What Yost in Homicide did (Heroes)
• bought a house
• sat on it
• turned it over
• made a bundle

Randolph the Magnificent technical needs (Cover Girl)
• fan
• lights
• music
• polarity

Dobey is impressed that Starsky and Hutch have cracked a case (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• that’s big enough
• strong enough
• rich enough
• and rotten enough to shake up Uncle Sam himself

Karen describes Starsky and Hutch to Thomas May (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• two men
• tall
• young
• in their early ‘30s
• one with light hair
• one with dark hair

Starsky asks Nick “where’d ya get?” (Starsky’s Brother)
• the stuff
• the pants
• the shoes
• the shirt

Louie the referee tells Angel and Hammerlock (Golden Angel)
• give folks a good show
• stay away from the ropes
• go back to your corners
• wait for the bell

Threats against the Angel (Golden Angel)
• shot in the arm
• a dummy in his locker with a bullet hole in its forehead
• a fake bomb and talking skull in his locker
• a threatening phone call
• shot at through the gym window
• shot at during the match

Starsky’s rented tuxedo suffers these indignities (Photo Finish)
• gets a rip in the back from the rental tag removal
• Starsky drops a chili dog in his lap
• Starsky accidentally slams the sleeve in the Torino door
• Hutch spills champagne all over it

Game rules (Game)

• Hutch has to check in every two hours with someone.
• The person Hutch checks in with has to be a different person each time.
• Hutch will sleep somewhere they both know.
• The game starts at 8:00 Saturday morning.
• The game ends at 8:00 Monday morning.
• The winner gets the other person’s two week salary amount.

Troy Braddock tells Nicole her husband married her for (Photo Finish)
• her youth
• her beauty
• not her fidelity

Nick “is proud” of himself (Starsky’s Brother)
• he’s his own man
• he’s a self-made man
• he doesn’t punch a clock
• he’s his own boss
• he gives good deals
• he guarantees his merchandise
• he makes it possible for poor people to “avoid retail”
• he personally knows thugs and thugs know him

Hutch’s makes three self-titled points in his “conference” with Starsky (Trap)
• point one: the bad guys are supposed to run away from the good guys
• point two: he and Starsky are severely out-gunned
• point three: they have a “little female stowaway.”

Starsky and Hutch speculate the goons who wrecked Huggy’s “dip and sip” weren’t pros (Trap)
• they were sloppy
• pros would have been cleaner
• they would have busted your mirror
• busted the private stock
• busted the juke box
• a pro wouldn’t have harmed Huggy or would have busted him up more

Hutch tells Starsky and Dobey Professor Gage is (Class in Crime)
• slick
• cool
• probably very dangerous

Same old (Deckwatch)
• same old game
• same old Hutch
• same old Laura

Cigarettes, according to Chicky, Hutch and Chicky’s brother (Deckwatch)
• Hutch says the cigarette found is French
• Chicky says the cigarette found is English
• Chicky notes they smell like stale Columbians, just like his brother smokes

Cabs by name (Quadromania)
• # 9, Starsky’s cab
• # 6, calls in for more money
• # 24, free at the airport, waiting for the convention of dental hygienists

What Paco says is in Elena’s “little package of souvenirs” (Velvet Jungle)

• motel keys
• post card
• pictures

Dobey sets Starsky straight (Body Worth Guarding)
• You’re the detective.
• I’m the captain.
• This is Homicide.

The truck driver who was hit by Callendar complains (Plague)
• half a day late
• a load short
• you the guy they’ve been making me wait for (said to Starsky)

Smells in the locker room (Heavyweight)
• stale sweat and body odor, Hutch comments Spenser didn’t take a shower
• fear, Hutch smells it
• frustration, Starsky smells it

Clayburn says it’s the efforts of guys like Starsky and Hutch that make it possible to (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• make a reputation for himself
• grab a headline
• make himself feel important

Hutch rails at Cheryl about the uselessness of (A Coffin for Starsky)
• all your books
• junk
• toys
• stuff

Hutch’s astrological biorhythm calendar measures the state of (Avenger)
• mental
• physical
• emotional

Dobey’s first three responses to seeing Mike Ferguson’s black book (Iron Mike)
• So what?
• Maybe that’s the best Ferguson could do?
• Well, don’t you ease up on Huggy Bear for information?

What the truck driver said to Callendar after the accident, at gunpoint (Plague)
• you got it
• run
• do what you want
• leave me alone

Starsky barks at the truck driver who was hit by Callendar’s car (Plague)
• clean
• clear
• and now

People who are surprised to see Starsky and Hutch (Pilot)
• Coley
• that hooker on 3
• Creepy Charlie
• the other one
• Fat Rolly

What Starsky appropriates for ransom run (Psychic)
• elephant gun
• duffel bag of money
• motor bike

People used to fool Terry Nash (Set-Up)
• Thistleman
• security guard
• bank teller
• Dr. George

Freddie Lyle’s words for “private detective” (Murder Ward)
• peeper
• shamus
• gum shoe
• private eye

People the Baron impersonated (Dandruff)

• bartender
• doctor
• elevator operator
• police officer

Wally Stone’s disguises (Murder on Stage 17)

• water delivery guy
• fat guy on bike
• policeman (the Pat O’Brien type…)
• nun

Darcy’s thieves are disguised as (Iron Mike)
• repairman on ladder
• guy in suit carrying paper files
• customer in aisle 7, wearing yellow shirt, is shot in wine department
• “lady” in blue coat and hat, shot in shoulder but keeps on ticking
• guy with blue shirt, was looking at clothes earlier

Three things civilian Starsky and Hutch reach for but aren’t there (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• badges
• guns
• “the red light”

Places Starsky and Hutch have checked for Callendar (Plague)
• morgue
• hospitals
• clinics
• jails

Why someone’s lawyer leans on him or her to plead guilty to a lesser offense (Strange Justice)
• time constraints
• problem of expense
• risk of a trial

Services and products London Guns provides, where Terry Nash buys his rifle (Set-Up)
• sporting apparel
• manufacturers
• importers
• used guns bought and sold
• gun makers
• sporting guns
• rifles
• cartridges
• engravers

What Joey encounters in his Mekong Delta two-month experience (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• malaria
• fungus
• Cong ladies with dyed blond hair

Officer Hardy tells Hutch the piece of rubber could be from: (Starsky vs. Hutch)
• grocery cart
• baby carriage
• crutches
• cane tip

What “made John sneak,” as per Whitelaw (Death in a Different Place)

• you guys (Starsky and Hutch)
• society
• the whole attitude

Things Starsky tells Rosey Malone he does for a job (Rosey Malone)
• dentist
• plastic surgeon
• masseur
• research analyst for the Book of Records

What the ladies say to Charlotte when she takes Mr. Thorne away (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• arrivederci
• night-night
• salut
• ciao

What Hutch asks R.J. Crow about cultists (Bloodbath)
• How many of them were there?
• When was the last time you saw them?
• What were they driving?
• Give me anything.

Words for bowling strikes (Gillian)
• bingo
• big ten
• infield fly

Elements of Marcus’ game, according to Hutch (Bloodbath)
• the blood
• Starsky’s ID
• killing that rancher

Rope-a-dope exercise at Basil’s; Starsky and Hutch use toys to make “Greta Wren”/Dora Pruitt use up her bullets by shooting (Photo Finish)
• clapping monkey
• giraffe in a box
• remote control police car
• musical balloon thing
• remote control fire truck
• harp player

Phrases used that insinuate rolling crap game is an airplane (Action)
• land yet
• pit stop
• cruising altitude
• flight time

Starsky says as he hands in his job application (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• neatness
• originality
• happiness

Activities Starsky wants at the hotel in the Bahamas (A Coffin for Starsky)
• tennis
• scuba
• marlin fishing
• New York secretaries, the kind of girls Starsky likes

Starsky is astounded at the Mayer case (Crying Child)
• killings
• murders
• rapes
• junkies
• “but this, nothing compares to this.”

Starsky and Hutch, as civilians, are way out of (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• jurisdiction
• territory
• knowledge
• intelligence

Chris Phelps first description of Starsky and Hutch (Heroes)
• Popeye tactics
• hot dog car
• long hair
• belligerent

Chris Phelps says Starsky and Hutch are guilty of (Heroes)
• ignoring calls for absolutely no reason
• play games, then play cops
• needless violence
• harassing people

References to Wally Stone movies (Murder on Stage 17)
• remember that old joke “your dog is dead”?
• “animal, vegetable or mineral? Or maybe I am a turtle?”-- Professor Nutty Putty
• “Mother-in-law pushes me into the plaster of paris, then everybody falls on top of us. We all got locked in that position?” -- Honeymoon For One

What is missing from Switek’s apartment? (Murder Ward)

• clothes
• furniture
• everything

Things Hutch tells Melinda she is (Groupie)
• an extraordinary bright girl
• very pretty
• has everything going for her
• is too old to be playing this game

Hutch tells Mr. Ames that he doesn’t care about (Hostages)
• you
• your money
• or what you tell the press

Ted has everything he needs, says Hutch (Action)
• a beautiful family
• a good job
• a comfortable home

What Sharon needed, according to Starsky (Heavyweight)
• care
• understanding
• lots of good sex

Jack Parker assumes Jack Ive’s company is (Groupie)
• ethical
• solvent
• deals in good faith

Melinda’s swimsuits are (Groupie)
• lycra
• nylon
• hand washable

Things Starsky is afraid he can’t do at the Dobey’s cabin (Satan’s Witches)
• see a movie
• have a hamburger
• have a Coca Cola

Huichol Indians (Rosey Malone)
• have distended bellies
• are fascinating and primitive
• need clothes
• need food
• need education
• they’ve got nothing
• live in the mountains
• are artists

Starsky tells Larry the Fall Guy’s crowd (Heroes)
• okay folks
• break it up
• excitements all over
• go back to your business
• everything’s fine
• everything’s cool
• take it easy
• your police department is taking care of everything

Things Camille says as she is taken down to the mat (Golden Angel)
• “Death to the hero.”
• “I wreck violence to end violence.”
• “Don’t make violence.”
• “Give him violence.”
• “Death to the devils of the ring.”

Starsky and Hutch’s Las Vegas plan (Las Vegas Strangler)
• lose the money
• get in a fight
• get thrown in jail

Starsky tries to explain his pick-up of Rosey to Goodson and Chambers (Rosey Malone)
• male
• female
• birds
• bees

What Amboy calls the nine-year olds OD’d in doorways (Bust Amboy)

• nothings
• zeroes
• losers

Things Hutch tells Laura he would do instead of being a cop (Deckwatch)

• sushi chef
• go cart mechanic
• ballerina

Keeping Starsky safe at picnic includes, according to Huggy (Avenger)

• no cars
• no poisonings
• no buildings falling on him

Starsky says, “Blind to you and me” (Blindfold)
• it’s a five letter word
• it’s Helen Keller
• it’s reading Braille
• it’s a seeing eye dog
• it’s a lot of romantic garbage

Codes for Hutch’s face identification kit (Avenger)


Franklin Jones, the unemployed shoplifter, has this experience (Crying Child)
• sushi chef
• go cart mechanic
• good with his hands

Capricorn Mortgage’s scam is (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• neat
• legitimate
• perfectly legal

Marsha asks “Charlie” (Tap Dancing)
• how many cows I got
• if I was married
• hat my home address was

Charlie McCabe tells Marsha he is: (Tap Dancing)
• overworked
• undernourished
• up to his navel in greenbacks

Jimmy Shannon’s possessions at the morgue (Vendetta)
• 1964 JFK
• no wallet
• key to the Hotel Bremen

Huggy’s, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, accomplishments (Psychic)
• makes two hamburgers, deluxe
• breakfast dishes washed
• floor scrubbed
• grill cleaned

What Willy says he is taking with him (Moonshine)
the booze
the sugar

Things Harry hates about Monique (Avenger)
• her my past
• her weaknesses
• all the men she’s known

Sam Ivers says of his operation (Moonshine)
• clean operation
• no strong arm stuff
• no graft
• and nothing heavy

Kinds of swimsuits (Groupie)
• bikini
• bandeau
• one piece maillot

Collandra is the seer of things (Psychic)
• that are
• that aren’t
• that are yet to come

Hutch tells Theresa to call the emergency switchboard and ask for (Shootout)
• police
• ambulance
• coroner’s wagon

Doris gambles because she feels (Birds of a Feather)
• useless
• has too much time
• has nothing to do
• was waiting for Luke to come home
• wanted to be with people
• just wanted to be somewhere

Starsky and Hutch distract Dobey in pool (Birds of a Feather)
• pouring beer into glass
• burping
• talking

Starsky tells Dobey, regarding his gun and badge (Committee)
• you can hold it
• you can bronze it
• you can stuff it

Things Hutch asks Starsky before he rides out on the dirt bike (Psychic)
• you sure you know what you’re doing on that thing, huh? (Hmm, hmm.)
• what you got a dirt bike on the street for? (exasperated look)
• got enough gas? (yep)
• check the oil? (nope)
• how about the chain? Tight enough? (nope)
• air pressure? (got me)
• Starsky then asks Hutch if his shoes are tied. (yeah)

Starsky and Hutch are amazed that they can arrest Reuben with (Birds of a Feather)

• no protest
• no resistance
• no “you’ve got me all wrong routine”
• no “you’re trying to frame me routine”

Hoodlum kids stealing Starsky’s wheels say (Psychic)
• Dick Tracy
• catch your breath
• take it easy
• relax
• long arm of the law catches two hardened desperadoes

Collandra’s clues regarding Julio (Psychic)
• small dark place
• bleeding pretty bad
• can hardly breathe

According to Starsky, love (Fix)
• puts you in the poor house
• pinches the capillaries
• makes your memory goes first

Things Sharman calls Starsky (Running)

• some kind of male nurse
• Mother Cabrini
• oh yeah, now I remember, a cop

Why Patricia Talbert has to die (Pilot)
• love happens
• she blooms
• she won’t go away
• she won’t get rid of the kid
• he’s got a marriage coming up
• he’s got to get rid of the girl

Dobey is angry because (Birds of a Feather)
• the star witness is dead
• Reuben’s out on bail
• an officer, Luke Huntley, is missing

During the “ping pong” game with Harold, Starsky and Hutch ask him (Groupie)

• Why were you late on your rounds?
• How is it that you didn’t even get off one shot?
• How much did they pay you to blow it?
• Harold, are you a member of the ring?

Tommy Reese says wrestling is prouder than: (Golden Angel)
• pill dunkers (golf)
• dink artists (tennis)
• horse hiders (baseball)
• canvas kissers (boxing)

Hutch describes Monique (Avenger)
• sexy
• beautiful
• free-loving
• red-head

“All right Baby, that’s enough,” Forest tells Jeanie Walton (Fix)
• it will be just like he promised her
• it will be like old times
• Hutch will stay alive

Why Hutch’s body will never be found (Fix)
• it will be tossed off the point
• the water’s deep
• the current ought to carry that body out about 200 miles
• it ought to be shark’s bait

Terry Evers brings Starsky and Hutch (Death Ride)
• tickets
• cash
• vouchers

Hutch tells Buzzy about the changing times (Golden Angel)
• circuses are dying
• vaudeville’s dead
• nightclubs have turned to disco

What Starsky knows so far about Hutch and his sad state (Fix)

• tied his wrists
• pumped him full of stuff
• somehow he got away

Collandra’s clues (Psychic)
• a rose
• I can’t breathe
• there’s a crashing sound
• a flame high up in the sky
• airplanes all around

Why Candy says she loves her job (Golden Angel)

• Pop’s been at it for 30 years
• “I’m a promoter, it’s what I do”
• because of Buzzy, “I’m crazy about him”
• “there are a lot of good people involved in this sport”

Starsky threatens Stella to make her talk, citing violations (Golden Angel)
• rear doors are blocked
• no sprinkler system
• fire extinguisher is not in evidence
• has a semi-automatic weapon that any 5 year old kid could make fully automatic in a matter of minutes

Starsky and Hutch speculate how they will be Set-Up (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• a dead body is found in Starsky’s closet
• body has a bullet in its head from Hutch’s gun
• body has Starsky’s Cub Scout knife in its back

Starsky asks Buzzy if he has had any (Golden Angel)
• phone calls
• letters
• threatening remarks

Reasons why Starsky thinks Collandra is lying (Psychic)
• Starsky spoke to the people in Atlantic City
• lot of people have a bad taste in their mouth about Collandra
• a lot of people think that Collandra helped Set-Up that kidnapping back there
• Collandra came up with an awful lot of clues, clues that only a psychic or a kidnapper would only have access to

“What do we got?,” Starsky and Hutch discuss the kidnappers’ plans (Psychic)
• the phone stunt same as in Philadelphia
• two guys
• change the plan of the drop at the last minute
• bump off the contact man
• kill the delivery boy after the ransom’s delivered
• victim is never found

Hutch tells Vanessa about their marriage (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• we’ve had our shot
• we blew it
• it’s over
• it’s finished

What Starsky and Hutch say during Blind Man’s Bluff (Satan’s Witches)
• tennis anyone?
• hell of a party
• cha-cha or tango?
• telephone?

Nancy Blake tells Starsky and Hutch to stay away from (Terror on the Docks)
• me and Billy
• the house
• the church tomorrow
• my mother

What’s “coming down on” police department through IA about Slate shooting Biggs (Strange Justice)
• the press
• the mayor’s office
• whole city

Marianne tells to Hutch in the alley (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• I know who you are
• I know why you’re here
• I know what you want

Hutch tells Marianne in the alley (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• forget about what we’ve done
• forget about where we’ve come from
• forget about where we’re going

Starsky calls out in his “seizure” (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• “Papa Legba”
• “King of Voodoo”
• “Oh Damballa”
• “Big bad hoodoo”
• “With horn of toad and eyes of dummy”
• “Oh tall blond man, protect this dummy”
• “Papa Legba”

According to Captain Ed Myerson, DA is (Strange Justice)
• chronically understaffed”
• the court calendars are clogged
• it is placed in a position of trying to exchange the time, expense and risk of trial for a plea of guilty for a lesser offense

Hutch explains to Rolly how Starsky and Hutch aren’t like most partners, because one of them isn’t (Pilot)
• folksy
• wanting the best for everyone
• a Pat O’Brien type of a guy

Words Camille repeats (Golden Angel)
• years, years
• change, change
• me, me
• lines, lines
• years, years
• change, change
• him, him
• hold onto, hold onto
• here, here
• today, today
• tomorrow, tomorrow
• understood, understood
s• till friends, still friends

Kidnappers’ demands #1 (Psychic)
• get a delivery man and he carries the money in a duffel bag
• he starts at a pay phone at the All Rite Auto Park at 317 Almont
• the pay phone will ring at exactly 4:00 and you will be told where to go next
• if you don’t make it, the girl is dead

Kidnappers’ demands #2 (Psychic)
• will telephone at exactly 5:00 this afternoon
• collect $200,000. $100,000 in twenties, the others in fives and tens
• all money is to be used and out of sequence
• money should be in a duffel bag

How Hutch responded to Dispatch in frustration over being a number (Lady Blue)
• Zebra-three
• 10-4
• 40 buffalo
• gaggle of geese
• partridge in a pear tree
• another day
• another dollar
• 10-4
• 5
• 6
• tattoo

Starsky practices being blind for an hour (Blindfold)
• he bumped into walls
• he burned my hand thinking it was the cold water tap
• he tripped over furniture, bloodied up his nose
• he turned on the TV and listened to it for an hour

Starsky and Helen used to do to make up after a big fight (Lady Blue)
• took a walk in the park
• packed a picnic
• sat in the grass under a tree
• watch the kids

Huggy uses to get black, four-door car from man of “questionable morality” (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• style
• grace
• gentle threat

Guns stolen from the confiscated weapon’s room and used (Committee)
• 32 caliber
• 9 mm
• 38

Adams, Blake and Billings had (Committee)
• wrists bound with wire
• one shot to the head
• different weapon used every time

Reasons Starsky and Hutch feel they deserve a vacation? (Death Ride)
• they are dedicated
• they are loyal
• they get shot at

Michelle tells Starsky to get out of her house (Class in Crime)
• she tells him to get a warrant
• she is going to call her lawyer
• she’s going to rock and roll

Things Starsky says he wants from Michelle after she catches him breaking into her house (Class in Crime)
• your forgiveness
• a glass of water
• a Mercedes

Hutch reminds Sally of her first assignment (Specialist)
• she got kidnapped
• she was thrown into the back of a car
• she was tied up and left there

Baer’s Plumbing (Specialist)
• honest
• reliable
• We never sleep.

Reasons why the case against Starsky and Hutch is faltering (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• Nikki the hooker admits she took drugs that night
• Lenny Atkins has packed up and gone to Detroit
• the woman across the street’s vision is 20 / 80 ; her glasses were being fixed at the time

Ro Rile, pretending to be Jerry Konig (Bounty Hunter)
• robs and burns Zane’s
• shoots Officer Jim Nedloe
• shoots at and attempts to kill Starsky and Hutch
• robs and burns warehouse
• kills Monty the Geek

Written on mirror at Harry’s room (Avenger)
• cheap
• filth
• dirt

Mrs. Craig says mothers (Pariah)
• love their children
• care for their children
• mourn for their children

Judith refers to herself as (Discomania)
• chubby
• overweight
• fat

Clues on house stoop that owners are out of town (Black and Blue)
• mail
• newspapers
• milk bottles

Starsky and Hutch use to bribe Minnie Kaplan (Collector)
• coffee cake from the “office bakery”
• citation
• promotion
• raise in pay

Hutch offers Huggy at his place (Kill Huggy Bear)
• towels
• clothes
• shower
• beer

Things that had better not happen to Huggy, Starsky tells Lou (Kill Huggy Bear)
• slipping on a banana peel
• falling from a roof
• getting hit by a car

What Hutch needs to have in order for Starsky to help him in a fight (Kill Huggy Bear)
• an opponent that is 3 inches taller
• an opponent that is 30 pounds heavier
• less “mac-eez-mo”
• fulfill a quota

Businesses Felton wants to take over (Omaha Tiger)
• concessions
• parking
• linen

Three things Manning and Lewis steal to fence (Nightmare)
• ripping off car radios
• ripping off CB radios
• ripping off hubcaps

Description of Doodle Town (Nightmare)
• it was in Starsky’s backyard
• he had all these Doodle people
• they drove in Doodle cars
• “doodley, doodley, do” was apparently their motto
• it was like a Little People town

Accidents” members of the Wolf Pack have (Murder on Stage 17)
• exploding valise
• falling off a roof
• car accident
• trapped in a burning trailer

Hutch asks Starsky for help in the hospital (Partners)
• pillows fluffed
• help into bed
• blinds shut
• leave the light off
• bed raised

Fat Rolly fences for John Brown Harris and Huey Chaco (Texas Longhorn)
• couple of TV’s
• some watches
• a case of calculators
• snow tires
• squash blossom necklace

Jack Ives tells Melinda a policeman has to be (Groupie)

• brave
• manly
• strong

Some of Amboy’s business’s (Bust Amboy)
• catering company (Amboy’s Catering)
• owns a restaurant (Andre’s)
• prostitution
• drug smuggling and running

Why Anna Akhanatova initially dislikes Hutch (Body Worth Guarding)
• Hutch goes through the door before her
• Hutch pushes her into cars
• Hutch takes the keys out of her hands
• Hutch puts her country down and argues politics with her
• Hutch doesn’t hold the door open for her
• Hutch refers to her as his job
• Hutch is “rude…hateful”

Mr. Haymes shouldn’t do the drop himself (Psychic)
• he’s not fast enough anymore
• his wife is going to need him

Melinda suspects Jack is (Groupie)
• policeman
• nark
• with the IRS

Sammie’s keys open (Manchild on the Streets)
• her car
• the house’s front door
• interns’ lounge
• hospital pharmacy

Starsky says these are good things about being ten years old (Nightmare)
• things you can do
• things you can play
• things you can pretend

Peter Pan, according to Lisa: (Nightmare)
• is always ten
• never wants to grow up
• is always happy

Blaze comments (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• it’s a new year
• it’s the Age of Aquarius
• it’s the Year of the Dog

Hutch makes three points regarding their situation in the barn (Trap)
• bad guys are supposed to run away
• they are outgunned with artillery
• they have a female stowaway

Wheeler calls Vanessa’s fake diamond (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• synthetic
• fake
• fraud
• copy
• piece of glass
• imitation

Stella’s business is (Golden Angel)
• “high interest rates”
• “usury”
• “friends in need”

Huggy is crabby because (Texas Longhorn)
• linen service doesn’t show
• garbage collection doesn’t show
• bartender doesn’t show
• there is crashing and banging from the kitchen

Commander Jim is sensitive (Lady Blue)
• wave form energy
• video signals
• radio waves
• sonic booms
• magnetic vibrations

Leo Moon’s plane (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• it was a rental
• the cleaning crew went in ½ hour after it came in
• there wasn’t a usable print in the whole thing
• the license was a phony
• the pilot’s name was a phony

Kidnappers tell Mr. Haymes don’t (Psychic)
• call the police
• mark the bills
• do anything to trap them

Starsky and Hutch envision the fixer-upper will need (Heroes)
• little paint / coat of paint
• little plaster
• some shrubs
• roof
• plumbing
• lawn
• new set of front steps

Stolen from Starsky’s place (Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty)
• record collection
• his Playboy collection
• Hutch’s tennis racket

Ezra Beam describes Demonology (Terror on the Docks)
• legal
• tax deductible
• a fad
• lucrative

Rudy Solenko’s MO (Lady Blue)
• ring the doorbell
• bust into the house
• get the folks to hand over their goodies

Hutch tells Starsky at diner to (Death Ride)
• get Joanne’s purse
• pay the man
• get the dishes

Starsky signs off with Dobey on the phone (Little Girl Lost)
• Roger
• Wilco
• all that jazz
• will do

Colors of dresses Molly / Pete hates, that Starsky and Hutch say were nice (Little Girl Lost)
• pink
• green
• blue
• red

Simonetti lays out his case against Hutch (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• strong circumstantial evidence
• a powerful motive
• a million dollar gem
• Hutch was seen fighting with Vanessa
• his skin and blood type was under her nails
• she was shot with his gun
• she was killed in his apartment

Some things in Starsky’s trivia book (Bounty Hunter)
• crocodiles kill more people than anything else
• definition of a “geek” and the Geek Union formed in 1932
• guy from Akron, Ohio shot the head off a bumblebee in flight
• Bigfoot is a creature from outer space sent here to spy on us
• facts on African cannibalism and politicians

Hutch thinks are dated and stupid (Committee)
• hula hoops
• cuddly rocks
• 78 records

Hellish Xmas gifts given (Little Girl Lost)
• ant farm
• half dead Venus fly trap
• ugly jumper
• tree planted in Starsky’s honor, close to the horseshoe pit

Starsky says they know about Sue Ann’s blackmailer (Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road)
• he knows something about complicated recording studios
• he has something wrong with his voice
• he is from Pittsville, North Carolina

Starsky thinks of when Hutch says “closet” (Game)
• mothballs
• stuffy
• dark
• overcoat
• it’s his eighth birthday
• he is hiding from his father
• heavy footsteps
• trapped
• he’s getting closer

Hutch can’t foster or adopt Molly / Pete (Little Girl Lost)

• he’s a bachelor
• he’s hardly ever home
• she needs to have someone to come home to
• she needs to have someone to cook for her

Ways to get to Pine Lake (Satan’s Witches)
• backpack
• hike
• walk
• drive

Westling holds mentioned (Omaha Tiger)

• Flying Drop Kick
• Drop Kick
• Full Nelson
• Half Nelson
• Quarter Nelson, Starsky jokes

Westling holds mentioned (Golden Angel)
• The Slam
• The Shot
• Airplane Spin

Starsky has that he says woman respond to, with an addition by Hutch (Foxy Lady)
• masculinity
• aura
• charm
• and Hutch’s rejoinder, cheap aftershave

Hutch can pass for Carlyle, according to Starsky? (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Carlyle is Hutch’s size
• Carlyle shares Hutch’s coloring
• Carlyle’s clothes would fit Hutch

The hooker tells Starsky the killer was wearing (Quadromania)
• close cut van dykes
• hat
• cane
• funeral coat

Sammy Grovner’s mother made him chicken soup for every illness, including (Shootout)
• broken arm
• pneumonia
• a boil

At Third and Main, according to Hutch and Kingston? (Quadromania)
• all night taxi stand
• pimpin
• porno places
• all-nite movies

Descriptions of the three murderers (Quadromania)
• 60 year old skid row cripple
• long-haired Caucasian, 20-25
• Toulouse Lautrec

Harry instructs Laura to buy him (Deckwatch)
• quart of rum
• pack of smokes, no filters
• some fruit, something meaty, like papaya

Chicky notices Harry using his injured leg (Deckwatch)

• belt
• old rag
• whiskey

Uniforms question Laura and ask her what is wrong, she replies (Deckwatch)
• nothing
• everything
• I have a dinner for eight

Observations regarding Madeleine’s murder (Deckwatch)
• multiple knife wounds
• right here
• no sex, had that earlier over dinner

Freddie has had (Action)
• 3 wives
• 4 comebacks
• 5 ulcers

Starsky and Hutch tell Julie and Tricia they can (Satan’s Witches)
• go for a boat ride
• have a little dinner
• swim in the lake

Starsky’s uncle’s heirs (Golden Angel)
• 7 daughters
• 8 sons
• 11 kids
• 3 grand children
• 32 great-grandchildren
• 7 charities
• 53 nieces and nephews

Huggy’s cure for Starsky’s vampirism (Vampire)
• frog legs
• bat wings
• lizard tongues

Michelle is prepared (Class in Crime)
• car packed, gas tank full”
• bank account emptied, cash in hand
• tickets are at the airport

Dobey complains that Starsky (Murder on Stage 17)
• has feet on his desk
• sittin’ in his chair
• getting mustard all over those files

Night and Day’s burgeoning fleet of one (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• Betsy
• four tons
• super torque
• double action super scooper

Starsky’s Yamamoto Reflex watch has these features (Trap)

• date and day of the week
• alarm
• altimeter
• automatic depth gauge
• automatic illumination
• second hand points to magnetic north
• stopwatch
• temperature and humidity
• the button that “reminds me to look at the brochure”

The envelope Brady gives Angel (Cover Girl)
• $5000
• Kate’s photograph
• information about Kate’s car

Starsky tells Hutch, in order to run, a man has to have (Rosey Malone)
• a goal
• a prize
• something to run for

Mr. Lantz claims to have destroyed (Las Vegas Strangler)
• Boulder Dam
• Empire State Building
• Washington Monument
• lots of flying saucers

Huggy tells Joey, as discouragement, about Starsky (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• Starsky is over the hill
• Starsky is set in his ways
• Starsky is basically a demented sex fiend

Starsky and Hutch bring to the birthday party (Murder Ward)
• triple decker devil’s food cake
• case of soda
• three dozen woofers and tweeters
• Jane

Hutch provides as physical proof he is Carlyle (Ninety Pounds of Trouble)
• passport
• driver’s license
• credit cards

Dobey observes that Las Vegas must have been fun because of (Las Vegas Strangler)
• pretty girls
• lotta wild parties
• all expenses paid
• gambling

Starsky and Hutch want to take Molly / Pete (Little Girl Lost)
• to the movies
• to the zoo
• to the fights

Hutch asks the landlady if Allen Richards had (Class in Crime)
• conflicts
• fights
• wild parties
• strange visitors

Starsky loves the CB radio because it is (Set-Up)
• Americana in action
• Americans reaching out to one another across the air waves
• fingers fumbling through the air waves

Starsky says country music is all about (Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road)
• taverns
• beer bottles
• truck stops
• broken hearts
• pure Americana

In Hutch’s backseat (Jojo)
• last week’s newspapers
• laundry
• hi-protein candy wrappers
• large six-spoked wooden wheel
• two poster tube for his roses
• an empty cardboard box
• football
• red hard hat
• baseball mitt

Allied Model sales person suggests Starsky and Hutch buy (Cover Girl)
• exploding cigar
• itching powder
• crime detection kit
• Starsky adds, “A muzzle”

Hutch and Kate’s back and forth conversation (Cover Girl)
• I think I love you
• I think you’re scared
• I think you’re right

Starsky’s ESP class claims to help you with (Black and Blue)
• stock market
• Las Vegas
• relationships with the opposite sex

Who has come to hotel while Starsky and Hutch wait for the Angel (Cover Girl)
• Bible salesman
• a hooker and a trick
• an executive taking his secretary to lunch

Ginny Simpson knows victim is a seamstress (Velvet Jungle)
• she has a callus on her index finger, a seamstress trademark
• she has traces of sewing machine oil and threads under her nails
• there are threads stuck to the soles of her shoes

Three places Hutch taps, looking for beauty (Cover Girl)
• his own head
• his abdomen
• Kate’s abdomen

Starsky’s regular sport’s orgy (Jojo)
• Celtic Warrior’s game
• ice boating in Minnesota
• Westport Croquet championship

Observations regarding Nick Dombarris, as per Merle the Earl (Jojo)
• tall brown haired cat
• weird dude in a snake skin jacket
• tall dude had a superb short with chop channels
• a lowered hood with orange flame paint

Prizes Huggy loses when he confuses the words “horse” and “whore” ( Death Ride)
• cash money
• television
• trip to the Bahamas
• freezer full of buffalo meat

Connections between McClellan and Clayburn (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• both graduated from the same university
• both made large contributions to the same charity
• both are members of the same exclusive men’s group

Hutch thinks Mike had seen too much of in 25 years (Iron Mike)
• pushers
• pimps
• guys that would slit your throat for five bucks

Items on the Amapola’s scavenger hunt (Murder at Sea)
• hot water bottle
• pitchfork
• cane
• two Parker House rolls
• goatskin rug
• nectarine
• assorted toffees
• support hose

Kate tells Brady to look at her (Cover Girl)
• doctor’s reports
• lab tests
• blood counts
• tissue samples
• white cell counts

Kate doesn’t want to know about her murder (Cover Girl)
• how
• when
• where

Why Kate wants to die (Cover Girl)
• her face won’t look very pretty
• her bones won’t support her
• she’ll be a total invalid
• she’ll have to use a wheelchair
• she’ll have to stay in bed
• she’ll have to use a bedpan

Artie wants to have happen to Hutch (Vendetta)
• he “wants that blond cop down on the street looking up at me”
• he” ‘wants to throw him a quarter”
• he “wants to walk on him”

Grossman Enterprises sells, according to Olga (Gillian)
• novelties
• tricks
• puzzles

Starsky and Hutch tell Jojo regarding Linda (Jojo)
• don’t go near her
• don’t talk to her
• don’t even think about it

Everyone, according to Jerry, is a (Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road)
• liar
• cheat
• user
• taker

Federal Agent Bettin says regarding letting Jojo loose (Jojo)
• tight control
• calculated risk
• projecting minimum failure

Clues that Hutch and Kingston use to figure out where to look for the killer (Quadromania)
• $ 1.80
•.80 flag drop
.20 a quarter mile

Huggy guarantees his pet rocks (Committee)
• are top of the line
• are pedigreed
• come with papers

Starsky gives Hutch advice on how to dump Diana (Fatal Charm)
• invite her over for dinner
• read her the riot act
• split

Starsky doesn’t want to talk about at Terry Robert’s death bed (Starsky’s Lady)
• Sally
• the Hornets
• basketball games
• funerals

Terry Roberts tells Starsky she will always be there (Starsky’s Lady)
• when you need me
• when you’re scared
• when you’re world seems like it is falling apart
• some dark night when you are all alone

According to Hutch, in the eyes of society, to be “totally innocent,” a woman has to (Jojo)
• be a lay-down victim
• wear lots of lace
• lock herself in the attic forever

Starsky and Hutch figure who killed Jojo, rather than Linda (Jojo)
• another one of his victims
• her brother
• her father
• her boyfriend

According to Huggy, when do you need a glow in the dark cross or mezuzah? (Jojo)
• the lights are out
• the good lord can’t see you
• you are vulnerable
• need Huggy’s 24 hour protection

Words for Hutch’s meditation (Game)
• mittens
• white snow
• ice cream 
• Lake Medley
• Monday white sale

Phelps calls Starsky and Hutch in her second article (Heroes)
• educated
• caring
• rational

Helen did before she ‘left” the force (Lady Blue)
• absenteeism
• insubordination
• drunk once

Minnie Kaplan books Yvonne for (Birds of a Feather)
• voyeurism
• public nuisance
• peeping tom

Huggy makes shoe shining sound like a sex act (Losing Streak)
• right there
• a ha
• all right, mama
• work it

Hutch asks Theresa to get him in the back office (Shootout)
• clean towels
• tablecloths
• water

Harry Sample’s excuses (Shootout)

• stoned out of my head
• didn’t know what I was doing
• she came right for me
• I didn’t know what I was doing

Hutch tells Harry Sample Starsky will do when he returns to the room (Shootout)
• come back in here
• apologize
• smile
• ask me to get him a cup of coffee

Racial comments in (Snowstorm)
• you look real natural toting that cotton, lifting them bales
• problem is, you have a slave mentality
• good ole boy
• little black fink
• you two going’ fishing together is like the NAACP and the Ku Klux Klan having a togetherness rally

Racial comments in (Set-Up)
• Baron says he not “exactly your tap dancing stereotype.”
• Huggy’s comment that the “English language is not the exclusive property of the white man.”
• Dobey’s comment, that to white people, all black men look alike, used when he goes to the boiler room to meet Starsky, Hutch and Nash.

Who finds refuge at the movies, according to Lionel (Quadromania)
• misfits
• the deserted
• crippled
• himself

Hutch speculates on Nash’s condition to Dr. Wachman (Set-Up)
• shock?
• drugs?
• hypnosis?
• plain old fashioned brainwashing?

West Side psycho hits (Running)
• 17 burglaries
• 3 homicides in 3 days
• scratch marks on strike plate
• not one house or apartment hit rents for more than $100 a month

Reasons Starsky doesn’t want to live past the age of 85 (Plague)
• no teeth
• no booze
• no, you know what I mean

What kind of men watch strippers, according to Jerry (Death Notice)
• leering
• sweaty
• old

What Dobey says sells newspapers (Death Notice)
• murder
• sex
• terror

Hutch’s morning routine (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• 6:15
• throws water on face
• sip of strong black coffee
• mile run
• shower

Mistakes and clues Bessinger makes with safe cracking (Silence)
• too big a charge
• used jerry-rigged sound proofing cups
• used magnesium leaders

Leo can smell on Hutch (Dandruff)

• bleach
• shampoo
• conditioner

Dobey hands Starsky and Hutch each a cigar and says (Dandruff)
• smoke them
• eat them
• chew them
• stick them in your pocket
• he doesn’t care what you do with them

On “Porn Row” (Gillian)
• adult bookstores
• peep shows
• rub-downs

Iron Mike’s directions to cover the department store (Iron Mike)
• covers the supply room
• stops the action
• seal off the back way
• like we planned, by the numbers

How long and how extensively the Ivers family has been “in the corn business” (Moonshine)
• 3 states
• 4 wars
• 20 presidents

Starsky knows Hutch (Game)

• how
• where
• when you eat
• walk
• sleep
• talk
• what you know
• how you know it

Starsky’s recipe for a great wrestler (Omaha Tiger)
• great athlete
• great actor
• great imagination
• great balance
• nimble
• fleet of foot

Hutch’s recipe for an All-Star Wrestler (Omaha Tiger)
• is an Idaho potato picker
• funny name
• fancy tights
• bottle of ketchup
• has to spit
• has to groan
• has to fly around the ring

Prince Nairobi greets Starsky and Hutch (Dandruff)
• Ho
• Peace
• Shalom

In the Black Baron’s backpack (Set-Up)
• water
• salt
• vitamin C tablets
• beef jerky
• freeze dried tuna casserole with mushrooms and peas

Todesco’s description of Allen Richards (Class in Crime)
• age 28
• not a cavity in his mouth
• salesman of fancy cars
• $36 in his pocket
• bachelor’s button on his jacket missing

Since Hutch and Vanessa’s divorce (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• 4 years
• 6 months
• 12 days

Hutch’s luggage (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• tennis racquet bag
• big blue one
• blue one
• golf clubs
• two brown ones
• camera bag
• duffel bag
• missing bag

Hutch’s 50 possibles, narrowed to 5 prime “salt and pepper teams,” narrowed to one suspect (Huggy Can’t Go Home )
• two pairs are doing time
• one pair got killed by an irate store clerk last week
• one pair only hits markets
• Big Red and Dolphin are left

Starsky says if Hutch can be brought in on Murder One, he wants no part of (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• this police department
• this city
• this country

Huggy reminisces about his couch-time with Cora Lee (Huggy Can’t Go Home )
• the sparks were flying
• the night was tingling with anticipation
• he was making his way towards manhood

Cora Lee’s mama did to Huggy when she caught him with her daughter (Huggy Can’t Go Home)
• busted his pride
• bust both his lips
• closed his eyes

Commander Jim tells Starsky he has been doing (Lady Blue)
• taking his tranquilizers
• hasn’t touched alcohol
• no more magic mushrooms
• no dope
• keeping himself out of trouble

Hutch tells Starsky to do to find Callendar (Plague)
• roam the streets
• check the sewers
• hop in the holes

Hutch tells Starsky they need to do to find the antidote (Shootout)
• hit the streets
• run down a few alleys
• bust down a few doors
• get a few snitches working

Starsky and his ladder (Dandruff)
• uses it to bother Mrs. Hilda Zuckerman
• takes it to pedicure
• uses it to keep hysterical woman away from him
• uses it to step over ledge
• uses it to sit on while talking to Buddy Owens
• uses it in hotel bar

Commander Jim’s symptoms (Lady Blue)
• head squeezed
• eyes bleed green
• everything turns white hot and pink

Classes Jack and Allen took together at Jameson College (Class in Crime)
• European History with Mrs. Andrew’s
• Art of Mime with Professor Bertold
• Philosophy of Crime with Professor Gage

Reports Maggie McMillan has confessed to or filed at the police station (Deadly Imposter)
• car stolen by ring of professional thieves
• kidnapped by motorcycle gang
• confessed to stocking murders
• downtown fires

Fargo rationalizes his vigilantism (Committee)
• necessary evil
• righting a wrong
• greater good

Rosey Malone does to help the Huichol people (Rosey Malone)
• made a deal with all the artisans in town
• develop a market for them in Bay City
• sends the money back for the kids’ food and education

Regarding John Blaine’s murder, Dobey is “getting pressure like he’s never known” from (Death in a Different Place)
• from everywhere
• the commissioner’s office
• the chief’s office
• the mayor’s office

Hutch thinks prove the killer is a professional (Class in Crime)
• one shot
• one bullet
• books on mime
• connected to his best buddy and his boss, Jack Morgan
• Jack was sitting with a gun on his lap, out with chloroform

Old folks’ complaints regarding the Eastside Home for the Aged (Savage Sunday)
• rat trap
• plumbing only works once in a while
• roof leaks
• food is garbage

An APB on Hutch means (Fix)
• missing person
• missing officer
• missing partner

Desk clerk describes Luke Huntley (Birds of a Feather)
• truck driver
• bartender
• a cop with a lot of years

Why Starsky wants to find who got to Lonnie (Pariah)
• for me
• for Mrs. Craig
• for the next Lonnie

What Starsky wants to do to Professor Gage (Class in Crime)
• bring him in
• question him
• check his bank account
• check his dental plates

Suspects in Iron Mike’s crimes (Iron Mike)
• three-man operation
• all hard cases
• half a dozen murders between them
• no convictions

Gage and Michelle tell each other over a campfire on the beach (Class in Crime)
• the police know
• they suspect
• they’ll investigate
• they’ve already started

Jeeter tells Spence to do when fighting Booker (Heavyweight)
• you can get over his left lead
• a body combination then over
• look out for his right
• don’t box him
• don’t let him wear you out
• get to him early

Tommy Reeses’ descriptions at Saturday’s fight (Golden Angel)
• Hammerlock, out of Macon, Georgia, weighing in at 347 1/2 pounds, has won 346 out of 362 fights
• Starsky (dressed as Angel), out of Santa Monica, California, began wrestling fourteen years ago
• Hutch (as Louie the Nose Dicario), the middleweight champion from Miami, Florida

Hutch agonizes over his alley freeze-up (Gillian)
• he didn’t move up the way Starsky did
• he didn’t cover Starsky
• he didn’t work the way Starsky and Hutch usually work

Who could have set Larry up? (Silence)
• someone he trusted
• someone who knew sign language
• someone with access to prison records
• someone who knew who he had been cell mates with

Similarities in the cabbie murders (Quadromania)
• all are robbery and strangulation
• all happened at the same time in the morning
• all from the same cab company
• all had pick-ups at Third and Main cabbie stand
• all were drivers of one of five old checker cabs

Nick asks Starsky if he ever feels this way about his job (Starsky’s Brother)
• tired
• sick
• sore

“Dr. George” tells Terry Nash to do (Set-Up)
• go home
• pack a bag
• disappear
• change your name
• forget about everything

Nick describes Starsky’s job (Starsky’s Brother)
• chasing people
• fighting people
• getting shot at once in a while

Gail will make the “first stroke” of (Bloodbath)
• hundreds
• thousands
• millions

Gillian returns the keys to Olga for (Gillian)
• apartment
• car
• safety deposit box

Hutch makes excuses of why Gillian was at Grossman’s (Gillian)
• could have been there doing an interview
• talking to some people
• doing a story

Dobey describes traffic control (Partners)
• that means stop
• that means go
• see you in the morning, 6 AM
• 42
nd and Broad
• bring whistles

A.C. Chambers (Tap Dancing)
• brought Ginger out of retirement
• finances the place
• manages the place

Starsky asks the nurses for (Partners)
• some rest
• new body
• general overhaul

Simonetti wants to know if Hutch is (Hutchinson for Murder One)
• lying
• delinquent
• or just plain stupid

Word on the street regarding Iron Mike, as per Huggy (Iron Mike)
• sweats ice water
• mean
• clean
• allergic to green unless it comes in his regular paycheck

Starsky and Hutch consider themselves, when it comes to the ladies (Vampire)
• irresistible
• suave
• debonair

Starsky believed about 1000 years ago (Rosey Malone)
• I would fall in love
• I would get married
• I would have a kid or two
• I would live happily ever after

What Starsky said happened, after 1000 years (Rosey Malone)
• then I grew up
• figured all the action was on the Doris Day movies on the late show
• I became a good cop

Cultist tells Gail to make her resolve stronger (Bloodbath)
• you’re weak
• you’re not one of us
• this will make you strong

Colby tells people he is (Deadly Imposter)
• army lieutenant
• New York investment counselor
• undercover narcotics agent

Psychos, says Starsky (Long Walk Down a Short Dirt Road)
• read something in the paper
• see it on television
• hear it on the radio
• and they take credit for it

Starsky requires from his bar patron replies on paper (Pilot)
• no names
• 25 words or less
• neatness and originality will be taken into consideration

Coleman’s crimes (Death Ride)
• pushing dope to 11 year old kids
• union busting
• prostitution
• income tax evasion

Hutch extols the virtues of living another one hundred years (Plague)
• don’t just wait
• think
• meditate
• explore new areas of your mind

Regulation Items in the glove compartment (Pilot)
• shells
• Beretta
• 38
• six flares
• four tear gas grenades
• shotgun
• two 2-way radios with fresh batteries
• flashlight
• the book

Starsky and Hutch demonstrate their knowledge of demolition (Murder at Sea)
• impact switches
• delayed fuses
• directional fuses
• pressure sensitive detonators
• trembler switches

Questions Starsky asks Huey Chaco during his interrogation (Texas Longhorn)
• How old are you?
• You single?
• You know a blond guy with tattoos?
• Where were you at 5 AM day before yesterday?
• “which one of these three detergents do you find to be easier on your hands?

Questions Huggy is asked on game show (Death Ride)
• Who was the 16
th president of the United States?
• What is the speed of light?
• What was the greatest money making horse of all time?

Why did Huggy get the last game show question wrong? (Death Ride)
• his head was spinning
• Miss Treasure Chest was grinning
• crowd was yelling
• he didn’t understand the question
• he’s been on the street too long

Hutch tells Starsky to do when the Torino’s brakes are cut (Kill Huggy Bear)
• hit the brakes
• hit the parking brake
• jam into low
• drag your feet
• put out an anchor
• jump

Cargo of the three ships suspected to be soon robbed (Terror on the Docks)
• jade figurines
• Swiss watches
• rare antiques

Gramps tells Hutch that Lionel was wearing (Quadromania)
• wig
• silk dress
• fox fur thrown over his shoulder

Starsky calls the chess pieces (Iron Mike)

• pony
• joey

Hutch offers Colby at his place (Losing Streak)
• go to my place
• take a hot shower
• get some rest
• change some clothes

Smitty’s possessions when he is killed (Jojo)
• $12
• no credit cards
• Starsky’s black book

Gunther’s soliloquy on control as rationalization for killing Bates (Sweet Revenge)
• try to eliminate chance
• try to eliminate risk
• determine cause
• assign effects

How to shag balls into the rough (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• take your nine iron
• close your stance
• close your face
• swing through it nice and easy

Crib Connie offers Starsky and Hutch (Bait)
• big black beautiful Cadillac with all the extras
• three white Chevys, almost like new
• a brown Jag
• and a brand new ’61 Triumph

Hutch threatens Monty with an accomplice rap for (Bounty Hunter)
• shooting a cop last night
• robbed and set fire to Zane’s
• the attempted murder of Starsky and himself

The doll Hutch buys for Lisa has these features (Nightmare)
• “punch her in the stomach and she says ‘Ma’”
• “says “Don’t touch me, I hardly know ya.”
• “lift her arm and she wets”

The worst things about being a cop’s wife is waiting, according to Mrs. Virginia Donner (Plague)
• waiting until he comes home for supper
• waiting to know if some junkie stabbed him
• waiting for him to get home from Europe
• waiting until the doctor comes and tells me he is going to be all right

Hutch tells Kenny he will be his blanket (Blindfold)
• back
• front
• heat to toes

Starsky tells Emily (Blindfold)
• no ifs
• no ands
• no otherwise

Starsky’s depressed non-answers to Hutch’s questions (Blindfold)
• okay
• it’s going
• no much
• nothing

Starsky tells Hutch he found out about himself (Rosey Malone)
• he is two faced
• loving
• lying
• hypocrite

Hutch refers to Mrs. Blake as (Terror on the Docks)
• nice
• sweet
• dear

Dobey tells Woodfield he has taken away (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)

• the rights denied Isaac Douglas
• the rights denied the people of the city by corrupting the political process
• the rights Woodfield would deny Dobey and his family

Chris Phelps observes regarding Starsky and Hutch (Heroes)
• leisurely police work
• calls being ignored
• harassment of the innocent

Uncle Elmo had at his shop (Nightmare)
• battery powered cars
• dancing mice
• ventriloquist dummies
• tiny little singing goldfish

Hutch gives Starsky a life lesson (Nightmare)
• kids grow up
• Uncle Elmos retire and move away
the world marches on
• toy shops close up

Starsky gives Hutch a lesson on manliness in the emergency room (Fatal Charm)
• be brave
• no screaming
• no crying
• no carrying on
• be a soldier

Jack Morgan’s murder (Class in Crime)
• one shot
• one bullet
• books on mime
• his buddy and boss is Jack Morgan
• sitting with a gun in his lap
• out on an OD of chloroform

Police Chief Godfrey tells Starsky and Hutch to be wary of (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• where you step
• what you eat
• the clothes you wear

Jerry Perry begs for after he jumps in the pool naked (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• a pillowcase
• a towel
• a tablecloth

Sonny’s description of Hutch’s location (Survival)
• 5
th longitude”
• crossed by line Hutch
• off canyon road
• 16 telephone poles from this bridge

Starsky tells Rosey Malone he likes (Rosey Malone)
• pizza
• filet mignon
• Steve Wonder
• Mozart

Laura Steven’s comments about Starsky’s clothes (Velvet Jungle)
• old
• not decent
• rummage sale chic
• counter culture dressing-down

Starsky and Hutch feel Lisa is (Foxy Lady)
• fragile
• frightened
• vulnerable

Starsky and Hutch describe Roxy (Moonshine)

• deep almond eyes
• killer lashes
• long, sexy legs
• Ava Gardner mouth

Mickey is supposed to do to stay straight (Bust Amboy)
• nothing with sailors
• no funny drinks
no photographers without film in their cameras

Lou Brownley complains about at the fashion show (Velvet Jungle)
• What’s with this shredding?
• What’s with this collar?
• The dress is on backwards!

Danny Deveen tries to sell Starsky (Quadromania)
• whites for that run-down feeling
• yellows for iron poor blood
• red to just plain get down and boogie
• truly rude ‘ludes
• snappers
• poppers
• Venezuelan Whiff

Night and Day say when they first see the playgirls at the hotel (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• “Check out the gardeners.”
• “I ought to call the prisoners.”
• “Where’s the help?”

Laura’s description of Hutch’s eyes for Harry (Quadromania)
• blue
• blue with a greenish tint
• brown sometimes
• they get darker

Hutch bought and has done in preparation for his trip to Pine Lake (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• $40 reel
• waders
• Carlson rod
• been tying flies all week

Dobey wants to eliminate these variables by using computer cards (A Coffin for Starsky)
• short
• fat
• black
• female
• in prison
• in hospitals
• out-of-town

Huggy rails at Starsky and Hutch about Rigger’s death (Targets Without a Badge 1)
• you play that game
• you pop the man
• you make the bust
• you do whatever it takes to win

Manning and Lewis tell Al Martin they can’t pay him because (Nightmare)
• we can’t turn around
• we can’t scratch ourselves
• we can’t even get up the money to eat
• we can’t even get up the money to pay you

Hannah remembers Freddy when he cut his foot mowing the lawn (Quadromania)
• hospital was a long way from here
• took an half an hour to stop the bleeding
• she had to tear the sheets
• dinner was burned
• didn’t amount to much

Hutch tells Coney in bar (Fix)
• I’m fine
• let me go
• I’m tired

Johnny Monahan tells Coyle regarding their customers (Iron Mike)
• want to cut back
• they are complaining about cigarettes in the downtown bars
• convention center is kicking about paying off the loading permits

Starsky says he feels like (Pilot)
• salt in the sugar bowl
• bugs in the toilet bowl
• Lazarus the day after

Nick has to get back to New York (Starsky’s Brother)
• he’s got things to do
• he’s got places to be
• he’s got people to see

Clues that Chris Phelps is in the dog house (Heroes)

• she has to ride in the back seat
• no one offers to take her out to lunch
• no one waits for her lunch
• no one don’t open the door for her
• Starsky and Hutch call her “Christine”

Hutch asks Starsky about Nick’s visit (Starsky’s Brother)
• What’s he doing out here?
• he’s “calling out to you
• Why cause trouble for himself?
• he doesn’t want Starsky to know, Starsky probably doesn’t want to know
• What’s he want?
• What’s he need?
• What’s he trying so hard to make you find out?

Starsky is used to (Crying Child)
• killings
• murders
• rapes
• junkies
• but not child abuse

Baron’s disguises (Dandruff)
• doctor
• bartender
• elevator man
• cop

Marty Decker is into, according to Judith (Discomania)
• sex
• music
• drugs

Some things in Iron Mike’s black book (Iron Mike)
• all that information on the Ballet Society extortion last year
• times and schedule for the drug bust at Mandalay Airfield
• armored car bust

Addresses to which Earl Pola and Fat Moo-Moo send Hutch (Psychic)
• 317 Almont
• 516 Sinclair
• Aurora and Pacific
• 440 Wilmington

The kind of info ”cops beg for” (Iron Mike)
• offenses
• rapists
• bank jobs

“One week from today”---incidentally this would be January 20, 1979---Starsky will be “cruising these streets with a (Golden Angel)
• Cartier on my wrist
• a Maserati under my butt
• leisure on my mind

Specifics in Mike’s black book regarding Mandalay Heights Airfield (Iron Mike)
• 8:00 pick-up
• flight # 25
• Mandalay Heights Airfield

Hutch explains the Four-Lane Highway of Life rule to Starsky (Golden Angel)
• some of us are Bentleys and Rolls
• some of us are Cadillacs and Corvettes
• some of us are Dino Ferraris
• and then there are guys like you

Starsky doesn’t like Sullivan’s Bar because (Fatal Charm)
• there’s no music
• there’s no dancing
• there are very few ladies around

Sharman complains about Starsky and Hutch (Running)
• they bust in
• they “break her bottle
• they haggle over he like a piece of meat

Being able to go to a matinee movie in the middle of the day means (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• debonair
• carefree
• free and easy
• soon-to-be-broke

Konig’s personal effects Bo Rile places on Eddie Hoyle’s body (Bounty Hunter)
• wallet
• watch
• ring
• gun

Hutch reads want ad for job to Starsky (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• men between the ages of 21-36
• exciting opportunity
• must be physically fit
• part-time okay

Starsky and Hutch bring Ted when he is in the hospital (Action)
• yellow mum
• large potted plant, probably from the lobby
• two boxes of candy

Starsky, Hutch and RC look For Larry (Silence)
• on the general street
• at the toy store
• at the playground
• at the beach
• at the pet shop
• at the liquor store

Starsky looks for Terry Roberts (Starsky’s Lady)
• schoolyard
• classroom
• beach
• her apartment

Cora Lee’s mom did to Huggy (Huggy Can’t Go Home )
• bruised his pride
• busted both of his lips
• closed his eyes

Properties Starsky owned in Monopoly (Starsky’s Lady)
• Illinois Avenue
• Marvin Gardens
• Oriental Avenue
• electric company
• waterworks
• utilities

Camille‘s lead ups to her attempt to kill Buzzy (Golden Angel)
• gunshot in arm
• dummy in locker
• phone trick and gunshot
• The Main Event: her attempt to shoot Buzzy in the ring on Saturday

Camille chants (Golden Angel)
• love
• earth
• water
• goodness, goodness, goodness

Tommy Reese asks how wrestling compares to: (Golden Angel)
• golf
• tennis
• baseball
• boxing

Some things known about Steve Hanson’s movie (Murder on Stage 17)
• he feels it is his last chance to do well
• it is being produced by Monarch Studios
• Charlotte and Brett are his two leads

What Dobey and Huggy bring to the hospital (Partners)
• box of candy
• fruit basket
• flowers

Jimmy Shannon’s possessions you can see on the morgue table (Vendetta)
• red and white puka bead necklace
• black cowboy boots
• jeans
• shirt
• 1964 JFK
• no wallet
• key to the Hotel Bremen

What Huggy says he did last night (Huggy Can’t Go Home )
• reminisced about the good old days which weren’t that good
• had a few laughs
• told a few lies
• drank
• crashed on the couch

What is real, says Starsky and Hutch, with last addition by Dobey (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• bus fares
• car’s engine
• guys in steam room
• shootout in garage
• Judge McClellan
• Capricorn Realty
• Allison May
• phone call
• “old man dead, lying in his living room.”

Things Marty and Alex “don’t like” (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• guys with curly hair
• blond guys
• artichokes
• don’t like nothing

Machines that don’t work for Starsky (Texas Longhorn)
• vending machine at Fat Rolly’s
• phone booth
• vending machine at blood bank
• phone in Dobey’s office

First three things Starsky and Hutch do when they go to Woodfield’s office to arrest him (Captain Dobey, You’re Dead)
• take the bullets out of his gun
• take his phone off the hook
• take his crutches

Things Terry Roberts likes to do (Starsky’s Lady)
• Monopoly
• miniature golf
• big slides

Things Starsky says he can bring to job of being bait, which Hutch can’t (Avenger)
• some flair
• charisma
• ability to make someone jealous

Used as “clips” (Partners)
• Lady Blue
• The Fix
• The Psychic
• Murder at Sea
• Committee
• Gillian
• Starsky’s Lady

What Hutch tells Starsky that acting is (Murder on Stage 17)
• nothing
• being a robot
• being cattle

Cultist’s weapons for final sacrifice (Bloodbath)
• meat cleaver
• heavy chain
• chef knife
• wooden pole

Hutch notes he and Starsky “walked into case with all the finesse of a wrecking ball.” (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• They ignored everything Thomas May said to them.
• They did everything he asked them not to do.
• They did everything Waldheim and Smithers asked them not to do.
• They did everything Dobey asked them not to do.

McClellan had these needed attributes to commit crimes (Targets Without a Badge 1)
• access
• power
• motive

Linda had these needed attributed attributes to kill Jojo, according to Bettin (Jojo)
• opportunity
• motive
• weapon

Orange comments on Sharman’s appearance due to (Running)
• a terrible time with wow and strife
• drinking too much
• taking drugs

Hutch commands Huggy to get / do (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• car
• suit
• salesman
• refinancing

Hutch tells Dobey success happened due to (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• report
• decision
• action
• touchdown

What Hutch thinks he and Mardean could talk about (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• you
• your daughter
• Lionel
• us”
• who we felt
• how we still feel

Rifle used to kill Allen Richards (Class in Crime)
• very light
• right on the button
• beautiful piece

Harry tells Marianne (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• forget about me
• forget this ever happened
• start a new life for yourself
• get something going

What Eric Snow had in his ship locker according to Oxey (Murder at Sea)
• clothes
• shaving stuff
• a few kinky books

Doris turns on when she gets home (Birds of a Feather)
• lights
• radio
• television

Starsky tells Nick that while he is here (Starsky’s Brother)
• you’re my visitor
• you’re my guest
• I’m the home team

Starsky, Hutch and Delaney speculate on murder weapon (Avenger)
• butter knife?
• letter opener?
• bayonet?
• larger than a pen knife
• smaller than a sword

Monique’s description of Harry (Avenger)
• dark hair
• is about Hutch’s age
• glasses
• (doesn’t mention hat)

Joe Fitch wants to know about Marianne (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• who
• what
• why
• where
• when

What Mr. Stafford requires from his staff (Murder at Sea)
• no boisterousness
• no drunkenness
• no lechery
• no activity that upsets the passengers
• no activity that upsets the smooth sailing of the ship

What Starsky and Hutch use to subdue the bad guys (Satan’s Witches)
• frying pan
• fishing net
• glass of water
• maraca
• telephone
• chair

O’Riley’s Southern Hotel has (Heroes)
• lower rate
• steam heat
• 24 hr. service
• good place

Dr. Magic Minnie’s head contains (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• names
• dates
• places

Dr. Magic Minnie’s sign proclaims (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• hexes
• lucky charms
• love potions

Starsky asks Hutch: “what do you have on for tonight?,” Hutch replies (Photo Finish)
• blue bowling shirt
• my good jeans
• brown sneakers

Information on stationary letterhead (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• board of directors
• founding members
• operations officers

Papa Theodore says over the Starsky and Hutch poppets (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• “Papa Legba, keeper of the gate, ruler of the crossroads”
• “dark to light”
• “neither day nor night shall shield”
• “when the dolls with their faces are found”
• “you will belong to me”

Hutch asks Officer Roger for information (Vampire)
• all patients released from psychiatric hospitals in the last 2 years
• criminal assaults against women
• schizophrenic delusions
• blood fetishes

“All in one bundle” (Texas Longhorn)

• robbery
• rape
• murder

Tony calls Lizzie (Discomania)
• terrific
• extra special
• great

Hutch speculates who could have killed Jojo (Jojo)
• a victim’s father
• a victim’s brother
• a victim’s boyfriend

Supergnat, describing his scene (Vampire)
• night was dark
• wind howled beneath the full moon
• I leap from the top floor of the apartment building
• my prey was below me, unsuspecting
• I caught her by surprise
• I was too powerful for her to struggle away

Russ’s Hotel has (Heroes)
• color TV.
• clerk on duty 24 hours a day
• a lounge

Morty Kauffman speculates on what will happen if Anna is killed (Body Worth Guarding)

• Jews are blamed
• Americans are blamed
• anti-Semitism is on the rise again

Marianne tells Harry to tell Joe (Ballad for a Blue Lady)
• I made a mistake
• I broke my heart
• tell him you knew his mother when
• tell him a ball score
• tell him it seemed like a good idea at the time
• tell him I got busted
• tell him I got used
• tell him I hate that cop more than I hate my own brother