“It’s a good thing you are not matriculating,
Hutchinson, because you would not be graded highly.”
(Class in Crime)

Why does Wilbur pick green for paint color, rather than red or white?
• because green is the color of money (Savage Sunday)

Why does Sharman tell Starsky she “might as well have been a Barbie Doll”?
• she says then she would still be rich and famous, but plastic and therefore unable to feel pain (Running)

Why don’t Starsky and Hutch hear the loud music Lizzie uses as a clue the first time they drive to Tony’s house?
• because the lawnmower outside was too loud (Discomania)

Why all the apparent sudden pressure on the Ivers to get more moonshine produced?
• they have a new distributor and need to double their production (Moonshine)

Why does Hutch bring his car into Merle’s to get fixed?
• the “engine has been missing” and Starsky is worried it will conk out on the freeway (Bloodbath)

Why does Starsky say they have to go in the back door to restaurants?
• because “anybody can go in the front door” (Iron Mike)

Why doesn’t Anton Rusz report what he heard on the phone?
• he doesn’t want to get in trouble for cheating the phone company and possibly get deported (Death Notice)

Why does Eddie Hoyle say are the reasons he gets Starsky and Hutch mixed up?
• the sun was in his eyes and they look too much alike (Bounty Hunter)

Why doesn’t Mrs. Carston believe in “the old school of discipline”?
• she thinks it will stifle Joey’s creativity and it will endanger her sensitive psyche (Trap)

Why does Hutch owe Huggy “one good waitress”?
• to replace Jeanie Walton who left out the back way, “Goodbye Huggy” is all she said (Fix)

Why does Sugar tell Milo to let Turquet and Huggy keep fighting?
• he wants to see “skinny” Huggy get hurt (Huggy Bear and the Turkey)

Why did Chicky leave Juvenile Hall?
• he tells Hutch the television reception was bad (Deckwatch)

Why is the bus driver so sure of Manning and Mousy’s identities?
• he remembers them from when they tried to steal the bus cash box from him in the past (Nightmare)

Why do Starsky and Hutch avoid “directing traffic, on the docks, from the water” for their actions?
• “because the Feds didn’t go to the Commissioner,” says Dobey (Deadly Imposter)

Why, does Hutch surmise, has Kira been assigned to this case?
• she’s a better dancer than Dobey (Starsky vs. Hutch)

Why does Hutch say he hates Starsky’s watch?
• because Starsky keeps telling him how much it cost (Death Ride)

Why doesn’t Starsky drive bumper cars?
• he tells Terry it is because Hutch won’t let him. Hutch is worried he’ll “start driving like that on the street” (Starsky’s Lady)

Why did Merle put fake fur inside Hutch’s car?
• I had to leave my signature…I am an artist” (Bloodbath)

Why does Hutch up his bet from $500 to $1000 on the Pinto?
• because Huggy tells him “That pinto ain’t no pinto, he’s molting,” and Hutch thinks this will make the mouse faster due to less weight (Tap Dancing)

Why does Rosey Malone run?
• she says it is to “get the cobwebs out of my brain” (Rosey Malone)

Why does Starsky find running with Hutch difficult?
• because he thinks it is boring; he wants a goal (Rosey Malone)

Why does Reese say he, “ought to be cracking open a bottle of champagne?”
• because the wrestling story made it to page three of the newspapers (Golden Angel)

Why does Huggy turn the radio back on after Salty Babe “loses”?
• because he has money on Dusty, a horse in the sixth race (Action)

Why is Sharon, one Las Vegas showgirl victim on foot and therefore easy prey?
• her sister has her car and so she had to walk (Las Vegas Strangler)

Why does Hutch fake amnesia?
• “to hear all those wonderful stories” and to give Starsky “something to consider next time you double-clutch me into a truck” (Partners)

Why does Marge, the other “blind date” for Starsky and Hutch not show up
• because she lost a filling (Action)

Why did Joe Collins change his last name to Collandra?
• Huggy says, “he took that name after all that ethnic pride jive” (Psychic)

Why do Starsky and Hutch tell Nurse Cathy Corbett they have to get up early in the morning?
• because they are going jackrabbit hunting (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)

Why is Bellamy Starsky and Hutch’s first stop?
• because he is the only one they have the address for (A Coffin for Starsky)

Why does Rosey Malone hate the news?
• she says it is too depressing (Rosey Malone)

Why does Huggy say, “I usually wear a bone through my nose, but it’s out getting polished”?
• because Hutch is acting like a rube undercover and refers to Huggy as, “the most native, native I have ever seen” (Groupie)

Why was “the hit man invented,” according to Starsky?
• a lot of people are cowards” (Photo Finish)

Why does Jack Ives tell Renaldo he has 17 stores instead of 35?
• he thinks Renaldo will charge him double if he does (Groupie)

Why does Black Baron say he is helping Starsky and Hutch?
• he owes Huggy a favor and he never lets a brother down (Set-Up)

What does Luke do with Doris’ contract when he gets it back from Reuben?
• he burns it, using ashtray on Reuben’s desk (Birds of a Feather)

Why is it Wilbur Sloan’s “lucky day,” as per Hutch?
• the “Lakers won.” Also, he didn’t get blown up. (Savage Sunday)

Why did Emily get mixed up with Don Widdicombe?
• Emily tells Sharon, “I thought he was exciting.” (Blindfold)

Why does Huggy dump a bar tray of water on Hutch’s lap?
• because, as Jack Ives, Hutch leaves Huggy a lousy tip (Groupie)

Why does Nancy Rogers roll the ball down the gutter on purpose?
• she likes the noise it makes (Gillian)

Why does the car bomb go off prematurely?
• Starsky and Hutch’s radios were on the same frequency as Angel’s (Cover Girl)

Why does Callendar’s roof-top, firing pin withholding contact want an extra $5000?
• he found out Roper was the target of Callendar’s hit (Plague)

Why doesn’t Harry mind his wife Vivian rolling around on the floor with strange men?
• because he says he trusts her (Dandruff)

Why does Jack want $100 worth of gum?
• he wants to give it to a buddy who is spending three months in the county jail so he can put a big wad of gum under his bunk (Las Vegas Strangler)

Why does Callendar miss shooting Roper the first time?
• he misses because he is ill and his eyes blurred up on him at the critical moment, ruining his shot in the scope (Plague)

Why is Renaldo late for his meeting with Jack Ives?
• he says he was shooting a cover for Vogue magazine; “Margo keeps having to calm down her Yorkies” (Groupie)