"Pink dresses stink." (Omaha Tiger)

Huggy’s endless story and its perhaps parallels to John Colby (Deadly Imposter)
• “Guy ends up on the other side of the time warp.”
• “He was in a parallel dimension where all things are the same, only different, like cops are all rogas.”
• “Guy has a pet called a “parfel.”
• “He tries to fit in by saying he has been away for a while.”
• “Then he falls in love, but all the girls are the same, but different”
• “He can’t marry a girl cuz on the other time of the time warp, he’s already married!”

Marked differences in the fourth season compared to previous three seasons
• There is a different and muted lighting, as well as some odd camera angles.
• Starsky and Hutch don’t talk to each other as much.
• Starsky and Hutch don’t meet each other’s eyes as much.
• Starsky and Hutch don’t do the constant face check.
• Dobey wears fewer suits at work, switching to a sweater and tie.
• Hutch doesn’t smile much.
• Starsky and Hutch are apart much of the time.
• Hutch has different hair and a moustache.
• Hutch has different clothes.
• Starsky and Hutch argue, grumble and are not playful with each other.
• There is a new dispatcher.
• Starsky and Hutch don’t touch each other very often.
• There are no more jokes about candy bars.
• The prop cars are, aside from the Torino and the “light, green Ford” are different.
• Clocks are not as visible.
• Aside from Sweet Revenge, it lacks a giddy Hutch.
• Scenes are more glitzy. There are fewer seedy bars and street scenes.
• Cases seem “bigger”; They don’t deal with the ordinary stuff of life anymore.
• There are lots of fur coats, money and discos.
• There is a lot more name-dropping and awareness of labels and brands.
• Starsky and Hutch don’t play very many tricks on Dobey.
• Hutch doesn’t touch his hair, chest and whole body much; he strokes his moustache instead.
• Starsky doesn’t eat as much junk food.
• Starsky wears nicer clothes.

Fire Danger is High
• Madeleine’s hair when Harry lights her cigarette is a concern for this compendium-er. (Deckwatch)
• Hutch takes the wrapping paper off of Ollie and puts it too close to the candle on the floor. This is a worry. (Starsky’s Lady)
• Anna’s nightgown when she stands with her back to the fire gives me a fright. (Body Worth Guarding)
• Vicky’s nightie gets too close to the stove when she is making tea. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Starsky and Hutch leave Tony’s home disco and don’t put out the candles. I lay awake worrying about this scene. (Discomania)
• The tiki torches burning at the Jungle Club have me all concerned about the bamboo wall coverings. (Bounty Hunter)

Spectacular clothes on Starsky

• the jeans and light blue long sleeved shirt he wears at Huggy’s(Texas Longhorn)
• his suit and tie in the courtroom, but leave the jacket on! (Pariah)
• the suit he wears when watching Anna K (Body Worth Guarding)
• the jeans and long sleeved blue shirt he has on when interrogating Tramaine (Pariah)
• many suits (Targets 1)
• suit he wears to the reading of the will (Golden Angel)
• the jumpsuit he wears as Mr. Renaldo, is silly but strangely alluring (Groupie)
• red untucked shirt and jeans (Starsky’s Brother)
• that black turtleneck and black jacket-thing (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

Fabulous clothes on Hutch
• the dark teal t-shirt he wears a lot (Specialist, various)
• the blue silk shirt (Starsky’s Brother)
• his suit and tie in the courtroom (Pariah)
• tight black jacket, jeans (Targets 3)

Clues Hutch has some medical training
• Hutch knows Starsky’s lung capacity. (Omaha Tiger)
• Hutch takes the bullet out of Harry’s leg. (Deckwatch)
• Hutch tells Starsky not to get air on his sore tooth. (Losing Streak)
• He knows that Ginger’s neck is broken. (Death Notice)
• He knows what the Van Kleef syndrome is. (Murder Ward)
• Hutch speaks knowingly of the “pressure point just above the motor nerve.”
Starsky asks, "Can you really kill somebody that way?" Hutch replies, "If you have the hands for it." (Omaha Tiger)
• Hutch knows the definition of “hysterical paralysis.” (“scared to death”) (Playboy Island)
• Hutch asks to read the medical book Dr. Meredith has about Dr. Tishaun. (Plague)
• He doesn’t ask what “leucopenia” is. (Plague)
• Hutch takes one look at Frank and Virgil and orders Starsky to call an ambulance. “These men are dying!” (Moonshine)
• Hutch knows the word “alveoli” and what it means. (Rosey Malone)
• Nick Starsky calls him Dr. Hutchinson, perhaps as a dig. (Starsky’s Brother)

Men making lewd comments regarding a female corpse

• Simonetti says, “Did you see the face and body of the victim? I’ve seen women like that blow a cop’s career more than once.” (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• The coroner comments about Patricia Talbert (whose head has been blown away), “Nice little figure she had.” (Pilot)

• Starsky tells Dobey, “A lot of cops’ wives are going to think differently,” making the assumption all cops are men. (Pariah)
• Dobey refers to the “boys upstairs.” (various)
• Dobey, Starsky and Hutch assume Phelps is a man. (Heroes)
• Hutch asks Dr. Kaufman, “Are you really a doctor or are you just beautiful?” (Plague)
• Hutch calls the person in Detective Services “Lady” in a snide way when requesting information (Heroes)
• Hutch explains that Sue Ann is “just a little girl” and therefore not really in control of her mental capacities. (Long Walk)
• Hutch has the female cop, Officer Sarah, get him his coffee. (Vampire)
• Hutch makes a rude clicking noise with his tongue when female officer passes him in squad room. (Body Worth Guarding)
• Hutch speculates that one of Jojo’s victim’s father, brother or boyfriend could have killed Jojo. Rape is apparently a crime to be righted by a victim’s male relative only. (Jojo)
• Hutch states that “Joanne’s” bag is heavy, and Starsky replies sarcastically that it is “just like a woman.” (Death Ride)
• Hutch’s commenting on woman’s “large signs” when he clearly means her breasts, when he is on duty as Zack. (Murder at Sea)
• Joey calls Hutch “Sexist.” (Trap)
• Starsky acts surprised when Jessie, the con, was in for bank robbery. She calls him “sexist.” (Silence)
• Starsky and Hutch both assume Charlie, the car mechanic, would be a man. (Psychic)
• Starsky and Hutch both underestimate the robber when they think he is a woman. (Psychic)
• Starsky and Hutch don’t take Gertrude/Yvonne, who spies into the window of a naked man, seriously. (Birds of a Feather)
• Starsky and Hutch don’t take Mrs. Krupp, who puts her husband in the hospital with a baseball bat, seriously. (Starsky’s Brother)
• Starsky and Hutch leave Officer Hagen tied up, laugh at her, are demeaning about her job and tell jokes about her to other cops. (Specialist)
• Starsky harasses female airport security guard with suggestive comment. (Plague)
• Starsky refers to Officer Hagen as “Child.” (Specialist)
• Starsky says “Not Peeping Tom, Peeping Gertrude…no sexism here,” though there is. (Birds of a Feather)
• Starsky slaps the butt of the female officer (Specialist)
• Starsky tells Jerry he “can take Kathi home, but keep her handy,” like Kathi is a brainless thing, handled by Jerry (Death Notice)
• Starsky’s commenting on woman’s “nice jeans” when it isn’t jeans he is referring to when he is on duty as Hack. (Murder at Sea)
• The brat at the toy store tells Starsky, “Lisa’s a girl, and girls don’t play with trains.” Starsky calls him a chauvinist. (Nightmare)
• The Lab employees are referred to as “Lab Boys.” (various)

Starsky and Hutch’s personal involvement in cases often leads to sloppy, unwise police work
• Hutch doesn’t tell Starsky about Jeanie Walton. (Fix)
Hutch gets too wrapped up in Gillian and doesn’t back Starsky up in alley.
• Hutch isn’t careful with protecting Kate. He leaves the house unguarded and leaves her car unchecked overnight. (Cover Girl)
• Hutch makes Starsky work alone, is not very observant and points his playfully at Starsky’s head. (a big no-no!) (Body Worth Guarding)
• Starsky and Hutch act like idiots over Chris Phelps. (Heroes)
• Starsky and Hutch act like idiots over Lisa, not wising up to her sooner. (Foxy Lady)
• Starsky and Hutch tussle with each other over Kira. (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• Starsky gets emotionally involved with Rosey Malone. (Rosey Malone)
Starsky gets involved with Emily. He also doesn’t help on the case in any way, until the end. (Blindfold)
• Starsky jeopardizes both his and Hutch’s careers to keep Sharman from having to go downtown. (Running)
• Starsky sleeps with a possible suspect. This is tacky, to say the least. (Class in Crime)
• Starsky wants to have sex with Sharon so bad, he doesn’t recognize Spenser is in trouble. He also lets his dick get in the way of business when he fakes being the operator to Hutch on the phone. (Heavyweight)

Hutch doesn’t trust Starsky with large amounts of cash
• Hutch tells Starsky to stop messing with the money. (Bait)
• Hutch tells Starsky to stop messing with the ransom in the duffel bag. (Psychic)
• Hutch makes Starsky hand him over the gambling money. (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Hutch makes Terry Evers give Hutch the money for the trip to San Francisco. (Death Ride)

Disillusioned Starsky and Hutch regarding boyhood heroes and ideas
• Starsky is disillusioned with baseball hero, Lloyd Herman Eckworth. (Vendetta)
• Hutch is disillusioned with sea life and Captain “Unlucky” LaRue. (Murder at Sea)

One might not want to be Dobey’s good friend
• Isaac Douglas (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Elmo Jackson (Snowstorm)
• Mike Ferguson (Iron Mike)
• Mac Johnson (Omaha Tiger)
• Walter Healey (Playboy Island)
• Fargo (Committee)
• Danny Slate (Strange Justice)

References to acting, celebrities, self-referential comments regarding the show
• “She’s a famous lady,” Starsky says, not wanting to get Sharman embarrassed on the six o’clock news. (Running)
• “Starsky, I think we’ve rehearsed this thing enough,” says Hutch. Starsky replies, “Yeah, I think you are afraid of losing your spontaneity.” (Survival)
• Dobey fawns all over Sue Ann and ask for her autograph, making Starsky and Hutch cringe. (Long Walk)
• Hutch prepares for his acting job as hit man. He works at “blocking out the man’s characteristics.” (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Hutch comments to Starsky that he is “like an actor working on a difficult role, you know.” (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Hutch complains to Starsk, “I didn’t even have enough time to get into my character.” (Snowstorm)
• Hutch can’t act worth beans and flubs his single line. (Murder on Stage 17)
• Hutch has stage fright. (Long Walk)
• Hutch self-referentially mentions Dirty Harry, a cop in San Francisco. (Long Walk)
• Hutch tells Starsky Carlyle is his “acting debut.” (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Hutch’s comment to Starsky, “It’s a pity that even after four years, it doesn’t get any better,” perhaps relating to the actors’ places on the show or with their contracts. (Targets 3)
• Much of the episode of The Golden Angel is a comment on the world of acting and entertainment. (Golden Angel)
• Starsky and Hutch’s perform as stunt men, showing a behind the scenes look at filming. (Murder on Stage 17)
• Starsky and Hutch’s visit to the employment office and their lack of experience in doing something new is a self-referential foreshadowing of the actors’ roles, soon to be unemployed as well. (Targets 2)
• Starsky asks Hutch, “Hey, you did that pretty good. Ever think of going into the movies?” (Velvet Jungle)
• Starsky tells Kira, “You prick us, doth we not bleed?” Hutch tells Starsky that was his line. (Starsky vs. Hutch)

• Starsky comments, “I just hope to God that nobody asks me for my autograph.” (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Starsky tells Hutch to answer Carlyle’s phone, “You’re the actor.” (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Starsky is very excited about Hutch’s single “bit part.” (Murder on Stage 17)
• Starsky has a happy comment. “You mean we’re going to be actors?” (Murder on Stage 17)
• Starsky sagely tells Hutch, “It’s no use arguing with the television.” (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• Starsky says in awe, “I’ve never been in a television studio before.” (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• Starsky says to Hutch, “It’s tough being a celebrity, huh?” after reporters chase them at courthouse. (Bloodbath)
• Starsky says, “Don’t typecast me.” (Rosey Malone)
• Hutch asks Dobey and Huggy, “You boys wouldn’t be in show business by any chance?” (Partners)
• Hutch tells the nurses, “Bet you ladies have a wardrobe change for me.” (Plague)
• Starsky asks Blaze, “You mean you want us to be actors?” (Targets 2)
• Starsky smiles when Hutch says doing Russ Delaney’s job is something his contract wouldn’t allow. (Avenger)
• Hutch is tossed onto the official’s table during the wrestling math and says, “I can’t work under these conditions.” (Golden Angel)
• Starsky tells Sharman that people like to “know” famous people and follow their lives. (Running)
• Steve’s comments on famous people and how the public treats them badly at times; Starsky and Hutch exchange knowing looks. (Murder on Stage 17)