"We don't overdose him. We string him out. We get him hung up on horse.
Pretty soon he's gonna beg us to tell us where she is." (Fix)

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Fancy Pants (Fix) not credited

• see: Tiger

Fargo, Lieutenant (Committee) Rocco, Alex

• Fargo is the head of Internal Affairs. Dobey refers to Fargo as the “Original Centurion”. Fargo has been a cop for twenty-four years. He is divorced. There is a photo of a boy on his desk, which could be his son. He says his job has cost him his marriage as well as a lot of friends. He calls Starsky and Hutch to his office to hear Samuel Garner’s complaints. He appears to be a good cop, but he is secretly the head of a vigilante group called The Committee. This group has kills Adams, Blake and Billings. Fargo uses Ginger, a woman he got out of jail, to help him. Fargo lets it slip to Dobey that he knows Ginger, which tells Dobey that Fargo knows Starsky is undercover on the case. Fargo tries to make Starsky shoot Garner and threatens to kill Starsky.

Farrino, Mac (Murder Ward) Glaser, Paul Michael

• See Rudy Skyler.

Fat Moo Moo (Psychic) Emmich, Cliff

• Fat Moo Moo’s real name is Marshall Caifalno . He is from Philadelphia. His partner is Earl Pola. In Philadelphia, they kidnapped someone, killed the money drop guy after getting the cash and their victim was never found. Fat Moo Moo and Pola plan the Haymes kidnapping. They enlist the help of Julio Gutierrez. They kill Julio, tie up Haymes and leave her in a truck in a scrap yard. Fat Moo Moo calls and demands a two hundred thousand dollar ransom. Hutch is the runner, and is given very specific directions for the drop. Fat Moo Moo shoots Hutch. Starsky chases down Fat Moo Moo and Pola’s car. He shoots the car, and it explodes, killing both kidnappers.

Fat Rolly (Pilot, Texas Longhorn) Lerner, Michael

• In the "Pilot," Starsky and Hutch corner Rolly in a bar and try to find out why people are looking at Starsky with surprise. They take Rolly in on a public drunkenness charge after giving him six scotches that he drinks in five minutes. It is Fat Rolly, hired by Henderson, who hires Zane and Cannell. Henderson gives Rolly, who then gives the hit men, Starsky and Hutch's locations. In "Texas Longhorn," he is called Smelly Rolly. He is a fence and runs "Rolly's Bargain Circus." It is where Harris and Chaco fence the things they stole from the Tylers. He tells Starsky and Hutch his alibi is the married woman he is sleeping with. Before he can call Starsky and Hutch and tell them what he knows, the married woman's husband shows up. The man beats Fat Rolly, putting him in the hospital. Starsky and Hutch visit him in the hospital, question and threaten him. He eventually tells Starsky and Hutch about Harris and Chaco.

Fat Rolly’s mother (Pilot) mentioned

• Fat Rolly tells Starsky he swears "on his mother's life." Starsky says Fat Rolly doesn't have a mother that he was found in a trashcan behind "Weight Watchers." Fat Rolly tells Hutch he is calling her to say he’ll be late for din-din. Perhaps her name is Mrs. Rolly? (wink)

Felicia (Targets 2) not credited

• She is an actress in Blaze's sex movies. She asks for cigarettes, Blaze tells her they'll wreck her teeth and she replies, "Honey, there not lookin' at my teeth."

Fellers, Vivian (Manchild on the Streets) Martin, Helen

• Fellers is one of the witnesses to the alley shooting. She comes down to the station, and Hutch types up her report. She thinks the police won’t take her testimony seriously because she and Walters are black. She confronts Dobey with this opinion, and Dobey sets her straight.

Felton, George (Omaha Tiger) David, Thayer

• Felton is trying to take over the businesses that work in the Olympic Arena. He has Tom Carniary, Mack Johnson and Al Taft killed in an effort to get their contracts or cover up his crimes. Felton tries to kill Starsky and Hutch by first locking them in an airtight room, then by having them shot at the arena. Felton lent Carl Boyce borrowed a large amount of money to keep the stadium going in return for his cooperation.

Ferguson, Captain Mike (Iron Mike) Conrad, Michael

• Ferguson’s nickname is “Iron Mike”. He is one of Dobey’s good friends. Ferguson has been a captain for about a year. He has been on the force for twenty-five years. Hutch has apparently worked under Ferguson, without Starsky, in the past and has less than fond memories of that time. Starsky and Hutch see Ferguson accept what looks to be a bribe from Matt Coyle. They suspect Ferguson is crooked. After the Darcy Department Store bust, they suspect Ferguson may be setting them up. Ferguson is shot on a raid. Before he dies, he hands over his black book, telling Starsky and Hutch to use the information in it and not be ashamed. Starsky and Hutch find out he was getting information from Coyle and using it to apprehend smaller crooks. In return, he looked the other way with Coyle’s crimes.

Ferrino, Max (Murder Ward) Glaser, Paul Michael

• Freddie Lyle calls Skyler "Max Ferrino" and ties him in with the Sternwood case.

Fields (Set-Up) Tanner, Clay

• He is one of Stegner's thugs. His partner is Bumper.

Fifi (Deadly Impostor, Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) Hoven, Louise, Catlett, Mary Jo

• Two different actresses portray Fifi. (The Deadly Impostor) She serves food at Hutch's party, offering to stay late and help him clean up. Fifi answers the door and finds a blood John Colby. Starsky threatens to hit her if she doesn’t shut up her piercing screams. Starsky sends her into the bathroom to get a washcloth. He slaps her butt. (Starsky & Hutch are Guilty) Fifi is Hutch’s housecleaner. She is supposed to clean once a week, on Wednesday. Hutch comes home to find her on a different day, doing his laundry. She tells him she was jogging by his place and decided to stop in. Hutch is not amused. Fifi tells him Starsky was by and dropped an envelope by the door. She recognizes Starsky’s car and hair, but doesn’t actually talk to him. Fifi wears a Charlie Brown sweatshirt. It says, “I need all the friends I can get” on the back. After Hutch gets her out the door, she comes back for her purse. She hands Hutch a pair of his shorts.

Fifth Avenue (Lady Blue) Bakey, Ed

• Fifth Avenue is Wally’s brother. He is hard to get a hold of. Starsky and Hutch arrange a meet with him when they test drive one of Wally’s cars and abuse it. Fifth Avenue is an old-world jewelry thief. He prides himself by never having carried a gun. He is proud of his work and derides the amateurs working today. He promises to call Starsky and Hutch if he hears anything about any big jewelry heists. Fifth Avenue proves his pick pocketing skills by lifting Hutch’s watch. He returns the watch. He later calls Hutch and gives him information on Solenko.

Fingers (Huggy Can't Go Home) Ferguson, Jessie Lawrence

• Fingers and Sour Joe are two thugs. They work Huggy’s old neighborhood. When they see Huggy back on their streets, they hassle him. Washington steps in and scares them off.

Fingers (Rosey Malone) mentioned

• He misdials and calls the station at 9:00 am. Hutch takes the call and tells Starsky Fingers was looking for a massage.

Fireball (Long Walk) Crothers, Scatman

• Starsky and Hutch find Fireball playing invisible baseball with Huggy on a vacant lot. He seems to be mentally damaged, but alert. He is a sometimes snitch for Starsky and Hutch. He says he has seen Jerry Tabor and points out the Adams Hotel across the street. Starsky and Hutch humor him with some invisible baseball talk. They pay him some money.

Fitch, Joseph (Ballad for a Blue Lady) Throne, Malachi

• Fitch is a big-time crime boss. He runs the blue’s bar where Marianne Owens sings. He and Marianne’s brother, Harry, have some history. Fitch makes Harry use his sister to lure Charlie Baron into a room, where Baron is killed. Baron and Benny Paycheck, another man Fitch has killed, are both witnesses in an upcoming Grand Jury case. After he discovers Hutch is an undercover cop, he tells Harry his sister has to be killed for her involvement with him. He gives Harry the impression he has been talked out of having Marianne killed. It is really a test to see if Harry is still loyal. Fitch orders Hutch’s beating.

Fitzgerald, Lionel III (Quadromania) Lynch, Richard

• Lionel is a theater actor. His father was also an actor and is deceased. Two years ago, after a smash debut at the Savoy Theater, a car hit Lionel. It was a hit-and-run, and the driver was drunk. The car was an old checkered cab from the Metro Cab Company. Lionel was badly injured. He lost his right arm and walks with a limp. He spent two years at County General Hospital. Lionel has a fake, silver arm that is very strong. After being released, he goes to live with his blind grandfather, who was also a theater actor. Lionel then starts to take revenge on whoever is driving old checkered cabs, killing the drivers at the scene of his original accident. Lionel uses a variety of disguises. He lies to his grandfather about where he is at nights, saying he is acting at the Savoy again. After Starsky and Hutch visit, his grandfather catches on that something is wrong. Lionel ties his grandfather up and stuffs him in a trunk. Lionel dresses up as an old lady. He is Starsky’s last call after a long night. Lionel asks Starsky to turn his radio off and drive him to the park. He tries to strangle Starsky. Starsky escapes, and Lionel follows him into an alley. Lionel is a quoting, Shakespearean mess by the time Hutch and K.C McBride come to the rescue.

Fitzgerald, Lionel II (Quadromania) mentioned

• He was an actor as well. He died at a relatively young age, apparently from too much alcohol and messing around with women.

Fitzgerald, Lionel Sr. (Quadromania) McLiam, John

• He is Lionel III’s grandfather. Lionel calls him Gramps. Gramps is blind and a retired theater actor. He likes to play chess. He does his grandson’s make-up. He and Lionel III live together. Lionel III moved in after his accident. Gramps believes his grandson has been acting in the theater for the past two years. After a visit from Starsky and Hutch, he becomes aware his grandson is not only lying about acting again, but is suspected of murder. He helps Hutch find after Hutch finds him locked up in a trunk.

Flent (Little Girl Lost) Bennett, Matt

• Flent is partners with Duran and Nick Edwards. All three robbed a jewelry salesman and got away with one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars worth of loose diamonds. Nick ended up with the diamonds but went to jail for three years. Flent and Duran wait for him to get out, then go after him for the gems. Duran shoots and kills Nick before he can tell them the diamond’s location. Flent and Duran go after Nick’s daughter. They search her apartment and kidnap her. Flent carries a man-purse for his gun. He is calmer than Duran.

Fletcher, Marcie (Photo Finish) Lind, Brit

• Fletcher is Starsky’s girlfriend and is a freelance photographer. She works for Paula who runs public relations company. She takes Starsky to a party she is working. It is a gathering for Troy Braddock, a big-name painter. Braddock is shot during his speech. Fletcher, who has been taking photos, realizes she has a photo of Braddock as he is killed. She tricks Starsky and doesn’t give him the film, instead calling News World magazine and getting a good deal there. She compares her picture to the famous Jack Ruby-Harvey Oswald photo. The killer, realizing the implications of the photo, ransacks her darkroom, but doesn’t get the evidence. Fletcher is nearly killed in a hit-and-run attempt. She ends up cooperating with Starsky and Hutch, luring the killer to Monk’s house. She, Paula, Starsky and Hutch celebrate with champagne at the Pits.

Flynn, Sharon (Las Vegas) Berry, Victoria Ann

• Flynn is a chorus girl and the first victim of the Las Vegas Strangler. She was dating Lieutenant Tom Cameron for about six months, but leaves him for Jack Mitchell. She and Cameron had a lot of arguments. Flynn was killed a few days after she started seeing Mitchell. It is her death that makes Cameron focus his investigation on Mitchell.

Flower (Playboy Island) mentioned

• Flower is a woman working at the Playboy Hotel. She helps carry Starsky and Hutch's luggage.

Floyd, Henry Malcom (Specialist) Ziggarelli, Anthony

• Yes, it is spelled "Malcom" on the arrest report. His nickname is Flashy Floyd. Floyd has been out of prison for a month. During his trial, he threatened Officer 'Mack' McDermott, making him a suspect in McDermott’s recent death. Starsky and Hutch go to visit him at the “Chapel of Body Invigoration”. Floyd shows them a Las Vegas hotel receipt as proof he didn’t kill McDermott.

Flynn, Sharon (Las Vegas Strangler) Berry, Victoria Ann

• She is one of the dancers Pruitt kills. Her sister has borrowed her car.

Flynn, Sharon’s Sister (Las Vegas Strangler) mentioned

• Sharon’s sister borrowed Sharon’s car.

Foote, Gordon (Losing Streak) Kazann, Zitto

• Foote is Garth White’s main thug. He and his partner, Lemke, rough up Vic Rankin’s wife, Evelyn, in their effort to locate Vic. He punches Starsky in the face in the end, making him loose a tooth. He wears a fabulous suit.

Forbes, Helen (Omaha Tiger) Babcock, Barbara

• She used to be married. It is unclear if she is divorced or widowed. She is the owner of the Olympic Wrestling Arena, a business she inherited. Her business manager is Carl Boyce. He has brought the arena out of the red and into the black, but through illegal means. Forbes is unaware of his criminal dealings. Eddie Bell has a crush on her. She offers to buy Starsky and Hutch dinner in the end.

Forbes, Millicent (Tap Dancing) mentioned

• Forbes lives in Oklahoma. Her husband’s name is John. She lets her friend, Marianne Tustin, use her name to go undercover at the dance studio.

Forentic, Jojo (Jojo) Davies, Stephen

• Jojo is a rapist. He has attacked several girls. One of his shticks is to spray his victims’ chests with orange spray paint. Starsky and Hutch interrupt the Dombarris bust to keep Jojo from raping again. Bettin, the fed in charge of the bust, gets Jojo out of jail in hopes Dombarris can be captured. Starsky and Hutch are ordered to stay away from Jojo, but they don’t. Jojo calls up Linda Mascelli, the victim who agrees to testify against him, and harasses her. Dombarris has Sulko and Dixie drive Jojo, whom he suspects of double-crossing him, to Elaine Stroud’s house. He tells Jojo to kill Elaine. Later, Sulko kills Jojo and makes it look like Mascelli did it.

Forest, Ben (Fix) Loggia, Robert

• Forest is a big crime boss. He is used to getting what he wants. When his girlfriend, Jeanie Walton runs away from him, he goes after Hutch. Hutch has been hiding her from Forest. Forest kidnaps Hutch and has his thugs string Hutch out on heroin. Forest hopes withholding heroin from Hutch will make him tell where Walton is. He gets Walton back and promises her he will let Hutch go. Forest then orders his thugs to kill Hutch. After Hutch escapes, Forest orders his main thug, Monk, to find him at all cost. After Monk fails and is killed, Starsky and Hutch apprehend Forest at his house.

Forrest, Officer Jack (Pariah) Monde, Arthur

• Forest is the second policeman Prudholm kills. He and his partner are called to investigate a report of an abandoned baby at a gas station. A bomb in the bathroom kills him. An officer he went to the academy with, Lee, takes up a collection for his wife and two children.

Forsythe, Miss (Pilot) not credited

• Forsythe is Mark Henderson’s secretary. She sits at her desk outside his office. Forsythe gives him the message that Zane Cannell called and wants a new trial.

Fortune, Joey (Murder at Sea) Ferrer, Jose

• Fortune is a big crime boss. He comes aboard the Amapola cruise ship for a big meeting with Marty Simon, Jack Patches, Gus Trainer, Patsy Cairo, Nicky Cairo and Oscar Nash. All the men were set up in their business by Fortune. Fortune wants back into the business. The men vote and want to give him more money instead, giving him no say in the business. He turns the tables on them by rigging up the ship with bombs. He plans on making his escape with Nicky Cairo and Jenson. Helen Carnoffsky shoots Fortune, wanting to kill him. She gets him in the arm. She is taking revenge for her father, a big union leader Fortune killed. Fortune says he remembers her from her father’s funeral. Fortune and his two thugs try to escape in a dune buggy across the Mexican desert.

Fosdick (Groupie) as himself

• Fosdick is Melinda's dog. He drinks Hutch's drink.

Fox, Squire (Bust Amboy) not credited

• Starsky and Hutch recognize Squire Fox at Amboy's. He smuggles liquor and cigarettes and is a small time thug. Amboy uses Fox to distract Starsky and Hutch from Amboy's activities. Starsky and Hutch capture Goose and Fox as they chase down the Amboy Catering van.

Francine (Death Notice) Kelly, Roz

• Francine is a stripper at the Panama Club. Hutch interviews her and finds out about the party that Jack Thorn was at.

Frank (Death Notice) not credited

• Frank is a butcher who works for Delano at “Superior Meats”. Delano tells him to cut two hundred ribs.

Frank (Moonshine) Collins III, Johnnie

• Frank is originally from Kentucky. His brother’s name is Virgil. He and Virgil are stealing sugar from a warehouse. They have both been drinking bad moonshine. It has been cut with wood alcohol. Starsky and Hutch chase after them while they are driving away. Both Frank and Virgil die the next day in the hospital. Dobey refers to them as plowboys. The Ivers, their bosses, ship their bodies back to Kentucky to be buried.

Frankie (Pilot) Jump, Gordon

• He is the owner of “Frankie’s” gym where Hutch is a member. He says he doesn’t know what Starsky and Hutch do for a job, and he doesn’t care either. He makes fun of Hutch about his junker car. He also requires Hutch to pay up his gym dues, something Hutch makes Starsky do. He mysteriously becomes Vinnie in “Deadly Imposter”.

Frankie (Heroes) Holt, Nick

• Frankie is an ex-con out on parole. Starsky, Hutch and Chris see him in O’Reilly’s bar. He leans over and complains to Chris about Starsky and Hutch’s methods. Starsky threatens to tell the other patrons what Frankie was doing time for.

Franklin, Barney (Set-Up) mentioned

• Franklin is a contact of Hutch's. He works at the 22nd
Precinct. Hutch calls him for information about the shooting Terry Nash describes. Franklin says there was no such thing.

Franklin, Dr. (Coffin for Starsky) Byrd, David

• Franklin is the kindly doctor who treats Starsky at the hospital after Vic Bellamy’s attack.

Freddie (Snowstorm) Bohan, Jim

• Freddie is one of Stryker’s thugs. He wears a bolo tie and has a Texan accent. After Rogers misses the rooftop hit on Starsky and Hutch, Freddie and Roger kidnap Huggy and use him to lure Starsky and Hutch to the room over the Pits. Starsky and Hutch rescue Huggy, shoot Freddie and get Rogers to tell them about Stryker. Freddie is on a diet and refuses Stryker’s offer of cheese. Note: Freddie is this compenduimer’s favorite thug, the second being Al in “Starsky’s Brother”.

Freddie (Tap Dancing) not credited

• Freddie drives a sandwich truck. He is one of Starsky and Hutch's snitches. He gives them a false tip after Starger threatens he and his wife.

Freddie (Starsky's Lady) Viera, Joey

• Freddie is one of Starsky and Hutch’s snitches. He drives a “Mardi Gras Food Service” van. George Prudholm kidnaps Freddie’s wife to pressure him into double-crossing Starsky and Hutch. Freddie gives them a fake address, one that Prudholm has rigged with a bomb. After Starsky and Hutch go to his place of business, they find that Freddie has disappeared.

Freddie (Action) Walsh, M. Emmet

• Freddie is a compulsive gambler. Starsky and Hutch meet him at the Marlborough Health Club. Freddie tells them he has lost three wives, has had four comebacks and five ulcers over his addiction. Freddie proves he will bet on anything when he enters the bet with Starsky and Hutch about Tonto’s horse. Starsky and Hutch tell Freddie to play their action. He helps them in the rolling crap game when they break the bank. He retrieves his loses by filing a claim on the confiscated money with police. Freddie says he is going to quit gambling to get his wife and mortgage back.

Freddie (Heroes) not credited

• He is one of the patrons at O'Riley's Bar. He is out of prison on parole. Freddie is playing pool.

Freemont, D.A. Sharon (Starsky & Hutch are Guilty) Tewes, Lauren

• Freemont is a District Attorney who is dating Starsky. She has been using her position of power to blackmail people. She makes a deal with Eric Ronstan, telling him she will drop indecent exposure charges against his son if he agrees to make her a junior partner in his law firm. Freemont tries to ruin Starsky and Hutch’s reputation by hiring two people who look like them. These doubles beat and kill people. Freemont wants to make Starsky and Hutch look bad so their testimony at the Ronstan trial will be suspect. When Starsky invites her over for supper, she chooses fettuccine over goulash. She says she has to be ambitious in her own way because she was tired of waiting for the Equal Rights Amendment to pass.

Freemont, Mrs. (Black and Blue) Berns, Judy Jean

• Fremont is the neighbor who calls in the robbery that Hutch is shot in.

Frisco Fats (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) McLaughlin, Lee

• Frisco Fats is a very large pool player. He is also a good pool player and laughs a lot. Fats testified against Leo Moon. Starsky and Hutch visit Fats and tell him Moon has escaped. They want information from Fats and use his fear of Moon to get it. Though Fats is cooperative, he can only give them Lola’s name, something Starsky and Hutch already know. He promises to try to find out more. Starsky leaves him with a box of doughnuts.

Frost, Max (Fatal Charm) Lukather, Paul

• Frost is a drug dealer and set up by one of his employees, Benny. Starsky, Hutch and Linda Baylor have been trying to bust Frost for a long time. They trick Frost by bringing him to a house, masking noise with Huggy on a jackhammer and pulling off the rear wheels of his car with a cable tied to a tree. When Officer Baylor is attacked, Starsky and Hutch speculate Frost is behind the attack.

Fry (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) Durrell, Michael

• Fry is the man in the office that Starsky and Hutch interview at the airfield. He identifies Moon from a photo.