"Fifteen thousand of us, marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.
Fifteen thousand. We were living in tents, shacks made out of old newspapers."

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Mac, Officer (Foxy Lady) not credited
• Starsky asks Officer Mac to take Stu Bassett away.

Macky, Kevin (Foxy Lady) Lofton, Chris
• Macky is from San Francisco. He and his girlfriend, Lisa Kendrick, are supposed to deliver two million dollars from a bank heist to Mackey’s boss, Clay Zachary. They steal it instead. One of Zachary’s thugs kills Mackey as he and Kendrick get off the bus in Bay City. Lisa witnesses his murder. She tells Starsky and Hutch she loved Mackey because he was exciting. Mackey and Kendrick were planning to escape to Algiers.

Madeleine (Deckwatch) Mallory, Carole
• Madeleine meets Hector Salidas in a bar. He takes her to dinner, then attempts to rape her and kills her. She was an actress from New York. She likes chow mien but not octopus. She wounds Salidas in the leg with a bullet from her small gun, a two-inch 38 special.

Maggie (Foxy Lady) Severn, Maida
• Maggie works as a janitor at the station. Lisa Kendrick pays her one hundred dollars to switch clothes with her. The clothing switch allows Kendrick to sneak out of the station. Maggie is unrepentant, feeling she got a good deal.

Magic Minnie (Playboy Island) Jinaki
• Minnie is one of Huggy’s aunts. Starsky, Hutch and Huggy visit her on Playboy Island. Minnie practices voodoo and knows everything about the island. She warns Starsky and Hutch about Papa Theodore and sells Starsky a protection charm, an amulet that turns out to be not terribly effective.

Malinda, Lou (Kill Huggy Bear) Camp, Hamilton
• Malinda is Mob boss. When Dewey Hughes realizes the robbery he’s just committed netted him Melinda’s money, he asks Huggy to help him return it. Malinda agrees to take the money back. When the money is stolen from Huggy, Malinda sends his goons after him. Starsky and Hutch question Malinda at the gym he runs. Malinda tells them he doesn’t care about the money as much as he does about his image. In the end, he decides not to claim the money. Malinda tells Starsky and Hutch he is moving to Florida.

Malone, Frank (Rosey Malone) Ryan, John P.
• Frank is a big mob boss. His wife died two years ago. Frank's daughter, Rosey, has been living in Mexico. Two months ago, she returned to run a gallery. She works with the Huichol Indians, helping them sell their artwork. It is believed Frank is funneling money through Mexico, perhaps using his daughter as a contact. Bill Goodson and Ed Chambers, two lawyers for the Senate Investigating Committee serve him a subpoena to testify. It is expected Frank will plead the Fifth Amendment. The two lawyers use Starsky to get close to Rosey to find out information about Frank. Frank is very protective of Rosey and disapproves of Starsky's contact with his daughter. Frank doesn't know Starsky is a cop until Goodson and Chambers leak that information, along with other tips, to Ray Shelby, Frank's competition. Frank warns Starsky away from Rosey, but Starsky doesn't back down. Figuring out they are all being played by Goodson and Chambers, Frank decides to appear before the committee. In exchange, he and Rosey are going to disappear, most likely back to Mexico.

Malone, Maxi (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) mentioned
• Both Starsky and Hutch watched the “Maxie Malone Show” when they were kids. Malone was a very short, left-handed man. He was arrested for something. Starsky doesn’t know about the arrest. Hutch tells him he doesn’t know what the charges were as his mother wouldn’t let him read that part of the article.

Malone, Mrs. (Rosey Malone) mentioned
• Rosey tells Starsky her mother has been dead for two years, and that Rosey still misses her.

Malone, Rosey (Rosey Malone) Swope, Tracy Brooks
• Rosey is Frank Malone’s daughter. Her mother died two years ago. Rosey has been in Mexico, helping impoverished villagers raise money with art. She has been in the United States for a month now and runs a shop selling native art. Starsky and Hutch see her running the park, and Starsky tried to date her. She brushes him off. Two F.B.I agents take their picture and goad Starsky into getting to know her better. It is suspected Rosey knows a lot about her father’s illegal mob business and is a delivery person for him. Starsky goes undercover, falls in love with Rosey, but he doesn’t tell her he’s a cop. When his cover is blown, Rosey is at first angry, then takes him back, standing up to her father. After Rosey’s father makes a deal with the Feds, she decides to go with him into hiding. She alludes they are going back to Mexico

Mandy (Bounty Hunter) mentioned
• Nina tells Denise that Mandy took a phone call for her at the Jungle Club.

Manning, Nickolas John (Nightmare) Graham, Gerrit
• Manning is a thief and a rapist. His partner is Robert Emmett Loomis. Loomis, whose nickname is Mousy, and Manning met in prison. Manning told Loomis about his big plans to get rich when they got out. Manning and Loomis owe Al Green, a loan shark, over four thousand dollars. Manning rapes Lisa Graham and makes Loomis be his lookout. Starsky and Hutch arrest the two men after the bus driver, Mr. McDevlin, identifies them from the mug book. The assistant district attorney doesn't do much to make the case against Manning and Loomis stick, thinking the case won't help him in his political career. While out on bail, Manning breaks into Lisa's house and attacks her. He wants to eliminate her as a witness. Starsky and Hutch save her. Al Green beats Manning up. Manning tells his emergency room doctor Starsky and Hutch did it. In the end, Starsky and Hutch convince the district attorney to take the case from his assistant and make it stick

Manny (Game) mentioned
• Manny is a dispatcher at Metro Cab Company. Hutch calls him from the “Hotel California.” Ernie Silvers tells Starsky about the phone call Hutch made to Manny.

Mantel, Skinny Momo (Iron Mike) Alaimo, Marc
• Mantel is in jail on a ten-year sentence. He was Matt Coyle's main thug. Ferguson asked Coyle to turn Mantel over as a sign of good faith. Coyle did, even though he thinks of Mantel like a son. Coyle sends Mantel's "old lady" five hundred dollars a week. Starsky and Hutch visit Mantel in jail and try to convince him Coyle betrayed him. Mantel doesn't believe them.

Marcartur, Harry (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) mentioned
• He is the union leader Carlyle has been hired to kill.

Marcartur, Harry's Family (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) mentioned
• Dobey says he's put police protection out for it.

Marchetti, Detective Frank (Heavyweight) not credited
• Marchetti had been working undercover on the docks, trying to break up a robbery ring. One night, he is checking boxes against inventory sheets and is killed by Haley Gavin's thugs. James Spencer witnesses his murder. Spencer didn't realize Marchetti died, nor did he know he was a cop. Marchetti had a wife and two children.

Marco the Magnificent (Murder at Sea) mentioned
• Marco owns a magic shop. His cousin, Huggy, runs it while Marco is in court for cutting off a man's finger in a guillotine trick. Starsky and Hutch visit Huggy at Marco's shop to question Huggy about what he knows about the Amapola. They are treated to Huggy's unspectacular attempts at magic.

Marcus, Simon (Bloodbath) Aquarian, Aesop
• Marcus is the leader of an evil religious cult. He is about to be sentenced for multiple counts of murder. He has his followers kidnap Starsky in an effort to get out of jail. When Hutch questions Marcus, Marcus gives him answers in riddles.

Marcy (Huggy Can't Go Home) mentioned
• Marcy is a character on "The Disenchanted," the show Big Red McGee watches. Other characters are Roy, Marcy, Sean, Rebecca and Phil.

Margaret (Terror on the Docks) mentioned
• Margaret is the organist in the church Father Delacourt works at. She is hard of hearing. Margaret plays a funeral dirge, rather than a wedding song, at Nancy and Billy's wedding rehearsal.

Marge (Action) mentioned
• Marge was supposed to be at the supper at the McDermott's as a date for Starsky or Hutch. She calls and cancels, citing a lost filing.

Mario (Psychic) mentioned
• He works at the car wash where Julio worked. His boss, De Meo, tells him to "put some elbow in that."

Mario (Targets 1) mentioned
• Mario and Jimmy are two guys Linda and Kathy, the showgirls, date.

Mariposa, Tony (Discomania) Mascarino, Pierrino
• Mariposa owns "Mariposa Mag Wheels." He is a wealthy, self-made man. He calls his mother regularly to ask her to move in with him. She declines. Someone named Sharon sometime in the past jilted Mariposa. Now he goes to discos and tries to dance with women. When they refuse, he drugs their drinks with prescription medicine and takes them to his house for nefarious purposes. Then he kills them, puts an ankle bracelet on them with the name "Sharon" and dumps their bodies. Starsky and Hutch are called in on the case when women start to disappear from a dance club called "Fever." Mariposa kidnaps four women, including undercover policewoman, Lizzie Thorpe. Starsky and Hutch rescue Thorpe, tracing her to Mariposa's house by a dropped prescription bottle.

Mariposa, Mrs. (Discomania) mentioned
• Her son, Tony, calls her regularly. He tells her he loves her and wants to have her move in with him. She declines.

Marisipio, Harry (Starsky's Lady) mentioned
• Hutch tries to call Marisipio during Terry's memorial service. Hutch wants to ask him about jobs as football players for the Canadian team, The Lions. As drunk as Hutch is, it is difficult to determine if Marisipio is Hutch's brother-in-law or a friend of his brother-in-law.

Markeno, Tony (Starsky's Brother) mentioned
• Markeno is a thug in New York. He tells Nick Starsky to look up Frank Stryker when he is in Bay City. Stryker has Markeno called to check on Nick's reliability

Markham, Harry (Murder on Stage 17) Goldblum, Jeff
• Markham is the Steve Hanson's director. He gives Hutch a bit part. Hutch is excited to "watch him work." Hutch tells Starsky Markham "represents the subtlest kind of symbolism, like Bergman."

Marks, Mr. (Groupie) Hiken, Gerald
• Marks comes to Dobey's office to complain about the lack of progress the cops are making on the garment district thefts. Marks is the president of the Garment Manufacture's Commission. He tells Dobey how much money his industry brings to the economy. Starsky and Hutch make fun of Marks' limp handshake.

Marlene (Starsky's Brother) Brooks, Elizabeth
• Marlene is a stewardess at the airport. She and Nick flirt a bit. When Starsky comes to pick Nick up, he diverts her attentions to himself. Marlene agrees to meet the guys at "Tramps" later. She brings her friends, Carol and Katie. Marlene becomes Hutch's date. She's more interested in watching the Starsky brothers and doesn't pay much attention to Hutch. The next day, Nick asks Hutch about Marlene. He says they left, and she threw up on the stairs.

Marlene, Mr. (Dandruff) Soul, David
• Marlene is Hutch's undercover character.

Marlene, Mr. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Glaser, Paul Michael
• Marlene is Starsky's undercover name.

Marlowe, Mrs. (Starsky and Hutch are Guilty) Meyer, Dorothy
• Marlowe owns the "Cozy Corner Café." She sees the fake Starsky and Hutch go into Lennie Atkin's apartment. She tells Chief Ryan she knows the men left at 3:30 because her soap opera was just ending. It turns out she is an unreliable witness as she didn't have her glasses on.

Marlowe, Tommy (Vendetta) Sandy, Gary
• Marlowe was an excellent student from Indiana. He killed his whole family six months ago. Marlowe becomes one of Solkin's artful dodgers. Marlowe is ordered to scare Jimmy Shannon, but he kills him instead. Solkin has Marlowe beat up a number of other people, including Lloyd Herman Eckworth. Marlowe attacks Abigail Crabtree, puts a dead rat in Hutch's refrigerator, throws a brick through his window and puts a bomb in Hutch's trunk. Marlowe blinds himself by staring at a light bulb all the time. He is mentally ill. Billy Ryan refers to Marlowe as "The Spook."

Marlowe, Tommy's Family (Vendetta) mentioned
• They lived in Indiana. Six months ago, Tommy killed them all.

Marr, Dr. (Black and Blue, Plague) mentioned
• His name is heard on the hospital PA. Dr. Redfield is report to Dr. Marr in Administration

Marra, Michelle (Class in Crime) Balding, Rebecca
• Marra is Gage's girlfriend. Dressed as a mime, she helps Gage kill Allen Richards. She goes to Jack Morgan's apartment and kills him as well. She catches Starsky sneaking into their house and kicks him out. Gage tells her to shoot Hutch after he gets Hutch on the beach. Starsky shoots her instead.

Marsh, Bobby (Survival) Janek, George
• Bobby hears Hutch's calls for help over his ham radio. He calls the police. Starsky visits Bobby and gets just enough information to make the connection between the cryptic message and Sonny McPherson’s visit. Starsky invites Bobby to come down to the station to see the communications center, something that Bobby says he would like to do.

Marsh, Mrs. (Survival) Shaw, Paula
• Mrs. Marsh's son is Bobby. She hassles him about his dirty bedroom, tells him to get off his ham radio and asks him to zip up her dress. She is going out on a date.

Marshall, Kathy (Fatal Charm) Heiden, Janice
• Marshall is a stewardess. She has apparently dated both Starsky and Hutch. She has Starsky pick her up at the airport and take her to surprise Hutch. She, Starsky, Hutch and Diana Harmon go out dancing. Harmon, jealous, makes a glass of wine spill on Kathy, making her leave the disco with Starsky.

Martin, Dr. (Plague) mentioned
• His or her name is heard over the hospital P.A. Dr. Redfield is asked to report to Dr. Martin in Administration.

Martin, Al (Nightmare) Weathers, Carl
• Martin is a loan shark. He has two kids in school. He says his wife thinks he’s Santa Claus. Nick Manning and Mousy owe Martin over four thousand dollars. Martin beats up Manning, telling him to tell the authorities it was Hutch who attacked him. Martin says he is embarrassed to be associated with Manning and Mousy. Martin says he has a plumber that says he needs a whole new line to the sewer.

Martin, Harry (Kill Huggy Bear) Williams, Dick
• Martin is one of Kingston's boyfriends. He works in the same car place she does. She and Kingston kill Dewey in a plan to get the money Dewey stole. Martin and Kingston knock Huggy out and take the cash. When Starsky and Hutch go to see Dewey's body, Martin cuts the Torino's brake lines. Hutch shoots him in the leg as they take him down on a rooftop.

Martin, Joey (Shootout) Keats, Steven
• Martin and Tom Lockley are partners. They are out-of-state hit men. His partner is Tom Lockley. They have been brought to Bay City to kill mob boss, Vic Monte. Theresa DeFusto is their contact at the restaurant where they are going to shoot Monte. When Martin recognizes Starsky and Hutch, he panics and shoots Starsky. Hutch describes Martin as a “wild man” who is “wound up tighter than a drum”. Hutch shoots and kills Martin in the end. Martin is a real sports fan and thinks his partner’s fondness for books is silly.

Martin, Julie (Satan's Witches) Zon, Deborah
• Julie is a member, along with her sister Tricia, of Rodell's satanic cult. The women pretend to be hikers. Julie stays outside and chats up Starsky and Hutch at the cabin, while her sister puts a rattlesnake in the refrigerator. They promise to come back later for a date.

Martin, Tricia (Satan's Witches) Ray, Jeri
• Tricia is a member, along with her sister Julie, of Rodell's satanic cult. The women pretend to be hikers. Julie stays outside and chats up Starsky and Hutch at the cabin, while Tricia puts a rattlesnake in the refrigerator. They promise to come back later for a date.

Martini, Janos P. (Coffin for Starsky) Allen, Seth
• Martini is one of the three suspects in Starsky’s poisoning. He runs a porno studio out of an old storefront. He used to be Sweet Alice’s pimp until he beat her up on camera. Starsky and Hutch question Martini on a movie set, threatening to drop his expensive lens. They require Martini to laugh because Starsky thinks he may recognize the sound of his voice. In a funny bit of set design, Martini and the other two suspects all appear to live in the same apartment, as per the rap sheets.

Martini, Janos P.’s brother-in-law (Coffin for Starsky) mentioned
• Martini says his brother-in-law is who lent him money for the expensive camera lens.

Marty (Savage Sunday) Castronova, Tom
• Marty is a bookie at Monty’s Bar. His partner in crime is Ed. They think they need to offer Starsky and Hutch protection money. As soon as Starsky and Hutch leave, they call Ted at the body shop. Marty is a hothead; Ed keeps telling him to calm down. Marty offers Starsky and Hutch five hundred dollars a week as a bribe.

Marty (Texas Longhorn) Hall, Bobby
• Marty works for or with Fat Rolly. Starsky takes him down when he and Hutch go to question Rolly about the squash blossom necklace. Rolly's makes a snide remark about Marty's ability to protect him.

Marty (Starsky's Lady) not credited
• His name appears in the original script. In the original script, Marty is a thug in the car with Woody, Prudholm and another thug named Bobby.

Marty (Silence) Betz, Carl
• Mary is the real name of the thug who killed Father Jonathan Ignatius and took his place at “Dismas Center.” Starsky and Hutch first meet him when he comes to rescue Larry Horvath from shoplifting charges. Marty and his partner, Kim, are using the ex-cons to steal for them. Marty gives Starsky and Hutch a list of tenants, making him appear cooperative. Marty threatens Horvath and is arrested in a movie theater. One of Marty's alias is Greg Filmon.

Marty (Dandruff) mentioned
• Marty works for hotel security. He is someone who operates the security system’s computer. Buddy Owens thinks he sees Marty messing around with the control panel. Owens points out the man can’t be Marty, as Marty called in saying he was staying home to take care of his sick wife. Owens notes, a little late, that May is unmarried.

Marty (Targets 3) Hicks, Chuck
• Marty is one of McClellan’s thugs. His partner is Alex. They follow Starsky and Hutch around. Both Marty and Alex meet Starsky and Hutch in a steam room and try to kill them. Marty tells Starsky and Hutch he doesn't like blondes or guys with curly hair.

Marty (Pariah) Baker, Brian
• Marty is one of Solenko's thugs.

Marty (Plague) not credited
• Marty is one of Roper's thugs.

Marty, Officer (Lady Blue) Baker, Brian
• He is the first officer at the scene of Helen Davisson’s body. He is shaken by what he saw. Hutch asks him how he’s doing and pats his body.

Mary (Class in Crime) Katzman, Sherril Lynn
Mary is one of the girls fishing with Starsky and Hutch. She is Hutch's date.

Mary (Huggy Can't Go Home) mentioned
• Mary is a character on "The Disenchanted," the show Big Red McGee watches. Other characters are Roy, Marcy, Sean, Rebecca and Phil.

Mary (Groupie) not credited
• She is a swimsuit model at the show for Jack Ives. She has a very long blonde braid.

Mary (Black and Blue) Kellerman, Susan
• Mary works with Elaine at "Allied Answering Service." Between the two of them, they split all the shifts. Mary has as scam going. When someone tells her they are going out of town, she slips a note to Vivian, the sandwich girl. Vivian pays her money. Then Vivian passes the information along to Lionel Train, setting the house up to be robbed. Elaine doesn't know about Mary's crime and hopes Mary doesn't make her lose her job.

Mary (Ballad for a Blue Lady) mentioned
• Starsky calls her from Hutch's apartment. He asks her to call him if she sees Hutch. She's a possible girlfriend.

Mary, Officer (Hutchinson for Murder One) mentioned
• Simonetti calls her from the lab with a three number extension. He asks if she has Hutch's file in front of her and confirms Hutch's blood type.

Mascelli, Linda (Jojo) Scruggs, Linda
• Mascelli is one of Jojo's rape victims. Starsky and Hutch go to see her in hopes she'll testify against him in court. She agrees. When Bettin gets Jojo out of jail, Jojo starts giving Mascelli obscene phone calls. Jojo's body is found in her artist's studio. Since Mascelli knows karate and can't prove her alibi, she is arrested for his murder.

Mason, Dr. Sammy (Manchild on the Streets) Frazier, Sheila
• Mason rents a room in the Walter's house. She is an intern at Midway Hospital, ten blocks away. She is with Starsky and Hutch when they get to Jackson after he is shot. It appears she also helps treat him at the hospital. Junior, at Maurice's prompting, steals Mason's keys. The two are going to break into the hospital pharmacy. At the hospital, Maurice takes her hostage. Starsky, Hutch and Junior subdue him.

Matthew (Bloodbath) Doubleday, Frank
• Matthew is one of Marcus' thugs. He isn't the blond one and he isn't the one with long, greasy, dark hair. He's the third man in the van.

Matwick, Dr. (Murder Ward) Charles, Leon
• Matwick is the head doctor at Cabrillo State Mental Institution. Starsky and Hutch go in undercover to investigate a number of mysterious deaths. They find out Matwick was indicted twelve years ago for two negligent homicides with two former patients in New York. Switek discovers Matwick's past and blackmails him. Matwick pays Switek off with lithium carbonate, a drug with street value. Matwick has Switek killed, and he frames Starsky. When Charlie Deek tells him he recognizes Starsky and Hutch, Matwick poisons Hutch's apple. Deek goes after him and tries to kill him. Matwick has Starsky tied down in a procedure room and intends to do him harm. Nurse Bycroft releases Starsky so he can stop Matwick.

Maurice (Manchild on the Streets) Sneed, Maurice
• Maurice is a two-bit punk. While hyped out, he clumsily steals food from a store. Maurice sees Dewey's parked car and drives it a few blocks. The crime is reported by the shopkeeper, which puts into action the chain of events that kills Walter Jackson. Later, Junior asks Maurice for money to get out of town. Maurice has Jackson steal Dr. Mason's keys. They plan to rob the hospital pharmacy. When cornered, Maurice takes Mason hostage.

Maxine (Death in a Different Place) Deffenbaugh, Joella
• Maxine and Laverne are two prostitutes at the "St. Francis Hotel." They both know Nick Hunter and watch him come in with John Blaine. The two women also hear Lawford killed and call the police.

Maxine, Officer (Committee) Wilcox, Shannon
• Hutch sweet-talks her into helping him identify Ginger. She tells him his interests better be business, not personal.

May, Allison (Targets 2 + 3) Thompson, Hilary
• Laura Anderson was her former name. Under the Witness Protection Program, she became Allison May at age eleven. She and Starsky were like brother and sister. (See: Anderson, Franklin) She is now thirty-two years old. Starsky used to call her Aunt Marion and her father Uncle Frank. Allison realizes her father is in trouble. She recognizes Starsky from a newspaper article about the McClellan case and decides to ask him for help. She parks her little car behind his as a diversion and then goes on a "date" with both Starsky and Hutch. Starsky remembers who she is after he looks at her photo album. After her father is killed, Soldier kidnaps her. In the amusement park showdown, she and Starsky uses a shared memory of Crazy Sammy Pearl and how he jumped through a window to save themselves.

May, Carol (Targets 2) mentioned
• Marion Anderson is her former name. After going into the Witness Protection Program, her name becomes Carol May. (See: Franklin Anderson) Starsky used to call her Aunt Marion when he was a child. She died six years ago.

May, Thomas (Targets 2 + 3) Remsen, Bert
• Frank Anderson was his former name. It was changed to Thomas May when he and his family went into the Witness Protection Program. Twenty-six years ago, the Andersons moved next door to the Starsky's on 84th Street in New York. Laura Anderson, his daughter, was six years old and became a good friend of Starsky. Starsky used to call Anderson Uncle Frank. Anderson worked as an accountant for the mob and went into the protection program twenty-one years ago. The Anderson family's disappearance was faked, with all three of them "dying" in a car accident in New England. At that time, the Andersons became the Mays and moved to California. Anderson took up work in a bank and then began to be blackmailed for Federal Housing Authority loan information. Anderson's daughter is threatened, and he tries to scare Starsky off. Anderson is murdered in his living room and his death is supposed to look like a suicide. His wife was named Marion and she died six years ago.

May, Allison's Girlfriend (Targets 2) mentioned
• Starsky tells Dobey he was picking up Allison at her girlfriend's house to take her out for a cup of coffee. This was his excuse for being in the underground garage.

Mayer, Eddie (Crying Child) Lane, Mike
• Mayer is a truck driver for “City Trucking”. He is divorced. His ex-wife is Janet, and she has custody of their two children Guy and Vikki. His friend, Coop, says Mayer is a good driver, but a bad drunk with an Irish temper. Mayer gave Coop a black eye the night before. Starsky and Hutch suspect Mayer is abusing Guy. It turns out his ex-wife is the abuser. Mayer’s has a girlfriend. Her name is Gwen Larson, and she has a little girl. She says Mayer would never hurt a child. Mayer throws pots, and he and Gwen sell them at flea markets.

Mayer, Guy (Crying Child) Peluce, Meeno
• Guy is in the third grade. His sister is Vikki. His mom is Janet and his dad is Eddie. His parents are divorced and the kids live with their mom. Guy's teacher notices signs of abuse on him and calls Starsky and Hutch. Guy's father is arrested for the crime, but it is Guy's mother who is the abuser. Guy hopes Starsky and Hutch will take him to a baseball game and for a ride in the Torino.

Mayer, Janet (Crying Child) Dano, Linda
• Janet is Vikki and Guy's mom. She used to be married to Eddie. Her father sexually abused Janet when she was growing up. It gave her a hatred of men. Janet is a conflicted and religious person. She abuses Guy when she is angry with Eddie.

Mayer, Janet's father (Crying Child) mentioned
• He abused Janet Mayer when she was young. He was sent to prison for child abuse and incest.

Mayer, Janet's mother (Crying Child) mentioned
• She died when Janet was young.

Mayer, Vikki (Crying Child) McKeon, Nancy
• Vikki is Guy's big sister. Guy and Vikki's parents are divorced, and the children live with their mother. Vikki knows her mother abuses Guy but is too frightened to say anything. When Starsky and Hutch question Mrs. Mayer about Guy's back, Vikki lies and says their father did it.

McArthur, Harry (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) mentioned
• McArthur is a big-time union boss. Avery Schiller hires Carlyle to assassinate him

McBride, K.C. (Quadromania) McBride, K.C.
• McBride drives a cab for "Metro Cab Company." She is an aspiring country western singer. She and Starsky go out on a date, but he falls asleep in the car. McBride and Hutch rescue Starsky from Fitzgerald. McBride thinks she's hiring an experienced manager named Buck the Panhandle Bear. The man turns out to be Huggy.

McCabe, Charlie (Tap Dancing) Soul, David
• McCabe is Hutch's undercover character. McCabe is a dance student.

McClellan, Judge Raymond (Targets 2 + 3) MacLean, Peter
• McClellan used to work for the FBI. Now he is a federal judge who runs drugs. When Starsky and Hutch arrest two of his drug mules, he hires Lionel Rigger to bribe Starsky and Hutch into dropping the charges. After Hutch is forced to reveal Rigger, McClellan has Rigger killed. McClellan has also been running a blackmail scam with the information he has form the Witness Protection Program. Soldier, Rigger's killer, shoots and kills McClellan in the courthouse bathroom. It is Clayburn who ordered the hit, fearing Starsky and Hutch are getting too close to the truth.

McCoy (Murder on Stage 17) mentioned
• McCoy is the man (or woman!) Hutch is supposed to comment on when he is doing his bit part for the Hanson's picture. Hutch is supposed to spot McCoy out of the bar window and say, "Here comes McCoy now."

McDermont, Officer 'Mack' (Specialist) not credited
• Mack and Officer Carl Stoltz were partners. They, along with Starsky and Hutch, respond to a robbery. One of the four men accidentally shoots and kills Janice Drew. Alexander Drew kills him, planting a bomb in his car. Mack, divorced, lived with his dad. His daughter visited regularly. According to his police file, Mack's ex-wife is named Sarah and she lives in San Diego.

McDermont, Mack's daughter (Specialist) mentioned
• She is at school when her father is killed. She visits her father every other Wednesday and on Saturdays.

McDermont, Sarah (Specialist) mentioned
• Sarah is Mack's ex-wife. According to Mack's police record, she lives in San Diego.

McDermont, James (Specialist) Zoller, Jack
• James is Officer McDermont's father. The two men live together. James tells his son goodbye, and then watches as the car is blown up. James tells Hutch he warned his son how dangerous his job was.

McDermott, Ellen (Action) Wells, Julienne
• Ellen is Ted's wife, Toni's mother and Julie's sister-in-law. Ellen invites Starsky and Hutch over for dinner for a double date with another woman and Julie. She also asks Hutch to help her with Ted's gambling problem.

McDermott, Julie (Action) Griffith, Melanie
• Julie is Ted's younger sister. She reminds Starsky of when he took her to an ice skating rink seven years ago. Starsky comments at how much she's changed. Hutch tries to horn in and be Julie's date, but she goes off with his partner. Julie helps in her brother's case by going undercover at Starsky's money delivery person. She puts an ice cube down his back. Julie plays "Liars' Poker" with Starsky and Toni.

McDermott, Ted (Action) Sikking, James
• Ted is one of Starsky and Hutch's old friends. His wife is Ellen. His daughter is Toni. His sister is Julie. Ted is in over his head in gambling at the "Marlborough Health Club." He threatens Glace Hilliard, telling him he'll go to the authorities about Hilliard's crooked ways. Hilliard has Ted beaten up. Ellen asks Hutch to help Ted.

McDermott, Toni (Action) Cummings, Quinn
• Toni is Ted and Ellen's daughter. Her sister is Julie. When Starsky and Hutch come for dinner, she jumps on Starsky from behind the door. Toni plays "Liars' Poker" with Julie and Starsky.

McDevlin (Nightmare) Guardino, Jerome
• McDevlin is Lisa Graham’s bus driver. He is very fond of her. He finds her after she’s been attacked. McDevlin identifies her attackers from the mug book. Later, he gives more testimony in the private meeting Starsky and Hutch aren’t invited to.

McGee, Big Red (Huggy Can't Go Home) Mosley, Roger
• McGee and his partner, Dolphin, rob J.T. Washington's poker game. One of the players, Boseman, chases the thieves out to the street. Boseman and McGee fight, and McGee shoots and kills him. McGee and Boseman hide out, but are tracked down by Cora Lee through McGee's lunch order at the "Funky Chicken." Dolphin, unhappy with how bossy McGee is, fight. McGee shoots and kills Dolphin. McGee, shot in the stomach, escapes through the window. Huggy tracks McGee down in an abandoned warehouse, and they argue over the money. Before McGee can kill Huggy, he dies of his gunshot wound.

McGinnis, Spider (Starsky's Brother) mentioned
• McGinnis is someone both Starsky and Nick know. McGinnis is a thug, but Nick tells Starsky he respects him.

McMillan, Felix (Deadly Impostor) mentioned
• Felix is Maggie McMillan’s late husband. He worked for forty-two years as a high school history teacher at Central High School. Felix bought Maggie the 1952 Kaiser-Frasier for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary

McMillan, Maggie (Deadly Impostor) Schmidt, Georgia
• Maggie comes down to the police station frequently. She reports crimes that most likely didn't happen. Starsky types up her report of a stolen car, the 1952 Kaiser-Frasier her husband bought for her on their anniversary. Starsky flirts with her, and Maggie promises to send him a nice girl to date. She sends a woman named Abigail Crabtree. Starsky, thinking Crabtree is an old woman, asks Hutch to hide him.

McPherson, Sonny (Survival) Clancy, Tom
• McPherson is a mentally unstable veteran. He thinks he is still in Europe during the war. He finds Hutch pinned under his car, but thinks Hutch is a German spy. McPherson threatens to shoot him but ends up sitting by Hutch for a while, telling him stories about the war. Hutch tries to get McPherson to find Starsky. McPherson goes to the police station, but no one listens to him. An officer takes McPherson to the Veteran's Hospital. When Starsky connects what McPherson says to what Bobby Marsh tells him, he goes to the hospital and talks to McPherson. McPherson, thinking Starsky is a fellow soldier, tells him what he needs to know to find Hutch.

Meadows, Ben (Moonshine) Corley, Pat
• Meadows owns the "Backwoods Inn Bar." He hosts an amateur talent night, one at which Hutch plays. Meadows hooks up the undercover Starsky and Hutch with Willy Hall.

Meg (Hostages) McNichol, Kristy
• Meg lives next door to the Coles. Starsky and Hutch question her about the kidnapping. Meg is working on a trail bike and tells Starsky and Hutch she's going to run away. She's angry about a ticket she got for riding her trail bike in the street. Meg agrees to go downtown to look at mug books if Starsky and Hutch can fix the ticket with her parents. Meg identifies Belle Kates in the mug book.

Meg's parents (Hostages) mentioned
• Meg says they're at work. She doesn't want them to know about her traffic ticket.

Meghan (Playboy Island) Thompson, Linda
• Meghan is one of the women that work at the "Playboy Hotel." She is also one of the women who help Charlotte Connery.

Meghan's Girlfriend (Playboy Island) mentioned
• Meghan says she and her girlfriend go up to Pine Lake all the time. Starsky and Hutch go back to Meghan's apartment to meet her.

Melanie (Class in Crime) Heldfond, Susan
• Melanie is one of the students in Professor Joshua Gage's class, "The Philosophy of Crime" at Jameson College. When the class is asked about the blackmail note, Melanie says it "implies a knowledge shared by others."

Melford, Dr. (Lady Blue) Redeker, Quinn
• Melford was James March Wrightwood's doctor when Wrightwood was a patient at the "San Leone Medical Institution for the Criminally Insane.” Starsky and Hutch question Melford and find out he deemed Wrightwood sane after the man scored a high enough score on a test.

Mello, Andrew (Death Ride) Corey, Jeff
• Mello is a big-time mobster. Mello is arrested on tax evasion charges, the best thing the government could get him on. Mello agrees to testify against his rival, Kester. After Kester has someone shoot and wound Mello, Mello refuses to testify unless his daughter Joanne Wells, is brought to Bay City safely. Mello doesn't trust Starsky and Hutch, telling Dobey when he was in charge; he always had a snitch in the police department.

Meredith, Detective Joan (Black and Blue) McGee, Vonetta
• Meredith is a cop. She was fourth in her class at the Academy and used to work in Juvenile. Dobey assigns her to be Starsky's partner while Hutch is in the hospital. Dobey thinks that her being black will help in solving the robbery crimes. She tells she understands that her being black and female fulfills two quotas. In hand-to-hand combat, she takes Starsky down; his underestimation of her his downfall. Meredith, undercover as a young thief, infiltrates Train's hideout. Vivian blows her cover. Starsky jokes, in front of Dobey and Hutch, that if Hutch were ever shot again, he'd want her as a partner. It is insinuated that Starsky and Meredith slept together.

Meredith, Dr. (Plague) Marth, Frank
• Dr. Meredith and Dr. Kaufman fly up from the Disease Control Center in Alabama to help find a cure for the plague.

Merle the Earl (Jojo, Bloodbath, Game) Allen, Raymond
• In "Jojo," Starsky and Hutch question Merle about a car he saw at the garage when he had his own car in to be repaired. Merle steers them to Dixie who lives in the trailer court across the street. Merle knows Starsky's Uncle Al and thinks the Torino isn't much of a car. Later, he tries to sell Hutch a flashy car. In "Bloodbath," Hutch brings his car to Merle for a routine tune-up. Merle promises "nothing supernatural," but when Starsky and Hutch go to pick it up, Merle has covered the inside with fake fur. In the "Game," Starsky goes to Merle looking for information about Hutch's car. Hutch has paid Merle not to tell Starsky, but Starsky offers more. In the end, Starsky doesn't get the information because Merle won't take his check.

Merle the Earl’s Aunt Charlene (Jojo) mentioned
• Merle says she’s looking for a man.

Mervin, Cousin (Fatal Charm) mentioned
• see, Before They Were Cops

Mantherlus (Ballad for a Blue Lady) as itself
• This is Hutch's houseplant. He admires its new growth and offers to play some Donna Summer for it. Meschugah (or Mishugana) is Yiddish for “crazy person. “Mantherlus” doesn’t translate as anything but is probably an inside joke and supposed to sound Latin.
Michael (Cover Girl) mentioned
• Michael is one of Randolph's assistants. He is a photographer.

Meshuggenah (Ballad for a Blue Lady) itself
• Meschuggenah is one of Hutch's houseplants. He is pleased with its growing process and tells it he's going to play some Donna Summer, "to get you off."

Mickey (Fix) Conforti, Gene
• Starsky goes to see Mickey, hoping Mickey has information about Hutch's disappearance. Despite desperately wanting Starsky's fifty dollars, Mickey says he doesn't know. Starsky threatens him. Later, hired by Ben Forest, Mickey calls and tries to lure Starsky into a trap. It is Hutch that shows up instead. Monk describes Mickey as a guy that would sell his own mother for ten bucks.

Mickey's mother (Fix) mentioned
• Monk says Mickey would sell his own mother for ten bucks.

Mickey (Bust Amboy) Mordente, Lisa
• Starsky and Hutch arrest Mickey at Amboy's funeral home party. She is a seventeen-year-old prostitute and junkie. Starsky and Hutch know her from at least one other previous bust. Francis Bacon Stockwood bails her out. Starsky and Hutch try to get her to help them, citing the danger she's in. Under duress, she lures Starsky and Hutch to Amboy's place. Starsky and Hutch rescue her. Mickey goes straight. She shows up at the station later touting her new job as a salesperson for a company that sells cosmetics for men.

Miguelito (Velvet Jungle) Rodriguez, Robert
• Miguelito is a bartender at "Guillermo Bar" in the barrio. Starsky and Hutch go there to find a snitch named Ramon. Hutch takes a peek at Miguelito and remembers he arrested him three years ago while Starsky was out east. Hutch talks Starsky into going into the bar and asking for Ramon. Miguelito pretends to not understand English at first. Then he tells Starsky that Ramon was beaten up and in St. Luke's Hospital. Miguelito starts to do the same thing to Starsky. Paco Ortega steps up and saves Starsky.

Mike (Little Girl Lost) Cutell, Lou
• Mike owns the grocery store Molly/Pete steals from. He calls Starsky and Hutch to arrest the girl. When they don't, he is angry.

Mike, Sergeant (Vendetta) Saunders, J. Jay
• Mike handles the police line-up with Artie Solkin. He harangues the men in line.

Mildred (Survival) not credited
• Mildred works in Dispatch. Hutch can hear her on his ruined car radio, but he can’t get her to respond to his calls for help.

Miller, Ed (Hostages) Burns, Art
• Miller is the dispatcher at Ames Armored Car Company. He tells his boss he saw Tom Cole get into his truck. Miller brings Starsky and Hutch a list of all the truck's stops. Miller wears a horribly wide tie.

Miller (Body Worth Guarding) Baker, Tom
• Miller is a member of the Fascist Party of America. Steinmetz is his boss. He and Steinmetz harass Anna Akhanatova, sending threatening letters to the newspaper. Miller is supposed to shoot Akhanatova during her last performance. He and Steinmetz hope the crime will be blamed on the Jewish Organization for Action, a group that protests the treatment of Jews in the Soviet Union. Miller is a hothead; Steinmetz slaps his face at one point.

Miller, Judge (Targets 3) mentioned
• Dobey calls Judge Miller to arrange a bench warrant to arrest D.A. Clayburn.

Millie (Committee) Durham, Muffi
• Paul H. Willits and Ward Billings try to rape Millie at a warehouse. Starsky and Hutch are called to the scene, and they stop the attack. Later, Ginger tells Starsky she is a friend of Millie's in an attempt to gain credibility. It's not clear if Ginger and Millie are actually friends.

Mills, Geoffrey (Savage Sunday) Shelley, Dave
• He is a very observant man and a witness to a robbery. Hutch interviews him and has to borrow a pencil and paper. Mills remembers the car’s license plate. He tells Hutch, and Starsky, that he was in the store next door buying his wife a gift for their fifteenth wedding anniversary.

Mills, Mrs. (Savage Sunday) mentioned
• She and her husband, Geoffrey, have been married for fifteen years.

Milo (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Napoleon, Titus
• Milo, Sugar, Sonny Watson, Foxy and Walter T. Baker steal money from Dad Watson. Sonny and Foxy try to double-cross the rest of the gang. Walter runs off with the cash. Milo and Sugar try to track down Walter by harassing Turquet and Huggy. Milo is a large, Hawaiian man.

Milton, Officer (Strange Justice) not credited
• Milton is the officer who takes Leslie Slate’s rape report.

Milty (Savage Sunday) not credited
• Starsky and Hutch bust him on a Sunday. Starsky chases him down Glenview. Milty has to ride with Starsky and Hutch as they go on a call. He faints from the stress. Milty has a new suit.

Mitchell, Jack (Las Vegas Strangler) Converse, Frank
• Mitchell is an old friend of Hutch from high school. Mitchell and Hutch were both lifeguards at the time. Their nickname was “The Prince and The Pauper”. The Mitchell family was richer than the Hutchinsons. Hutch comments that the family’s favorite sport was writing checks. Mitchell went on to become a doctor. He was a resident for two years, then quit and came out to Las Vegas. Mitchell has been in Las Vegas for six months where he has been a non-stop party. Mitchell has been arrested a number of times for assault, standing nude in public and unpaid parking tickets. He has been brought in for questioning several times regarding the Strangler murders because he knew all four girls and his feet are the same size as prints found at the murder scene. He hooks up with Starsky and Hutch in jail and invites them to stay with him. This is part of Lt. Cameron’s plan. Cameron is a cop who’s convinced Mitchell is guilty. Mitchell behavior is suspicious, though he is not the killer. He is suffering from a terminal brain tumor that is affecting his behavior. Mitchell is shot and runs, asking Vicky to hide him. Mitchell is killed in a fall from a balcony in a fight with the killer. Hutch suffers a lot of guilt about his role in Mitchell’s final days.

Molly (Pariah) Ford, Anitra
• Molly is stewardess with whom Hutch is sleeping. She alludes to meeting Starsky at a party the night before. Molly and Hutch trick Starsky into drinking one of Hutch's health drinks. In the end, Starsky makes banana daiquiris and serves them to Hutch, Molly and Starsky's date.

Molly (Jojo) not credited
• Molly works as a secretary at "Brooks Pharmaceuticals." When Jojo and Dixie go there to meet Dombarris, Jojo tries to rape her. Starsky and Hutch stop Jojo, busting their bust. Molly refuses to testify against Jojo, citing her fear of reprisal from Jojo and of the personal questions the court will ask.

Monahan (Huggy Can't Go Home) Knapp, Charles
• Monahan is one of the card players at J.T. Washington's poker game. He is fat. Boseman chides him about drinking milk.

Monk (Allen Monk Philos) (Fix) Lewis, Geoffrey
• It is unclear if "Monk" is a nickname or if the man is referred to by his middle name. Monk is Ben Forest's main thug. Forest tells Monk to find Jeannie Walton, Forest's old girlfriend. Monk and some thugs kidnap Hutch from his own house. They beat Hutch up, but Hutch won't talk. Forest instructs Monk to string Hutch out on heroin. After they get what they want from Hutch, Monk is told to kill him and drop him into the bay. After Hutch escapes, Monk hires Mickey to help him trap Hutch via Starsky. Starsky kills Monk and a thug in an alleyway. Forest didn't have a lot of respect for Monk, once asking him why he was always wrong.

Monk, Basil (Photo Finish) Jarvis, Graham
• Basil owns a toy factory. He's very wealthy. His wife's name is Nicole, and she buys a lot of art Basil hates. He knows Nicole is having an affair with Troy Braddock, an artist. Basil hires a hit woman to kill Braddock. After unexpected evidence shows up in the form of a photograph, Basil and the hit woman argue about how to get rid of the picture. Starsky, Hutch and Marcie Fletcher trick the hit woman into coming to Basil's house at night. Basil and the hit woman are both captured.

Monk, Nicole (Photo Finish) Denese, Shera
• Nicole is Basil's wife. She buys a lot of stupid art. Nicole throws a party for Troy Braddock, a famous artist whom with she is sleeping. Braddock is killed during her party. Starsky and Hutch question her and find out she doesn't like her husband very much. Nicole says she is going to her beach house. She suggests a threesome with the detectives.

Monk, Basil's Accountant (Photo Finish) mentioned
• Monk tells Hutch he didn't tell his accountant about his backgammon gambling loss because the amount was such a trifle.

Monique (Quadromania) Kellerman, Susan
• Monique is a prostitute. She gets into a cab and then realizes the driver, Victor O'Conner, is dead. Starsky talks to her at the crime scene. She describes O'Conner's last fare. She tells Starsky she watched the "Toulouse Lautrec Story" on television the night before.

Monte, Vic (Shootout) mentioned
• Monte is a big mob boss. Tom Lockley and Joey Martin are imported hit men who plan to kill him at an Italian restaurant at midnight. Monte drives away when he hears the gunshots from inside the restaurant.

Moon (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Morton, Mickey
• Moon and Yank are two of Bad Dad Watson's thugs.

Moon, Leo (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) Watson, Bill
• He went to the Police Academy with Captain Dobey. Moon used to have Starsky and Hutch's beat before he was convicted of extortion and murder. Dobey helped to send him up. Escaped the penitentiary after four years with the help of C.J. Woodfield's men. Moon plans on killing Dobey and his family for $50,000 and a flight to South America. His girlfriend is Lola Brenner. He tries to break into the Dobey house, but is shot by Edith Dobey. Moon to kill Dobey the next day at Church, but is found out in time. Hutch shoots and kills him.

Moore, Eddie (Bait) Alaimo, Marc
• Eddie Moore is the drug dealer arrested along with Starsky and Hutch. Cheryl tells Connie that she laid low when she heard Moore had been captured.

Moreno (Velvet Jungle) Lugo, Frank
• Moreno is the landlord at Andrea and Helena’s apartment. Starsky and Hutch question him. He is horrified about Helena’s death. He agrees to call Starsky and Hutch when Andrea appears. He keeps his promise.

Morgan, Dr. (Hutchinson for Murder One) Strauss, Jo Anne
• Morgan performs the autopsy on Vanessa. She tells Simonetti there was no sign of a tumor. She also tells Simonetti other information that incriminates Hutch.

Morgan, Jack (Class in Crime) not credited
• Morgan went to college with Allen Mitchell. He got better grades than Mitchell. Together they are blackmailing Professor Gage. He is the owner of 'The House That Jack Built', an auto showroom of very expensive cars. Morgan has never missed an episode of “The Rookies.” Gage’s girlfriend, Marra, kills Morgan while he watches his favorite television show.

Morton, Gregg (Savage Sunday) Delegall, Bob
• Morton and his partner, Sloan, are thugs. Morton is a big music fan and listens to the radio all the time. Morton and Sloan steal a car and commit crimes with it. They have no idea there is a bomb in its truck. Hutch shoots Greg after he and Sloan leave the sports arena.

Morton, Robin (Shootout) Rhoades, Barbara
•Morton works with Sammy Grovner in their comedy act. Morton and Grovner are trapped in the Italian restaurant. Morton tries to bargain with Joey Martin, offering sex for her freedom. She asks Hutch for advice. Grovner tells her she loves her.

Moss, October (Murder at Sea) Shaw, Jennifer
• Moss is Carnahan’s roommate. They both work for the cruise line Moss used to be Eric Snow’s girlfriend, but she broke up with him when he became violent. They broke up two weeks ago. Moss is killed when she is mistaken for Carnahan.

Moxley, Phil (Murder on Stage 17) mentioned
• Moxley was a member of the Wolf Pack. Wally Stone kills him, though his cause of death is not mentioned.
He was a director. Hanson says a car hit him.

Moxley, Phil's Wife (Murder on Stage 17) mentioned
• It is mentioned Phil had a wife.

Mullins (Plague) mentioned
• Mullins is the name Callendar uses when he rents the car.

Munson, Detective Hank (Moonshine) Cort, William
• Starsky borrows his red pickup for an undercover mission. Munson is Detective First Class, like Starsky and Hutch. Munson is from Giddings, Texas and playfully says he used to be its teenage terror. Munson loves his truck and is very protective of it. He drives it only on weekends.

Munson, Detective Hank's Wife (Moonshine) mentioned
• Hank says one of the reasons he loves his truck so much is it gives his wife something to complain about.

Murph (Death in a Different Place) Joseph, Allen
•Murph tends bar at the “Green Parrot.” He knows Sugar and Hunter. Starsky and Hutch bribe him with twenty bucks to say what he knows.

Murray (Losing Streak)
• He runs the cash register at White's place. White goes out to help him when the tape gets messed up.

Myerson, Captain Ed (Strange Justice) Zenda, John
• Myerson works in Internal Affairs. He gets the Slate case, though he seems to be more worried about how the whole thing will look from the public relations angle. Later, he tells Hutch Officer Dee O’Reilly is filing harassment charges against Hutch.

Myrtle (Photo Finish) mentioned
• Basil Monk calls out for help when he thinks someone is breaking into his house. He also calls out for Harvey and Mrs. Hilton.

Myron, Cousin (Trap) mentioned
• see, Before They Were Cops