"You two boys ever want to get together and just kinda have a couple of laughs sometime. I make some absolutely beautiful lasagna." (Photo Finish)

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Wachman, Dr. Hank (Set-Up) Hardin, Jerry
• Wachman is a doctor Starsky and Hutch know. They ask him to examine Terry Nash. Wachman discovers that Nash has had his fingerprints surgically removed. Wachman says it is possible Nash has been brainwashed.

Wade, Carol (Crying Child) Wallace, Dee
• Wade is third grade teacher. She notices that someone is abusing one of her students, Guy Mayer. When Starsky and Hutch come to the school to rehearse their comedy routine, Wade asks Starsky and Hutch to investigate. She says Mayer had marks on his back two weeks ago as well, and but this is the first time she is doing anything about it. Wade is worried that her accusations will get her in trouble at her job. After the confrontation at the Mayer house, Wade takes Guy and his sister home with her. Thinking the abuser is the children’s father, she lets them go home with their mother.

Waite, Cheryl (Bait) Marta, Lynne
• Cheryl is from Philadelphia. She came out to California wanting to “be someone.” She fell for Billy Harkness, a local thug who works for Danner. Harkness asked her to make a delivery for him. It turned out to be drugs, and Cheryl was caught. She agrees to work with Starsky and Hutch to bust Danner in exchange for dropping the charges. She also wants Starsky and Hutch to help find her friend, Joanne Stockwood, who fell for the same trick. Stockwood has been missing for four weeks. Cheryl helps Starsky and Hutch but is beaten up by Billy Harkness. After the attack, she wants to back out of the agreement, telling them she’d rather go to jail. After Joanne is found dead, Cheryl thinks of something that will bring Danner out into the open. She mentions he is a stamp freak. In the end, Starsky and Hutch help her pack for a trip to stay with Joanne’s parents.

Waldheim (Targets 2 + 3) not credited
• Waldheim is a FBI agent. Smithers is his partner. Both men used to work with, and are friends with, Judge McClellan. They help him harass Starsky and Hutch. Their boss, Dodds, has no idea they are doing illegal things. Starsky and Hutch confront Waldheim and Smithers, allowing Dodds to hear of their activities.

Walker, Mr. (Hostages) Hollom, Chuck
• He is the manager of a Von's. He turns some bags of money over to Starsky and Hutch for them to give to Tom. Starsky pats him on the butt.

Wallenby, Officer (Sweet Revenge) mentioned
• He works in the Computing Center. Hutch asks him to put information, specifically about Jenny Brown, into the computer, the information that provides Hutch with the incriminating printout.

Wally (Lady Blue) Ballen, Tony
• Wally is Fifth Avenue’s brother. He is a used car salesman and has bad breath. He calls Hutch “Baby Blue”. Starsky and Hutch pretend to test drive one of his cars to get Wally to reveal Fifth Avenue’s contact information. Hutch wrecks up Wally’s to scare him. Wally is a peeping tom.

Wally (Terror on the Docks) Zacha, W.T.
• Wally is a part of the dock gang headed up by Rick Hauser. The rest of the gang is Billy Desmond, Ted Banks and Jerry. Billy tells Wally the take from the upcoming heist will keep Wally in beer and girlie magazines for the rest of his life.

Walt (Discomania) Scott, Bruce
• Walt is the disc jockey at the disco place, “Fever.” He judges the dance contest. Walt tells Hutch all the patrons at “Fever” look alike to him.

Walters (Iron Mike) not credited
• Walters is one of Matt Coyle’s drug buyers. Coyle, after turning over Johnny Lonigan, personally goes to meet Walters for a two hundred and fifty thousand drug deal. Starsky and Hutch arrest Walters and Coyle.

Walters, Federal Agent Bill (Groupie) Knapp, David
• Walter’s new partner is Ed Ohlin. Both men work for the FBI. They warn Starsky and Hutch to back off in their investigation of Jack Parker. Starsky and Hutch have had prior interaction with him.

Walters, Jackson (Manchild on the Streets) Saunders, J. Jay
• Walters is Starsky and Hutch’s friend, though he appears to know Starsky longer and better. He is a widow and raising his son with the help of his mom. Walters drives a bus on the night shift. Walters asks Starsky to talk to his son about the pills that fell out of his son’s pocket during a basketball game. Walter’s friend, Dewey, comes to pick him up for work. Dewey has been drinking. When cops think Dewey is a thief and start to chase him, Dewey tries to get away. Walters is killed in the confrontation as he is trying to protect his friend

Walters, Jackson Jr. (Manchild on the Streets) Whitley, Brian
• Jackson lives with his dad and grandmother. His mother is deceased. He plays basketball with Starsky, Hutch and his dad. Starsky talks to Jackson after pills fall out of his pocket. Jackson has been hanging out with some bad folks, but denies using drugs. He tells Starsky he doesn’t want to be treated like a little kid. After his dad is killed, Jackson decides to run away. He hits up Maurice for money and together they rob the hospital pharmacy. Starsky and Hutch talk Jackson out of more trouble after Maurice takes Dr. Sammy Mason hostage. The hospital decides not to press charges. Jackson has a paper route.

Walters, Mrs. (Manchild on the Streets) Meyer, Dorothy
• Walters is Jackson Walters Sr.'s mom and Jackson Walters Jr.’s grandmother. All three of them live together, along with Dr. Sammy Mason, an intern who rents a room. Walters is a good cook and sings in the choir. Starsky comforts her after her son is killed.

Walton, Jeannie (Fix) Christian, Leigh
• Walton is Ben Forest’s former girlfriend. Two months ago, she ran away from Forest, and Hutch has been hiding her. Hutch gets her a waitress job at the Pits for her, a job she leaves suddenly when she thinks someone recognizes her. She calls Hutch from a beach house, a place where Hutch has hidden her. Walton asks Hutch to come see her but to not tell anyone, not even Starsky. After Forest strings Hutch out on heroin, Hutch reveals her location. Forest allows her to see Hutch one more time, and then promises to let him go. Starsky and Hutch arrest Forest, and Walton decides to break it off with Hutch.

Wang (Iron Mike) Fong, Harold
• Wang is a waiter at “Gung Ho.” Ferguson and Coyle ask him what the commotion in the kitchen was about, and Wang tells them. Wang’s reply is in Chinese, and neither man understands him.

Ward, Ellie (Satan's Witches) Gatewood, Bess
• Ellie is Hank's daughter. She pumps gas for Starsky after her father refuses to do it. She apologizes to Starsky for her father’s reaction.

Ward, Hank (Satan's Witches) Lacher, Taylor
• Hank Ward owns the general store and gas station in Pine Lake. He is also Joe Tyce's deputy. His daughter's name is Ellie. He is hostile to the detectives. After Sheriff Tyce arrests Starsky and Hutch to protect his daughter, Lizzie, Ward explains the situation. He brings Starsky and Hutch dinner in jail. Starsky and Hutch talk Hank into letting them out to rescue Lizzie Tyce.

Warrick (Pilot) mentioned
• Starsky tells Hutch about Warrick, a black kid Starsky played against on the opposing football team in high school. Starsky says Warrick “played end,” and that he ran the “100 in 9.9.” Starsky says there was no way Starsky could keep up with him, so he had to develop another strategy. He learned to listen to the sound the crowd made so he could tell when the ball was in the air.

Warwick, Captain (Bait) not credited
• He appears to be the guy who interrogates Rafferty and O’Brien. His name is seen on the door.

Washington, Julius T. (Huggy Can't Go Home) Ward, Richard
• Washington is Huggy’s old friend and mentor. They hung out together in the old neighborhood. Washington has eighty busts for hustling with cards. Washington is mentoring a new kid, Junior. Washington is in a big poker game, one that is robbed by Big Red McGee and Dolphin. Washington calls Huggy to be his alibi and to get the money back. Washington reminds Huggy of all that Huggy owes him. After retrieving the money, Washington retires and buys a dry cleaning business.

Watson, Dad (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Armstrong, R.G.
• Watson is a loan shark and all around bad guy. He works out of the Westhaven Cemetery building. His son is named Sonny. Sonny helps in enforcing his father’s illegal activities. Watson doesn’t know it, but his son has stolen money from him. Watson threatens Huggy and Turkey and tells them to find Walter T. Baker, the man who has the cash. Watson reveals Huggy’s last name. It is Brown.

Watson, Sonny (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Romanus, Richard
• Sonny’s father is Dad Watson, a loan shark and mob boss in the area. Sonny is one of his father’s enforcers. Sonny schemes with Foxy Baker, Walter T. Baker, Milo and Sugar to steal three hundred thousand dollars from his father. Foxy and Sonny plan to take the money and dump the rest of the gang. After Walter takes the money, he has Foxy hire Huggy and Turkey to find Walter.

Wayne, Booker (Heavyweight) Cumbuka, Shaka
• Wayne is a boxer. He and Spencer have a fight, and he loses. Wayne won’t help Starsky and Hutch find Spencer, telling them it’s every man for himself. After he finds out the fight was fixed, he confronts Gavin, the mob boss. Gavin tells him to be grateful for the support. After he listens to Jeeter turn Spencer over to Gavin, Wayne tells Hutch about the warehouse confrontation.

Webster, Detective (Birds of a Feather) Cyphers, Charles
• Webster is the detective at the scene after Palmer is killed. He suspects something is up, telling Starsky and Hutch a seasoned veteran like Huntley should have done better job. He and Hutch clash. Webster orders the crime scene crew around.

Webster, Joseph (Starsky vs. Hutch) Lynch, Richard
• Webster is a disabled Vietnam veteran. He gets a fifty percent disability check every month. He hangs out at the “Golden Lady Ballroom.” He appears harmless, but he is actually mentally ill. Webster thinks all blond women are out to get him, and he kills several. Webster pulls a pin on a hand grenade and tries to blow up the whole place. Kira comforts him after he is captured.

Webster, Nurse (Plague) mentioned
• He or she is asked to report to Dr. Badham in Surgery. His or her name is heard over the hospital P.A.

Wedell, Albert J. (Coffin for Starsky) not credited
• Wedell is one of three suspects in Starsky’s poisoning. He was arrested with six kilos of heroin. He knows some things about chemistry. Wedell vowed to kill Starsky and Hutch. Dobey tells Starsky and Hutch is no longer a suspect, as he died of a heart attack four days ago.

Weeze (Murder Ward) Schiavelli, Vincent

• Weeze is a patient at Cabrillo State Mental Hospital. He plays cards with the rest of the group.

Weldon, FBI. Frank (Starsky's Brother) Grover, Stanley
• Weldon is the FBI agent who is keeping an eye on Frank Stryker. Nick Starsky makes him suspicious, and he confronts Starsky about him, Weldon puts a tail on Nick

Welles, Jonathan (Sweet Revenge) Griffin, Sean
• Welles is a lawyer with Welles, Kelly and Hodson. He represents Gunther’s companies. Hutch goes to question him. Welles keeps answering the phone while Hutch is talking. Hutch calls Welles a high-priced prostitute. It is Welles that bails Jenny Brown out of jail.

Wells, Jimmy (Heroes) mentioned
• He was one of Paul Rizzo's victims from strychnine-laced heroin. He used to work for Tony the butcher. Tony tells Starsky and Hutch he fired Wells two or three months ago.

Wells, Joanne (Death Ride) Miller, Kathleen, Mahoney, Trish
• She is Andrew Mello’s daughter. He says she has been raised in Europe. He will only testify if he can be sure his daughter is safe. Starsky and Hutch think they are escorting Wells, but she turns out to be a decoy. Wells is visiting her father at the hospital when Starsky and Hutch bring the decoy. Detective Williams escorts Wells to Paris. Kathleen Miller portrays Williams. Trish Mahoney portrays the real Joanne Wells.

West, Julie (Murder on Stage 17) Cotton, Susan
• She works with Steve Hanson as a script supervisor. He took her in and raised her after her father was killed. Her father was a member of the Wolf Pack. Wally Stone killed her father. Stone kidnaps her and tries to use her as bait to kill Hanson.

West, Julie’s father (Murder on Stage 17) mentioned
• He is a victim of Wally Stone. He was a member of the Wolf Pack. He is a stunt man who dies from a fall from a building. After West's death, Steve Hanson takes care of his daughter.

What’s Her Name (Pilot) mentioned
• Starsky asks if Hutch is still seeing her. Hutch says he is, but it isn’t that serious.

Wheeler (Hutchinson For Murder One) Darden, Severn
• Wheeler is an international jewel fence. Two of his thugs are Boyle and Cardwell. Wheeler employs Vanessa a mule. Wheeler orders Cardwell and Boyle to retrieve the diamond from Vanessa. They kill her after discovering Hutch is a cop. Wheeler discovers the diamond is a fake, and sends his thugs to search Hutch’s place. After Hutch is blamed for Vanessa’s murder, Starsky goes to visit Wheeler. He says he will trade the real diamond for money so he and Hutch can leave town. Starsky and Hutch set Wheeler up by having Huggy tape record the deal. Wheeler tries to steal the diamond, but Huggy knocks him out.

Wheeling, Harry (Velvet Jungle) Osmond, Cliff
• Wheeling owns “Wheeling Wear”, a clothing factory. He employs illegal workers. One of his employees, Helena, gathers enough evidence to blackmail Wheeling. Wheeling kills her, and Helena’s cousin catches him moving the body. Sterling shoots and kills Wheeling as Sterling is taken into custody.

White, Garth (Losing Streak) Roberts, Arthur
• White owns “G.W.'s Jazz Club”. He employed Vic Rankin, but he didn’t pay him. Rankin steals his money back from White. The money is counterfeit, and White is going to launder it. White sends his thugs after Rankin.

Whitelaw, Peter (Death in a Different Place) Chester, Colby

• Whitelaw used to be a teacher. He and John Blaine were lovers for some time. They met at a room at the St. Francis Hotel. Blaine’s wife knew of the affair. Starsky and Hutch question him about Blaine. Whitelaw is running for public office. His political slogan is, "A gay candidate for a straight deal."

Widdicombe, Donald (Blindfold) Wood, Gary
• Donald’s little brother is named Kenny. The two of them are crooks. They steal five thousand dollars worth of jewelry, using Emily Harrison as their lookout. Starsky and Hutch arrest both men, but they get out on bail. Donald tries to get Emily to marry him so she can’t testify against him.

Widdicombe, Kenny (Blindfold) Strand, Robin
• Kenny’s big brother is Donald. The two of them are crooks. They steal five thousand dollars worth of jewelry, using Emily Harrison as their lookout. Starsky and Hutch arrest both men, but they get out on bail. Hutch threatens Kenny in a bar and tries to get him to squeal on his brother.

Wilkins, Andy (Terror on the Docks) Tobey, Kenneth
• Wilkins is head of security for the Port Authority. Nancy Blake is his secretary. Starsky and Hutch go to him in their investigation of the dock thefts.

Williams (Targets 1) mentioned
• Gesslin brings up three preceding cases that make Hutch's informant stance moot. The cases are the People vs. Castille, the People vs. Garcia and the People vs. Williams.

Williams, Belinda (Losing Streak) Rhue, Madlyn
• Williams used to sing with Vic Rankin. Evelyn Rankin steers Starsky and Hutch to Williams, saying she is one of the few people that would help Vic. Williams became a drug addict seven or eight years ago. Vic goes to her and asks her to hide him. Williams is desperate for money, and she turns Vic into Garth White for the reward. Starsky and Hutch visit her after Vic is shot and runs away. Hutch gives her money, knowing she is going to use it on drugs. Starsky calls her “Queen of the May.”

Williams, Honey (Vampire) not credited
• Williams was a dancer at “Slade’s Cave”. She was Nadasy’s student and his second victim. Nadasy says she was a promising dancer, dedicated and a genuinely good person.

Williams, Mrs. (Little Girl Lost) Wilson, Patricia
• Williams is Molly/Pete’s foster mother. Molly/Pete doesn’t like her overly sweet ways. Starsky and Hutch drop Molly/Pete off at William’s house the day before Christmas. Duran, dressed as a priest, tricks the inept Williams into letting Molly/Pete go with him.

Williams, Officer (Committee) Young, Tony
• Williams’ partner is Officer Knight. Both are members of the vigilante group, “The Committee.”

Williams, Officer Linda (Death Ride) Miller, Kathleen
• Williams is a detective from San Francisco. She impersonates Joanne Wells, acting as a decoy. Starsky and Hutch accompany her from Bryland to Bay City. Her identity is revealed in Mello’s hospital room. Williams is shot in the arm in the hospital shootout, but is still able to accompany Joanne Wells to Paris

Willits, Paul H. (Committee) Ashton, John
• Starsky and Hutch capture Willits as he and his partner, Ward Billings, try to rape a woman in a warehouse. Billings escapes. Samuel Garner bails out Willits. Garner and Willits taunt Starsky and Hutch in the hallway outside the courtroom. Starsky and Hutch tail Willits. When he tries to jump bail, they chase him. In a firefight, Starsky wounds Willits. Starsky and Hutch decide to pretend Willits is dead so that “The Committee” will contact Starsky. In reality, Willits is hidden at Hutch’s place.

Willoughby, Ruth (Murder on Stage 17) Lamond, Toni
• Willoughby is Wally Stone’s sister. She used to write some of his material. She still works on stuff for him, even though she thinks he’s dead. Starsky and Hutch question her. She and Hutch have a little moment about aphids.

Willoughby, Ruth's Husband (Murder on Stage 17) mentioned
• Hanson mentions that Ruth was married.

Willy (Set-Up) not credited
• Willy is the cook at "Jeb's Restaurant." Starsky and Hutch stop there to eat while undercover as truck drivers.

Wilson, Barbara (Groupie) Bunch, Marianne
• Wilson is a model. She is a Melinda Roger’s friend. She and Rogers have lunch with Jack Ives

Wilson, FBI Agent (Set-Up) Duncan, Angus
• Wilson is the FBI agent who was supposed to protect Joe Durniak while Durniak is waiting to testify. Wilson accuses Starsky and Hutch, and perhaps Dobey, of taking a pay-off that allowed Durniak to get shot. Wilson doesn’t believe Starsky and Hutch when they tell him about the agent named Oliver. Wilson gets a search warrant and finds a gun and ten thousand dollars sewn into Starsky’s couch. Williams issues an arrest warrant for Starsky, Hutch and Terry Nash.

Wilson, Henny (Savage Sunday) Peterson, Arthur
• Henny is Sarah's husband. Fed up with the living conditions at the Eastside Home for the Aged, they decide to put fifty sticks of dynamite in the trunk of their car and park it at a government building as a protest. Gregg Morton and Wilbur Sloan steal their car from a coffee shop parking lot. Starsky and Hutch question them, and they tell them the truth. Dobey holds them at the station for a while and then releases them.

Wilson, Sarah (Savage Sunday) Summers, Hope
• Sarah is Henny’s wife. Fed up with the living conditions at the Eastside Home for the Aged, they decide to put fifty sticks of dynamite in the trunk of their car and park it at a government building as a protest. Gregg Morton and Wilbur Sloan steal their car from a coffee shop parking lot. Starsky and Hutch question them, and they tell them the truth. Dobey holds them at the station for a while and then releases them. Sarah chooses the black-eyed peas and ham hocks at the lunch with Congressman Brown.

Wilson, Sarah and Henny's lawyer (Savage Sunday) mentioned
• He gets the Wilsons released.

Winston, Sir (Murder at Sea) mentioned
• Sir Winston is Lord Harry, the tattooist's kitty. The screeching car tires at the murder scene frighten the cat.

Withers, Detective (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) mentioned
• Withers is a detective who works in Robbery. Starsky directs a man to him about the robbery of a gold coin.

Woodfield, C.J. (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) Rawlins, Lester
• Woodfield is the president of “Woodfield Corporation.” He has messed around in the City Finance Department. Woodfield had Isaac Douglas killed. Dobey goes on television to talk about the investigation. Woodfield helps Leo Moon escape from prison so Moon can kill Dobey and his family.

Woods, Rex (Bloodbath) mentioned
• Woods and his partner, Stony Black, used to cook up junk for Simon Marcus. Marcus had them both killed in the desert. Woods and Black’s names are two clues Marcus uses in his puzzle for Hutch.

Woody, the Magic Man (Starsky's Lady) Smith, Sandy
• Woody is one of Prudholm’s thugs. He takes part in Terry’s shooting and in the threats against Freddy the snitch. Prudholm accidentally calls Woody by his son’s name.

Wofford, Officer (Bloodbath, Survival) not credited
• In “Bloodbath,” Wofford is an officer on the scene after the bomb goes off in the barn. Dobey yells at him as they investigate the van. In “Survival”, Dobey gets after him in the squad room for not working hard enough, asking him, "What are you doing? Drawing pictures?"

Wren, Greta (Photo Finish) Kirkland, Sally
• Wren is one of the aliases the hit woman Basil Monk uses. It is the name of a real person, a famous fashion for a woman’s magazine in New York City. Monk hires her to kill Troy Braddock. She uses the name Dora Chester to rent an apartment. She uses the name Dora Pruitt to be a waitress at the Monk party. She kills Troy Braddock, and then goes after John Reinhart, thinking he has the negative she wants. She also tries to kill Fletcher to get the negative, after her offer to buy it fails. Starsky and Hutch trick her into thinking Monk has bought the negative. She goes to his house to retrieve it and is captured.

Wrightwood, James March (Lady Blue) Keach, James
• Wrightwood is mentally ill. He was institutionalized for a time. His doctor deems him cured and released him three weeks ago. Wrightwood believe waves from outer space are hurting him. He acts on this paranoia by killing cocktail waitress and wrapping their bodies in antenna wire. He kills Helen Davisson and another woman. Starsky and Hutch question him at his job, but don’t take him seriously. After Hutch figures out the clue on the car radio, they trace Wrightwood to KLOW's radio tower. He has abducted another woman, Karen, and is going to kill her. Starsky and Hutch get Karen away and follow Wrightwood up a radio tower. Wrightwood slips and falls as Starsky is trying to talk him down. Wrightwood’s nickname is “Commander Jim.”

Yank (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) La Due, Joe
• Yank and Moon are two of Dad Watson's thugs.

Yager, Judge Arlen B. (Bloodbath) Bowers, William
• He is the judge who is going to sentence Simon Marcus.

Yeager, Helen (Plague) Allison, Jean
• Helen is a single mother. She is raising her son, Ritchie. They live out in the country. She tells Starsky her husband went to Canada and never came back. Helen rents out a room to Thomas Callander. She doesn’t know he is a hit man. She thinks he is a writer named Steele. She doesn’t’ want Callendar getting too close to her son, as she thinks he will just leave and disappoint him. After Ritchie gets the plague, she pleads on television for Callendar to come in to the hospital to donate his blood.

Yeager, Ritchie (Plague) Laborteaux, Patrick
• Ritchie’s mom’s name is Helen. She is raising Ritchie alone. Ritchie becomes friendly with the man staying in their rented room. Callendar gives Ritchie money for new shoes. Ritchie helps take care of Callendar when he gets sick. After Ritchie contracts the plague, Callendar decides to give himself up.

Yeager, Mr. (Plague) mentioned
• Helen Yeager says he went to Canada and never came back.

Yost, Detective (Heroes) mentioned
• It is widely known he bought a run-down house, fixed it up and sold it for a profit. Dobey suggest Starsky and Hutch talk to him about real estate.

Yvonne (Birds of a Feather) Ramsey, Anne
• Yvonne’s other name is Gertrude. She has been caught spying on a naked Mr. Kramer. She tells Starsky about Kramer’s scar. Minnie books and charges her with for Voyeurism, Public Nuisance and Peeping Tom.

Yram, Madame (Hostages) Peretz, Susan
• Yram is Mary’s Polanski’s name as a fortuneteller. She takes this name, as Polanski doesn’t sound like a name a fortuneteller would have. She lives at 411 Baldwin Blvd., a house that Belle Kates used to work out of. Yram flirts with Starsky. She tells Starsky and Hutch the name of the moving company that moved Kates out.

Zachary, Clay (Foxy Lady) Woodward, Morgan
• Zachary is from San Francisco. He is a mobster. He and his partner, John Carelli robbed a bank and got two million dollars. Their runner, Kevin Mackey steals the money. Carelli shoots Mackey and takes half of the money. They discover that Mackey’s girlfriend has the other half of the money. Zachary and Carelli follow and kidnap Lisa Kendrick. They set up a ransom with Hutch as the bait.

Zane (Pilot) Lynch, Richard
• Zane is a hit man imported from out-of-town. His partner is Cannell. They have a reputation for never missing their mark. Zane likes to read and quote books. District Attorney Henderson hires them to kill Patricia and the young man she is with. He wants them dead, but for the murder to look like Starsky was the intended target. Fat Rolly is the go-between for the hit men and Henderson. Cannell and Zane make a second “attempt” on Starsky and Hutch’s life, pretending to shoot them in the pool. They end up killing the drug runner instead. Frank Tallman and Huggy both emphasize that Cannell and Zane never miss their mark.

Zancuk, Jane (Specialist) mentioned
• She is listed on Flashy Floyd's arrest record as one of his accomplices. The other accomplice is Gary Anderson.

Zelinka, Bertha (Murder at Sea) White, Carole Ita
• Bertha is traveling with her mom, Edna. They are both from Akron, Ohio. Bertha does a dance number for the Amapola’s talent show. Edna is always trying to get Bertha a date with a guy. Bertha is Huggy’s assistant in his magic trick. It is suggested he sticks a sword through her.

Zelinka, Edna (Murder at Sea) Medford, Kay
• Edna is traveling with her daughter. They are both from Akron Ohio. Edna bosses her daughter around and is always trying to get a date for her. Edna sings a number from the opera “Carmen” for the Amapola’s talent show. She is convinced Hutch is Polish.

Zucker, Tony (Groupie) Loggia, Robert
• Zucker is Jack Parker’s real name. He has mob connections on the east coast. After he became a federal witness, he disappeared. Zucker is Roger’s boss at “Ann Lock Fashions.” Zucker and his thug, Roy Sears, use are stealing from high fashion companies, focusing on expensive furs. Hutch, undercover as Jack Ives, does some business with him. When Zucker finds out Rogers is snitching on him, he kidnaps her and Ives. Zucker is taken down by Hutch in a shootout at the ship’s pool.

Zuckerman, Hilda (Dandruff) Meadows, Audrey
• Zuckerman owns a beauty parlor at an expensive hotel. She has agreed to allow Starsky and Hutch to pose as hairdressers in order to catch a jewel thief.

Sierra Trading