"Hey, who are you calling a broad?” (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

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Cabe, Dr. (Lady Blue) Adams, Arthur
• Cabe is Cindy's doctor. He tells Starsky and Hutch what Solenko's thugs did to her.

Cabot, (Satan's Witches) Sutton Robert Raymond
• He is one of the cultists.

Caifalno, Marshall (Psychic) Emmich, Cliff
• Caifalno’s nickname is “Fat Moo-Moo”. He is from Philadelphia. His partner is Earl Pola. Pola and Fat Moo Moo kidnapped a victim in Philadelphia. They took the ransom money and killed the delivery person but never revealed where the victim was. The victim was never found. , he teams up with Earl Pola. Fat Moo Moo and Pola get one of the Hayme’s employees, Julio Gutierrez, to help them kidnap high school student Joanna Haymes. They lure her into a truck as she heads to school. Then they kill Julio and leave his body in a van at an amusement park. Fat Moo Moo and Pola tie Joanna up in a truck and leave her in a scrap yard, not intending to return. Fat Moo Moo calls Joe Haymes and sets up the ransom drop. When he realizes cops are involved, he makes the terms harder. Fat Moo Moo demands two hundred thousand dollars to be delivered by a runner. The runner is to follow precise rules, something Fat Moo Moo revels in. When the set-up is ruined unintentionally by some uniformed officers, Fat Moo Moo shoots Hutch in the chest. Hutch is wearing a bullet proof vest and while injured, is not killed. Starsky, following Hutch on a motorbike, doesn’t know Hutch is still alive. Starsky shoots the getaway car. It blows up, killing both men.

Cairo, Nicky (Murder at Sea) Picerni, Charles
• He is Patsy Cairo’s younger brother and secretly working with Joey Fortune. Nicky Cairo and Jensen turn the tables on Nicky and Fortune at the shipboard meeting, not knowing that Fortune has outfoxed them by placing bombs on the ship. Nicky, Jensen and Fortune leave the ship by boat and try to drive a jeep to an airfield. Starsky and Hutch chase them in a jeep and capture them.

Cairo, Patsy (Murder at Sea) Picerni, Paul
• He is a syndicate leader. He is there for a big syndicate meeting with Joey Fortune, Marty Simon, Jack Patches, Gus Trainer, Oscar Nash and his brother. He is traveling with his girlfriend, Lily. They travel under the names or Mr. and Mrs. Clark. Fortune has set up this meeting aboard the ship to tell them he wants back into the business. They all vote to give him more money, but that there’d be no job for Fortune. Patsy is betrayed by his brother Nicky. All are left to be blown up by a bomb, but saved by Starsky and Hutch.

Callendar, Thomas (Plague) Rocco, Alex
• Callendar is an international hit man, known for being especially successful and rich. He contracts the plague on his travels. He accidentally scratches a man’s hand at the airport, spreading the plague. Callendar has arrived to assassinate Roper, a well-known mobster. Callendar kills one of his contacts, a man who withholds the firing pin to his gun. Callendar stays in a room in a house owned by a woman and her son. He becomes fond of the boy, Richie. While the plague kills everyone else who gets it, Callendar lives through it, giving his blood special properties. Callendar passes the plague to Richie. When Mrs. Yeagers pleads for Callendar to come to the hospital to give some blood to save Richie, he agrees. His reward is immunity from his crimes. Roper tries to kill Callendar but only wounds him. Callendar shoots Roper, wounding him as well. Callendar tells the Yeagers he is from Montreal, Canada.

Cameron, Lieutenant Ted (Las Vegas Strangler) Burke, Paul
• Cameron is a police lieutenant in Las Vegas. He has worked with Starsky and Hutch before, when their cases overlapped. They are surprised he requests their help, as he has made it clear he doesn’t like them. His excuse is he needs two cops who are not known in the area to help with a case involving strangled showgirls. Cameron withholds at least two bits of information from Starsky and Hutch. The first is that one of the strangled dancers was his former girlfriend. Her name was Sharon Flynn. She dumps Cameron for Jack Mitchell who is an old high school friend of Hutch’s from Duluth. Cameron doesn’t tell Starsky and Hutch that Mitchell is the number one suspect. After a staged fight in a casino, Hutch recognizes Jack as his old friend. Starsky and Hutch figure out that Cameron has set them up, using Hutch’s friendship with Mitchell as a way to keep an eye on him and solve the case. Cameron can’t prove it, but he is sure Mitchell is guilty. Cameron runs a sloppy investigation due to his biases in the case.

Cannell (Pilot) Conrad, Michael
• Cannell is a hit man imported from out-of-town. His partner is Zane. They have a reputation for never missing their mark. Cannell is a big John Wayne fan and is constantly frustrated about not being able to finish watching a movie on television. District Attorney Henderson hires them to kill Patricia and the young man she is with. He wants them dead, but for the murder to look like Starsky was the intended target. Fat Rolly is the go-between for the hit men and Henderson. Cannell and Zane make a second “attempt” on Starsky and Hutch’s life, pretending to shoot them in the pool. They end up killing the drug runner instead. Frank Tallman and Huggy both emphasize that Cannell and Zane never miss their mark.

Cannell, Zane Mr. (Pilot) mentioned
• Starsky and Hutch use this name to lure Henderson to the hotel. Miss Forsythe gives the message to Henderson that "Mr. Zane Cannell called" and that he wants to
renegotiate for a new trial.

Cannon, Fireball (Omaha Tiger, Psychic) Klein, Sonny
• Fireball is a bald man. While on probation, he shoplifts. He does it while wearing women’s clothing. He leads Starsky and Hutch on a merry car chase. They end up chasing him through a restaurant and its kitchen. Starsky gets pasta dumped on him, and Hutch finally gets Fireball as he tries to climb a fence. Fireball asks Hutch to shoot him, saying he doesn’t want to go back to jail. Hutch declines and insults Fireball’s dress. The same pre-tag is used in both “Omaha Tiger” and “Psychic”.

Caplan, Mr. & Mrs. Irving (Huggy Bear and the Turkey) mentioned
• The Caplans are an elderly couple who are one hundred dollars behind on payments from a loan by Bad Dad Watson. They run a laundry. Starsky and Hutch disguise themselves as the Caplans to fool Watson's thugs. Starsky portrays Mrs. Caplan and Hutch, her husband.

Carboni, Medical Examiner (Quadromania) Guardino, Jerome
• Carboni is the medical examiner who deals with the body of cabdriver Victor O'Connor.

Cardwell (Hutchinson for Murder One) Vadis, Dan
• He is one of Wheeler’s thugs. He and Boyle are partners. Cardwell shoots Vanessa.

Carelli, John (Foxy Lady) Gordon, Mark
• Carelli is Clay Zachary’s right-hand man. Carelli helped with the two million dollar bank robbery in San Francisco. Lisa Kendrick and Kevin Macky double-cross Carelli and Zachary, taking the money themselves. After Macky is killed and his half of the money is taken, Carelli kidnaps Lisa in an effort to get her half of the money. Carelli and Zachary trash Hutch’s place looking for the cash. They knock him out and kidnap him as well. Starsky is forced to bring the money to a small airstrip outside of town to get Lisa and Hutch back

Carlyle, Eddie (Ninety Pounds of Trouble) Garas, Kaz
• Carlyle is a professional hit man. One of his skills is that no one really knows what he looks like. He met Sid Archer in New York the previous month and set up a meet in a Bay City bar. He is shot by Starsky and Hutch in an attempt to flee and is hospitalized. Trying to capture the man who hired Carlyle, Hutch disguises himself as the hit man. While Hutch is under, Carlyle escapes from the hospital and Hutch tries to convince his boss, Schiller, that he is the real deal.

Carmer, Kathi (Death Notice) Kasdorf, Lenore
• She is a dancer at the “Panama.” Her boyfriend is Jerry Neilan. When Carmer sees Jack Thorn’s murder, she telles Neilan. Neilan sees a way out of his job at the golf course. He and Carmer come up with a plan to blackmail Thorn’s killers. Carmer pretends to have a southern accent on the phone, something that gets two of her friends killed.

Carnahan, Helen (Murder at Sea) Marta, Lynne
• see Carnoffsky, Helen

Carnoffsky, Helen (Murder at Sea) Marta, Lynne
• She uses the name Helen Carnahan with October Moss. She uses the name Nellie Brown on the Amapola. Her father was a important union figure. Both Starsky and Hutch say they admired him. He fought Joseph Fortune and was killed by him. Helen wants to kill Fortune in revenge. She and October Moss are roommates. During her investigation, she sees Eric Snow's murder. Snow's murderer comes to the apartment to kill his witness and kills Moss by accident. Helen lies to the police about her real name and involvement. Starsky and Hutch run into her later on the Amapola. She is there under the name of Nellie Brown and says she is working for the Phoenix Sun newspaper. She agrees to help them if they don't let on her real name. Helen tries to shoot Fortune but only gets him in the arm. She is with Starsky and Hutch when they are captured and tied up.

Carniari, Tommy (Omaha Tiger) mentioned
• Carniari ran a laundry business. He put in a bid for the laundry contract at the Olympic Wrestling Arena, knowing it was lowest bid. When the contract was given to George Felton, he threatened to sue. Carniari’s truck went off a cliff, and he was killed. It turns out Felton had him killed. Carniari’s good friend, Barnes, helps Starsky and Hutch with information. Carniari was one of three people Felton has killed.

Carnosffsky, Mr. (Murder at Sea) mentioned
• He was a good guy who worked for the Union. He fought against Joey Fortune. Fortune had him killed. His daughter, Helen, vows to kill Fortune in revenge.

Carol (Starsky’s Brother) Lawrence, Linda
• Carol, Marlene and Katie are the three women who meet Starsky, Hutch and Nick at the disco, “Tramps”. She becomes Nick’s date.

Carol (Starsky vs. Hutch) Craig, Yvonne
• Carol is a dancer at the “'Golden Lady Ballroom”. She dances once with Hutch.

Carrie (Set-Up)
Ligon, Tom
• The brainwashed man at the castle is talking about Carrie.

Carroll, Frankie (Collector) LePore, Richard
• He is the owner of Carroll's Lounge. He owes Annie Oates four hundred and sixty one dollars. When he refuses to pay, the new collector (Jack Cunningham) blows up the bathroom at his lounge.

Carson, Carol (Vampire) mentioned
• Carol was a dancer and Rene's first victim. She worked in an office building on Broadway, the same block as the ballet school. She was killed on the south side and in the same manor as Honey Williams.

Carson, J.B. (Foxy Lady) mentioned
• He is listed as an accomplice of Carelli's on Carelli's arrest report.

Carson, Jimmie Lee (Shootout) Sandor, Steve
• Carson is Theresa Defusto’s boyfriend. He comes to see her. She tells him to go home, as that night isn’t a good one. She promises to go on a big date another night. He stays. He has a temper and attacks the bad guys, messing up Hutch’s first plan. Joey locks him in the basement.

Carstairs, Sharon (Heavyweight) Buckner, Susan
• Starsky is sleeping with Sharon. She is a stewardess who is taking a break from her airline pilot boyfriend. Hutch asks Sharon to drive Stevie Spencer home. Both he and Starsky mock her lack of understanding about boxing. She keeps Starsky up all night with lots of sex. When Starsky goes to meet Hutch on the docks, she hooks back up with her former boyfriend, George. They become engaged.

Carston, Joey (Trap, Ninety Pounds of Trouble) McNichol, Kristy, Winningham, Mare
• Joey Carston is played by two different actresses. In the Trap, she is a young girl Starsky and Hutch chase after they see her shoplifting a lighter from a jewelry store. She gets away. They see her later on the street and apprehend her. Starsky and Hutch take her to the jewelry store, where the owner seems unconcerned that she has stolen from him. He says her mother is a valued customer, and that Joey is always welcome in his store. He puts the losses on the Carston tab. Starsky and Hutch decide to take Joey home to talk to her parents. Mrs. Carston is there but seems unconcerned about her daughter’s thievery. Joey sneaks into the back of the Torino. When Starsky and Hutch are trapped in the barn by Bagely, she is trapped there as well. She asks Starsky out on a date. He promises to take her out for pizza and a movie when they escape. Joey escapes during a diversion in which Starsky is shot in the leg. In the tag, Joey appears at the police station. She complains to Dobey that Starsky stood her up for their date. In Ninety Pounds of Trouble, Joey has been apparently harassing Starsky and filing false police reports. One of those reports is of a hit and run that turns out to be about a dog. Starsky finally agrees to go out to lunch with her, but stands her up when he has to go undercover. Joey goes to the Pits and tries to order an alcoholic drink. Huggy serves her a Shirley Temple instead. She hears Huggy on the phone with Starsky and figures out where he is. Joey sees Starsky with Sid. When Sid is alone, Joey confronts her and lets on Starsky is a cop. Joey is shown writing love letters to Starsky in her car and then throwing them in the back seat. She sees the apparent “hit” on Starsky by Hutch, follows Hutch’s car and overhears the bad guys. Realizing that Starsky is in trouble, she goes to the station and tries to convince Starsky and Dobey. They don’t believe her. She goes back to subdue the bad guys with later help from Starsky and Dobey. Starsky buys two tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert, but Joey says she would rather watch her high school boyfriend play football. She tells Steve Starsky and Hutch they are her uncles. Her CB handle is “Foxy”. Joey is left-handed and drives a yellow Mercedes.

Carston, Mrs. (The Trap, Ninety Pounds of Trouble) Prentiss, Ann
• Mrs. Carston is Joey Carston’s liberated mother. She doesn’t believe in discipline as it will stifle Joey’s tender psyche. (Trap) When Starsky and Hutch bring Joey home after they catch her shoplifting, Mrs. Carston seems unconcerned. She mentions her husband along with a derision for hang-gliding. Mrs. Carston leaves, saying she is late for her Est meeting. (Ninety Pounds) Mrs. Carston shows up at the station. She says she hasn’t seen Joey for a while. It turns out she is more interested in the golf clubs in the trunk of Joey’s car. She says she finds Hutch very attractive.

Carston, Mr. (Trap) mentioned
• Mrs. Carston says he isn't around, that she wishes he were and that "hang gliding thing is for the birds."

Carter, Federal Agent (Bait) Karen, James
• Carter is from the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency. Starsky and Hutch need his $250,000 for the final heroin deal with Danner. The first time they meet with Danner, Hutch gives Carter the wrong address so he won't interfere with them. When that deal goes bad, Carter demands the money back, saying he'll hold on the it and deliver the money at the new meeting himself. He is also responsible for the delivery of the Hawaiian Missionary Stamp to and from the meet.

Carter, Judge (Committee) mentioned
• Carter is the judge who set Willit’s bail at ten thousand dollars.

Carter, Spaceman Sam (Losing Streak) mentioned
• He used to play drums with Vic Rankin. He did "some time" and works as an orderly in a hospital. Rankin contacts him, according to Huggy, for help.

Carvel, Homer (Blindfold) mentioned
• Carvel is the lawyer who bailed out the Widdicombe brothers.

Cary (Las Vegas Strangler) Ryan, Natasha
• She is Vicky's little girl. She is about three years old and has a brace on one leg. She lives with her grandmother in Boulder City while her mother works two jobs. Her father's name is Lloyd. She has had three operations on her leg and needs more surgery. Starsky and Hutch send their Vegas winnings to Cary's mother to help with her medical bills.

Casey, Shotgun (Murder on Stage 17) Britton, Layne
• He is a stunt manager for Hanson's movie. He calls Starsky and Hutch "Spaghetti and Meatball." He wears a red, silky outfit.

Cassie (Strange Justice) Heldfond, Susan
• Cassie is a student at Weldon College. She is a Leslie Slate and Lori Prescott’s sorority sister. She tells Lori what happens at the end of the movie they were watching in the lounge. When Starsky and Hutch come back to interview her after Leslie’s rape, she is strident about advertising and the bad portrayal of women as a cause of violence. She isn’t helpful.

Castille (Targets 1) mentioned
• Gesslin brings up three preceding cases that make Hutch's informant stance moot. The cases are the People vs. Castille, the People vs. Garcia and the People vs. Williams.

Catlin (Class in Crime) Carey, Michele
• Catlin is the odd saleswoman at the car showroom, “The House That Jack Built.” The dealership sells very expensive cars. Starsky and Hutch go there to question her about her boss’ death but she has already heard about it. Starsky sits in the car with her and flirts. Later, she goes home with Starsky and sleeps with him. Hutch sees her at Starsky’s place in the morning. She makes Starsky eggs for breakfast and let him drive his dream car. Hutch refers to her as “Catlin the Weird” and as Miss Catlin.

Cavanaugh (Foxy Lady) Vasgersian, Ed
• He works for Pacific Insurance Company. He finds Lisa Kendrick at the airport and gives her a check for fifty thousand dollars. It is her reward for turning in the money she stole.

Cecil (Pariah) Alderman, John
• Cecil is a local drug pusher and user. He is the person who sells to Tramaine. When Starsky and Hutch raid his apartment, he tries to flush drugs down the toilet.

Cha Cha (Psychic) Everett, Charles
• Cha Cha and his buddy, Ringo, try to steal Starsky's car tires. Cha Cha is the black one.

Chaco, Little Huey (Texas Longhorn) Loros, George
• Chaco is a heroin addict. He and his partner, John Brown Harris, rape and kill Emma Lou Tyler. They also steal her squash blossom necklace, which they pawn, along with some snow tires, at Fat Rolly’s place. Chaco wears two hundred dollar custom-made cowboy boots with silver toe pieces. One of the toe pieces is found at the crime scene and is a clue. Chaco is traced to “Big Chucks” where he takes a hostage as Starsky and Hutch arrest him. Zack Tyler refuses to identify Chaco, wanting him released so he can kill Chaco. Chaco is shot dead shortly by Tyler. Chaco is from Puerto Rico. He is superstitious, telling his partner it was bad luck to mess with a married woman.

Chambers, A.C. (Tap Dancing) Sullivan, Liam
• Chambers is chairman of an Advisory Committee. He brought an older, famous dancer out of retirement and helped her set up her dance studio. Chambers uses the studio to entice married men and married women into illicit affairs, tapes the encounters and bribes them. His partners in this blackmail scheme are Marsha Sterns and Carl Starger, two dance instructors. Stearns clues him in that Millicent Forbes is really Teddy Tustin’s sister. Teddy was a blackmail client that was killed. Chambers sets up a hit on Hutch, after finding out he is a cop and not the dance student Charlie McCabe. Chambers and Stearns kidnap Marianne Tustin and put her in the back of his car.

Chambers, Ed (Rosey Malone) Keach, James
• Chambers is an attorney with the Justice department. He and his partner, Bill Goodson, are working with the Senate Investigating Committee in trying to prosecute the Malone syndicate. He and his partner Bill Goodson served a subpoena on Frank Malone to testify. Chambers and Goodson use Starsky to get personally close to Malone's daughter Rosey. Then they leak an anonymous tip to the police about Malone's competition in an effort to make Malone’s enemies think he is cooperating with the police. They also tell Malone’s rival that Rosey is dating a cop. Goodson and Chambers threaten Malone that they will drop the subpoena so that his enemies will think he is giving information and will be killed.

Charlene, Aunt (Jojo) mentioned
• Merle the Earl says his Aunt Charlene is looking for a guy.

Charles (Pilot) not credited
• Charles is one of the men sitting at the bar where Starsky and Hutch find Fat Rolly. Starsky greets him. He might be the same person as Creepy Charlie.

Charles (Pilot) not credited
• Charles is a friend of the homeless man, Lijah. After Hutch gives Lijah a dollar, Lijah offers to buy Charles some of coffee.

Charles (Playboy Island) not credited
• Charlotte asks Charles to push Walter Healey's wheelchair.

Charles (Pilot) not credited
• District Attorney Henderson greets Charlie in the hallway at City Hall South.

Charlie (Omaha Tiger) Joi, Marilyn
• Charlie works with Huggy at Rodent Downs. She is the race caller and takes the bets.

Charlie (Pilot) not seen
• Hutch calls the Pits. He gets Charlie on the phone. Hutch leaves a message with him for Huggy to meet he and Starsky tomorrow night at the usual place.

Chartreuse, Billy (Vendetta) mentioned
• Chartreuse is a forty-eight year old pimp who is killed by Tommy Marlowe.

Cherie (Dandruff) mentioned
• Starsky and Hutch use his name as a diversion to distract Buddy Owens. Cherie is supposedly a drum player.

Cherry (Death Notice) mentioned
• Starsky calls Ginger "Cherry" by accident. It is unclear if there is actually someone named Cherry in the dressing room.

Chest, Miss Treasure (Death Ride) not credited
• see Treasure Chest, Miss

Chester, Dora (Photo Finish) Kirkland, Sally
• see Wren, Greta

Chet (Murder on Stage 17) not credited
• Chet is a stunt man working on Steve’s movie. He has a fight scene with Starsky and Hutch. After he and his partner, Blackie, decide to not pull their punches, Starsky and Hutch don’t pull theirs either. Chet is who Starsky fights.

Chicky (Deckwatch) Walker, Will
• Chicky is a minor. Starsky and Hutch both know him. He was supposed to be at Juvenile Hall but he left. He tells Starsky and Hutch he left because of crummy television reception. Chicky has seen Salidas under a bridge and sees the gunshot wound. Chicky is suspicious when Salidas tells him the injury is from a car accident. He tells Salidas he is going to call an ambulance but finds Starsky and Hutch instead. He tries to trade what he knows for money, but Hutch is very short with him and Chicky gets nothing. Chicky contradicts Hutch about the cigarettes found. Hutch said they were French. Chicky says they are English and smell like the “stale Columbians” his brother smokes.

Chicky’s brother (Deckwatch) mentioned
• He smokes the same kind of cigarettes that Salidas smokes, English and smell like “stale Columbians.”

Chicky (Ballad for a Blue Lady) Pierce, Stack
• Chicky is the piano player at Joe Fitch's blues club. He has known Marianne Owens a long time. He is worried about her and tries to give Hutch more information but is scared into silence by Fitch’s thug.

Christine (Starsky's Lady) George, Rita
• Christine is Hutch’s girlfriend. She, Terry, Starsky and Hutch go to the amusement park together. Christine rides in the bumper car with Hutch. All four also play miniature golf together. After Terry is shot, the four have a date and play Monopoly. Christine makes a blunder and talks about “next year” and Terry. Terry tells them she might surprise them all and still be around.

Chuckles (Bust Amboy) Honig, Howard
• Chuckles runs the funeral home where Amboy is running a prostitution scam.

Cindy (Pilot) mentioned
• Cindy is a girl Starsky is dating. Hutch asks about her. Starsky describes last night’s date with her as “acceptable, acceptable.”

Cindy (Lady Blue) Blake, Timothy
• Cindy is Helen Davisson’s roommate and friend. They are both go-go dancers at the “Mellow Yellow.” She thought of Helen as the big sister she never had. Cindy doesn’t know Helen is a cop. Helen tells Cindy that she loved Starsky and that “once she made a mistake.” After overhearing information at the club, she tries to call Starsky and Hutch. She is caught and given a mind-altering mixture of drugs. Starsky and Hutch visit her in her hospital room. All Cindy does is sing a nonsense song over and over again.

Clancy, brothers (Pilot) mentioned
• Starsky tells Henderson and Steele the Clancy brothers, “might take a crack at spashin’ us again.”

Clark (Quadromania) mentioned
• He is one of the first two cabbies killed by Lionel Fitzgerald.

Clark, Suzette (Vampire) Sills, Paula
• Suzette is Nadasy's third victim. She was one of his students. Clark is killed in the underground garage where she lived. It is implied her roommate tells Hutch about the connection to the dance school.

Claxton (Targets 1) mentioned
• Sneaky Regan, one of Starsky and Hutch's snitches, was killed because of his involvement in "the Claxton case."

Clayborn, Officer (Manchild on the Streets) Hicks, Chuck
• Clayborn is Officer Raymond T. Andrews’ senior partner.

Claybourne, Cal (Long Walk) Haynes, Dick
• Cal is Sue Ann Grainger’s longtime manager. He is very fond of Sue Ann. He calls in the police to help put a stop to the harassing phone calls Sue Ann is getting.

Clayburn, Deputy D.A. (Targets 1 + 2 + 3, Sweet Revenge) Kercheval, Ken A.
• Clayburn is a lawyer and appears to help Starsky and Hutch in their case against McClellan. He is actually the syndicate’s connection to the District Attorney’s office. Clayburn orders the death of Judge McClellan. He is shot and killed by Karen in the airport as he tries to make his escape. In "Sweet Revenge," Hutch mentions his name as being on the computer print-out.

Cleveland, Dr. (Las Vegas Strangler) Ray, James

• Dr. Cleveland is apparently the in-house police psychiatrist. He tested Jack Mitchell when Mitchell had been brought in for questioning regarding the murders of the showgirls. He and Lieutenant Cameron believe that Jack is psychotic and a serial killer.

Cobb, Marsellus (Strange Justice) Anderson, Carl
• Cobb is a Vietnam veteran and was an officer in the army. He is now a junkie and Lieutenant Dan Slate’s snitch. Slate pretends to roust him in an alley, but it is a trick to get Cobb alone and save his image. Cobb gives Slate a little gun he brought back from Vietnam. When Slate asks him how he’s gone from being an officer in the army to his current situation, Cobb turns the table and asks Slate the same thing. Slate also has Cobb bail Lenny Biggs out of jail so Slate can kill him. Starsky and Hutch chase Cobb to his hotel room and find him hiding under the bed. Cobb tells Starsky and Hutch about the plan Slate has for Biggs.

Codes, Professor Linda (Pilot) mentioned
• She is one of Patricia Talbert's instructors. Her name is seen on Talbert's class schedule.

Colby, John (Deadly Impostor) Hindle, Art
• Colby is an old friend of Starsky and Hutch. He appears at Vinnie’s gym, and Vinnie calls Hutch to tell him his old friend is in town. The three of them went to the Police Academy together. Colby quit the Academy and joined the Air Force. Their nickname was the “The Three Corsicans.” He tells Huggy he was the first one to call them “Husky and Starch”. Colby quit the academy and joined the air force. He tells Starsky and Hutch he spent five years in a prisoner of war camp, then two years in a hospital in Hawaii. Colby says he is on his way to Germany and only in town for the weekend. He is trying to find his ex-wife and son, who are in the area. Starsky and Hutch offer to help him. Colby is really a hit man, hired by Nate Garvin, to kill a witness against him in a Grand Jury case. Colby stabs Harvey Russo, another witness. He also kills a woman named Jackie, who recognizes him as a man she used to know as Mike Robbins. . He is really a hit man, paid by Nate Garvin to kill the possible witness' against him in the Grand Jury hearing on Monday morning. Colby kills Harvey Russo, also a target of the Grand Jury, and a possible witness against Garvin. He kills a girl named Jackie because she knew him during another assignment as Mike Robins. The woman Colby asks Starsky and Hutch to find is actually the wife of the man Garvin wants him to assassinate. Not knowing this, Starsky and Hutch track the woman down. Colby knocks Hutch out, takes the woman to the beach in order to kill her husband but is stopped by Starsky and Hutch. Colby tells Hutch that Hutch he found he was good at killing, and a man should do what he is good at.

Colby, Karen (Deadly Imposter) Gailey, Suzan
• see Karen Karpel.

Cole, Ellie (Hostages) Kelsey, Linda
• Ellie is Tom Cole’s newly pregnant wife. It is her second pregnancy; she lost the first baby. She is kidnapped and used as a hostage in a attempt to rob Tom Cole’s armored car. She tells Belle Kates she is on a special diet and needs lots of rest. Kates seems to like her, alluding that once she was as pretty as Ellie.

Cole, Federal Agent Arthur (Specialist) Cyphers, Charles
• Cole is Alex Drew’s immediate supervisor. He knew Drew had been under stress in his forced retirement, but did didn’t do enough to help. After he is told Drew is killing policeman, he still doesn’t do enough. He is not cooperative with Starsky, Hutch or Dobey and makes a lot of poor decisions.

Cole, Tom (Hostages) Ritter, John
• Tom is the security guard for “Ames Armored Car Company.” His wife is Ellie, and she is pregnant. His partner is Harry Johnson. Johnson is killed, and a thug takes Harry’s place. Ellie is kidnapped as a tool to make Tom cooperate in a plan to steal the money, one million dollars. He is able to help Starsky and Hutch without blowing his cover with the bad guys.

Cole, Ellie and Tom's baby (Hostages) mentioned
• He or she is about the size of a large kidney bean and is expected to be born in about seven months.

Coleman, brothers [Pilot] mentioned
• Starsky tells Henderson and Steele that the Coleman brothers would "mulch us if they had a chance."

Coleman, District Attorney (Death Ride) Hecht, Paul
• Coleman is the man from the District Attorney’s office who is in charge of keeping Andrew Mello safe so Mello can testify at a Grand Jury hearing. After Kester tries to kill Mello, he agrees with him that there is a crooked cop involved. He sets up sets up Linda Williams as a decoy for Joanne Wells. Coleman sends Starsky and Hutch to get the woman and bring her back. He doesn’t let Dobey tell Starsky and Hutch about the switch.

Coley (Pilot) Lester, Buddy
• Coley is a con man known to Starsky and Hutch. He was in prison and paroled on January 7th, two months ago. Coley has been arrested for pandering and pick-pocketing. Starsky and Hutch spot him stealing a tourist’s wallet. They make him give the wallet back. Starsky and Hutch don’t arrest him after he convinces them it wouldn’t be worth their time. They tell Coley to stay out of their district. He is the first person to act surprised to see Starsky.

Collandra, Joe (Psychic) Miller, Allan
• Collandra is a psychic. He works at a café. Four years ago in Atlantic City, Collandra was able to lead police to the body of a kidnapped boy. The father paid him ten thousand dollars. The police thought maybe he had something to do with the killing. His nickname was “The Amazing Collins”. After the Atlantic City mess, he tries to give up his psychic ways. He tells Huggy he can see a body, and Huggy calls Starsky and Hutch. After Collandra’s vision is proven true, Starsky and Hutch try to get him to help in the kidnapping case. Collandra is very reluctant, but finally agrees.

Collins, City Attorney (Pariah) Jarvis, Graham
• He and the Chief set up a televised coroner’s inquest about Lonnie Craig’s death.

Collins, Officer Charles (Coffin for Starsky) Griffin, Jack
• Collins works in the R&I department. Hutch gets after him on the police radio about his information being too slow. Collins apologizes in person to Starsky but ignores Hutch.

Commissioner, the (Velvet Jungle, Heroes, Omaha Tiger, Hutchinson for Murder One, Jojo, Photo Finish, Fatal Charm, Groupie, Deadly Imposter, Heavyweight, Crying Child) mentioned
• The Commissioner is often mentioned, but never seen.

Coney (Fix) Charnota, Anthony
• Coney is Ben Forest’s thug. He is one of the men who shoots Hutch up. Coney meets Mickey after Hutch has been tricked into going to the bar to meet Mickey. Coney attempts to give Hutch an overdose of heroin in the alley. Hutch head butts him and escapes. Coney and Monk are both killed by Starsky in an alley.

Conley, Officer (Strange Justice) not credited
• Conley is one of the officers at the standoff in the end. He takes Slate away.

Connery, Charlotte (Playboy Island) Eggar, Samantha
• Connery is “William Thorne’”s nurse. She has an English accent. She tells Starsky and Hutch she thinks something bad is going on, and that Thorne is in danger. In reality, she is in on the plot to cheat and kill Thorne. Her partners in crime are Little Philippe, Papa Theodore and many of the women who work at the hotel. She marries Thorne in a bogus ceremony and intends to kill him off, leaving her as the rich and grieving widow.

Connie, (Bait) Jones, Akili
• Connis is a pimp and drug pusher. He uses underage girls. He is one of Danner’s contacts. Cheryl introduces the undercover detectives to him. Connie makes a deal with Starsky and Hutch (as Rafferty and O’Brien) but tries to cheat them. They cheat him back. Connie and his thugs try to beat up Starsky and Hutch in the alley behind Huggy’s. Connie is at the final raid at Danner’s.

Conrad (Hostages) Tanner, Clay
• Conrad is the one in charge of the gang. He rides with Tom Cole in the truck and tells everyone what to do.

Conrad, Alice K. (Committee) May, Angela
• She goes by the name of Ginger. Ginger listens at Nellie's bar, a popular spot for cops, for disgruntlement. Ginger is being blackmailed to find the contacts for “The Committee”. Ginger tells Starsky she is a friend of Millie, the girl they saved from being raped. She invites Starsky to her apartment in order to have members of “The Committee” screen him. Hutch recognizes her as someone who was charged with a felony Bunko charge five years ago. He finds out the charged was reduced via Lieutenant Fargo, of Internal Affairs. In the end, she helps them rescue Starsky. Ginger signs a statement that will help to convict the group of murder and attempted murder. Her rap sheet says she was arrested on June 26, 1976, was born in Dallas, Texas on May 23, 1953, she has blue eyes, is one hundred and fifteen pounds, is 5’6” and her address is 1233 East 31st. St.

Cookie (Playboy Island) mentioned
• He is the cook at the Thorne estate. Charlotte Connery tells Starsky and Hutch that she thinks he will help them with Thorne.

Coop (Crying Child) Ronard, Jason
• Coop works as a mechanic for “City Trucking”. He is a friend of Eddie Mayer, though it was Eddie who gave him a black eye the night before. Coop says Eddie is a good guy except when he is drunk.

Cooper, Dr. (Plague) mentioned
• Dr. Meredith asks a nurse to bring a test tube to Dr. Cooper.

Coppet, Judith (Starsky/Hutch/Guilty) Danese, Shera
• Coppet works at “Paradise Massage”. She has a criminal record which should have made it impossible for her to get a massage license. It was District Attorney Sharon Freemont who tweaked the rules for her. In exchange for this favor, she helps set up Starsky and Hutch by claiming the visited her and beat her up. Coppet has the wonderful line, “Hey, who are you calling a broad?”

Cora Lee (Huggy Can't Go Home) Roberts, Francesca
• Cora Lee is an old girlfriend of Huggy’s. She works at the “Funky Chicken”, a restaurant in Huggy’s old neighborhood. Big Red McGee is killed in front of the “Funky Chicken.” She is happy to see Huggy when he comes into the restaurant. She wants to help Huggy help get the money back that was stolen at the poker game. She recognizes a complicated food order and follows Dolphin to the hotel. She rides a yellow moped. Huggy remembers that her mother weighed over three hundred pounds. Cora Lee’s mother hit Huggy for making out with Cora Lee on the couch when he was a kid.

Corday, Lieutenant Alec (Death in a Different Place) Gordon, Don
• Corday works in the Narcotics department. Corday is crooked. Lieutenant John Blaine sees Corday in the lobby of the Francis Hotel making a drug deal with Orrin Lawford. Not wanting a witness, Corday smothers Blaine while Blaine is drunk and passed out in his room. Then Corday goes after Nick Hunter, who was with Blaine. After Hunter is arrested, Corday arranges for Orrin Lawford to bail him out. Corday hides in Lawford’s room and listens to Lawford and Hunter make a deal to keep Hunter quiet. Corday tries to kill Nick, but Nick escapes out the window. Corday then kills Lawford with a letter-opener. Starsky and Hutch are called to the scene. Corday tells them that Nick killed Lawford. Corday says he had busted Lawford several weeks ago and was meeting him to make a deal for the Narcotic unit. Starsky and Hutch become suspicious of Corday. Starsky and Hutch attempt to set Corday up with a plan at the Green Parrot. It goes badly, and Corday takes Sugar hostage. Corday is taken down after shooting up the bar while it is full of people. Starsky counts the number of bullets Corday shoots and decides the gun is empty.

Corman, Phil Detective (Snowstorm) Venture, Richard
• He is a veteran officer. Corman is white and makes racist comments directed at his partner, Detective Burke, who is black. Burke, Corman and Detective Kalowitz work with Starsky and Hutch to break up the drug ring snitched on by Marty Crandell. Crandell hides a quarter of the drugs for himself. Corman shoots and kills a drug dealer named Crown. In the confusion, Corman steals Crown’s gun to use for later. Detective Corman later kills Crandell when he and Burke show up to collect the drugs. Corman and Burke hide the drugs at Corman's cabin at Bear Lake. The two surprise Dobey by asking for a day off together. They go to Bear Lake to hide the drugs. Starsky and Hutch figure out the missing gun, and Hutch determines it isn't trout fishing season. Starsky and Hutch go to Bear Lake and confront their fellow officers. There is a gun battle. Starsky shoots Burke in the arm, and Hutch kills Corman.

Count (Vampire) not credited
• He is the caped man Starsky interviews before Supergnat. Starsky says he's not credible.

Courey, Nacy (Murder Ward) mentioned
• He or she is one of the reporters that wrote the article about Dr. Matwick. The name is seen on the clipping.

Coyle, Matt (Iron Mike) MacLean, Peter
• Coyle owns “Coyle Provision”. It is a fine food supplier to restaurants and grocery stores. He was born in Jersey City but has an Irish accent. Coyle runs drugs and stolen goods on the side. He also has some protection scams going on with certain businesses. He has a mutual agreement with Captain Mike Ferguson. Coyle supplies Ferguson with information about various criminal activities and Ferguson looks the other way with Coyle’s shady dealings. Coyle even turned in a man, Skinny Momo Mantel, who liked and considered a son. Momo is spending ten years in jail. Coyle sends his “old lady” money every month. Coyle is having an affair with the wife of his right-hand man. The right-hand man is Johnny Lonigan and his wife is Laura. Ferguson is shot and before he dies, he turns over his book to Starsky and Hutch, encouraging them to follow in his dealings with Coyle. Coyle tries to make the same deal he had with Ferguson with Starsky and Hutch. At first they decline, but then take him up on a trial offer, planning on bringing Coyle down later. Coyle gives them good information. They ask Coyle to turn in Johnny Lonigan, and he does. Starsky and Hutch use this willingness to get Lonigan to turn Coyle in, citing Coyle’s affair with Laura. Coyle has a spectacularly ugly bathrobe. He is left-handed.

Coyle, Billy (Heavyweight) mentioned
• Huggy remembers that Spenser fought Billy Coyle at Madison Square Gardens six years ago and knocked him out in the eighth round.

Crabtree, Abigail (Deadly Impostor, Silence, Running, Bounty Hunter, Vendetta) Foster, Ann
• (Deadly Imposter) Abby is a friend of Maggie McMillian. Maggie sends her to the station for a date with Starsky. Starsky, thinking her name means she’s another old lady, asks Hutch to cover for him. Hutch ends up with Abby, a young woman, instead. (Silence) credited only (Running) Hutch brings clothes over to Sharman who is at Starsky’s apartment. He says that Abby picked the clothes out. Hutch says Abby had to guess at the sizes. Abby herself is not seen. (Bounty Hunter) Abby is at the police cafeteria eating lunch with Starsky and Hutch. She and Hutch talk about their forty-eight hour fast over the weekend. In the tag, Abby serves Starsky and Hutch a salad. Starsky complains to Hutch that it isn’t steak and potatoes. Abby mixes up a health shake, but Starsky gives his to Hutch. (Vendetta) Abby is at picnic with Hutch. They talk about going back to his place, but Starsky’s girlfriend runs up and tells them about a call on the radio. Later, Abby has lunch with Starsky and Hutch and pesters him about showing up for supper on time. That night at Hutch’s place, she is talking on the phone to her friend, Donna. It sounds like she is going to give Hutch some sort of ultimatum. She is setting the table when Tommy Marlowe busts in. He assaults her. In the tag, her arm is in a sling. She and Hutch are on a picnic. Abby tells him the thing with Marlowe really scared her and she is leaving. Her brother is waiting for her in his car. After she leaves, Starsky tells Hutch she had already told him she was leaving. Abby likes Norwegian cheese. brother to pick her up and take her home, leaving Hutch. Hutch finds out she had already told Starsky.

Crabtree, Abigail's Brother (Vendetta) mentioned
• Abby tells Hutch she called her brother and that he is coming to take her home. Her brother drives a white VW bug. He honks at her at the park.

Craig, Eunice (Pariah) Haynes, Hilda
• Eunice is Lonnie Craig’s mother. She understands that Lonnie had gotten into some bad stuff. Starsky goes to visit her house after Lonnie’s service. She agrees to help Starsky find Lonnie’s killer. Starsky apparently visits her later. She gives him a recipe for banana daiquiris. Starsky says Eunice Craig drinks one every day.

Craig, Lonnie Malcolm (Pariah) not credited
• Lonnie is the sixteen-old son of Eunice Craig. He hadn’t been in any trouble until a year ago. He was known as a loner. Lonnie’s cousin tells Starsky he tried to break up the friendship between Tramaine and Lonnie. Lonnie and Joseph Tramaine rob a liquor store and shoot a cop. Starsky chases Lonnie out the back and tells him to stop. Lonnie turns to shoot Starsky, and Starsky shoots him dead. Starsky is cleared of wrong-doing in Lonnie’s death. After Starsky is cleared, George Prudholm uses the whole thing as an excuse to kill other cops. Prudholm wants Starsky to resign.

Cramer, Miss (Targets 3) mentioned
• Bates calls Miss Cramer on the phone. He arranges for a plane ticket and money to be waiting for her at a hotel.

Crandell, Marty (Snowstorm) Dzundza, George
• Crandell is one of Stryker’s hired men. To avoid drug charges, he becomes a snitch for Starsky and Hutch, tipping them off about a cocaine buy. He is also secretly working with Detectives Corman and Burke. The three of them plan to siphon off some of the drugs before they get to Stryker. Crandell hides a quarter of the shipment worth one million dollars. After the drug bust, Dobey has Starsky and Hutch make Crandell snitch for them further by threatening him with rape charges involving a seventeen-year old girl in Pennsylvania. Crandell is double-crossed by Burke and Corman. Corman shoots and kills him. Crandell lives at 211 Frontal Road. He has a lot of nudie magazines. Hutch comments that Crandell has a lot of Smell-Well, a hair product.

Crane, Sharman (Running) Smithers, Jan
• Sharman and Starsky were in ninth grade woodshop class for one semester. She doesn't remember him. Her father died, her mother re-married and they moved away after the ninth grade. Sharman became a top model in New York. Her first husband died in Vietnam, and she lost their stillborn baby. Her second husband, Tony, committed suicide after getting caught stealing money from his job. Two months before the episode, Sharman disappeared. DuBois steals her inscribed bracelet and Starsky recognizes it from a robbery. He and Hutch locate Sharman, now almost always drunk. Starsky takes her to his place, against Hutch's wishes, to "dry her out" and to protect her from the media as well as DuBois. Starsky takes her back to her parents in the end.

Crane, Sharman's father (Running) mentioned
• Starsky tells Hutch Sharman's dad died while she was in the ninth grade and that Sharman and her mother moved away.

Crane, Sharman's mother (Running) Netherly Byrd, Miriam
• Sharman's mother moves away after her husband died when Sharman was thirteen years old. Sharman's mother remarries. She's been ill, Dobey notes, possibly from worrying about her daughter. Sharman calls her from Starsky's place to tell her she's okay.

Crane, Sharman's first husband (Running) mentioned
• He dies in Vietnam. Three months later Sharman delivers their baby, stillborn.

Crane, Sharman's second husband, Tony (Running) mentioned
• Tony and Sharman married a year ago. Six months ago, Tony committed suicide. It was discovered he had been embezzling money from his employers. He is the one who gives the diamond bracelet to Sharman.

Crane, Sharman and Tony's baby (Running) mentioned
• This baby is stillborn three months after Tony is killed in Vietnam.

Crane, Sharman's stepfather (Running) not credited
• He is standing with his wife when Starsky brings Sharman home.

Crazy Sammy Pearl (Targets 3) mentioned
• Pearl is someone Starsky and Allison May both remember from their New York days. Starsky reminds Allison f Pearls when they are making their dangerous walk a the amusement park Starsky reminds Allison of Pearl and how he threw himself threw a window without injury. It is what helped Starsky helped he and Allison get away from Soldier.

Creepy Charley (Pilot) mentioned
• Starsky mentions that Creepy Charlie seemed surprised to see him. It might be the same Charlie Starsky greets in the bar where Fat Rolly is.

Crenshaw (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead) McLeod, Duncan
• Crenshaw is one of C.J. Woodfield’s thugs.

Crimmons, Lieutenant (Death Notice) mentioned
• He works for the Las Vegas Police. Starsky calls him on the phone and gets information about the death of Jack Thorn.

Cronin (Death Notice) Hicks, Chuck
• Cronin is one of Delano’s bodyguards. At the meatpacking plant, Starsky dumps him into a dumpster.

Crow, R.J. (Bloodbath) Brown, James
• He is the owner of the 'Pinion Pine Ranch' outside of L.A. He let Simon Marcus' people stay on his land for a while because he was getting sexual favors from the women. Crow tells the cult to leave when they start killing his cattle. Hutch finds Crow digging a hole to bury a prize bull. Crow doesn't tell Hutch much and is killed when his barn blows up.

Crown, Edward (Snowstorm) not credited
• Crown was one of Stryker’s thugs. He was part of a gang moving a shipment of cocaine. Other members of the gang are Marty Crandell, Freddie and Rogers. Crown is shot and killed by Detective Corman during the drug bust. Corman steals Crown’s gun off the scene and uses it later to kill Crandell.

Cruiser (Heavyweight) Minor, Bob
• He is one of Gavin’s hired thugs. His fellow thug is Berl. He and Berl killed the undercover detective, Frank Marchetti, while Marchetti was investigating a warehouse on the docks.

Cubby (Starsky's Brother) mentioned
• Stryker believes Cubby is snitching on him to Starsky and Hutch and orders Cubby "taken care of."

Cunningham, Jack (Collector) Viharo, Robert
• His real name is John Gallagher. His rap sheet says he is thirty-five years old, has brown eyes and is 65 pounds. He was raised in a convent in San Francisco called 'Sisters of Hope' where Sister Theresa Margaret beat him. His father smuggled him out of the convent in a suitcase. Cunningham is wanted for shooting a man in Tuscan a year ago and shooting a man in Phoenix a month ago. He is wanted for forty-three burglaries, four counts of armed robbery and is on the FBI's Most Wanted List. Cunningham shoots Joe Garras for his book and uses the book to infiltrate Annie Oate's home in order to steal her money. He threatens Lee Bristol through his daughter and blows up the bathroom at Frank Carroll's bar, both tactics to get loans repaid. He smears meat on his gun to trick Oate's dog. He claims he can see and hear a woman's unborn child.

Cunningham, Jack's father (Collector) mentioned
• Jack says his father snuck him out of the convent he was raised in by hiding him in a suitcase. Jack says his father didn't want him to be an altar boy.

Cutler, Albert (Murder Ward) Sullivan, J. Christopher
• He is probably credited only. Perhaps originally he was another patient or the person Switek talks to on the phone.