This amazing compendium of information on Starsky & Hutch was designed, built, and researched by Pepper Ckua who has generously donated it to the fandom. We can update or make changes as necessary. Contact Flamingo- with any corrections or suggestions.

Thanks, Pepper, for all your hard work.



"He hated to say
that reporting was in his blood, but it did seem to offer him something that nothing else did:
the exhilaration of a million small facts.
When he was working on a story, he felt as though he were a paleontologist
uncovering a set of bones, chipping away at the world until he had enucleated some small hard object he could catalogue and carry away in his hands..."

(Kevin Brockmeier, The Brief History of the Dead, 2006)

"Do you have a permit for tha
t cannon, lady?"
(Photo Finish)


What is this compendium about?
• This is a collection of information about the world of Bay City, California. Bay City is the home of Detective Sergeants Starsky and Hutchinson from the television show "Starsky and Hutch," which aired for four seasons in the late 1970's.
• This project hopes to be resource, as well as a source of entertainment, for folks interested in the little details that make up the world of these two fictional police officers from the fictional Ninth Precinct of fictional Bay City, Califor

Pepper's Notes about this compendium:
• The information contained in this compendium can be read like a good book. It can give one insight into devices of the show’s writers, the inside jokes, patterns of the characters, show the ebb and flow of habits, and is an all-around collection of minutia. It can reinforce, or debunk, common assumptions in canon. It can be used as a resource for vidding, for writing, to fill up the empty spaces in a fan’s brain or for argumentation with proof. Mostly, I hope it's fun to read.
• Information in this compendium is as accurate to the best of my abilities. It was collected from dialogue and from intentional visuals. It was also gathered from unintentional things seen in the background, which I chose to recognize as canon. Keep in mind when this show was filmed, the thought of a home viewer with the ability to replay and zoom into every scene adds an element of scrutiny that was never meant to be possible.
• The zoom button, the captions option, listening to every word, copious notes and an obsessive nature have all been helpful tools at my disposal.
• I have attempted to give each fact equal weight and catalog it in its appropriate place. There are times a fact will have multiple homes, but I've tried very hard not to have too much duplication.
• I have not made distinctions between what characters say as a joke and what they intended to be a fact. Example: when Starsky says his mother told him he “would never make it in the theater,” (Murder Ward) I cataloged it under information about his personal life. Chances are it was a throw-a-way joke, but I chose not to make the distinction. It's up to the viewer, of both the show and the compendium, to make that decision, in context.
• The analysis of the presented facts are up to the reader/viewer. For example: It's canon that Starsky thinks Hutch’s car is ugly and/or slow. There are a numerous examples of him making these statements. It's also canon that Starsky is shown driving Hutch's car only once. (Satan's Witches) But it would be only an assumption (though a good one) to assume Starsky drives his partner's car only once because he disapproves of its speed or appearance.
• If something's in quotes, it's a direct quote. I tried to be very careful about making a distinction between my words and the characters’ words.
• I've tried very hard to keep fact and opinion separate and labeled as such.
• All facts have been double, triple-checked and more, but there's always room for mistakes and deletions on my part. Any errors are mine alone. Mine, mine, mine.
• I'm well aware of the theory that four different viewers will have six different opinions; I've, in fact, felt the hot waft of their breath on my neck even in my seclusion. I hope even the most suspicious fan will find something to support and trust herein.
• This project has no agenda other than to be a fun and helpful romp through Bay City. Nothing else.
• And hey, as for having doubts about my sanity, the apparent abundant amount of free time I must have, comments about how there is something out there for everyone and the wonderment of obsession taken to its extremes, let me answer, “yes, no, yes, and you betcha.” And trust me, they're nothing I haven’t thought of already.


• Starsky and Hutch and all related concepts, characters, etc, as well as the rights to all televised episodes belong to Spelling/Goldberg Productions, Inc. This compendium is a non-profit project created solely for information and entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended. No money is being made, trust me.

And finally, I'd like to give a big Bay City thank you:
• to Ea, you're my proofreader, my coffee and a Danish. “Mange tak, min ven! 'Wanna share?'”
• to CC and Kass, thank you for your support and encouragement!
• And finally to the Big Pepper and the Pepperonis who put up with this project, almost like another family member, for far too long.

"How's it shakin', Pepper?"