“You know, if this was a cowboy movie I'd give you my boots.” (A Coffin for Starsky)

When does Hutch say he is wearing a rubber suit?
• when Huggy pours water off the tray onto his lap in retaliation for a bad tip (Groupie)

When does Dobey tell Starsky and Hutch to “get that Torino and get hot”?
• when he sends them out to check out Buzzy’s shooting at the 4
th Street Gym (Golden Angel)

When does Huggy drink a Shirley Temple?
• when he takes a sip out of the one he prepares for Joey Carston. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

When does Starsky make a paper airplane?
• when he is talking to Bettin after the failed bust (Jojo)

When does Starsky say he "feels like a lousy pincushion?"
* after he gets all those shots in the butt (Murder Ward)

When are the two times a bucket of blood is mentioned?
• Hutch calls Artie Solkin's place a "Blood Bucket." Starsky tells Dobey the "Bucket of Blood" doesn't take credit cards. (Vendetta, Hutchinson for Murder One)

When does Hutch say, “Clothes do make the man”?
• when “Greta Wren”/Dora Pruitt comments on how he and Starsky looked a lot nicer the day before (Photo Finish)

When are the three times "furry dashes" are mentioned?
• Hutch suggests Starsky's Uncle Al's car will have one (Jojo)
• Merle covers Hutch's car dash with one (Bloodbath)
• Hutch tells Huggy he's allergic to them (Targets 2)

When are the two times Starsky emits a burp?
• when he and Hutch go to see the professor; he blames it on the Tijuana Burger (Action)
• when he is trying to distract Dobey from a pool shot; he blames it on ribs, avocado omelet and jalapeno peppers (Birds of a Feather)

When does Starsky tell Hutch he looks, “like a very small tip”?
• after Hutch tries on a matching tux at the tailor (Photo Finish)

When does Starsky tell a girl he is photographing to, “keep your clothes on”?
• he tells Emily, in front of Sharon, when he is taking her photo for the first time. (Blindfold)

When does Hutch say, “I think I’ve had enough steam tonight”?
• when he and Starsky are in the steam room with Alex and Marty and sense a set-up (Targets 3)

When does Starsky get Huggy on his back, pin him down with hands on his shoulder and touches his head and hair?
• when Huggy comes under the ministrations of Starsky over the rinse sink (Dandruff)

When does Hutch tell Starsky, “You’re a dirty old man, you know that”?
• he does when Starsky tells him of his plan to breed chinchillas (Hutchinson for Murder One)

When does Hutch say, “I like bluegrass better than music”?
• when he is onstage at the Backwoods Inn (Moonshine)

When does Hutch tell Starsky to “Start your engine, Magic Hands”?
• when they see their mark, the two showgirls driving to Las Vegas, come into view (Targets 1)

When does Hutch tell Starsky, “I have some business in the john”?
• when he goes to make sure Trayman is secured in the farmhouse’s bathroom (Trap)

When does Hutch say, “I almost got a pedicure”?
• when he describes how close the bullets got to him outside the barn (Trap)

When does Starsky trim Huggy’s flywhisk?
• when Huggy, as Prince Nairobi, comes to the beauty parlor to meet with Mr. Marlene and Mr. Tyrone (Dandruff)

When does Starsky deliver Hutch an “invitation to a policeman’s ball”?
• when he refers to Hutch’s arrest warrant as such (Hutchinson for Murder One)

When does Hutch, joking, offer to hold Starsky’s jacket while Starsky commits Police Brutality against a little girl?
• when Starsky is speculating what he would like to do to the girl who stole the lighter (Trap)

When does Hutch say, “I am a late bloomer”?
• he tells Professor Gage this when Gage tells Hutch he is quite a bit older than the average college student (Class in Crime)

When are two times fishing nets are put over people’s heads?
• Hutch puts one on a cultist in the cabin. Hutch puts one on Starsky on the fishing dock. (Satan's Witches, Class in Crime)

When does Starsky say, “I’m a nut for old Mercedes”?
• it is part of his ruse, talking his way out of why he walked into Michelle and Gage’s house without invitation (Class in Crime)

When does Starsky say, “I whiffed at the office”?
• when Danny Daveen offers to sell him some Venezuelan Whiff (Quadromania)

When does Starsky tell someone, “Next time bring your teeth, huh”?
• to old toothless lady in the Laundromat (Crying Child, Nightmare)

When is Starsky’s nickname “Blue”? When is it “Red”?
• he calls into dispatch as “Blue” when he drives the cab. Nancy Rogers calls him “Red” when they are bowling. (Quadromania, Gillian)

When does Hutch sit at Dobey’s desk, while Dobey looks on, and types up a report?
• when he is typing up Sue Ann’s complaint for about her stalker (Long Walk)

When does Hutch tell Starsky he looks like a dog?
• when they see the puppy in the window at Huggy’s Ark, Hutch says it, “looks like you” (Nightmare)

When does Starsky refer to Hutch as a tourist?
• when he is taking a photograph of the bar cowboys with Hutch. “Don’t mind him, he’s a tourist.” (Long Walk)

When does Hutch announce Huggy’s appearance with a quote from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”?
• when he says, “Here come the prince…” as Huggy strolls up to save the day after the Baron escapes (Dandruff)

When does Starsky introduce Hutch as “My friend and compatriot”?
• he introduces him as such to Buddy Owens, Hutch has sweet, under breath “Thank you.” (Dandruff)

When does Hutch have a red carnation behind his ear?
• when he is in the hospital, after he has told Starsky he was faking amnesia (Partners)

When does Hutch say Dobey reminds him of a blimp?
• when he pretending to try to remember Dobey’s name and suggests it sounds like “blimp” (Partners)

When Starsky tells Hutch, “It’s too early in the morning for that, Hutch”, to what is he referring?
• Hutch’s wonderment about the meaning of life (Body Worth Guarding)

When does Starsky threaten to capture someone’s joey?
• when he is playing chess with Hutch and threatens to get his bishop (Iron Mike)

When does Dobey explode to Starsky and yell, “What in the ever livin’ hell am I supposed to do”?
• when Hutch has the plague and Starsky is complaining about how many officers are out looking for Callendar (Plague)

When does Starsky squirt Hutch in the face with a squirt gun?
• when he tests out Franklin Jones weapon (Crying Child)

When does Hutch ask Starsky if the hour he needs is “for a manicure and a perm”?
• when Starsky is trying to find a time to “get loose” so he can resolve his tuxedo problem (Photo Finish)

When does Hutch ask if Huggy is the Chief of Police?
• when he has amnesia, after Dobey tells him he is with the police department, not the army (Partners)

When does Hutch comment it, “looks like Huggy’s grapevine is all juiced out”?
• when they aren’t getting any information about Spenser on the street (Heavyweight)

When does Starsky threaten to “tear this little Shangri-La apart, piece by piece”?
• when he and Hutch are trying to get information out of Su Long (Psychic)

When does Starsky tell Hutch, “Even Rembrandt painted a bowl of fruit once in while”?
• when he is explaining to Hutch why a car genius like Merle would even bother with a tame tune-up job on Hutch’s car (Bloodbath)

When does Starsky say to Hutch, “Working on the streets must have warped your mind”?
• when Hutch is suspicious about the dinner date with Ted’s family and the double dates (Action)

When does Dobey tell Starsky, “I always did think you were a clock watcher”?
• when they note what time it is as they go over the files (A Coffin for Starsky)

When does Starsky get his phone and alarm clock mixed up?
• when he is awakened by the phone and thinks it is his clock (Collector)

When does Starsky ask, “Is a cat interested in mice”?
• when they are asked at the Marlborough Health Club if they are interested in a “high-rolling crap game” (Action)

When does Starsky say, “Damn it, I love you, and I don’t know what to do about it”?
• he says it to Rosey at the Galleria. (Rosey Malone)

When does Hutch suggest Starsky become a male model for “Lounge Lizard Monthly”?
• after Marcie compliments Starsky, telling him he could be in Gentleman’s Quarterly (Photo Finish)

When does Hutch tell Starsky, “Look, I’m not going to dig your grave and mine too.”
• when they are tricking Eberly and Daimier at the construction site (Action)

When do Starsky and Hutch say, “We’re going in naked”?
• when they exit Dobey’s office without money from Hobart for the dice game (Action)

When does Huggy defend himself, saying, “Some of us like to use colorful speech”?
• when Dobey yells at him for using four words to say what one word would have been enough (Bloodbath)

When does Hutch ask someone to tell him “a funny story, a real knee-slapper”?
• when Starsky and Hutch need to get Janos to laugh for identification purposes (A Coffin for Starsky)

When does Hutch clutch a watermelon and say, “Mighty fine watermelon today, Ma’am”?
• when he is undercover at the market (Playboy Island)

When are Starsky and Hutch “at the wrong place at the right time”?
• when they see the payoff between Coyle and Ferguson at Gung Ho (Iron Mike)

When does one “Lucas” shoot another “Lucas”?
• when Luke Huntley (whom Starsky calls “Lucas”) shoots Jimmy Lucas (Birds of a Feather)

When does Starsky tell Hutch, “That’s a great buddy you are. You won’t even turn over a shovel full of dirt for me”?
• when they are tricking Eberly and Daimier at the construction site (Action)

When does Starsky say he feels like he just “walked into a Vincent Price movie”?
• just after Inspector Godfrey leaves their hotel room with a warning (Playboy Island)

When does Hutch accuse Starsky of taking hormone shots?
• when Starsky is so frisky during their running. Starsky says he takes them between meals and “a hit before bedtime.” (Rosey Malone)

When does Hutch say he doesn’t want to have to worry about “abstract stuff” and is referring to his conscience?
• when he is posturing Matt Coyle at Bolero Towers (Iron Mike)

When does Hutch refer to Dobey as, “Graceful, ever so graceful”?
• watching him play pool (Birds of a Feather)

When is it suggested Starsky could win “an Olympic Decathlon”?
• Danny Daveen suggests Starsky could if he ingested some drugs (Quadromania)

When are Starsky and Hutch, “In the wrong place at the right time”?
• when they see Iron Mike accept the envelope from Matt Coyle at Gung Ho’s (Iron Mike)

When does Hutch tell Starsky, “I’m sorry about the monkey suit”?
• when he apologizes for wrecking up Starsky’s tux (Photo Finish)

What two episodes have the sound of a baby crying?
• the fake baby in the carriage and a real baby at the Leland Hotel (Cover Girl, Running)

When does Huggy ask Starsky, “Did Hutch slam the door on your head again”?
• when Starsky calls him as decoy from the Marlborough Club. (Action)

When does Hutch “assay the lay of the land”?
• when he is explaining his bedraggled state to Silky (Playboy Island)

When does Huggy answer the phone with, “Devastated Domicile”?
• when he answers the phone at Hutch’s trashed Venice Place (Fatal Charm)

When does Starsky swat a woman’s butt with a guitar case?
• at Amateur Night when he swats Dolly’s (Moonshine)

When does Hutch explain he and Starsky “took a little foray into the foliage”?
• when Silky sees them after they are all wet and asks them what happened (Playboy Island)

When does Starsky tell Hutch, “If it wasn’t for that blond tuft of hair on the top of your head, I wouldn’t know it was you”?
• when he meets Hutch at the Saddle Bar Club and Hutch is wearing his serape (Long Walk)

When does Starsky ask Hutch, “Why do you think his nose is wrapped in straw?”
• when at Guybo’s, Starsky is peering at the skull on Guybo’s table (Vampire)

When does Starsky mock Dobey and the situation by putting one hand over his head and pretend to be a mincing ballerina?
• when he and Hutch get the job of babysitting Anna (Body Worth Guarding)

When does Starsky say, “We’re hot to trot and ready to steam”?
• when he and Hutch are going to go into the spa (Playboy Island)

When does Dobey “bet his job” on Hutch?
• when he believes his innocence in Vanessa’s murder (Hutchinson for Murder One)

When does Starsky say, “Say beautiful, how do you like my new moustache”?
• when Rudy Skyler first meets Nurse Bycroft (Murder Ward)

When does Hutch apparently drive the Torino for the first time?
• when they go to see the car in the alley, Starsky is giving Hutch pointers (Kill Huggy Bear)

When does Hutch drive his car into a tree?
• when he and Starsky are driving in the dark woods, trying to catch cultists (Satan’s Witches)

When does Hutch catch a coffee pot thrown through a broken window?
• upon arrival at the fight at Rolly’s Bargain Circus (Texas Longhorn)

When does Hutch say, “What’s a Starsky”?
• when he is seducing Kira, who at least has the sense to tell him, “You’re terrible.” (Starsky vs. Hutch)

When does Hutch feed a scotch and soda to a dog?
• when he lets Fosdick drink out of Melinda’s drink; Melinda later downs the rest (Groupie)

When does Starsky say, “Line-of-duty-et-lousy-cetera” and to what is he referring"?
• Starsky says it when Hutch tries to get him to get over some of his guilt about shooting Emily (Blindfold)

When does Starsky tell Hutch, “Some buddy. Trust him with your life and look what he tries to do behind your back”?
• when he discovers Lisa is at Hutch’s apartment (Foxy Lady)

When does Starsky tell Hutch to, “Put your act in the closet”?
• when he needs Hutch’s help in nabbing the darty-eyed robber in the lobby (Dandruff)

When does Hutch say, “If I was gatherin’ eggs, I sure would like to find you in my nest”?
• to Dolly at Amateur Night (Moonshine)

When does Dobey tell Starsky to get a safety pin?
• when he sees Starsky’s ripped tux (Photo Finish)

When does Hutch, “Let me have those things,” take Starsky’s sunglasses off and put them on his own face?
• when they are sitting in the Torino on the Jameson Campus figuring out the beach drop (Class in Crime)

When does Dobey tell Starsky to raise up his shirt and then touches Starsky’s chest?
• when he is making Starsky wear a wire to track Zachary (Foxy Lady)

When does Starsky do a Greta Garbo imitation, “I vant to be alone”?
• when he is harassing Emily, hoping for a date (Blindfold)

When does Hutch tell Starsky he is “too hot,” and Starsky tells him, “You have a way with words”?
• after Hutch tells Starsky too many eyes are on him and Starsky couldn’t “check out food at a counter.” (Rosey Malone)

When does Hutch tell Starsky he isn’t going to allow a, “Bum rap to wash your life down the drain on a guilt trip”?
• when he is trying to coax him out of his slump about Emily (Blindfold)

When does Starsky say, “I feel like I am a bloody leper”?
• to Hutch in the hospital waiting room, about how Sharon acted towards him (Blindfold)

When does Hutch accuse Starsky of starring in “a silly soap opera”?
• when he says “every snitch on your circuit is talking about the blind girl and the cop…it sounds like a silly soap opera” (Blindfold)

When does Rosey tell Starsky, “I should have taken a longer breath”?
• when she gets the phone call from her pop and finds out Starsky is a cop (Rosey Malone)

When does Hutch ask a woman about her intentions regarding a sexual threesome with himself, her and Starsky?
• when Nicole Monk comments on Starsky’s bare knees and tells them to come to the beach house in their swimsuits. Hutch wants clarification, asking, “Is that one both of us, or one at a time?” Nicole answers with a smile, “Whatever.” (Photo Finish)

When does Starsky throw money in the air and say, “How do you like that, I am surrounded by hustlers”?
• during Liar’s Poker with Julie and Toni (Action)

When does Starsky tell Hutch to, “Go to a pet store. I’m not in the mood for socializing tonight”?
• when Hutch compares talking to Starsky to talking to a turtle (Blindfold)

When does Huggy tell Starsky and Hutch, “If you two guys looked any sharper, you’d be black”?
• when they are dressed up at the Pits after solving the Basil Monk case (Photo Finish)

When does Huggy pull a bottle of wine out of his pants?
• at the hospital for the Inner Circle’s Benedictory Supper (Sweet Revenge)

When does Hutch shout, “Let’s get someone in here to clean up this vegetable garden”?
• when he is Louie the Nose, and is trying to clear the ring of thrown vegetables (Golden Angel)

When does Starsky hand Hutch a seashell, indicating the phone is for him?
• at Kate’s, Hutch says, “Hello” (Cover Girl)

When does Starsky answer the phone, “Hutchinson Manor”?
• in Hutch’s hospital room (Black and Blue)

When does Starsky tell Dobey his hands, “Are colder than a dead trout”
• when Dobey is taping the wire to Starsky’s bare chest (Foxy Lady)

When is Starsky told to, “Class up” and why?
• he overhears one stripper say to another, “Will you cover me?” he mumbles, “Not too much.” Francine tells him to, “Class up!” (Death Notice)

When is Huggy going to tear up the sidewalk?
• when he helps with a divertive jackhammer (Fatal Charm)

When is Starsky told to “kiss the bag three times”?
• when Minnie is juicing up his protective amulet (Playboy Island)

When does Starsky say he “will get his coonskin cap out of his closet”?
• when Dobey sends he and Hutch on moonshine case (Moonshine)

When does Starsky say, referring to himself, “Coop couldn’t have done any better”?
• after he subdues Sears and uncuffs Hutch (Groupie)

When Huggy tells Hutch he is about to make a “very special delivery,” to what is he referring?
• the “receptionist’s call sheet, a list of all the outgoing calls made by the Honorable Jonathan Wells (Sweet Revenge)

When does Starsky disco dance with a guy?
• when he dances with Nick at Tramps (Starsky’s Brother)

When will Starsky and Hutch have a “couple of kids on our doorstep”?
• if Franklin Jones gets “sent up” and his kids need to eat (Crying Child)

When does Starsky look through a microscope?
• he does when he is on top of the refrigerator and hiding from Dr. Matwick (Murder Ward)

When do Starsky and Hutch go into a steam room fully clothed?
• when they go into the spa at the Playboy Hotel to meet Janice (Playboy Island)

When does Dobey hope to win “ten dollars from the white boys in the corner”?
• when he is playing Starsky and Hutch in pool at the Pits (Birds of a Feather)

When do Starsky and Dr. Kaufman walk and hold hands?
• after the television plea, as they head to see Hutch (Plague)

When does Starsky say he, “Has had Kool-Aid that is stronger”?
• when he is bragging about his ability with alcohol and the moonshine (Moonshine)

When does Hutch sell a Golden Eagle, and what is it?
• it is a pencil and he tries to sell one to Starsky and to Huggy (Game)

When does Starsky accuse Hutch “of not wanting him for a friend anymore”?
• when Hutch tells him the ingredients for the bear meat dinner (Satan’s Witches)

When does Huggy eat Kentucky Fried Chicken right out of the big bucket?
• in his office with Turquet (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

When does Starsky say, “Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble”?
• after he knocks on stateroom door, trying to get Sears to open it (Groupie)

When does a business card get sprayed with antiseptic?
• when Huggy hands his to Dad Watson, Sonny sprays it (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

When does Hutch ask Starsky, ”You’re going undercover as a bush-league paparazzi?”?
• when Hutch sees Starsky dressed in his black photographer’s jumpsuit (Groupie)

When does Hutch yell, “Candy, come forth!”?
• when he is trying to get Camille to come to the ring and choose the real Golden Angel (Golden Angel)

When does Hutch say to Starsky, “I must have a death wish”?
• when Starsky talks him into eating at Gung Ho’s (Iron Mike)

When does Starsky give an impromptu “Homes of the Stars Tour”?
• when he is talking to Dobey and Grover through the wire on his way to get directions from Zachary (Foxy Lady)

When does Huggy ask Starsky to introduce him to his next wife?
• in the Pits when he sees Meredith (Black and Blue)

When does Hutch use a handheld joke buzzer to break up a fight?
• when he puts one on as the referee to get Hammer to put Starsky down (Golden Angel)

When does Hutch tell someone, “It’s the individual that counts, not the uniform”?
• when he his talking to Melinda at the Pits and trying to stop her from bugging him (Groupie)

When does Starsky do something “wrong” and “evil” to a woman who says she is “not ready”?
• when he dips Deirdre; she asks him to say words as a tease (Tap Dancing)

When Al Grossman tells Hutch, “You and I know how sweet it is,” to what is he referring?
• sex with Gillian (Gillian)

When does Hutch refer to himself as, “A man after a little bit of wealth”?
• during the pool game and bet with Starsky (Avenger)

When does Hutch tell Starsky, “You’re a real scream”?
• when Starsky sarcastically says, “Nice neighborhood. Did they leave a note?” after rat and brick (Vendetta)

When does Dobey tuck in a piece of plastic wrap into his shirt to use as a bib?
• when he takes it off Starsky’s antipasto platter at the hospital (Sweet Revenge)

When does Starsky ask Huggy for a beer and another drink, saying, “I’ve got a beautiful blond coming to meet me”?
• when he’s waiting for Kira and Hutch at the Pits (Starsky vs. Hutch)

When does Starsky tell Hutch, “I can’t take you out anymore, Hutch. You keep insultin’ my friends”?
• when Hutch gives Artie a really hard time on their first visit (Vendetta)

When does Starsky tell Hutch, “Have faith, my son”?
• when leaving the William’s house and Hutch is worrying about Molly/Pete (Little Girl Lost)

When does Starsky lose a tooth in a fight?
• when it is kicked out of his mouth by Gil White (Losing Streak)

When does Starsky say, “Did you ever get the feeling you’re all alone in the world and nobody loves ya?” and to whom?
• when Hutch and rest of his victims walk out of comedy show, Starsky says it to an empty room (Shootout)

When does Hutch ask Starsky if he, “Had ever thought about opening up an escort service”?
• when Starsky is extra nice to Maggie McMillan (Deadly Imposter)

When does Hutch hold a softball and glove as he is talking to a uniform and then Starsky?
• in Dobey’s foyer, just before Moon calls (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

When do you see Hutch’s orange bathrobe for the first time?
• when he wears it after Diana knifes him (Fatal Charm)

When do you hear the phrase, “Hats for the sun, necklace for fun”?
• when Starsky is undercover at the market (Playboy Island)

When does Hutch tell Starsky, “If you’re going to jerk around like that, why don’t you go and do it in a dark corner”?
• when Starsky is twitching to the disco beat while standing next to Hutch (Discomania)

When does Hutch tell Starsky, “You’re a little too late with a little too little”?
• when Starsky comes over to Hutch and Kira at table at Golden Lady (Starsky vs. Hutch)

Whose “mind is grooving on a different plane”?
• Leotis, according to Turquet (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

When is something not a box, but a pouch?
• when it has a bug in it (Dandruff)

When Hutch talks about Dobey’s “fourth house,” to what is he referring?
• something with his horoscope and diet (Hostages)

When does Starsky say to Starsky and Hutch, “You guys are always breaking my rhythm”?
• when Starsky and Hutch interrupt his pinball game (Kill Huggy Bear)

When does Starsky say, “A little belly and tush went a long way,” and to whom is he referring?
• he says this to Judith at the disco and he is referring to the artist Rubens (Discomania)

When is Starsky in a sleeping bag?
• when he is on the couch at Pine Lake (Satan’s Witches)

When does Hutch speak of “a guy walking his duck”?
• when he is trying to get the desk clerk to point the way Cobb ran (Strange Justice)

When does Hutch wear an apron?
• when he is cooking at Pine Lake, though the apron looks like a long sleeved shirt tied with sleeves (Satan’s Witches)

When does Dobey tell Starsky and Hutch, “All right, all right, back to your poodle cuts”?
• when he tells them to get back to work at the beauty parlor (Dandruff)

When is Hutch told to play the part of the farmer’s son, in town for only one night?
• when Vivian Vivacious wants to have sex with him (Dandruff)

When do Starsky and Hutch get side-by-side pedicures?
• along with Mrs. Hilda Zuckerman after saving the diamonds (Dandruff)

“When you lie, the hairs on the back of your neck curl up.” To whom does Starsky tell this observation?
• Gil White (Losing Streak)

When do Starsky and Hutch play tennis against each other?
• when they are waiting for Tabor’s money drop (Long Walk)

When Starsky and Hutch go to the corner of Marshall and Chandler about the purchase of a dental clinic, whom do they meet?
• Huggy (Losing Streak)

When does Starsky give Huggy’s bug whisk a haircut?
• when Starsky is Mr. Tyrone and Huggy is Prince Nairobi (Dandruff)

When is Starsky “missing a regular sport’s orgy”?
• when he and Hutch are on the hill on the Nick Dombarris stakeout (Jojo)

When does Hutch tell a woman that even though Starsky is, “Going steady right now,” Starsky still likes to “mess around”?
• when he is trying to set Starsky up for some of Dora’s “absolutely beautiful lasagna” (Photo Finish)

When do you see Hutch give Huggy some practical help in The Pits’ daily operations?
• when Hutch helps Huggy take down the chairs on the bar (Targets 3)

When does Starsky tell Dobey “you are beautiful”?
• after Dobey chases Bettin off (Jojo)

When is the bread “of secondary importance”?
• when Lou Malinda says the money is not the issue, but telling people not to rip him off in the first place (Kill Huggy Bear)

When is Starsky “cross-pollinating,” according to Huggy?
• when he is dating Meredith (Black and Blue)

When does Starsky “smell frustration”?
• when Hutch drags him away from a night of sex with Sharon (Heavyweight)

When is a small piece of black rubber a clue?
• when it is a piece to Joey’s cane (Starsky vs. Hutch)

When does Starsky say he is going to, “Lay some body English on that pair of hot pants”?
• at the bar with Hutch, just as he goes to dance with woman in red, shiny shorts (Discomania)

When does Dobey say he isn’t a “cold hearted bastard”?
• when Starsky complains about how many men are out looking for Callander (Plague)

When does Hutch pull a Mickey Mouse figure out of the file drawer?
• when he checks the files right before Starsky goes down for his deposition (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

When does Starsky make a sexy snarl to a woman? Clue: right before bahing a few humbugs
• to Perkowitz (Little Girl Lost)

When does Hutch say, “Kiss the doll goodbye, Papa”?
• to Papa Theodore, upon his capture (Playboy Island)

When does Hutch get out of a sexual proposition by saying, “I’m a family man”?
• when “Greta Wren”/Dora Pruitt offers him some of her “absolutely beautiful lasagna” (Photo Finish)

When is the first time Starsky is interested in Brahms?
• when he is courting Allison, according to Hutch (Targets 2)

When does Starsky say, “I feel like I have lost the left side of my face”?
• after getting Novocain at the dentist (Cover Girl)

When does Huggy wear Hutch’s clothes?
• when Huggy camps out at Hutch’s place, hiding from Lou Malinda (Kill Huggy Bear)

When does Hutch have a run-in with Vivian Vivacious, the Traveling Saleslady?
• when he goes to give Vivian a set and shampoo and she has other plans for him (Dandruff)

When does Hutch write Starsky a note, “Dear Starsk, Close but no cigar. Love Hutch”?
• when Hutch figures the hit on Starsky was fake (Game)

When does Huggy ask Starsky, “Did Hutch slam the door on your head again”?
• when Starsky calls him to place the Salty Babe bet (Action)

When do Starsky and Hutch each purposely breathe on something in Hutch’s hand?
• on the lucky dice at the rolling crap game (Action)

When do Starsky and Hutch threaten a guy with a “swirly”?
• when they threaten Cecil over the toilet bowl, “Flush him with it.” (Pariah)

When does Dobey say to Starsky, “I always knew you were a clock watcher”?
• when Starsky notes his time left to live (A Coffin for Starsky)

When does Hutch ask Starsky, “Where’s my hat,” and it is on Hutch’s head?
• when Hutch is practicing his role as Carlyle (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

When does Starsky say to a crowd, “We give you the law in action”?
• outside of Mike’s grocery, when taking Molly/Pete away (Little Girl Lost)

When does Starsky say that the next time he sees this man, “I’m going to stick his camera in his sport’s section” ?
• Stu Bassett, reporter for the Daily Chronicle (Foxy Lady)

When does Huggy feed rum to a horse?
• at the marketplace (Playboy Island)

When does Hutch play the trumpet and badly?
• at Pinky’s pawn shop (Blindfold)

When does Huggy wear a red plaid shirt?
• when he serves Joey her Shirley Temple (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

When does Starsky correct an FBI agent’s grammar?
• when he points out the correct phrase is “Whom” rather than “Who.” (Targets 3)

When does Hutch drink out of a watermelon with a straw?
• at the marketplace (Playboy Island)

When does Hutch say he is a Purdue Man, Class of 1965?
• when he is falling into Melinda’s crafty trap (Groupie)

When does Hutch tell someone it wouldn’t cost extra for Hutch to “waste” Starsky?
• when Hutch, as Carlyle, is trying to keep Starsky safe from Schiller (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

When did Starsky say, “He didn’t have enough strength to remain on this earth”?
• after Terry died (Partners)

When does Hutch ask Huggy, “Got your bone”?
• when Hutch reminds Huggy, who is posing as a diamond buyer, of his symbol for Buddy (Dandruff)

When is the only time you can hear the mechanical interworkings of the Mars light?
• when Hutch takes it down off the roof after the Torino stops its runaway drive (Kill Huggy Bear)

When does Hutch say, “Dear Diary, today my friend and I went for a ride on a bus”?
• when he and Starsky take the city bus back to the Torino (Targets 2)

When, in this researcher’s opinion, do Starsky and Hutch each date jailbait?
• Hutch= Molly Bristow, though at least she is old enough to drink (Collector)
• Starsky= Julie McDermott (Action)

When does Hutch suggest taking to a villa and taking long walks on the beach?
• Laura (Quadromania)

When does Hutch give someone money and tell him or her to, “Die a little”?
• he gives cash to Belinda Williams for a fix (Losing Streak)

When does Hutch pick up a syringe of heroin and hold it a little while?
• off of Angel’s bureau (Texas Longhorn)

When is the “Van Cleve Syndrome” mentioned?
• when Dr. Matwick explains his mouse experiment to Hutch (Murder Ward)

When does Starsky mention that he is thinking of starting a hand painted Mexican pottery collection, a precursor to Rosey?
• when he is joking with the Commodore (Murder at Sea)

When does Starsky refer to Hutch as, “Unusually neat”?
• when they are at the employment office (Targets 2)

When is an underwear question answered regarding Hutch?
• boxers, Fifi is folding them up (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

When is a tablecloth a clue?
• when it says, “Ginger will die tonight” on it. (Death Notice)

When does Starsky kiss a man?
• when he kisses Iggy the Mummy (Omaha Tiger)

When does Starsky tell Hutch to, “Sit down like a man and choose whatever your little blond heart desires”?
• when he is offering Hutch some of his hot dog lunch (Silence)

When does the Pilot take place?
• March 17
th. . Coley was paroled Jan. 7th, which Starsky says was two months ago.
* Coley asks Starsky and Hutch what day it is, and they say the 17
th. (Pilot)

When does Starsky call Hutch, “Some kind of dilettante” and what does he mean?
• Starsky was accusing of Hutch of being a surface admirer of wrestling, but didn’t have a broad knowledge of it. (Omaha Tiger)

When does Starsky mention the, “Happy Brotherhood of Labor”?
• during his dust up with the dock boys (Heavyweight)

When does Hutch get his long scarf caught in a car door?
• when he and Starsky are arguing about whether to take the Torino or Belle to the job interview (Targets 2)

When does Starsky comment to Hutch, “Now you’ve got me drinking water”?
• at Arlene’s Donuts, during Hutch’s fast (Silence)

When is the only time you hear Starsky and Hutch call in a “Code 7”?
• at Dody’s restaurant code 7 is a request for a meal break (Losing Streak)

When does Starsky say to Hutch, “No hurry. I’m going to just sit and watch the lights blink” ?
• when Hutch goes to talk to Diana at Sullivan’s (Fatal Charm)

When does Starsky get to beat up his stunt double?
• in the steam room (Targets 3)

When does Hutch tell Starsky of his “acting debut”?
• when he is preparing for his role as Carlyle (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)

When does Hutch make his tie wave?
• before the inquest in the courtroom, to Starsky (Pariah)

When does Starsky make his tie wave?
• as he comes into Rosie Dobey’s birthday party (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

When does Starsky tell Hutch to, “Stop mumbling, you’ll hurt yourself”?
• after they confront the Flower Power woman in the lobby (Targets 2)

When does Starsky stop at Venice Place just to use the bathroom,
and while he doesn’t get to use it, he finds out something else interesting?
• perhaps he ended up using the john at the shish kabob place?(Foxy Lady)

When Do Starsky and Hutch go to the Chubby Chicken Drive-In?
• during their night shift (Silence)

When does Starsky replace the water bottle in Dobey’s office?
• while they are talking about taking on the cabby murders (Quadromania)

When does Hutch drink out of a coconut?
• on the road, in the Edsel (Las Vegas Strangler)

When do Starsky and Hutch each use the excuse of a lost wallet left at a bar to get information?
• Starsky claims to have lost his wallet in Sid Archer’s booth, which allows him access to her. (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Hutch tells Starsky he left his wallet at the Pits as an excuse to got talk to Huggy about Nick. (Starsky’s Brother)

When does Hutch say, “It’s a barbeque, and we are the main course”?
• when he suspects they are going to burn in the barn (Trap)

When does Starsky say, “A life of leisure doesn’t agree with me”?
• when he comes into the office after getting out of the hospital (Trap)

When was Isaac Douglas killed, and where was he?
• he was at a September 8
th March, protesting the lack of minority hiring (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

When is another, “If I were a cowboy, I’d give you my boots.” moment besides in A Coffin For Starsky?
• Starsky gives his watch to Hutch, in case he doesn’t make it out of the barn (Trap)

When does Starsky say, “Show me that you love me, Sweet Lady”?
• he talks to the dice during the crap game (Action)

When does Starsky say, “I thought I was watering the backside of a horse”?
• he pours Hutch’s lucky drink on gambler that keeps calling him “Curly Top” (Las Vegas Strangler)

When does Starsky tell Hutch to, “Stick to your coconut”?
• when Hutch wants a sip of Starsky’s water and Starsky refuses, saying Hutch doesn’t take sips (Las Vegas Strangler)

When does Hutch say, I can become cool and calm and get this thing done easily and quickly”?
• when he makes Starsky give over the flash money so they can lose it and get put in jail (Las Vegas Strangler)

When does Starsky take a bottle of wine out of the file drawer at the Squad Room?
• when he is on his way to a date with Sharon (Heavyweight)

When does Starsky say,” I love it when you get so angry”?
• to Switek (Murder Ward)

When does Starsky say, “Loving buys me some rights”?
• he says it to Rosey when she is going to meet her father (Rosey Malone)

When does Starsky display his knowledge of the Merchant Marines?
when identifying Harry’s button as a Merchant Marine button, perhaps something that Hutch, being a Sea Scout, may have told him? (Deckwatch)

When does Starsky tell Hutch to, “Stop talking to yourself, it’s a bad habit”?
• when he is fending off Hutch in his moves on Julie (Action)

When does corn change to celery?
• in the money bag when it is dumped on Dobey's desk (Bust Amboy)

When does Hutch comment that he forgot to buy carrots at the grocery?
• just before he goes into his apartment, sadly to get beat up (Foxy Lady)

When do Starsky and Hutch order the exact same food in a restaurant, right down to the glass of water?
• two steaks, two baked potatoes with no butter and two glasses of water (Specialist)

When does Hutch say he smells “something more than stale sweat, like fear” and Starsky says more “like frustration”?
• after they talk to Spence after the fight and Starsky realizes he isn’t going to hook up with Sharon that night (Heavyweight)

When does Starsky ask Dobey if he is going to shoot them out of a cannon?
• when he complains about Dobey putting them in danger’s way (Death Ride)

When does Starsky say, “I’ve taken worse hits in Little League” ?
• when he tumbles with Hutch in the hall (Murder Ward)

When does Starsky say, “I get off on hostility”?
• to the unfriendly gas station attendants (Satan’s Witches)

When does Hutch or Starsky pick up the “pig” in the squad room for the first time and what two things does the viewer find out about it?
• it is plastic and it is a bank (Class in Crime)

When does Starsky say “I am starting to feel like a lousy pin cushion”?
• after he gets yet another shot in the butt (Murder Ward)

When is “lights out” at Cabrillo?
• 11:00 pm (Murder Ward)

When does Starsky walk into a bar with a handful of rubble, toss it on a table as a warning?
• when he and Hutch go to question Frank Stryker about the explosion (Starsky’s Brother)

When does Hutch harass Starsky about his posture?
• after Starsky complains about his sore neck (Bust Amboy)

When is Huggy’s last name revealed and who says it?
• it is “Brown,” Bad Dad Watson uses it (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

When does Dobey ask Starsky and Hutch, “Are you crazy or you just don’t care about your careers?”
• when they want to investigate Alec Corday (Death in a Different Place)

When is “Dr. Bear on tour with the cure”?
• when he comes to Hutch’s place to serve some mustard-green broth to Starsky. (Terror on the Docks)

When does Hutch shoo a chicken out of a car?
• when he gets into Huggy’s taxi on Playboy Island. (Playboy Island)

When does Hutch buy a can of black-eyed peas?
• at Ward’s general store (Satan’s Witches)

When does Starsky say to Hutch, “I’ll buy you a box of nails for dinner”?
• after Kiko rejects Hutch on the dock (Running)

When is the only time Hutch goes to the candy machine alone?
• Hutch looks as sneaky as Dobey as he does it. Dobey catches him eats the bar, just as Starsky has done to Dobey for years (Rosey Malone)

When does Dobey send Starsky and Hutch home with the “Pig Flu”?
• when he wants them to work on the Amboy case on “their own time” (Bust Amboy)

When does Starsky take about 17 shots at the wastepaper basket and miss?
• Hutch says, “Dr. J you’re not” (Rosey Malone)

When does Huggy ask Hutch to find a fence for him regarding a television?
• Hutch has to remind Huggy he’s a cop (Deadly Imposter)

When does Starsky ask Huggy to find him a fence regarding a television?
• when Starsky needs one to trick Train (Black and Blue)

When does Starsky ask about Hutch’s belly button?
• when he asks Hutch if Marsha asked him “if he was up to his navel in greenbacks” (Tap Dancing)

When does Hutch pull his handcuffs out of his boots?
• after he knocks out the wheelman in the robbery (Tap Dancing)

When does Hutch refer to Starsky and himself as “a couple of front-cops”?
• when Sheriff Tyce calls them back-room lawyers (Satan’s Witches)

When does Starsky pinch his nose and say in a high voice, “I’m sorry. The number you have reached is out of service”?
• when he answers the phone but doesn’t want to leave Sharon (Heavyweight)

When does Hutch complain his “spirit is bent”?
• when Eddie hurts his throat and neck in bout (Omaha Tiger)

When does Starsky ask Hutch to, “Tell me he slipped on a bar of soap”?
• when they discover Al Taft’s body in the shower (Omaha Tiger)

When is Starsky gagged and who does it?
• Hutch as Nurse Hansen (Murder Ward)

When does Starsky refer to the movie, “The Quiet Man”?
• when he is whistling the tune John Wayne whistled when he carried Victor McLagen back to Maureen O’Hara (Las Vegas Strangler)

When does Starsky say, “Ever get the feeling Huggy’s not happy to be part of the team”?
• when Huggy gets beat up as a decoy for the radio switch (Trap)

When does Hutch use all the bullets in his gun. Starsky tosses him his gun to use?
• when Starsky is trying to start the crane, Hutch asks Starsky to throw him his gun through the hole in the window (Texas Longhorn)

When does Hutch slap his own hand off a woman?
• when Starsky tells him get his paws off of Julie McDermott (Action)

When does Starsky pick a lock?
• the lock on the back door of the Royal Theater (Gillian)

When does Hutch beg off of dinner with a lady because he is broke?
• with Ellen Forbes, though when she offers to pay, he is game (Omaha Tiger)

When does Starsky flick water in his eyes to wake himself up?
• at the water cooler, after a heavy night with Sharon (Heavyweight)

When does Dobey, “Try to be ethnic,” according to Huggy?
• by coming to Huggy Bears (Bait)

When does Huggy pour a sloppy cup of coffee on a slightly perturbed Starsky?
• when he and Hutch are eating at the Pits (Lady Blue)

When do Starsky and Hutch play basketball at the Marshal Center?
• everyday from 10-11 (Starsky’s Lady)

When does Starsky rip his jeans in an altercation and complain about it?
• after the chase in the alley (Silence)

When does Starsky tell Hutch, “I’m beginning to think this is a one-sided relationship”?
• when Hutch drags Starsky to Sullivan’s after getting stitches (Fatal Charm)

When does someone say, “Looks like cupid delivered a whole quiver on them”?
• Marianne Tustin says this to Starsky, regarding Starger and the lady with whom he is dancing (Tap Dancing)

When does Starsky make a comment about his three angels of mercy?
• when the three thugs “offer” to finish his and Hutch’s work on the docks (Heavyweight)

When does Hutch tell Starsky to, “Watch the master at work”?
• picking up two women at The Playpen (Vampire)

When does Hutch wear sandals with socks?
• in the tag with Paco (Velvet Jungle)

When does Hutch say, “You know what they say, you can never go home again”?
• regarding getting older (Nightmare, Crying Child)

When Is the Torino parked next to a car that is a fantastic rhyme?
• El Camino = Torino, parked near JC Cafe (Psychic)

When are the two times Starsky mentions the “Old Country”?
• he has an “Old Country Saying” regarding hit men. (Plague)
• he has “old country recipe for goulash that will knock your teeth out. (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

When do you see the phrase, “Recien casados adios amigos”?
• on the newlywed’s van (Velvet Jungle)

When does Starsky tell Hutch, “Tell you what else is going to blow for me today, this lovely little lady named Nancy”?
• when they are stuck working on Saturday (Jojo)

When do Starsky and Hutch get nominated for a Medal of Valor?
• for routing out Fargo and the vigilantes (Committee)

When does Starsky tap a guy’s shoulder in a bar to make him think Hutch was coming on to him?
• at the Saddle-Bar Club, when Hutch moves away from Starsky (Long Walk)

When does Starsky say he’s “Hungry” and Hutch says Starsky is “Embarrassing”?
• when Starsky is trying to taste the stew at the Blake’s dinner (Terror on the Docks)

When does Hutch not “object to an aggressive woman”?
• “as long as they’re (sic) gentle” (Dandruff)