"If you're gonna jerk around like that, why don't you go do it in a dark corner?" (Discomania)

What is probably, according to Starsky, Huggy’s only means of transportation?
• a shopping cart (Bait)

What is the name of the football team on the poster on the back of Hutch's Venice Place apartment?
• the Dallas Cowboys (various)

What does Starsky's horoscope tell him?
• that today's a "good day to make a conquest" (Hostages)

What does the note Hutch read in court say?
* "Where is Starksy?" (Bloodbath)

What are the things Molly/Pete says "stinks"? (Little Girl Lost)
• football and pink, green, red and blue dresses

What does S.L. O. B. stand for?
• Sanitation Lift Operator's Brotherhood. (Playboy Island)

What does Hugyy advertise as "eats less than a dog and is cleaner than a cat"?
• a Dingle Dolly (Hostages)

What does Harry Sample say is “against the teachings”?
• smoking (Shootout)

What is the name of the hotel the two showgirl , mules stay at?
• the Hilton (Targets 1)

What does Starsky do every time he goes to the dentist?
• he "cops" a magazine, so says Hutch (Cover Girl)

What does Amy say is a trait of Harry and his being a Sagittarius?
• that he's never late (Hostages)

What is written on the note Madame Marlene Bouvet finds on the Golden Lady’s phone?
• “The spy will dye.” (Starsky vs. Hutch)

What is Starsky's lucky number?
• Seven.
(Targets 1, Starsky's Lady, Pilot, Black and Blue)

What was Lord Harry's patron's tattoo and why did she want it?
• It was the Liberty Bell. It was her salute to American free enterprise. (Murder at Sea)

What's easier than filling a trunk full of mud?
• Willy says that is easier than finding guys to make a sugar pick-up. (Moonshine)

What gives Fat Rolly away at the bar?
• He writes the note using Hutch's pen. (Pilot)

What does Starsky consider "instant energy"?
• a candy bar (Fix)

What, according to Hutch, got him his home improvement loan from the bank for his greenhouse expansion?
• his positive attitude (Ballad For a Blue Lady)

What does Starsky call a pawn and a knight in his chess game with Hutch?
• a joey and a pony (Iron Mike)

What does the red-eyed skull with the fake bomb in the locker say over and over again?
• “Die Saturday night.” (Golden Angel)

• What are two things Starsky and Hutch will come back with from Mexico if they don't solve the case?
A start of a hand-painted collection of pottery and a terrific tan (Murder at Sea)

What color does Hutch pick when Starsky wants to guess?
• blue (Black and Blue)

What are the two episodes that have prominent shopping carts?
• Hutch complains about the one behind Huggy’s, which Starsky uses later in a fight. (Bait)
• Arlene pushes one to her house. Officer Hardy says the rubber piece found with her body could have come from it. (Starsky vs. Hutch)

What is the Cardinal Box Law?
• nothing foreign goes into the pouch (Dandruff)

What is “The Joey Call?”
• the phone call Frank Stryker gets from his contact regarding the counterfeit money plates (Starsky’s Brother)

What, according to Hutch, does everybody carry on Amateur Night?
• an ax—which is a guitar (Moonshine)

What is the “only thing I like about country,” Starsky tells Hutch?
• “country girls like Dolly” (Moonshine)

What does Gage say, “is the sign of a true professional”?
• “the ability to improvise” (Class in Crime)

What are the “most perfectly exquisite forty-nine seconds” of her entire life?
• the time it took for Jack Morgan to decide to whether to blow her brains out or “go for the seduction.” (Class in Crime)

What do Big Red McGuire and Jack Morgan have in common?
• both are men who have never missed an episode of their favorite show, Big Red, the Disenchanted, Jack Morgan, the Rookies (Huggy Can’t Go Home, Class in Crime)

What do R.J. Crow and Sam Taylor have in common?
• they each owned an animal (a bull and a goat) that was sacrificed by cultists. (Bloodbath, Satan’s Witches)

What is the only episode where Starsky answers a pager?
• he gets beeped while fishing on the dock. His girlfriend asks if it hurts. (Class in Crime)

What does Harry say cleans out his head?
• pain (Deckwatch)

What is the clue that tells Hutch Gramps doesn’t live alone?
• there is a copy of the morning paper at his apartment (Quadromania)

What do the names Sharon and Madelaine have in common?
• they are both names engraved on bracelets found on dead women (Discomania, Deckwatch)

What does Starsky initially figure will make Hutch snap out of his amnesia?
• looking at Starsky’s face, “this ugly mug of mine” (Partners)

What is one advantage of speaking two languages, says Paco?
• he could listen to Andrea and then tell Starsky and Hutch something different than what she said (Velvet Jungle)

What happened, Hutch speculates for Starsky, to all the pet rocks that didn’t get stolen?
• they were used to pave over a driveway (Committee)

What is Starsky’s response to Hutch when Hutch says, “There’s got to be more to life than just breathing in and out”?
• “When you find out what they are, don’t tell me. “ (Body Worth Guarding)

What is Starsky’s response when Hutch calls him a “hedonist”?
• “Just as long as I enjoy myself.” (Body Worth Guarding)

What does Starsky says was “sculpted by yours truly”?
• the balloons at Lisa’s birthday party (Nightmare)

What is “the layered-look”?
• Starsky and Hutch’s Marlbough Health Club plan; they’ll go in “half-baked, half-staked.” (Action)

What does Lisa name the doll Starsky and Hutch give her?
• Susie (Nightmare)

What were R.J. Crow’s last words?
• “That’s all she wrote.” (Bloodbath)

What happened to Uncle Elmo’s “tiny little singing goldfish,” according to Hutch?
• “They probably grew up and their voices changed.” (Crying Child, Nightmare)

What is Hutch’s answer to Starsky’s question, “Do piers have corners”?
• “Does a cow meow?” (Tap Dancing)

What is Hutch referring to when he says under his breath, “What did you get yourself into, Hutchinson”?
• his situation with Marsha Stearns and the prospect of recorded sex (Tap Dancing)

What has Charlie McCabe had since he was a kid?
• his chest (Tap Dancing)

What does Hutch accuse Starsky of doing to get on a first name basis with Dobey?
• slowly dying (A Coffin for Starsky)

What is the motto of Associated Pacific, Nick Dombarris’ company?
• “Quality, Integrity” (Jojo)

What animal does Harry Salidas compare Madelaine to?
• “The lady was a tiger.” (Deckwatch)

What did Cunningham bring Duvcha?
• a leg of lamb (Collector)

What is the white zone at the airport for?
• “The immediate unloading and loading of passengers only. No parking.” (Plague)

What is one sign of the West Side Psycho?
• scratch marks on the strike plate (Running)

What is “tighter than your (Starsky and Hutch’s) jails”?
• quarantine, according to Donner’s doctor (Plague)

What does Starsky say will, “win friends and influence dumb dogs”?
• hamburger (Collector)

What is the name of the mouse to which Charlie McCabe loses all his flash money, $500?
• Squeaky Dancer (Tap Dancing)

What do Michelle and Starsky and Hutch have in common?
• all three portray mimes (Class in Crime, Velvet Jungle)

What is Carol Wade’s theory about Guy Mayer’s nonchalance?
• “He doesn’t like what’s happening to him, but it’s all he has ever known.” (Crying Child)

What, according to Dobey, is the West Side Psycho’s “newest wrinkle”?
• he’s moved into Starsky and Hutch’s beat (Running)

What is Starsky referring to when he tells Rosey, “I thought you’d never ask.”
• having sexual intercourse with him (Rosey Malone)

What do Mr. Brady and Mr. Voorhees have in common?
• they both love peanuts (Cover Girl, Bounty Hunter)

What does Starsky tell Hutch, during an early morning run, that he is going to need to call?
• an ambulance (Rosey Malone)

What does Terry buy every night at the Bellamar Market?
• a newspaper and a quart of milk (Starsky’s Lady)

What part of kidnapping does Moo-Moo like best?
• changing the rules and being menacing on the phone (Psychic)

What is Jake Donner’s big observation about Europe?
• “Nobody over there knows how to make a good hamburger.” (Plague)

What does Starsky think would ruin Rosey’s lunch?
• hearing what happened to the English mother of the eighteen-pound baby born (Rosey Malone)

What does Marcie really, really want?
• “a blue Rolls Royce with a cream colored top” (Photo Finish)

What is Jake Donner’s answer to Hutch asking him about the scratch on his hand?
• “I ran into a guy with long fingernails.” (Plague)

What are the two episodes that have Starsky and Hutch riding in car, Starsky complaining about having to work on a Sundays?
• (Savage Sunday and Blindfold)

What is Starsky referring to when he says, “You do that and I am going to jump all over your pony”?
• he is playing chess with Hutch and he thinks he will get Hutch’s pawn (Iron Mike)

What does Nicole Monk consider” a fantastically romantic idea”?
• someone hiring a professional assassin to kill someone at her party (Photo Finish)

What does Dobey tell Hutch to do when Hutch complains about the office coffee?
• “Write your congressman” (Cover Girl)

What do Leo Moon, Anton Rusz and Miguelito have in common?
• a crescent-shaped scar on their left cheeks (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead, Death Notice, Velvet Jungle)

What does Minnie ask Starsky to buy her?
• book of stamps (Cover Girl)

What are the two “clues” Professor Gage uses to determine that the blackmail note on the blackboard was written by someone with a “nouveau riche mentality” and “is obviously of a lower-middle class economic consciousness”?
• the note was written using some exclamation points and underlining (Class in Crime)

What are the two of the reasons Terry wants Starsky and Hutch to catch the whippos ripping up their beat?
• 1. for the safety of the citizens
• 2. for the well-being of her figure; she has gained five pounds eating instead of having sex with Starsky at midnight (Starsky’s Lady)

What are Eddie Hoyle’s jobs at Fair Bail Bonds?
• he washes the windows and sweeps the place out (Bounty Hunter)

What does Gage tell Michelle he is going to do as the signal to shoot Hutchinson, Ken?
• he is going to bend over and pick up a seashell (Class in Crime)

What is the connection between a kewpie doll, a cigar an “A” grade?
• Hutch gives all three of them as theoretical prizes for answering a question correctly. Jeeter gets the kewpie doll , Captain Dobey gets the cigar and Professor Gage gets the “A.” (Heavyweight, Plague, Class in Crime)

What are Lonely Blogg’s jobs at the Stardust?
• sweeping up and cleaning the bathroom (Gillian)

What is Huggy talking about when he asks, “Can you spot a single-o first deal out, pull a flipside on the hack, deal to the would-be, shift out, nullify, palm or bottom deal and the flip the mark a 1000-1 hand he swears you wouldn’t beat then lay him flat one up”?
• poker (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

What do the initials O.C. after one’s name mean?
• according to Starsky and Hutch, organized crime (Groupie)

What does the insurance company consider an acceptable loss?
• “a carton of this here, a pallet of that there.” (Terror on the Docks)

What do Merle the Earl and the nurse at the blood bank have in common?
• Merle recognizes cars rather than faces. The nurse recognizes arms rather than faces. (Jojo, Texas Longhorn)

What is the main course at the Bagley Barbeque?
• Starsky and Hutch (Trap)

What is Starsky’s reason for calling Jake Donner “Lieutenant” rather than “Jake,” what he and Hutch called him before he left on his trip ?
• Starsky says he and Hutch “needed to know how much his European tour affected him.” (Plague)

What is the pie of the day at Stella’s café?
• lemon meringue (Jojo)

What is Starsky referring to when he crabs to Hutch, “See what you did? All over my seats”?
• Hutch’s spilling of his breakfast yogurt on his front seat (Psychic)

What is the card Weeze is caught cheating with?
• a king of hearts (Murder Ward)

What do Nick Hunter, Dr. Matwick, Tony Mariposa, Monique Travers and Alex Drew have in common?
• They all put a drug into a police officer’s food or drink without being noticed. (Death in a Different Place, Murder Ward, Discomania, Avenger, Specialist)

What is Dobey’s response when Starsky mentions Elliot Ness?
• Dobey doesn’t know who he is (Moonshine)

What is “Starsky’s Law”?
• “Talk a little, win a lot.” (Iron Mike)

What is the reason Hutch gives to Huggy for he and Starsky’s continued • patronage?
“Who else would be dumb enough to take my credit?” (Starsky’s Brother)

What does Huggy mean when he says, “that sugar is definitely unrefined!”
• he is referring to Sugar and his wicked ways (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

What are the two episodes that have the same actor playing two different people, each with a color in his name?
• the actor that plays the Black Baron and Big Red (Set-Up, Huggy Can’t Go Home)

What is the city Gunther is headquartered in?
• San Francisco (Sweet Revenge)

What do the phrases “Remember Grant, remember Lee. The hell with them, remember me” and “North to south, east to west, you’re a nice guy but you’re sure a mess” come from?
• they are two quotes in Starsky’s ninth grade year book (Running)

What is Hutch talking about when he says, “Lying one after a magnificent drive. I’ll just pop it right up by the pin up there”?
• golfing (Playboy Island)

What are the two episodes that have Starsky and Hutch, and Huggy, get wet by a street cleaner?
• Starsky and Hutch trying to get the orange truck back and Huggy after he leaves Lonette’s (Targets 2, Huggy Can’t Go Home)

What is Starsky referring to when he says, “A custom job like this takes hours. It ain’t cheap”?
• Hutch’s car and its new dents and dings (Pilot)

What is Starsky referring to when he says, “Compared to Hutch’s dump, it looks like the Taj Mahal”
• he is comparing Hutch’s apartment to the Huntley house (Birds of a Feather)

What is Hutch referring to when he says, “It’s an ugly little thing, isn’t it”?
• the plague virus seen on Dr. Meredith’s photo (Plague)

What is much better than Chinese food, Allison tells her father?
• Starsky and Hutch offering to help his prediciment (Targets 2)

What, according to Charlie McCabe, is the dance where you stick your arm out?
• the tango (Tap Dancing)

What does Daniel Slate ask the nurses to bring Leslie?
• a box of tissues (Strange Justice)

What is William Thorne’s middle name?
• Mackenzie (Playboy Island)

What killed Lionel Fitzgerald the Second?
• liquor and women, according to Lionel Fitzgerald the First (Quadromania)

What does Mr. Zane Cannell call and tell Henderson he wants?
• he wants to “renegotiate for a new trial” (Pilot)

What does Starsky tell Hutch he is going to “pick up” when he goes to talk to Gillian?
• some tan flares the tailor fixed up (Gillian)

What will Blaze throw in to sweeten pot for Starsky and Hutch to be in his porn movies?
• argyles and a sequin mask (Targets 2)

What is Dobey referring to when he says, “You can look at me and tell I love them, can’t you?”
• Pina Coladas. He is being dyspeptic with the warehouse sugar man. (Moonshine)

What does October Moss think Starsky and Hutch came to her apartment for?
• a traffic ticket (Murder at Sea)

What is “an island of color in a gray world”?
• Starsky says Stella’s café is one (Jojo)

What is a sign of the Black Plague, according to Starsky?
• a coated black tongue (Little Girl Lost)

What’s on Starsky’s mind as Allison drives away in her little car?
• ghosts (Targets 2)

What do Sam Taylor and R.J. Crow have in common?
• they both had animals stolen, killed and the blood used as a warning to Starsky and Hutch (Bloodbath, Satan’s Witches)

What is being talked about with the phrase, “hand dips are snug, look under the left wing and cut the bottom”?
• poker (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

What happened last time Pinky “relaxed”?
• he got sent to jail for five years (Blindfold)

What is the name of the case Starsky and Hutch are taken off of to follow up with the Daniel Slate case?
• the Taggett case (Strange Justice)

What is the name of the remote control unit used to blow up the baby carriage?
• the Nerney Remote Control Unit (Cover Girl)

What is Hutch referring to, while undercover, when he says, “Well, I asked for ‘freaked out’, but this place is the pits”?
• the Pits (Groupie)

What do Starsky and Hutch say they are going to do, now that they are back on the force?
• take a vacation (Targets 3)

What does Starsky instruct Hutch to put under Mike’s head?
• Hutch’s jacket (Iron Mike)

What do Dolly’s pickup truck, Cora Lee’s moped and Tony Mariposa’s Mercedes all have in common?
• they are all yellow (Moonshine, Huggy Can’t Go Home, Discomania)

What does Mr. Tyrone give his distracting smootcher, getting her to leave him alone while he makes a bust?
• a key (Dandruff)

What are Mrs. Greene’s main criteria for a good spouse?
• that he is a good dancer (Black and Blue)

What does Starsky use to bust window to get Bruce?
• bottom of birdbath (Black and Blue)

What is Hutch’s answer to Judith, the first time she sees him alone in the Isolation Ward, when she asks him, “How he feels”?
• humiliated, due to the hospital gown (Plague)

What is Nick’s main goal in life?
• “to die of natural causes” (Starsky’s Brother)

What is Terry Nash’s full fake name?
• Terrence Patrick Nash (Set-Up)

What does Starsky mean when he tells Hutch, “We would have better luck with a skateboard”?
• when they lose Dolly’s yellow pick-up truck in a chase due to a red light and a skateboard (Moonshine)

What is the name on the bowling shirt Hutch wears?
• Al (Moonshine, various)

What does Hutch say under his breath as he pours Melinda a scotch and soda?
• “What a drunk” (Groupie)

What calls the bear away from Starsky when Starsky is trapped at the zoo?
• a bell (Bloodbath)

What is the name of Leslie Slate’s sorority?
• according to the three letters on the wall, Gamma Theta Alpha (Strange Justice)

What is the motto of the “president of Bernie’s Emporium”?
• “Schlock our Specialty” (Groupie)

What is Jack Ive’s “drinking problem”?
• he spills champagne while drinking out of his glass, he spills wine while drinking straight from the bottle (Groupie)

What “will come as a jolt” to Hutch’s “sense of manliness”?
• Jane Hutton does not need any help (Murder Ward)

What class does Turquet suggest Leotis take, rather than Criminology?
• Basic Logic (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

What is the country of origin for Gillian’s name?
• England (Gillian)

What hasn’t the “pregnant” showgirl seen since Nixon resigned?
• a peace sign (Targets 1)

What does Starsky call “The Staff of Life”?
• bagels (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

What object is taken “off a dead VC who likely took it off a dead GI”?
• a little gun, a ‘Nam import (Strange Justice)

What is the signal from Leotis?
• he whistles (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

What is Lonely’s last name?
• Bloggs (Gillian)

What does Starsky tell Hutch they have to do if Harry isn’t cooking at Gung Ho’s today?
• leave (Iron Mike)

What is Eric Snow’s “long suit,” says the Commodore?
• getting women to sign up for cruises (Murder at Sea)

What is the name of the company that makes the bad clam chowder?
• Ryland (Game)

What two words does Starsky speak on the phone to Hutch after Bellamy leaves?
• “Hutch” and “Help” (A Coffin for Starsky)

What are two things called a Golden Eagle in Bay City?
• a pencil and a $20 gold piece (Game, Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

What does Starsky do while Hutch wrestles Eddie?
• he calls Pathology (Omaha Tiger)

What does Hutch refer to as his “Seventh Day Miracle”?
• his win over Starsky in pool (Avenger)

What does Hutch remember to bring to the hospital, though he forgot?
• Starsky’s pants?
• Starsky’s watch (A Coffin For Starsky)

What kind of cigarettes does Palmer ask Luke to buy him?
• filters (Birds of a Feather)

What is on Harry Johnson’s regular breakfast plate?
• scrambled eggs, hash browns, sliced tomatoes (Hostage)

What word is on Rosey Malone’s shirt when Starsky meets her jogging in the park?
• Eagles (Rosey Malone)

What is Starsky referring to when he says Hutch should be ashamed of himself for not being able to name two of twelve.”
• names of Santa’s reindeer (Little Girl Lost)

What is “responsible for killing more people every year than any other single cause” according to Starsky?
• crocodiles, it says it in black and white in his book of “facts” (Bounty Hunter)

What does Harry Martin use to knock Huggy out?
• a pipe wrench (Kill Huggy Bear)

What does Hutch keep saying aboard the docked Amapola that is driving Starsky crazy?
• “Ahoy there!” (Murder at Sea)

What does Melinda Rogers really want?
• her own sale’s territory (Groupie)

What is engraved on the back of the watch Diana gives Hutch?
• “Forever, Diana.” (Fatal Charm)

What is the name of Lord Harry’s kitty?
• Sir Winston (Murder at Sea)

What does Hutch mean when he asks Starsky if he wants to “play ping pong” in the interrogation room?
• to use tactic of asking a lot of back and forth questions to confuse subject into telling the truth (Groupie)

What does Zane tell Canelli John Wayne would do?
• shoot up a car for illegal smoking (Pilot)

What are Starsky and Hutch supposedly carrying from El Paso to Fresno?
• paper goods (Set-Up)

What is Jack Ive’s favorite color?
• shimmering (Groupie)

What is Starsky’s excuse to get into Sid’s booth?
• his missing black alligator wallet (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

What is Starsky referring to when he says, “Compared to Hutch’s dump, it looks like the Taj Mahal”?
• Luke Huntley’s house and Hutch’s place (Birds of a Feather)

What are two signs of the West Side Psycho?
• same scratch marks on the strike plate
• no hits on places that rent for more than $100 a month (Running)

What are the two reasons Hutch tells Kira not to turn on the light?
• the killer may be back
• Hutch doesn’t want him to see my “big bruising shadow” (Starsky vs. Hutch)

What is Hutch referring to when he says, “Starsky, trust me. It’s a stroke of genius”?
• the jackhammer idea to get Frost (Fatal Charm)

What is the excuse Huey Chaco and John Brown Harris use to have Zack Tyler stop and help?
• the fan belt on their truck was broken (Texas Longhorn)

What is Hutch doing when he tells Starsky he [Hutch] is “blocking out the man’s characteristics”?
• he is working on assuming Carlyle’s persona, “like an actor working on a difficult role” (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

What time does Dobey tell Starsky and Hutch the dynamite was supposed to go off?
• just when his family was sitting down to dinner (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

What was Terry Robert’s reply when Starsky asked her, “Marry me.”?
• nothing, she didn’t give him an answer. (Starsky’s Lady)

What are Starsky and Hutch’s answers to the science behind, “Whatever goes up has to come down”?
• Hutch says “Law of Physics” and Starsky says “Law of Gravity” (Targets 2)

What will Lord Harry throw in “at no additional charge” for Starsky and Hutch at his tattoo shop?
• if one gets a tattoo of a black widow spider, he will throw in a red heart with the inscription, “born to make whoopee” for free (Murder at Sea)

What are Molly/Pete’s two favorite baseball teams, according to her apparel?
• Cubs and Mets (Little Girl Lost)

What is Merle’s Aunt Charlene looking for?
• a guy (Jojo)

What are the questions “If you were a farmer, which would you raise, a cow or a goat” and “Have you ever taken another woman to lunch” relevant to?
• they are both questions on the employment application aptitude test Starsky and Hutch have to take (Targets 2)

What is “that high-priced French place”?
• Chez Moi, has the Cordon Bleu Room with the fireplace (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

What does Starsky describe his bedroom on the Amapola?
• it is a “torpedo tube” (Murder at Sea)

What is Officer Kromack doing to pass the time while he sits outside Carlyle’s hospital room?
• a crossword puzzle (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

What is Hutch describing regarding Chris when he says, “pure grace”?
• the way she slides into the car (Heroes)

What is Starsky referring to when he tells Hutch, “A grown man doesn’t drive a car like that”?
• Belle (Targets 2)

What does Sarah consider a “stairway to heaven”?
• lucking into $50,000 (Kill Huggy Bear)

What organization is Starsky referring to when he tells Roy Jones, “A bullet hole in the shoulder is trouble to you but if we ignore it, can you imagine the kind of trouble” the cops will get?
• NAACP (Kill Huggy Bear)

What was Terry’s last name?
• Roberts, Sally calls her Miss Roberts two times (Starsky’s Lady)

What’s “like Lou Costello playing Noel Coward like,” according to Starsky?
• Hutch “acting like a classy character” and impersonating Carlyle (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

What does Starsky give as a reason he didn’t “let Hutch slip away” when Hutch suggests a “mercy killing”?
• “Huggy would never forgive me” (Fix)

What do a “tin of that imported tea that came in yesterday” and “that shipment of cherries from Portland” have in common?
• they are both diversions Matt Coyle sets up for Johnny (Iron Mike)

What, according to Freddie, is Crandell’s deal?
• “earning enough bread to keep him knee deep in broads” (Snowstorm)

What is the name of the horse Starsky tells John-John he wants to bet $50 bucks on?
• Muhla Bull in the fourth race (Collector)

• What's like "the Trojan Horse in reverse" according to Starsky?
• the tractor Hutch is rigging up (Trap)

What is Billy’s full name?
• William Michael Desmond (Terror on the Docks)

What does Crandell tell the cops they will find in truck, rather than drugs?
• rags (Snowstorm)

• What episode mentions a festival in Hong Kong?
Gunther’s yacht “will be available to Lord Jensen though out the term of the festival”; Lancaster will tell Lord Jensen this when he visits with him in Hong Kong (Sweet Revenge)

What is the name of the movie Cannell can never catch the end of?
• “Red River,” a John Wayne flick (Pilot)

What does Hutch keep in his cowboy hat?
• photo of Joanne Stock wood (Bait)

“What is it the French say about the way of the world?” asks Coyle.
“I don’t know, something about sex.” Replies Mike (Iron Mike)

What are the “Misfortunes of Man,” according to Starsky?
• getting bit on the butt by a bee (Bust Amboy)

What is the magic word, according to Hutch?
• “Muscle” (Kill Huggy Bear)

What does Starsky mean when he tells Hutch, “I’d hate like hell to be blown away and not have you at your peak”?
• he is complaining about Hutch’s wristwatch alarm going off. The alarm is to remind Hutch to take his vitamins (Bounty Hunter)

What is a “mishugana mantherlus”?
• Hutch’s houseplant, “mishugana (or meshuggenah) being Yiddish for “crazy person” (Ballad for a Blue Lady)

What is the color of Dobey’s house?
• yellow (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

What apparently is the pay-off for Lord Jensen’s cooperation with Gunther?
• the use of Gunther’s yacht “through-out the term of the festival” (Sweet Revenge)

What does Stryker want saved after Nick is killed and why?
• Nick’s sport’s jacket; it might fit one of his nephews (Starsky’s Brother)

What is “Night in Tijuana”?
• a he-man cologne for men (Bust Amboy)

What is the name of the Olympic Arena’s janitor?
• Charley (Omaha Tiger)

What does Sharon tell Emily to do if she needs her?
• to knock on the wall (Blindfold)

What is the name of Hutch’s girlfriend who drank too much and gets sick “on the steps”?
• Marlene (Starsky’s Brother)

What was the whole world designed for, according to Hutch?
• right-handed people (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

What was the fluke that led to Konig’s body being found?
• a cat was caught in the Mission Ice House ventilation system and the Fire Department was called. (Bounty Hunter)

What is this injury? “Grazing wound to the left parietal area causing severe nerve trauma and slight damage to the external tissues”
• Emily’s head wound and subsequent blindness (Blindfold)

What does Starsky mean when he tells Hutch, “What’s a broken knee and sweaty armpit to you”
• when Hutch has gotten him in a wrestling hold (Omaha Tiger)

What’s the commonality with, “Holiday Issue, Best Clothes for Your Holiday, Fashion Plus, Best New Things and Super Skin Beauty?
• they are all subtitles from Vanity, Elite and Lady Beautiful, magazines that have Sharman on the cover (Running)

What are the two things Starsky hopes Hutch has bought him for Christmas?
• the sweater he saw last week and a caboose for his train set (Little Girl Lost)

What Starsky and Hutch tell folks at the Marlborough Club about how they make their money?
• energy game, off shore oil (Action)

What is one obvious reason Ben Forest is a bad, bad man?
• he wears a formal hat indoors (Fix)

What is Sugar’s last name?
• Plum, seen on poster outside of the Green Parrot (Death in a Different Place)

What is Huggy’s dart score?
• 63 (Bust Amboy)

What reminds Hutch of “Early Nothing”?
• the décor of the Chapel of Bodily Invigoration (Specialist)

What kind of bird does Huggy have in a cage?
• an African canary, actually a crow (Nightmare)

What does Miller do with his eyes when he shoots a bullet into the Anna cut-out’s head?
• he winks at it (Body Worth Guarding)

What weighs more? Hutch’s Guy Mayer’s weight (Hutch’s estimatimation) Coop’s estimation of the weight of a drive shaft linkage?
• Guy=60 pounds (Crying Child)
• drive shaft linkage=40 pounds (Crying Child)

What is the main ingredient in the drug Switek is stealing?
• lithium carbonate (Murder Ward)

What, according to Hutch, do Minnesotans call “a strike”?
• an in-field fly (Gillian)

What is the “Happy Brotherhood of Labor’s” motto, according to Starsky?
• “Happy Hands and Busy Feet” (Heavyweight)

What Does Starsky Consider a “Compromise Speed”?
• about 24 mph (Starsky’s Lady)

What is the significance of the “Sisters of Hope Convent”?
• it is where Jack Cunningham was raised—in San Francisco. (Collector)

What position did Lloyd Herman Eckworth play?
• he was a utility infielder (Vendetta)

What actor portrays the real life father of Red Hot Chile Pepper’s lead Singer Anthony Kiedis?
• Blackie Dammett, Sugar (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)
• Charlie Deek (Murder Ward)

What does Starsky call “A Genuine Hutchinson Original”?
• Hutch’s “new” car (Survival)

What round does Gavin want Spence to go down in his fight with Booker?
• 3
rd round (Heavyweight)

What three criminals, according to their arrest records, all live at 249 N. Place Street?
• Janos Martini, Vic Bellamy, Albert J. Wedell (A Coffin for Starsky)

What kind of beer goes best with live rattlesnake?
• Coors (Satan’s Witches)

What kind of car does Starsky guess Hutch will pick from Merle?
• an “early model compact, brown or gray, tasteful and inconspicuous, 1962-1965” (Game)

What city’s “national colors are bright”?
• Huggy says Las Vegas (Las Vegas Strangler)

What is it that Annie’s dog can smell, something Jack says he’s never seen before?
• guns (Collector)

What is Harry at Gung Ho’s famous dish?
• Mushu Pork, “with the soft brown noodles”, says Starsky (Iron Mike)

What would Judge Yager sentence Simon Marcus to “without the slightest hesitation” if he could?
• “the eternal flames of damnation” (Bloodbath)

What is sixteen telephones from the bridge on Topanga Canyon Road?
• Hutch’s crashed car (Survival)

What’s the saying about soft-heated cops?
• they go broke (Nightmare)

What airline and flight to Starsky and Hutch take to Playboy Island?
• Caribbean Holiday, flight 19 (Playboy Island)

What “will go up like a Roman Candle”?
• the barn, once it is set on fire (Trap)

What would happen, says Starsky to Dobey, “if the city and state got along with Feds and vice versa”?
• the crime rate wouldn’t go up every year, and Starsky and Hutch would be “out of work” (Deadly Imposter)

What do Mark Twain, Garrison Keillor and Starsky all have in common?
• red socks (Omaha Tiger, Playboy Island, Long Walk, Starsky vs. Hutch, Satan’s Witches)

What country, according to Starsky and Hutch, is “the country that has no extradition treaty”?
• Algeria (Foxy Lady)

What number is “charm” after much failure, according to Hutch?
• 86., he tells this after Starsky keeps missing the trash can with the trash (Rosey Malone)

What day does The Trap take place, according to the Yanamato Reflex?
• Monday (Trap)

What is Doc Rafferty’s full name?
• Jerome A. Rafferty, seen on his diploma (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

What wins Hutch the Masochist’s Medal, according to Starsky?
• the belief that in order for something to be good for you, it has to taste bad (Pariah)

What are the miles on the Torino’s odometer?
• 2793 (Starsky’s Lady)

What does the restaurant serve where the health inspector got sick?
• the one Starsky dragged Hutch to before taking him to Gung Ho (Iron Mike)

What is Starsky referring to when he says, “This concludes the conductive portion of our broadcast”?
• when his wire is discovered and he has to break contact with Dobey and Grover (Foxy Lady)

What episode has Starsky and Hutch visit two airfields in the same case?
• Mandalay Heights Airfield and White Airport (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

What does “left foot blue, right foot yellow” refer to?
• it is the two moves that Rosie dials for Twister (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

What is a griot?
• Hutch guesses rodent, Starsky guesses onion. Both are wrong—Huggy says it is a storyteller (Playboy Island)

What is the “cardinal law” about “diamond boxes”?
• nothing foreign goes into it (Dandruff)

What “racer” does Nurse Bycroft stomp on?
• the Cabrillo Kid (Murder Ward)

What woman does Hutch call a coward?
• Dr. Kaufman, for not “dating” him (Plague)

What “will make a new man out of you,” Hutch tells Starsky?
• drinking Hutch’s health shakes (Pariah)

What does the winner of the scavenger hunt on the Amapola win?
• “a trophy suitable for burning” (Murder at Sea)

What does Dobey think of as a reason to ground the Amapola?
• fruit flies (Murder at Sea)

What does Freddie Lyle originally want from Starsky/Rudy Skyler/Mac Ferrino?
• “the dope on the Sternwood case” (Murder Ward)

What female baddie both shoots at someone AND drives a car with a male passenger?
• shoots at Sharman and drives Vern (Running)

Hutch offers Molly/Pete five choices of cereal for breakfast. What does he eventually pour her a bowl of?
• granola (Little Girl Lost)

What sport does Molly/Pete say you have to be a gorilla to play?
• football (Little Girl Lost)

What does “Father Jonas” accuse Molly/Pete of doing when he is chasing her?
• robbing the poor box (Little Girl Lost)