"Oh well, you know, that’s the trouble with you younger generation.
No respect for age."
(Captain Dobey, You're Dead)

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Earl (Moonshine) McLaughlin, Lee
• Starsky and Hutch get dust all over Earl's clothes as they pull up to the Smokey Mountain Inn. When they go inside, it is Early who introduces them and makes toasts with moonshine.

Easy (Playboy Island) House, Dana
• Easy is a woman working at the Playboy Hotel. She is helping Charlotte Connery hide the death of William Thorne. She helps Starsky and Hutch with the luggage. She also explains the hotel rules and gives Starsky and Hutch their messages.

Eberly, Sam (Action) Caridi, Carmine
• Eberly is one of Hilliard's main men. He helps beat up Ted McDermott.

Eckworth, Lloyd Herman (Vendetta) Walsh, M. Emmet
• Eckworth owns the “The Home Plate.” He used to be a utility infielder. Starsky tells Hutch that Eckworth was with the Yankees in 1949 and was traded to the Chicago White Socks in 1954. Eckworth’s lifetime batting average was 247. Starsky tells Eckworth that when was nine years old, he saw Eckworth play in the second half of a double header during a hot summer. Eckworth made an out-of-the-part homerun. Eckworth refuses the offer by Artie Solkin. Solkin has Tommy Marlowe break both of his legs. Eckworth tells Starsky and Hutch he doesn’t recognize Solkin in a line-up. Eckworth calls a woman named Janet while he is at the hospital asking for a ride home.

Ed (Savage Sunday) Wesson, Dick
• Ed is a bookie at Monty’s Bar. His partner in crime is Marty. They think they need to offer Starsky and Hutch protection money. As soon as Starsky and Hutch leave, they call Ted at the body shop. Ed is the calmer of the two. He ups Marty’s protection money offer, suggesting seven hundred dollars.

Eddie (Action) Geer, Leonard P.
• He is a truck driver that follows the rolling crap game. He cuts off the police car following the truck, pretending his brakes are broken. Then he calls someone named Lenny to warn them they are being followed.

Edwards, Molly (Little Girl Lost) McNichol, Kristy
• Edwards is the twelve-year old daughter of Nicholas Edwards. She tells Starsky and Hutch she prefers the name "Pete." Her father had served three years for jewel robbery and has been recently released. Molly is caught shoplifting food from a store. She slams Hutch’s finger in a door. Starsky and Hutch drive her home to talk to her father. She says he is out looking for work. It is obvious Mr. Edwards drinks too much and is not being a good father. Starsky talks to Edwards about their mutual love for baseball. He notes she is left-handed like he is. Molly gets a call from her father’s girlfriend telling her father is dead, and Starsky and Hutch driver her to the alley where he has been killed. Molly decides meets Kiko and stays with Hutch overnight. The bad guys, one of whom pretends to be a priest, kidnap her from her foster family. After she escapes, she decides to be bait to reel the bad guys in. Hutch arranges, along with Perkowitz, to go live with Kiko and his mom. Molly hates pink, dresses and football. She likes the same kind of breakfasts that Starsky likes.

Edwards, Nicholas Allen (Little Girl Lost) Moody, King
• Edwards is Molly Edward’s father. He was a partner with Flent and Nick Durant. They robbed a jewelry sales man of $125,000 of single diamonds. Nick had the diamonds and went to jail for three years. Edwards has been out of prison for two months. One of the first things he does is get his daughter out of foster care. His old partners come after him, looking for the diamonds. When he runs away, they shoot him dead.

Edwards, Officer (Birds of a Feather) mentioned
• Edwards is guarding Palmer at the St. Francis Hotel. Luke Huntley relieves him at twelve o'clock.

Edwards, Officer (Pariah) Milton, David Scott
• His character is never called by name.

Eileen (Crying Child) Sudrow, Penelope
• She is credited only . The character would have been a twelve-year old girl, according to the actress' age. She most likely would have been a friend of Vikki Mayer.

Elaine (Black and Blue) Baff, Regina
• Elaine works with Mary at “Allied Answering Service”. She tells Starsky and Hutch she has no idea that her partner is doing criminal things. She has a daughter and an ex-husband. She says her ex-husband doesn’t pay her enough child support.

Elaine's Daughter (Black and Blue) mentioned
• She doesn't get enough Twinkies.

Elaine's Ex-Husband (Black and Blue) mentioned
• Elaine complains he doesn't pay enough in child support.

Eleanor (Targets 3) mentioned
• She is the mayor’s secretary.

Elena (Velvet Jungle) not credited
• Elena is Andrea Gutierrez’s cousin. They share an apartment together and work at the same garment factory. Harry Wheeling kills Elena in part of a blackmailing scheme gone wrong. Andrea witnesses the death and becomes a reluctant witness. The medical examiner suspects Elena is from Costa Rica.

Elexy, Jane (Murder on Stage 17) mentioned
• She is Pete Elexy’s wife. In the Wolf Pack’s prime there was a party with all the members present. Many people were drunk. Wally went into the bedroom with Jane. They people heard a scream, and she fell out of a ten-story building. While not proven that he killed her, Wally went to prison, and his career was ruined. Wally tells Steve he “took the rap” for him.

Elexy, Pete (Murder on Stage 17) mentioned
• Pete Elexy was a movie art director. He was one of the members of the Wolf Pack. Other members of the group were Phil Lubeck, Phil Moxley, Wally Stone, Steve Hanson and Julie West’s father. Wally supposedly killed Pete’s wife, Jane, by pushing her out of a window at ten stories. Pete Elexy was an art director. He was killed two years ago in Europe. The cause of death is not mentioned.

Elijah, Cousin (Losing Streak, Hostages) mentioned
• see Inner Circle Relatives

Eliza (Deckwatch) mentioned
• Hannah Kannen mentions Eliza was her was her sister.

Ella (Running) Wood, Lana
• Ella is Vern DuBois’ girlfriend. She drives the car when she and Vern are going somewhere. She shoots at Sharman Crane.

Ellis (Dandruff) Dammett, Blackie
• He is one of the thugs hired by The Baron. His partner is Moon. He and Moon blow up the computer security system, attack Buddy Owen and are supposed to steal the diamond collection.

Engie (Action) LeBell, Gene
• Engie (Engine) is Glade Hilliard’s thug. He beats up Ted McDermott.

Ethel (Captain Dobey, You're Dead.) Raymond, Robin
• Ethel is the older woman who runs the massage parlor that Leo Moon's girlfriend worked at. Its address is 14th and Hudson. She passes on a phone message to Starsky and Hutch. She hits on Starsky. She is good at chess.

Evans (Gillian) Grossman, Teddy
• He is one of Grossman's two thugs. He is the curly-haired one who drives Al around, calls from the bowling alley, goes with Olga and Al to Gillian's apartment and who kills Lonely Bloggs.

Evans, Ginger (Tap Dancing) Christie, Audrey
• Evans is a famous dancer from old movies. Hutch says he remembers learning all her dances. It made him popular in high school. She was retired, but A. C. Chambers convinces her to open up a dance studio with him. While Chambers uses the studio for sexual blackmail, Evans knows nothing about the crimes. She is cleared of any wrongdoing in the end.

Evers, Miss (Targets 2) Campbell, Catherine
• Miss Evers is the woman who interviews Starsky for a job after he fills out the questionnaire at the agency he and Hutch go to.

Evers, Terry (Death Ride) Lewis, Mary
• Evers is a dispersement clerk. Her desk is just outside Dobey’s office. Because of the nature of her work and her proximity to Dobey, she is able to hear a lot of confidential information. She becomes a snitch for Kester, relaying information about Mello to him by phone. She makes one hundred forty dollars a week in her job at the police department and drives a Cadillac.