"You move another inch and he'll rip your legs off." (Collector)

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O (Ballad for a Blue Lady) mentioned
• He is one of Charlie Baron's bodyguards. The other bodyguard asks when "O" left. The man says "O'" left at 10:00.

Oates, Annie (Collector) Tyrrell, Susan
• She also goes by the name Isabelle Catherine Oates and Catherine Elizabeth Oates. Oates used to be a child movie star, last appearing on the screen thirty years ago. One of her movies was “Curly Girl.” Oates is a loan shark who employed Joe Garris. She put out a contract on Garris when he started stealing from her. Jack Cunningham, Garris’ murderer, takes Garris’ book and becomes Oates' new collector. Cunningham is really after the money he knows she has under her mattress. Oates has a dog named Duvcha, a Doberman she has trained to smell guns. Oates has agoraphobia, is afraid to leave her second story apartment and has no phone.

Oates, Sheriff Fred (Targets 3) Jackson, Peter
• Clayburn pretends to call Oates at 1:45, telling him to put protection on Judge McClellan. When Starsky and Hutch visit Oates after McClellan is killed, they find out Clayburn didn’t make the phone call until 2:10. Oates checks the logbook to make sure.

O'Brian, Patrolman (Murder on Stage 17)
• O'Brian is the name Wally Stone uses when he gives Hanson the message Rogers is waiting for him in her trailer. It could be the name of the real officer he knocked out in the car with chloroform.

O'Brien, Casey (Ballad for a Blue Lady) Blanton, Arell
• O’Brien is one of Joseph Fitch’s thugs. O’Brien beats Charles Baron to death. O'Brien is the name in the credits, however he is called O'Connor several times in the episode.

O’Brien (Bait) Glaser, Paul Michael
• O’Brien is the undercover persona of Starsky when he and Hutch try to bust Danner’s drug ring. O’Brien is Rafferty’s partner, Rafferty being Hutch.

O'Brien, Heather (Collector)
* She is the character Molly Bristol says she is for Jack Cunningham. Heather O'Brien is pregnant and unmarried. Her boyfriend’s father is a doctor. Heather tells Cunningham she is looking for an abortion. She wants s to borrow three hundred dollars.

O'Brien, Heather's Boyfriend (Collector)
* Molly tells Cunningham he gets an allowance from his father and wants Heather to have an abortion.

O'Brien, Heather's Boyfriend's Father (Collector)
* Molly tells Cunning ham he's a doctor, doesn't like Heather O'Brien and doesn't know she's pregnant.

O'Connor, Victor (Quadromania) not credited
• O'Connor is the third cabdriver strangled. He was thirty-eight years old, 5'11', one hundred sixty pounds and born in Trenton. He had a medallion that Fitzgerald accidentally takes with him. After Fitzgerald throws the medallion away, Danny Daveen finds it and is subsequently suspected of being the killer.

O'Connor, Casey (Ballad for a Blue Lady) Blanton, Arell
• O’Connor is one of Joseph Fitch’s thugs. He beats Charles Baron to death. O'Brien is the name in the credits, however he is called O'Connor several times in the episode.

O'Keefe, Officer (Las Vegas Strangler) Dunn, George
• O’Keefe is the officer in Las Vegas who deals with Starsky and Hutch when they think the strangler is on the hotel casino’s roof.

O'Reilly, Officer (Targets 2 + 3) Walters, Barbara Ann
• O’Reilly is the desk cop Starsky and Hutch deal with when they go to report the parts stolen from the Torino. She is a stickler about rules. She calls Starsky a “smart mouth” and catches him sticking her tongue out at her. She is also the officer Starsky and Hutch see when they go to get their gun permit forms.

O'Reilly, Officer Dee (Strange Justice) Bloom, Lindsay
• O’Reilly works in traffic. She gives Dobey and Hutch parking tickets. Hutch gets after her, threatening to make her walk a beat. She tells Hutch this would be a promotion. O’Reilly files a harassment complaint against Hutch. O’Reilly and Starsky are dating, something Hutch doesn’t know

O'Riley, Al (Heroes) McLaughlin, Lee
• O’Riley owns a bar at 3
rd and Jefferson. Roxy rents a room upstairs and turns tricks there. O’Riley also appears to run drugs through Roxy. He threatens her when her business is slow and catches her when she tries to steal money out of his register. O’Riley finds Roxy dead in her room.

O'Toole, Nurse (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Hilton, Robyn
• O’Toole is Doc Rafferty, the Credit Dentist’s nurse.

Offenbecker, Linda (Vampire) Somers, Suzanne
• Offenbecker is a dancer at “Slade’s Cave” and was friends with Honey Williams, They took dance lessons at Nadasy’s studio together. Offenbecker appears stoned when Starsky and Hutch question her. Nadasy lures her to a theater with pictures from William’s locker. Nadasy attacks her. Starsky and Hutch save here before he can kill her.

Ohlin, Federal Agent Ed (Groupie) Roberts, Arthur
• Ohlin is Bill Walter’s new partner. Both men are federal agents. They warn Starsky and Hutch off of the Parker case.

Oliver, FBI Agent (Set-Up) McMullen, Dennis
• Oliver is a fake FBI agent. He tells Starsky and Hutch to take Durniak through the hotel’s front door, setting him up for a bullet to the chest.

Olivia (Losing Streak) Ross, Adina
• Olivia is the waitress at “G.W.'s Jazz Club.” She shows Starsky and Hutch of Garth White’s office. She tells Starsky she thinks he’s as cute as a teddy bear.

Orange (Losing Streak, Running) Marie, Connie Lisa
• In “Losing Streak,” Huggy introduces Orange to Starsky and Hutch. Orange is a prostitute who dresses like Little Orphan Annie, right down to her dog, Sandy. Orange tells Starsky and Hutch Belinda William’s address. In “Running.” Starsky and Hutch run off her john, a sea farin’ man. She gives Starsky and Hutch information about Sharman and hands over Sharman’s hotel key. Orange says Sandy nabbed it.

Orme, Professor Charles (Pilot) mentioned
• He is one of Patricia Talbert's instructors. His name is seen on Talbert's class schedule.

Ortega, Officer Paco (Velvet Jungle) Cervera Jr., Jorge
• Ortega is an officer with the Immigration Department. He introduces himself to Sterling as, “Ortega, Metro.” Ortega is undercover, trying to bust an illegal immigration scam. Starsky meets him when Paco rescues him from getting beat up in a bar. Ortega and Starsky stage a fight. Ortega tells Starsky and Hutch about what he knows about Sterling and helps interview Andrea Gutierrez. He pretends to have Helena’s blackmail materials in order to draw Sterling out into the open. He gets shot in the leg during the Sterling bust. In the end, he and Hutch hang out at Hutch’s place and talk to Starsky and Laura Stevens about their date.

Oscar (Losing Streak) Slate, Henry
• It is not clear who this character is. It is either the man with the hose or the guy Rankin shoots.

Owens, Buddy (Dandruff) Alden, Norm
• Owens works for hotel security. He doesn’t know Starsky and Hutch are undercover. He tricks them with a false report of cigars through Leo. Owens suspects the Baron is going to try to steal the diamond collection. He agrees to help Starsky and Hutch. Dinty and Ellis attack Owens, and he ends up in the hospital. He meets with the four diamond bidders there, checking to make sure they all have the appropriate symbols

Owens, Harry (Ballad for a Blue Lady) Baron, Sandy
• Harry is Marianne Owens’ brother. He has known Joseph Fitch a long time and is in his employ. Fitch knows Marianne served five years in prison for a crime Harry, as Fitch’s thug, committed. Harry kills Benny Paycheck, a man who was going to testify against Fitch. Harry tricks his sister into luring Charles Baron, another witness, to a hotel room. Casey O’Brien beats Baron to death. Harry tries to warn Marianne to stay away from Hutch. He tries to keep Fitch from killing her. In the end, he tries to get Marianne out of town but is shot and killed when Fitch catches him.

Owens, Marianne (Ballad for a Blue Lady) O'Hara, Jenny
• Marianne is a singer at the club Joseph Fitch owns. Her brother, Harry, works for Fitch. Marianne went to prison for five years for something her brother, in Fitch’s employ, did. Harry has Marianne lure Charles Baron to a hotel room for what she thinks will be a conversation. Instead, Baron is beaten to death. Marianne meets Hutch, who is undercover as a musician. Hutch thinks he can protect her and tries to get her to turn Fitch over. Marianne discovers Hutch is a cop and is angry. She is with Harry when he dies.

Oxey (Murder at Sea) Martin, Pepper
• Oxey works Security for the Atwater Steamship Company. He is attacked while he was cleaning out Eric Snow’s locker. He goes after Starsky and Hutch, thinking they were his attackers. He tells Starsky and Hutch what was in Snow’s locker.