Japanese shopkeeper’s description of getaway car (Manchild on the Streets)
• old car
• dirty black car
• maybe a Chevy
• dented fender, all over
• bumper hanging

Frank Munson’s truck (Moonshine)
• is a red Ford pick-up
• has piston covers the size of manhole covers
• has hand-rubbed lacquer
• has no syncro in second so watch it when you shift
• has a lot of horses
• has a radio, that with the switch of a toggle the CB turns into a police radio

Merle tells Hutch he “whomped” the guy who (Jojo)
• walked on his car
• sat on his flame paint
• put his feet on his continental kit

Starsky remembers Sulko’s short (Jojo)
• chopped
• channeled
• lowered

Merle the Earl remembers Sulko’s short (Jojo)
• chopped
• channeled
• lowered
• has an orange flame paint job

Detective Munson’s red Ford pickup (Moonshine)
• has no syncro in second, so watch it when you shift
• paint job is hand-rubbed lacquer
• has pistons the size of manhole covers
• has heavy duty wheels
• its CB radio switches to a police radio with the flick of a toggle

Torino has (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• double overhead cam
• superchargers
• chrome rocker cover
• chrome air cleaners

Torino is (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• sport
• stroked
• blueprinted
• a very special car

Hutch says regarding the Blueberry on Wheels (Jojo)
• no juice
• too straight
• an old lady
• too quiet

Car wash owner asks Starsky and Hutch if they want (Psychic)

• to steam clean the engine
• a wash
• a hot wax

Earl the Merle can do to your car, according to his sign (Jojo)
• custom body work
• lacquers
• candies
• pearles
• metal flakes

Starsky comments that the car he gets for Hutch has (Survival)
• dings
• stains
• putrefied upholstery
• is a Genuine Hutchinson Original

Baby Blue, this car could be for you (Blue Lady)
• power antenna
• reverb radio
• sentinel light
• automatic door locks
• cruise control
• six-way power seats

Hutch’s car has (Jojo)
• soul
• dignity
• inner flash
• a need for new spark plugs

Collandra says he sees, regarding the Torino (Psychic)
• tomato
• a big red tomato
• red
• white
• stripes
• wheels
• rubber wheels
• and the wheels are going bye-bye

Hutch teases Starsky about Starsky’s Uncle Al trying to sell him a short that has (Jojo)
• 4 miles to the gallon
• 893 horsepower
• reverb radio
• furry dash
• 6-way power mud flaps

The car Starsky wants Hutch to buy from his uncle has (Snowstorm)
• metallic burgundy
• low rider
• tiny wheels
• front end sits up six inches above ground
• 375 cubic

Huggy and Hutch hash out what kind of car to get (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• low-profile
• fancy
• transportation

Torino’s tires (Savage Sunday)
• nylon lined
• steel belted
• double layered
• cost $60 each

Dolly’s yellow GMC pickup truck (Moonshine)

• bored
• stroked
• blueprinted
• has a 441 V8 engine

Merle the Earl’s insults Hutch’s car (Bloodbath)
• beneath my dignity
• bugs wouldn’t be caught dead in it
• car is lower than the belly of a flounder in the bottom of a sewer in the basement of a glue factory

Hutch wishes upon Officer O’Reilly’s transportation (Strange Justice)
• he hopes her tricycle has a flat
• on the freeway
• during rush hour

Starsky describes the Blueberry On Wheels (Jojo)
• work of art
• beautiful
• equals anything by Leonardo or Da Vinci
• only Rodin could create a piece that was on par with this

Hutch complains to Starsky about having to drive his car for work (Strange Justice)
• I got wear and tear on my tires
• I pay for gas
• I got insurance up to here