“Hey you, with the old-fashioned name.” (Blindfold)

Who said, “They are high tension engineering masterpieces surrounded by the body of a sculptor’s dream” and what is he or she referring to?
• Catlin is referring to the expensive car at The House That Jack Built. (Class in Crime)

Who is the only other man Starsky is in bed with other than Hutch?
• Billy Harkness (Bait)

Who keeps the Amapola "supplied with plump passengers"?
* October Moss, according to the Commodore (Murder at Sea)

Who does Hutch ask,"oh, please don't cry"?
• Larry (Silence)

Who wears a Raggedy Ann with a safety pin through the doll's lip?
• Charles Deek (Murder Ward)

Who are the two people who call Starsky and Hutch "Uncle Ken" and "Uncle Dave"?
• Joey Carston and Rosie Dobey (Ninety Pounds of Trouble, Captain Dobey, You're Dead)

Who quotes from the Bible, Matthew 7:15?
• Jesse (Silence)

Who's on top, Starsky or Hutch?
• Starsky takes the jail's top bunk. (Satan's Witches

Who are the two people who call Hutch, "Huchingson, Ken"?
• Simonetti and Gage (Hutchinson for Murder One, Class in Crime)

Whose "hat size is bigger than his I.Q.?
• Starsky says Goose's is. (Bust Amboy)

Who tells Starsky and Hutch, "You come bustin' in here, break my bottle, now you're haggling over me like a piece of meat."?
* Sharman Crane (Running)

Who are two dancing mules?
• the two Las Vegas showgirls who deliver drugs to McClellan (Targets 1)

Who says, "So let's not treat me like like I'm not made of of glass"?
• Ellie asks Tom not to treat her as such (Hostages)

Who is the woman Starsky tells, "I'm gonna bust you in the mouth if you don't shut up"?
• Fifi, when she screams at seeing John Colby (Deadly Imposter)

Who does Hutch tell, "I want you in my bed"?
• Lisa Kendrick (Foxy Lady)

Who has morals when it comes to rape? "I mean a bimbo, that's one thing, but a man's wife? I mean, marriage is a scared thing."
• Chaco (Texas Longhorn)

Who uses a bullhorn to taunt Starsky and Hutch?
• Bagley (Trap)

Who says, “I don’t like a Westerns and I hate TV.”?
• Lionel Rigger tells Starsky. (Targets 1)

Who does Starsky reconize with the brown socks?
• the guy in the porno movie at the Galway (Pilot)

Who is the skinny old man with the strawberry birthmark?
• Mr. Kramer, according to Yvonne the Peeping Gertrude (Birds of a Feather)

Who says, "Hey, I can't drive a watch!"?
• George the cab driver (Death Ride)

• Who, according to Hutch, wears "double knit corrective slacks"?
Clint Takahashi (Murder at Sea)

• Who says, "Nature knows no titters"?
Hubert Stuffy during his birdcall routine (Murder at Sea)

Who are two people supposedly "kept on a short leash"?
Bettin says the OCU has Jojo on one. Starsky says he's kept Hutch on one. (Jojo, Hutchinson for Murder One)

• Who are the two people that tell Starsky and Hutch the case against Jojo "had better stick"? (Jojo)
Dobey and Linda

Who are two people Hutch suggests live in attics?
• "lay down victims in lace" and his left-handed aunt (Jojo, Captain Dobey, You're Dead)

Who tells Starsky, “You should live a life as rich as God gave me”?
• Mrs. Greene at the hospital (Black and Blue)

Who says, “Sometimes I think that Americans in this glorious nation of ours all too often forget that in these frenetic times a still, small voice can still be heard.”
• Hilda Zuckerman (Dandruff)

Who are the two street people who polish the Torino’s hood with a rag, while Starsky’s not in it?
• Hutch, in disguise. And the street person, (Eldon Burke) outside of the Dismas Center (Silence)

Who graduated with better grades? Jack Morgan or Allen Richards?
• Allen Richards had a B+ average. Jack Morgan barely passed. (Class in Crime)

Whose nickname is “Mad, for short”?
• Madelaine (Deckwatch)

Who says, “You need a little more than Madison Avenue to breed a rapist”?
• Starsky says to Cassie after her diatribe (Strange Justice)

Who says ”and I’m Tatum O’Neal”?
• Dora’s landlady (Photo Finish)

Who says, “Back East I sell stuff that happens to fall off the back of trucks”?
• Nick Starsky tells this to Starsky (Starsky’s Brother)

Who destroys Starsky’s “face” with fingernails?
• Emily destroys his bust when she finds out Starsky’s a cop. (Blindfold)

Who tells Starsky, “You’re racy”?
• Dolly (Moonshine)

Who found the tape recording of Jack and Allen’s conversation about the set-up with the professor?
• Mike Todesco (Class in Crime)

Who says, “Our All-American, male-dominated society…packages sex and violence like it does breakfast cereal”?
• Cassie tells Starsky and Hutch (Strange Justice)

Who says “Night time is for women”?
• Catlin the Weirdness (Class in Crime)

Who says, “I may be beautiful, but I’m still poor”?
• Anita says to Huggy after Starsky runs out of the Pits (Game)

Who is “the hottest thing since Andy Warhol”?
• Marcie Fletcher says Troy Braddock is (Photo Finish)

Who says, “The Greek Islands are sensational this time of year”?
• Mr. Reuben tells Doris (Birds of a Feather)

Who says, “What do I look like? A tote bag”?
• Dolly tells Willy, when he grabs at her (Moonshine)

Who trades his “double-knit for jeans and t-shirt and cruise, gives my old lady something to scream about”?
• Hank Munson, explaining his pick-up truck to Starsky (Moonshine)

Who is “just another over-sexed family man”?
• Kira is refers to Mr. Arnold in this way. (Starsky vs. Hutch)

Who thinks what he or she is looking at has “slant sixes,” but is shown to be wrong as what he sees is a “brand-new 441 V8”?
• Will, as he is leaning into Dolly’s yellow GMC pick-up engine, trying to impress her (Moonshine)

Who is Mr. Steen?
• Vanessa’s contact in Amsterdam, Holland (Hutchinson for Murder One)

Who is “just another man who has to leave love and beauty for the call of duty”?
• Starsky says to his girlfriend on the dock when he is “beeped.” (Class in Crime)

Who does Joey say the stolen lighter is for?
• She tells Starsky and Hutch it is for her mother’s birthday present. (Trap)

Who is the “Rasta man’s answer to Wolfman Jack”?
• Kingston St. Jacques says he is (Quadromania)

Who looks “a lot younger with a close shave”?
• Starsky tells Joey he does, just after she tells him she looks older with her hair different (Trap)

Who tells Starsky and Hutch, “Take my advice, boys, never get married”?
• Luke Huntley (Birds of a Feather)

Who are two people who stop a cab by standing in the street and pointing a gun at it?
• Hutch stops K.C. McBride this way. Callendar stops the cab to the hospital this way. (Quadromania, Plague)

Who does Huggy say has “pure Caucasian soul”?
• Lionel Rigger (Targets 1)

Who is worried about riding the “Oblivion Express” to Lackawanna?
• K.C. McBride is worried her recording career won’t take off (Quadromania)

Who says of the father of her child, when Starsky asks if he is around, “I wish he were. You know, that hang gliding is for the birds”?
• Mrs. Carston says of Joey’s dad (Trap)

Who says “what a tasty hour to be traipsing in”?
• Gramps says it to Lionel, when he returns from his “opening night” (Quadromania)

Who flies “L.A. to Honolulu and don’t even need a plane”?
• Sharon, according to Starsky (Heavyweight)

Who are two women who refer to their bodies as plastic?
• Michelle tells Gage, “staring me in my plastic face was that gun.” Sharman tells Starsky she might have well been a Barbie doll; she would be “rich and famous, but plastic” and therefore unable to feel pain. (Running)

Who “OD’d on a dose of chloroform, sitting with a gun in his lap”?
• Jack Morgan (Class in Crime)

Who is John Callum?
• He is the man, walking his Golden Retriever in Emerson Park whom Jerry Tabor kills. (Long Walk)

Who is Mrs. Margaret Lockheart?
• She is the character in The Rookies episode, “Blue Christmas” Jack is watching when he is killed. She sees a man on her fire escape. (Class in Crime)

Who says, “Would you mind returning the bishop to Q3”?
• Gramps says it to Lionel (Quadromania)

Who asks for a search warrant in Braille?
• Gramps (Quadromania)

Who does Starsky think is “more beautiful than her poster”?
• Anna
Akhanatova (Body Worth Guarding)

Who does Hutch refer to as having “an avaricious little mind,” less then twenty-four hours after her death?
• Vanessa (Hutchinson for Murder One)

Who crushes a glass beer mug with one hand?
• Lionel Fitzgerald does, to portray his stress and anger (Quadromania)

Who said, “It’s a tired old circus and the music in the merry-go-round is all out of tune”?
• Jerry Tabor says it to old drunk in the alley just before he shoots him (Long Walk Down an Short Dirt Road)

Who says, “I always wanted to be held prisoner in a good neighborhood”?
• Starsky quips it to the cultists. (Bloodbath)

Who says, “It is a rare man whose got both a beautiful wife and an understanding employer”?
• Matt Coyle says this of Smiling Johnny (Iron Mike)

Who refers to Huggy as “that little black fink”?
• Starsky does, when trying to manage the situation with Freddie and Rodgers in the upstairs room (Snowstorm)

Who has “a heart as tender as a baby’s behind”?
• Matt Coyle says the Irish, he included, has one (Iron Mike)

Who refers to Hutch as “our toy cowboy”?
• A.C. Chambers tells Starger to meet “our toy cowboy” for the payoff (Tap Dancing)

Who is Lucky Lester?
• the jewel thief given to Starsky and Hutch as the free trial offer, drives a blue Mercury (Iron Mike)

Who says, “I didn’t know they let niggers out of jail nowadays”?
• Maurice says to Strokes at the Pool Hall (Manchild on the Streets)

Who says, “Are you trying to tell me about a bigot, Hutchinson”?
• Dobey, when Hutch is explaining Andrews to him (Manchild on the Streets)

Who had a good luck piece, “a gold medallion with an inlay of turquoise”?
• O’Connor did (Quadromania)

Who does Starsky say has a “pretty tacky car for a big time hood”?
• Jack Cunningham’s white two door Pontiac Bonneville (Collector)

Who is Hutch’s date that is “the one with the legs…the one with the eyes”?
• Paula, Marcie Fletcher’s boss (Photo Finish)

Who dreams his or her “dreams awake, so they always come true”?
• Simon Marcus tells Hutch he does (Bloodbath)

Who applies a “hint of rouge for a rash disposition”?
• Gramps does make-up on Lionel and tells him this (Quadromania)

Who complains about someone breaking all her Waterford crystal?
• Annie Oates tells Starsky and Hutch Jack Cunningham did. (Collector)

Who says, “I never knew I’d blow my lungs out, wind up slicing pastrami and living in a room that smells of corned beef”?
• Lee Bristol tells Starsky and Hutch (Collector)

Who does Starsky describe as “an accountant with a gun”?
• The FBI (Groupie)

Who says, “My pie is hot and your ice cream’s cold”?
• Mrs. Walters (Manchild on the Streets)

Who lost a gun in a sewer and then asked a cop to help get it out?
• Lee Bristol, while drunk (Collector)

Who “loves a girl with spunk”?
• Hutch does, referring to Laura (Deckwatch)

Who does Starsky remind, “I’m not a rookie on a roust”?
• Roper (Plague)

Who wears a blond wig to cover dark hair? And which two people wear a dark wig to cover blond hair? And who wears a curly blond wig to cover straight blond hair?
• Molly Bristol wears a blond wig. Camille Boone and Arlene both wear dark wigs to cover blond hair. Hutch wears a blond curly wig. (Collector, Golden Angel, Starsky vs. Hutch, Dandruff)

Who, does Coyle say, was “like a son to me”?
• Momo (Iron Mike)

Who says, “I am not a meter maid, I am a traffic coordinator”?
• Minnie Kaplan (Collector)

Who “can sit here like a Trojan, no pain, no sweat”?
• Harry Salidas says he can (Deckwatch)

Who teaches Starsky to see Peter Pan again?
• Lisa Graham (Nightmare)

Who does Starsky tell, “You heard the lady. Bounce”?
• Bo Rile, ejecting him from Denise’s apartment (Bounty Hunter)

Who tells Starsky, “You take a girl out for pizza by candlelight, and then you fall asleep for dessert”?
• K.C. McBride does (Quadromania)

Who is a “gorgeous man, particularly in extremis”?
• Nicole Monk says it of Troy Braddock (Photo Finish)

Who is “Keeper of the Gate, Ruler of the Crossroads”
• Papa Legba, conjured by Papa Theodore (Playboy Island)

Who is being referred to when one hears the phrase, “Any more rum and we’ll have to keep you away from an open flame.”
• the horse Huggy is feeding a rum drink (Playboy Island)

Who says, “When a car is wild, it’s like my child”?
• Merle tells Starsky and Hutch (Bloodbath)

Who says, “Welcome to this musical magic world?”
• Ginger welcomes guests at her soiree. (Tap Dancing)

Who is described as “well preserved for a gal that must be hitting 50”?
• Marcie describes “Greta Wren”/Dora Pruitt to Paula (Photo Finish)

Who “always likes doing business with my Caucasian cousins”?
• Connie (Bait)

Who is “faster than Jesse James on a train”?
• Callendar running off into the field, so says the truck driver who was hit by his car (Plague)

Who is being referred to when someone says, “… Think they’re a bunch (sic) of kings or something. Come in here and try to take over the joint”?
• Frankie says to Phelps about Starsky and Hutch (Heroes)

Who strokes a wild boar’s head?
• Philippe at the ceremony (Playboy Island)

Who does Starsky tell, “This is the last piece of coffeecake we’re ever going to share with you”?
• Minnie Kaplan, after she wisely turns down their request to play up to Jack Cunningham (Collector)

Who is the “Master of All Spirits”?
• Papa Theodore says he is (Playboy Island)

Who confuses Starsky with a doorman?
• Marianne Tustin, insulting his outfit as Ramon (Tap Dancing)

Who, according to Starsky, “takes a better dive than the Flying Berninis”?
• Larry the Fall Guy, insurance swindler (Heroes)

Who “puts it out on the street” that Corday is trying to hang Orrin Lawford’s stabbing on Hunter?
• Maxine and LaVerne, the hookers (Death in a Different Place)

Who spent a “couple of months…secluded by himself in a villa in Marrakech”?
• Thomas Callendar (Plague)

Who robs a store with a squirt gun?
• Franklin Jones (Crying Child)

Who are two people who hit their head on the light over their hospital bed, twice?
• Hutch, Buddy Owens (Black and Blue, Dandruff)

Whose “tastes run in the high-priced spreads”?
• Charlie McCabe tells Ginger his do (Tap Dancing)

Who does Starsky tell, “Lost a little weight”?
• He says this to ”Greta Wren”/Dora Pruitt when he captures her at Basil Monk’s house. (Photo Finish)

Who killed the Cabrillo Kid?
• Nurse Bycroft (Murder Ward)

Who says, “I have this thing about flowers. I can’t help myself”?
• Charlie McCabe tells Marsha (Tap Dancing)

Who is Starsky referring to when he tells Hutch, “She’s in a good mood. You ought to see her when she’s mean”?
• Stella at her café (Jojo)

Who proposes marriage to Hutch, “All you have to do is say ‘yes’”?
• Marianne, trying to make a point how it isn’t so easy to say yes to something (Ballad For a Blue Lady)

Who tells Hutch to “put your money where your mouth is”?
• Starsky does, goading him into making a higher bet about Phelps (Heroes)

Who will explain “the subtle and obvious ways we choose our own executions”?
• Professor Gage, in tomorrow’s class (Class in Crime)

Who is the character named “Boris” at News World Magazine?
• It is the houseplant in the lobby. (Photo Finish)

Who “can’t sleep with an enemy in the house”?
• Anna, referring to Hutch (Body Worth Guarding)

Who is “fantastic with clay”?
• Eddie Mayer, according to his girlfriend. Starsky and Hutch seem to agree. (Crying Child)

Who is Starsky talking to when he says, “All right boys and girls, school’s in session. Take a seat”?
• the patrons at O’Riley’s bar (Heroes)

Who tells Hutch, “You’ll let me know before you try and pin any badges on me, okay”?
• Jane Hutton, after he tells her she would make a half-bad cop (Murder Ward)

Who says it is the “goss-i-pull truth” and to what is he referring?
• Tommy Reese says it about wrestling. (Golden Angel)

Who says, “The underlying hostility that triggers bursts of temper like that is usually associated with immaturity”?
• Hutch says it to Starsky, after getting chewed out for spilling food in the car (Psychic)

Who says, “Go out and buy a new pair of sneakers. And get a flower for your mother”?
• Thomas Callendar tells Ritchie, giving him a $100 bill (Plague)

Who is Huggy referring to when he says, “Nobody ever told him Hopalong Cassidy died”?
• The Texas Kid (Running)

Who says, “It’s bad enough that I talk to you guys sotto voce, but you gotta hail me like I’m some sort of taxi”?
• Huggy complains to Starsky and Hutch about pulling him over on the street. (Plague)

Who is Starsky referring to when he says, “That ape has bulges everywhere”?
• Daimier (Action)

Who says, “I don’t need to punk cops telling me how to run my family”?
• Eddie Mayer, when confronted by Starsky and Hutch (Crying Child)

Who says, “Hello Pigeon. Let’s see if you can fly”?
• Soldier says it to Lionel just before he shoots him. (Targets 1)

Who will be “as good as fried to a crisp” if she doesn’t make a deal with Starsky and Hutch?
• Denise will, if Starsky and Hutch don’t deal with Lola (Bounty Hunter)

Who says, “Despite my tough exterior, I can be hurt”?
• Huggy to Starsky and Hutch, when they tease him in front of Luke Huntley (Birds of a Feather)

Who says, “Tonight you are drinking my beer. Tomorrow you will be asking me to be your man about town”?
• Huggy to Starsky and Hutch, when they tease him in front of Luke (Birds of a Feather)

Who says, “What is this? A wax museum? Move around so I can see some life in you”?
• Webster crabs at the cops on the Palmer murder site (Birds of a Feather)

Who says, “That’s like saying all there is to a rattlesnake is his noisy tail”?
• Paco Ortega to Dobey about Sterling (Velvet Jungle)

Who prides himself on his memory?
• Mr. Mills, the helpful witness with the pen and the piece of paper (Savage Sunday)

Who says, “Lovely, Laughable Lady, you light up the world with your luminescence”?
• Randolph says it to Kate as he photographs her (Cover Girl)

Who “flew in, just like Peter Pan”?
• Starsky tells Matwick he did, explaining how is on the refrigerator (Murder Ward)

Who works on pottery in the garage?
• Eddie Mayer, with his girlfriend (Crying Child)

Who says, “I knew you were short and ugly, but I never figured you was yellow too”?
• Willy says it to his brother Melvin (Moonshine)

Who tells Starsky and Hutch, “The weather’s all wrong for your snow job, guys”?
• Minnie Kaplan, realizing she is being maneuvered into place with Cunningham (Collector)

Who said, “I’m a hustler, and maybe a couple of other things, but I am not a fool”?
• Huggy to Pinky (Blindfold)

What state, according to Starsky, is “awfully cold in the winter”?
• Pennsylvania, Hutch nods his agreement to Crandell (Snowstorm)

Who says, “Good looking partners are awfully hard to come by”?
• Vanessa, trying to entice Hutch into her shady dealings (Hutchinson for Murder One)

Who says, “Don’t try me. I am half Sicilian”?
• Melinda Rogers, pointing a gun at Sears (Groupie)

Who says she “might as well have been a Barbie Doll”?
• Sharman Crane (Running)

Who says ominously, “Dead people can’t count” ?
• David Delano (Death Notice)

Who says to Hutch, “Have a banana, Blondie”?
• Kingston St. Jacques (Quadromania)

Who either has “strange taste in underwear or royalty up his sleeve”?
• Weeze cheats at cards with a king of hearts up his sleeve, Lyle notes (Murder Ward)

Who “double-dog dares” Starsky to do something?
• Willy (Moonshine)

Who had “long hair and a trashy beard…looked like a freakin’ prophet” when he was arrested by Starsky and Hutch?
• Charlie Deek, it is why they don’t recognize him at Cabrillo (Murder Ward)

Who “had bloodlines back to Noah’s ark”?
• R.J. Crow’s bull, killed by Marcus’ followers (Bloodbath)

Who has more moves than Mohammad Ali, according to Starsky?
• Anna (Body Worth Guarding)

Who has, according to Starsky’s bout a dirty a laugh as I’ve ever heard”?
• the man who attacked him in his bed (A Coffin for Starsky)

Who has been a big thorn in Frank Malone’s side?
• Ray Shelby (Rosey Malone)

Who gets a “nude girl, a Brownie and he’s back in business”?
• Dobey says this of Janos Martini (A Coffin for Starsky)

Who says, “I thought them commie broads had hair on their legs and wore babushkas”?
• the fur coat burglar (Groupie)

Who “unleashes this Pavlovian beast in a gorilla suit” who then “kills all the girls wearing charm bracelets”?
• the scientist on the show Lori is watching; Cassie snarkily tells her the ending (Strange Justice)

Who is the “Southside Stickman”?
• Dobey’s former pool nickname (Birds of a Feather)

Who skinny-dips with a pussycat?
• Jerry Perry is tricked into the pool, nude, with Pussycat. (Playboy Island)

Who paid Dan Slate’s bail?
• the union (Strange Justice)

Who refers to herself as “The Duchess of Down-home”?
• K.C. McBride (Quadromania)

Who says, “I’ll catch those hooded snakes and ventilate them”?
• R.J. Crow tells Hutch, regarding his desire to gut-shoot the people that killed his bull (Bloodbath)

Whose head “has a point” on it?
• Arnold’s, Starsky and Hutch agree he is very dense (Death Notice)

Who does Starsky tell, regarding Hutch’s gift of comedy, “You oughta hear him at parties”?
• The bad guys they capture at the elevator after Rigger’s drop. One of them tells Hutch, “That’s a pretty funny line for a pig.” (Targets 1)

Who is the “hottest country picker this side of Bell County”?
• C.W. Jackson (Moonshine)

Who asks Starsky, “As long as we’re in the same biz, we could form a partnership”?
• Freddie Lyle (Murder Ward)

Who is “Thorne’s Kennel Keeper”?
• Hutch says Philippe is (Playboy Island)

Who does Starsky say would “never make it as a ventriloquist”?
• Starsky says in response to David Delano’s answering for Posey (Death Notice)

Who does Starsky consider, “A little too glib with your words and a little too fast with your gun”?
• Sterling (Velvet Jungle)

Who is Gertrude/Yvonne looking at through the window?
• Mr. Kramer (Birds of a Feather)

Who says, “Violence appalls me. I’m a devout coward”?
• Basil Monk (Photo Finish)

Who knows he is in really big trouble when he hears, “The number you have dialed is not in service and there is no new number. Please ask your operator for assistance. This is a recording”?
• Mr. Brady, when he calls the Angel’s old number and realizes the Angel is unreachable (Cover Girl)

Who know she is in big trouble when she hears, “The number you have reached is not in service. Please check the number and make sure you have dialed correctly”?
• Lisa hears this when she tries to call the operator for help when Manning breaks in (Nightmare)

Who says, “I am talking about the sweet sounds of springtime and all you can relate to is this two-ton hunk of junk”?
• Hutch says to Starsky regarding the Torino (Partners)

Who is Dobey talking to when he reprimands someone, “No one belongs to anybody”?
• Sterling, regarding his remark about Andrea (Velvet Jungle)

Who calls Hutch on his, “own sense of limiting convention under the guise of insincere politeness”?
• Professor Gage (Class in Crime)

Who does Hutch describe as “a bloody computer”?
• Bettin (Jojo)

Who is the bad guy subdued with a little help from a lemon slice?
• Itchy, Amboy’s boy----Hutch squeezes a lemon slice in Itchy’s face to distract him (Bust Ambo)

Who does Huggy refer to as “Hit Man Numero Uno”?
• Callendar (Plague)

Who does Hutch tell, “Just cut the Oxford jive”?
• he tells Huggy, who is disguised as an African potentate (Dandruff)

Who does Hutch slap on the shoulder, hard, claiming to be killing a fly?
• Tony at the meat market (Heroes)

Who asks his father, “Do you think I’ll grow up to be just like you”?
• Guy Mayer asks his father (Crying Child)

Who does Hutch refer to as “West Side’s Finest”?
• Luke Huntley (Birds of a Feather)

Who tells his father, “Mom says, 'you’re a sinner'”?
• Guy Mayer (Crying Child)

Who does Starsky ask, “Is that your engagement ring, Girls?”
• Simonetti and Dryden (Hutchinson for Murder One)

Who sees “only blank faces and blow-dried hair”?
• Walt, the DJ at Fever (Discomania)

Who does Starsky call the “Travolta Clone”?
• Marty Decker (Discomania)

Who says, “Yeah, and it don’t ever snow in Buffalo”?
• Starsky, during the rec room poker game (Murder Ward)

Who is Tony’s “ticket to ride”?
• Lizzie Thorpe (Discomania)

Who “pulled a disappearing act when he traded his trip to the slam for his singing act” and was a member “of the Mobs”?
• Smooth Tony Zucker/Jack Parker (Groupie)

Who is the officer that takes Kate to her doctor’s appointment?
• Officer Batson (Cover Girl)

Who is the “world’s most loveable and beautiful nag the world has ever known”?
• Janice Drew, according to Alex (Specialist)

Who answers the phone, “Save the Whales Foundation”?
• Kingston St. Jacques (Quadromania)

Who is the “West Side J. Paul Getty”?
• Starsky according to Huggy, before Starsky can tell of inheritance conclusion (Golden Angel)

Who “just a scared little girl when it comes to hospitals”?
• Vanessa, conning Hutch (Hutchinson for Murder One)

Who does Starsky hope “breeds like rabbits”?
• Louise and future mate (Hutchinson for Murder One)

Who is a “two-bit hustler who’d sell a radio to a deaf man and his wife to the highest bidder?”
• Palmer, according to Luke (Birds of a Feather)

Who is a “modern day Frankenstein we all helped to create”?
• Alex Drew, according to Starsky (Specialist)

Who is “Mr. Sweetness and Light”?
• Huggy, he calls himself this in tag (Texas Longhorn)

Who does Hutch refer to as “Most Likely to Succeed”?
• Basil Monk (Photo Finish)

Who refers to Hutch as “the fussy guy”?
• Harry, Vivian’s husband, when he sees her rolling about on the floor with Mr. Marlene (Dandruff)

Who said, “Without mirth, you’re mirthless”?
• Blaze (Targets 2)

Who wants “some stockers who are really clear-eyed”?
• Blaze, for his movies (Targets 2)

Who says, “Blue ions are the way to go”?
• Blaze, touching his wrist (Targets 2)

Who is Sam Taylor?
• He owned the dead goat found on Bleeker Road, drained of blood (Satan’s Witches)

Who threatens to send an angel to hell?
• Hammerlock, theatrically threatening the Golden Angel (Golden Angel)

Who are the two people who demand Starsky and Hutch’s case against Jojo “sticks”?
• Dobey and Linda Mascelli (Jojo)

Who tells Starsky to “keep your nose clean and your mind dirty”?
• K.C. McBride does (Quadromania)

Who is so “sick of discos” he “could scream”?
• Hutch (Discomania)

Who are two people who are supposedly kept on a short leash?
• Starsky says he has kept Hutch on one and the OCU says it will keep one on Jojo (Hutchinson for Murder One, Jojo)

Who are the two people with the last name of Polanski?
• Madame Yram and the man who hits the six-week old puppy, Max Bauer (Hostages, Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who does Charlotte say she trusts on the Thorne estate when Starsky and Hutch ask?
• “Cookie, couple of maids” (Playboy Island)

Who does Starsky trust more, “an accountant with a gun” or a “booster with a suspended sentence caught in a deadbang bust”?
• the booster (Groupie)

Who says, “Twenty-five years on the force and I have to diaper some punk”?
• Luke Huntley (Birds of a Feather)

Who does Starsky say he wouldn’t let fix a sewing machine?
• Commander Jim’s doctor (Lady Blue)

Who is “Darling Joey”?
• the code name for the fall guy Stryker uses, Nick is “Darling Joey” when he picks up the plates (Starsky’s Brother)

Who is a “cop groupie who goes for anything from badge to bullet”?
• Melinda Rogers (Groupie)

Who are Jane Zanuck and Gary Anderson?
• Flashy Floyd’s accomplices, seen on his rap sheet (Specialist)

Who says, “What the hell would I be doing with blueberry pie”?
• Stella asks Hutch when he asks for some (Jojo)

Who says, “If you are an undercover cop, I’m J. Edgar Hoover”?
• Jack Parker, to Melinda Rogers (Groupie)

Who can deliver Nick Dombarris “on a plate”?
• Jojo tells Bettin he can (Jojo)

Who does Starsky tell he works in a shoe store?
• the woman he dances with at Cellar who was friend of Michelle Brady (Discomania)

Who does Hutch tell, “Forget about him, Honey; he’ll just leave a ring around your tub”?
• he tells Judith, who has her eyes on Marty Decker (Discomania)

Who does Hutch describe as “accident-prone” and a “walking disaster”?
• Starsky, when he is in his triple-zero phase (Avenger)

Who does Starsky know “like my own pet rattlesnake”?
• Ernie Silvers (Game)

Who hasn’t missed a day of “The Disenchanted” in five years?
• Big Red McGee (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Who has a “thing for pine trees”?
• Hutch, according to Starsky (Satan’s Witches)

Who was “born on a hard bed”?
• Earl says he was born on a hard bed. (Game)

Who is described as “a marriage counselor with a gun”?
• Starsky, speculating the identity of Braddock’s killer (Photo Finish)

Who’s the most violent pacifist Huggy has ever seen?
• Camille (Golden Angel)

Who does Huggy threaten with, “How would you like a little black lightening across your lips?”?
• Milo and Sugar (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who does Hutch accuse to his face of “having an officious little mind”?
• Sims (Nightmare)

Whose head, “is like a TV set without a channel selector”?
• Collandra’s says his is (Psychic)

Who thought she “would live to 108 and look like Marlene Dietrich”?
• Kate (Cover Girl)

Who said, “I’m a mathematician studying for my doctorate”?
• Charlie Sireen (Psychic)

Who accuses Starsky of “carrying a torch” and for whom?
• Minnie says to Starsky he is for Kira (Starsky vs. Hutch)

Who are the two people who say the name “Gillian” is a pretty name?
• Nancy and Huggy (Gillian)

Who does Huggy call “Dad”?
• Bad Dad Watson (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who does Starsky pinch on the cheek and say, “That’s too bad, it’ll all work out”?
• Harv (Murder at Sea)

Who knowingly finishes an alcoholic drink in a glass after a dog has drunk out of it?
• Melinda (Groupie)

Who rides a yellow moped?
• Cora-Lee (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Who accuses Starsky and Hutch of haggling over her like she “was a piece of meat”?
• Sharman Crane (Running)

Who is “delivering one genuine bull goose looney”?
• the ambulance driver transferring Rudy Skyler from County General (Murder Ward)

Who complains his order didn’t come with mashed potatoes?
• Big Red McGee (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Who has too many antiques in a garage and can’t park the car in it?
• Kate Larabee (Cover Girl)

Who are “a coupla bugs in a robin’s egg T-bird”?
• the imaginary racketeers tailing Freddie Lyle (Murder Ward)

Who mumbles to himself, “…lot of aggravation just for one night with one woman”?
• Roger, who doesn’t know the half of it (Avenger)

Who says does Huggy tell, “We’re fresh out of strawberries. Why don’t you try the malt shop.”
• Joey Carston (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who do Starsky and Hutch take out to lunch, “Only he ain’t hungry”?
• Jojo (Jojo)

Who is Blue Boy in Atlanta?
• one of Gunther’s men (Targets 3)

Who uses quicklime?
• R.J. Crowe on the dead bull, advises Hutch to stand upwind (Bloodbath)

Who uses a fake address at Aar’s Car Rentals, which turns out to be an address for a home for retired nuns?
• Thomas Callendar, using the name Mullins (Plague)

Who “usually uses a syringe to do your dirty work”?
• Starsky tells Matwick this (Murder Ward)

Who has an apparent fondness for rum raison bonbons?
• Starsky, as he wanted them specifically at the buffet table (Golden Angel)

Who claims his wallet is made of black alligator?
• Starsky tells Sid Archer (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who hops and yells, “There’s a wild man on the loose”?
• Starsky does as he runs down Cabrillo’s hallway (Murder Ward)

Who is concerned about the Southwestern Profit Picture?
• Gunther (Sweet Revenge)

Who is Starsky referring to when he says, “Rain on the witch doctor’s parade, he’ll turn you into a frog.”?
• Medical Examiner Russ Delaney, when Hutch appears to know more about his job than Delaney does (Avenger)

Who “hates to see good liquor go to waste” and finishes someone’s drink? Hint: He is just about to lay down some yards of “Autumn Leaves.”
• Toby finishes Vic’s liquor off of piano (Losing Streak)

Whose car is the only one Hutch helps with a car cover?
• Kate Larabee (Cover Girl)

Who has a bowl of peanuts on his desk? Starsky dumps them into trash
• James Brady (Cover Girl)

Who is “Lawrence Taylor”?
• the persona Huggy takes on, a mortgage salesman (Targets 3)

Who says, “Love’s a runaway train, and I am riding this one to the end of the line”?
• Joey Carston about Starsky (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who does Hutch tell “Trust me, believe me, and your future will be ensured”?
• the blond girl watching his card trick at party (Deadly Imposter)

Whose nickname is “The Customizing Pearl”?
• Merle the Earl (Bloodbath)

Who, according to Joey, hit six-week old Max?
• Mr. Polanski (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who comments, “Huggy’s mouth can’t be no prayer book”?
• Dobey, to Starsky and Hutch (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Who does Starsky refer to as “The Man of the Hour”?
• Jack Parker (Groupie)

Who says, “Death has no respect for beauty”?
• Angel (Cover Girl)

Who asks Starsky and Hutch if they are acrobats?
• Blaze, curious about their movie skills (Targets 3)

Who has “raven locks” according to Starsky?
• Harry Ashford, Starsky notes as he bags hair into evidence bag (Avenger)

Who hopes his good work will be rewarded with a Christmas Bonus?
• Allen Monk Philos, when he reveals his plan to get Hutch to his fellow thug (Fix)

Whose grand pappy used to say, “You can lead a horse to water, but a jackass usually finds his own way”?
• Turquet’s (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who has the limpest handshake?
• Mr. Marks (Groupie)

Who, when given the choice of red or white wine, asks for green wine?
• Wilbur, at the liquor store hold-up (Savage Sunday)

Who sells his blood for drinking money?
• John Brown Harris (Texas Longhorn)

Who knows “all his [Starsky] fault’s and is going to change them”?
• Joey Carston (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who has “no relatives, just a girlfriend next door”?
• Emily John Brown Harrison (Blindfold)

Who is Arnie?
• Matt Coyle’s bookkeeper (Iron Mike)

Who tells Huggy, “If you didn’t have such a dumb job, you might be an attractive young man.”?
• Mrs. Swayder tells him this when he calls at her house posing as mortgage salesman (Targets 3)

Who says the, “…tape was running ten minutes behind the action on the floor…26 million shares…putting my people through chemicals and leisures.”
• Roger, bragging to bag Monique (Avenger)

Who brags his short has “overhead cam eight with four-barrel carbs”?
• Phil, bragging to bag Monique (Avenger)

Who is Wang?
• the waiter at Gung Ho’s (Iron Mike)

Whose grandmother invented "The Slam"?
• Buzzy says his did (Golden Angel)

Who is Mr. Brennan?
• a mail carrier in Boulder City, he brings Cari and Vicky the money from Starsky and Hutch (Las Vegas)

Who is Claude Burger?
• He runs an auto scam, perhaps a “fall guy” thing, in the eastern part of the city. Nick Dombarris tries to set Jojo up working for him (Jojo)

Who is “an absolute mouse…great with dialogue but lousy in the action department”?
• Basil Monk, according to Nicole Monk (Photo Finish)

Who is “Crazy Sammy Pearl”?
• person Starsky and Allison saw crash through a plate glass window on purpose on New York’s 84
th Street, without getting injured (Targets 3)

Who “turned down a chance at the presidency because it was a step down in power”?
• Gunther, according to Hutch (Sweet Revenge)

Who is “hung up on Russian dissidents”?
• person on the phone with Cassie (Strange Justice)

Who claims to be the West Coast Discomania Champion?
• Starsky to Roxy (Moonshine)

Who is linked with Starsky in “all the gossip columns”?
• Joey, according to Huggy (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who “can pretend you’re a 747, but that bird still ain’t gonna fly”?
• Coleman, according to Dobey (Death Ride)

Who has “got ice water in his veins”?
• “Carlyle,” according to Damon (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who says, “With my rhythm, I’ll blow you off the dance floor”?
• Dobey says to Starsky and Hutch (Discomania)

Who is R.J. Crow?
• rancher who owned ranch where Simon Marcus’ followers hung out, his bull is killed. (Bloodbath)

Who is Teddy Carnowski?
• Head of the Unions, father of Helen (Murder at Sea)

Who is the “undercover officer with the scar on his lower back”?
• Hutch (Groupie)

Who is “as crooked as a ram’s horn and twice as tough”?
• McClellan is, says Starsky (Targets 3)

Who’s going to pick $50,000 off the apple tree before anyone knows they have been in the orchard?
• Sarah and Harry (Kill Huggy Bear)

Who doesn’t “like mixing with people that smell like lilacs”?
• Roy Sears (Groupie)

Who wears a button on his shirt that says, “I’m just a gigolo”?
• Huggy, when in costume with Hutch/Ives (Groupie)

Who is “going to think a lot better with some dog food under the collar”?
• Sandy, Orange’s dog (Running)

Who says, “It’s my Uncle Louie’s birthday today. Go out and buy him a nice attaché case”?
• Reuben to his secretary, Gloria (Birds of a Feather)

Who smokes “those cigarettes with no writing on them,” according to Huggy?
• the more “liberal of his patrons” (Starsky’s Brother)

Who does Huggy describe as a “black Bugs Bunny”?
• Walter T. Baker (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who is Mr. Petrov?
• the man in Lola’s office, his kid is in jail, Lola is browbeating him (Bounty Hunter)

Who tells Casanova she doesn’t work overtime?
• LaVerne the prostitute hurries her military john along (Death in a Different Place)

Who says, “Run for the hills, high rollers, it’s a raid”?
• Billy says it when Starsky and Hutch corner him at the poker game. (Terror on the Docks)

Whose mother is Starsky warned to stay away from?
• Nancy Blake’s mother (Terror on the Docks)

Who is “more like a mako shark. Smooth, sleek and damned deadly”?
• John Colby, according to Jackie (Deadly Imposter)

Who says, “When I get in cahoots with my roots, anything is possible”?
• Huggy says it to Starsky and Hutch when they ask him how he got a taxi so quickly. (Playboy Island)

Who must be “a cross between Count Dracula and Frankenstein”?
• Starsky says Papa Theodore sounds like one. (Playboy Island)

Who reminds Starsky and Hutch of the “sexual revolution” going on?
• Jerry Perry (Playboy Island)

Who is “looking for a tenor”?
• Phil Hill and Jerry Perry ask Starsky and Hutch if either one is a tenor. (Playboy Island)

Who does Starsky tell is as “useful as a rubber crutch”?
• Marty Decker, when he can’t tell them anything about Joey (Discomania)

Who can do a “pretty good headstand”?
• Hutch says he can, Starsky agrees (Targets 2)

Who can “cook up a storm”?
• Hutch, according to Starsky (Satan’s Witches)

Who is Dobey referring to when he makes the comment, “Nature made the same mistake twice”?
• Starsky and Nick Starsky (Starsky’s Brother)

Who is winning at halftime, the Bulls or the Stags?
• Bulls-24, Stags-17 (Shootout)

Who is Pamela Sue?
• the operator at hospital Anita calls to get ambulance for Starsky (Game)

Who talks about turning the county reservoir into lemonade?
• Frank tells Virgil they have enough sugar to make this a reality (Moonshine)

Who says, “The devil is a lady from ‘Nam”?
• Joey Webster (Starsky vs. Hutch)

Who is described as being of the “suburban Tupperware mold”?
• Lori by Cassie (Strange Justice)

Who “always gets hungry when I eat popcorn” and wants a bowl of ice cream?
• Cal Dobey (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Who accuses Hutch of being “unconstitutional” upon arrest?
• Mickey (Bust Amboy)

Who says, “Soldier’s gun is good”?
• Soldier (Targets 3)

Who is a self-described “pig-tailed pickaninny riding a bus carrying a ratty valise”?
• Vivian (Black and Blue)

Who is “Eire County’s answer to Loretta Lynn?”
• KC McBride, Lady Cab Driver (Quadromania)

Who is “The Ghetto’s Answer to Gadabout Gaddis”?
• Huggy, according to Hutch (Targets 1)

Who hired John Colby?
• Nate Garvin (Deadly Imposter)

Who are Licentia and Felicia?
• two of the actresses in Blaze’s porn movies (Targets 2)

Who is referred to as the “high-minded cop with too many years on the force…and too little to show for it...finally breaks down and goes on the take”?
• Reuben is setting Huntley up to take a fall (Birds of a Feather)

Who demonstrates his or her ability to put a rifle together blindfolded?
• Joey Webster (Starsky vs. Hutch)

Who, wearing a nightgown, calls the police to report a prowler “by my lily pond”?
• Basil Monk (Photo Finish)

Who claims to have taken “the Ruby-Oswald photo of the 70’s”?
• Marcie, bragging to John Reinhart (Photo Finish)

Who says, “If you sigh, you die, Pig”?
• Vivian tells Starsky (Black and Blue)

Who says killing two cops “don’t make no difference between a fire and a pan”?
• Vivian (Black and Blue)

Who said, “You guys couldn’t conduct a straight investigation if your lives depended on it”?
• Dobey to Starsky and Hutch (Texas Longhorn)

Who is “allergic to furry dashboards”?
• Hutch says he is (Targets 3)

Who is an attorney, a crack pilot, inventor of a navigational device that was considered foolproof and died in a small plane that ran straight into a mountain in broad daylight?
• Thorne’s unnamed lawyer (Playboys Island)

Who threatens to “wallpaper” the room with Starsky and Hutch, threatening them with a rifle?
• Dora’s landlady (Photo Finish)

Who is Miss Sherwood?
• the woman Huggy registers to vote, asks her to bring back her friends (Death in a Different Place)

Who tells Hutch “to go find a rock and crawl under it”?
• Marianne Owens (Ballad for a Blue Lady)

Who tells Starsky and Hutch they “add a new dimension to the word ‘boorish’”?
• Rene Nadasy, when they ask him for his alibi (Vampire)

Who tells Hutch he looks like a “chairman of the board”?
• Pauline (Photo Finish)

Who does Hutch ask if she is “ripe for a hostile takeover”?
• Pauline (Photo Finish)

Who orders Starsky and Hutch to “put the lead on the bed”?
• Dora’s landlady (Blindfold)

Who orders his brother to kill Starsky, “take him for a walk and bury him so deep he don’t stink up the place”?
• Willy orders Melvin (Moonshine)

Who does Joey Carston want to talk with “like two adults”?
• Sid Archer, regarding Starsky (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who tells Starsky and Hutch, “I bet you look fantastic with bare knees”?
• Nicole Monk (Photo Finish)

Who is the “Muhammad Ali of the modeling world”?
• Jenny Brown (Sweet Revenge)

Whose customers “prefer volume to quality”?
• Sally Ann’s customers at the Princess Discomania (Savage Sunday)

Who asks what race Brahms is in, thinking the name refers to a racehorse?
• Alex, one of the guys tailing Starsky and Hutch (Targets 2)

Whose CB handle is “Foxy Lady”?
• Joey Carston (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Whose body, according to Huggy, “ought to be registered as a dangerous weapon”?
• Turquet’s, Huggy notes as he ogles Nurse O’Toole (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who is dancing his or her way to self-defense?
• Minnie, using the Kung Fu disco record (Avenger)

Who orders the veal piccata?
• Hutch, at Giovanni’s , Starsky sticks with the linguine with clams (Shootout)

Who blows Starsky and Hutch’s cover at Cabrillo?
• Charlie Deek (Murder Ward)

Who tells Hutch he “has cop written all over you”?
• Melinda (Groupie)

Who writes a note to Starsky saying she loves him?
• Joey Carston, though all twelve copies appear to get tossed in the back seat of her car (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who is leaving for Hong Kong on Saturday and having a meeting with Lord Jensen?
• Lancaster (Sweet Revenge)

Who is “particularly effective when the line is taut”?
• Soldier, according to Gunther (Targets 3)

Who does Dobey tell, “Give me a smile”?
• Edith Dobey (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Who doesn’t have Hutch listed as a member?
• the car club (Lady Blue)

Who gets the “Snitch-of-the-Year Award”?
• Smooth Tony Zucker/Jack Parker, according to Huggy (Groupie)

Who threatens to do a “John Dean”?
• Nick Turner (Death in a Different Place)

Who is Miss Sutton?
• host of a major TV show (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Who has “as much warmth as an outhouse on a winter’s morn”?
• Dolly tells Will he does (Moonshine)

Who is a “pretty boy who works the street”?
• Nick Turner, according to Murph (Death in a Different Place)

Who is “a simple man from simple roots” who “likes to keep close to his creator”?
• Woodfield (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Who suggests Starsky is simply “passing” as a “human being”?
• Anita, Huggy’s bartender (Game)

Who was the “brains” behind the laundry heist?
• Foxy Brown (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who was the “former teenage terror of Giddings, Texas”?
• Detective First Class Frank Munson (Moonshine)

Who is “going to have me a superfine ride and a stable of foxy ladies,” rather than be a lawyer when he grows up?
• the ten-year-old witness Starsky interviews about Boseman’s death, bribed with two Fudgecicles (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Who says, “When the spirit is willing, the flesh can do all sorts of groovy things”?
• Huggy Bear (Iron Mike)

Who says, “They’ve got cops now that can milk a cow and she doesn’t even know she’s being squeezed” and to whom is he referring?
• Joe Fitch is talking about Marianne (Ballad for a Blue Lady)

Who can be “back in business” with a “nude girl and a Brownie”?
• Dobey says of Janos Martini (A Coffin for Starsky)

Who is Officer Henderson referring to when he says the, “bullet went in like a half dollar at the speed of sound…came out leaving a hole big enough for an air conditioner”?
• Palmer (Birds of a Feather)

Who can hear “a gnat spitting on cotton”?
• Blind Bessie, she says so herself (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who says, “Soul food turns me off”?
• Turquet to Huggy (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who says grace before dinner?
• Blind Bessie (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who says grace before breakfast?
* _________________(Captain Dobey, You're Dead)

Who says, “Twelve years is long enough to ride any losing streak”?
• Evelyn Rankin, referring to Vic, (Losing Streak)

Who tells Hutch he has cream cheese “on his ‘stache”?
• the uniformed officer at Boseman’s murder scene (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Who says, “Like your chin? Wanna keep it?”
• Starsky says to Conrad, after he blows his tire out with gun (Hostages)

Who says “I’ll sleep much better nights knowing you’re guarding me”?
• Stryker referring to Irv’s ineffectual action against Starsky (Snowstorm)

Who says, “You know me, ‘both feet planted solidly on the ground’”?
• Huggy, when denying involvement with the robbery (Kill Huggy Bear)

Who says, “It’s too hot to play games”?
• Sugar (Death in a Different Place)

Who suggests Starsky has “been smoking some of those funny cigarettes”?
• Don Widdicombe suggests to Hutch (Blindfold)

Who says drive “with your fingers, man, not your feet”?
• Starsky to Hutch when Hutch drives the Torino (Kill Huggy Bear)

Who says, he went in for a “fast ID on a corpse. I guess the fella had a long name”?
• Molly Bristol, when Hutch is gone a longer time than he indicated (Collector)

Who is a “gay candidate for a straight deal”?
• Peter Whitelaw (Death in a Different Place)

Who has “character and good teeth,” according to Huggy?
• Walter T. Baker (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who goes “to change her frock”?
• Marianne Owens (Ballad for a Blue Lady)

Who accidentally drops an armload of sheet music in the street?
• Marianne Owens (Ballad for a Blue Lady)

Who does Starsky call “You with the old fashioned name”?
• Emily (Blindfold)

Who is Schneider?
• the pilot Charlotte Connery supposedly lines up to fly Starsky and Hutch home from private airfield (Playboy Island)

Who offers Starsky and Hutch some hard candy, just like your sweet old mother would?
• Olga Grossman (Gillian)

Who says it would be a “lousy life, being married to a cop”?
• Joey Carston tells Sid (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who offers Starsky anisette?
• Roper does (Plague)

Who is Starsky referring to when he calls someone the “Kiss of Death”?
• Detective Linda Williams (Death Ride)

Who says, “I want a little rub-a-dub on you, man”?
• Tony to Huey at Jackson Park High School (Savage Sunday)

Who says, “You could have been a couple of stumblebums,” referring to Starsky and Hutch?
• Detective Linda Williams (Death Ride)

“Who’s your man, Starsky?” Hutch asks when?
• during basketball game at Jackson Park High School (Savage Sunday)

Who gets racing tips “straight from the spirit world”?
• Blind Bessie (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who gets handcuffed to a lawn faucet?
• Monique Travers (Avenger)

Who wants to “nail their hides to the barn door,” referring to two bad guys?
• Zack Tyler (Texas Longhorn)

Who wants to take his wife to “Cleveland-by-the-Sea”?
• Terry Nash (Set-Up)

Who says he plays backgammon, for big stakes, every Thursday?
• Basil Monk (Photo Finish)

Whose “tail would be sucking up splinters” if it weren’t for Huggy?
• Lonnette’s (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Who says, “Bigelow, you funny guy”?
• Bigelow (Survival)

Who has “the soul of an aesthete”?
• Hutch says he does (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who is Huggy’s old “running buddy”?
• Julius T. Washington (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Who smears hamburger on a gun barrel?
• Jack, to fool Duvcha (Collector)

Who says, “Death don’t need no appointment”?
• Angel of Death (Cover Girl)

Who keeps a large amount of currency under a mattress?
• Annie (Collector)

Who says, “There are no accidents in my life”?
• Angel (Cover Girl)

Who is Hungry Mama?
• Madame on CB radio in Nevada (Set-Up)

Who says, “Do you think that people in hospitals using bedpans are any less beautiful than you or me?”
• Hutch to Kate (Cover Girl)

Who said, “When the garbage man comes for your can, remember he’s got some feelings too”?
“• Ed Day” (Playboy Island)

Who would be equally “at home with the hoi polloi as the Rothschild’s”?
• Hutch says he can be (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

Who, according to Starsky, likes to date “old prunes”?
• Sharon (Heavyweight)

Who says he has “told his little brother never to tell a lie”?
• Don Widdicombe, about Ken (Blindfold)

Who blows up a down pillow?
• Angel (Cover Girl)

Who says, “with science…you can soar like an eagle or self-destruct like some hophead the morning after the night before”?
• Angel (Cover Girl)

Who tells Starsky he is “different from most men” and what is his reply?
• Monique tells him this and he answers, “Maybe” (Avenger)

Who has a clear coffee table with gold fish swimming in it?
• Sarah Kingston (Kill Huggy Bear)

Who is a chandler?
• Rick Hansen (Terror on the Docks)

Who says, “There are no accidents in my life”?
• Angel of Death (Cover Girl)

Who asks a guy if he has ever had a girlfriend before, and when the answer is no says, “Spent your whole life singing in the choir, huh?”
• Annie asks Jack (Collector)

Who is shown eating a TV dinner?
• Mr. Atkins (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

Who has never “considered himself to be photogenic”?
• Frank Stryker (Starsky’s Brother)

Who is Captain Dobey’s boss?
• Edith Dobey (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

What is Dobey scolding Starsky and Hutch about when he says, “This is not amateur night in Dixie!”?
• about Melinda’s phone call (Groupie)

Whose undercover motto is “Money talks or take a walk”?
• Hutch as Jack Ives (Groupie)

Who tells Starsky and Hutch, “If you fellas are so interested in guys, you’re in the wrong club”?
• Judith, regarding all their questions about possible suspects (Discomania)

Who says, is described as “that uptown lady who came down here for a cheap thrill”?
• Kate, by James Brady (Cover Girl)

Who is “agog about sea faring men”?
• my dog Sandy and I (Running)

Who studied at Cordon Bleu?
• Itchy (Bust Amboy)

Who does Starsky tell he wishes his name was sexier, that “Rudy” or “Marcello” were better than “Dave”?
• Emily, when he is hustling her in the park (Blindfold)

Who says, “With death over your left shoulder, everything is important”?
• Kate (Cover Girl)

Who does Dobey call his “favorite officer”?
• Linda Baylor (Fatal Charm)

Who gives Hutch a very intimidating Warning Finger?
• Simon Marcus, in his second visit in jail with Hutch (Bloodbath)

Who give Hutch a “discourse in jungle law”?
• Monty Voorhees (Bounty Hunter)

Who wants to see “one of those freaked out West Coast night clubs where everybody gets down and boogies”?
• Hutch as Jack Ives (Groupie)

Whose business has a “closed” flower blossom and an “open” flower blossom to indicate whether shop is open or closed?
• Sally’s Sandwich Shop. It is the nicest thing about that place. (Velvet Jungle)

Who says, “Get on me, guys. Get on me cause I’m going to do it tonight. My time, mine.”?
• Freddy, in the throes of a gambling mania (Action)

Who wins the ping-pong game at the station?
•Starsky=21, Hutch=19 (Sweet Revenge)

Who is Starsky referring to when he comments, “That’s what I like, a man who’s always broadening his mind”?
• Monty Voorhees as he reads Werewolf comic book (Bounty Hunter)

Who wins the trivia part of the ping pong game at the station?
• Hutch (Sweet Revenge)

Who is Hutch’s “lady cop friend” according to Huggy?
• Linda Baylor (Fatal Charm)

Who tells Starsky “if you keep this up, you’ll be back in the bull pen before long”?
• Sharon tells Starsky this when Hutch takes Starsky away to work (Heavyweight)

Who wrote the article about Starsky and Hutch arresting Charlie Deek in the newspaper?
• D. Sheahan and Ron Anderson (Murder Ward)

Who wrote the article about Matwick’s indictment?
• Nacy Courey and Rafael Hernandez (Murder Ward)

Who is Gillian named after?
• Her father named her after a “lady he was in love with when he was in England” (Gillian)

Who was given to Starsky and Hutch “with a big pink ribbon”?
• Johnny Lonigan (Iron Mike)

Who has a “red madras leisure suit that would knock your socks off” and wears it with white loafers?
• Hutch as Jack Ives (Groupie)

Who tells Starsky, “You are wasting your charm; why don’t you try it on somebody else”?
• Emily (Blindfold)

Who said “There’s lots of different blues, the darkish, ya well sure, I can remember it. Just give me time”?
• brainwashed guy in his pajamas (Set-Up)

Who says, “If I don’t beat you on trivia, I’ll beat you on talent”?
• Starsky to Hutch, during their ping-pong game Sweet Revenge)

Whose slogan is “Guaranteed Value for Measure”?
• Darcy’s Department Store (Iron Mike)

Who is Hutch addressing when he says, “Hey Popeye, your fleet just set sail”?
• Orange’s perspective john (Running)

Who was celebrating her birthday and had the party that Jack, Vicky, Starsky and Hutch attended?
• Glenda (Las Vegas Strangler)

Who is “impartial to being poor”?
• Huggy (Avenger)

Who was found “doing the cast iron crawl off the Lido Pier”?
• According to Starsky, it was Carmen the Nose Pirelli after he was found cheating at poker (Murder Ward)

Who tells Hutch, “You’re as interested in what I want as the man on the moon”?
• Marianne (Ballad for a Blue Lady)

Who said “shooting a dummy is not perfect”?
• Steinmetz (Body Worth Guarding)

Who said, “If God wanted men to walk around during the daytime, we’d all been born with sunglasses on.”?
• Ace says Benny “Bugsy” Siegel said it. (Las Vegas Strangler)

Who does Hutch tell “You get the Kewpie Doll”?
• Jeeter for making a correct guess (Heavyweight)

Who drives a Maverick and when do you get to see it parked next to a really old Ford Ranchero?
• Billy (Terror on the Docks)

Who drives a blue Chrysler and its presence in a parking lot all day is a clue?
• Switek drives one. Freddie tells Starsky while it is in the lot, Switek isn’t around. (Murder Ward)

Who is the killer of these three women: Carol Carson, Suzette Clark and Honey Williams?
• Rene Nadasy (Vampire)

Who drives a 1955 Nomad wagon?
• Sulko (Jojo)

Whose business deals in “novelties, tricks and puzzles”?
• Grossman’s (Gillian)

Who was “stoned out of my head” when he committed a crime?
• Harry Sample (Shootout)

Who is a “Regular Renaissance Man of the Felonious Arts”?
• Jack Parker (Groupie)

Who asks Hutch if he is “lying, delinquent or just plain stupid”?
• Simonetti (Hutchinson for Murder One)

Who is interested in organic foods?
• Monique Travers (Avenger)

Who also used the names “Mullins” and “Steele”?
• Thomas Callander (Plague)

Who does Hutch refer to as “Big Hump”?
• Vic Humphries (Survival)

Who does Hutch refer to as the “Smiling Barracuda”?
• James Balford (Survival)

Who does Starsky refer to as “The Connoisseur of Eats”?
• Amboy (Bust Amboy)

Who does Starsky call “Mother Macree”?
• Matt Coyle (Iron Mike)

Who does Gunther figure for a “fly in our ointment”?
• Bates (Sweet Revenge)

Who does Starsky call “Hot Lips?”
• Switek (Murder Ward)

Who is cynically referred to as “The Champion of the Wetbacks”?
• Sterling (Velvet Jungle)

Who refers to Starsky and Hutch as “arrogant rascals?”
• Charlotte Connery (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)

Who calls Hutch “The White Knight”?
• Simon Marcus (Bloodbath)

Who calls Huggy “Watermelon Man”?
• Turquet (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who calls Lloyd Herman Eckworth “a prince”?
• Solkin, dressed as a bum, after Eckworth gives him a dollar (Vendetta)

Who is referred to as “Spook” and “Ghost”?
• Tommy Marlowe (Vendetta)

Who doesn’t “talk to bunnies”?
• Ernie Silver says he doesn’t, after Hutch introduces himself as Bugs Bunny (Game)

Who calls Starsky a “head of lettuce”?
• Nick, then Starsky himself (Starsky’s Brother)

Who does Starsky ask about club jackets for the Subculture Social Athletic Club?
• Fat Rolly (Texas Longhorn)

Who does Hutch threaten with an Accessory to Murder charge, which is a “ten to fifteen year wide-awake nightmare?
• Fat Rolly (Texas Longhorn)

Whose bail was zero, which makes his cronies nervous?
• Jojo (Jojo)

Who mentions he knows he has the nickname “Hatchet Man” by way of his co-workers?
• Fargo (Committee)

Who says, “The man with the gold makes the rule”?
• Amboy (Bust Amboy)

Who is the West Side Psycho?
• Vern (Running)

Who is “the most native native I have ever seen”?
• Huggy, according to Jack Ives (Groupie)

Who says he kills because he is “good at it”?
• John Colby (Deadly Imposter)

Who insists on grace before breakfast?
• C.J. Woodfield (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

Who, according to Hutch, has “twenty-four hundred Playboys” and a closet full of Penthouses?
• Joe Garras (Collector)

Who died of hysterical paralysis?
• Walter Healey’s best operative (Playboy Island)

Who “hit the deck like someone slipped a shot of cyanide into his sarsaparilla”?
• Davidowsky, one of the diamond buyers (Dandruff)

Who is the manager of the bank that Morton and Sloan rob on Sunday?
• Mr. James Arnold (Savage Sunday)

Who serves Starsky and Hutch carrot juice?
• Lou Malinda (Kill Huggy Bear)

Who does Hutch tell Marianne beat him up?
• The Man on the Moon (Ballad for a Blue Lady)

Who tells Starsky, “Class up, will you, Sport?”
• Francine in the changing room (Death Notice)

Who writes Starsky and Hutch a note that says, “A tip of the hat for a game well-played. Look forward to a rematch and trust you’ll smoke these in good health”?
• The Baron (Dandruff)

Who tells Starsky and Hutch she thought they were a “couple of society swells”?
• “Greta Wren”/Dora Pruitt tells them this when they visit her at her apartment, dressed in their regular clothes (Photo Finish)

Who is Edith Ross?
• Stewart Ross’ mom, she spanks him for taking cookies (Cover Girl)

Who cooks when he is nervous?
• Orrin Lawford. He makes custard and offers Alec Corday some. (Death in a Different Place)

Who said “The more things change, the more things stay the same”?
• Coyle says, and Mike is right, it is someone French. It is from the 1849 novel by Alphonse Karr called “Les Guepes.” (Iron Mike)

Whose Daddy said, “You got to get the cotton picked before you head to town”?
• Hutch’s daddy, but he was undercover when he said it. (Bait)

Who “undulates,” causing a problem?
• Terrible Tessie does and this disturbs her tailor (Omaha Tiger)

Who could “shake up any market”?
• Pepper the Shoeshine Girl, Hutch comments (Losing Streak)

Who has “eats by the tons…goodies all around”?
• Matt Coyle (Iron Mike)

Who does Starsky tell “you have a pain on the brain”?
• Starsky tells Hutch this after Hutch whines about the shopping cart behind Huggy’s (Bait)

Who couldn’t tell “a raw amphetamine from a cough drop,” according to Starsky?
• Nick Dombarris’ henchmen (Jojo)

Who, according to Starsky, “couldn’t’ find a beer in a brewery”?
• Hutch, though Hutch replies this comment is “corny as well as inaccurate” (Game)

Who wears a sweatshirt that says, “I need all the friends I can get”?
• Fifi, Hutch’s cleaning woman (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

Who has “got a loaded pair in every pocket”?
• the professor and his loaded dice (Action)

Who wears a medallion of the zodiac?
• Monique (Avenger)

Who gives the best “spit and shine in town”?
• Pepper the shoeshine girl, though it is doubtful Huggy is referring to shoes (Losing Streak)

Who is Hutch referring to when he says, “you put a sport coat on a tiger and he becomes a pussycat”?
• Eddie Bell (Omaha Tiger)

Who does Hutch describe as a “chocolate chip cookie junkie”?
• Stuart Ross (Cover Girl)

Who does Starsky ask, “Where’d you get all this bizarro junk?”?
• Rolly at Rolly’s Bargain Circus (Texas Longhorn)

Who, according to Hutch, “probably had some fetish for left-handed people”?
• Lizzie, which is why Hutch she is dancing with Starsky (Discomania)

Who had seventeen kinds of pomade and twelve kinds of Smell-Well in his place?
• Marty Crandell (Snowstorm)

Who juggles oranges?
• the fake Hutch at the hotel (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

Who is “the fellow on the drums,” according to Hutch as he tries to distract Buddy Owens?
• Cherie (Dandruff)

Who says, “The caress of your velvet digits would inspire the Bard to flights of epic verse”?
• the Professor says to Ginger (Action)

Who is Big Chuck’s counter waiter?
• Charlie (Texas Longhorn)

Who says, “I said the hand dips snug, look under the left wing and cut to the bottom” and what is this person referring to?
• Julius T. Washington says it as he deals out a new deck to keep Bozeman from cheating at poker. (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Who is Starsky referring to when he comments, “You are one of the warmest, most responsive human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet”?
• Huey Chaco, in interrogation (Texas Longhorn)

Who is going to drop Jack Parker “like hot lettuce” as soon as the police blows the whistle on him?
• The Feds (Groupie)

Who is “going to come down on you like a sack full of snakes,” threatening Starsky and Hutch?
• Connie, if they don’t come up with another $15,000 (Bait)

Who is Edward Crown?
• Hutch had to ask too, it is the guy killed in the cocaine raid. His gun is stolen and used later. (Snowstorm)
Who would know it was a bust, Hutch says, “if he was up against a wall instead of making paper soufflé”?
• Emil Parouch (Deadly Imposter)

Who is “Peggy” and why does she call a twelve-year-old girl on the phone?
• She is Nick Edward’s girlfriend and she calls Molly/Pete to tell her of her father’s shooting (Little Girl Lost)

Who says, “I got me a pocket full of money and a heart full of empty”?
• Charlie McCabe to Marsha (Tap Dancing)

Who says, “Au Revoir, Froggy”?
• Nurse O’Toole, to Turquet (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Whose “noble dome is a veritable lexicon of arcane science”?
• the Professor says his is (Action)

Who are the two people and one thing to which Starsky makes a marriage proposal?
• He asks Terry, Mrs. Greene and his hot dog lunch (Starsky’s Lady, Black and Blue, Silence)

Who does Starsky tell that “cooking gives him pleasure”?
• Sharon Freemont (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

Who has “the face of an angel, the heart of a con”?
• Lisa Kendrick, according to Hutch (Foxy Lady)

Who does Huggy threaten, saying “How would you like me to play ‘Nola’ on your molars?”?
• Doc Rafferty (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who is Spence’s “Angel”?
• Gavin, according to Jeeter (Heavyweight)

Who would “work on Ben-Hur’s chariot and charge him for a ring job”?
• Merle, he admits to Starsky (Game)

Who is Emil Parouch’s old boss?
• Nate Garvin (Deadly Imposter)

Who was Nate Garvin’s chief accountant?
• Warren Karpel (Deadly Imposter)

Who does Starsky ask to marry him, though he doesn’t “make much money and …keeps irregular hours”?
• Mrs. Greene, and she would say yes if he were a good dancer (Black and Blue)

Who says, “Food should caress the palette, not grab the throat”?
• Huggy, when he is at the Eastside Home for the Aged (Savage Sunday)

Who has “a million dollars and the best bodyguard money can buy”?
• Lisa Kendrick (Foxy Lady)

Who says, “My customers are not acrobats”?
• Mrs. Hilda Zuckerman (Dandruff)

Who saved Huggy’s life “in that East Side rumble”?
• Dewey (Kill Huggy Bear)

Who’s “up to their hubcaps in dresses?”
• Sugar and Milo, after Leotis tosses the bench at the car and they hit a dress rack (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who decorates with both a blinking stoplight and model ships? While Starsky has both in his apartment, the answer here is someone else.
• Nick Dombarris (Jojo)

Who says, “I’m a hustler. I may be a couple of other things, but I’m not a fool.”?
• Huggy to Pinky (Blindfold)

Who has the “greatest arrest record since Wyatt Earp,” according to Hutch?
• Iron Mike Ferguson (Iron Mike)

Who does Starsky ask Hutch if he wants to put out an APB for Vandalism?
• Diana Harmon (Fatal Charm)

Whose inner being does the “light of Asia shines” on?
• Harry Sample’s (Shootout)

Who does Hutch tell, “I want you in my bed”?
• Lisa Kendrick, but then he realizes how this sounds and explains (Foxy Lady)

Who says, “Maybe they don’t like interracial couples?”?
• Huggy, after Sugar and Milo give he and Turquet trouble (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who is germo-phobic?
• Bad Dad Watson (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Whose middle name is “Finegal”
• Artie Solkin’s (Vendetta)

Who says, “Look what you did, made me knock over all my peanuts”?
• James Brady (Cover Girl)

Who does Starsky tell, “Sometimes you can’t be ready. Sometimes you just gotta do”?
• Sharman Crane, about calling her folks (Running)

Who is “having a terrible time with woe and strife”?
• Sharman Crane, according to Orange (Running)

Who is “Driver of the Gravy Train”?
• Tony, and a self-titled one at that (Discomania)

Who asks Huggy, “Are you with the African Foreign Legion”?
• Hutch, as Jack Ives (Groupie)

Who is Mickey Stinger?
• the guy beat up at Le Sexe Shoppe (Gillian)

Who coughs every time he says “Walter”?
• Bad Dad Watson (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Who tells Hutch, “Talk to the walls, Copper”?
• Marianne Owens after she discovers he’s a cop (Ballad For a Blue Lady)

Who sells her wedding rings to pay off gambling debts?
• Doris Huntley (Birds of a Feather)

Whose “sneakers really have to fly”?
• Joey Carston (Trap)

Who says, “Numbers don’t lie. If you think about it, numbers are the only pure thing left on this whole entire earth”?
• the woman Hutch holds under the water in the sink too long (Dandruff)

Who is Theodore Bear?
• Jamie Rigger’s teddy bear (Targets 1)

Who says, “I feel like I’ve been trapped for five hours with a dying lounge act”?
• Hutch about Starsky and his failed card games (Targets 1)

Who is “so crooked, he has to screw his shorts on”?
• Judge McClellan, according to Starsky (Targets 1)

Who tries to help an old lady across the street, but the lady doesn’t want to cross?
• Jamie Rigger (Targets 1)

Who can talk a canary out of a tree?
• Lionel Rigger (Targets 1)

Who says, “The only thing I know that goes down easy is bad booze”?
• Lionel Rigger (Targets 1)

Who says, “If this was Vegas right now, I bet I’d be losing money on a pay toilet”?
• Lionel Rigger (Targets 1)

Who has told her daughter “to look for love in this world”?
• Mardean Rigger (Targets 1)

Who says, “A peace sign. I haven’t seen that since Nixon resigned’?
• showgirl in the car after Hutch goofs for her out his window (Targets 1)