“They give great showers in the police academy gym.” (Bloodbath)

Where is Nicole going to move to if Basil sulks?
• the beach house (Photo Finish)

Where does Karen ditch her gun and glasses at the airport?
• in the yellow trash can behind her (Targets 3)

Where was the original site of the diamond sale, before the computer circuit board was blown up?
• in the vault in the cashier’s office (Dandruff)

Where is a beach campfire seen?
• Gage and Michelle sit by one, burn the blackmail note and speculate on what the police know. (Class in Crime)

Where does Huggy suspect he's left his lizard tongues?
• in the fridge (Vampire)

Where are the diamonds, according to Molly/Pete, when she tells Duran and Flent? (Little Girl Lost)
• in the ice cube trays in Hutch's fridge

Where are the Women’s Fashion World magazine’s editorial offices located?
• New York City (Photo Finish)

Where is Dobey when Starsky shoves his furniture aside to teach Hutch to dance?
• at City Hall (Tap Dancing)

Where has Harry been for the last eight months?
• on a Greek tanker that went from Piraeus, Greece to Hong Kong (Deckwatch)

Where is the restaurant that is “so expensive they take credit references with your reservation”?
• in Elmwood, Starsky wants Hutch to take him there (Sweet Revenge)

Where is “The Pleasure Capital of the Caribbean”?
• St. Thomas (A Coffin for Starsky)

Where is Stryker’s counterfeit money to be passed?
• in Europe (Starsky’s Brother)

Where did Lonely Bloggs work?
• he cleans the bathroom and sweeps up at the Stardust (Gillian)

Where did Hutch get Luke’s photo to show the hotel desk clerk?
• from Doris (Birds of a Feather)

Where does Buddy have his clues written?
• on his hand (Dandruff)

Where is Starsky and Hutch’s phone number written? Collandra gets it from there.
• the back of the photo of Joanne that Starsky and Hutch give him (Psychic)

Where does Helen Yeager advertise her rooms to let?
• in the want ads, which is where Callendar’s rooftop contact secured the room (Plague)

Where does Starsky suspect Abby’s supper recipe came from?
• from the guy that runs the parrot cages at the zoo (Bounty Hunter)

Where do people not get marriage licenses, but learners’ permits?
• in Starsky and Hutch’s beat, so says Turquet (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Where is the gumball machine on the bar counter that faces the bartender?
• in the bar where Mickey meets Starsky (Fix)

Where is everyone headed after they leave the Cellar, according to the bartender?
• into the sack (Avenger)

Where does Sarah hide the bag of money when Starsky and Hutch visit?
• under the bed(Kill Huggy Bear)

Where is Bleu Cheese Country?
• Kentucky (Omaha Tiger)

Where was Hutch when Sammy comes to tell Starsky Jackson has died?
• he was getting two cups of coffee. (Manchild)

Where is “Devastated Domicile” and who gives it this name?
• it is Hutch’s trashed apartment, Huggy calls it this when he answers the phone there (Fatal Charm)

Where are Eugene and Mrs. Pruitt going just before Eugene shoots her?
• Mass, and they are late as usual (Las Vegas Strangler)