"You know what the worse thing about being a cop's wife? It's waiting." (Plague)

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If you are looking for Dobey's relatives, see Inner Circle Relatives.

Daimier (Action) Alaimo, Marc
• He is Glace Hilliard's right hand man. He is on the semi with Starsky and Hutch. Tori gets him a coke.

Damien (Las Vegas Strangler) Lussier, Robert
• It not clear who this character is.

Damon (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) Baker, Lenny
• He is Avery Schiller’s thug and go between. He meets “Carlyle” at Chez Moi. He is impressed by Carlyle’s cold-bloodedness.

Dan (Texas Longhorn) mentioned
• He is the medical examiner who will do the report on Emma Lou Tyler. The officer says Dan will "fill you in at the post."

Danner (Bait) MacCaulay, Charles
• Danner is a big time drug dealer. One of his thugs is Billy Harknes. Danner owns a legitimate business that handles rare stamps and coins. Danner is lured in by the offer of the Hawaiian Missionary stamp, one of two in existence.

Danny (Velvet Jungle) Carey, Timothy
• He is the rascist pancake maker that Starsky and Hutch question about Helena.

Daveen, Danny (Quadromania) King, Freeman
• Daveen is a drug pusher. Starsky picks him up in his cab. Daveen tries to sell Starsky drugs. Starsky recognizes the medallion around Daveen’s neck and arrests him for the cabbie murders. Daveen says he found the medallion in the trash.

Davidowsky, (Dandruff) Aubuchon, Jacques
• Davidowsky is one of the four bidders for the diamond collection. His signal to hotel security is a watch. The Baron drugs him and knocks him out in an effort to bug his briefcase. He doesn’t win the auction.

Davisson, Officer Helen (Lady Blue) Foster, Ann
• Davisson is a former girlfriend of Starsky’s. They used to talk about having children. Starsky tells Hutch he and Davisson argued a lot. Starsky and Davisson broke it off five months ago. While it appears she quite the force two months ago, she is really undercover at the “Mellow Yellow” where she is posing as a dancer. She is trying to crack a burglary ring. Davisson’s body is found wrapped in antenna wire. She is one of the victims of James Wrightwood. Davisson tells her friend, Cindy, that “once she made a mistake.” This sends Starsky out to brood in his car. The character is portrayed in a photograph by the same actress that plays Abby Crabtree.

Day, Officer (Bounty Hunter) Kirby, Jack
• He helps guard Monty Vorhees. Starsky gives him the diamonds to take to "Property."

Day, Ed (Playboy Island) Soul, David
• Day is Hutch's undercover character. Day is a garbage truck company owner. His partner is Fred Knight.

DeAppoliso, John (Collector) Devito, Danny
• DeAppoliso runs a newspaper and magazine stall in Hutch’s neighborhood. He also makes book and send people looking to borrow money towards Annie Oates’ collector. He knew about Joe Garris’ gambling addiction and says he refused to deal with him. His nickname is John John the Apple.

Debbie (Playboy Island) Feuer, Debra
• Debbie is a girl on Playboy Island helping Charlotte Connery hide the death of William Thorne.

Debra (Set-Up) MacRae, Heather
• Debra is another brainwashed victim. She thinks Starsky, Hutch and Terry killed twenty people, including her brother. She pretends to have car trouble and asks the three men for help. Then she leaves, and the car blows up.

Debra's brother (Set-Up) mentioned
• Debra thinks Starsky, Hutch and Terry killed twenty people, including her brother. She has been brainwashed to think this. It is the reason she tries to kill Starsky, Hutch and Terry Nash.

Decker, Marty (Discomania) Zmed, Adrian
• Decker is a patron of “Fever.” He is also a pickpocket. After he wins a dance contest with Lizzie Thorpe, he steals some things from Tony Mariposa. When Starsky and Hutch arrest him and find the bracelet with the name Sharon on it, they think Decker is the killer. Decker is kept in jail overnight. He is the only character, besides Starsky and Hutch, to pick up the pig bank on their desk

Dee (Velvet Jungle) mentioned
• Dee is at the fashion show rehearsal. Lou tells her, "C'mon we don't have much time."

Deek, Charles (Murder Ward) Dammett, Blackie
• Deek is a killer and a patient at Cabrillo State Mental Hospital. Starsky and Hutch were his original arrestors. They don’t recognize him because he used to have long hair and a beard. Deek blackmails Matwick for drugs, telling him he knows Starsky and Hutch are cops. Deek attacks Hutch after Matwick drugs him.

DeFusto, Theresa (Shootout) Walton, Jess
• DeFusto is a waitress at an Italian restaurant. She got the job after being approached by the mob with a deal to avenge her younger brother’s death. The mob also threatens her mother. DeFusto’s job is to call Lockely and Martin when she knows Vic Monte is coming in to eat. She knows the two men will come to kill Monte, but thinks only he will be hurt. Her boyfriend is Jimmy Lee Carson. DeFusto, upon discovering she is in deeper than she thought, helps Hutch bring down Lockely and Martin. DeHaven, Henry (Bust Amboy) not credited

DeFusto, Theresa’s brother (Shootout) mentioned
• He was not quite twenty years old. Some mobsters killed him three months ago.

DeFusto, Theresa’s mother (Shootout) mentioned
• Mobsters threaten to kill Theresa’s mom if Theresa doesn’t help them kill Vic Monte.

DeHaven, Mrs. (Bust Amboy) Marshall, Trudi
• She is Amboy’s guest at his restaurant. She is dining with Amboy and her husband when Starsky and Hutch come to harass Amboy.

DeHaven, Mr. Henry (Bust Amboy) not credited
• He is Amboy’s guest at his restaurant. He is dining with his wife and Amboy when Starsky and Hutch come to harass Amboy.

Delacourt, Father (Terror on the Docks) Fox, John J.
• Delacourt is the priest who is going to perform Billy and Nancy’s wedding. He teases Starsky about his clothes.

Delaney, Medical Examiner (Avenger) Cyphers, Charles
• Delaney is the medical examiner who examines Phil’s body. He isn’t forthcoming with information and seems put out about how much Hutch knows about Phil’s wounds.

Delano, (Trap) Geary, Anthony
• Delano is one of the hit men hired by Johnny Bagley to help kill Starsky and Hutch. Delano’s partner is Trayman.

Delano, David (Death Notice) Brooke, Walter
• Delano owns a meat packing plant. Starsky and Hutch know of his criminal reputation. Delano’s thug kills Jack Thorn at a party. The witness to the killing blackmails Delano. Delano’s thug keeps killing the wrong girl. Delano is caught when he goes to meet Jerry Neilan at Golf World.

De Meo (Psychic) Keenan, Michael
• He owns the car wash where Julio used to work. Starsky and Hutch go to question De Meo. They threaten De Meo, saying they will call Immigration.

Denny (Bust Amboy) Worth, Nick
• Denny is one of Amboy’s thugs.

Desmond, William Michael (Terror on the Docks) McHattie, Stephen
• Billy works on the docks. He is engaged to marry Nancy Blake, an old friend of Hutch’s Nancy has been unknowingly providing Billy and his gang of thieves information they use to rob the incoming ship. Starsky and Hutch are called in to solve the dock robberies. They discover that Billy used to be an Eagle Scout, but ended up going to prison for just over two years for armed robbery. Billy kills Ted Banks and Detective Jameson. He leaves gum wrappers folded in a certain way at the crime scene, a clue Starsky picks up on. Starsky and Hutch confront Billy, and then eventually apprehend him.

Dewey (Manchild on the Streets) Bagley, Fuddle
• Dewey is Jackson Walter’s friend. His car is stolen by a hype and used in a robbery. When Dewey drives Walters to work, cops recognize the car and chase him. Dewey, drunk and afraid, tries to outrun them. Walters tries to keep Dewey from getting shot by a racist, overeager cop ends up dead instead.

Dicario, Louie (Golden Angel) Soul, David
• Dicario is the disguise Hutch uses in the fight. Dicario is referee.

Dierdre (Tap Dancing) Marlowe, Nora
• Deirdre is one of Ramon’s students at Ginger’s dance studio. She likes it when Ramon dips her.

Dinty (Dandruff) Arnold, Madison
• Dinty is one of the Baron’s thugs. His partner is Ellis. Dinty and Ellis blow up the computer security system, attack Buddy Owens and try to steal the diamonds.

Dirkson, Officer (Ballad for a Blue Lady) mentioned
• Starsky asks Dirkson, while they are at Metro, if he has "got a line yet on Casey O'Connor."

Dirty Nellie (Committee) Martin, Helen
• Nellie owns a bar where cops like to eat. She talks about the pet rock she bought from Huggy and listens to Starsky complain about the judicial system.

Dixie (Jojo) Farese, Jude
• Dixie is one of Dombarris’ thugs. He and Jojo run the pharmacy robbery. Dixie and Jojo are arrested. Dixie is released on ten thousand dollars bail. Dombarris sends Dixie, Sulko and Jojo to Elaine Stroud’s place. Dixie is captured at the Tennessee Trailer Court.

Dixon, Officer (Texas Longhorn) mentioned
• Hutch talks to him about Huey Chaco. He works in Lock-Up.

Doc (Omaha Tiger) mentioned
• Hutch talks to Doc on the phone at his desk. He tells Starsky Doc's conclusions about Mac Johnson's death.

Dobey, Rosie (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) Touchstone, Claire
• see, Before They Were Cops

Dobey, Cal (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) Sutter, Eric
• see,
Before They Were Cops

Dobey, Edith (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) Hamilton, Lynn
• see,
Before They Were Cops

Dobson, Officer Chuck (Strange Justice) Baker, Tom
• Dobson has known Dan Slate since Dobson was a rookie seven years ago. Dobson tries to keep Slate from seeing his daughter in the squad room, reporting her rape. Dobson is tricked by Slate into killing Biggs.

Doc (Specialist) not credited
• He's the Medicial Examiner at Gigi's Place who tells Hutch about the poison that killed Carl. Hutch problably calls all the doctors "Doc."

Dodds, FBI. Agent (Targets 3) Young, Ben
• He heads up the Federal Agents in the whole area. Smithers and Waldheim's boss. He was unaware of what his two men were up to in the Judge McClellen case.

Dodsman, Claire (Tap Dancing) Shay, Dorothy
• Claire is a dance student at the studio. She sleeps with Carl Starger and then is blackmailed.

Dodsman, Mr. (Tap Dancing)
• He is Claire Dodsman’s husband. Charlie interrupts his dance with Marsha. He takes her home after her encounter with her blackmailers. She tells him she’s not feeling well.

Doe, Mr. John and his Family (Targets 3) mentioned
• Starsky and Hutch mention the name as an example of the people McClellan has been taking advantage of with is FHA scheme.

Dombarris, Nick (Jojo) Riesel, Robert
• Dombarris is a drug dealer. He is the main target of a bust the feds are trying to set up. The bust goes bad when Starsky and Hutch jump in to stop a rape. Dombarris’ thugs are Jojo, Dixie and Sulko. Dombarris bails Dixie out of jail, but leaves Jojo in, as he is suspicious of him. Dombarris offers to set Jojo up with a car scam guy, but sends him to kill his old girlfriend instead. Dombarris is killed in a shoot out at the boat yard. Hutch fires the killing shot.

Donahue, Dr. (Game, Blindfold) mentioned
• His or her name is heard over the hospital P.A. He or she is asked to call extension 276.

Donna (Vendetta) mentioned
• Donna is the person Abby Crabtree is talking to on the phone. Abby calls her while she is preparing Hutch’s dinner. Abby appears to be talking to Donna about the amount of time Hutch spends at work.

Donner, Lieutenant Jake (Plague) Mathews, Walter
• Donner has been doing some work in Europe. Starsky and Hutch meet him at the airport. Donner complains a few days later of feeling ill. He collapses at work and dies of the plague at the hospital. His wife, Virginia, wasn’t with him when he died. Starsky and Hutch take Donner’s book and try to track down all the people with whom he was in contact.

Donner, Virginia (Plague) Norwick, Natalie
• Virginia is Jake Donner’s wife. She says she’s always been afraid for him in his job. Hutch comforts her when she learns her husband has died. The doctor gives her a sedative to help her calm down.

Doors, Johnny (Playboy Island) Picerni, Paul
• Doors is referred to as the West Coast Godfather. He is on Thorne’s board of directors and considers himself a friend. He comes to visit Thorne because he is worried about him. Starsky and Hutch suspect Doors is trying to take over, but he denies this claim. Papa Theodore has put him under a curse. After asking for help from Starsky and Hutch, Doors runs out into the street and is killed by a car.

Doris,Officer (Texas Longhorn) mentioned
• Doris works in R & I.

Dorothy (Velvet Jungle) mentioned
• She is one of the workers at the fashion show rehearsal. Lou says, "I don't have time to talk, talk to Dorothy."

Douglas, Isaac (Captain Dobey, You're Dead) mentioned
• Douglas was one of Dobey’s good friends. He was civil rights leader who was planning a march to protest of how city contracts were warded. He was killed by one of Woodfield’s thugs. Douglas is only seen in photos, though is portrayed by the same actor who played R.C.

Doyle, Mrs. (Dandruff) Auerbach, Stefanie
• It is not clear who this character is.

Drew, Federal Agent Alexander (Specialist) Fabiani, Joel
• Alex is a government special agent who is an expert in weapons. He works out of Washington. When his wife, Janice, is accidentally killed in a police shooting gone bad, Alex’s paranoid tendencies cause him to start murdering the four officers involved. He kills two of the cops and goes after Starsky and Hutch. His boss knew of Alex’s instability and didn’t do enough to stop him. Drew is captured after he kidnaps Officer Hagen and lures Starsky and Hutch to an abandoned oil field.

Drew, Janice (Specialist) Britt, Melendy
• Janice is traveling with her husband, Alex. She has asked him not to carry a gun on their visit to Bay City. She tells Alex she doesn’t want to go shopping, as she has enough clothes. Janice is accidentally shot during a robbery. It is never revealed which of the four officers the bullet came from. Her body is shipped back to Washington D. C. Her death makes Alex go on his revengeful killing spree.

Dryden, Officer (Hutchinson for Murder One) Duke, Bill
• Dryden works in Internal Affairs. He is tall and wears a bow tie. He and his partner, Simonetti, investigate Hutch for Vanessa’s murder. Dryden seems willing to listen to Hutch, but Simonetti is determined to put Hutch away. Dryden goes with Starsky to arrest Hutch. Starsky cuffs Dryden to his table, and they make their escape.

DuBois, Vernon (Running) Viharo, Robert
• DuBois is a thief and a killer from Reno. He has terrorized Bay City, and his crimes are escalating. He breaks into Sharman Crane’s hotel room and steals her diamond bracelet. She sees him and he worries she’ll be able to identify him. DuBois takes the bracelet to Packrat’s place to fence. He kills Packrat in an altercation about how much the bracelet is worth. DuBois and Ella, his girlfriend, kill the janitor Smitty and set out to kill Sharman, too. Hutch shoots DuBois as he tries to escape.

Duke (Las Vegas Strangler) Beard, Stymie
• Duke is an older man. Huggy sends them to Duke’s used clothing store to get some high-roller clothes. Little do they know, Duke’s fashion sense is way out of date; the last time he was in Las Vegas was 1946. The only thing Duke says is, “That’s right.”

Duran (Little Girl Lost) Dimitri, Richard
• Duran is one of the three men who robbed a jewelry salesman three years ago. His partners are Flent and Edwards. Edwards went to jail. Duran and Flent go to him after Edwards is released, asking for their share of the diamonds. Duran, an excitable fellow, shoots Edwards in the back. Duran and Flent then go after Edwards’s daughter. Duran dresses up as a priest and tricks her foster mother into letting him take her.

Durant, Mr. (Shootout) Arvan, Jan
• He and his wife are two of the hostages in the Italian restaurant. They have no children.

Durant, Mrs. (Shootout) Hughes, Tresa
• She and her husband are two of the hostages in the Italian restaurant. They have no children.

Durant's friends (Shootout) mentioned
• The Durants figure their friends won't care if they die.

Durniak, Joseph (Set-Up) Gazzo, Michael V.
• Durniak is a mob boss. He has decided to testify at a Grand Jury and has been in protective custody for seven months. He doesn’t think he will survive the trial. Starsky and Hutch are part of a complicated plan involving semi trucks and secret messages, all designed to keep Durniak safe. They end up with Durniak in the back of their truck. Hutch and Durniak talk together while Starsky drives. Durniak knew Starsky’s father and tells him some things about him. He warns Starsky that some of this information will make Starsky unhappy. Durniak is shot when Starsky and Hutch are tricked into bringing him out the hotel’s front door. Before Durniak dies, he tells Starsky to have, “Joe Durniak, end of an era” put on his tombstone.

Duvall, Officer (Plague) mentioned
• Duvall works in Counterfeit. The grocer called him when Mrs. Yeager passed a hundred dollar bill.