“Jail for Callendar or Hutch’s life?” (Plague)

Which villain impersonates Officer O’Brien, and indeed, seems to be a “Pat O’Brien type”?
• Wally Stone (Murder on Stage 17)

Which two episode mention "Jewish"?
• JOA and Jewish Penicillin (Body Worth Guarding, Shootout)

Which woman does Starsky tell, “I’m going to bust you in the mouth if you don’t shut up”?
• Fifi, when she won’t stop screaming at party (Deadly Imposter)

Which bad guy steals a pickle out of a large pickle jar?
• Maurice (Manchild)

Which bad guy does Hutch take the hankie from, wipe bad guy’s brow and put in bad guy’s mouth?
• Pinky (Blindfold)

Which bad guy has two black eyes?
• Ellis (Dandruff)

What villain called nine-year olds OD’d in doorways, “Nothings, zeroes, losers”?
• Amboy (Bust Amboy)

Which villain asks Hutch “how many cows” he has?
• Marsha Stearns (Tap Dancing)

Which bad guy does Starsky lead away while Starsky pinches his own nose?
• the bad guy he cuffed while pushing his face in raw fish (Tap Dancing)

Which villain causes a 19-year-old girl to “bloom”?
• Henderson, Starsky says, referring to her pregnancy (Pilot)

Which villain does Starsky warn that Huggy better not slip on a banana peel?
• Lou Malinda (Kill Huggy Bear)

Which villain fences, among other things, a case of calculators and some snow tires?
• Fat Rolly (Texas Longhorn)

Which villain tells Starsky and Hutch that his scheme is “tax deductible” and “a fad”?
• Ezra Beam (Terror on the Docks)

Which villain asks Hutch if he had “a little bit of old-times”?
• Simonetti, regarding Vanessa (Hutchinson for Murder One)

Which bad guy does Hutch cuff, toss onto hood of LTD and drive a short distance?
• Ken Widdicombe (Blindfold)

Which villain uses magnesium leaders, too big a charge and jerry-rigged soundproofing cups?
• Herman Bessinger (Silence)

Which villain says he was “a New York investment counselor”?
• John Colby (Deadly Imposter)

Which bad guy does Starsky ask, “You single?” and “Which one of these three detergents do you find to be easier on your hands”?
• Huey Chaco (Texas Longhorn)

Which villain attempts murder in a wig, silk dress and a fetching fox fur thrown over the shoulder?
• Lionel (Quadromania)

Which bad guy is killed over Starsky’s black book?
• Smitty (Foxy Lady)

Which villain has a “brand new ’61 Triumph” and Starsky is horrified?
• Connie (Bait)

Which villain’s plumber told him he “needs a whole new line to the sewer”?
• Al Martin (Iron Mike)

Which one of Starsky and Hutch’s “song titles” in the ping pong/trivia game is originally a Dorothy Parker quote?
• “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy." (Sweet Revenge)

Which mob boss “did that waltz routine with the Senate Anti-Crime Sub Committee”?
• Nate Garvin (Heavyweight)

Which bad guy’s dad wants his shoes back?
• Ted Banks (Terror on the Docks)

Which villain is shown enjoying an appealing cheese plate?
• Stryker (Snowstorm)

Which villain has high blood pressure?
• Frank Tallman (Pilot)

Which two villains go trout fishing?
• Corman and Burke (Snowstorm)

Which bad guy was also known as “Mike Robbins”?
• John Colby (Deadly Imposter)

Which snitch is Starsky referring to when he says, “The guys call him Skinny, but the ladies don't"?
• Oscar Newton (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

Which bad guy rides a bike?
• Wally Stone (Murder on Stage 17)

Which bad guy uses a rock to beat another bad guy to death?
• David Delano (Death Notice)

Which villain uses the phrase “nicht wahr” when talking to his underling?
• Steinmetz (Body Worth Guarding)

Which bad guy portrayed Professor Nutty Putty?
• Wally Stone (Murder on Stage 17)

Which villain was the youngest Eagle Scout in the state of Illinois in 1965?
• Billy Desmond (Terror on the Docks)

Which character quotes Voltaire, though the lines are actually from a poem by Alexander Pope?
• Zane (Pilot)

Which bad guy doesn’t want $10,000 so much as he wants to be remembered?
• Jerry Tabor (Long Walk)

Which radio tower does Commander Jim go to?
• KLOW (Lady Blue)

Which college did Jack Morgan and Allen Richards meet at?
• Jameson College (Class in Crime)

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