"Well, what can I get maybe some coffee or some tea... oh God, I don't have any coffee, I don't have any tea... uh, how about a glass of water?" (Heroes)

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Quo, Dr. (Starsky's Lady) Quo, Beulah
• Quo is a doctor at Memorial Hospital. She is Terry’s doctor.

R.C. (Long Walk) Scott, Walter
• R.C. is probably one of the men in the bar.

Rachel (Class in Crime) Torres, Gloria
• Rachel is fishing with Starsky and Hutch. She is Starsky's date. Her friend is named Mary.

Rafferty, Dr. (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) Lo Russo, Eddie
• Rafferty is a dentist. He also makes phony passports on the side. Starsky and Hutch go to see him about Walter T. Baker. He tells them he made a fake Brazilian passport for Baker, but that Baker never came and got it.

Rafferty (Bait) Soul, David
• Rafferty is Hutch's undercover character. Rafferty is a drug dealer. His partner is O'Brien, Starsky's character.

Ralph (Class in Crime) Anderson, Carl
• Ralph is one of Professor Gage’s students in the class “The Philosophy of Crime.” He seems to doubt Gage’s wisdom and questions him. He also says the note on the board implies blackmail.

Ralph (Heavyweight) not credited
• Ralph holds the punching bag for Booker Wayne. Wayne tells Ralph to take a break.

Ramon (Velvet Jungle) mentioned
• Ramon is one of Starsky and Hutch’s snitches. Hutch talks Starsky into going into the barrio bar and asking for Ramon. The bartender tells Starsky that he beat up Ramon, and that he is in St. Luke’s hospital. The bartender wants to know why Starkey hangs out with a snitch like Ramon. Starsky says he doesn’t like Ramon very much either.

Ramon (Tap Dancing) Glaser, Paul Michael
• Ramon is Starsky's undercover character. Ramon is a dance instructor.

Ramos, Kiko (Running, Little Girl Lost) San Juan, Guillermo
• In “Running,” Kiko is introduced as the almost twelve-year-old boy Hutch is mentoring through the Big Brother program. Kiko and Hutch have been pals for two years. Kiko starts to avoid Hutch, bowing to pressure from his hoodlum friends. Kiko returns to Hutch and asks to be taken back. In “Little Girl Lost,” Kiko comes by Hutch’s place and has breakfast with Hutch and Molly/Pete. Kiko later helps Molly/Pete with Flent and Duran. In the end, it is suggested that Molly/Pete goes to live with Kiko and his mom. Kiko likes football, gives Starsky a bug-eating plant for Christmas and says his mother makes really good Mexican food.

Ramos, Mrs. (Little Girl Lost) Scott, Milcha
• She is Kiko’s mother. She makes delicious Mexican food and knows how to sew. It is suggested she will take Molly/Pete in as a foster child. She prepares the Christmas meal at her house.

Randolph (Cover Girl) Tambor, Jeffrey
• Randolph is a professional photographer. He takes photos of Kate Larrabee, paying her one hundred and fifty dollars an hour. He senses Larrabee is upset about something as she has lost her shine. Randolph gets called “Randolph the Great” and “Randolph the Magnificent.” He takes photos with Kate, Starsky and Hutch.

Rankin, Evelyn (Losing Streak) Scott, Jacqueline
• Evelyn is Vic’s husband. They have been married twelve years. Evelyn is aware and tired of Vic’s gambling addiction. Evelyn tells Starsky and Hutch about Belinda Williams. Evelyn is of two minds; she loves her husband but is tired of his gambling. Foote and Lemke kidnap Evelyn to be bait for her husband. Starsky, Hutch and Evelyn go to hear Vic play at his new job.

Rankin, Vic (Losing Streak) Clark, Dane
• Vic is a jazz pianist. He has been in the business a long time. Hutch says he bought Vic’s albums when Hutch was in high school. Vic has a gambling problem and has lost jobs and friends over the years. His wife, Evelyn, loves him but is exasperated. He and Evelyn have been married twelve years. Vic had a job at Garth White’s jazz club six months ago, and Garth didn’t pay him for his five weeks. When a big poker game comes up, Vic decides to break into Garth’s club and steal back his two thousand dollars. He doesn’t know the bills are counterfeit. When Vic’s fellow poker players discover the money is “queer,” there is a fight. Vic accidentally shoots someone. Thinking the man is dead. Vic runs. He hides out at Belinda William’s place. Williams turns him in for money, and though Vic gets away, he is shot. Starsky and Hutch find him, and take him to the hospital. Vic goes with them to rescue his wife. He later gets a job at “Ziggy's Jazz Cave.” Vic goes to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ray (Texas Longhorn) Denny, Dodo
• Ray is a tattoo artist. Starsky and Hutch visit and ask about information about the sea faring tattoos Harris has. Hutch brings her a postcard of a man with a tattooed back.

Raymond, Officer (Psychic)
• Hutch asks Raymond to run a suspect through R & I.

Reagan, C.P. (Targets 1) mentioned
• Reagan is a snitch who knew information about the Claxton case. He was a hype and a witness at an upcoming trial. Starsky and Hutch say he was killed when he slipped on a banana peel and fell on a knife six times. Reagan is one reason they don’t want to give up Lionel Rigger’s name.

Reasoner, Deputy Chief (Targets 1) Redeker, Quinn
• He demands that Starsky and Hutch give up Lionel Rigger’s name as an informant. He threatens Starsky and Hutch with disciplinary action.

Rebecca (Huggy Can't Go Home) mentioned
• Rebecca is a character on "The Disenchanted," the show Big Red McGee watches. Other characters are Roy, Marcy, Sean, Phil and Mary.

Redfield, Dr. (Plague, Black and Blue) mentioned
• In "Black and Blue", his or her name is heard on the hospital P.A. He or she is asked to report to Dr. Marr in Administration. In the "Plague", he or she is asked to report to Dr. Martin in Administration four times.

Reese, Candy (Golden Angel) Lynn, Benisch
• Candy’s father is Tommy. Candy is a promoter for professional wrestling. She is engaged to Buzzy Boone, a professional wrestler. She is worried about Boone proceeding with the fight, even though he has been threatened, but understands his decision.

Reese, Tommy (Golden Angel) Walston, Ray
• Tommy’s daughter is Candy. Tommy’s nickname is “Smilin’ Tommy Reese.” He has been a sports announcer for thirty years. His show he broadcasts on is LBEX and his show is “Spotlight on Sports.” Tommy is the announcer for the Boone/Golden Angel fight. Reese is a fierce promoter of the sport.

Regan, Bert (Playboy Island) Allan, Lane
• Bert is Janice’s father. He worked in store security and was offered the Chief of Security job for Thorne Enterprises. He went to Playboy Island and was reportedly drowned. Janice goes to Playboy Island to find him, believing him to still be alive. She tells Starsky and Hutch her father used to send her a charm every year on her birthday, and she received one even after his supposed death. It turns out Charlotte Connery, Papa Theodore and Little Philippe have put Regan under a voodoo spell. They have replaced William Thorne with Regan in a plan to take over his company. Starsky, Hutch, Charlotte and Inspector Godfrey rescue Regan and find out his true identity.

Regan, Janice (Playboy Island) Collins, Joan
• Janice has a job as a photographer at the Playboy Hotel. Her father is Bert Regan. Regan worked in store security and was offered the Chief of Security job for Thorne Enterprises. He went to Playboy Island and was reportedly drowned. Janice goes to Playboy Island to find him, believing him to still be alive. She tells Starsky and Hutch her father used to send her a charm every year on her birthday, and she received one even after his supposed death. It turns out Charlotte Connery, Papa Theodore and Little Philippe have put Regan under a voodoo spell. They have replaced William Thorne with Regan in a plan to take over his company. She meets with Walter Healey. After Healy is killed she contacts Starsky and Hutch in a steam room and asks for their help.

Regan, Karl (Heroes) Arnold, Madison
• Regan is Roxy's heroin supplier.

Reilly, Officer (Sweet Revenge) mentioned
• Hutch calls him or her on the phone and asks that Jenny Brown be transferred to Maximum Security.

Riley, Officer (Trap) not credited
• He holds the door open for Starsky.

Reinhart, John (Photo Finish) Brandt, Hank
• Reinhart is the managing editor of News World magazine. He buys the photo of Troy Braddock's shooting from Marcy Fletcher. He cancels the Farrah cover so he can use Fletcher's photograph. Dora Pruitt kills him, trying to get the negative. Ballistics confirms that Reinhart was killed with the same caliber bullet as Braddock.

Reuban, Anthony (Birds of a Feather) Arbus, Allan
• Reuban runs a gambling operation and takes advantage of the people that play cards by offering them loans at a large interest rate. One of his clients is Doris Huntley. She has lost fifty thousand dollars to him over ten years, she and her husband’s life savings. Then she runs up another twelve thousand dollars during the last three months. Reuban has her sign a contract stipulating the payback terms. When Doris’ husband, Luke, finds out about the loan, he goes to get the money back. He makes a deal with Reuban, trading the money for letting Reuban kill Palmer, a man who is going to be a witness in a trial against Reuban. Reuben’s thug, Jimmy Lucas, kills Palmer. Reuban tells Lucas to kill Huntley, but Lucas fails. Luke blackmails Reuban, and they make a meet at a warehouse. Luke means to kill Reuban, but Starsky and Hutch stop him. Reuban has a secretary named Gloria. He tells asks her to go buy his uncle a briefcase as a birthday present

Reuben’s, Anthony uncle (Birds of a Feather) mentioned
• Reuban sends his secretary out to buy a briefcase for his uncle’s birthday.

Reynaldo (Groupie) Glaser, Paul Michael
• Reynaldo is Starsky's undercover character. Reynaldo is a fashion photographer.

Reynolds, Steve (Set-Up) Wood, Gary
• Reynolds is a man who runs into Terry Nash as he comes out of the gun shop. He calls him Buddy Griggs, recognizing him as a fellow soldier from the Third Battalion in the year 1966 at Khe Sanh. Nash says he doesn’t know Reynolds.

Rhoda (Targets 3) mentioned
• Betty Lou, Rhonda and Rhoda are the three names Starsky and Hutch tell Officer O'Reilly the Torino goes by.

Rhonda (Targets 3) mentioned
• Betty Lou, Rhonda and Rhoda are the three names Starsky and Hutch tell Officer O'Reilly the Torino goes by.

Rich, D.A. Arnold (Strange Justice) Eney, Woody
• Rich talks to Starsky and Hutch about what charges he should go for with Lenny Biggs. He says it might be better to go for assault, rather than rape charges. Hutch quotes some dismal statistics, and Rich says he will try to do what he can.

Richards, Allen (Class in Crime) mentioned
• Richards is an employee of “The House That Jack Built,” a business that sells very expensive cars. Richards went to school with his boss, Jack Morgan. They were both in Professor Gage’s class and interested in mime. Richards was a better student than Morgan. He had a B+ average. Richards and Morgan blackmail Gage, knowing he is a killer. Gage’s girlfriend, Mickie Marra, shoots Richards as he watches a mime show.

Richards, Officer (Cover Girl) Byers, Bo
• Richards is the officer who was protecting Lindsay and escorting him to court. He and Lindsay hear a baby crying in a baby carriage. Richards crabs about lazy mothers and goes over to the carriage. The carriage is rigged by a bomb. Lindsay is killed, and Richards survives. Starsky goes to the hospital to sit with his family.

Richfield, Dr. (Black and Blue) mentioned
• His or her name is heard over the hospital P.A. He or she is asked to call his office.

Ritchie (Starsky vs. Hutch) Craig, Garrett
• Ritchie is Arlene’s husband. Arlene is a dancer at the “Golden Lady Ballroom.” Ritchie works early in the morning and drives a truck. He picks Arlene up after work.

Ridgeway, Dr. (Dandruff) mentioned
• His name is heard on the hospital P.A. He is asked to go to Pediatrics.

Rigger, Jamie (Targets 1 + 2) Hobbs, Heather
• Jamie is Lionel and Mardean Rigger's daughter. She calls Huggy, “Uncle Huggy.”

Rigger, Lionel (Targets 2 + 3) Neely, Ted
• Lionel is a one of Huggy’s friends. His wife is Mardean, and their daughter is Jamie. Huggy introduces Lionel to Starsky and Hutch, telling them Lionel is a snitch with some information. Lionel says he wants to reduce the charges against him in return for information about Judge McClellan’s drug trafficking. Starsky and Hutch promise Lionel that he will not have to testify, something they end up not being able to accomplish. Starsky and Hutch go into hiding with Lionel, but a hit man manages to kill Lionel anyway. Lionel tells Starsky he doesn’t like television. Lionel was a drum player.

Rigger, Mardean (Targets 2 + 3) Hayes, Troas
• Mardean is Lionel’s wife. Their daughter’s name is Jamie. Mardean is a photographer, and sometimes Lionel helps her in the darkroom. When Lionel agrees to testify against McClellan, Mardean goes to Dobey and tells him of her fears for her husband’s safety. After Lionel is killed, Hutch sees her in the Pits. They have a strained conversation.

Rigger, Mardean’s sister (Targets 2) mentioned
• Lionel tells Starsky and Hutch that his wife and daughter have gone to stay with her sister.

Rile, Bo (Bounty Hunter) Bieri, Ramon
• Rile works with Lola Turkel at the bail bonds business. He and Turkel use their clients to steal for them, and then later blackmail them. When Jerry Konig threatens to go to the police with what he knows, Turkel kills him. Rile dumps Konig’s body at the Mission Ice House. Worried that Konig may have shared his plans with his girlfriend, Denise Gerard, Rile attempts to kill her in her apartment. Starsky and Hutch thwart him. Rile sets some businesses on fire, and shoots Officer Nedloe, in an attempt to make people think Konig is still alive and up to his arsonist ways. Rile pretends to be Konig on the phone and lures Gerard to a paint factory. He plans to kill Eddie Hoyle, dressed Konig’s clothes, and then kill Gerard. Starsky and Hutch stop this plan when Konig’s body is found.

Ringo, (Psychic) Peterson, Chris
• Ringo and his buddy, Cha Cha try to steal Starsky's tires. Ringo is the white one.

Rita (Discomania) Chaffin, Deb-E
• Rita is a dancer at “Fever” disco.

Ritlin, Harvey (Lady Blue) Borkan, Gene
• Ritlin is one of Solenko’s thugs.

Rizzo, Laurie (Heroes) mentioned
• Laurie dies from a heroin overdose. Her brother Paul uses her death as his motivation for lacing heroin with strychnine.

Rizzo, Paul (Heroes) Ziman, Jerrold
• Paul’s sister, Laurie, dies from a heroin overdose. After her death, Paul spends some time in mental institutions. Paul decides to lace heroin with strychnine as revenge. One of the people he kills is Roxy. Chris Phelps begs Starsky and Hutch to shoot him when she is his prisoner, but Starsky talks him down instead.

Roarke, Captain (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) mentioned
• Starsky and Hutch tell Dobey Roarke ordered the watch on Dobey's house.

Robbins, Mike (Deadly Imposter) Hindle, Art
• Robbins is the name Colby uses when he was in Miami. He tells people there he is an investment counselor from New York. It is implied he kills Jackie's boss and the boss's whole family before he disappears. .

Roberts, Terry (Starsky's Lady) Hubley, Season
• She is Starsky’s girlfriend. Roberts works at the “Marshal Center for Exceptional Children.” She often tells Starsky she loves him. Prudholm shoots Roberts in a revenge plan. Her doctor can’t remove the bullet and tells her she will die within the year. Roberts decides to go on living her life. She tells Starsky and Hutch she used to want to skate in a derby. Starsky asks her to marry him, but she doesn’t answer him. After she dies, she tells Starsky and Hutch to have a memorial service her two weeks later, She leaves Hutch her teddy bear and Starsky a Monopoly book.

Rodell (Satan's Witches) Ruskin, Joseph
• Rodell is the leader of a satanic group that takes up camp in Pine Lake. He has kidnapped Lizzie Tyce, the sheriff’s daughter, using her as leverage to keep the townspeople quiet. He intends to kill her in a sacrifice on the third day. Hutch refers to him as "Mad Merlin.”

Rodgers (Snowstorm) Mason, Eric
• He is one of Stryker’s thugs. He is supposed to shoot Starsky and Hutch from the rooftop across from Crandell’s hotel, but misses. He and Freddie kidnap Huggy Bear and lure Starsky and Hutch to the Pits. Starsky and Hutch threaten Rodgers, and he tells them what he knows about Stryker and Elmo Jackson’s death.

Rodriguez (Huggy Can't Go Home) Andes, Danny
• Rodriguez is one of the card players at Washington’s poker game.

Roger (Avenger) DeLano, Michael
• Roger is Monique Travers’ third victim. He works in finance and brags about his job. After having sex with Travers, he bitches to himself about the aggravation he endures for “one night with one woman.”

Roger, Officer (Vampire)
• Roger works in R & I. Hutch calls him and asks him to get information about anyone released from a prison or psychiatric facility in the last two years who have committed crimes against women. Roger hassles Hutch and jokes around, not unlike Bigelow.

Rogers, Charlotte (Murder on Stage 17) Herdt, Sandy
• Rogers is the leading lady in Steve Hanson’s movie. Stone lures Hanson to Roger’s trailer and sets it on fire.

Rogers, Melinda (Groupie) Kaye, Caren
• Rogers is a police groupie. She likes to sleep with cops. She is thirty years old and has a dog name Fosdick. Rogers sleeps with Harold, makes him late for his shift and steals a bullet he needs later. Rogers works in the fashion industry for Jack Parker. The company is called Ann Lock Fashions. Hutch goes undercover as Jack Ives and has lunch with Rogers and her friend, a model named Barbara. Rogers guess Hutch is a cop and sleeps with him. She helps Starsky and Hutch in their attempts to bust Parker. Roy Sears and Parker capture her and tie her to a chair. After they escape, Hutch hands her his gun and tells her to keep an eye on Sears. She says she is half Sicilian. Later at the Pits, Hutch tries to talk her out of sleeping with cops. She dates Starsky instead.

Rogers, Nancy (Gillian) Canova, Diana
• Rogers is Starsky’s girlfriend. She doesn’t bowl very well. She gets the gang cokes and beers. Rogers calls Starsky “Red” and a strike “Bingo.”

Rogier (Bust Amboy) Etienne, Roger
• Rogier is the headwaiter that works at Amboy’s restaurant.

Rondell, Lieutenant (Pilot) mentioned
• His name is seen on the door next to Dobey's office.

Ronstan, Eric (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) Keefer, Don
• Eric is the owner of the biggest law firm on the west coast. His son is charged with obscenity charges. Sharon Freemont blackmails Eric, telling him she will get his son off the charges if he will make her a partner in his law firm. Eric eventually tells Captain Ryan about Freemont’s deal.

Ronstan, Eric’s son (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) mentioned
• He has been arrested several times for indecent exposure. His father makes a deal with Sharon Freemont to have the charges dropped. Eric Ronstan’s son wants to run for public office.

Roper (Plague) Ruscio, Al
• Roper is a mob boss. He is moving in on Stern’s territory. Sterns has hired Thomas Callendar to kill Roper. Starsky goes to Roper for help in roping Callendar in, but Roper refuses. Roper plays chess and offers Starsky anisette. Callendar shoots and wounds Roper when Roper tries to kill him at the hospital.

Rose, Officer (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) not credited
• Dobey asks her to call Edith and warn her about the dynamite under the house.

Ross, Edith (Cover Girl) mentioned
• Edith Ross is Stewart’s mother. She spanks Stewart after she catches him in the cookie jar. Stewart calls the police department to complain.

Ross, Stewart (Cover Girl) mentioned
• Stewart is a young boy who calls the police station to complain about his mother spanking him. He gets Hutch on the phone. Hutch doesn't have a lot of sympathy. Hutch tells him to stay out of the cookie jar.

Roxy (Moonshine) mentioned
• Roxy is Starsky’s date. They are going to go to a dance contest after he told her he was the West Coast Disco Champion. Starsky had had too much to drink at the time. Hutch describes her as having "almond eyes with killer lashes, Long, sexy legs and an Ava Gardner mouth.” When Starsky injures his foot in the moonshine bust, Hutch moves in and makes a date with her instead. Starsky gripes, saying Hutch doesn’t even know how to fox trot.

Roxy (Heroes) Bordon, Lynn
• Roxy is a junkie, a drug pusher and a prostitute. She rents a room above O’Riley’s Bar and works for Al, the bartender. She hasn’t been doing very good business and tries to steal money from the cash register. When Starsky and Hutch question her and Hutch gives her money, she offers Hutch a freebie. It embarrasses him in front of Chris Phelps. Paul Rizzo supplies her with heroin laced with strychnine, and she dies a terrible death. Ginny Simpson examines her body. Phelps tells Hutch Roxy may not have died if he had not given her money.

Roy (Little Girl Lost) Sidwell, Ken
• Roy is the bartender where Flent, Duran and Edwards meet. When Starsky and Hutch question him, he tries to hit them with a baseball bat. Starsky cuffs him to his bar.

Roy (Huggy Can't Go Home) mentioned
• Roy is a character on "The Disenchanted," the show Big Red McGee watches. Other characters are Phil, Marcy, Sean, Rebecca and Mary.

Rudy (Moonshine) Fischer, Bruce M.
• Rudy is the bartender at the Smoky Mountain Inn. He sells the Iver’s bootleg whiskey. He tells Starsky and Hutch what he knows about Dolly. Hutch gives him their card, but Rudy throws it away after they walk out.

Ruskin, Mo (Game) mentioned
• His name is heard on the radio. The trial concerning his May 8th slaying is coming up.

Russo, Harvey (Deadly Impostor) Anderson, Luke
• Russo works with Nate Garvin in his drug business. John Colby murders him by sticking a knife in his spine as he makes a phone call. Russo was going to testify against Garvin in an upcoming trial, and Garvin wanted him out of the way.

Ruskin, Dr. (Strange Justice) mentioned
• His name is mentioned on the television show the sorority women are watching.

Rusz, Anton (Death Notice) Francis, Ivor
• Rusz is an immigrant who hopes to become a citizen. His wife has been dead a little over a year. Rusz is a handyman and fixes things like radios and mannequins. He overhears plans for a murder and tries to warn the victims. Instead, Starsky and Hutch arrest him for the killings. He is invited to a party at Hutch’s place after the case is solved. He makes goulash and makes Huggy try some of it. He has a crescent-shaped scar on his left cheek, is one hundred fifty pounds, 5’8”and has “weird little eyes”.

Rusz, Anton's wife (Death Notice) mentioned
• Anton says she's recently passed away.

Ryan, Billy (Vendetta) Jabara, Paul
• Ryan used to work with Solkin’s young crowd. Starsky and Hutch go to question him at the fish place where he works. Ryan reluctantly tells them about Tommy Marlowe. He says they were all sniffing and drinking red wine when Marlowe told them about murdering his whole family in Indiana. Ryan says he moved out the next day. He says he doesn’t do illegal stuff anymore.

Ryan, Captain (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty) Avery, Val
• Ryan is the Chief of the Detectives and Dobey’s boss. He doesn’t like Starsky and Hutch. He thinks they are punks. He is angry about the speech Starsky told at the Police Academy graduation. Ryan thinks Starsky and Hutch beat up Oscar Newton and Nikki, are taking bribes and harassed Judith Coppett. Starsky thinks Ryan is trying to frame them. He had Starsky break into his office, with Dobey’s approval, and try to find evidence of Ryan’s guilt. Ryan catches him and together, they realize Freemont is the real villain.