"Hey, look, they sat him at the worst table in the house, and he ordered a coke.
Does that tell you something?"
(Death Notice)

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Ace (Las Vegas Strangler) Tobias, George
• He is an older man with a scraggly white beard. He tells Starsky and Hutch has cut hair for forty-seven years. Some of his clients were famous people, including Bugsy Siegel. Ace is the manager of Jack Mitchell's apartment building and can tell when Jack is home. Ace gets people's names mixed up.

Ackerman, Nurse Bonnie (Partners) Steinberg, Melissa
• She is one of the two nurses who take care of Starsky and Hutch after their car accident. Ackerman tells Dobey that Hutch was faking amnesia after the car accident. She calls Starsky "Mr. Sparsky" and likes his Bogart imitation.

Adachi, Mr. Kenny (Dandruff) Fujioka, John
• Adachi is one of the bidders for the Belvedere Diamond collection. His signal to Buddy Owens (hotel security) was a flower. Adach is from Japan and has quintuplets who have the Asian flu. He loses the bid.

Adachi quintuplets (Dandruff) mentioned
• They are Mr. Adachi's children with the Asian flu.

Adams (Committee) mentioned
• Adams is one of the bad guys, along with Billings and Blake, killed by The Committee.

Adams, Alice (Specialist) mentioned
• Alice Adams was in the same sixth grade as Starsky. She was weighed two hundred pounds, wore horn-rimmed glasses and had terrible acne. Her family was the richest in town. Because the students were arranged alphabetically, she ended up sitting next to a guy named Anderson, rather than Starsky. Starsky figures if they had sat closer together, he might have married Adams. This would have made become him a doctorby defualut as everyone in her family was a doctor.

Adams, Alice's family (Specialist) mentioned
• They were the richest family in town, and they were all doctors.

Akhanatova, Anna (Body Worth Guarding) van de Ven, Monique
• She is a Russian prima ballerina performing the play "Sleeping Beauty." While touring the United States, she has attracted demonstrators from the Jewish Organization for Action (JOA). There have been threatening letters sent to the newspaper about Akhanatova. Starsky and Hutch are assigned to protect her. Her coach is retired dancer Masha Barovnika. Akhantova and Hutch spar but then spend the night together. Akhanatova returns to Russia. She can beat Starsky at right-handed arm wrestling, with a little help from Hutch.

Al (Starsky's Brother) Worth, Nicholas
• He is one of Frank Stryker's thugs.

Al, Officer (Photo Finish) mentioned
• Hutch asks him to check out the rental car activities of Dora Pruitt/Greta Wren.

Alex (Targets 2 + 3) Picerni, Charles
• He is a thug for a syndicate connection dealing with the Judge McClellan case. He and his partner assigned to follow Starsky and Hutch after the McClellan case was lost and the detectives quit the force. He and his fellow thug confront Starsky and Hutch in the steam room.

Allen, Walter (Cover Girl) Lockhart, Calvin
• Walter Allen is a professional hit man. His nickname is the "Angel" Allen is a toy freak and subscribes to a toy magazine, one of which is used to track him down through a change of address. He uses his knowledge of toys to make weapons and bombs. In one instance, he rigs up a bomb in a baby stroller. It kills a protected witness, Lindsay, and injures his police escort, Officer Richards before he can testify at a trial. His contact man is James Brady. Brady gives him Kate Larrabee's money and envelope of information after she hires him to kill her. Allen tries to blow up her car, but it goes off prematurely due to Starsky and Hutch's walkie-talkies. He rigs up the light bulbs in her bathroom to blow up, but Starsky and Hutch save her in time. Allen likes classical music and chess.

Al, Starsky's Uncle (Jojo, Snowstorm) mentioned
• see, Before They Were Cops

Alphonse, Starsky's Uncle (Trap) mentioned
• see,
Before They Were Cops

Amboy, (Bust Amboy) Metrano, Art
• Amboy is a big drug supplier. He's also involved in organized prostitution and running numbers. He owns the restaurant, "Andre's" and a company called "Amboy's Catering." Some of his employees are Squire Fox, Itchy, Goose, Chuckles, Denny and Mickey. He tries to bribe Starsky and Hutch into looking the other way by tempting them with champagne and caviar. He serves papers to Starsky and Hutch, saying he is being harassed. Hutch speculates Amboy will serve thirty years in prison.

Ames (Hostages) Hare, Will
• He is the big-mouthed owner of Ames Armored Car Company. When one of his Friday trucks is hijacked, he hassles Starsky and Hutch about getting his one million dollars back, rather than being concerned about the Coles.

Amy (Hostages) Newman, Melissa
• Amy is the waitress at a cafe Starsky goes to. She's into horoscopes. Starsky tries to make a date with her. She asks Starsky and Hutch to go check on her boyfriend, an armored car driver, who is late for his usual breakfast. Her boyfriend's name is Harry Johnson and he eats at exactly the same time every day. He is a Sagittarius and supposedly never late.
Amy (Foxy Lady) Mason, Connie
• Amy is one of the two women who gawk at Starsky and Hutch at the airport in the episode's tag. She is the blond woman with the big hat. It was probably a bigger role at some point and edited to just a bit, non-speaking part.

Anderson (Specialist) mentioned
• He was Starsky and Alice Adams classmate. Alphabetically, he sat next to Alice. Starsky thinks that is why Anderson became a doctor.

Anderson, Franklin (Targets 2 + 3) Remsen, Bert
• see May, Thomas

Anderson, Gary (Specialist) mentioned
• He is listed as one of Flashy Floyd's accomplices on the arrest record. Anderson's name is there, along with Jane Zanuck.

Anderson, Laura (Targets 2 + 3) Thompson, Hilary
• see May, Allison

Anderson, Lieutenant (Plague) Kent, Paul
• He works for Airport Security. He is very helpful and gets a photo of Thomas Callendar from the security camera for Starsky and Hutch. He contacts the plague and most likely dies from it.

Anderson, Marion (Targets 2) mentioned
• see May, Carol

Anderson, Pat K. (Discomania) Summers, Bunny
• Anderson is older woman and employee of Tony Mariposa at "Mariposa Mag Wheels" shop. She let Mr. Mariposa borrow some of her prescription medicine when he had a cold. The prescription was for antihistamines and barbiturates. Mariposa uses the drug to subdue the women he kidnaps.

Anderson, Ron (Murder Ward) mentioned
• He is one of the reporters who wrote the newspaper article about Charlie Deek. The name is seen on the clipping.

Andrea (Vendetta) Golden, Ginny
• She is Starsky's picnic date. She runs up to Hutch to tell him he has a call on the radio. Later, she and Starsky find Hutch and Abby at the park.

Andrews, Mrs. (Class in Crime) mentioned
• She taught the class, "European History" that Richards and Morgan took together at Jameson College.

Andrews, Raymond T., Officer (Manchild on the Streets) Stratton, W.K
• He is a rookie and anxious to make it big. He and his partner, Officer Clayborn, chase Walter and Dewey's car, thinking they are thieves. Andrews has a quick trigger finger and shoots Walters when he tries to protect Dewey. Andrews lies to Starsky and Hutch about what really happened. When contradicted by witnesses, Andrews calls one of them a "nigger." Starsky slaps him and is pulled away by Hutch. He is put on probation without pay for ninety days. After that, he can appeal and have the board review his case, something Starsky thinks is wrong. Officer, Rookie, he shoots Jackson Walters Sr., and lies about what happened to Starsky and Hutch.

Angel (Texas Longhorn) Weldon, Ann
• She is a heroin addict and knows all the hypes around. She used to be a physically beautiful singer but drugs have aged her dramatically. She tells Starsky and Hutch about the salt and pepper team they are seeking, sending them to Big Chucks. She sings for Starsky and Hutch. Starsky pats her knee and tells her to be "careful how you go."

Angel (Cover Girl) Lockhart, Calvin
• see Walter Allen

Angie (Kill Huggy Bear, Deadly Imposter, Bait) Taylor, Wally
• He works as a cook at The Pits. In Bait, he slips between Starsky, Hutch, Carter and Dobey by the kitchen. Huggy calls him "B" in Deadly Imposter. Perhaps it is part of his first or last name.

Angie (Set-Up) mentioned
• Mr. Thistleman calls her at the bank to say he won't be in to work due to illness. He calls her "dear."

Angie, Officer (Lady Blue) Pulford, Lee
• Officer Angie goes undercover as a maid to help Starsky and Hutch catch Solenko and his gang. She is the only female officer in Bay City the viewer sees handle a gun.

Anita (Huggy Can’t Go Home, Game) Torres, Liz
• She is introduced to Starsky and Hutch in "The Game." Both Starsky and Hutch get her name wrong and call her Rita. She hassles both of them. When Starsky sets up the fake shooting to get Hutch to come in, it is Anita who bears the brunt of the trauma, thinking the injury is real. She calls for an ambulance and comforts Starsky. Later, Ernie Silvers asks her about Starsky, and she tells him what she saw. When she finds out the shooting was fake, she is upset. She is able to pinpoint Ernie which sends him to Hutch's hotel. At one point, she tells Starsky that even if Hutch were in a gorilla mask, she recognize him by his good looks. In "Huggy Can't Go Home," she is credited only.

Archer, Sidney (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) Wood, Lana
• Sid met Carlyle in New York last month and has a date to meet him in the lounge at a hotel. She also knows Avery Schiller. While Carlyle is in the hospital, Starsky meets Sid, and tries to keep her busy so she won't blow Hutch's cover. Joey Carston hooks up with her and tells her Starsky is a cop. Sid calls Schiller to warn him, which leads to Hutch, undercover as Carlyle, to "shoot" Starsky, proving he is legitimate. Later, she identifies the real Carlyle.

Arlene (Starsky vs. Hutch) Swope, Topo
• She is a blonde dancer at the "Golden Lady Ballroom." Despite the fact that two blonde dancers have been killed, she puts on a dark wig rather than quit. Starsky and Hutch don't know this, so are unable to protect her when Joseph Webster follows her home and kills her. Her husband's name is Ritchie, and he works early in the morning.

Arnold (Death Notice) Bergansky, Chuck
• He is the waiter at the Panama Club. He is rather dense. Starsky suggests to Hutch he has a point on his head. Starsky keeps getting his name mixed-up. Arnold tells Starsky and Hutch about the man who left the message on the table.

Arnold, Mr. (Starsky vs. Hutch) Cook, Frederic
• He lives at 358 North Adams Street. He says he is married, and that he has two rotten kids. While out walking his German shepherd, he tries to pick up Detective Kira, not knowing she's a cop. He grabs her and tries to assault her. Hutch runs out, thinking Arnold is the killer. It turns out he's just a creep. Hutch warns Arnold off.

Arnold, James (Savage Sunday) not credited
• Arnold works at the bank Morton and Sloan rob. He comes out of his office while the robbery is in process. He shuts the door and messes with his desk. Morton shoots a bullet through the glass on his door.

Arnie (Iron Mike) mentioned
• Arnie is Matt Coyle’s bookkeeper at his company Coyle Provision Inc. Coyle tells Johnny Lonigan to go with Arnie to check out the shipment of cherries.

Ashford, Harry (Avenger) Cassidy, Joanna
• Harry Ashford is the alternate personality of Monique Travers, a character she has made up out of her guilt about her sexuality. Harry hated all the men she had been with and hated what Monique had become. While in San Francisco Harry kills a man Monique had just slept with. Monique had described Harry to the police and a sketch was made. Phil is one of the men killed by Ashford after sleeping with Monique. Shortly after, Ashford kills Roger, another one of Monique's dates. Dobey assigns Starsky and Hutch to hang out with her and hopefully attract Ashford. When Hutch goes home, Monique invites Starsky back to her place. She tells him about Ashford and about her fiancé dumping her. Starsky plays the guitar and sings. Monique drugs his tea and chases him around. Hutch rescues him in time.

Atkins, Lennie (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) Kramer, Sy
• He is a nervous man who lives in the same building as Oscar Newton. He eats a T.V. dinner. After telling Starsky and Hutch about how he heard them beat up Newton, he leaves for Detroit to avoid testifying.

Atwater, Commodore (Murder at Sea) Geer, Will
• He is an old man and sits in a wheelchair. He owns many ships, including the Amapola. Starsky, Hutch and Dobey visit him to find out more information about Eric Snow. Atwater didn't like Snow and doesn't like the fact he used to know all the people who worked for him and that now he doesn't. He gives Starsky and Hutch grudging permission to go undercover on his ship to solve the crime.