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J.J. (Little Girl Lost) Pepper, Paul
J.J. is the manager of the apartment building where the Edwards live. He is shown reading the racing news. He calls Flent and Duran to tell them Molly has appeared.

Jackie (Deadly Impostor) Bellan, Jane
• Jackie is a woman who recognizes John Colby at the Pits. She goes back with him to her apartment. She used to be a commercial artist in Miami. She recognizes Colby as an investment counselor she used to know named Mike Robbins. She moves to Bay City after her boss and his family is killed in a car accident. Robbins disappeared at the same time. After she asks too many questions and threatens Colby, he kills her by shoving a knife into her spine in the same way he kills Harvey Russo.

Jackson (Murder Ward) Jessie, DeWayne
• Jackson is a nurse at Cabrillo State Mental Hospital. He introduces Starsky to some fellow inmates. Jackson reads a Tom and Jerry comic on his break.

Jackson (Savage Sunday) mentioned
• Starsky tells the thug at Ed and Marty's bookie joint that "Jackson" sent him. It is actually the name of the high school he and Hutch just came from.

Jackson, C. W. (Moonshine) Glaser, Paul Michael
• Jackson is Starsky's undercover character. Jackson is a music manager.

Jackson, Elmo (Snowstorm) mentioned
• Jackson was Dobey's partner. Stryker's thugs killed him and hung him on a meat hook. Dobey tells Starsky and Hutch that he and Jackson were as close as they are. Dobey gets the satisfaction of cuffing and arresting Stryker for Jackson's murder.

Jackson, Michael (Survival) not credited
• Jackson is the radio host on the talk show Hutch listens to in his kitchen and in his car. The radio station is KBEX.

Jake (Texas Longhorn) not credited
• Jake gives Hutch information about Emma Lou Tyler's death. He is at the scene of her body.

Jake (Heavyweight) Britton, Layne
• Jake is the security guard drinking on the job. Spenser tells him to go sleep in his car and stay warm.

Jake (Starsky's Brother) Fontaine, Eddie
• Jake is one of Frank Stryker’s thugs.

James (Black and Blue) Sneed, Maurice
• James is one of Lionel Train's thieves. He and Vivian and are going to steal from Lionel. When Vivian recognizes Starsky in the car out front, James runs away.

James (Black and Blue) Sneed, Maurice
• James is one of Vivian’s fellow thieves. She and James are all set to rip off Lionel Train. James bails out when Vivian recognizes Starsky in the car out in front of Train’s house.

Jamieson, Officer Ed (Terror on the Docks) Warfield, Joe
• Jameson is an undercover cop. He has been working the docks during the last six months, trying to break up the robbery ring. Billy spots him while he is calling for back up. Billy shoots him as Jameson is on his radio.

Jamieson, Ed's wIfe and kid (Terror on the Docks) mentioned
• Starsky mentions that Jamieson was married and that she had "just had their first kid."

Jane (Vampire) Bloom, Lindsay
• Jane and Bobette meet Starsky and Hutch at "The Playpen." Both Bobette and Jane are intrigued by Starsky and Hutch's job. Starsky gets their phone number but forgets to write it down. Starsky spills popcorn on them. Jane and Bobette have a hard time keeping Starsky and Hutch straight, but that confusion is reciprocated. They look enough alike that Starsky and Hutch call them "twins”. They are both privy to Starsky's vampire imitation.

Jane (Ballad for a Blue Lady) not credited
• She is a character on the television audio that is heard in the background in the show Baron turns on.

Janet (Vendetta) not credited
• Lloyd Herman Eckworth calls her on the phone from the hospital. He argues with her about his ride home. It is probable the woman with Eckworth at the police line-up is Janet.

Janie (Las Vegas Strangler) mentioned
• Jack Mitchell sees her at Glenda's party and wants to talk to her.

Jeeter (Heavyweight) Mayo, Whitman
• Jeeter is the manager and friend of James Spencer, a boxer. They’ve known each other for twelve years. Gavin, a mob boss, tells Spencer to throw a fight. When Spencer refuses, Gavin approaches Jeeter and threatens him. Jeeter gives up Spencer. Booker Wayne overhears Jeeter making the phone call to Gavin and tells Hutch.

Jennie (Kill Huggy Bear) Coleman, Maryiln B.
• She is the waitress who calls in the candy store robbery. Her son has a brown 1973 Ford. She makes sure she gets her dime back from Starsky and Hutch.

Jennie's son (Kill Huggy Bear) mentioned
• His mother tells Hutch he has a brown 1973 Ford.

Jennings, Cheryl (Coffin for Starsky) Sullivan, Jenny
• Cheryl is Professor Jennings’ daughter. She is the sister of Jerry Jennings and is the one who told the police about his drug dealing. Cheryl works in the police lab. She tries to figure out the poisonous compound with which Starsky has been injected. She also helps him with injections for pain control. She doesn’t understand why her father won’t see her or helping the case

Jennings, Jerry (Coffin for Starsky) mentioned
• He was Professor Jennings’ son and Cheryl’s brother. He was a drug addict. Jerry also sold drugs on campus. Victor Bellamy supplied the drugs. Jerry was a drug addict, selling drugs on campus. After his sister turned him in, he was in a scuffle with the police. Jerry grabbed Hutch’s gun and accidentally killed himself. This happened about a year ago. Hutch says Jerry’s “brain was soup.”

Jennings, Professor (Coffin for Starsky) McLiam, John
• The professor is Jerry and Cheryl’s father. He is a chemist who teaches at the University. He blames Starsky and Hutch for the death of his son, Jerry. The professor contacts Bellamy, Jerry’s supplier and makes a deal with him. He hires Bellamy to inject Starsky with a poison and then to do the same to Hutch after Starsky is dead. He blames his daughter for turning Jerry in and refuses to see her. Hutch and Cheryl talk him into giving Hutch the antidote just in time.

Jensen (Death Ride) Andre, E.J
• Jenson is the old man who works at the gas station at Jenson Corner. Starsky bribes him to hide the cab. Jenson lends Starsky and Hutch his van, extorting what Starsky thinks is a lot of money. He warns Starsky to stay away from the meat loaf at the diner.

Jensen, Second Officer (Murder at Sea) DeBenning, Burr
• Jensen works on the Amapola. He pretends to work for Patsy Cairo, but his boss is really Joey Fortune. He puts on a mask and kills Eric Snow on the docks. Then he kills October Moss, thinking she is the witness to Snow’s murder. Jenson search’s Captain LaRue’s office and finds out Starsky and Hutch’s real identity. When LaRue catches him, Jenson kills him and hides his body in the closet. Jenson plants five bombs on the ship. He escapes with Nicky Cairo and Fortune. Starsky and Hutch chase them in a dune buggy across the Mexican desert.

Jenson, Lord (Sweet Revenge) mentioned
• Lord Jenson lives in Hong Kong. Lancaster is going to visit him during a festival. Gunther tells Lancaster to let Lord Jenson use Gunther's yacht.

Jerry (Terror on the Docks) Martel, William
• Jerry is one of the dock thieves. He is in a gang with Wally, Billy, Rick and Ted.

Jerry (Kill Huggy Bear) Howard, Dan
• Jerry is one of Malinda's four main thugs. Jerry's partners are Bill, Sam and Tom.

Jerry (Survival) Miller, Barry
• Jerry and Lance are two thugs who find Hutch in the car wreck. They steal Hutch's wallet and sell it to Harry Trask.,

Jeru, Maharaja (Shootout) Welles, Danny
• Jeru is the name Harry Sample gives Starsky and Hutch during his interrogation. They are trying to get Sample to confess to attacking a nineteen-year old girl and putting her into a coma. He says he was Sample in another life. Jeru doesn’t smoke, as it is “against the teachings”. Starsky and Hutch play good cop/bad cop with him and get him to admit to being stoned and committing the crime.

Jessie (Silence) Carroll, Helena
• Jessie is an ex-con. She was convicted of armed robbery. She works at Dismas Center. When Starsky and Hutch come to question Father Ignatius, she is very protective of him. She serves Ignatius tea and quotes St. Matthew. The quote she chooses has to do with being aware of wolves in sheep clothing. Jessie tells Starsky she looks like Paul Muni.

Jim (Plague) not credited
• Jim is one of Roper's thugs.

Jimmy (Golden Angel) mentioned
• Candy Reese talks to Jimmy, a sports writer, on the phone.

Jimmy (Targets 1) mentioned
• Jimmy and Mario are two people Kathy and Linda, the showgirls, date.

Joe, Captain (Hostages)
• He works in Vice.

Johnny (Velvet Jungle) not credited
• He's at the fashion show rehearsal. Lou tells him, "She's all ready."

Johnson, Detective Bill (Lady Blue)
• Hutch calls him to confirm information about the car radio station. Johnson is the officer on the latest killing.

Johnson, Harry (Hostages) not credited
• Johnson is a security guard for the “Ames” armored car company. His partner is Tom Cole. His girlfriend is Amy who works as a waitress in the “Corner Café” close to his apartment. Johnson is killed in his own apartment, just after he gets out of the shower. His killer takes his uniform to use in robbing “Ames”. Johnson eats breakfast at exactly the same time every day. When he doesn’t show up, his girlfriend asks Starsky and Hutch to go check on him. Amy says he is never late because Johnson is a Sagittarius.

Johnson, Mac (Omaha Tiger) Wilkie, Bob
• Johnson is a retired cop. His old beat was in the area he now runs concessions. Johnson says he broke Dobey in on the same beat. Johnson has called Starsky and Hutch down to the wrestling arena because he has some suspicions about Tom Carniary’s death. Before he can talk to him, Johnson is killed in a fall. It turns out his death was not an accident. Johnson is one of the victims of George Felton, a man committing murder to get a corner on the arena’s concession market.

Jones, Desk Sergeant (Avenger) not credited
• Jones is on duty as Hutch is working on the face kit. Jones transfers Hutch’s call down to Minnie in the lab.

Jones, Father (Little Girl Lost) Dimitri, Richard
• Jones is the name Duran uses when he is impersonating a fake priest.

Jones, Franklin (Crying Child) White, Al
• Starsky and Hutch arrest Jones after he is caught shoplifting cold cuts. He tells Starsky and Hutch he is stealing them for his motherless eight and ten year old children. Starsky spends a lot of time trying to find Jones a job. Jones' job experience is that of a go-cart mechanic and a sushi chef.

Jones, Franklin's Children (Crying Child) mentioned
• They are eight and ten years old. Their mother is gone. Their father steals for food. Starsky and Hutch bring them chilidogs.

Jones, Roy (Kill Huggy Bear) Cambridge, Ed
• Jones runs the liquor store that Dewey Hughes robs. Hughes doesn’t know the store is also a numbers drop for the mob. Jones is shot is the shoulder, and Hughes makes off with fifty thousand dollars, money Lou Malinda was expecting to get. Jones tells Starsky and Hutch he can’t remember anything about the robber and refuses an ambulance. Starsky calls one anyway, citing his fear of the NAACP.

Jones, Rupert (Targets 2) mentioned
• Jones was one of Starsky and Hutch’s snitches. He was injured two days before he was to testify in court on the Simmons case. Someone dropped a twenty-three inch color television out of a hotel window. Starsky and Hutch cite the Jones’ case as one reason they don’t trust that Lionel Rigger will be safe. He is still in the hospital.

Joseph (Pilot) not credited
• Joseph is a hired thug of Tallman. He tries to make Starsky and Hutch give him their guns. He explains Starsky and Hutch need to be naked when they meet with his boss so he can tell they’re unarmed. Starsky beats him up, and Hutch beats Joseph's unnamed partner up, incapacitating them both.

Josie the N (Action) Venture, Richard
• His other names are Glade Hilliard and Joseph Noland. Josie was kicked Las Vegas for hustling the casinos. There was also a murder charge against him, but it didn’t stick. Josie now owns the Marlborough Health Club. It doubles as an illegal gambling establishment. Josie runs a rolling crap game that takes place in the back of a semi. When Ted McDermott gets behind on his gambling payments, Josie orders him beat up.

Joy (Gillian) Kerns, Joanna
• She is a prostitute that works at the same place Gillian does. She calls Huggy to tell him Gillian is in danger.

Judith (Discomania) Duvall, Susan
• Judith is a short, chubby woman. She is a frequent patron of the disco, “Fever”. Judith hits on a lot of men, using the same line. She tries to pick up both Starsky and Hutch. Hutch gets some information from her about some disco patrons.

Judson (Sweet Revenge) mentioned
• Judson is at the board meeting with Gunther. Bates asks him for the reports no Federal Charities. Before Judson speaks, Gunther asks for Bates' report.

Junior (Heavyweight) Burk, Jim
• Junior is the third thug in Haley Gavin's triad. Berl and Cruiser are Junior's partners.

Junior (Huggy Can't Go Home) O'Dell, Bryan
• Junior is a young man who lives in Huggy’s old neighborhood. J.T. Washington is Junior’s mentor. Washington sends him to get food from the “Funky Chicken” to feed guys at a long-running poker game. Big Red McGee and Dolphin force use Junior to rob the poker game members. Huggy counsels Junior at one point, telling him he used to be just like him.