery. When Train finds out, he bawls her out and tells her to leave. When Joan Meredith goes undercover as a teenager, Train believes her and almost buys a television from her. Vivian warns Train of the set up. Train orders Vivian to kill Meredith and Starsky.

Trainer, Gus (Murder at Sea) not credited
• Trainer is one of the mob leaders on the Amapola for a meeting with Joey Fortune.

Tramaine, Joseph (Pariah) Rozakis, Gregory
• Tramaine is a hype and a crook. He and Lonnie rob a liquor store. Lonnie is accidentally killed. Huggy helps Starsky and Hutch find Tramaine by describing his drugged up ways; Tramaine has been at the Pits, eating chocolate, acting twitchy and stealing women's purses out of the bathroom. Starsky and Hutch apprehend Tramaine at a grocery store. They question him about Lonnie. Tramaine tells them Lonnie is a runner.

Trask, Harry (Survival) Emhardt, Robert
• Trask owns the pawnshop. He fences the stuff Lance and his partner steal from Hutch, as Hutch lies injured in the canyon. Hoping to get a reward, he calls Vic Humphries and tells him Hutch is still alive. Trask is shown petting a to let him know that Hutch is still alive. Trask is shown petting a white, stuffed owl.

Travers, Bobbie (Avenger) Brooks, Hildy
• Bobbie is Monique's sister. She knows Monique's bar habits and is worried about her. Bobbie is very religious. She attends Mass at St. Matthew's every night. She helps Hutch identify the picture he puts together. The two of them go to Monique's house to rescue Starsky.

Travers, Monique (Avenger) Cassidy, Joanna
• Monique is mentally ill. She picks up man named Phil at a bar. After having sex at her place, a strange man kills Phil, citing Monique's evil ways. She tells Starsky and Hutch the same thing happened in San Francisco six months ago. The killer's name is Harry Ashford, and he is jealous of the men she sleeps with. She met Harry after she broke up with her fiancée. Harry leaves a threatening note in one of her books. Shortly after Phil is killed, Monique picks up a guy named Roger. Harry kills him, too. Dobey assigns Starsky to act as bait. Harry doesn't make a move on Starsky because Starsky isn't personally interested in Monique. Starsky starts asking too many questions, and Harry tells Monique to drug him with tea, and then kill him. Hutch and Bobbie show up in time to save Starsky. Harry Ashford is really Monique's second personality.

Trayman (Trap) Ponzini, Antony
• Trayman and Delano are Johnny Bagely's thugs. He hires them to help him kill Starsky and Hutch in the barn. Starsky subdues him.

Treasure Chest, Miss (Death Ride) not credited
• Huggy introduces Miss Chest to Starsky and Hutch at the Pits. He says
Miss Treasure Chest is going to help him win the Bet Your Treasure giveaway show. Prizes on the show include "lots of loot. Cash money, refrigerator/freezer, and a trip to the Bahamas, TV set." In the end, Huggy flubs the answer, and Miss Chest goes off with someone else.

Trish (Starsky's Brother) not credited
• Trish is a waitress at "The Velvet Slide," the disco where Nick Starsky meets Stryker.

Tuppleworth, Hank (Murder at Sea) Soul, David
• Tuppleworth is Hutch's undercover character. Tuppleworth is the entertainment director.

Turkel, Lola (Bounty Hunter) Albright, Lola
• Turkel is Leo Moon's girlfriend. She has waited for him to be released from prison and complains about it. She used to work at Ethel's massage parlor. Turkel and Moon plan to fly to South America after Dobey's family is killed. Starsky and Hutch find her at the warehouse and scare her into telling what she knows.

Turner, R. C. (Silence) Bernard, Jason
• Turner is Larry Horvath's friend. They own a printing business together. Turner is deaf, his hearing destroyed when a policeman hit him in the head with a billy club. Turner is a reluctant helper in Starsky and Hutch's search for Horvath.

Turquet, J.D. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Robinette, Dale
• His nickname is "Turkey." He and Huggy set up a private investigation company. Foxy Baker hires them to find her husband. Huggy takes Turquet to Blind Bessie's house, and tells Turquet he has to sound like a black man. Turquet and Huggy get called to Dad Watson's office. Watson threatens them. Turquet and Huggy solve the case, along with the help of Huggy's cousin, Leotis. Starsky tries to help Huggy and Turquet's business by referring a burglary case to them.

Tustin, Marianne (Tap Dancing) Hamel, Veronica
• Marianne comes to Bay City to identify her brother, Teddy's, body. She meets Starsky, Hutch and Dobey in the morgue. She is impatient about the pace of the investigation, citing Teddy's importance. She tells the detectives about Teddy's temper and his predilection for affairs. Without permission, Marianne goes undercover at the dance studio. She uses the name Millicent Forbes, a friend of hers in Oklahoma whose husband will verify her story. Marsha Stearns recognizes Marianne from a family photograph. Chambers and Stearns kidnap Marianne and put her in the trunk of their car

Tustin, Teddy (Tap Dancing) mentioned
• Tustin was a dance student at Ginger Evan's Dance Studio. He was one of Sterns, Chambers and Starger's blackmail victims. They killed him, and his sister, Marianne, comes to Bay City to identify his body. She says Teddy loved his wife and children, but "liked to play," and he had a temper. Marianne points out that Teddy was important man and is unhappy more is not being done to find his killer.

Tustin, Mrs. Teddy (Tap Dancing) mentioned
• Marianne Tustin says her sister-in-law loved her brother. Mrs. Tustin has at least two children.

Tustin, Teddy's Children (Tap Dancing) mentioned
• The Tustins had at least two children. Marianne says Teddy loved his kids, but that he had a bad temper.

Tyce, Lizzie (Satan's Witches) Geib, Lark
• Lizzie is sixteen years old. Her parents are Joe and Rachel. Rodell and his cult kidnap Lizzie and threaten her parents, as well as the whole town, telling them if they cooperate, Lizzie will be released unharmed. Starsky and Hutch find Lizzie on the night of the sacrifice. Lizzie is in charge of turning the lights off and on to confuse the cultists.

Tyce, Rachel (Satan's Witches) Wilson Patricia
• She runs the general store in Pine Lake. Rachel sells Hutch groceries. When he tells her where he and Starsky are staying, she gets nervous. Her husband’s name is Joe. He is Pine Lake’s sheriff. Their daughter, Lizzie, has been kidnapped by Rodell’s cult. The Tyces are told if they cooperate, Lizzie will be released unharmed.

Tyce, Sheriff Joe (Satan's Witches) Napier, Charles
• Joe is Pine Lake's sheriff. His wife runs the general store. Their daughter, Lizzie, has been kidnapped by Rodell’s cult. The Tyces are told if they cooperate, Lizzie will be released unharmed. Joe does his best to keep Starsky and Hutch away from Dobey’s cabin. He finally arrests them, hoping to keep them out of the way until the cult leaves.

Tyler, Emma Lou (Texas Longhorn) Christopher, Alta
• Emma Lou is raped and killed when her husband stops the car to help two men who pretend to have car trouble. Her killers are Little Chaco and John Harris. They steal her squash blossom necklace, something they pawn with Fat Rolly.

Tyler, Zack (Texas Longhorn) Flory, Med
• Zack owns a used car lot. His wife's name is Emma Lou. He stops his car to help two guys who flag him down. Zack looks at their supposedly stalled car and tells them what's wrong with. The two men, Little Chaco and John Harris, knock Zack out. Then they rape and kill Emma Lou. Starsky and Hutch question Zack about the incident. He tells them about Emma Lou's squash blossom necklace and how she looked so cute in it. He comes down to the station to ask about the investigation’s progress. Zack tells Starsky and Hutch he's going to sell everything he owns and move. Hutch asks him if that is a good idea and Zack says he isn't sure. Zack refuses to identify Little Chaco in the interrogation room. When Chaco is released, Zack kills him. Then he goes after Harris. Harris shoots Zack. As Zack is dying he tells Starsky and Hutch a story about frogs and scorpions.

Tyrone, Mr. (Dandruff) Glaser, Paul Michael
• Tyrone, or Ty-Ty, is Starsky's undercover name.

Tyrone, Mr. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Soul, David
• Tyrone is Hutch's undercover name.