Dr. Matwick’s new drug is (Murder Ward)
• belladonna derivative
• long term
• works with the adrenal gland
• is more effective the more violent or agitated the patient becomes

Hutch instructs Theresa regarding Starsky (Shootout)
• keep him covered
• keep him warm
• keep his face cool

Nick doesn’t “touch” (Starsky’s Brother)
• cocaine
• hard stuff
• aspirin

Starsky knows Maurice wants from the pharmacy (Manchild on the Streets)
• uppers
• downers
• goodies
• anything that will sell on the street

Dr. Simpson describes Roxy’s death (Heroes)

• happened around 1:30 in the morning
• death wasn’t from heroin
• death was violent
• there were signs of convulsions

Starsky tells Hutch the Plague Plan (Plague)
• doctors are going to “tap his [Callendar’s] veins”
• doctors are going to “find the serum in his [Callendar’s] blood.”
• doctors are going to “give you a shot.”
• and “Allah Kazzam, Captain Marvel, you’ll be up and around.”

Huggy’s injuries (Deadly Imposter)
• couple of broken ribs
• bad bruises
• bad headache

Starsky describes blood (Satan’s Witches)
• red stuff
• comes out of your veins
• especially if someone uses a knife

Apparent botulism symptoms (Game)
• paralysis
• wheezing
• sore throat
• stomach pain/cramps
• sweating

People Starsky checked in with at hospital trying to find Hutch (Game)
• doctors
• nurses
• emergency ward
• front desk

Signs of suffocation (Death in a Different Place)
• signs of cyanosis
• blue tinge around the face and upper torso
• petechial hemorrhage
• blood shot eyes

Hutch’s description of a paramedic unit (Deckwatch)
• emergency medical unit that works with the county
• critical gun cases by radio
• special hook-up with a doctor that specializes in gun wounds
• still the only person that can help you”

Jake says he feels (Plague)
• dizzy
• hot
• cold
• like his lungs are going to explode

Hutch asks Emily’s doctor, regarding her blindness (Blindfold)
• temporary
• permanent
• shock
• “or what”

The plague and its symptoms (Plague)
• pneumonia/fluid in lungs
• critical dehydration
• kidney malfunction
• high temperature, hot then cold, feverish
• white blood cell reduction / leucopenia
• massive internal hemorrhaging
• difficulty breathing
• liver damage
• highly contagious after the incubation period of forty-eight hours
• dizziness
• is a virus, antibiotics don’t work
• destroys the body from “the inside out”
• makes lungs feel “like they are going to explode”

Dr. Morgan tells IA about the skin found under Vanessa’s nails (Hutchinson for Murder One)

• blood type B-
• skin texture Caucasian
• Nordic-type
• most likely between the ages of 25 – 35

Known about the poison (A Coffin for Starsky)
• it’s a progressive type poison
• it is any one of fifty varieties
• it is a poisonous compound
• it’s term could be predictable
• it is in the organic-chloride grouping

Three genuine injuries Starsky suffers in car crash (Partners)
• bandage on forehead
• hurt feelings
• bruises

Three genuine injuries Hutch suffers in car crash (Partners)
• concussion
• broken arm
• sprained back
• sprained neck

What Minnie reads off for Hutch about requisition #5834 (Avenger)
• the CII has no record of any fingerprints
• the saliva analysis on the glass reads blood type A
• Delaney says the hair and saliva are from the same Caucasian woman

How Starsky will be affected by Bellamy’s poison (A Coffin for Starsky)
• his ability to see, breathe, sweat, swallow, and cough
• uncontrolled perspiration
• distorted vision
• loss of coordination
• difficulty breathing
• in the end, coma

Chemicals in the poison Bellamy gave Starsky (A Coffin for Starsky)

• 2 cc hydrochloride
• 1 cc bromoacetone
• 4 cc benzyl cyanide
• 1 cc diphenylamine

Things bad guys ask medical guy for as a disguise (Death Ride)

• surgical cap
• surgical mask
• sheets
• gurney
• set of greens

Drs. Meredith and Kaufman need to find out about the plague (Plague)
• how does it kill
• where does it start
• how do we stop it

Doctors at San Leone treated Commander Jim with (Lady Blue)
• psychotherapy
• chemotherapy
• electroshock therapy

Medical Examiner Hutchinson explains (Avenger)
• assailant was smaller than victim, angle of entry was straight on
• assailant was right-handed, wounds are on left side
• assailant was “crazy as hell,” number of stab wounds

Mentioned during Starsky’s cardiac arrest (Sweet Revenge)
• board
• defibrillator
• sodium bicarb
• epinephrine
• 400-watt seconds
• continuing compression
• normal sinus rhythm
• lidocaine drip

Helen’s corpse (Lady Blue)
• two days dead
• killed in one location
• multiple puncture wounds
• dropped where she was found
• wrapped in television antenna wire